“Justice” Roberts – Is He the Fixer?

I am absolutely sickened by the apparent “fix” in the impeachment scam that came out for a second day running when Senator Rand Paul wanted to ask a question during the Q&A period.

Presiding “Justice” Roberts turned down the question. Censoring it.  To us, looks like “the Fix is in.”  This isn’t a trial…it’s a cocked-up Schiff show..

Senator Paul this afternoon tweeted his “unreadable question.” We thing it deserves a prompt read – and reply – because it gets to the very heart of this whole God-forsaken mess:

My question today is about whether or not individuals who were holdovers from the Obama National Security Council and Democrat partisans conspired with Schiff staffers to plot impeaching the President before there were formal House impeachment proceedings.

Damn straight. (Oh, and the answer is yes.)   It’s an actual honest question that Roberts wouldn’t allow to be asked.  His failure to allow reeks to high heaven of collusion to obstruct the Public Interest.

We are saddened beyond words that such a direct question – entirely on point – was CENSORED by an alleged  jurist.

There’s a System keeping We the People from having effective government.  Henceforth, I won’t be able to trust Supreme Court decisions.  They’re part of the swamp, too.

Inquiring minds want to know where this ceremonial fellow gets off Censoring the Senator’s question?.

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  1. George, Please ruminate on the following,

    Please read https://blog.nomorefakenews.com by John Rappoport’s news for 1-26 & 1-27-2020, about the China Coronavirus. He has been, and being a genius in my mind and yours:), as in mine, a reporter for 30 years and into the internal mind to expand our creation among a systematic view of our existence. T’is a MUST read.

    I know Tumbleweed wrote about John Rappopports take in 1-26-2020 comments, but it deserves a rereading or posting. Also for the comment of the guy trying to better himself I think he would find much interest in John’s writings.
    Thank you Will

  2. However, the question (which WILL be answered later) could only be answered at this point by an opinion, which should not be allowed in a court of law, (except by democrats in a kangaroo court like the house impeachment hearings …but that is another story.)

    Justice Roberts was totally correct under the LAW to refuse that question.

    Sad? Yes.

    • How? If nobody knows the name of the whistleblower how was Roberts correct to not allow the question? Sen. Paul never labeled the two people in his question as being whistleblower’s??

      • John Roberts, like the `1800’s case, it a power-crazed man. IJf Obamacare is a tax, how come I can’t write it off?
        Only part =– it’s limited to the amount of your overall costs that exceed 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) in 2018.. So, as in this case, Roberts has betrayed the country and he supports double taxation!

  3. This demonstrates the depth of the corruption in Washington, DC. No need to hide, nothing will happen if you are in the know. Give voters the middle finger, they can’t stop us.

  4. I was flabbergasted, and very disappointed, as he had refused his question yesterday as well. And then, refuses to let senators address their question to whomever they choose. Chief Justice Roberts gets a vote of no confidence from me from this day forward. Fool me once….. Twice……

    • Once was Obamacare, yesterday is bossing the Senate (see warhammer historical note – ;legally, Roberts Can’t do that!) What will be the third time? Swearing in the coup leaders?

      • Pence cannot be brought in to cast a deciding vote in the Senate – this leaves Roberts as the sitting officer who can cast a vote to break a tie if he so chooses…. but it would be appealed in some fashion I imagine if he votes for witnesses…..other than that as Jesse Ventura said – it’s all mud wrestling….

      • “this leaves Roberts as the sitting officer who can cast a vote to break a tie ”

        No, he can’t.

        However, in an impeachment proceeding, in the event of a tie, the will of the Party in the Majority carries.

    • Chief Justice Roberts gave us Obamacare..by changing it to a tax then saying it was constitutional..not my favorite guy

  5. Trust the plan, the patriots are now in charge. Justice Roberts is compromised ,and it needed to be shown publicly, for the masses to see! Dark to light. It is called the Great Awakening for a reason.Grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie. Watch the fear in the eyes of those, who attack our President. I even hear a nervousness in Marks replies to your column (he loves the RINOs), the DHS and other agencies know who encouraged the migrant caravans.


    who is Q,,answer,,,less than ten, mostly military, Q+ is the MAN his self
    remember,Sessions was military JAG and gave Huber permission to form a 2nd special council, outside of government for help,that is the MILITARY,and they are not LEAKING what the progress is.
    The military needed authority from the civil gov to act, otherwise it would be a coup. The Republic was being killed slowly and systematically by the global mafia, a multi generational, 13 family organization , they hate the US Constitution

  6. Well we knew Roberts was not trustworthy when he broke the tie to declare Obamacare constitutional. There is nothing in our constitution declares a Federal power to take over healthcare. His comment, that elections have consequences. I don’t disagree with that statement, but the SC is supposed to keep federal power in check. Just because there is an election does not mean that suddenly grants government more power over its citizens.

  7. George, what a sham, this is the latest red herring from our government. Must protect the money machine. Neither side wants ugly truth to emerge. Will anyone be held accountable for the dirty money payoffs? (whether legal or not). My gut feeling is this has been a distraction from the sordid Epstein affair, must protect at all costs. Q Anon has stated that it has 9k hours of tapes to put them all in jail. Well, lets see it! So much talk, I’ll believe it when I see perp walks. These elitists belong to a club of which we are not members.

  8. If nobody knows who the whistleblower is, then what’s wrong with asking if two named employees of the NSC conspired to take down Trump?

  9. The real issue rests with the silence of the rest of the Senate regarding the censoring Of Sen. Paul’s question by Roberts.

    “In the first presidential impeachment trial in 1868, Chief Justice Salmon Chase claimed the authority to decide certain procedural questions on his own, but the Senate challenged several of his rulings and overruled him at least twice.”

    See: https://www.heritage.org/constitution?essay_id=10000016

  10. relax George .. perfectly normal as we enter the ether zone of evil .. the super race has fixed everything .. there will be nothing when it stops .. nothing .. zero.. ussa makes Nazi germany look like a budhist monastery.. and you should see the corruption and hiddeb depression in Australia .. yassos mate .. we make Greece look like an organized dynamic frugal honest economy.. so good .. minnup .. say hello to patriot dalio !!! who was the finance minister in 1930s of germany ? her daliovitz!!

  11. “To us, looks like “the Fix is in.”
    Sure does.
    I have always been skeptical of the Chief Justice, and recent developments confirm this.
    It looks like he is a crypto.
    The more he helps Israel the more they come after him (Schumer, Schiff, Nadler,etc.).
    They have a strange way of saying thank you.

  12. “To us, looks like “the Fix is in.”  This isn’t a trial…it’s a cocked-up Schiff show..”

    If you look at it as a business model.. everything is for sale.
    How will it affect those working for the ones in control.
    Win the past we have seen how a crime becomes a non event if it affects the bosses of the people in charge of their positions and their ability to make a living.
    I think There has always been a separate interpretation of the laws depending on a person’s social class and position..our prisons population reflect that.

    • “There has always been a separate interpretation of the laws depending on a person’s social class and position..our prisons population reflect that.”

      Interesting observation!! Would be interesting to have access to the distribution of inmates in our prisons, IMHO.

  13. I was briefly watching the Demoncrats ramble in the Senate when Roberts dismissed Senator Paul’s question. One thing I found odd was that Roberts was not pre-reading the questions to himself, including long ones, prior to reading them out loud on all the questions prior to Senator Paul’s question. All of sudden here comes Senator Paul’s question and Roberts read it to himself before dismissing it. Why that particular question? Was he clued in? This whole show is a sham meant to disparage President Trump prior to the upcoming election and allow the Demoncrats to come up with another Impeachment because Bolton, who has a bone to pick with Trump, will be subpoenaed after this scam impeachment is voted down the tubes . They will scream they didn’t have a fair trial because no witnesses were allowed….although they put them on the screen constantly. At least 16 witnesses testifying they have shown videos of at my last count. And of course they want Trump to have to give the State of the Union while he is under the cloud of Impeachment. Most of Washington, including Robert’s has dirt they are hiding from the public, but they are not hiding it from the puppet masters who pull their strings. This applies to the Media, Congress, Ex-elected officials, Bolton, and the Supreme Court. It is all a rigged game, including the markets. The whole house of cards will collapse soon. Caveat emptor re: the propaganda coming through your screens.

    • ” Most of Washington, including Robert’s has dirt they are hiding from the public, but they are not hiding it from the puppet masters who pull their strings.”

      Unless we “burlap” the puppet masters nothing will change; So, what are their names?

  14. We keep on lambasting politicians that don’t give a hoot about us — wouldn’t it have been more profitable to have argued about the “pros and cons” of VIX?

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