The Mueller Market?

Can we blame the 460-point Dow drop Friday on the end of a political election report?

Because of travel, we will have an exceptionally short report this morning.  Assisted by an ill-timed Microsoft update that stole an hour of work time.  But, not like we’re the first victims under that bus.

For those wondering, yes Blood Sweat and Tears at the Apache Casino here in Lawton, Oklahoma was a real nice show.  I thought the sound was a bit “busy” in the first couple of songs, but as they rolled along, it kept getting better right up to the end after a two-song encore.  (I resisted my inclination to offer a lecture on “overlayering” which is when nearly a dozen instruments light off at once.”  Better mix (FOH and BOH) is to sub-group and not exceed four “layers” or everything gets cacophonous…  Like I said, though, I know when to shut-up.

OK, a mish-mash and then back to bed.  Man needs his sleep…

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13 thoughts on “The Mueller Market?”

  1. The  reason why our economy & stock market is still on top & will remain on top & grow at a consideral pace… The coming $37 trillion dollars tech boom will be greater than the auto production line manufacturing boom (Ford), computer boom (Microsoft), & internet boom (AOL email – You Got Mail). Three areas – 1. Blockchain technology 2. Artificial Intelligence (the chips to power AI are here). 3. Internet of Things. Forget all the political craziness, it is just noise… money rules.

  2. Sure it will and I have a dream too, a dollar and a dream to win the lotto, and that will happen sooner than the $37 trillion dollar bonanza coming down the tube.!!!!

    • Some people can’t see the forest for the trees. As Ford was told, Cars are a passing fancy, horses are here to stay.

      • Wow. What a great time we had at the casino..went to the show got to meet and greet the entertainer..except for the four ladies sitting behind us talking and giggling about their butts ..( had to shish them) the show was a knockout.
        The room or should I say rooms wow nice..
        Wife was playing the slots and I hitting the bar and shooting the shizt with security when he said oh my god.. In walks one of my favorite rock legends from the seventies and the security guys as well.he wasn’t entertaining just passing through. The security was informed to watch out for his arrival…..anyway so I got to meet and shoot the shizt with him to for a little bit .. Amazing he has the same warped sense of humor I have..(we got the band in the one bar to play a polka lol everyone loves a good polka.. I think they did it just because of who he is) Lol.. (He spent way to much on his suit and noose but hey really who cares.. He’s a pretty good ole boy and I enjoyed visiting )
        The food was awesome and the young lady that checked us in a real sweetie (its a good thing the wife was there I’m pretty sure I would have tried to get her to help me figure out the curtains)..
        I’m hard of hearing so it was just a roar on the floor and we spent way to much.. I learned I detest motorized curtains. I totally plan on going back….
        I was impressed with the fountain.. I couldn’t stop looking at it..all around one of the best times I’ve had in a long time.

    • AI is not about replacing humans with sex robots; it is about making business more efficient & profitable. Follow the money.

  3. Sunday news prediction: just enough to keep the report distraction going for another year. This is all good business, so it will continue. Expect some rock and roll on the market. Question: with all this hoopla, what are they not talking about? Watch the hands, not the moving lips. Words are just beards at this point.

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