ShopTalk Sunday: Woo-Woo Event? Fire Tank Arrives

Since this is a holiday weekend (no work Monday for many) I didn’t get serious in the shop real early Saturday.  Too damn cold.  It was 26 F and will be in the high 70’s today.  You know the saying: “Pappy didn’t raise no fool.”

Besides, I’m grappling with a case of woo-woo. Hell of a tale.

Saturday morning over breakfast, Elaine tells me “I found something odd this morning when I went out to feed and water the crows.  I think you ought to have a look at it…”

Yeah, sure.  But, like an obedient puppy, a few hours later she showed me.  I’ll give you the running narrative (roughly paraphrased) so you can follow along.

“I went outside this morning to fill up the water jugs as part of the morning crow feeding routine.  And as I reach down to pick up one of the jugs, I lifted it up and it was broken…right around the bottom…look….”

There was also a hole in the side of the jug, but oddly, no sign of the missing piece of glass from there.  Hmm…

“So, then what happened?”

“Well, I lifted it up and looked at the bottom…here, I’ll show you:”

What’s really strange is that I then went to pick up the second jug and it had exactly the same thing – bottom was out of it.  But not only was the jug broken, the piece that should have been in the bottom was nowhere to be found.  It gives me goosebumps…”

“Wait.  Let me look exactly where it was sitting…”

“Well, no glass at all there.  What do you think happened?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all morning, and nothing makes sense,” Elaine explained.

I came out here, like I always do, and there’s no way the raccoons or possums could knock out the bottom of wine jugs.”

I sort of shrugged; not sure what to think.  “No, and animals don’t knock the bottom off of jugs and then run off with broken glass…”

That’s why I have goosebumps.  Makes my scalp tingle.  You know, what could knock the bottom out of two wine jugs which didn’t have any wine in them – I’ve been using them for hauling water out to the tub out front for a couple of months, now…”

We kicked it around for a while and still haven’t found either the glass or any clues as to what would do thing kind of thing.

Well, except I was doing some experiments with sound-stacking this week.  OOPS!

If you missed the woo-woo on that, click over to the Thursday column Mexico Invades U.S. – CPI Data – Woo-Woo “Day of 12”.  Scroll down to the woo work report there.

The last time Elaine watered the crows was Wednesday morning.  The water doesn’t get used very fast and the deer are mainly drinking out of the creek which is flowing good in a few places.

Not going off half-cocked here and claiming this is a major woo-woo event, BUT the bottom of one jug is plum missing and I’ve never heard of animals doing this kind of thing.

I don’t reckon it’s a human because they aren’t so neat and who is going to poke around a ranch uninvited in the middle of Texas at night?  That’s just asking to be Castle Doctrine 9 mm and 7.62 test cases, which the perp wouldn’t see for the face full of bear spray, anyway…

Elaine assures me both jugs were empty, so it wasn’t a big ice expansion that broke them.

And even if it was, I MIGHT buy that explanation, except, as Colombo would have said:  “Sir, sir, ders juss one ting dat bothers me.  The bottom of the jug, sir.  Where’s the bottom of the jug?”  [Spoken in a poor imitation of Peter Falk’s perfect character delivery…]

My head hurts on this one. No, Sam, the Siamese doesn’t do Memorex…let alone pick up after himself…

Since you might have the day off, go ahead and set up 300 wine jugs around your house, have windows and doors open, and here’s the sound frequencies to start with (Second and third harmonics are shown in case the feds want to talk about setting off earthquakes…):


Fire Drill?

My firefighter/EMT/construction site safety whiz son made an important observation before heading out on his latest adventure.

You know dad, even if I got from here, up to the fire station, and drove the wildland tanker down here as fast as I could, there’d still be 10-minutes involved and the house or shop could be fully involved in that time…  Think we should look at a make-shift firefighting rig here…”

Believe me, there’s a lot stacking up on the side of fire prevention lately.  My consigliere has been ragging about how all the tall pines (antenna supports) within 150 feet of the house need to be taken down, too.

Sometimes, when Universe speaks (as it does  – always through other people’s voices) you need to listen. I did a little local horse trading (the Texas way!) and came up with a fresh-water safe IBC tote!

Let us know how many more you need, George,” said my neighbor S. who uses similar clamp on bucket forks on his tractor as we use for moving such things around.

No worries on the hazards – this is a one-time use for food grade organic hydrogen peroxide in food processing, so no tank worries!

I have never owned an IBC Tote before, but they are really neat.  Big filler and a standard barrel bong insert on the top.  And an inexpensive valve at the low point.

How you planning to fill it?” my neighbor wondered.

“I’m thinking about alongside the shop building.  Guuter it up. That’d give me harvest area of 40 feet by about 22, so call it 880 square feet.  I figure we’ll get about 48-inches of rain this year, anyway.  So, make that about 3,500 square feet of capture which translates to, um…232 cubic inches to a gallon, so 1,728 cubic inches in a cubic foot…um…7.45 gallons in a cubic foot so, er….25,900 gallons a year refills 275 how often?  Something like 90 times over?”

Of course, this is not something that will be simple to move around.  128 pounds of tote with 275 of water will weigh just over one ton; call it 2,330 pounds.

The Fire Plan

Yeah, we have lots of extinguishers – 5 LB dry-chems and the like.  But this will up our firefighting game to a whole new level.

But the balance of system won’t be cheap.

Part of me wants to spring for a nice Davey Firefighter 5 High-Pressure Twin-Impeller Fire Pump w/GX200 6.5hp Electric Start Engine.  For $2,100 and change.

Hose isn’t too bad – if you keep a canvas cover over it, decommissioned used 1-1/2 inch line in 100 foot lengths isn’t bad.  Like any big ranch investment, buy firefighting gear while California is dog-paddling.

Balance of system – a 100 watt starting solar panel, battery, and MPTP controller isn’t too big a cost.  Square tubing to weld up a big-ass rack for a big hose reel?  Different story.

Dixon Valve makes a hose reel that will hold a hundred feet (+) of fire hose and then some – depending on whether you go with pre-connect or not.  But that’s where you start to run into real dough.  A pre-connect is really what we’d be after since this would all be set up for a one-person operation.  Run out the hose, hit a remote start and here comes water.

If you had to run back to the pump and spin up a hose fitting and start the pump and run back to the nozzle which would be out there a way, that’s wasted time.  But only $200 and change for a reel, though.

For now, this is in the same bin with uncountable projects around here:  Acquisition of parts.  George2 can deal with the specifics when he gets back in state this spring sometime.

Or we could just put on scuba rigs or Airpacks, flood the office with halon-5 and wait around to see what’s leftover after the fact?  Naw…not as much fun as more power equipment to maintain…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. The scientists on this site might be up to trying to explain the broken wine bottles but the missing pieces of glass are best left to the mystics. I am not one but suggest that it may be a sign of some extraordinary event in your life or all of our lives is about to happen.

    • I agree.. the bottom being missing is a tough one.. I have had the bottoms drop out of bottles quite a bit.. but never without leaving the bottom behind.. that is some serious woo woo…. I wonder if they are playing with the collider again.. seems when ever they are messing around more woo woo happens..

      • I’ve been thinking about this broken glass thing today in a rational and logical manner, and I came to no definitive conclusion.

        All of a sudden, hours later, it came to me a strange thought…

        What if it is a message from a higher authority? Is it symbolic, does it represent that something is going to break in this world, and disappear, and what’s broken isn’t coming back?

        Does it connect with the visit that Andy got from The Adjustment Bureau? And/or to the Pope’s death and The Comet?

        • …Or the “bottom dropping out” of something.

          The most logical thing I can come up with is an earthquake which could pulverize the bottom into sand, but your ground is not nearly rocky enough and there’s still be a pile of colored sand — As Spock would say: “There is no logical explanation, therefore the explanation must be illogical…”

    • +1 on this.

      In the process of installing rain barrels right now and using black instead of the blue or white barrels to address the algae problem.

      Also, you might want to consider raising that tote off the ground, at least one round of concrete blocks. Gives you some wiggle room for attaching things.

  2. Feed and water the crows? Uh, are you aware that crows are capable of removing the seeds you plant in your garden with surgical precision? Encouraging them to hang around is not conducive to huge crop yields. In fact most of the farmers around here keep a shotgun handy to discourage crows from dining in their gardens.

    The plastic tote container is a handy doodad, but they grow algae like a champ. Don’t know how much algae it would take to clog a pump, but that might be a consideration. A weekly dose of chlorine might reduce the problem. A friend of mine mounted his plastic tote, pump and hose on a plastic pallet so he can pick up the whole thing with forks on the rear of his tractor. It makes a pretty good wildland firefighting rig for spot fires.

    • We do most starts in the other greenhouse – they don’t get in.

      Yeah we figured on half a jug of bleach and a few drops of ammonia now and then…(surfacew tension reducer)

      • Hey,
        Couldn’t G2 find you an old firetruck? Small brush fire type?
        Could it be someone is sending the message? Anytime, anything, or anywhere?

        • One more apparatus to maintain??? Naw…simplicity rules when you can “see the door” from here.
          Maybe if I was under 50…but at 74 I am even willing to pay for a car wash now and then…

        • There’s a lot of firetrucks which come up in salvage auctions — typically ’70s and ’80s vintage and still completely functional. They also typically sell for between $2000 and $6000, although I’ve seen drivable trucks sell everywhere between $860 and {big boy prices…} Big prices are usually for big trucks, made in the 21st Century and TBH, the $860 truck came from a trade school, so while I could’ve driven it home, the pump system may (or may not) have been functional.

      • Add nothing. If bleach alone isn’t sufficient, go with a bromine-based pool fungicide.

        Ammonia added to bleach does interesting things. What it does depends on the concentrations and ratios of the two. A net basic mix yields lye, an acidic mix yields hydrochloric acid, neither of which is “pump friendly.” Both will yield hydrazine (do you need yer own rocket fuel?)

        I believe a strong ammonia creates hydrazine, lye, chlorine gas and table salt. A weak ammonia creates Phosgene gas, hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas and hydrazine. (Don’t hold me to this — CHEM class was a long time ago.) How dangerously do you wish to live…?

      • Around here INSIDE buildings they hang the firehose on flat topped SWING brackets one right after the other going down the wall (inside a cut out), each leaf of hose hanging down about 2 to 3 feet off of the upper FLAT side of the swing brackets.

        If a fire breaks out someone can grab the hose and run … and if the water pressurized the hose before it is all pulled off the hooks it just pops off the hooks. No need for a swivel hose connection since the hose is connected to a regular connection with a standard twist valve.

        Check out some building firefighting systems and I am sure you will see them shown.

    • You bow, reverently and say “Yes dear…”
      She doesn’t say anything about the shop, ham radio excess, or until sold, the airplane. So CROWS? WTF – Yes dear!

      • “Yes, dear” has kept us married for 31 years. Keep a tissue handy and the checkbook ready, but don’t rush. After a decade or so “Told you so” is replaced with the proper glance…

        • I like you am a very lucky man.. our home is a blissful retreat from the insanity. a no drama llama house. the boss accepts my occasional rantings of the news and my old man experimenting.. when she sees me getting yancey she sends me out to build something..
          I am very blessed with a wonderful family and friends..( even though we have never met I feel blessed to have the privilege of knowing you the readers of urban survival..the comment section gives me the ability to view the issues through your minds eye..god bless all of you may your day be filled with compassion and peace. )
          I truly believe urban survival gave me the mental stimulation to get my mind off of what ails me..

      • So true….
        One of many things learned over 32 years of marriage [2nd time around], is “pick your battles”. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

      • The term “Yes Dear” has been scorned by at least two women in my life, and has possibly been part of what drove them away. I don’t know what to think on this one.

        Regarding crows, we have their bigger brothers out here – the ravens. I don’t feed or water them, but I respect them and appreciate their antics in the skies. I’ve no idea what they think of me, but they occasionally buzz low and shadow me. Their wingsuits are far above anything that humans have created.


  3. totes… don’t you just love them.. and someone nice enough to say.. hey want more.. you gotta love em for that..I have two here.. the project.. for them is.. water storage.. or …. gio gas digester.. yup.. methane bio gas digester.. great project.. fairly easy..
    now for the gas storage.. you will need either two tanks.. one to slip into the other one.. or a bio gas bladder.. put it in a cage with a weight on top to keep the constant pressure..

    you could have some fun on that one..I suggested this to a dairy farmer.. he didn’t tell me that he took my suggestion to heart.. I thought he had a silage bin.. only to have someone tell me no he loved the idea and now makes more money on that than his milk production and produces over two billion cubic feet of gas that is put in the gas lines for homes..
    the first time I ever seen one was way back in the early eighties.. I got some chickens.. and the hatchery guy had a egg laying operation.. anyway we were talking about the cost of keeping the chickens warm to keep on laying eggs..and how expensive it was.. it wasn’t costing him a thing.. he had put in a digester.. had it set up so that the cleanout went at a slope to a trough that would drop into the digester.. then at the backside the digested material was laid out dried and bagged and sold for garden soil.. amazing operation he ran his tractors cars and heated his home with it..

    the jugs.. to cut a jug is simple.. a light score around the bottle.. hot water on it then cool water.. repeat the bottle that is scored will just drop away.. as durable as glass jugs are.. they are also very fragile and temperature variables will just knock the bottom off.. freeze a little water in the very bottom at the seam..and your bottom is off of it… I use to cut glass to do stained glass all the time for a hobby.. years ago.. and the bottom falling out.. nothing at all.. it got down to freezing and a small amount of water at the bottom would take the bottom fall off happens all the time in the wastelands… but one of the bottoms missing.. NOW that is woo woo.. that reminds me of my cup of coffee that vanished a few years ago and a week later was back where I had left it freaky ..
    and the missing music frequency.. also freaky with it happening all at the same time..

    • I looked at totes when I started hauling water from one end of the ranch to the other but finally got a 325 gallon tank from Tractor Supply along with the trash pump, valve, fittings and hoses. That adds up to a bit over 2700 pounds of water which is all the dump truck will handle plus everything else including my bit, fat butt in it – the truck being a 1 ton frame with overload springs. All that weight broke the springs on the trailer I was originally using while going over our rocky ground but they were already damaged from a previous owner.

      Be careful about letting the tote bask in the Sun too much. It will eventually weaken the plastic.

  4. cheese making.. well the cheese kits were a hit with the kids.. LOL everyone was reminiscing on my ice cream making days..
    see when their baby brother was little the daughter would store babys milk in the freezer.. they were little and I would tease them that we should make butter.. LOL etc..
    Well one day I went to the store and the grocer had gotten to much cream in.. needed to get rid of it and I could have it at cost.. so I bought some and made ice cream.. I thought the kids would love it which they did..
    but the story goes.. they were all at the kitchen table eating their ice cream and one of the girls got this odd look on her face.. looked up at me and said.. grandpa.. where did you get the milk.. LOL LOL LOL not a one of them could eat another bite.. I said oh at the store.. but they were afraid I used the baby’s milk LOL LOL
    but the girls were anxious to make some cheese…
    NOW a cheese cave.. farmers use to bury cheese in a barrel under a mulch pile.. the same way that some use buried containers for root cellers.. a simpler way is to use a mini fridge.. years ago I mentioned how I had converted a dorm fridge into a meat ager.. with the salt blocks UV lights and circulation fan and carbon filter..
    for a cheese cave you use the same method.. but instead of it at its coldest setting.. set it at forty degrees.. flip your cheese until it ages.. when the rind starts to change colors.. then dip it in wax..
    I am surprised.. Gavin didn’t show that part he just vacuumed sealed his cheeses.. gavin is a really nice guy to.. has a blog called the greening of gavin.. I had a few questions on chees making years ago and he helped me out big time.. I was wondering what to do about mold.. seems it is quite normal.. wipe it down with apple cider vinegar and flip.. my meat ager.. I put the UV lights in it and the carbon filtration system and the home made salt blocks.. and it worked really good.. its been a while since I made cheese and have been thinking about doing it again soon.. the cottage cheese they sell at the store is kind of funky.. which bothers me.. ( years ago to keep costs in line.. they used something other than cream for their store bought cottage cheese.. and it is looking like that.. so what are they using.. not sure.. and I can make cottage cheese.. easy peasy )

    • I had half a pint of whipping cream left over from Christmas/ New year that would have expired tomorrow. I made it into butter in 10 minutes with a hand blender and a handkerchief size square of cheese cloth. Honestly once you learn how it’s easy.

  5. My 1955 David Brown got real light in rear wheels bucketing-up just single 45 gallon drum (about 400lbs). Just a suggestion to locate where it does not have to move filled.

  6. Woo Woo event, I would place a trail cam and take a gander at what happens, I can’t say why the bottoms are broke out, but the missing bottoms says COON, they can and do many interesting things. and to go along with you event in out pantry a couple of days ago a 1/2 gallon jar full of rice the bottom broke out while it was just sitting there, the bottom was still there as it was inside the pantry, but it kinda strange that it happened in the similar time frame and in the same general area of the USA.

    • It would take a really neat and tidy racoon to lift a jug take the bottom then place the jug back where it was..

  7. You might well be on track investigating the harmonics experiments (although I have no theory why). The most important lesson I ever learned about troubleshooting the cause of unexplained suddenly occurring events – “What the lat thing you screwed with?!”

  8. The coons are evolving. Watch out for glass-tipped spears and arrows headed your way if you’re out and about at night. Tell the cats.

  9. Just for the heck of it – went out to the green house and checked the four, one-gallon glass jugs that I have – all are fine.

  10. woo-woo my ass.

    The busted ass shit was obviously caused by the mRNA vaxx being inserted in the glass making process (silica sand).
    You see it takes like 730 dayz for the spike protein to fully mature/bloom inside the host/body. Never mind the reports of the mRNA vaxx being inserted into food supply via livestock/staockyards…nobody saw anything regards whole stockyard of beefs dropping dead overnight..yeah yeah they froze to deathh..bwahahhahah .
    Word to the wise – get thee a sponsor from the vaxx business..not just any vaxx maker; jnj,merck,glaxosmithkline, I would recommend pitching pfizer – the German chem. conglomerate. Please see link for more information..

    -yeah just doing my daily “Solid” for betterment of society, Ure welcome.

    By the way – can you say $20k ?

    Nein echtes geld (real money) fur dich!

  11. Black or dark green is the best color for plastic water storage tanks.
    Thermal cycling of glass can cause cracking.
    If a glass container is cracked, and you fill with water, it may not break until after the water is poured out; the glass bottom might be anywhere between the place you found it and the place where it was last used. The other cracks could have come later.

  12. “Part of me wants to spring for a nice Davey Firefighter 5 High-Pressure Twin-Impeller Fire Pump w/GX200 6.5hp Electric Start Engine. For $2,100 and change.”

    1.5″ NPT suction inlet with 3-Way NPT discharge (2×1″, 1×1.5″)

    Really, George? You can’t hook a fire hose up to it. If you use the 1″ outlets you get virtually no pressure at the nozzle. It has a 1½” inlet. Davey is a reliable brand, but this pump looks like it’s designed for field irrigation or hard-plumbing to feed a sprinkler system.

    I suggest something like a trash pump — similar to this one:

    which is what the farmers around here use. ‘Thing is, you’d need more water tanks, because this pump would empty your IBC in a minute. I don’t know anything about Champion products, and they’re probably neither American Made nor top shelf, but this is a “suggestion for type” and not a product recommendation.

    The nice things about trash pumps is they won’t crap out if a pebble gets in the impeller, and they move a lot of water — quickly.

    • The dual impeller sort are really good – do very well. And on one of the brush trucks they have a 6.5 HP pump which will wet line about 70 feet (which we use now and then for land (ahem) “cleaning”).
      I’ll let G2 make the decisions when he gets down in God’s country from up amidst the commies in wn st.

    • That trash pump is exactly what they use here..great pump and it moves a lot of water..

      • It would empty that IBC tote in less than a minute.. I had a tank double that size and on half of the roof draining into it would fill the tank with rain water in less than five minutes..
        we had a heavy rain with a ditch and roads being flooded because of the culvert blockage..the fire Department started and in less than a half hour had drained all of it away..

    • I just picked that trash pump because it showed up below the Davey, but I’d assume these specs are typical:

      EMI-TRASH: Capable of passing solid waste up to 0.75 inch in diameter, this pump has a 3-inch NPT inlet and outlet, total head of 92 feet and suction head of 26 feet

      Maximum delivery volume of up to 264 gallons per minute
      224cc OHV engine
      3-gallon fuel tank and 0.5-quart oil capacity
      Convenient wheel kit with never-flat tires
      Includes hose kit, oil funnel and accessory bag

      The one thing this one is not, is “self-priming” but I assume that’s a non-factor with a gravity-fed water supply.

      Just something to consider…

  13. I was thinking maybe the crows picked up the glass pieces and flew off with them. They are attracted to shiny stuff and collect them.

    Here in the islands it is the Mynah birds. I wrapped the neoprene pipe insulation on my solar water system with aluminum tape for UV and Ozone resistance. Damn birds love to pick at the shiny tape and peel it up, and up, up and away!

  14. George
    I recently watch a video where the owner of a small farm was having trouble with her rain water cistern. It turns out that rain water is now polluted with e-coli.
    Who knew?
    Her cistern needed to be purged and bleach added on a regular basis to make the water usable.
    Lots of theories but few fact!

    • Rain water off the roof or any other surface is likely to have bird poop in it as well as miscellaneous airborne trash. So yeah, I’d expect e-coli at the very least. That’s why rainwater catchment systems often include an automatic diverter that channels the first 5 minutes of rainfall outside of the container, then switches back to run clean(er) water into the tank.

      • Yep about the diverter system.

        The house I grew up in was built before my small town had a water system so all the houses in my neighborhood, as well as our’s had roof fed cisterns for their water system. Every cistern systems for all of the houses also had some sort of diverter so the first few minutes of rain did NOT go into the cisterns.

        Of course by the time I came along the town had long had a real water system but most of the cisterns and their basic equipment was still there … except for the hand pumps on the sink in the kitchen etc.

        One thing to keep in mind that you can NOT drink, and shouldn’t even shower with, rain water that has run off a shingled roof. Petroleum based shinges give you a LOT of bad stuff in the water. If you are going to use a roof fed system and actually DRINK the water (still done in most of the Carribean since those are rock islands with very poor ground water availability) only use metal, tile, or slate, roof building materials. (our house, and all of those in my neighborhood, originally had slate roofs)

    • Not to mention the chemicals from the roofing.. even when I was little and we didn’t have city water.. my mother always filtered the water and boiled it..

  15. I’d suggest that if the water is designated non-potable, then just cover or paint the tank with black something, and then dose it with copper sulfate to prevent algae. Bleach and similar are temporary at best. No need to change the water other than topping it up. I’d also put the entire rig on a trailer of sorts(easy build), and park it where it can reach the most likely needs.

    I agree with the idea of a trash pump. Any pump that will put water where it needs to be is better than nothing. The best pump is two pumps or more, so if one fails, you have redundancy. Both electric and engine driven make sense. One of each is probably best. Sometimes a garden hose is best for conserving water and avoiding soaking what should stay dry. Obviously, when called for, your large bore lines are helpful, but 250 gallons won’t last long at that rate. Build or buy a cheap trailer large enough for at least two totes and the rest of the stuff!

    • “I’d suggest that if the water is designated non-potable, then just cover or paint the tank with black something, and then dose it with copper sulfate to prevent algae.”

      Even easier is the blacksmith’s solution to algae in the quench tank; just drop a scrap of copper into the tank and leave it. Keeps algae, bugs, etc. out of the water.

      • the original solar cell LOL…
        that is what tesla wanted to go.. roof homes with copper plating coated with copper sulphate…. so it could acquire the ions from the atmosphere to power the home.. fun and easy kids home made solar cell spearamint.. been a while since I made one..

  16. “… food grade organic hydrogen peroxide ”
    ORGANIC hydrogen peroxide? Never heard of the stuff. Sounds like climate-marketing. Hydrogen Peroxide is inorganic mineral.

      • Now @Ray.. that is a good debate issue. Is it beneficial.. or isn’t it ..there are as many that swear by its use as there are that say it hasn’t any use. there are so many conflicting aspects to it.. It comes down to.. how good is it.. is it natural safe or is it the hydrogen peroxide that is made chemically that is not safe such as the one you buy for wound care.such as barium peroxide made with nitric acid. or the improved version of this process that uses hydrochloric acid, followed by sulfuric acid to precipitate the barium chloride byproduct. or the food grade version used in the food industry by electrolysis without chemical element….anyway.. ..My exposure to is was..Years ago.. I made cleaning chemicals.. a military hospital had black mold in the grout of the surgical room.. anyway.. it was a govt. hospital and they called my boss to see if he had some cleaner to get rid of the black mold. there was one that they used for mold removal and it consisted of food grade hydrogen peroxide…
        I rode along with him to pick up a barrel of food grade hydrogen peroxide.. they were sold out.. but the guy said there was a farmer in another state that bought a ton of the stuff all the time.. maybe he would sell us a barrel..
        so road trip it was.. out in the country there was this beautiful dairy farm.. it looked better than all the others.. and we drove up.. the healthiest cows.. it was amazingly clean place..
        and the boss asked him if he had an extra barrel of food grade hydrogen peroxide.. Yup.. can we buy one.. absolutely.. my curiosity got the better of me.. So .. what do you use it for..
        Well he was given three weeks to three months to live.. and at the Mayo Clinic there was some research on the miracle water of Lourdes france.. and found that it was high in H2O2.. so the Mayo clinic had a trial to see how good it was working.. and he was to put three drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide in a glass of his drinking water three times a day..
        My curiosity got the better of me and I asked.. So. Hows that working for ya.. he said his three weeks to live was twenty years prior.. and it worked so good for him that he put a cup of it in the watering tank for his cattle once a month..
        since he started doing that.. his vet bills went down his cattle were healthier ..
        they also use food grade hydrogen peroxide as a stabilizer for longer shelf life products.. at the grocery store.. fresh produce went through a wash of hydrogen peroxide water.. to keep them fresh longer..
        so it depends.. does it or doesn’t it.. a lot of people give testimonials on how it has been for them.. I have met one that was told he was going to die.. and he lived to almost a hundred.. when he was suppose to die before he was fifty..
        is it beneficial.. that is the debate..

        • Nifty! I stand corrected. When I heard about people drinking H2O2 I thought they were chugging water tumblers full…

    • Organic is similar to Ozone treatment.. it is generated without the use of chemicals or chemical stabilizers.. such as
      barium peroxide with nitric acid. or the improved version of this process that uses hydrochloric acid, followed by sulfuric acid to precipitate the barium chloride byproduct. this is the type that is used as wound cleaning etc.. food grade uses electrolysis.,from%20groundwater%20and%20industrial%20effluents.

      Now I am a big Ozone fan.. back when I cleaned airplanes we would put an ozone generator and would leave.. letting the ozone clean the air.. NOW… if you do use an ozone generator in the air.. you close it up and leave.. then let the room degas.. ozone like hydrogen peroxide will attack the surface bacteria.. we are a walking bacterial factory.. put a drop of food grade hydrogen peroxide on the skin and watch it go to town.. the same thing with ozoning water.. it kills the bacteria and viruses in the water.. letting it degas and filter out the big stuff.. it is a natural cleanser which is one of the reasons why they sell the systems for laundry and hospital uses.. and the units are made to use in water fountains.. yup.. we use to put in an ozone generator on water fountains.. then a degassing chamber so the person never tasted the ozone in the water.. it also paid for itself in maintenance costs..
      I could debate the issue.. I love my ozone air treatments and once month each room is ozoned.. I do not ozone my cpap unit.. and will not.. the reason is the ozone will affect the seals.. ( there was a shuttle accident because of oxygen in the fuel that affected the seals.. whole nother subject.. ) you cannot breath pure ozone.. it will attack the bacteria and viruses of your lungs.. which is why you ozone a room then let it degas for a while before entering.. the same way with water.. degas it.. before consumption.. this cup of coffee I am drinking has been ozoned.. I don’t have a unit on the laundry.. I would love to have one but don’t.. prices on them have gone through the roof.. in the hospital we ozoned surgical equipment.. same thing.. so the debate is out there.. I personally love it.. and we do have a bottle of the barium peroxide for wound treatments.. on the shelf.. get a cut.. clean it with hydrogen peroxide.. it just depends on which one.. both can be dangerous if you use it wrong.. and all of it is personal choice.. do you or don’t you..

  17. Love that she feeds the crows. I have half a dozen of them up the road from me that amuse me to no end. Been thinking to get deer corn stashed in the car and toss it out when a see them. Maybe they’d figure out where I am and amuse me at home ? and bring me shiny stuff, lol.

  18. George you mention a creek?You got the land dig a pond.Water in an out via the creek keeos it healthy and full.Lots of farms here in the people republic of ILL have ponds near the house .The main purpose is to have water to pump in case of fire.My son is also an EMT Firefighter state arson investigator.He is also the engineer on his shift in very busy department south of Chicago.My grandfather ,father. 2 great uncles,2 of my dad’s brothers and 2 cousins were all CFD.Ponds can also be used to raise fish, crawdads ,snails, frogs.Will attact waterfowl deer etc.

    • For a long time the Federal Government would pick up about 95% of the cost of building a “farm pond” for working farms.

      Don’t know the current status of those but in my hometown area the County Agricultural Extension Agent knew all the programs, how to fill out the paperwork, and basically would do 95% of the work involved at gettting one approved, funded, and then contracted out to be built. As a result a good chunk of the farms in my area ended up with very nice farm ponds …. which after they were built would cut the fire insurance premiums for the house /barn complex of the farmer.

      Of course with George and Elaine’s “wild animal feeding program” he would have to be concerned with both the Alligators and Polar Bears taking up residence … so it may not be such a good idea.

      • Oh, they still do that. Don’t know if they put in a Coast Guard station (navigable waters crap)_ but we held off for a while based on West Nile, but here lately, that looks pretty safe as disease risks go.
        I’ll see what g2 wants to do with it long-term

  19. As Dems Push Green Politics, the Entire State of Wyoming Just Sent them a Message They Can’t Ignore

    Lawmakers in the state are considering a new law that would phase out electric vehicles by 2035, which is a policy that runs completely contrary to states like New York and California which, in obeisance to the green agenda, want to phase out gas-powered cars and boost electric vehicles.

  20. So you didn’t hit the Megamillions jackpot and now you’re hopelessly depressed?

    Boy, do I have just the thing for you…

    Old Nazi Treasure Map Sparks Frantic Search Of Dutch Countryside For Hidden Riches

    The Nazi treasure map suggests that fleeing German soldiers buried a cache of gold, silver, jewels, watches, and other riches somewhere near the Dutch village of Ommeren.

    • “Old Nazi Treasure Map Sparks Frantic Search Of Dutch Countryside For Hidden Riches”

      when I was a little boy.. my brother inlaws brother had gone to a local lake..because of an old pay wagon that had been robbed..
      all of us kids heard the old hermits story..he was one of the members on the calvary trip.. they chased them to what is now a state park and never found the twenty thousand dollars in 20 dollar gold pieces.. it was just a story until my brother inlaws brother found a Saber and rifle that he had mounted on his wall..
      when I grew up I would take the kids there to swim and had a metal detector…. it was a fun day out..except for some random coins nails and beverage can pull tabs I never found lol.. one facility I worked at family were finding jars of money from the depression..
      I worked for one guy that did that..when he died they stripped his farm with ..
      a good chunk of nazi gold supposedly came to the USA along with rare paintings that were looted..

  21. The Plan to Carve Up Russia

    “For decades, the idea of dismantling the Soviet Union and Russia has been constantly cultivated in Western countries. Unfortunately, at some point, the idea of using Ukraine to achieve this goal was conceived. In fact, to prevent such a development, we launched the special military operation (SMO). This is precisely what some western countries –led by the United States– strive for; to create an anti-Russian enclave and then threaten us from this direction. Preventing this from happening is our primary goal.”

    — Vladimir Putin

  22. “When left-wing wackos face off on one-another…”

    There is a whole different illogical line of thinking with this group. They come up with a brilliant idea to fix the world and forget about the “and then what?” There is a stunning lack of thought about the “consequences” of putting something in play that automatically backfires.

    ……put in millions of windmills that don’t move when the wind doesn’t blow and destroy animal and bird life when they do blow
    ……install panels and EVs that require rare earth metals from enemy nations
    ……provide billion dollar programs to hand out money to people that don’t work and teaches them not to work
    ……stop oil drilling and ban oil pipelines on an economy that is built on fossil fuels
    ……open borders to bring in 18-35 year old unvetted illegal male aliens that are primed to trash the $500 luxury hotel rooms they are given and disappear to God knows where to plot and destroy the country
    …….defund and decrease the number of police, tie the hands of the remaining police and then be surprised when crime goes up dramatically

    • a HUGE AMEN….
      for each one of those multi billion dollar windmills.. Not even counting that they pay rent on the land they are sitting on.. for each one.. if they were serious about it.. the cost of ONE of those monstrosities would put a ten kw solar power system on every home in the whole state.. instead of a thre Megawatt power genertation plant.. they would be getting over ten thousand megawatts of potential power production..
      Put a solar tower.. Not sure what towers are costing now.. but a sixty foot long three sided tower.. with a catwalk at every level for maintenance.. at a hundred feet high and a v shaped solar array with a inversed trapazoid reflecter would be enough to give total solar reflection on both sides .. the pitch could be calculated for the inversed trapazoid.
      but for a home roof pitch.. look at your tree crown.. the tree crown is the answer to what pitch.. around here the south facing crown is roughly thirty five degrees. the east and west is closer to forty. now
      solar right now is what a million a mw.. so depending on how much towers cost.. they could put up twenty towers on land they already own.. at every sub station.. and very little infrastructure changes.. anyway that is an old rant.. been saying that since before I was shaving..

    • “There is a stunning lack of thought about the “consequences” of putting something in play that automatically backfires.”

      This is what I’ve referred to for many years, as

      “The Law of Unintended Consequences.”

      Where I live we don’t normally get enough of a breeze to spin those windmills — By my calculations, they must achieve a speed of 9 r.p.m. before they can generate anything. When it’s windy enough to spin them that fast, it’s usually about to storm, and the power company feathers them to keep ’em from overrunning and self-destructing.

      We also get an average of less than 3hrs of sunlight per day. Coal, natgas, and nuclear work well for us. “Green energy” not so much. Yet I see vast fields of what used to be prime farmland, filled with solar panels, and 300ft, $1.2mln windmills blighting the land all over the Midwest. It is as if the power companies know this stuff is garbage for our area, but spend the millions just to keep the green weenies out’n their bottom-sides…

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