Yeah, we don’t like Extremism, either.  But have you noticed lately, everyone seems to be a crook, illiterate and ignorant of America’s founding Principles, as they’re off working their own game plan?”

Manic Friday just ahead.

When we take the high-level view, it’s like the values-based, clear-thinking, financially-savvy, American Middle has been teleported “off-planet.”  We’re not sure where, but they’re welcome to reappear any time.  Call Clown Central in DC and let ’em know what POS’s they are for this mockery of Justice. Not that they’ll care:  Responsive government left in the early 1960’s.

As Jimi Hendrix warned in “All Along the Watchtower
“…the hour’s getting late…”

Here’s our Thursday Perp-Walk:

  • Justice John Roberts is covering-up for the dems by not naming the whistle-blower who is sure as hell IS a “public figure.”  Does this mean the Judge will also quash the original third-hand source of this coup attempt in this sham trial should it go to witnesses?
  • Alan Dershowitz has gone “drifty.”  He’s opened up a fallback position that a President can “quid pro quo” and that’s not impeachable.  Dershowitz is making a classic trial error – underestimating the mood of the lynch mob he’s addressing.  Quid Pro – is like beauty, Alan:  Eyes of the beholders.  Talk to the mob, not the Bar Association.
  • The American Media which, points out NewsBusters, in “Evening News Spin: 100% Negative on Trump Defense, 95% Positive Dems” is totally co-opted and dancing to the mob chants.  The Obamanistas and NewLefties are very likely “tipping” crooked reporters with unfounded innuendo (as they have since the inauguration).  Result?  The feckless media doesn’t have enough old-fashion journo-balls to ask questions critical of the 2-bit Coup Against Trump.
  • Mitt Romney:  Career leach hack  politician. who’s apparently trying to up-end the acquittal vote possible in the Senate tomorrow.  Romney’s game seems to be nabbing an “appointed VP” slot if the Lynch Mob ousts Trump.   Mittens could then Big-Shot his way into running for president.  America’s in trouble.
  • John Bolton:  Warmongering NeoCon who’s promoting his book.  He’s ready to turn on his former boss because NeoCons are what? The data suggests to us they’re  Ethical sell-outs on a quest for “continuous war for continuous access.”  Who leaked his book contents to the NY Times, we wonder?  An Obamanista with publishing house connections, or the RINO members of the Coup Against the President?  Noecons leach power from both parties under the guise of “foreign policy expertise.”  Pass the  Charmin.  We should have let Schwarzkopf finish it.
  • Joke-Who-Haunts-Us Warren:  Like most lawyers, arguing the wrong case.  Because while  CNBC  reports “Elizabeth Warren proposes criminal penalties for spreading voting disinformation online…” the fact is online media should NEVER have had “special privileges'” shielding them from libel and slander laws in the first place.  Rather than repeal the “Social Media law” (bad law), Warren’s on a quest for another law (bad).  Too many laws spoil the clarity of thought.  This is why the book Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent could be updated to at least 5 or 6 a-day now.
  • Bernie Sanders:  He’s going to run America into the hyper-inflationary ditch.  While he’s got his hopes up in Iowa, his supporters are engaged in old-fashion voter intimidation threatening “Bern America” if these spoiled self-important socialists don’t prevail.

In case you haven’t figured out why the stock market is wobbling at the moment, let me lay it our for you in terms you can understand:

Compund Lessons

As we have been warning for YEARS, there comes a time when compound interest takes over the Federal Debt.

The same crooked media that made up Russian Collusion (none) and has a bunch of RINOs (like Mitt) angling for a hand-out from the coup, so too the Crooked Media has lied consistently about the size of the U.S. federal debt.

Here’s how The Con worked:  For years, democrats have been champions of Deficit Spending.  RINOs are hip-deep in  it, too, however.

The ;lie was that the Federal Debt is a) Trumps fault and b) it’s about $23-trillion.

Wrong.  On both counts.  ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING BEGINS IN THE HOUSE.  Trump  executes what the crazy-spenders and Free-Lunchers “make-up” on The Hill.  Trump’s personality?  Sure, it may suck.  BUT blame numeracy in Congress when this all blows up.

The second part of the Lie is worse.  The  principal on the U.S. Federal Debt really is $23-trillion.  The clowns in D.C. don’t mention another as much as $40-trillion which is  owed interest payments on said debt.

Example:  The situation is like when you buy a house.  Imagine saying “I just bought a $300,000 house.

What are you really going to pay for it?  The wrong answer is 300,000 divided by 360 months.  Why, that would be $833.33 per month.

No, you will actually pay $1,350, for 350 months assuming you got a VA loan that’s locked (30-year fixed).

Over the life of the loan (even with never-before so low rates) you will pay $186,000  of interest Making the REAL COST of the home $486,000 plus or minus a cheeseburger.

While the homeowner can write-off the interest, up to the first $750,000 of home value, (if purchased after Dec 2017) the Federal Government’s interest debt on the National Debt enjoys no such blessing.

In fact, the compounding is STILL going on and at a high-enough effective rate that by 2030 says the Wall Street Journal article here, the debt will eat 98% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

At least the Journal has enough brains to run the number, too.

The Stupid People Test

We are in run-away compounding mode.  Coming a bit later than I have been expecting, but with the Debt going up a trillion a year for at least then next 11-years, that means incomes taxes will have to skyrocket.  So, if you think the Trumpster’s economy is bad, wait till the Free Lunch Party gets out the spending gasoline and throws that on.

All the while, keeping borders open, letting people come to the US to “retire on USA taxpayer beneficence” and all the other Free Lunch Socialism crap that has been infiltrated into the American education system over the past 60-years.

In the end, Nikita Khrushchev didn’t need to say “We will bury you” and bang his shoe on the desk at the United Nations back in October of 1960.

All he needed to do was infiltrate Free Lunchers into the higher ed system in  communes like Berkeley and liberal local school boards… We’ve stupidly picked up the shovel ourselves.

If everyone one of your friends doesn’t understand this Big Picture of how Perestroika was the largest Trojan Horse in history, you need a smarter set of friends.

Nikki through Bernie…all so warm and cuddly, these commies, are they not? Bravely tossing out an elected president to bankrupt America and and seize leadership of the Free Lunchy class.  To finish the Soviet take-over of the West.

Just freaking marvelous.  Still wonder why the stock market is heading south?

As Hendrix said “ …the hour’s getting late…”  Pandering Mitt and Molotov Sanders.  What could possibly go wrong?

Business News Central

The new Gross Domestic Product report is out.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019 (table 1), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the third quarter, real GDP increased 2.1 percent.

The nice thing about the report is it let’s us update the M2 Velocity of Money value, which has been re-cratering (if that’s a word) of late.

Not a single market we track was up overnight.  Global losers were led by Hong Kong’s Hang Seng down 711 points of 2.62 percent.

After the GDP number, Dow futures were down 183.  Because not everyone is stupid.  Although it’s sure hard  not to believe that here lately.

How much gasoline?  $82.575-billion just thbis morning in free money from the Fed.  And Uncle Jerry says the gas will flow till at least April!  Wheee!!!

Write when you get rich