Mad Men, Mercs, and Money: Dots, Anyone?

The simplest answers are more often right.

Quick, who’s idea was this?  Try Occam’s razor – Wikipedia.  But there were other variations before William of Ockham who, we note won the history rewrite popularity consensus.  Earlier nominees exist.

Still, I was totally impressed with Chris Tyreman’s news tip today:

“I noticed you were wondering why bitcoin went up.

Answer to consider.  A week or so ago, the Phillipines air control went down.  Last week, USA went down.  The next day, Canada went down. None of these systems are connected.

Hackers get paid in bitcoin.”

Upon reading this, my “extensibility neurons” fired.  “Say, wouldn’t the mercs/mercenaries on multiple war fronts be paid the same way?”

About here, we can see how demand for crypto could scream higher; Ukraine is not a cheap war to run. Did you see where, by the way, U.S. Army general Mark Milley visits training site for Ukrainian soldiers?  And with the Brits now supplying tanks, the Russians are saying the UK is now a belligerent and now a fair target for them?

Sidebar:  People look at things like sea level rise and often can’t wrap their heads around alternative simple explanations.  Like global land subsidence which is a real deal.  Land can “sink” for a lot of reasons.  Drawing aquifers down is a big one out west.  Land Subsidence | U.S. Geological Survey (  Other places where the “rising oceans” club meets, the data offers other views.  Even from NASA: Subsidence in New Orleans (  So, before you hitch your ideology to one side of a discussion, flip it upside down.  Many times it will then make a lot more sense.  And a better Occam/Ockham fit.

Know what else gets used a LOT during wars and criminal assaults?  Precious metals.  So, the price of gold and silver going up does not surprise, either.  Want one more to keep an eye on?  Dr. Copper, it’s called by some:  Price of copper going up over, oh, bullets and transformers, maybe?

To be sure, partisan reports are sounding a bit over-the-top.  Like the story Great “massacre” in Germany – General “shoots” USA, Zelensky & A.Berbok: “Ukraine will disappear – To escape WWII”  It’s highly speculative.

Less speculative is the story Russian crushing blow – Ukraine: “Energy infrastructure destroyed – We need thousands of high-power transformers” because it reminds us of a similar problem in the USA.  Virtually ALL medium-sized and larger power transformers are made in China.

And that rolls us into the second topic of the day…

Declina of China? Nope

The story came out Monday about how China records first population decline in 60 years.

That’s being played up in the MSM (mainstream media) because China also reported its GDP was up. More reputably, CNBC says China reports 3% GDP growth for 2022 as December retail sales, industrial production beat estimates.  The (vastly) simplified math goes something like Population down, GDP UP equals Huge-ish increases in GDP per capita.

The Way Forward?

New York Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing report is just out today and this is the bummer part – listen up:

Activity Tumbles
Manufacturing activity fell steeply in New York State, according to the January survey. The general business conditions index fell twenty-two points to -32.9, its lowest level since mid-2020 and the fifth worst reading in the survey’s history. Eleven percent of respondents reported that conditions had improved over the month, and forty-four percent
reported that conditions had worsened.

The new orders index dropped twenty-eight points to -31.1, and the shipments index also declined twenty-eight points to -22.4, pointing to a steep decline in both orders and shipments. The unfilled orders index edged down to -14.3, a sign that unfilled orders were lower.
The delivery times index came in at 0.0, indicating that delivery times were unchanged. The inventories index held steady at 4.5, pointing to a small increase in inventories.”

Train crash or plane wreck?  You make the call.,

We will wait and see how much of the $2.180 trillion in reverse repo’s rolls over this afternoon.  If it’s up a good bit, might that spell more money be coming into the market? Vee shall zee!

With a little more than an hour to the open, Dow futures were down about 140. After the miserable Empire State report only down 106.  Which we file in the “It feels so good when the Fed stops beating us with rate hikes” relief column.

Various, Sundry

Hard to get more various than Joe Biden: Biden bungles singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to wife of MLK descendant as Twitter users cringe.

But seriously, how could anyone possibly be surprised: Biden classified documents: No visitors logs at Delaware home, counsel says. Oh, duh.

Seriously right: How long ago did I tell you (years) that reparations would turn into a monetization? San Francisco Reparations Committee Recommends Paying $5 Million to Black Residents, Supplementing Income for 250 Years. Looks like the left finally has an issue that could touch off CW II.

Meanwhile, republicans are going out of their way to prove how crazy they are: GOP Candidate Masterminded Shooting of Democrats’ Homes: Albuquerque Police.

Trials of Trump meets Motions of Musk on editor desks all over this fine country: Elon Musk Goes on Trial, Accused of Defrauding Tesla Investors.

Speaking of things electric, this was cool: Scientists use laser beam to guide lightning strike in a first.  Sadly, I’m just not seeing a consumer application out of this.  Maybe you have some ideas?  A handheld blow your neighbor’s house apart tool might be of interest.  But, if you checked UKR this weekend, there’s already plenty of blow-up electric plants equipment out there…

Aridzona, we call it for a damn good reason:  Scottsdale, Arizona Cuts Off Neighborhood’s Water Supply, Citing Extreme Drought.

At least now we know:  Vietnam’s President Nguyen Xuan Phuc steps down — Radio Free Asia.  Yes, that’s right: Who gives a Phuc?

ATR:  Joys of Excel?  NOT!

Today’s Nightmare on Software Street is MS Excel (64-bit) Office 365 which is now eating my charts.  When I opened a key chart this morning it looked like this:

When I shut down the Excel program Saturday, the chart looked like this on the Peoplenomics site:

So, this is where my day is going – into recovering this effing MSFT-based disaster.

The upside is I feel more kinship now with a former Vietnam President.

Write when I get rich,

58 thoughts on “Mad Men, Mercs, and Money: Dots, Anyone?”

    • Bob, speaking of clocks, we don’t see this often but it may grab headlines going forward (since Treasury will use available measures to extend credit worthiness, as the Congressional clock runs down):

      Secretary Yellen said we are good to mid week but the clock exceeded $31.4T (best to experience the awe of large nummers, it’s $31,400,000,000,000). Want to “turn back the clock?” then click upper right, here’s where we stood in 2000:

      A mere $5T. Back then it seemed “doable” whereas now it’s punt.

      Write when George gets rich,

    • Grasshopper,

      Da Path (timeline) you be looking for is becoming clearer and clearer by the day. More and moar NRG be flowing to a nuclear detonation scenario/Timeline. This obviously will/would bee a very dark outcome for all Humanity.

      OBVIOUSLY = German/NAZI tanks rolling into Russia. SayZ hear they will not wait till they see the leopards’ spots before arming and launching. NATO fighters/equipment/war plans are a complete trainwreck . PooterZ “hammer” has started its decent on the most corrupt shithole in Ureasia. British Isle will be boiling soon..

      Note 2 geniuses – you can no stoppa de TIME, let alone reverse it, no matta what amounts of NRG is generated – NOT going to work this “time”. – just imagine a kahuna so friggin hot as to melt the resin off Ure surfboard…be a glowing skeleton before Ure swell breaks on the reef..leading to the red hot Rebel Yell – “KOWABUNGA WEFrs!”

      Gonna need lead lined surfboard for that kinda “hot” wave action..

      Got Dr Zoggs Nuclear rated Sex Wax ?

  1. “At least now we know: Vietnam’s President Nguyen Xuan Phuc steps down — Radio Free Asia. Yes, that’s right: Who gives a Phuc?”

    OTFLMAO… I know I Know… Nguyen

  2. Thanks for the laugh this AM, George. Adding to the Vietnamese President stepping down and Ure hilarious homonymic use of his surname, I offer these additional phrases as well:
    – You’re Phuc’d (he’s Phuc’d; she’s Phuc’d, I’m Phuc’d
    – Phuc off!
    – Go Phuc yourself
    – Don’t Phuc with me
    – Stop Phuc-ing around
    – (S)He’s such a Phuc-up
    – That’s Phuc-ing stupid
    – I don’t give a flying Phuc
    – What the Phuc?
    – Who the Phuc do you think you are?

    Finally, President Phuc’s dad is a true Mother Phuc-er! The Vietnamese President is literally a Phuc-face! His family reunion would be a Cluster Phuc. After failing a college course, he became a dumb-Phuc. An insane paternal uncle is just Phuc-ing Crazy.

    Oh, how this could go on, and on, and . . . :-)

    • “Adding to the Vietnamese President stepping down and Ure hilarious homonymic use of his surname,”

      Point of order… I believe that would be his given name in keeping with the Asian practice of putting the surname first.

    • Warhammer,
      Hilarious!!! I needed a good laugh and you and George provided it.

      BTW George,
      “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”….especially when it comes to Microsoft and Android upgrades.

    • I must add my favorite.
      Dick Phuc.I use it frequently.
      Hackers and mercs using digi coin for payment makes alot of sense but I doubt it is secure as they think. I’m sure the 3 letter guys know how to get access. The way the founder of The Silk Road dark site was popped is that the efbi seized the servers in Iceland, considered untouchable at the time.
      Agree with you G regarding the controllers that be wanting to touch off a CW and will use anything they can think of to keep people divided. They want a CW because what they really fear and what they know is coming is a Revolution

  3. Sorry about your MSFT debacle. I am running into the same issue but combine that with running Office on mu Mac – you get the picture. On top of that, to get streaming to work I have to constantly update browsers and operating systems – which means futzing with MSFT nearly every update, or else futzing with IOS.

    At this point, it looks like the easiest course may be to jump into the Open Office ocean and swim in Linux. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has made that move…

    • 3 years ago I had my boy set up my laptop to be able to dual boot, either windows or Ubuntu with the GUI interface. I have not used Windows since.
      Mark “Red Dog”

  4. “Seriously right: How long ago did I tell you (years) that reparations would turn into a monetization?”

    I am sure this will lead to the “Department of Lineage Assessment” with at least 10,000 government employees being formed to properly divide the spoils. If you are 100% black, you get 5 million. 10% black is 1 million and so on. If you just identify as black, you could get cut in for a couple of grand or so. Endless possibilities.

  5. HAL TURNER – Something really major is going on concerning the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland. I reported earlier that WEF Chief Klaus Schwab would not attend due to health reasons, and later, George Soros backed out due to a scheduling conflict. Now I can report to all of you that upwards of FIFTY PERCENT of invitees, will not be showing up. The last time a WEF Meeting was ditched like this . . . . was the week of the 9-11 attacks!

    Reminder: Thursday is a 1-1-9 day (

    • “Something really major is going on concerning the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland. I reported earlier that WEF Chief Klaus Schwab would not attend due to health reasons, and later, George Soros backed out due to a scheduling conflict. ”

      Actually.. I believe you may see even more back out mysteriously.. you know I stubbed my toe and can’t come.. I feel a little ill so I won’t be there.. you know the cousin is getting covid.. so we are quarantining..My hemeroids are acting up and I can’t sit that long.. ..
      I am sure with as much trouble as they have been causing with Putin and Xi.. that they won’t want to have everyone attend their little pagan pit viper conventions at the same time in the same place.

    • Noticed that last night. Since I was fantasying about where Russia could chuck its first nuke, to make the biggest positive impact on the entire world, I didn’t think to check whether anyone else had bailed. I saw where Switzerland had mobilized 5000 soldiers to help the po-po run the roadblocks and security checks (Rebel News, out of Canada, sent an entire crew of reporters, and may be one of the best sources for circus information.)

      • Yes.. can you imagine.. all the pit vipers in one place.. the ones that cause all the troubles in the world.. bilderbergs, the cove etc.. they all gather like a snakes in heat on the pagan holidays.. I am sure you will see a bunch of them all say.. gosh I just can’t be there this year..

  6. Ure BTC crime/criminals theory is all wet, like a sick birds back (illeagle).

    BTC is de Hedge – against…what is that word Im looking 4?; demean, debauch,dilute,deteriorate,destroy, deprave,disgrace,damage,defile,dishonor…oh yeah DEBASEMENT.

    No nothing to do with a Cellar, think Thin, WaterDown, Depreciate.

    Buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuy the Reversal-BTC!

    wheeeeeiiiii – this scheisse be easypeasyleomonsqueezy!

    Ure Welcome -and remember Its a Choice

  7. Waiting for some sort of nuclear event due to war and meanwhile Japan done lost their minds with this.

    Of course, a lot of people know a lot of radioactive water has been entering the ocean since Fukushima. Guess activists are gonna side with crickets until it fully hits the west coast … and beyond … maybe not.

    Wonder if John Kerry is aware of this ?? Lol

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    • Oh.. once the curds have separated.. that is ricotta cheese.. or you can use it as cottage cheese to.. just salt and add cream to it for cottage cheese.. or leave the curds whole for ricotta cheese.. without blending or anything.. the whey you can save and use in other dishes.. none of it goes to waste.. all is used..

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    • “Wet Grinder” holy S_ _ _ Loob – you know those Gals, the “tool twins” from Brussels RLQ ? What a smokin hot threesome trix those two be..personally I prefer the raven haired one – the black&decker pecker wrecker, but the wet grinder aint no slouch either..thats fo sho.

  10. Putin/Britain – Putin needs the time machine to go back and nuke the Queen’s funeral. Everyone was in the car and he couldn’t hit the button.

    • no I believe that was a show of respect and dignity for the queen..and at that time there was still a chance that people would come to their senses before it escalated out of control ..
      Putin and Xi both know how many pagan holidays there are every year, where all of the pit vipers that cause and control all the world drama get congregated in one place to make their plans.

  11. “A week or so ago, the Phillipines air control went down.”

    Damn’ I meant to send this one to you after ours went tango uniform, and spaced it. Tell Chris “thanks” for me…

    BTW, offishul blurb is still “software glitch” and most people still believe that. I guess we’z stoopid…

  12. “Manufacturing activity fell steeply in New York State, according to the January survey.

    Train crash or plane wreck? You make the call.,”

    This would be December, right? December would be the first full month the NY manufacturers would know Hog-kill had beaten Zeldin and was going to be guv’ner for the next four years…

  13. “But seriously, how could anyone possibly be surprised: Biden classified documents: No visitors logs at Delaware home, counsel says. Oh, duh.”

    Doesn’t matter. The Secret Service monitors out to 1.5 miles, and has every inch of the exterior of the house, within a perimeter of ~300 yards, and the entire inside, minus bathrooms and bedrooms, covered with extremely hi-def video cameras, which are live-monitored 24/7/365. The cameras are installed up high, but also at face and license plate levels.

    The Secret Service knows everyone who came or went. They have time-stamped video records. They also keep assets inside the house who keep “event logs.”

    Lessee how much of this stuff Jim Jordan wants to advertise to the American public (it doesn’t make a difference WRT the Russians or Chinese — THEY know already…)

  14. “reparations”

    Many folks say they want a job. No better, peaceful way to turn on factories then selecting a specific group for a money bomb.

    One group consumes while another feeds the demand. Taxes receipts go up because of the economic activity making pension bailouts affordable again. A classic win/win/win. Everyone’s baby can get braces now.

    $5,000,000 out of thin air and the recipient lives like Oprah for a spell. Feed the demand.

    ‘It’s F–king Mind-Blowing’: Howard Stern Slams Oprah Winfrey Over How She Spends Her Wealth

    • think about that for one minute.. Oprah has been there done that.. grew up in an abusive household.. and she has gone hungry.. she has a farm in her backyard because she can.. and because she knows that there is a possibility that what we take for granted can fold at any time over what they are doing..
      just before covid.. she had pushed everyone to get a netti pot.. telling the world how wonderful it is..
      that same year.. there was a prediction of a possible pandemic.. also the same year that the covid virus was patented..,hospitalization%20and%20death%2C%20researchers%20report.
      think about that.. one of the worlds wealthiest.. pushing a product to her listeners that eventually would be discovered to cut the severity of a pandemic virus that was patented the year she pushed the product to her listeners..
      Could there be a connection here.. we all know that those in control get together at various times in the world usually around pagan holidays to gather to make their world changing plans.. could it be that someone shared this.. or we know she likes to read.. had she read the reports that all of us have read in the past..
      I don’t know I swear by a netti pot.. use it daily.. I had one long before she gave one to all her listeners and had a big talk on how great they were.. but.. could there be a connection..
      use sea salt or canning salt without the iodine..

    • If you look at the lives of those that survived the depression.. each of them had a pantry.. each of them hid money in socks and mattresses and in jars buried on their farms.. etc.. what ever they lacked.. they made sure they had on hand..
      Todays children have grown up in times of nice weather.. easy money and easy credit.. good jobs.. etc.. most of them only have a few days of groceries on hand.. many of the women don’t know how to sew or knit.. they run to the store and buy one.. the sewing machine use to be every young womans dream.. today.. they are few and far between..lace.. what we take for granted was once made on a pillow in the cabin on the homestead.. by hand..
      food.. run to the store and buy it.. get a can or two.. it took toilet paper.. everyone had it.. then there wasn’t any.. people were pulling knives and guns fighting to get some.. it instantly became more valuable than precious metals..
      we live on the edge of a catastophic event .. just yesterday I took my firend in to get a pair of snow boots.. he made the comment.. look at all of this.. what would happen if we were attacked here at home..we have never had our homes and neighborhoods destroyed by a war.. the closest we came is with the sanctioned terrorist activities by BLM and Antifa.. that did billions of dollars worth of damage violence looting etc.. he made the comment on the texas governor sending a few to martha’s vineyard.. I said he only did that because they send them to him.. and he can’t send them back.. can’t pull out the national guard without hearing about it to keep the border safe.. it is a sanctioned event.. and sending them to area’s that will never see these issues was just a visual as to what the rest of the country is experiencing.. you and I both know that if blm and antifa had gone to beverly hills , the hamptons, or martha’s vineyard to do damage and riot destroy rape and pillage.. that the whole events would have been handled quite differently.. its one thing to see riots in a poor high crime neighborhood that need the help.. quite another to have those experiences happen in your neighborhood.. on your doorsteps..
      so. to see oprah having a garden etc.. she has lived it seen it up front been in the gheto..

  15. It might be a quicker fix to load your original .xls file into Libre Open Office. It’s even free. I’ve been using the Libre Open Office suite for years and have found it to be stable.
    Great column and comments today.

  16. “Scientists us laser beam to guide lightning strike…”

    I have heard this can be done with a strong magnetic ‘beam’ also. Someday I will get the Van de Graff spark tower built and test it out. I have built a number of Boyd Bushman’s magnetic monopole , U.S. Patent # 5,929,732. Five magnets all arranged in 3D repulsive mode. South-facing inward, these would give a real boost if placed under your grow boxes. I want to see if the ‘magnetic beam’ will increase the spark distance along it’s axis.

    I am also experimenting with the health effects of magnetically excited noble gases, neon, xenon, and krypton lamps placed in front of a magnetic field, from information found here:

    Now about that land subsidence…. Did you know that Mauna Loa volcano is so massive and heavy that it puts a ‘dent’ in the earth’s crust around it? Many, if not most, of the micro earthquakes we get around this island is actually the volcano settling into the crustal layer. I have read that the ocean floor around the island is depressed as much as 5,000 ft due to the weight of the mountain.

    And then there is the SE Asian food places called Pho’ … pronounced “Fuh”. There was one on King Street in Honolulu that was affectionately known as….

    Cheer up! Tomorrow is the last day of Mercury Retrograde. (Tell your charts!)

  17. Re: Dots ‘n bots

    “The Guardian” has reported that The Servant of the People has accepted the Facebook resignation letter of former actor, YouTube influencer and unofficial advisor to the Ukrainian president’s office, Oleksiy Arestovych. The latter was praised for “the role he played with his army of fans”. However it was apparently off-narrative that he claimed the deadly Russian missile strike on the Dnipro apartment block was a redirection by Ukrainian forces. In fact the Ukrainian Air Force claims it has no capability “to detect or shoot down ballistic missiles”.

    Send more money?

  18. Hey George,

    Do Presidents have Lawyers that are cleared to view Classified Information?

    I mean hell, they gotta be reading that stuff they pull out of envelopes and boxes to at least, know it’s Classified Information.

  19. This is not about taking Bribems out of power,
    IT IS GLOBAL, it is about taking the ruling global owners out of power
    even Elon knows that they are satanists
    Putin is not at DAVOS but Wray is,, why?

    Let us see what gets DEC[L]ASED this week,, why the brackets around the L ,,, cause that is how ‘Q’ wrote it 4 yr ago and Trump this week made a post about stolen, but spelled it stollen, an extra L is not a spelling error, it was a clue/hint.
    I AM not predicting, just observing, enjoying the movie. Weather Channel says,
    Got to go wax the snowshovel, 3-5 inch tonite and 5-8 tomorrow

    • Wax the snow shovel ???? Da hell is “waxing” the snowshovel ? Is that like waxing Ure “carrot”? Must have a very LARGE “shovel”, as to be able to “wax” it in the snow..ya know shrinkage and what not… ; )

      U Go obd, U Go!

  20. So george . Question I have are you going to take your profit today or are you going to let it ride ?

  21. Well, Mercury Retrograde ain’t over ’till it’s over! Sorting thru accounting files for the annual tax festival, and shredding lots of stuff. And then the shredder breaks! Motor whirs but teeth don’t move. Sounds like a belt may have broken. Opening it up now. I suspect this may be my ‘retrograde exit’ bang up.

  22. A coworker and I share a pretty complex MS spreadsheet, but no graphs. When he sends it to me to update, I have to change it from 100%zoom to 75% zoom.

    I send it back to him, and it looks corrupted. Takes him forever to fix manually. We figured out it was the 75% zoom I set.

    He now just changes it back to 100% if I don’t, and no need to fix anything. My $0.02

  23. Russia, Iran and India are issuing gold-backed digital stable-coins. India is using American gold and companies to accomplish this. This is one way they’re getting around sanctions but also sticking it to American dollar hegemony.

    Still basically the same thing as banks issuing currency against the promise that they have it in the vault.

    Penny Kelly may not be getting much right at the moment but she did say in her latest Look-See that, “Without a system of checks and balances and without currency alternatives, the people will be subject to whomever controls the Internet, the power grid and the blockchains”. She also said that all of the largest countries will be issuing digital currencies this year. How the major powers handle independent digital currencies will be interesting to see.

    • Iran And Russia Want To Issue Stablecoin Backed By Gold; Report

      The Central Bank of Iran is reportedly cooperating with the Russian government to jointly issue a new cryptocurrency backed by gold.

      According to the Russian news agency Vedomosti, Iran is working with Russia to create a “token of the Persian Gulf region” that would serve as a payment method in foreign trade.

      The token is projected to be issued in the form of a stablecoin backed by gold, according to Alexander Brazhnikov, executive director of the Russian Association of Crypto Industry and Blockchain.

      The stablecoin aims to enable cross-border transactions instead of fiat currencies like the United States dollar, the Russian ruble or the Iranian rial. The report notes that the potential cryptocurrency would operate in a special economic zone in Astrakhan, where Russia started to accept Iranian cargo shipments.

      Russian lawmaker Anton Tkachev, a member of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, stressed that a joint stablecoin project would only be possible once the digital asset market is fully regulated in Russia. After multiple delays, the Russian lower house of parliament once again promised to start regulating crypto transactions in 2023.

  24. Steve Kirsch: FAA quietly admits many pilots are now experiencing abnormal EKGs…

    In the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range (from a PR max of .2 to unlimited). And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot. It was done after the vaccine rollout.

    This is a tacit admission from the US government that the COVID vaccine has damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.

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