As a long-time AP stringer during my major market news career, I was appalled to read the disavowing AP cow-towing to liberalistas when the summary of the Trump report from Robt “Witch-Hunter” Mueller began to filter out.

An example of my disappointment in the AP may be found in:

“In fact, Mueller did not make a determination on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice in the Russia probe..”

WFT, kiddies?  Old journalists get to sit in bars and drink scotch because we have BTDT (been there, done that).  Do these script-kids know any real reporters?

At some point, we old news people need to hold the childy journos up by the hind legs and give them a smart slap on the ass.  Because they have fallen victim to the “It’s All Hate” not a facts matter world on the Internet.

Blast from the past?  “Innocent until proven guilty”  Show me some of that shit today.

Actually, dear pups of the modern AP ands lefties of the East Coast who did not work with the greats I had the privilege of doing as a reporter:

There Was a Time: When the AP cannot report in the affirmative, the report is written in a neutral, not neutered way.  My blood pressure hit 150 today with good cause.

Granted I have only written “breaking news” for…um…51-years.. but the OLD AP might have written:

“In fact, Mueller could not find that Trump committed obstruction of justice in the Russia probe.”

The rest is bullshit and laydown for the lefties who were making great progress against Constitutional government.

Did they?  Not in this article.  Lefty lay-down. Written like the facts were wrong.”  And no mention of the Clinton colluders in the probe!  My God world, WTF?

The slop, in this old reporter’s view, is characteristic of “Whiny Snowflake News” rather that hard-hitting, kick-ass-and-take-names, tell-it-like-it-is real journalism that calls the lynch mobs for what they are  (which in this case is tango-uniformed).  Afraid of mobs that are in power, are we?

Mealy-mouthed bullshit?  Yeah….I’ve been telling you  for two years and lost 1/3’rd of a following over.  We are again, exonerated by history.  Not an apology to be heard.

But, by God, we are more principled than apologetic.  Again, good news judgment is a prerequisite to good market judgment.

Your money doesn’t give a crap.

I don’t think there’s pause in the left-wing indoctrination in BJ schools today to teach ’em the real (Old School)  journo creed.

“We call’s ’em like we see ’em and f*ck the critics. We are facts and that’s it.”  

Apply that today?  Nothing has happened.  In the Trump case, no one stood for facts.  The facts will be steamrollered before your eyes for the commies and the AOC’s and Burnt-Outs to embolden them for 2020.

The easier way?  Stick with the law and stick with the facts.  In the Trump witch-hunt, all the precepts were out the window.  Pushed out onto ledges by lefties. Shoved down by the ad revenue counters and Raphael Madcow types.  “Trump let off the hook?”  Who would listen to such pap – such spectacular effort judgment now?  Lotsa folks, trust me.  High IQ and ability to discern are MIA in leftolution America.  They can’t apologize, even when wrong.

If major news organizations had resisted POJ (pile-on-journalism) perhaps this day of great loss of street creds among the journo-pimps would not have happened.  But when you lay down your ethics and holding to the Truth, and your hate of America is stronger than even partisans in heat in the DoJ, what’s surprising about the outcome?

I don’t usually post on Sunday, but when the kids are “messing their pants” advice that they be  changed  seems useful.