12 thoughts on “Special Note for Peoplenomics Subscribers”

  1. I totally missed it..
    I truly feel ashamed..
    I predicted the markets to totally implode by November.. November is staring us in the face and no signs at all of it happening anytime soon.

    This baffles me.. we have a currency that’s not backed by anything except the promise big oil backing it.
    They’ve been pushing more nothing to support nothing that each and every one of us depends on for surviving.
    Then pushing bit coin which is even less than paper not backed by anything but a promise..an upper class that basically forcing the working class to seek out federal programs while crying we want more. I was sure that as soon as the basic necessities exceeded eighty percent it would all implode.. I was wrong and am amazed as well..

    • I don’t think you are wrong. Maybe what is coming is the buy spike that will signal market exhaustion? When it comes it is going to blindside many but until then It looks like it’s up and away.

    • Guessing the direction of the market usually misses the mark. But I do know if you never change your opinion eventually you will be right. Listen to Ure Peoplenomic report, we are in a bull market. Enjoy it until 3K.

      • I know.. George is on top of it all the way.. love reading peoplenomics and urbansurvival.. George always has me thinking..

  2. Goerge was right!!! ;-)


    “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has released a statement exposed the Las Vegas shooting massacre as a false flag event that was orchestrated by the FBI.

    Warning about the horrific attack, that left 59 dead and hundreds more injured, Assange said that “Almost All ‘Terror’ Plots are Created by the FBI”. The infamous whistleblower revealed that the federal agency’s business model is to stage acts of terrorism so they can then “save the day” by foiling the plot they engineered in the first place.

    Speaking about the recent attack, that the mainstream media claims “lone wolf” Stephen Paddock was solely responsible for, Mr. Assange said that the FBI has a murky history when it comes to manipulating mentally ill and emotionally unstable individuals to be used as “patsies”. “Almost all ‘terror’ plots are created by the FBI as part of its **business model,” Assange wrote.

    Read more at: [link to http://www.nnettle.com]

    • So you believe a sniveling coward, who hasn’t got the courage to pry himself out of a foreign embassy where he has requested refuge for years?

      You think that he tells the truth?

      Lordy, Lordy, you’re guilible! (And lay off whatever you’ve been imbibing, it isn’t good for you.)

      • There’s a book called, The Terror Factory”. It’s about the FBI and how they groom the very terrorist they claim to save the world from.

        I’m not legitimizing MOJO’s comments, as I’m not sure Assange really said what is being attributed to him. Assange is usally very careful about his claims that are usually 100% correct.

        Just saying the FBI does have a history of creating the very terrorist they arrest, one case and point, Mohamed Mohamud, of Portland Car Bomb Plot fame. The 19 year old deserved the sentence he received as he did push the fake bomb button, but I did hear excerpts from his trial acted out on KBOO, a radio station here in Portland.

        That 19 year old kid was very impressionable and was groomed to be the monster he became. His own father said to the FBI, his son was being radicalized by someone he was communicating with on the internet, before his son was arrested for trying to blow up a civic event in downtown Portland. That someone on the internet was an FBI agent. That agent got to keep his identity hidden during the trial.


        The author the The Terror Factory is Trevor Aaronson.

      • I wouldn’t either.. you know there are probably people sitting outside that would want to hush him up..

      • Robert – Or maybe that ‘kid’ was just plain stupid. Nineteen year old persons are ‘responsible’ for themselves under the law. I wouldn’t have pulled that crap when I was half his age . . .


        In regards to other comments – if you are going to do something that brings such ill future prospects to your life – then either don’t do it or figure out an escape before hand . . . he has in effect, ‘self-jailed’ himself. What a dimwit!

  3. I tend to believe that the FBI deploys its minions at the local level for test runs under the radar. I also believe the subsonic UHF attack on the American embassy was directed by official American goons. The PT2 devices have been tested on ordinary citizens for years only to accelerate to civil/urban warefare at audacious levels. Funding for this technological field testing comes from DoD via veterans administration grants (see tiny print notes on the PTSD MUSC-Vet Hospital lab in Charleston, SC) that opened in 2008. Scary stuff that goes unchecked and unpublished that has used citizens and soldiers as test rats. Studies include use of digital visual stimuli in devices to evoke anti-social response in targets; UHF radio signals on selected citizen subjects whose behavior is monitored and tested against various government sponsored oppression, mental strain and isolation. For what benefit is cloaked under the guise of social behavioral research and would be consistent with the Wikileaker’s theory.

  4. OK George, You’ll be well dressed next spring for the Apocalypse in this hot number.
    and when Fall rolls around you’ll be prepped for the end times onslaughts in these tough tested fashion plays
    Top it off with a 6X beaver felt,Broken Bow, Stetson

    and your ready for whatever comes down the pipe singing “I’m to sexy for my hat”.

    These are my standard turn out gear by the way. Not office days though. The last time I wore my bib “overhauls” in you would have thought I stole the CEO’s Beemer.

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