Here Comes “Trump-Hate 3.0”

As I wrote in the special update Sunday, the US media, at least that portion which has swallowed the lefty “blue pill” owes America an apology for pissing away time, energy, oh – and taxpayer dollars – “investigating” a slimy piece of political “opposition research” whose goal was to a) smear DJT and b) become the cornerstone for what were likely illegal FISA warrants while c) supporting the “soft coup” in the Swamp against the election of Trump.

Now that Trump has not been charged (and contrary to BS-predictions in the crooked press that he’d “ led from the White House in handcuffs” we have a pretty clear view of what will come next.

But first, a review of Trump-Hate 1.0 and 2.0.

TH-1, as we will call it, involved Trump winning when the Swamp had its money on Hillary.  Read the love-sick emails of a couple of FBI “investigators” who had already concluded that Trump was somehow crooked…while their electoral fave was acquitted without cause.

TH-2, based on the Steele dossier, was designed to bring down Trump through any means available, including what is clearly abuse of the FISA warrant laws.  Which, we might note, would not have played out, except so many of the “FISA judges” were Obama appointees….(Butt-covering while appearing to act in the public interest is one of the things Swamp Creatures do well!)

Which brings us to this morning and the kick-off of Trump-Hate 3.0.

We know that the Lefties are not giving up.  Take, for example Maxine Waters going into typical histrionics. Or, for that matter, plans to piss-away even more tax money on “further investigations” which they are calling “Plan B” but we count at Trump-Hate 3.0.

Here’s the Spin to Brace For

When you’ve covered “the news” for 50+ years, there are certain “predictable patterns” you learn to spot.  Most of the time you can “take ’em to the bank.”

With no charges to hang their hats on, the Left’s ONLY ploys are endless investigations – some of which are certain to create more process crimes – and secondly, they will try to reframe the Special Prosecutor findings as “not an exoneration.”

We can flawlessly predict that this one will gain at least some traction with the Raquel Madcow-type followers who have extremely poor broad oversight of Big Issues.

To help, let me put on a short seminar here on how jurisprudence works.

Prosecutors are like major league baseball players.  Their futures are determined by theirs batting averages. Cases-to-convictions ratios.  If there’s a way to indict or charge, based on the evidence, they will predictable do so with 100-percent certainty.

Mueller did not indict or charge, except on the process crimes which helps the lefty’s narrative.

Which will work because Snowflakes are Stupid.  (An axiom stated with the same certainty as we remind that Everything’s a Business Model.)

Stupid How?

In American jurisprudence, parties do not go into court seeking a decision of “Maybe.

No, the judicial proceedings are specifically BINARY in nature.  If True, then judgment A.  If False, end of case, wipe the record and Life goes on.  Unless your last name is Trump, of course.

Now, trick of the Left hinges on how stupid the public can be.  Sad to say, it’s an easy bet because the public will believe their prior programming rather than reviewing the facts.

When you get a traffic ticket and you go into Court, does the prosecutor says “Ure Honor, this perp MAY have been speeding.”  Never happens.  No, the prosecutor will want your license yanked on any pretext they can find.  Remember, prosecutors are scored like MLB players?

Expect a Side-Order of Obfuscation in TH-3

This part will involved the phrase “Obstruction of Justice” which is being bandied about all over the place, including in the semi-official playbook of the left:  The NY Times front page.dutifully highlights in yellow “The Special Counsel states that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him…”

Sadly, Attorney General William Barr, while correctly summarizing Mueller (at least so far as we know) also lacks the clear understanding that Law is binary, not a perpetual motion machine that runs on “maybes.”    We regret that no one bothered to ask William Barr if he was a “snowflake.” we would have hoped that being born in 1950, he’d be “out of the mindset” However, in our view, his inability to capture the “charge” or “no cause” essence of prosecutorial conduct seems to argue he’s been hanging with the “more correct than smart” generation.

He’s LEFT a door open which is the fall-back play of the Swamp.

Now, Let’s Talk Obstruction

Two quotes on point from the Cornell (Law) Legal Information Institute.  First:

18 U.S.C. § 1503 defines “obstruction of justice” as an act that “corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice.”

Mueller couldn’t prove it or he would have charged.

Second, the CLII summary here (which we encourage you to read) explains that…

§ 1503 applies only to federal judicial proceedings. Under 18 U.S.C. § 1505, however, a defendant can be convicted of obstruction of justice by obstructing a pending proceeding before Congress or a federal administrative agency. A pending proceeding could include an informal investigation by an executive agency.

No charges.

The Spin:  Simplified

Mueller could not on a judicial basis find anything chargeable other that what’s already been publicized; mostly “process crimes.”

Faced with extreme pressure to “convict, facts be damned” which grew out of the TH-1 and TH-2 movements, Mueller did the only thing he could.

Got the case thrown out and back in the Court of Public Opinion, where Trump has already been convicted by the Sour Grapes Part.

Since Barr’s summary revealed he doesn’t understand the binary nature of legal processes, the Stupid Snowflakes and the Grapes Party should have no problem dragging Trump through the mud through another year or two of smear and that- so they hope- will set the stage for a co-conspiring Coup Leader to be installed in FDR-like fashion as the politically-correct Beneficent Dictator for Life (BDL) they had once under FDR.

With the American economy flashing warning signs, and with the dems now whipping up the lynch mobs for another attack on the gates of power, we expect the market to open down but possibly rally a bit late today or tomorrow, before the unrepentant liberal cheerleaders in the press get the first Frenzy of Trump-Hate 3.0 fired off.

We trust you’ll enjoy paying for the “investigators to investigate the investigators.”

Meantime, There’s REAL News

Like 2-years of political BS blowing up to a nothing-burger isn’t enough?

Avocados Are Being Recalled in 6 States Over Listeria Concerns.

Huh?  Philadelphia Fed’s Harker sees no rate hike in short-term.  Did he miss that Jerry Powell said this after the FOMC??? Like no hikes this year?

More on point, though Flattened yield curve reason to be nervous, but US economy solid – Fed’s Evans.  And the “happy talk” continues as Former Fed chair Yellen says yield curve may signal need to cut rates, not a recession.

We’ve been calling S&P 2000 this year, but what do we know?

And here’s a note to keep an eye on:  Ebola Cases in Democratic Republic of Congo Have Surpassed 1,000.  One jet ride from where?

Have a Great Monday

We’ll be having popcorn and watching the on-tube bubble-heads trying to one-up one-another desperately searching for something new to say in order to fill up the wildly over-capacity news channels.

If an RSS feed you follow has a commentator name attached?  We’d suggest deleting the feed will lower systolic 10-points.

We will also be tracking the re-Tweet and _Share_ software tools that the software “revolutionaries” will be firing off to get TH-3 rolling.  Bet’cher ass Slurs and Innuendo 3.0 (SnI3) will be on late night tonight.

What a great country where absent real growth, we can so effectively monetize bullshit and pretend to be the “world’s superpower.”  Just flat-ass amazing.

Tomorrow? We’ll be serving hot housing data from both the feds and Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic and whoever-else wanders by…  Dow futures down 30…

62 thoughts on “Here Comes “Trump-Hate 3.0””

  1. My wife and I have had a ritual of watching CBS Sunday Morning for years. This show barely made it past my smell test under host Charles Kuralt but I tolerated the liberal slant just to placate the other half have a little cross gender quality time. Now that Jane Pauley is host, it has gone off the far left deep end and into open waters of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yesterday’s show was a reindictment of Trump with carefully worded accusations ending with an apology tour for Kathy Griffith. This was the last straw; not only will I no longer watch the show, after some consideration I called Direct TV and cancelled my cable. There just isn’t enough unbiased content on the public channels to justify wasting my time watching any longer.
    Looking forward to extra time on Sunday mornings and more informed media input by digging a little harder for truthful journalism.
    As has been the case for years, you will remain a daily source of just that George. Thank you.

      • George, you and I respectfully disagree on this issue. Yes, most of not all billionaires can talk, diplomatically converse and have a vocabulary greater than a 3rd grader. Trump is not a billionaire. Not even close. That’s the red line he didn’t want Mueller to cross. Mueller didn’t because there is no crime in lying about your net worth. It’s not wise to do so as President if the free world…just not a crime.

        Trump started all of the vitriol. He NEVER was reactionary. His name calling…his attacks on the truth about his own lying and denial about things he was recorded on tape saying etc. This man is a joke…There may have not been a crime committed….but if there ever is a Movie is the message moment…Trump is the evil twin of Peter Sellers “Being There”

      • Yes, Griffin not Griffith.
        Mark is triggered today, please help him through this difficult time by quietly wiping the baby food off the kitchen counters while he writhes in his high chair.

  2. Barr did the right thing. So did Mueller. Leave that door open for the good of the country. No snowflakes there. True patriots!

    Nobody in his right mind wants to see Trump re-elected..especially on the right. We really don’t need another term of his histrionics making America look Bad Again. Barr is just making sure people know what an idiot Trump is and will always be. Never, ever give up. Rid of us the Orange Clown..

    Round 3 of Trump hate will be more fun and satisfying than round 1 and 2. Bring it on!

    • Legal proceedings (I repeat) are designed to be binary in nature. CHARGE or STFU.

      Mueller muffed his responsibility to uphold the intent of the law – but not uncharacteristically so for a bitter Special Prosecutor unable to summon facts and unable to find fault with the other party.
      Barr, on the other hand, could have been more clear: Without evidence, “conviction by Innuendo” constitutes fraud or malpractice of Law, in my view.
      The dems favorite tricktic is “in your endo.” Ankle time is just ahead.

      • Legal proceeding don’t mean squat and that includes the high court as they have violated the Constitution a number of times, and are the worse of a very bad system,Boeing will attest to that or any of the other neocons which in reality are nothing more than imperialist except they dreamed up neocon as imperialist would’nt fly very well.I see even the alt-right are deserting the orange clown as he struggles to decide am I the president of Israel or the president of the U.S.,so far Israel is winning as he hasen’t kept any of his campaign promise’s.See Abrams was summoned by the Russians,a hurry up meeting ,in fact so hurry up that it was held in a hotel room, where things got a little hot and heavy as Abrams thought it was on changing the government in Venuala,instead he was taken to the woodshed with what international law was all about with some red lines that he should’nt cross,meanwhile the orange clown is trying to give away land that we don’t own (Golan Heights) which belongs to Syria.No he’s simply the product of a flawed system which won’t change until it runs its course.!!

      • And there goes my covfefe, all over my keyboard
        the Demonrats know that when you go to court, the judge will say “guilty” or he will say “dismissed” they never say “exonerated
        sour grapes makes poor winers

      • George, I know you are trying to give Mark a chance to make a point, but when that point poops on almost every other viewer here, me included by stating as if it were a crustal clear fact that “Nobody in his right mind wants to see Trump re-elected..” If he thinks ALL people who will vote for Trump again are crazy, he’s the crazy one. He must watch CNN and believe everything they say.

    • One more thing…if you take away anything from the yet to be released report…Nothing the report can reveal will ever exonerate Trump from his hate speech, vitriol and obvious lack of intelligence. He will always be known as the dumbest man in politics. Forget the verdict. Look at the 3rd grader in charge and tell me he hasn’t deserved everything that was thrown at him. This entitled, school cheatin’, lying, corrupt, bankrupt king of a man, should be given back everything he has thrown out there to the people he has mocked. This time, we will all mock back with vigor and spite. Pathetic little man. Today, America lost. Shameful time in our history.

      • Again, we respectfully disagree. In most cases, Trump was reacting to slurs, not initiating conflict.
        And we view his “using social media” – leapfrogging over the MSM stranglehold on voters – as genius whether he came up with it personally, or no.
        Oh, and I don’t know a single billionaire who’s an idiot. Since you’re in sillycon valley, perhaps you do?

      • Mark,
        Speaking of hate speech and vitriol, I find yours tedious and boring. Trump follows a long line of flawed men. Those who had a proper education and are well read know this. He is our legally elected president so get over it. Try reading the Federalist Papers to get a better idea of what the founding fathers had in mind for the Constitution. BTW these were also flawed men but they brought forward a great nation.

      • I seriously doubt Trump is a “billionare”. Wouldn’t someone with such a huge ego be more than willing to share his tax returns (like every president since Richard Nixon has) if he truly was a “billionare”?

      • @ MARK

        your hatred clouds whatever bit of brains you might for me my mine is very clear and working without ‘hate’,,,but in your case ,I just keep coming back to the only reply I have for a hateful person….FUATHYRIO……have a good life till you don’t…

      • Mark Mark Mark….you talk like you think DJT is some polished lying politician reading from a Hollywood script..
        He is not..
        He never was one..
        sure he has fame and he has property and he has built a company that not only is successful but his employee’s think is good enough to hang around.. he seldom has to spend great deals of money to train and retrain those employees are still there till they die or retire.. everyone is winning that works for him…He is exactly the CEO I would have been very proud to work for..make money sure but he looks at the welfare of his people as well..
        during his inauguration.. he asked the opinions and thanked the staff working on the floor as if they were as important as the dignitaries..the cbs announcer made a comment.. who has ever heard of anything like that before.. the last time there was someone that dignified in office was Reagan and Ford.. two men of honor as well.
        like an the industrial leaders of old.. he see’s value in his employees he expects loyalty and hard work they are all winners..

        Trump builds resorts..
        he never was and even said he never wanted to be a lying politician..

        He flew back and forth to work in one of his planes or helicopters and my guess seen the wonderful lineup of losers running for office and decided to put his in as a monkey wrench in the cog’s of govt.. .. he got elected because people are sick of seeing nothing done and continuous lies and I am pretty sure he didn’t expect to win. I am pretty sure that was a shock….

        as a businessman that loves his country.. he could have said oh well I’ll give it to someone else withdraw live my opulent lifestyle in peace..
        instead he stood up said.. hey I think I can fix it what do I have to loose.. its already broken.. he just like the power company exec. that came buy.. they just didn’t realize solar would work as good as it does..
        instead he knew it was broken just not to the extent it is…. if you look back you will see that the endless attacks began the minute they realized that the puppet masters candidate wasn’t going to win..and has been relentless since..I personally would have said what the hey and gave in right away.. the attacks are from every angle.. even now that no collusion was found they will search for something else..
        I don’t want a politician anymore.. they don’t do anything they have crap fro work ethics and haven’t done a dam thing…. at this point DJT’s presidency has been attacked enough that I think he would be peeing in the wind to try and do anything internationally.. but on the other hand he has been able to accomplish more than any other ( politician) in over three decades..without any help from anyone all while being attacked relentlessly..

        Russian collusion.. that was a joke from the beginning.. and the guys at the bottom know it..

        we have just given up..

    • There is either proof to indict on obstruction or there is no indictment- there is no leave the door open – Barr should clarify immediately or step down – he is if nobody is aware – one of Mueller best friends.

    • Your coments are so jaded and lacking substance “Rid of us the orange clown” Bring on 2020

  3. I’ve been on a News boycott for the last coupe months. Deleted Social Media, Stopped watching television. Even when the radio put over bias broadcasts over political things I flipped the radio off. I hate to say it, but Usually NPR gives solid unbias News. Seems like more and more people are falling to Trump Displacement Disorder. He’s our president, and I feel confident when I say, and you could even quote me. “There has never been a President so Widely hated, and ridiculed.” I have to run away, and close my ears just to hide from all the hatred. In my eyes. It is really sad. Sad that the people buy the BS of the mainstream media, Sad that Multiple generations of people fell for the mainstream media, and most importantly that those people are acting out on such false idea’s. United we stand. Divided we fall, and damn. We are falling. Will this be the broken hip of America, and will we ever get up again? I haven’t a clue.

    • Bruce,
      Just listen to Trumps words and that says it all. Every time he opens his mouth is like Nails on a Chalkboard…the dumbed down version. You know the feeling when the hated Office suck up gets the promotion that everyone in the building is more qualified to get…including the Janitor? That’s How America kind of feels like today. We have to deal with this idiot for another two years. UGGHH!

      • OR, he said gleefully rubbing his hands together, another six to be followed by his kids!! Muahahahahahahaha!

      • NOW BILL…….
        you know ….in my opinion ….if that happened the puppet-masters would find a way to have the Congress declare war on the USA lol lol lol lol lol lol lol….

  4. The foreign spy already served two terms in the White House.His non-inclusion in the 1983 Columbia Yearbook is the smoking gun.When a NYC landlord tells you that he has no knowledge of a tenant,you know that the tenant was never there.Still,he’ll never be exposed:CVS will be defunct due to the resultant Acts Of God.

  5. George,

    What part of the cycle are we on when passion displaces logic? Isn’t this the hallmark of war to come, based on periods in the past when emotions out pace fact? Hysteria is the only thing powerful enough to move the needle.

  6. I pilfered this from ZH, because I thought it was perfectly on point:

    The next couple of days are going to be very important. As the clamoring din of Russiagate falls into the memory hole, a large empty space will open up. As the pundits scramble to find the Next Big Thing to blare through the screens, the people will be left to their own devices for a few precious moments. They won’t know what to think. They may even have some of their own thoughts for once. The media landscape will resemble a demolition site. So why not use this space to push forward some new exciting ideas. Space means possibilities. Space means something new can be built. After the crushing disappointment of finally finding out that the whole thing was a bust, two years have been lost to the bumbling ineptitude of Pelosi and Schumer, and now impeachment is off the table, what has anyone got to lose? Let’s try something new.

  7. Well Mark was in central America (diving,cough,cough) engaging in political discourse
    that is where the migrant invasions are being created. If Mark is contributing to this, he is a traitor and should be investigated
    His post on this site is the source of his admission

    • He’s in California, which while it likes to think of itself as a latter-day Free State, in fact its the front line/resupply depot for the American take-down. The big money in the tech enclaves have their bug out plans ready and if their minions don’t…oh well.

      • Russian webolution march 19,2019, mark replied a long speel about his diving trip to central America, here is part of his post
        e point is…when they hear the rhetoric of Trump…they say he sounds like their own politicians. Brash…threatening…twisting facts…never wrong…denouncing and trying to control the media…touting fake successes…And totally ineffective! That’s the kicker. The word down there is that they feel the management of the US is such a SH*#T Show and that Trump is so inept, that there is no better time for them to try to get into the US. I found that very interesting. It’s moms and their kids that are trying to escape the drug gangs and corruption the the poor neighborhoods that are the main part of the caravans. They all want to seek asylum and the contentiousness of our government with judges knocking down most of Trumps executive orders, they feel they have a Better chance to get in. Trumps nasty approach to immigration is actually having the opposite affect. The art of the dumba*#.

        On another topic…The big book that the wealth of Honduras and Guatemala have read is one that I have touted before…Michael Lewis’s the Fifth Risk. A few locals saw me one morning with that book…I brought it with me for morning Cacao/coffee to finish the last 100 pages. That book details the transition of the Trump Presidency and the mess and total dysfunction that ensued. It is of interest to them because it is something they have had to deal with with every regime change their entire lives. They can’t believe that the U.S is doing a mind blowing 180 degree turn in the management of their government affairs. From the unfulfilled appointees in the DOE, USDA, Department of Agriculture to Education etc…to them, it seems America has lost it’s focus and that concerns them and their business with America.

        I ask, what was his true purpose for being down there? His hatred is clear when you read his posts. You can go back and reread his entire post and all his posts
        Did someone interrupt his supply of baby food?

      • Exactly, Jack! Mark and Mike are traitors, they swill their ilk on this comment board day in and day out. It’s tiring as 99% of it was just plain BS! They are globalists hiding as citizens, they are traitors, hiding as invested in their communities. They don’t care about the sovereignity of the USA, and they don’t care about their fellow citizens. This country is being flooded with 50,000 HOMELESS PEOPLE from our Southern Border a MONTH!!!! We have over a million homeless CITIZENS in this country (including veterans) that we cannot find housing, food, and healthcare for, BUT 50,000 HOMELESS people a month enter through the Southern border and OUR OWN GOVERNMENT finds them EVERYTHING they need immediately upon release! AND WE PAY FOR IT VIA OUR TAXES; IN TEXAS, PROPERTY TAXES ARE SHOOTING THROUGH THE ROOF! I have more respect for our commentator from Ecuador!

    • Jack,
      Oh Brother…Yeah sure, that is exactly what I was doing. Political discourse in Honduras and Guatemala. Get a grip. This is exactly the type of BS I hate about your idiotic Right leaning conspiracy class.

      All George has to do is go on my Instagram or Facebook account to see that I was having a great vacation with my son. The Bay Islands off of Honduras have some of the best coral reefs in the World. Antigua, Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage site and also has a few volcanoes that we wanted to scale….which we did.

      I admit to this…I had a great time with my son. Jerk.

        UNESCO you say, that the MFers building invasions forces, using poor, needy people to disguise their true purpose.
        babies as food = pedovore=deep, dark, evil rabbit hole
        Jack Nicholson,”you can’t handle the truth”
        the HAMMER is falling,
        6 more years of PRESIDENT TRUMP, can you handle it?
        Vanderbilt mansion swimming pool-wet room-kill room
        Anderson Cooper, son of Vanderbilt
        Podesta-art work of Vanderbilt pool w/children(victims)
        you can call me a Jerk, I don’t care, cause this is the side you stand up for

  8. Hooray George,
    That tough SOB of a MAN,and Brilliant man at that, has been exonerated by the vonn Mueller investigation exactly as the “not real, entertainer/practical joker” said it would. In fact Q told the Anons to “trust Mueller”..hmmm. How does it feel to Win ???
    U want MOAR – think FISA DeClass. TRUMP is defeating Deep State ,”non existent’ huh Mark.., defeating the Lib-a Tards, and slowly and methodically taking down the HUGE Clinton Crime Syndicate.
    Keep an eye on the tech elites, the guiltiest RESIGNED from Google et al immediately after TRUMP signed E.O. regarding assests & $$ forfeiture to Gov. for GUILT in Pedo activiies – the loudest detractors of our super fantastic President are indeed the GUILTIEST..just ask lil Adam Schitt.

  9. George,

    The ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ criminal standard is an extremely high hurdle. Made even higher when applied by a Republican against another Republican. Still, we anticipate important information when the actual report is released in full, not summarized by still another Republican. We shall see.

    Regarding TDS, unlike Obama Derangement Syndrome, he brings most of it on himself by attacking people or by saying something revelatory (there are good people on both sides — of a Nazi march). Best, Mike.

    • You never talk about the good people on both sides, best, mike….your posts have shown that, and your posts ain’t the best neither. We’ve had years of you posting them, though, you remind me of CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/PBS/BBC, as a repeater, certainly not in the big league of payments.

  10. “We trust you’ll enjoy paying for the “investigators to investigate the investigators.”

    This reminds me of subtitles in a Monty Python movie, “The Meaning of Life,” as follows:
    We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking
    the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked.

    Wished we COULD sack the whole system and get some honest people in charge, though I must admit, most honest people do not want political jobs. As for this whole mess with the investigation, what a stupid waste of time and money. Now, can we move on to out of this grudge match between two dumbass parties and get some work done?

    • Please run for office. I will swear my name is Hispanic and no one will look when I show up to vote for you, lol…

    • Mitt: Mr. Trump is the most highly-investigated National public office holder in history. The investigations to follow will be so inane as to defy all reason, but must be done, to cover the posteriors of such cesspool creatures as Schiff.

      It is unlikely that the political weaponization of the jurisprudential aspects of the Executive and Legislative branches of our government, now that it has been done, will not be used against subsequent elected officials of every Party and ideology.

      The “Democrat playbook” encourages the use of “smear” during elections (remember the lessons of Herman Cain and Sarah Palin, who were destroyed by lie and innuendo, because they posed a threat to the narrative.) With the Trump election, attacks on the children of Presidential candidates and Presidents-Elect, ALWAYS a strict taboo, has been broken.

      In future elections, with opposition honesty and decency completely off the table, what honest person would wish this type of focus on themselves and their family?

    • Many FEDERAL LAWS were broken….by (you know the names)…these CRIMES must be prosecuted IF the rule of LAW is to remain the backbone of this nation…if not chaos and street fighting will commence……as many in this country will NEVER become a member of a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC….as the progressive’s want…I and many others with never bend a knee to these type of politicians and their minions….and my aim is as good today as it was when I served….Semper Fi

      • …As long as you remember: What the snowflakes lack in knowledge and skill, they’ll make up for with viciousness and ruthlessness. BTW, it you make your range markers different colors, it’s easier to see the windage flags.

  11. As President Trump stated “We have to make sure this never happens to a President again. Very few Presidents would have been able to stand up to this like I did”. If he didn’t stand up to this, the Deep State would have been informed that the Deep State can control elections.

    All true. God Bless America.

  12. To summarize all of this mornings political position discussions here in the Saul Alinsky Republic:

    1. Trump bad, lefties good.
    2.Trump good, lefties bad.
    3. Crime bad, justice good.
    4. Crime good, justice bad.
    5. Radicals good, ‘merican citizens bad.

    Remember not to get too cerebral, just post supporting tweets and give the talking heads money for radical stuff they wrote for or against something or other.

  13. I’m beginning to wonder if a subtle tell from President Trump is which door he uses to board Air Force One. For instance, the just concluded “Big Nyet” report failing to indict the Trump election campaign to alleged Russian collusion saw media ground cameramen pan skyward as The American President mounted steps up the dizzying heights of AF 1’s upper entry. Surely as Kathy Griffin is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, the roar of triumphant jets drowned out The Capitol Basilica’s Swamp Choir to an unintelligible Babel.

    Now recall the failure to rapture of a summit some weeks back between Trump and ‘lil kim. Mr. Trump entered AF1 via the lower cargo entry enroute to the summit. Asian leaders must have been aghast at this headslap considering ‘lil kim and his royal court had only reached the peak of Summit following a Great Train Journey via the modern Kublai Khan rivalling the Proletarian Sacrifices of his father’s generation. The music stopped; everyone went home early.

  14. Living and working in China for the last five years has given me a truly different perspective on what’s happening in America. The deep state is the cause of all this discourse. I was in the US Air Force for 27 years (retired Chief Master Sergeant), with most of my career outside of the US (18 years in Germany and one year in Honduras). I read papers from around the world and try to avoid the MSM, but once in a while you need to see their monetized views. One thing about this site I love is the discussion that goes on. Most of your viewers, Mr. Ure, are well intentioned and cohorent, but I also enjoy the discussion of those less so. Therefore, please keep this discussion line open and free…so few sites are like yours.

  15. Well, while Mark’s taking a walk naming all the SF excrement deposits he steps in after all his favorite people here in U.S. and the rest of his buds are laying on sackcloth and ashes there’s the background things that are going on that they don’t want you to pay attention to:

    “While you weren’t paying attention, politicians planned a major attack on the 2nd Amendment”

    New Zealand may be on the other side of the World but there’s plenty of people on both sides of the isle that want to merge our governments, at least in spirit.

    • Which San Francisco are you talking about? The one that was responsible for 75% of the job gains last month? That’s right…75% of all jobs added in the US were in the Bay Area in February. Or the San Francisco where 3 companies… Facebook, Apple and Google/Alphabet have built 38 million sq ft of office space in the last few years…more than the total sq ft of many large cities have in totality.

      You like to talk about the fictitious poop in the streets a lot. Much be watching Fox (Faux) News. Shame. I have yet to see any…but when I do find some I will be sure to take a pic and send it to you.

      Nobody is messing with your 2nd amendment rights. Most Democrats and MOR Republicans support the second amendment. They just want more oversight.

      Most states have you renew your drivers license every year..or every 3 years at the least. Why not the same for guns. If a person gets too many tickets, their driving privileges are taken away. Or…they go to traffic school. Likewise…If They have anger issues or have a mental state that is problematic, their gun priveledges should be suspended until further review or they should go to anger management or a therapist to sort things out. We do a Good job of getting problem drivers off the road…let’s get the problem gun owners away from guns.

      • Nope, Mark. The last one was from Scientific American and it did concentrate on California coastal cities, not just SF. Then there’s the Info Wars documentary you totally ignored that I posted back on March 2nd because it doesn’t fit your paradigm. As I said then try and deal with the information rather than the bearer of it. You may be skilled in avoiding all those areas of SF but it and all of the other major CA cities are degenerating despite the enclosed bubbles that have been created for the moneyed few.

        It doesn’t matter how many jobs are created in a cesspool. Shame on you for ignoring it.

        The Red Flag laws are tailor-made for abuse. All it takes is someone with an ax to grind to create problems for a family member or neighbor where no such problem existed to begin with. Start that process and it could take years to overcome it for the firearms owner even if those making the charges are prosecuted for filing a false claim. It would burden law enforcement by requiring them to chase down baseless claims the same as anti-gun people “swatting” people legally carrying in public. “Increased oversight” is what all antigunners want and I find it ludicrous that you call yourself a Republican – and, frankly, most Republicans in Congress today as well. That breed exists only in the wilds of Fly-over country or is flooding OUT of California.

      • Where in the Constitution does it call for, or even legally permit “oversight?”

        The fact Congress and the USSC have abridged and infringed upon the Second Amendment many times, neither gives them the right to do so, not does it make it legal WHEN they do so. It DOES, however, give license and precedent so they can abridge the remainder of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, at their whim.

      • Oversight on the 2nd amendment is that it ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’…and by the way…here in this country owning a firearm is a right NOT a privilege…despite what they tell you in SF….WHO do you want to revoke a persons RIGHT to own a firearm or any thing else….the GOVERNMENT or appointed stooge of same…I think not…, but just to be clear you not think that for all you post here ,many would think YOU have anger issues or have a mental state that is problematic..especially regarding the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES….you might want to watch what you wish for….Government politicians oversight on dissent….some countries were founded on such ‘chains’

      • after they get our guns, they WILL take our keyboards and you and I will not be free to say what we want to say. First they will appease you and say we only want oversight on those we deem unfit, and before you know what happened, we all will be deem unfit
        Mark, whether you want to admit it or not Our freedom of speech is entirely depended on US being able to defend it

        2nd, College degrees are something for one to be proud of, but they do not determine the good or evil in ones heart
        a person can be a Rhodes scholar and still offer children as a blood sacrifice to bael.
        If you continue to let our president make your head spin like a top for the next 6 years, you will gain some understanding how we, the deplorables felt about living under #44 for his 8 years
        May light and peace guide you, for we all have a date with death and all we get take from this world is our memories and emotions(feelings)

  16. Uhem,

    Do you know, how they catch monkeys in africa? (Not a racial slur, im not a racist) they put a piece of candy by and in a vase. When the monkey eats the first candy and in deligjt, he puts its hand in it to get the candy out of the Vase. When he grabs it the moneky makes a fist.

    And the monkey is traped by his own hand. He doesnt understand by releasing his grasp, he will be free. Then the trappers come along and bop him on the head. Lol.

    Whatever holds your focus, has you in its grasp.

    • It is not necessary to apologize when you mention monkeys in Africa. You are not being racist, but making a point. Our Country needs to get over this “White Guilt”. It is used by the left to foster racism. 80 % of our country is not racist. The 20% fringe is The wild card in all races.

    • Okay, Andy, I’ll monkey you up one…so far, we’ve watched you transfix yourself on drugs, women (err, hot women), spiritual books (including Spiritualist in Chief for a PHD), treats, feats, and prophecy, illuminati chasing until you caught one and then they caught you and erased “0”, bug out and in vehicles, hoodlums with high pedigrees, great trucking jobs, lots of gambling, and juicy perks like MONEY, nice houses, great Ex’s, wonderful kiddos, and well, LIFE. I think you should right an E-Book and call it: “Whatever Holds Your Focus, Has You In Its Grasp.” E-Book it like George. Just Do It!

    • Andy.. you are wrong.. how many times have they caught Congress with their hands in the vase… it just didn’t work..

  17. Interesting use of ‘Hate X.0’ branding. Matt Taibbi is coming out with the 1 word book called Hate it seems and here is part of it WRT “RussiaGate” –

    (and just because Trump didn’t get tagged by Mueller doesn’t mean he hasn’t committed crimes. Heck, there are so many crimes you can commit they are actually uncountable! “At the reference desk, we are frequently asked to estimate the number of federal laws in force. However, trying to tally this number is nearly impossible.” )

    • “we are frequently asked to estimate the number of federal laws”

      That’s easy! Just give some wild-assed number in the 6-7 digit range. If anyone contradicts you, ask for proof, or refer them to the book: “Three Felonies A Day,” by Harvey Silverglate…

      {For those who haven’t read it, “three” is the number of Federal felonies the average person commits, every single day, during the course of simply living.}

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