The Bad News – and Worse

Two stories headline our Saturday morning thinking:  Our previously “unthinkably bad Elliott Count has been validated.  And some comments from a retired senior Air Force contributor shine an embarrassing Light of Truth on crooked political assassination efforts.

Either one is bad.  Combined, they can be taken as a sure sign of more troubles and stress are just ahead.

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68 thoughts on “The Bad News – and Worse”

    • I’m an author and think authors should get some royalties for their work. But not everyone holds to this. Even if you believe “information ought to be free” write a few books (hint: It’s real work) and your opinion may change.

      • As Harlen Ellison yelled at the CBS exec’s [ he always was a bit volatile] as he slammed the tabletop with his fists: “Pay the writers!!”

      • Amen George. Hardest thing I ever had to do and everyone should give it a try. Some days the tap flows and other days, nary a drip. But everyone has a book in them and should write it.

        You were kind enough to give some good advice to write my second book which I wish I had when I wrote the first one in 2016.

        I am putting final touches on the book for my grandkids. Originally titled it “Life Lessons for my grandkids” but changed it to “The Backside of Life.” I found a picture of me from behind when I was about six months old, nude and looking over my shoulder at my mom. It will be the cover for my book.

        Hoping my grandkids will come to visit me and wipe the drool off my face when I’m in the home. :-)

        • Let us know when its on Kringle. We’re equal opportunity shills around here. Unless your name is Hunter of Hillary – lot of questions about them H people.

      • Some pretty harsh comments here. Unfortunately they’re not evidence based. Research Gate is where scientists upload their research for the public; it is not some for based pirate site. In this case, it is clear the author himself uploaded the book to the site, about 10 years after it came out in print. He wants people to read his work. Research Gate does not publish research papers without the author’s permission.

        A lot of scientists are having their research presented on sites like Research Gate to get around the gatekeeping by sites like Elsevier. In many cases, they want their research to be read, not hidden.

        I had a 40 year career as a geoscientist, I know how hard it is to do research and write it up.

      • ” …lot of questions about them H people.”

        Hey! I resemble that remark!”

        Yes Hank…. but I’m betting you
        1 don’t know how to ride a broom.
        2. You probably aren’t evil oriented
        3. You’ve probably never raped a child or been a person to torture children..
        4. The ingredients to make meth.. are used for cleaning the toilet instead of snorting or smoking g them..
        5. You gained your money in a non corruptive manner.
        6. Tried to follow the laws of our nation to the best of your ability..

        I believe G.. was talking about the evil H group..

  1. “Straws in the wind,” mid-westerners say about approaching storms and tornados, referring to little bits of light straw and leaves, flying about as the winds gather. “There are straws in the wind.”

    I recommended “Ham Radio For Dummies” by Ward Silver a few days ago as a good get-started in radio book. It’s gone through several editions now over a few years. So, to be sure my suggestions are still sound, I bought a new one – FOURTH edition. It’s improved nicely.

    This book is NOT a dry and sterile hard to read advanced “Engineers Only” text, but a truly excellent basic briefing (PLUS) of radio in general, full of practical, useful, real world comprehensible stuff.

    If you’re toying with gearing up with an intel source beyond your own fence, THIS is the book to start with: No dry, arcane non-sense. Even if you don’t want a license to be a ham, this is STILL a good book for getting set up for listening, only. I’m an ham for many years, and I got a bunch of new and useful stuff from it, too.

    On the ‘Zon about $25. But be sure you’re ordering the FOURTH edition. (You can buy it from ARRL, too; but they charge more $$.)

    7.299 LSB day: 3.999 LSB night.
    Listening only is 99.9% of intel.


  2. ? recent report -suppressed, indicates only 30% of nato weapon supplies reach the ukeie troops..leaving 70 % for resale onto international arms markets..majority of which are “falling” into HAMAs hands.

    Russia has laid down gloves regards Israhell launching OTH missiles at civilian populations in around Damascus. S330/400 systems are ON. Training up Iranian pilots on Su-35 advanced fighters. ? How IDF/mossad prisoners captured in the kraine…along 1 american admiral and canadian general ? One starts to wonder who will be smacking who.

    [redacted for antisemitic remarks – g]

    who controls the narratives/press ??? – 9/11, 2020 coup de tat, covert19,untold wars on “terror’..WHOS THE TERROR NOW, I wonder?

    truth often times very painful, get over it, there still FEEDING off of U.

    • We deserve to get what we get.

      Trading marijuana junkies for world class weapons dealers.

      The retried sheriff lady was fired for watching the Oxford shooting unfold and she simply updates her LinkedIn, now looking for a new grammar school to keep safe.

      No kill pet shelters even after these dogs maul people to death.

      And us letting it all happen.

      Why do I know Prince Andrew paid off a rape victim.
      Why do I know Prince William likes to be pegged.
      It’s easy to see why Princes Harry doesn’t like his race from growing up in that castle.

  3. “And some comments from a retired senior Air Force contributor shine an embarrassing Light of Truth on crooked political assassination efforts.”

    One of the reasons I come here is get the “embarrassing Light of Truth” from you and several of your feet on the ground real life experienced contributors like Warhammer. I sure as hell can’t find it anywhere in main stream media.

    The problem is the facts Warhammer provides will never be seen or heard by 99% of the population. The CNN, MSNBC viewers will be convinced that the Mar-a-Largo raid found the nuclear codes hidden in Melania’s closet and Trump was waiting to start a nuclear war with the codes.

    A “colossal” lie told enough times by MSM becomes the truth in the minds of the sheep. They just keep making it bigger and bigger and then block off the truth.

    Duck Soup anyone? Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

      • George,
        Came across a screen saver that has a caption which sums up quite well ALL of the political crap going on.
        Mid terms are near. Volunteer to be a ballot drop-box sentry. Take your camera. Good luck

  4. “The “smear him out of politics” drive was also evident to us in coverage by the NY Times in Seized Documents Were Part of an Inquiry Into Violation of the Espionage Act and Two Other Laws. Parroted in the Washington Post’s: FBI’s Trump Mar-a-Lago search yielded 11 sets of classified documents, filing shows.”

    Did you notice the dual standards of that.. not one word about the … ( would they be considered stolen, illegally obtained or not.. ) the probable passcodes that they found on the cloud of his laptops to the DOD website where all plans documents etc were within accessible range of anyone with access.. that could have potentially been passed around through foreign countries.. what was it that the perv told a woman of the night..
    and just how did he have access to that sensitive crap or have an account set up for those sites in the first place.. could that be considered a crime .. the dual standards..

  5. “Remember how anti-American it was when Donald Trump wanted to build the Wall with Mexico? Arizona won’t wait for feds, starts filling border wall gaps | The Seattle Times reports. Texas took the lead in getting into the Wall business.”

    Seriously.. what good is a wall..


      ‘Bet you haven’t heard one word of the armada Trump sailed to Argentina to stem the tide, after LEOs busted the child-sex rings in NYC, and shortly thereafter, LA, and it was discovered that the lambs were gathered on the Pampas before they were herded here…?

      ISTM that was in 2020 (might have been ’19, but I don’t think so.) It received almost no mention in the press. I heard of it through EFF and went searching for info, which is how I found what I’d found, and in-turn posted it here…

      • I hadn’t heard any of that before.. with a sad heart I don’t believe that the satanic pedophile groups have any shortages any longer..

      • November and December, 2019, is when the stuff began to hit the bladed blower.

        It’s still even on Goog…

  6. I think this:
    1) Iran will persist. (Take it to the bank.)
    2) Israel WILL strike to preempt– and hard, (TITTB)
    3) China WILL absorb Taiwan. (TITTB)
    4) Ukraine isn’t over. (TITTB)
    5) Russia isn’t “done.” (TITTB)
    6) The terrorists aren’t finished with us. (TITTB)
    7) Nobody is going to fix the border. (TITTB)



    • No argument on the first three…

      4) Ukraine isn’t over. (TITTB)
      This one scares me. When Russia gets sufficiently tired of being bombarded with (mostly U.S.) NATO ordinance, I’m afraid they’ll call in their regulars, and carpet-bomb the entirety of Ukraine.

      5) Russia isn’t “done.” (TITTB)
      They’re just getting started.

      6) The terrorists aren’t finished with us. (TITTB)
      With 6.5 million “fighting-age” illegal aliens “lost” inside our border now, and a travesty of a judicial system which will lock us up forever, if we shoot back, this’n ain’t gonna be pretty…

      7) Nobody is going to fix the border. (TITTB)
      Dunno about other potential Prez’ but if Trump gets back in, it’ll be (for the most part) closed within two months. The Repugs will have a sufficient majority that his back will be covered. There won’t be a concern about the “next election,” and there won’t be any swing-vote McCain around to screw stuff up. Graham will be a solid Trump supporter, and Romney, if he’s still around, will be dumped on the “irrelevant pile” like Murkowski and Collins (if THEY are still around.)

      I think either Abbott or DeSantis would do the same. They would not do it with the speed or authority of Trump, because they are politicians, not businessmen, and would have to consider their “re-electability” and the fact the media’s heads would collectively, explode. Should Trump get back in, the only thing on his mind is going to be the time & effort lost, in dealing with all the BS. Instead of having 200-some accomplishments (like the first time around), he’ll aim for 600-some.

      • and what a time to do it.. Congress is out on their August recess.. and only four days in september are open for them to do anything at all LOL…

      • ”4) Ukraine isn’t over. (TITTB)
        This one scares me. When Russia gets sufficiently tired of being bombarded with (mostly U.S.) NATO ordinance, I’m afraid they’ll call in their regulars, and carpet-bomb the entirety of Ukraine.”

        It’s divide and conquer.. what I see is the poison pawn trap.. every war games scenario they have done.. ( that they spend millions on that no one reads) says either one would be devastating to the usa.. now watch..we rush to Taiwan Iran goes active so does Syria etc..the morons shuffled over a few million many were really warriors in disguise we don’t know.. was it just for some coin or a position who knows..with the level of alligations it could be anything.
        Once it lights up and we are racing around the globe protecting the pawns tge usa will be weak in defending the country then they act to take the king and checkmate..
        They own us industrially.. we have antiquated infrastructure at failing level everywhere..our grid is positioned for maximum profit instead of security of the grid..everything the usa has done was for coin ..profit.. all while
        They’ve put nuclear close to the usa.. I’m guessing there’s club-k containers on us soil..subs around the shores and a hidden army brought in by our own administration.. we’ve been sending out our reserve arms and selling off out strategic emergency fuel reserves..
        Then the idiots are printing money weakening our economy..distanced us from industry..using greed as a motivator.. it is all in the business model..
        I don’t see one positive thing about our situation at this point

  7. A lot of good topic avenues today.

    Why is Hillary and Obama still being singled out for comparisons?

    In 2016 Trump was elected to drain the swamp, unless that changed. Trump’s first proclamation was “she’s been through enough” and the second stance change was Trump switching from birth certificate hunter to “Obama was born in the U.S.A.”

    Six years slide by and it’s regurgitated. Trump let them go. What else needs to be said?

    After the election Trump did not hire any of the small frys who helped him get elected. He appointed all Swamp Creatures who ended up not liking him. Even Trump said, “they don’t like me.” A 70+ y/o guy should have better sense.

    Now they like him even worse.

    If you want to single out and compare, what’s McConnell doing for Trump or Team Red?
    DeSantis should have called the police on the FBI during the raid.
    Ted Cruz and “little hands” are both silent.

    Democrats stick together as a team and some Republicans seem to stick with them.

    • Why is Hillary and Obama still being singled out for comparisons?

      Uranium One
      Open Border
      Killing Coal
      Climate pandering
      Selling out to China
      Bill and Epstein
      (I don’t have time for the whole list, but corruption is pretty level at times is my point.)

      • G…It would take months to list them all.. and if you posted pictures that everyone posted THEMSELVES. …probably years..

      • “Not the first democrat with “secrets in his shorts” ”

        Or allegedly, Hillary.

        No one has, to this day, run a screen to see if Chelsea is actually Bill’s kid.

        I have almost no doubt Justin is a Castro. I have very little doubt that someone, somewhere, along about 43 years ago, asked Hillary if she “wanted fries with that Berger and shake…”

  8. Y’all are sounding like a bunch of Colonial Loyalists defending Benedict Arnold.

    Looks to me like a classic espionage investigation. Let’s not forget about the subject’s very public infatuation with anything Russian. He started all of this, not the NARA or DOJ.

    • “Y’all are sounding like a bunch of Colonial Loyalists defending Benedict Arnold.
      Looks to me like a classic espionage investigation.”

      Just think about that for a minute @Joe M… this has never been done..and no one in The swamp has any long term loyalty but they have a long term memory of actions done.. the tides of political influence turns on a dime.. and when the tides are turned.. once pandorahs box has been opened every member of the administrative sector will be open season for an in depth investigation of their past actions..
      Using the agencies to push a political agenda is wrong and to use them to cover over corruptive activities for a political agenda is worse..
      I personally doubt we will ever see moral or ethical actions in DC again..

      • I hear you but I’m not in complete agreement with you. I believe there is something very important in those papers and their theft may be unforgivable.

        However, political winds are strong and prosecution might risk a constitutional crisis. Maybe somebody will incur a head wound that will be survived, and public outcry gets him reelected. Personality changes and the stage is set for the Third Antichrist.

        Whoops, sorry, wrong website…

    • It’s not all about the Batman red phone (nuclear code), From:

      ‘Former senior intelligence officials said in interviews that during the Trump administration, highly classified intelligence about sensitive topics, including about intelligence-gathering on Iran, was routinely mishandled. One former official said the most highly classified information often ended up in the hands of personnel who didn’t appear to have a need to possess it or weren’t authorized to read it.’

      For those prefering tales of salaciousness, Lauren’s husband at it again!

      • “So, how is it you defend Hillary’s mishandling of so much – double standard?”

        Now that pandora’s box has been opened.. leaves the options to investigate all the past and future administrations for things they have been alleged to have been a party to..
        Once they get rid of the presidential pardoning.. then they all should be running scared once the tide is turned and people replaced that are in control now.. opens the road to all sorts of things….

      • “It’s not all about the Batman red phone (nuclear code),”

        Seriously @C… the witch hunt is all about POLITICS and keeping control . in the USA it is always about a green piece of paper and the power they weild…. it is all in the business model. Trump was a direct threat to the whole good ole boy system that was in place.. they want to make sure he doesn’t come back or anyone like him…
        why anyone would want the job now after they have done so much damage to it really surprises me.. the damage done cannot be easily fixed at this point.. they have weakened the foundation to which it was built on and punched holes in the roof and walls. We lost our morality and our ethical conduct badge of honor, truth and honesty…

        They have openly backed groups that destroyed and caused billions of dollars worth of damage to the major cities of our country and weakened the security of all the residents especially those in the highest crime area’s.. the mess is so big.. that we will go through a change.. we are closer now to a nuclear conflict.. and a war with the other two main nuclear countries.. our position has been changed on the world leaders as to whether or not our word is any good anymore..
        I think its best if we all hold onto our hats.. if it does go nuclear.. then it won’t make any difference anyway.. all of us will be dealing with a whole different set of rules.. since the govt will be essentially gone our neighborhoods will be controlled and ran by the gangs that take control.. ( almost like that now since blm and antifa destroyed the police departments by having them defunded.. I originally thought it was so they could bring in marshal law.. but with russia and china they have bigger fish to fry than the people they will need to deal with the mess they created.)

      • the other thing is .. its the poison pawn trap.. and no one notices it.. except csis..

        Its amazing that our leaders spend millions and billions on studies but no one takes a moment to read the dam crap.. LOL.. consider that last article in eurasia times.. that is only with taiwan and us against china.. now consided the other threats out there.. iran and israel syria turkey greece.. russia and ukraine.. not even considering the idiot that authorized millions of illegal refugees to enter and be redistributed from countries that threatened to attack from within by posing as refugees.. so were there some.. selling off of american industry and ingenuity.. and giving everyone time to put their arms in place.. what is it that sun tzu says..
        “If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”
        they already own us.. all our products even the brass for the guns the military has comes from there.. and all of this because some moron wants a green piece of paper or a number on a sheet. we have been at war to long neglected our own country and our own people for way to long…Then to start all this madness destroy all these peoples homes and farms killed their families just to keep the corrupt industries they had in place still operational over something they sold their soul over.. a damned number..

        of course Christ taught this to.. do unto others..

    • “Y’all are sounding like a bunch of Colonial Loyalists defending Benedict Arnold.”

      No. Nobody here is defending Bush, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, or any of their socialist minions.

      “Let’s not forget about the subject’s very public infatuation with anything Russian.”

      As I said, nobody here is defending Hillary. We’re also not defending Victoria Nuland, the Vindman twins, or any of several hundred other prominent pols and bureaucrats whose principal goal is to see all the nations of the world in the ashcan — starting with the U.S…

  9. Many years ago I was seeing an allergist in a metropolitan area. Out of the clear blue, he more than doubled his serum price. When I asked what the hell was his justification, this is what I was told: Medicare had informed that he had to cut prices to subsidy patients, and INSTRUCTED his staff to jack up prices to private insurance patients to make up the difference. I ended up paying the escalation out of my pocket.
    The “new” tariffs on drugs is the same scam. The tariffs will be passed on to non-Medicare consumers to subsidize the government program.
    These medicare shake-downs of the general public represent unequal protection, and are unconstitutional lawyer gang looting.

    • “Medicare had informed that he had to cut prices to subsidy patients, and INSTRUCTED his staff to jack up prices to private insurance patients to make up the difference”

      Exactly @n____… clinics charging 50 turn away uninsured and send them to the ER where the minimum cost is a grand or better.. the hospitals then charge the clinic doctors more money for clinic costs to compensate for the loss revenue.. the patient of the bills are to much are forced to seek bankruptcy..

      A low cost self pay health policy with no pharmaceutical or labs and only 3 visits per calendar year is 17 grand middle of the road is 24 grand..10 grand deductible.
      Pharmaceutical companies charge hundreds of thousands percent more in the usa for medications they can get in another country for a fraction of the cost..
      It’s all in the business model..

      • Considering that.. the place my wife works for… isn’t making a dime.. it’s similar to my newspaper delivery took me months before I listened to my father and did the numbers.. for every dime I got I spent 12 cents… if he ever splits up the different facilities and does a facility budget..he will sell the place as fast as he can..
        A fiduciary guy and I was talking.. he didn’t even get it.. when he said he couldn’t understand why the place has changed hands so often.. I had to point it out to him..
        Luckily he doesn’t have any ties to the place or owner

  10. It’s gone george . Sad but true .i truly feel very sad but free knowing it’s all finished

    • Well, you saw the wave count, Len. You know I have been worried about Mid Aug – specifically around the 17th.
      Potus out out of town from DC all week. Labor Day tides in Taiwan.
      Not a lot of reason for cheer…

      • Yup.
        I pointed it out when you first questioned which count we had a week or so ago. The S&P500 is clearly down in three waves. Doesn’t mean this 4th can’t go quite high… It did 62% in 2000/2001 and that mark isn’t too far away now.

        • Problem is that historically, a .382, .5 or even .618 retrace doesn’t seem to change the Wave 3 down targetr. Which is why halving the market by Christmas looms large.

      • That’s correct, the target doesn’t change because it is usually an extension from the top wave.
        100%: the current low
        162%: 3260 area
        262%: 2650 area
        423.6%: 1706

        The high was near 4800? 1706 (a full set of waves down) is more than half of it. Even the one above it comes close.

        Mentioned before, in 2000 the bottom was a 262% extension from the top. In 08 we got the full 423.6% down.

        Point is, I believe (and have believed) your bigger disaster count is correct.

  11. Then I think if I feel like sheet knowing it’s does some god feel knowing the devil won

  12. George, the real unbiased (Edward Murrow, Walter Cronkite) nature of transpiring events is found in the sweet center rather than in the quicksand of the small population of the blinded biased extreme left (eg, defund the police, provide giveaways and grant citizenship to illegals, promote a small number of crooked city and state judges and AG’s who don’t follow the laws and don’t prosecute criminals), or … of the much larger population of the blinded biased right( with opinions well enumerated among the comment’s section).

    The real nature of the market saturation peak and nadir valuation trading is also found in the center.

    Market valuations on a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis are perfectly valued for the prevailing central banks’ (CB’s) operative conditions for the system. These CB conditions are in turn determined by consumer inflation caused by both finite world energy, metal, food commodity reserves and the CB’s relatively low interest rates/money printing programs and, thereafter by the ensuing recession caused by the CB’s relatively higher interest rates and quantitative tightening.


    The same federal Magistrate Judge who signed the search warrant allowing FBI Agents to raid President Trump, also signed a second Warrant the same day allowing FBI to install “Pen Registers” on Trump computers and electronic eavesdropping devices in Trump’s home.
    US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart signed both Warrants on August 5 as shown above in a screen shot of the Court Docket Records.

  14. Breakthrough: Ignition confirmed at California fusion reactor

    Without bogging us down in too many technical details, suffice it to say that this is a big deal… Scientists and engineers have been working on a way to build a workable fusion reactor for decades. One problem is the fact that early experimental models required more energy to operate than they would be capable of producing. The other great challenge involved getting the tritium that fuels the fusion reaction to initially ignite and create a sustainable reaction. That latter hurdle has now officially been achieved. It actually happened a little more than a year ago, but it’s now been confirmed. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility in California successfully ignited the hydrogen fusion reaction last August. (Newsweek)

  15. Researchers Discover 279-Year-Old UFO Mystery Over London, England

    Recently discovered journals written by the secretary for the Royal Society nearly 300 years ago document a slow-moving unidentified flying object over London. Cromwell Mortimer, a British physician and the second secretary of the Royal Society, tracked what appeared to be a slow-moving UFO for 30 seconds on Dec. 16, 1742, as it soared over central London shortly before 9 p.m., according to the Daily Express.

  16. Another leftist pushes the envelope to normalize pedophilia

    Miranda Galbreath is a licensed professional counselor for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. In a two-minute video, she makes her case for regarding what she refers to as Minor-Attracted People (MAP) as the most vilified group of people in our society. She maintains that these harmful views are a result of our incorrect (read: ignorant) assumptions about pedophilia, which is a term that should be banished for all its pejorative connotations.

  17. Old news but still ongoing – a current military doctor talks about The Jab’s deteriorating influence of our country’s readiness to fight.

    “Hell No” to Any CV19 Vax – Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD

    Lt. Col. Theresa Long is a Medical Doctor at Fort Rucker who is one of the U.S. Army’s top Flight Surgeons and an expert on public health. Dr. Long makes sure military pilots are ready and able to fly America’s complicated and lethal aircraft. Dr. Long has been a skeptic of the so-called Covid-19 experimental vaccines from the beginning. After months of medical observation of the devastating effects of these injections, she’s come to a conclusion the top Army Brass does not like. When asked if she would recommend the CV19 vax to pilots she evaluates, Dr. Long, who is unvaxed, says, “If you think for a moment that the very same doctors, politicians or whoever that told you this was safe and effective, if you are waiting and holding your breath for them to come back and say, oops, we made a mistake, it’s dangerous and deadly, that’s never going to happen.”

  18. The TV lady, she has hair like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons, just told me cars will be cheaper because of the CHIPS Act. She did it with a straight face too.

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