The Best Use of Holidays

The Japanese stock market got creamed overnight.  Down more than one percent.  But the Hang Seng held about even.  Right now – as I scribble this – Europe is just opening, but already, we know the trajectory set out this week.

Tonight (*U.S. time) we’ll see how China’s economy has held up.  A preview? China’s GDP Report Set to Show Economic Damage From Covid Zero Exit.

Gold was down about $4-bucks.  Which means the US Dollar is a little stronger.  Which – I’ve told you many times – means it “Won’t take as many Dollars to buy an index.”  From the bleachers, it will seem like the market might be down a bit.

But we won’t find out today.

There’s no mail service.  The banks are closed.  Government offices, too.

Yet – in a perverse way – life goes on.

In eastern Europe there’s a war going on:Russia hit Kiev with hitherto unknown weapon: Largest thermal power stations on fire – Three waves of attacks with 80 missiles.  But, no, it wasn’t that bad, says Ukraine. War hurts, sure (18 killed, 34 injured in Russian attacks on Ukraine over past day), but Ukraine forges ahead, regardless.

Most of Washington is closed down for Martin Luther King Day.  Congress is still trying to figure out what to do with a busted debt ceiling come Thursday.  At some point agreement is always reached, but not without drama, charges, and the taking of financial hostages.  Don’t be surprised when the government threatens to delay Social Security payments.  Though crooks the politicians are, I don’t remember federal worker retirement being held hostage.

It’s all gamesmanship, power, greed, and blame.  No reason for that game to change.  No sir, not today, anyway.

Instead, We’re Being Distracted

Content creators of the Internet are suddenly facing a less-bright future, today.  As we see coming 90% of online content could be ‘generated by AI by 2025,’ expert says.  We’re unconcerned, though.  “Experts” assured us of “global warming” and that New York would see water lapping at the steps of Wall Street by the turn of the last century.  Experts get it wrong.

So do the Rich.

See, having money is usually as much a matter of luck, as anything. Over the past 50+ years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of “rich” people.  Mainly, they get rich because of harnessing the work of others.  Microsoft has roots in CPM-86. Apple’s earliest works came from a garage powered by new components and plenty of meetings of computer hobbyists, all anxious to strike it right.  Someone was bound to strike it rich.  Gates, the Woz, Steve.  But – if it hadn’t been them, it would have been someone else.

Computers were coming.  IBM would have found an operating system for their PC somewhere.  And so, we see this is how, in quantum physics, we begin to see history more as a “bounded choice distribution” and not so miraculous if you look outside of the hypnosis of “now.”

The Rich are usually cunning, connected, harder working and committed at levels higher than most.  They get stuck with financial lightning not through their sole efforts but because they stand on the shoulders of giants, on in the case of Trump and Buffett to name two, the shoulders of parents.

Sometimes that works, other times not so much.  This morning we’d draw your attention to Hunter Biden asks judge to stop his estranged daughter from taking his surname. A new pinnacle in prickish arrogance, we’d call it.  And it seems to run in the “dog-face pony soldier” family, though the surname seems to lack copyright protection.  Fathers are best judged by their sons.

The strange attractor for Biden double-standards is clear enough as Biden speaks of redeeming America’s soul during visit to Martin Luther King’s hometown church.  He might want to worry less about America’s soul and a bit more about his own.

Ah, but the Rich and powerful remain hopelessly arrogant, mostly.  Even as the Davos Conspiracy to overthrow democracy gathers to further another plebe-bleeding Great Reset, just desserts are waiting, pitchforks at the gate.  As Davos Opens, Oxfam Urges ‘Billionaire Busting’ Policies.  We’ve got a “digital stone” to sharpen some tines, ourselves.  An inflation-adjusted global income came of $100-million should be enough for anyone.  Well, except you and me, of course…

Partly for this reason, disarming the public is a high priority now: Biden’s ATF Bans MILLIONS OF GUNS With New Rule And Gun Owners Could Face TEN YEARS IN PRISON For Refusing To Comply.  Remnant America is at the wall with our last smoke. Nikita Khrushchev was right, if a little off on his timetable. Commies in dress-up are everywhere.

Great Resets are a regular feature, dressed up as wealth-stealing inflation and government jab-to-work orders, lockdowns, gun laws, and wars.  It’s just this week’s version of the S.O.S.  That the rich simply “wear people out” couldn’t be more clear than Rupert Murdoch is spotted on holiday with new female companion.  5th time’s a charm?

The power class is in trouble.  Where did liberal principles go on Open Borders, we wonder?  As Mayor of New York: There is No More Room for Migrants.  He ought to try El Paso on for size.

I guess that’s enough.

Except There’s the Crypto Con

Yes sir.  Bitcoin is up to $20,800 today.  Although – on average – not much has changed:  BTC price cancels FTX losses — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week (cointelegraph).

While the U.S. works on a government-backed crypto, we are pleased to report that India may be coming to its senses, too, as RBI Governor: Crypto Should Be Banned (

This being a weekend extension, as all, you have a little extra time.  So go watch a video by Cal Newport, author of such brilliant works as “Deep Work” and “Digital Minimalism”  a couple of personal favorites.  He’s an  associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University.

When he explains there is a Deep Question that no one seems to be asking, we quietly applaud his clarity of thought:

You should keep in mind while viewing this that his schooling at MIT’s Theory of Distributed Systems group, screams to us we’re in a late-stage Ponzi scheme on the internet.  And that a rally even to $25,000 on something that was just over $68,800 14-months ago is not confidence-inspiring in the least.

We will have to wait for the markets to open tomorrow, but for now, we’re working on non-financialized ways of being.  Figuring out why my bok choi plants are bolting and working in the shop or putting up a new ham radio antenna seems very much more productive than being a news junkie when nothing is actionable.

ATR:  Best Use of the Holiday

Turn off the MSM bullshit and go learn on Youtube.

David Goggins Motivation – The Morning Battle (SECRETS TO SUCCESS) – YouTube


Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 – The speech that broke the internet – Most Inspiring ever – YouTube

Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons – YouTube

The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU – YouTube

Sometimes, I think we should set up a “most useful videos” list.  Because this website doesn’t just happen.  We all, as humans deliberately craft a life around us.

So please excuse me, but time to get my real grinds on.  The ones that happen after the column here.

Write when you get rich,

94 thoughts on “The Best Use of Holidays”

  1. “All that we got here is American made…
    It’s a little bit cheezy, but nicely displayed…”
    Frank Zappa

    Americans are stupid. We can be “image-projected” into buying anything.
    Anything. It’s all illusion — and some DE-lusion.

    Anybody remember “performance sandals?” A big hearthrob a couple of decades back, healthy energetic outdoorsy folks were shown hiking, rock climbing and even skydiving — WEARING SANDALS!

    Rough-lookin’, chunky, tough lookin’, robust lookin’, to be sure — but SANDALS!

    Have you EVER hiked in the deep woods in SANDALS!? I thought not…

    Put a little letter “i” in front of ANYTHING, and it’s magically endowed with tons of extra Value. “It’s not just a cellphone — it’s an i-phone; ” of COURSE it’s $2,000. “I just REEK of Quality and Wealth and Superior Class!”)

    Same-same with the hyperquality indictors “Pro,” or ‘Extreme.” I was a PADI certified sport diver years ago, and it seems EVERYTHING for sale had a PRO or EXTREME suffix on it. (As if any of my buddy candy-ass warm & shallow water quickie resort-course divers did ANY of that stuff…) (I know: I was one of those candy-asses…) (My WATCH was good to 650 feet, But I sure as hell wasn’t.) MY regulator was good for simultaneous deep-ice-night-cave diving, four things I never, ever, did or would do — I don’t thirst for adrenaline that badly.) (“I’ll be back at the lodge, sitting by the pool with the girls — pour me a Harvey’s.”)

    Same with the parasite politicians. Show us a nice, vital, young-ish image, and we’ll vote for ya, ya wife-beating, abusive, criminal, con-man, draft-dodger, drunk, communist liar. Just wear Armani and Bruno Magli, have good hair, look the part, and all will be well.


    • I remember tablets… the personal My Pad.. LOL actually I still carry one most of the time..
      when I worked at the factory making cabinets.. it was my hit list.. the job varied so much.. I went to material handling because I knew every part in the catalogue and I knew each of the departments personally.. so they would run out of parts .. etc.. each department would run over and say.. I need this.. so depending on how urgent it was was where it went on the list.. worked good.. I still make lists.. the boss at home needs this done or the door knob needs to be fixed etc.. it goes on the list.. when it is done i check it off.. best thing ever.. kids today have to drag out their mini brain and then go to an app.. put it down.. and with the news chat bot.. they don’t even have to do that..

    • William: chuckle. my fav. sandal story was going off the trail in the Caribbean to pose photos. Got scratched then looked down and realized I’d walked through cactus. Who knew? Had to shit can my best floppies and go without for the rest of our charter. Not ideal footwear IMO.

      There isn’t enough Zappa in the world today. We need pygmy ponies.

      Best, Egor

    • “All that we got here is American made…
      It’s a little bit cheezy, but nicely displayed…”
      Frank Zappa”

      actually I believe we are on the dark side of the moon..

      the more news I read makes me.. numb..the horror the world shizt show of morons at play..

      lately I have been hearing on the radio.. songs of the vietnam war.. on a continuous loop..

    • Any time I see some well-past-his-prime guy in Jesus boots I have to think you just can’t take this guy seriously. He’s not ready to do any real work and you can tell the last year he “trimmed his hooves” which is a fair determinant of the rest of his hygiene regimen. Either he’s independently wealthy or, at the very least, he’s pretty well shot through with “Don’ giveashit”. I think all the old hippies have gone to bunny slippers now.

    • “Have you EVER hiked in the deep woods in SANDALS!? I thought not…”

      Nope. Homemade moccasins – yes; sandals – notafrickinchance…!

    • Aw, heck. Real Hawaiians LIVE in sandals. Even hiking lava rock jungles. Hard rubber soles and good arch supports, but sandals nevertheless.

  2. New York: No more room for migrants ??

    Hell, they recently deemed the homeless as mental and we’re going to whisk them off the streets and alleys, taking them to hospitals and God only knows where from there. The sidewalks ought to be clear by now with room for more tents and cardboard subdivisions.

    Nasty place, New York. Damn.

    • Back in the olden days unstable people were warehoused. Up to the early 1970’s, there were state asylums for mental patients. People who didn’t act right got locked up.

      Big pharma came along and most of the asylums were shutdown throughout the 1980’s.

      Now we have the COPs handling unstable folk onsite in many cases.

      • It wasn’t just “big pharma”. Chlorpromazine (Thorazine), the first of the “heavy hitter” tranks was invented in 1951 but apparently not immediately used as an antipsychotic. By the time was working in a mental hygiene institution in 1968 it was the drug of choice. Just as important as the drugs in closing institutions was Erving Goffman’s “Asylum”, a book published in 1961. It crystalized what many had been suspecting about the dysfunctional impacts of “total institutions” whether they were asylums or prisons. Total institutions do damage. Period. The damage can be mitigated by moving them geographically closer to the communities they serve, by making them a bit porous (connections to the community), and by making the daily routine as much as possible like the outside world. But for quality of life of the residents and eventual integration into the community, they are best seen as a last ditch alternative.

        One of the saddest impacts of the closure of mental hospitals is that jails and prisons are now the last resort for the mentally ill. No documentation here, but my guess is that far more antipsychotic meds are doled out in jails and prisons (total population in the USA around 1,200,000 in 2021) than in in-patient psychiatric facilities (170,000 beds in 2014).

        Having worked in a mental hygiene institution and later in a prison, I fully understand those who prefer a sleeping bag and a shopping cart to being an inmate. The impaired homeless are eyesores, subject to violence, and generally decline in health. I see them as a public health and civil rights issue and feel sorry for the police who must deal with them (by default) since there is no sane and humane solution in this country.

        • Thanks for the update. Everyone is still being locked-up. No change after 70 years.

          We’re doomed.

        • As a former law enforcement officer who had to deal with those folks in jail and on the streets, I found that many of those “crazies” used their “condition” to cover for their criminal activities. One in particular was a frequent flyer from jail to the state mental hospital at Terrell, TX, where she would stay for a 3 day evaluation, then I’d have to go after her and bring her back for a hearing (140 miles each way). The hearing usually resulted in having to take her back to Terrell, where she’d stay for the maximum allowed time, 90 days, and I’d have to go and bring her back again. She’d be OK for a month or two before going off her meds and breaking into a neighbor’s house or stealing something from a yard, then we’d start the process all over.

          The last time I arrested her we managed to get her sentenced to prison for 5 years for aggravated assault. She served the whole 5 years. Since she got out, she has been a model citizen. I think prison finally made a believer out of her, causing her to stay on her meds to avoid going back.

  3. The fix is in….”Robert K. Hur appointed Special Counsel to investigate Classified Documents located on Biden properties”.

    Let’s look at Mr. Hur’s background and friends and see if he will actually recommend that Biden be prosecuted for breaking the law while serving as VP, or is Mr. Hur there to provide cover against Republican committees in the House from further investigating the fool in the White House and his morally corrupt family?
    1. Mr. Hur was the top aide to current FBI Director Christopher Wray. Wray is the same FBI Director that has sat on Hunter’s laptop which includes his business dealings in Ukraine and Communist China. Also Wray is sitting on Huma Abedin’s laptop that her hubby Weiner had as insurance against Hillary that was turned over to the FBI by the NYPD. The cops in NY stated they have never seen anything so horrible.
    2. Mr. Hur was Principal Counselor to Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein was the guy that appointed Robert Mueller to investigate the Trump election which found nothing after 22 months of investigations.
    3. Mr. Hur was one of the few people that was involved at the Justice Department that knew about the phony Christopher Steele dossier that was used against Trump.
    4. The fact that Hur was appointed U.S. attorney for Maryland under Trump will be something the Press will pounce on to cover for Biden. It has already started. Andrew McCabe, the disgraced former FBI deputy director, who was fired for improperly unauthorized releases of information to The Wall Street Journal and because McCabe had lied to and misled agents who questioned him about it on four occasions, three of which were under oath. McCabe is now a CNN (Commie News Network) analyst and stated it was “not insignificant” that a Trump appointee had been charged with overseeing the Biden investigation, a move McCabe said would help temper any accusations of political bias. Right on McCabe, the FBI sure knows how to work politics except you swamp creatures aren’t as smart as you think. McCabe worked with Hur in 2017. And considering that there are about 4000 appointees each administration makes with 1200 requiring Senate approval, it is highly doubtful Trump ever met Hur. So what if Trump appointed him. The deep state is now rampant in both parties.
    5. And why wasn’t there an FBI raid with 30 FBI agents on Biden’s multiple multi-million dollar properties that he was able to buy on a Senators and VP’s salary, or Hunter’s residences, or Biden’s brother’s residences like happened with Trump at Mar-a-Lago? Or was there such a raid and they were just sitting on this information until right after the Republicans took over the House? Why is it coming out now? Because you are a deep state, sell your soul to the devil, globalist Biden! This whole deal is orchestrated to cover up and stop any investigation into your dealings Biden via you, your son and brother with China, Russia, Ukraine, and anywhere else you bastards could make a buck.
    6. Now that we have a criminal investigation ongoing about Biden having classified documents in places they should not have been, it precludes any House committee from pursuing the actual documents or finding out what they contained. Do these documents that Biden removed pertain to China and Ukraine and Hunter the bagman, whose laptop contained special access to DOD computers and networks? Or were they something that Hunter could copy to sell to the Chinese? Were Biden’s papers actually what Biden acted so innocent about when he disclosed on Anderson Cooper that Trump’s classified documents could reveal sources and methods? Yeah Biden you pompous ass, you got bit by the same thing you were acting so santimonius about. Were actual spies that are working for us in China disclosed in your papers China Joe? Sources and methods. Will Jim Jordan or other Congressional committees ever be able to find out the truth? It has never been disclosed who, what, or how these classified papers were discovered in all you homes and offices Biden!! A dead end rabbit hole that they disclosed meant to throw everyone off of the real crimes?

    Biden told the Ukrainian President to fire the Prosecutor that was investigating Burisma where Hunter was on the Board at a sweet $80,000/per month. Biden said he would withhold the $1 Billion dollar payment from the U.S. government that he brought. Our money-not his! At the least, Biden was using Coercion which is illegal, or even worse-Blackmail and Extortion which is a felony under 18 U.S.C. § 873. And Biden is so stupid that he bragged about this illegal act like he was some tough guy on video tape in front of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR.

    Hunter doesn’t know now and didn’t know then jack shit about producing natural gas so why was he receiving a “Board of Directors” payment that is higher than those received by Board Members in the U.S with major multinationals?

    When it came time for Biden to abandon his role as Vice President when the Trump administration was coming into office, Biden was not saying goodbye to everyone and making sure there were no papers that should have been given to the safekeeping of the National Archives. Biden was not Trump…a VP does not have the authority to declassify documents. Rather than taking care of business here in the U.S., Biden got on a plane days before he left office and went to Ukraine and then flew to Switzerland to meet with Xi Jinping.

    Xi has served as the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), and has been the hard line leader of China, since 2012. Xi has also served as the president of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since 2013.

    Why would Xi, the Big Chief Kahuna, the Biggest Commie in the world in charge of herding 1 billion+ people want to meet with a VP of the United States, which job was once described by John Nance Garner as, “Not worth a bucket of warm spit”, during Biden’s final days in office and why would Xi fly from Beijing to Switzerland unless there was something in it for him/China? And why would a VP of the United States fly to Ukraine and then on to Switzerland to meet with the head of the Chinese Communist Party only days before leaving office? Ring that cash register and transfer funds again Slobbering Joe? Was it a promise to give the Chinese Bagram AFB, $85 Billion in weapons, and Afghanistan when you get back in office; or more nuclear secrets like the Clintons gave to the Chinese for contributions to Billy Boy’s re-election campaign; or a promise to stand down on perhaps Taiwan, or South Korea; or selling our uranium to Russia like Hillary was involved in; or shutting down oil production offshore and on BLM lands in the U.S. and then selling our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to China, while Hunter et al brokered oil deals between the CCP and Russian oil companies?

    Biden is a crook and pathological liar and always has been since he first entered Congress as a Senator in 1972, over 50 years ago. The globalists will not allow him to run in 2024 and it is highly probable that he will NOT finish his term. Resignation or the 25th Amendment looms larger and larger as an escape hatch for O’Biden and his handlers. Otherwise, he might face an impeachment in the House of Representatives, but it will go nowhere with the Demo(C)rats and the RINO Chinese Commie sympathizer, McConnell, still controlling the Senate.

    That idiot laughing hyena that serves as Biden’s VP may briefly take over as President, but will be so throttled by her handlers because every time she opens her mouth her stupidity is on full display. She will rarely be allowed to meet with any foreign dignitaries or answer questions in the press. Her only function will be to grant a full pardon to that lying scumbag that was her predecessor, and his family, and in becoming the 1st female U.S. president, something the Demon(C)rats think they can brag about for as long as they last. Wrong again. She started her rise to power and got to where she is today by spreading her legs a long time ago in California to Willie Brown! She doesn’t know anything about business, immigration, economics, defense, or anything else that makes the world go round, other than Wee Willie’s Wonka.

    As Bill Casey, Reagan’s CIA Director, said in 1981 with witnesses present, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” Operation Mockingbird will be used again to provide the cover for the “Biden Papers” via the “C” news networks while the Deep State crooks keep lying to the American public and continue their crooked back door deals. The only way to stop the crooks is start some public trials and letting the other crooks see the results of selling one’s country down the drain! You will see one mass exodus out of the country. You can run crooks and lying traitors, but you can’t hide…except in China whom numerous of you D.C. rats have been in bed with for a long time!!

    • mccabe, wray, rosenstein and hur, it sure looks like trump made some lousy appointments. so i guess one can think that these four who have worked for DOJ for decades, all appointed by republican presidents, are crooked. or might there be another possibility?

        • I highly commend a British TeeVee comedy series, available as DVD on ‘Zon, called “Yes, Minister.”

          I think it exactly and perfectly explains how Deep state works. (All of them.)

          There was shorter follow-on series, nearly as good, titled,”Yes, Prime Minister,” wherein the same idiot back-bencher becomes PM in a Great Farce.

          Most excellent stuff.

    • Thanks for connecting all those dots WTHS. Agree 100%! Peak corruption before the fall. This is how evil rolls.

    • WTHS, I hope you don’t mind if I pile onto your fabulous rant, a bit…

      “4. The fact that Hur was appointed U.S. attorney for Maryland under Trump will be something the Press will pounce on to cover for Biden.”

      They have, and in so-doing have completely overlooked the fact Trump was in the process of canning this commie bozo when the 2020 Election came around.

      “Or was there such a raid and they were just sitting on this information until right after the Republicans took over the House?”

      Nope. The only thing that was “sat on” was the fact the initial document discovery was made on November 2nd — you know, right before the Election…

      “Biden told the Ukrainian President to fire the Prosecutor that was investigating Burisma”

      Mr. Biden is STILL under indictment in Ukraine. There’s never any mention of this, but I’ve been waiting for him to slip up and make a “goodwill trip” to Kiev…


      what good will it do for kammy pure bred to pardon them … if everything continues in the direction it is presently on..if any of the allegations are true..that this is all about the corrupt business plans of the family.. and allowing illegals to enter allowing foreign enemies access to our country to battle from within..IF.. allowing and supporting terrorist activities of BLM and ANTIFA to disrupt and destroy. pillage and violence of our cities..has any truth to it..leading the world and promoting the world population to the edge of global catastrophic events..
      what good would it do to pardon them..if things escalated to nuclear the first target would be( hell ) ..I mean Delaware.. along with the larger cities.. if there’s a few Hemps then society would be thrust back to the time before Noah..
      if the studies that have been made have any credibility.. the world population would be less than one medium size city..
      a pardon wouldn’t mean a thing..I actually believe we are beyond the tipping point..
      even if we backed off completely right now ..we not only lost our position of influence but we have crippled our ability to defend..and the planet will have a multi polar control.. we would fall into the worst depression of modern civilization making the weimer depression look like a trip to Disneyland..I believe we are totally screwed..
      I have been telling everyone.. get independent energy like solar w battery backup or a generator and fuel..and a gravity heating system..multi fuel..
      my only hope is that I am looking at the world events through paranoid eyeyes and none of what I sense is coming does.. I’d rather say I’m sorry I was totally wrong than not to have voiced my fears..

  4. Now this outrages me..
    here I am with two great grandkids and two grandkids.. making mickey mouse waffles.. and see a story and video like this.

  5. Brilliant..
    finally – a Brit with brains..on display! oh whoops, he is Russian born.. shoulda figured that.

    * you making musturd wit that bleach and ammonia mix ? reminds me of old joke about two philly realestate guys talking to mean street vendor.. “only three kinda turds in this world; custurd,musturd and you ya big s____! run Harry, run”

    ** does it really matta any more ? what with the “comet” about to flip our scheisse ? with US govt workers still busy at Home, nothing is getting done, was done or will be done. Shit dont work, the “fishes” head is long since rotted – WTF are YOU paying for ???

  6. “There’s no mail service. The banks are closed. Government offices, too.Yet – in a perverse way – life goes on.”

    A govt. Holiday.. they only work 1200 hours a year.. half of the time that regular workers work.. Not to irritate any school teachers here.. but they are the other half that get more time off than anyone else to.. I have said for years that we should have a twelve month school.. the kids have a difficult time retaining what they learn because of the time away.. sort of like when I use to do mol’s and log’s in my head.. I did them all the time.. it was part of the job .. then I didn’t.. a while away.. one of the college kids was having trouble doing them and I said.. here let me take a peek.. only to realize.. I had forgotten the process.. It would have come back to me.. but it had been a long enough time that I had forgotten ..
    I am curious about our old grocer.. he was like my father.. could take a string of figures and drag his finger down.. then write the answer.. well it has been about seven years now that the store has been closed and he has retired from it.. I wonder if he can still do that in a single line.. or would it take a bit longer..
    Around here teachers get three month vacation in the summer.. two weeks off for xmas.. and every other govt. Holiday in between.
    they are by all images the next group closest to Congress for time off of work…. they only work twenty six days a year.. and if you look at attendance records most of them missed a third to half of those scheduled work days LOL….
    When I was in charge of a maintenance crew.. we did that.. went four day weeks and holidays.. you worked five days every two weeks.. the rest of the time was off.. LOL LOL like a govt. worker.. you get your weekend off.. then a day off.. take two days off for vacation time.. instead of eight five day weeks of vacation a year.. you get twenty six weeks off.. and could even stretch that a couple more five day weeks.. its all in the logistics.. what happened to us was I had a question for the store manager… he got this puzzled look and said.. I THOUGHT YOU QUIT.. no it was just my time off.. he looked at me then the schedule and his eyes grew wide and he said.. YOU CAN”T TO THAT.. you are getting more time off than management LOL LOL LOL LOL…
    so it went back to the work a regular shift.. don’t get all the govt holidays off like masterbation mondays etc.. but oh well want Holidays off like that you got to get a govt job..

  7. “unknown weapon”

    From the link, “2. Whether it was an Iranian ballistic missile”

    The Uke environment is a nice testing ground.

  8. George,
    I am a little late to the party, but I have a comment about G II’s suggestion on fire equipment. Our local fire department (to which I pay an annual subscription fee) is basically volunteer. In most cases they arrive in time to save the chimney. I have started looking at possibly buying a used fire truck. In our area, you find numerous, single axle pumpers for sale that are relatively cheap. If you don’t plan to take it off premises, it used not have to be licensed. Four to five thousand gallons of water goes a long way toward buying time. Unit could be protected from freezing with cattle tank heaters.

    I have also looked into portable fire pump that could utilize the water from my swimming pool. During the winter, it just sits there. Pool pump is out since I winterize it and it takes too long to prime after that procedure.

    Since I am on my own well, I have wired my electrical service; such that I can kill power to the house and keep the well active for fighting a fire. Some water is better than none.

    Just some thoughts, and sorry they come two days late.

    Lloyd Snider

  9. Very cogent stream of consciousness, WoTRR. If/when the great reckoning happens tomorrow, next week, next year or 50 years from now, those Gucci, Magli and Armani dressed elites with their top of the line tech, show cars and high end vacations will be the best dressed, luxury housed corpses on the planet.

    Can you grow a real garden and sustain it? Do you own at least one gun with ammo and can you shoot it for defense or to hunt? Can you fish? Can or do you raise chickens/cows/cattle etc, cut wood, do carpentry, weld or do basic point A to B orienteering with a map, compass and/or the stars? Do you have emergency food, clothing, comms (Ham radio, walkie talkies), medical and tool supplies? If so, you are the best futures option humanity currently has on this planet. I’ll shamelessly plug George’s work. The above is what drew me to and kept me coming back to Urban Survival for all these years. He is a voice crying out in the wilderness.

  10. Not everyone is onboard with Bidens gun grab. Here’s a response from Cleburne County, Arkansas Sheriff Chris Brown.

    “Open letter in response to the ATF Pistol Brace rule issued January 13, 2023
    January 15, 2023
    In response to the new ATF rule issued last week, I have been contacted by several people inquiring as to how the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office will view and respond to the use of “pistol braces” by citizens. In 2021, I was proud to testify in front of the House Committee that discussed SB298, which took a bold stance against federal overreach, specifically in the area of the 2nd Amendment. Although that bill ultimately did not pass, our State Legislature did pass HB1957 (Act 1012), which also took a bold stand against the federal government when it came to overreach. I was proud to voice input for that bill that eventually became law, and help to put a safeguard in place to stand between the citizens of our great state, and a federal government that would seek to trample on our most basic rights, including the right to self-defense.
    The Declaration of Independence says, “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” The 2nd Amendment was not put in place to protect deer hunting or sport shooting. Rather, it was put in place to protect freedom, personal safety, and all those we love and hold dear. It is time for all Americans to deeply understand what the responsibility of our government is: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. THAT TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS ARE INSTITUTED AMONG MEN…” The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were not written by the government to grant people rights and privileges. They were written by We The People, granting certain limited functions to a centralized government to help secure our liberties for ourselves and our posterity.
    Arkansas Code 21-1-904 says, “(a) All acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations of the United States Government that were enacted on or after January 1, 2021, that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Arkansas Constitution, Article 2, § 5, are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state. (b) Such a federal ban that is null and void in this state under subsection (a) of this section includes without limitation: (4) Any act forbidding the possession, ownership, use, or transfer of any type of firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition by law-abiding citizens; (1) The following persons shall not enforce or assist federal agencies or officers in the enforcement of any federal statute, executive order, or federal agency directive that conflicts with Arkansas Constitution, Article 2, § 5, or any Arkansas law: (A) A public officer or employee of this state.”
    The stance of the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office would fall here even without this state law, but with this law, we have the full weight and backing of the State of Arkansas, and in accordance with that statute, we will not assist the federal government in the enforcing of this ludicrous and flagrant infringement on the rights of law-abiding citizens of the State of Arkansas. Criminals don’t obey the law, and when their intent is to carry out acts of violence against others, it is often brave citizens that stand in the gap, and intervene to protect their fellow man. Maybe our federal government should focus on putting real criminals in prison instead of making criminals out of law-abiding citizens.
    Sheriff Chris Brown”

      • Shortening the Class III long rifle threshold down to 12 – 14″ inches from the current 18″ looks like a better thing to campaign for than pistol braces. The pistol braces have limited utility.

    • exactly.. when I grew up our neighbor had one arm..he was an avid hunter.. every gun he owned had a pistol grip.. so he could hunt one armed..he had a huge walk in safe he kept his guns in..recently the people that owned it was planning on selling the house but didn’t know the combination to it. luckily when we played he made sure each of us kids knew where the combination was written on a piece of tape so if there ever came a time where one of us was playing and accidentally found it open and hid in it and it got locked..we could tell an adult where the secret code was..
      oh he was a great hunter hand .
      no we I personally hunt and fish at the grocery store.. I learned a long time ago that I couldn’t take a life.. it’s to precious..I know where my food comes from but I won’t be the one to do that..I’d become a vegetarian first

      • LOL no and if he did she would be way over a hundred LOL LOL
        the guy was like a grandpa to me.. He had a really big gun collection..
        He owned a big amusement company.. a big carnaval.. a lot of his stuff is now in europe.. every year he would set up his carnaval and then have us kids go out and collect trash.. we would turn in the trash from the ditches.. and for each bag we got an hour of free rides.. or novelties.. cotton candy hot dogs whatever.. it was just for us kids.. and to keep the ditches clean.. memories.. it was an amazing time.. and it kept the kids busy..

    • Good post Fred. Thanks. BTW, the court just threw out Trump’s bump stock ban today. Another win for Freedom. The people should be able to house and maintain the same defensive weapons as the military has in offensive weapons just in case the Founders were right about having to fight to maintain our freedoms granted as God given rights, not government given rights. Everyday, the Commies and Globalists try to remove more freedoms. I can’t wait to find out what the agenda is next year from the 2400+ Globalist bastards meeting in Davos.

      • You know, you don’t really need a bump stock. Kind of hard to write down the instructions but with an ak or ar held just so (loosely at waist) and using your jean’s belt loop as a soft recoil point, you can gert the same (spray and pray) with no bump stock, merely pressing the rifle slightly forward and pivoting the energy off a finger through the belt loop. I’d do a video on our range out back but no thanks – we manage down our profile around here. You can find them on YT, however.

        • a tip… if you are planning to use the jeans belt loop.. make sure you use suspenders to keep them above the waist.. other wise you may trip as your pants fall down LOL LOL LOL

  11. Re: “Instead, we’re being distracted.”
    feat. Reggatta de Blanc


    What’s that you say – distracted? Bang the gavel! Let there be order!

    While DJ George was trying to figure out how the sole of a glass slipper where only birds dare fly had metamorphasized from its bottle, coinkydoinks were uncorking elsewhere.

    It caught my eye that two separate Canadian provinces were canvassing their citizens for opinion and suggestions allegedly towards shaping government decisions and policy. Each website appeared on the surface to be government -run, but carried a “Bang the Gavel” marking which offered a tos. The tos explained the sum results of responses would go to the respective government with individual citizen identifiers removed. Only Bang the Gavel and its “Third Party” would know the individual detail and promised to keep those private with a penalty of $10.00 should they fail despite best efforts. Questioners were invited to select the (?) link for advice of their “Third Party”. This turned out to be Bang the Gavel’s owner. This global firm appears to house its Canadian offices on the top floor of a non-descript office tower tucked beside a highway ramp near downtown Ottawa. I didn’t check if their Washington office featured oversight of the WH grounds.

    The ownership has included participation from equity funds in NY and LA. The NY entity is led by one of America’s wealthiest Black billionaires. Thankfully a 2020 tax evasion indictment was avoided with a $139 million contribution to the IRS. “Business Insider” relates the payor’s most happy story of nuptials some years back to a brunette Playmate of the Year. Apparently the equivalent of 100 helicopter delivery flights were required to deliver wedding supplies including live entertainment and an attending DJ to the road-challenged, secluded lair on Italy’s Amalfi coast.

    Speaking of lavish events, one could well imagine the Davos set this year devouring legs of lamb for dinner along with a fine chianti amongst Swiss peaks albeit without accompaniment of a certain prince who dines upon crow.

    In the meantime, while your thoughts and opinions to elected representatives can be scanned, analyzed and collated via sweat-ai offices in India or elsewhere for ruling prophits, rest assured DJ George will be cranking the volume to help those who want to help themselves break through holiday glass ceilings. Here he is again dusting off the fine crystal. Do sup responsibly!

    “Message in a Bottle”

    The Police

    • Re: Brunch


      A cursory search indicates that the most recent financial information regarding the government funded executive dining room of The Bank of Canada stems from a 2007 freedom of information request by the Canadian Press. While The Bank recorded costs of $18.20 per plate, the media added in the costs of a fulltime chef along with two servers, uniforms, laundry and equipment to arrive at a total of $70.49 per plate.

      The Bank of Canada has recently issued an invoice to the government with respect to covid-19 quantitative easing measures undertaken by Mr. T. The Bank has apparently recorded an annual loss in the billions for the first time in its history dating to 1934. The Bank of Canada Act 27.1(1) & (2) legislations offers a reserve fund but it seems to be a max of $400 million. Msm reports The Bank suggests the government amendment legislation so that The Bank can attach losses to “future profits” on the balance sheet to avoid the necessity of future government bailouts.

      Ah, the bells have rung for bottom of the hour. Lunch is served.

  12. Interesting article appeared in a financial feed (Yahoo’s) the other day having to do with how much cash to have on hand in the even of a “national emergency”, and then expanding to what to have on hand in the way of water, food etc. It’s not so much the article, but the fact that it was being discussed in a mainstream financial feed instead of .. oh, Urban Survival maybe, and kept referencing the phrase “national emergency”. The timing was interesting too, just a couple of days after both the US and Canadian air control systems went down (surely just a coincidence … not). Maybe people are catching on to what’s coming? Anyway, thought I’d share. It sort of reminds me of the NYC PSA on what to do in case you’re being nuked that posted last year.

    • Just read the article. Obviously not written by anyone who hangs out here. The suggestions are way short of what most of us would consider prudent. Looking at some of the 979 comments, most readers seem to agree and many question whether cash would have any value in a real emergency. Meanwhile, in S. Florida we don’t expect ATMs to work after a hurricane strike. Cash is important, but so are food, water, and a plan to deal with frustrated neighbors who see your lights on.

      • Cash (and coin) would have an exchange value after an EMP or other grid hard-down event.

        It would cease to have value once people figured out the lights weren’t coming back on.

        It would take the people about two weeks to figure this out. Gold, silver, and gemstones would have an exchange value for several more weeks. After that, exchange would be based on barter, until an exchange system was again established, by the survivors.

        The new exchange system would be based on gold, silver, gemstones, and handwritten IOUs, backed by labor or exchange, or PMs and gems…

      • “and a plan to deal with frustrated neighbors who see your lights on.”

        Big Lots clearanced out a bunch of insulating blackout curtains, back before early Christmas shopping season (probably to clear shelf-space). After a loss-of-power event, no one will see my lights on…

        Watch — take advantage of things like this when you see them. Be broad with your imagination and fluid with your thoughts, then allow your mind to tell you how something might be utilized. Those curtains reduce my heating bill. The fact they block 100% of the light is incidental, and a bonus.

      • I am curious when Joe’s face is added to mount Rushmore .
        a few terations and uncle Joe could be added..

        • already on the drawing board Loob – look right under the Horses’ Ass at the Crazy Horse Memorial in South “Bumfuque”..due East of Wyoming or just North of Cornhusker country- Nebraska. It looks exactly like a Big pile of HORSE SHIT.

      • Dam G…. I know how to become….. RICH…. all I have to do is write a book… call it.. UNCLE JOES CABANA …..LOL LOL LOL LOL ..
        of course could it be illegal to use .. like it starts with uncle tom’s cabin.. such as the opening line.. UNCLE TOMS CABIN OR LIFE AMONG THE LOWLEY.. if you changed it to UNCLE JOES CABIN OR LIFE AMONG THE LOW LIFES.. would that be plagiarism.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

        • “would that be plagiarism..”

          Ask Creepy Joe. Our esteemed President has been caught more times for plagiarism than any other living public figure…

  13. Hey BCN, have you been buying the BTC dip for lunch since the naked shorting operation in Bahamas had been shuttered? I believe our bottom was ~$14K? Imagine that BTC follows the typical crypto bottom of a 90% correction. That would imply that the last ATH should have tagged ~$140K or more. Curiously FTX went heavy skinny dipping in the short space around that time and consistently doubled down until their implosion. I am wondering when all the rest of those contracts are supposed to cover? Regardless, the folks that read the FUD in MSM about TSLA back in the day, while naked shorting interest in the asset grew somewhere North of around being 200% oversubscribed? Concurrently [coinkydink?] a regulator lawsuit was also attempting attempting to muzzle a great American inventor right up there with Edison Tesla and Franklin. Nothing to see here except a design pattern.

    I see a massive design pattern playing out here and a repeat of that same script perhaps unfolding like the melt up in TSLA in pattern x10? We shale see lol. Will take 3 years to play out.

    For you home gamers, watch closely as services start to check out, Congress is busy rationalizing it all now, including doxing the IRS gigantism.

    Got Blockchain? Study the USSR after the ruble imploded in ’98. Look for the design pattern, with a CBDC twist in the final hour.

    Not advice do your own homework. LOLz.

    Cover all bases. Not advice, it’s all in jest lol.

    • cannot say whether or not I do anything with BTC or any other crtpto ; ) ; )
      rest assured I am coldy stored, as are my “beneficiaries” ..bled off their Income (qtrly) to get them coldly and grandkid (-1yr).

      What I have been doing lately though is KILLING it in market with Options and BTC miners Stock.. double and triple bagging.

      TSLA is also very interesting longterm play right now, as I do not bet against WinnerZ. I prefer to Bet with them, specially when the be smarter than myself.

      yeah yeah smart azz’s I know that aint saying much. but at least I am here on urb surv – getting smarter every friggin day–Thanks 4 that G!

  14. The annual spectacle of outragous hypocrisy has begun!!

    The yearly Davos Switzerland Conclave of the Rich and Powerful has started!!

    CELEBRATE the wisdom of the MOST RESPECTED of the World’s elites at how to get rich wrt Third World Mining projects, Child Labor use, Weapons Production, and myriad other schemes while rightfully blaming the average person for the problems thus created and the millions killed!!

    Those 1100 private jets used by them to travel to Davos is going to save the planet multiple times over!! Be woke and BELIVE IT since it is TRUE!!


    “The world’s elite has arrived in Davos on over 1000 private jets to lecture you about climate change.”

    “Yes, it’s the annual WEF Davos jamboree of hypocrisy where a bunch of e?l?i?t?e?s? / parasites preach to us plebs about saving the planet and use virtue as a smokescreen for their own greed.”


    • My son lives in Sweden across the Flinte channel from Copenhagen. In 2009 the “Climate Summit” was held in Copenhagen. He observed then that so many private jets came in that some of them had to park in Sweden. Limousines had to be hired from as far away as Stockholm and Germany! But I am sure that the owners of all of those jets purchased compensatory carbon credits! (Not).

      Unfortunately, despite all of the climate change hypocrisy, sea levels are actually rising. My wife just went to a lecture by John Englander and is now working her way through Moving to Higher Ground, his latest book. Haven’t read it yet myself but she claims the evidence is irrefutable. I was convinced years ago solely by satellite photographs of glacier recession. When I was a kid one did not have the option of a $30,000 cruise through the Northwest Passage, something that is now routine.

      Meanwhile, here in South Florida ocean front mansions are selling at record prices. Just saw a news item on TV a couple of nights ago that Mexico Beach, devastated by hurricane Michael in 2018, had put in a new building code forcing elevated waterfront construction. According to the TV, residents complained and the new code was just cut back. Memories are short.

      • Does she understand what a “beach” is? The edge of a beach is the “high water mark” of the body of water, at high tide, at high water table. The drop-off where the shelf drops into the depths is the “low water mark” at low tide, at low water table. All permanent bodies of water from the tiniest freshwater lake to the Pacific Ocean vacillate between these two points. Unless the ocean completely envelops its beach then rises above that point, there is no logical, scientific way to use ocean levels as a means of inferring global warming.

        “When I was a kid one did not have the option of a $30,000 cruise through the Northwest Passage, something that is now routine.”

        True, but from the observation deck of that cruise ship, you can likely see the carcass of one of several ships which sailed through several hundred years ago, and didn’t make it all the way. It freezes, it thaws, it freezes, it thaws. The ice in the NW Passage is of no climate significance…

        “Mexico Beach, devastated by hurricane Michael in 2018, had put in a new building code forcing elevated waterfront construction.”

        That just seems reasonable to me, as does building the house out of reinforced concrete with functional shutters and a concrete or steel roof. 150mph winds are no big deal unless they’re pushing a mass of debris. The main issue from a hurricane is the flooding.

        The reason to move to higher ground is Poseidon, which can create a 1500′ high radioactive tsunami, moving at 500mph. This is likely to cause a bad day for anyone living along an ocean coast…

        • I don’t hear anyone talking about the obvious and opposite – namely that land is subsiding! Looks like rising waters but in fact the protrusion of land is being worked down.
          See,, this is what happens when the simple questions aren’t asked. More in the column this morning

  15. Martha Stewart is on the screens telling everyone to get boosted and shows a ‘COVID Blue’ Band-aid on her arm.

    She doesn’t have to be legally Vaxx’ed to sell us a Vaxx.

    • Since no one (but the Chinese kitchen help) in SF has ever been a slave, this is a good belly laugh.
      Can’t anyone but the good people here understand what the word equal under the law mean?

        First they have to learn to read LOL LOL LOL
        Uncle Joes cabin is looking better by the minute LOL LOL LOL

    • Since it was the Chinese, NOT the Blacks, who had to face massive discrimination in San Francisco I assume that the “Equality For All” and “Pay for Past Sins” crowd is going to include the Chinese in their payment scheme!! … oh, while they are at it they need to include EVERY Native American too since instead of being enslaved most were just killed outright (most through European/Caucasian diseases)!!

      Justice DEMANDS that the Chinese and Native Americans be compensated equally, or at even greater amounts, … otherwise all they are doing in San Francisco is enforcing RACISM, and a good Liberal can’t be a Racist can they?

      As for myself I just self identified as an American Black, qualified there now, and have more Indian Heritage in me than that American Indian US Senator from Massachusettes, so I am entitled to American Indian compensation TOO! In addition I also have a bunch of Chinese Asian in me since I eat at Asian Buffets frequently, know several Chinese people, AND have learned a few Chinese words!!, qualified there also!!.

      It looks like “I” deserve TRIPLE compensation from San Francisco … and if they don’t want to pay it? … well I will move into a tent in front of the Salesforce tower and use their public toilets (sidewalks) until they see the wisdom of paying me!

  16. Listened to Kientz’ latest video on GoldSilverPros channel and he was saying that Black Rock’s U.S. Housing fund is now frozen and will not allow withdrawals. This is in the second half of the video.

    In the first half Kientz talks about the futures and COT reports on gold and silver. A very healthy net outflow of silver has gone from the COMEX and ETFs over the past month as people look for physical.

    • January – historically good month for Gold&Silver. ChiComs want Gold, and have authorized their citizenship to Buy,Buy,Buy. Obviously Russia is all over the physical market, as are rest of BRICS countries. Paper Market is straining to maintain appearances. But, the biggest factor in my eyes is Dr Copper – he finds the right path and leads the way.

      for transparency -I be long ( equity options) Copper, Gold, Silver- with several expiring this Friday..I will be ringing the register on 1/3 of expiring contracts, rolling 2/3 into Future. Love to roll for profit,fun, and procrastination (cap gains).
      Everybody (Employed USA) buys one ounce of Phyz Silver – break the system of enslavement…cant have that, now can we ?That would be as shocking as German Tanks (leopards) rolling on the ground in Mother Russia, again! dundundun

      • Wish I could remember how long ago it was that I read it, a couple of years maybe, but I remember a Chinese guy who was a little too successful at “collecting” gold bars to the point he’d basically tiled his basement floor in them. The authorities found out about it and confiscated it all. This, I feel, is the reason Xi’s regime has unleashed the buying power of the people on the gold markets there. They’re going to confiscate it all one day anyway

  17. Big words our of Moscow.

    “De-facto, Britain has entered the war,” Solovyev told his flagship Sunday night talk show on state television. “I consider Britain is now a legitimate target for us.”

    His comments were followed by a discussion on state television with lawmaker Andrei Gurulyev about the utility of resuming Russia nuclear testing so that the whole world “shuddered”, and even of wiping out Britain.

    “If there is no London, then we would have victory,” Gurulyev said. “On Britain, I said six months ago that it should be wiped from the face of the earth.”

  18. Illinois banned assault weapons Now, some local sheriffs are refusing to enforce the law.

    Multiple law enforcement agencies in the state of Illinois said that they would not enforce new legislation that bars sale of assault-style weapons, arguing it violates the Second Amendment, according to reports. Sheriffs in Illinois counties, including DeKalb, LaSalle, DuPage, and McHenry, among others, have publicly made their stance about the Protect Illinois Communities Act

    IIRC DuPage and McHenry Counties are adjacent to Cook County (Chicago).

      • Doesn’t matter. If it’s “scary looking” it must be an assault rifle. Saw a blip of the Fox show “The 5” the other day. Geraldo Rivera was on, and they were talking about a gun ban. One of the others asked him what the “AR” in AR-15 stood for. Geraldo is a life-long gun enthusiast, and has probably been in war zones and under live fire more than most combat infantry lifers, but damned if he didn’t say “Assault Rifle…”

        As a society we’ve been programmed.

        No one knows any more, the meaning of: “Shall not be infringed,” and because we’re lazy and stupid, we rely on our politicians to tell us what it means.

  19. Biden Panders, Lies, Gaffes, and Appears to Creep on a Girl During Speech Honoring MLK

    Joe Biden went to the Ebenezer Baptist Church to speak during a service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. Biden also managed to make a rather severe gaffe during his remarks at the church, by butchering the name of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, calling her “Kejanji – Ketanji Drown Jackson.”

    But then talk about completely inappropriate — Biden appeared to pick out what sounded like a young girl in the audience from the podium and asked if he could take a picture with her before he left.

    Betting Site Posts Odds for Location of Next Classified Biden Docs Discovery

    Sports betting site Bovada is taking bets on 14 possible locations where a possible third batch of classified documents linked to Biden might be found. The most likely location, according to the site’s oddsmakers, is the Biden family’s holiday home in Rehoboth Beach, Del. But the site is taking bets on far more unlikely locations for classified documents to turn up, including the Washington, D.C., Metro, a private jet, and Disney World.

    Yeah, it’s two days old, but I couldn’t resist…

    • did you notice.. they showed a photo of JB backing his car into the garage.. and the pile of classified documents in full view on a table at the back .. LOL LOL LOL now that is secure if you ever asked me.. who would possibly suspect that TS material would be in a pile in full view. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  20. Baltic Gas Pipeline Explodes

    A northern Lithuanian pipeline exploded and a village was evacuated. A gas pipeline connecting Lithuania and Latvia exploded on Friday, causing a fireball visible for 17 kilometers. Lithuania’s gas grid operator is investigating the blast, and foul play is not suspected.

    Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities

    In the United States, dozens of food processing plants suspiciously caught fire over the past year. Remarkably, no one was present at the time of the fires. The Eco Health Alliance whistleblower, bioterrorism expert, military veteran, and scientist Dr. Andrew Huff has a possible explanation for the food supply fires.

    Huff has access to government information about simulating a food supply attack. The information comes from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Food and Agriculture Sector Criticality Assessment Tool (FASCAT). This also includes which places are particularly at risk.

    According to Huff, who authorities have harassed due to the nature of his work since 2019, the U.S. government coordinated the attacks on the food facilities. But, in addition, something remarkable happened: the hard disk with the FASCAT data disappeared.

    Since then, there have been about 200 food factory attacks around the world, most of them in the U.S., he explained.

  21. Non-caffeine components of coffee and their effects on neurodegenerative diseases

    Coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative processes, but the effect may be more than a matter of caffeine.

    ‘Lunatic Farmer’ Joel Salatin: ‘You Cannot Have Freedom Without Participation’

    Joel Salatin’s words resonate with those of us who grieve for the state of the nation and struggle with how best to pursue its restoration. Through a series of serendipitous events, America’s most famous farmer Joel Salatin spoke at Hillsdale College for a “Parallel Economies” conference that has just been posted free online.

    Freedom Flyers Organization: Wealthy Businessman Have Reached Out and Want UNVACCINATED PILOTS To Fly Their Jets

    On Monday The Gateway Pundit spoke with Josh Yoder, President of US Freedom Flyers. Josh told The Gateway Pundit that wealthy businessmen have reached to the organization and are looking for healthy unvaccinated flyers.

    Former American Idol Contestant Dies Suddenly at 31 After Suffering ‘Apparent Heart Attack’

    A former American Idol contestant in 2014 who made it to the top 6, has died suddenly on Sunday. CJ Harris, 31, suffered an apparent heart attack in his hometown of Jasper, Alabama, TMZ reported. He was taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

  22. Have you ever been curious on the ships call signs of different countries..?
    ALS Albanian Ship (NATO prefix)
    Algeria Algerian National Navy
    ANS Algerian Navy Ship

    Australia Royal Australian Navy HMAS His/Her Majesty’s
    ADV Australian Defence Vessel (non-commissioned naval-operated ships)
    MSA Minesweeper Auxiliary[17]
    Australian Customs and Border Protection Service ACV Australian Customs Vessel
    Australian Border Force ABFC Australian Border Force Cutter
    Australia (pre-Federation) Colonial navies of Australia HMCS His/Her Majesty’s Colonial Ship
    HMQS His/Her Majesty’s Queensland Ship
    HMVS His/Her Majesty’s Victorian Ship (Victorian Naval Forces)
    Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Navy SMS Seiner Majestät Schiff (His Majesty’s Ship)
    Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Navy ARG Az?rbaycan Respublikas?n?n h?rbi G?misi (Warship of the Republic of Azerbaijan)
    Bahamas Royal Bahamas Defence Force HMBS His/Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship
    Bahrain Royal Bahrain Naval Force RBNS Royal Bahrain Naval Ship
    Bangladesh Bangladesh Coast Guard CGS Coast Guard Ship
    Bangladesh Navy BNS Bangladesh Navy Ship
    Barbados Barbados Coast Guard BCGS Barbados Coast Guard Ship
    Belgium Belgian Navy BNS Belgian Naval Ship (NATO prefix)
    Brazil Brazilian Navy (No Official Prefix) Brazilian naval prefix indicates ship type.
    British Raj Royal Indian Marine (1892–1934) RIMS Royal Indian Marine Ship
    Royal Indian Navy (1934–1950) HMIS His Majesty’s Indian Ship
    Brunei Royal Brunei Navy KDB Kapal Di-Raja Brunei (Royal Brunei Ship)
    Bulgaria Bulgarian Navy BNG NATO Designation
    Canada Royal Canadian Navy
    (formerly Canadian Forces Maritime Command) HMCS
    NCSM His/Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship
    (French: Navire canadien de Sa Majesté)
    NAFC Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel
    (French: Navire auxiliaire des Forces canadiennes)
    Canadian Coast Guard CCGS
    NGCC Canadian Coast Guard Ship
    (French: Navire de Garde côtière canadienne)
    CGCC Canadian Coast Guard Cutter
    (French: Cotre de Garde côtière canadienne)
    (no longer used)
    Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Department of Transport, and predecessor departments CGS Canadian Government Ship

    CSS Canadian Survey Ship

    DGS Dominion Government Ship

    Royal Canadian Sea Cadets SCTS
    NECM Sea Cadet Training Ship

    Then you see Italy’s ship prefix’s…

    TMB……… thatsa my Boat LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

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