Import/Export Numbers, Terminal BTCs, Futuring Humans

Right out of the chute this morning, we have to take a look at the new import and export prices report.  They show a nearly remarkable change in our position as the world’s leading grifter.

The U.S. dollar – while down from near parity with the Euro a couple of weeks back – is still very strong.  Most people, though, don’t sort through the logic-chain to consider all the ramifications of the Strong Buck.

When the dollar’s purchasing power goes up:

  • It doesn’t take as many of them to buy an ounce of gold or silver.
  • Oil – and some foodstuffs – see the same effect.
  • It takes fewer dollars to by the same “break-up” value of publicly owned companies.  Akin to the “book value” – remember that if you are paying with more powerful money, it goes further.
  • For the past week or two, however, the dollar has softened (relative to the Euro, for example).  As a result:
    • Gold and silver are stronger
    • Foodstuffs and energy commodities are seeming to rise.
    • And this – in turn – fuels inflation.

We could write volumes (and look at 90-day Euro bond futures as indicators of what’s to come with future dollar valuations), but our task is never to turn you into a Swiss banker (gnome).  Just a little more clear-thinking human than most.

Envelope Please?

Here’s how the import and export prices rolled, against the backdrop of a Strong Dollar which was really showing off the Wheaties during the (July) baseline measurement period:

Problem here is big drops are loosely associated with recessions and were in one right now using classical definitions which are under ongoing attack

“U.S. import prices decreased 1.4 percent in July, after advancing 0.3 percent in June, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Lower fuel and nonfuel prices in July contributed to the decline in U.S.
import prices. The price index for U.S. exports fell 3.3 percent in July following a 0.7-percent advance the previous month.


Prices for U.S. imports declined on a monthly basis in July for the first time since December 2021, decreasing 1.4 percent. The decline was the largest drop in import prices since the index fell 2.6 percent in
April 2020. U.S. import prices rose 8.8 percent over the past 12 months, the smallest over-the-year increase since the index advanced 7.1 percent from March 2020 to March 2021.


U.S. export prices fell 3.3 percent in July, after rising 0.7 percent in June. The July decline was the largest 1-month decrease since the index fell 3.5 percent in April 2020. Lower agricultural and nonagricultural prices
each contributed to the July decline. Prices for U.S. exports rose 13.1 percent over the past year, the lowest 12-month advance since the index increased 9.6 percent in March 2021.”

About the only intelligent thing an investor can do is be aware of the rising (and for now falling) fate of the dollar.

BTC/Stox: Which Wave We In?

Due to a server error, the week-ago discussion of where we are in Wave counts was overwritten on the Peoplenomics subscriber side.

Even the BTC (bitcoin) level today (around $23,800 at press time) is not clear as to what happens next with the currency swings.  Partly because BTC is off in its own troubled bubble.  Here’s one way of looking at it, however:

This chart mixes two charting concepts:  trend channels (the yellow lines) and Elliott wave counting. Normally (Remember “normal?” Those were the days, huh…) the Elliott Wave count and the trend channels coincide.

The problem above is that we’re not sure whether the 3 down is complete.  NORMAL would have continued down to the lower trend channel – but it didn’t.  Still, the 3 down was larger than 1 down, so it MIGHT be complete.  On the other hand, though it leaves us wondering whether this is the larger 4 OR we are in the smaller (iv) of the larger 3 yet to complete.

The BIG concern is that we MIGHT be (arguably) in the bigger scarier count. This might be numbered like this:

What most “dabblers” in cryptos don’t see is the incredible (Elliott wave) risks involved if BTC is in Wave 2 right now.  This because one of the hard and fast rules of Elliott analysis is the “third wave is never the smallest wave.”

Put another way, from the all-time highs (call it $65,000 down to recent lows (under $20,000) the magnitude of wave 1 down was $45,000.  Since Elliott requires a larger Wave 3 – we can now sketch out a situation in coming the coming year or two where:

  • The chart for BTC continues up to (or above) the yellow trend channel and BTC rises to the $38,000 or higher area.
  • Since Wave 1 is smaller than 3, BTC could rise to (throws dart) $42,099 and then collapses to zero.

What is on the horizon that could collapse the whole BTC digital-tulips bubble?  What The Biden Administration’s Executive Order Means For The Crypto Industry came out in March of this year.  While we can argue that only gold and silver are “constitutional money” it won’t matter.  Plain simple fact is “Governments HATE competition.”

The Fed is looking at Crypto.  Maybe all that NFT expertise of Hunter Biden should be a clue to the digital suckerfish?

Crooks in Gold Pricing

Don’t think the Gold and Silver markets were/are manipulated?  The under-reported financial story of the week (so far) is the Justice Department press release Former J.P. Morgan Traders Convicted of Fraud, Attempted Price Manipulation, and Spoofing in a Multi-Year Market Manipulation Scheme | OPA | Department of Justice.

Restitution for being a victim on the wrong side of the trade?  Like the late Leslie Neilsen said:  “Shirley, you can’t be serious.  “I am Serious and don’t call me Shirley!”

Notice how the government hasn’t outlawed naked short-selling, either?  Oh well…world’s gone to the crooks – like the past 30 years of elections hasn’t made that obvious, eh?

Future Living Humans

Our best guess – going into this morning (and this is never advice, mind you) is that we will maybe rally toward the close today. Futures up 150-ish for the Dow.

The problem is next week.  It’s a real pisser.  Because so many things are on the verge of blowing over.  Among them is the August 17th problem. A ‘net-rumored hot date to keep an eye on.

Let’s line up the worries like this:

  • U.S. markets have already within a hundred points (intraday this week) of completing a Wave 2 rally.  Look how it pencils ahead:

What would be ideal (in a Boris Karloff way) would be a slightly higher high than our Aggregate reading of 36,305 to hit a bit closer to the 50 percent retracement for stock rally Wave 2.  Then a decline into year-end with the market being about halved by New Years.

No, not saying this WILL happen, but it does (for the odds-playing day trader) get us to asking “Which is more likely between now and year end:  Market prices doubling?  Or market prices halving?”

Oddsmaker Jitters:

  • Donald Trump could be in irons by the middle of next week.  I can see the NY A.G. loving to do a perp-walk of Trump.
  • While Labor Day has the best tides for an invasion of Taiwan, we need to keep a weather eye on the south end of Formosa where the live fire drills continue. In particular, Taiwan (with U.S. advisors) are puffing up in Taiwan holds its own live-fire drills, accusing China of rehearsing an invasion.
  • And the U.S. seems to be going around Asia asking “Anyone want to come play live fire drills to intimidate China with us?”  Yes, there are takers for such a proposition: Indonesia, US troops hold live-fire drill as China tensions mount.
  • Next, we look at greedy mullahs in Tehran.  With no pallets of cash from Biden, their pressure point is making and selling drone swarm warfare gear to the Russians. Iran Has Begun Training Russia to Use Its Advanced Drones, U.S. Says – WSJ.
  • Add to the mix:  Palestinians are stirring shit up again as Death toll from Israel-Gaza fighting rises to 48.  Think they can distract Israel long enough to let the bomb builders in Tehran finish work?  No way in hell…
  • Which sets up the hot date for an Israeli strike sooner than later because Iran is playing everyone for time to keep their centrifuges running. Iran may accept EU proposal to revive nuclear deal if demands met, IRNA reports | Reuters.
  • Throw in a bunch of wildcard possibilities like Biden being floored and 25th’ed out with Covid effects and a new president Harris in the Oval and you’ve got the makings of a Stephen King novel.  (Will Tabitha mention it too him, please?)  Politics and nukes can be pretty frightening…more so than most dogs (ahem…).

Fillers and Thrillers

Plausible deniability Dept.  Garland Calls Trump’s Bluff as Justice Department Moves to Unseal Warrant – DNyuz.  And the reason for the Big Raid was?  (Remember, think in King-like plot elements here): FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say.  Since the Command in Chief can (if I’m not mistaken) declassify anything he wants, wouldn’t a simple backdated memo “I declassified that!” be a great skit element?

Too Much Government Dept. He went swimming after hours at Rockaway Beach, he ended up in handcuffs.  Seriously?

Gambling Alert!  Water in Vegas Update:  Las Vegas slammed with more flash floods as iconic strip, casinos under water again.  No word on whether additional bodies will be used to help refill Lake Mead.

Democrats run the NY Times?  We often wonder, but more grist for debate in Bari Weiss Details Fight At NYT Over Sen. Tim Scott.  Asking a dem to approve a GOP op-ed?  Kabuki for children.

ATR:  Ticker Kicker

Great doctor appointment Thursday with my cardiologist.  Come to find out I have what may have been a long-ago heart attack.  No kidding.  I didn’t ask at the time but turns out “silent” heart attacks are way more common than most people thing:  Silent Heart Attack: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment ( cites a 50-80 percent figure.

If mine isn’t an artifact, I think I know when and where.

Back 12-years ago, or so, Elaine and I were driving back to Texas from the Pacific Northwest.  We were run off the road by a road rage crazy, who got out of his truck and came at us with a crowbar.

While Elaine rolled video, I waited until he was not quite to our car, but away from his and drove off.

This happened in a construction zone and we were lucky there was a cop there.  The rage guy showed up and then drives off.  I had a clean merge, but he floored it so as not to let us merge in a construction zone.  (#$%^&*’er).

Adrenaline pumping, we waited a few minutes and then continued down to Reno.

But here’s the funny (suspect) part:  Just after merging back into traffic I semi-of blacked out.  Going in and out of consciousness, I collected myself  enough to get the car stopped.  Figured it was just my body dealing with an adrenaline overdose and passing out.  Now I’m thinking, no, maybe a transient heart attack.

Now, in retrospect, maybe it was.  Elaine and I swapped seats – she took over driving while I chilled out for a day or two at the Reno casino but was feeling great by two days into it.

The good news is I’m almost 30-pounds lighter than then, and no signs of any blockages now.  So may have been a heart attack or it was an “artifact.”

Regardless, 2,200-calorie eating and all things in moderation is the plan.  Sell distillery and wine stocks you may own.

Boring, but must be present to win is how Life works.

Write when you get rich,

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52 thoughts on “Import/Export Numbers, Terminal BTCs, Futuring Humans”

  1. I think gasoline prices are plateauing on the lows.

    Kam won’t be president. Kam is weak and probably was picked so when Biden does the switch-a-roo to Obama and Hillary nobody will push-back from Team-Dem making the RINO steamroll all the easier.

    “Trade Restitution” is a great idea. Delphi got a 13 year retroactive bailout. It wasn’t their fault they followed management into the ditch. Like us they were ‘just working and had faith’.

    Everyone with a 401K should get a retroactive pension. How did we know the 401K would be a primary retirement tool? It was 1978. We were distracted. Iran was going topple us.

    And it looks like Donald and Melanie Trump may rhyme with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

    • Maybe your thinking about billy jeff and hildebeast selling uranium to Russia for personal profit.

    • “Kam won’t be president.”
      Won’t ‘they’ have to get this done before the Mid-Term elections? If the Republicans take both the House and Senate – where does that leave the replacement-president ? Grid-lock?
      Less than 90 days before TSHTF ?

    • The DIFFERENCE IS: The Rosenberg’s were guilty.

      And yes, Hillary, that is the answer to: “What Difference Does It Make?”

      As to the answer of how did we know that the 401k would be the primary retirement tool?

      Because there was a whole generation of BABY BOOMERS to fleece…. too many BILLIONS have been made off of this huge generation by kicking out from under the population the pension’s, raiding (buying and selling and consolidating) the companies that had em, and putting everyone on a 3 legged stool.

      Eyes to see, and ears to hear.

      The problem is, they haven’t finished raiding your 401k’s, they have been munching off of them since 1978, but the raiding has not begun yet.

      As the Carpenter’s sang: “We Have Only Just Begun.”

  2. George
    You might have a look at what Jin Rickards says about the end of cash.
    He call December 13, 2022 as C Day when the Federal Gov declares cash obsolete.
    Doesn’t Congress get to vote on that? Oh wait we’re in a police state now – silly me!

  3. Gee. Remember this? An advanced US drone was captured by Iran in 2011. The Obama administration did nothing to destroy or nullify it. (Well, maybe a strongly worded letter).,near%20the%20city%20of%20Kashmar%20in%20northeastern%20Iran.

    And now they are being sold to Russia by the hundreds.

    • I believe..they landed it.. assumed control and flew it to the airport..
      If I am not mistaken..that was when a few micro programs transmitting guidance control information was discovered hard wired into th e guidance chips.. Rand Paul had a big writeup about it at the time..
      He was pushing for congress to read the bills to and put a halt to taking donations..
      About that time was when everyone’s camera and Michrophone went on across the country..phones security systems even baby monitors.. my guess is that was just for show..should have been the thing that brought up the question .. well if they can do that then what else can they do..
      Now with the knowledge of the laptop and what was on it.. the sky’s the limit..

    • Ure’s long-time alternative (paid for home in conservative, undertaxed, ag sufficient region, well stocked and prepped) is sure looking good here lately, Mr. Bonds. We had no way of knowing which pensions would be bailed and which ones failed is one of the issues…

    • Your George C. Scott (in the Movie Patton referring to Rommel, the desert fox) is brilliant.
      (Thought we should explain for the less cogent children present…ahem…)

      • first movie my Parents ever took me to(at tender young age of 8), remember Mom being upset about her little boy being exposed to the colorful language. She had no problems with my being exposed to Guns, Bombs, Tanks, Gernades, ect… a true blue American Mom..Bless her Heart.

        like the general hisself once said “sometimes I just, by God, get carried away with own dam eloquence” – yeah true dat.

  4. George,
    When the news interviewer met a new IRS hire she needed some good questions for her interviewee so she asked him one.
    She asked if, being a new IRS hire, they had to take a math class in order to better communicate with the taxpayers.
    The new IRS hire thought for only a second and answered, “NO ‘maam, we don’t visit the taxpayers to ‘communicate’ with them.

  5. ” FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say. ”

    They can’t find any “classified documents” because Trump has an ongoing ability to declassify any document created before, or during his term.

    If they find any documents related to our nukes, or any other sensitive area, then any possible informant needs to be identified, and remanded to custody on a charge of espionage. Da ex-Prez retains his/her security clearance and can possess/view sensitive material; others can not…

    • While the DoJ can get a hung jury, it will be very difficult to get 12 impartial jurors to unanimously agree to convict Trump. That’s not the goal. The administration gets some anti-Trump news and then generously agrees to drop the charges. If Trump “gets off”, it seems only fair that Hunter gets off too.

    • “If they find any documents related to our nukes”

      Today’s blurb is they’re “looking for the launch codes.”

      The President never has the launch codes, unless there’s an act or action which might require a nuclear response. He doesn’t touch them — he doesn’t even see them, EVER! The “football” is carried by a military attaché attached to the President’s Secret Service entourage. The minute Joe lied on the Bible, that military attaché became attached to him, and within minutes of his taking office, the codes were changed.

      The codes are changed frequently. How frequently they are changed is above my pay-grade, but I’d guess as infrequently as once a week, or as often as twice per day. The FBINSACIA are a lot more anal about security than I, and I would change them daily, at different times of the day, using a disassociated random generator or six.

    • trump, his kids and son in law are security threats. due to debt none are entitled to security clearances. trump doesn’t get security briefings. biden put an end to that nonsense. who do you think trump wanted to sell state secrets to? word is that it’s the saudis.

      • Joe Biden and his son are security threats, times 2. You’re writing like a troll and trolls get banished from grown up hangouts like this pretty quickly.

  6. There are a number of different types of “Heart attack.” The one pictured on the TV shows ever since “Dr. Kildare” is “cardiac arrest” because it is the only one that’s “spectacular,” and the “doctor” gets to trot out the paddles.

    Over 99% of heart attacks are blockages or fibrillation errors, which when they cause pain, usually cause it far from the heart (the dude on teevee who grabs his heart and dies is another misnomer). Heart attacks can be anywhere from completely pain-free to causing a pain which feels like someone is physically tearing your muscles apart, in some part of your body. When I learnt about “pain-free” and “symptom-free” heart attacks, just the reading scared me, ‘cuz you just simply do not, and can not know…

  7. George
    Recall the Recent Shop owner witht he Shotgun the “Blew the arm off” the punk with the Assault rifle this week.
    After the event when the adrenaline dropped, he also had a “small” heart attack but is said to be doing OK.
    So what you describe is not rare.
    Take care of yourself.
    BTW you handled it the best way, get them out of the car and drive away.

  8. The DOW bottomed out at 777,40 years ago today.
    That day,Henry Fonda died.
    So my indicator to get back in will be the day that Jane kicks.

  9. Anyway folks this 2 shall pass . So much evil reading and psyops today . But . Hold gold and aggressively short all other markets . Indicator flashing brighter by the hour . It will go and you don’t need a guru to tell you some down the road date because they are on the take . Peace and strength to real Americans the sons and daughters of the Declaration of Independence

    • gold is a losing bet. look at its performance over the past ten years. now add in your buy and sell premiums.

      • We gotta tell the truth here: We might have bought a gold “lone round” in 2001 in SF from Kitco in 2001 for $273. Inflation, says the Fed would put it at $453.82 this year – so it has beat “official inflation” by 4 x.

        Then, in 2004 we might have bound a “lone silver round” for $6.93 and another for $7.04.

        These officially inflate to $11.59.

        Ergo, gold has done better than silver and over time paper always goes to zero. The only variable is now long it takes.

  10. We are told that the Godfather missed personal callers while away in New York, but was able to reactivate the cctv security cameras according to the “New York Daily Post”.

    Was the “National Inquirer” the precursor to digital fake news? On October 10, 2020, “The Expess” published a piece on the August 1990 Calvine Incident. Two men allegedly photographed a ufo in Scotland. The report was by Nick Pope a former UK Ministry of Defense ufo office employee. On May 2, 2022, a reporter with “The Scottish Sun” revisited the matter with Mr. Pope.

    Today 32 years and 8 days after the incident, “The Daily Mail” published a detailed report by a ufo researcher who had been approached by a retired RAF officer with a picture of the incident. His picture appears to mimic the same MOD fake mockup picture that appeared in the other two prior reports noted above. “The truth is out there”?

    Let us take respite from such rapid and silent changes about the Earth as we take in “Oasis” from the studio with DJ Ure ready to drop the hypersonic sound boom on:

    • Speaking of oasis, a water emergency has been declared at Iqualuit, Nunavut a capital city in Canada’s north. The river supplying the city on a bay primary needs has experienced dryer conditions. Plans are to pump water from the lake known as “Unnamed Lake”. That’s all I got, it’s early.

  11. The truth about the raid on Mar-a-Lago which no one has the balls to speak:

    The raid was a stunt, foist by the 1/6 circus. They haven’t even been able to nail Donald Trump on a jaywalking citation, they’re running out of time, and people have, nearly totally, stopped watching the TV series, so they’ve got to come up with something, or manufacture something, and they’ve got less than 4 months.

    This is why the unnecessary “show” warrant is open-ended, and allowed the FBI to seize anything, related to anything, or to nothing at all. It is also why the New York AG, whose entire platform was “I’m gonna hang Donald Trump,” dragged him in this week, and he took the 5th across the board because given our injustice system, that is the ONLY WAY to avoid a “perjury trap” (ask Hillary Clinton, who avoided hers this way, or Martha Stewart, who didn’t…) I never bet, but with that said:

    I would bet money the NSA has bugs that a sweeper won’t detect, and some of them were left in Palm Springs.

    I was car-bound today, listened to some XM Patriot, Progress (commie), and POTUS (also commie, although they advertise it as unbiased.) EVERYBODY’S talking about Trump and Mar-a-Lago. No other news or debate topic exists in U.S. News today, and there’s precious little in other Western news sources.

    This REALLY SHOULD make folks wonder what the left hand of the PTB is doing…

    • I believe They need a distraction show in comparison to all the other more horrendous issues that keep popping up about the present administrations family life and the actions of the whole family in their business dealings.. So bring up the anti Trump over and over and over again.. he farted on the podium.. who would do such a horrendous thing.. but don’t look at what we have done and what we are doing.. heck no one has a clue what they did with the six years budget they printed out of thin air to bring the country some security.. instead.. everything is skyrocketing out of control…

    • Anyone who talks to the FIB’ers (or even State prosecutors) automatically becomes a candidate for either a phony process crime charge, or, becomes involuntarily drafted as a confidential informant (CI) under threat of a phony process crime persecution. Do you really think Trump knows (or remembers) what he or all his staff members have done or squirreled away on a minute by minute basis? The FIB’ers maintain enormous databases of information (real and fabricated) gleaned from shakedowns of Others. Talking to them is economic suicide. Ask Flynn.

  12. G, I don’t know if you read my comment about Southern Indiana being dragged through the mud of current economic impact, but Mike Shedlock put out a nice writeup about this sort of thing, and as an example, placed Hawesville, KY right in the thick of it. Hawesville is right across the Ohio River from Tell City, IN– about a 10-15 minute drive from me. I had said that we’re clinging by the skin of our teeth, and this really is a perfect example of how tough it’s going to be for us here, if things don’t get figured out asap. Read this for a much better explanation:

  13. I am remiss to have not mentioned that most patriotic gesture of your First Family to be spending their vacation time in the USA. The Canadian PM and family are of course out of the domestic sphere at a Costa Rican hideaway. The recent instigator of the Emergency Measures Act was pictured upon arrival in the sunny climes without a mask to a nation that does not require a covid jab to enter. Adding an exclamation mark to it all in recent days is the new Costa Rican legislation banning covid mandates. One can only imagine what sort of freedom loving ideas the PM might return with from his sojourn in the southern lands.

  14. Surf dude prophecy….
    Trump gets arrested and charged with bogus or planted evidence, gets convicted by rigged trial.
    Doesn’t run in 2024.
    DeSantis gets the gop nomination, picks Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate. Dems loose their shit and their heads explode. They win by a landslide. Dems heads explode again. DeSantis pardons Trump first day in office and appoints him AG. Dems heads explode again. Trump begins the mass arrests.
    I can go on and on about what will happen next.
    Just use your imagination.

  15. A Special moderators note from George: As you read this, remember the author below is a retired senior USAF officer who rode B52’s countless thousands of hours and has deep first-hand personal process and procedures knowledge of how American Megatons are shepherded around the battlespace, who has what keys, and how they are handed. So listen up.
    Super high creds, not BS, real deal, see through the BS of politics information about how the ACTUAL system of nuclear weapon controls works. Use this information as filter content to see who in media and politics is blowing smoke up our low-information voter butts. G

    Apologies for the late comment – out of town company todya.

    [ahem] About the Trump nuclear secrets musings . . .

    First: A former President does not retain nuclear codes nor copies of approved U.S. retaliatory strike options, aka the Black Book. The serving President does not retain nuclear codes nor copies of approved U.S. retaliatory strike options, aka the Black Book.

    The president’s U.S. military has possession of these items “at all times,” plus multiple alternate locations spread across the nation (and occasionally the globe) have identical copies of these items. The Presient’s appointed Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) military advisor carries these documents in the ‘football’ (briefcase) and presents them to the Commander-in-Chief (CINC) during exercises and real world crisis scenarios. If that individual is neutralized or immobilized, alternate locations across the U.S. (and the globe) assume the military advisory role with their copies of the nuke command and control documents and the Black Book.

    Second: The Commander-in-Chief (CINC), i.e. the President, can only use these nuclear documents (a) when holding office as the current president and (b) when America is determined to be under attack, or engaged in an exercise attack. The SIOP codes and the black book are routinely revised and replaced, making older copies obsolete in fairly short order. In other words, the missileers, bomber and SLBM crews would not have the receiving end component of former obsolete documents in their possession, making any bogus nuke execution order from a former President or a foreign entity a non-factor.

    Third: Providing these time-sensitive nuclear documents to a strategic competitor or adversary does little for the adversary nor does it harm for the U.S., as multiple alternate versions of codes and duplicate copies of the Black Book exist. Codes are produced in series and randomly selected for real world and exercise scenario use, assuring reliable and secure communication of retaliatory strike options if and when the America is attacked. An opponent knowing ‘some of’ the codes and certain Black Book options cannot alter, start nor stop the execution of the actual SIOP option chosen by the president or his lawfully appointed successor(s) (which thankfully are NOT Liz Warren, Chuck Shumer or Nancy Pelosi).

    Lastly, as many media commentators have accurately pointed out, the President is the ultimate “classify/declassify” authority. If the CINC proclaims an item or items declassified, it is so. End of story.

    • Thank you.

      This should be common knowledge and common sense, but unfortunately, “common sense” has been in uncommonly short supply for at least a generation…

  16. It seems there was a tragic car crash yesterday evening in Ramsgate, UK. A car plunged into a family seated on a roadside bench. One of the deceased is the Israeli educated, Cambridge based algorithm physicist Noga Sella (Hirshfeld in the msm reports) apparently associated with cutting edge Silicon Valley chip maker KLA…

  17. Weekend news…?

    600,000 Barrels Of Oil Output Shut At 7 US Gulf Platforms On Pipeline Outage

    US offshore oil drillers Shell, Chevron and Equinor halted operations at facilities pumping hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day on Thursday, citing an onshore pipeline leak that a port official said should take about a day to fix. While the shut-ins are not expected to last more than a day or two, the number of facilities affected by the leak offered another example of how a relatively minor failure can affect a swath of U.S. energy infrastructure according to Reuters

    2024 election being rigged ‘right now in plain sight’

    The results of the 2020 presidential election may not have been changed from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden by blatant vote fraud – voters casting ballots in the names of neighbors or dead people – so much as it was impacted by being rigged.

    Radio Crew, Witnesses Gunned Down in Mexican Border City near Texas

    Cartel gunmen shot and killed a radio crew and several bystanders during a series of attacks on businesses throughout Ciudad Juarez. Authorities note 11 murders and several cars and businesses set on fire in a span of 10 hours. The violence is attributed to a cartel turf war that began inside a local prison.

  18. China-Controlled TikTok Accused of Using Child Porn for ‘Training’: Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out

    Multiple sources from inside TikTok are saying the same thing — the fastest-growing social media platform in the world has a child pornography problem. TikTok and its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, came under intense scrutiny after an Aug. 4 report from Forbes detailed the testimony of two former TikTok moderators. According to the moderators, the platform saves uncensored, sexually explicit images and videos of children, distributing them to employees for training purposes.

    Twitter outlines its plot to “protect” the US midterm elections from “misinformation”

    Using the same policy that resulted in unprecedented censorship during the 2020 US presidential election. Twitter will start censoring “disputed claims,” “potentially harmful and misleading information,” and “false” information about the 2022 US midterms from today under its “Civic Integrity Policy.”

  19. IRS Seeking To Hire Agents To Carry Firearms And Be Ready To Use Deadly Force

    The law enforcement branch of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) posted an advertisement for a job where special agents will be required to “carry a firearm” and “be willing to use deadly force” during “dangerous assignments.”

    Old news…

    For new news, drop in on the IRS recruiting site and compare the job requirements as posted today, with those posted two days ago:

  20. CDC waves the white flag…

    New COVID-19 guidance from CDC focuses on individual decisions:

    Those exposed to the virus are no longer required to quarantine

    Unvaccinated people now have the same guidance as vaccinated people

    Students can stay in class after being exposed to the virus

    It’s no longer recommended to screen those without symptoms

    Thanks to the rise of the right France drops Corona measures

    For trips to France, the conditions imposed during the Corona “pandemic” have been lifted. As of this week, proof of Corona shots, a negative test or a recovered status is no longer required. In France, a number of special rules for the fight against the lab-made virus were lifted at the turn of the month.


    If you think Antifa are not operating in large numbers in Texas, you are sadly incorrect. I’m a 22-year-old from Denton, Texas and an unapologetic conservative activist. I spent much of my time at the University of North Texas, from which I just graduated, leading its main conservative student group, the Young Conservatives of Texas. And for that, Antifa and the far-left here have sought to intimidate me into silence by doxxing me and my family, and threatening me with violence and even death.

    Arizona Announces It’s Building Its Own Border Wall

    Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey announced Friday that his state has begun filling in gaps in the U.S.-Mexico border wall. On his first day in office, President Joe Biden issued an executive order ending construction on the wall the Trump administration was building on the nation’s southern border, leaving many gaps. “Arizona has had enough,” Ducey said in a news release.

  22. World Economic Forum proposes AI to automate censorship of “hate speech” and “misinformation”

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) continues to beat the drum of the need to somehow merge “AI” and humans, as a supposed panacea to pretty much any ill plaguing society and economy. It’s never a sure bet if this Davos-based elite’s mouthpiece comes up with its outlandish “solutions” and “proposals” as a way to reinforce existing, or introduce new narratives; or just to appear busy and earn its keep from those bankrolling it.

    WEF Advisor Says Global Elite ‘Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’ to Live

    The World Economic Forum regularly calls for the mass extermination of human beings. A top-level World Economic Forum (WEF) advisor says that we simply “don’t need the vast majority of the population,” and called for human beings to be replaced by machines whenever possible, saying that beyond producing data, people are just no longer “useful” to the global elite and their agenda.

    WEF Calls For End to Private Car Ownership

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for an end to private car ownership. A recently published paper calls for an end to “wasteful” private vehicle ownership in favor of public transportation and communal cars.

    • Ray, I saw this story too and thank you for posting it.
      If, when one reads it, they do not understand that this is a spokesman for the New World Odor that is not so subtly serving notice to those BILLIONS of people that their days are numbered for their extinction.
      The only thing more plain than this warning is the final solution being initiated. Likely with some of those BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition the PTB have stockpiled. They sure as hell don’t plan on sending that ammo to the Ukranians. Very obviously, they plan to use it right here and soon. Those thousands of new IRS soldiers beholden to the PTB are required to swear they will have no resistance to killing anyone they are ordered to. They all will get appropriate weapons for the slaughter that is coming our way. (To prevent YOU from having weapons)
      BTW, A very interesting read by John Birmingham: Third book in a fiction trilogy titled as, “After America.” Amazing dovetail fit to how things are going after a major wipeout of BILLIONS of the population.

  23. I’m going preface these comments by acknowledging that I did not want the Donald to run for a second term. I have no personal issues with Trump, but the Republicans need to move on.
    The raid on Trump’s personal office and file storage is simply an extension of political espionage which started while he was candidate for office before his first term. That partisan political terror campaign was begun by the Obama FIB’ers and the DOJ, and it has never stopped. Remember that mass public street violence of that election season and Trump’s early term was DIRECTLY financed by the DOJ. The DOJ illegally redistributed Federal seizure monies (which should have been returned to the treasury) to local political groups, who were largely fronts for fringe violent political groups. Social justice as a cover story for partisan political violence was bank rolled by the DOJ on a huge scale. The DOJ is immune to ethics persecution.
    Meanwhile, Trump’s political lawyer gang opponents continue to line their own pockets, while promoting war and political chaos.
    Let’s call this what it really is: This US is an elitist kleptocracy operated by lawyer gang political criminals. Law enforcement’s job number one is to enforce the status quo dictated by the elites. To protect and serve the general public is secondary. The individual law enforcement officers are largely blameless, but they serve political criminals, and police actions which appear to be political generally are.
    Recent actions to staff up the IRS with armed bean counters are nothing but an excuse to go on a public rampage of targeted political property seizures against opponents. The IRS is a collection agency at best, and at worst, a tool of political retaliation. The IRS is not a law enforcement agency, and arming their agents represents an attempt to physically weaponize political retaliation. The sad truth is that the R’s are no heroes in this; locally they use public condemnation and seizure by brown shirt corporate cronies to attack their prey.
    Pick your choices at the polls carefully. Your future depends on it. Unfortunately, your choice of candidates is largely controlled by lawyer gangs.

    • “I’m going preface these comments by acknowledging that I did not want the Donald to run for a second term. I have no personal issues with Trump, but the Republicans need to move on.”

      I am right with you on that one.. I liked what he did.. seen how he was thinking.. he did more with no help in office than anyone I have seen as president in my lifetime.He was a braggart with good reason.. a narcissist and had all the faults that any human has.. .But they spent billions trying to destroy the man and his entire family even now they are spending money printed out of thin air while ignoring the deeper and uglier issues . then there were the riots.. destroying cities across the nation all what seemed to have the support of those in office.. not one word on any of that either.. defunding police protection and dismantling cities billions of dollars of damage…. NOW LOOK WHAT WE HAVE and what is coming our way… in my opinion the absolute worst we could ever imagine in our worst nightmares voted in to take the job without any job skills whatsoever..

      • And yet, you guys can’t see that DeSantis is even worse than Trump?

        Oh, he’s not, yet, but if he were to win the nomination, he would become so. So would Abbott, Haley, or anyone else. Ben Carson? The Left has been talking about how stupid THAT Uncle Tom is, since before Trump took office (no, I’m not kidding! They describe him as “stupid.”) The mainstream would make him out to be a crooked businessman with a roving eye so fast it would make your head spin — in case you missed the Herman Cain treatment (BTW, Cain was a bona-fide card-carrying genius — one of the most-gifted mathematicians in the history of the world.) Conservative Blacks or Hispanics, or Women of any ethnicity, are exempted from “protected status,” and are not allowed to come to, or retain prominence, in any public manner. If they don’t stay in their place, they will be taken apart and destroyed.

        Tulsi Gabbard hosted the Tucker Carlson show last night. That didn’t happen because she’s waxing conservative or contemplating switching parties (she’s unapologetically, politically liberal and has no intention of jumping the fence to become the next leftist Republican pariah — at least at this time.)

        She hosted Tucker because she’s honest.

        You can be liberal and be honest.
        You can be conservative and be honest.

        You can NOT be a communist or a crook, and be honest.

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