What is the “news?”

Not to be too cynical (who, me?) but there is damn little of what is passed-off as “news” that is genuinely and personally useful.

The main aspect of “news” – after 50-years of chasing it, or making it – is that which will impact my life today and is different from yesterday.  Instead of the Obvious distraction (Harvey W. leads on Google, Drudge, while the New Republic covers Chinese baby-making and more Trump-bashing) I thought it would do us both some good to looking at what matters – and what doesn’t.

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We’ll leave it to you to see who is monetizing the Harvey W. disaster…but there’s a line of monetizers now.

Before we start, let’s dispense with the Harvey W stories:  You don’t know him (personally), I don’t know him, nor does his fall from [whatever] have anything to do with my life [directly] or yours.  So we can label this [bullshit].

Chinese couples coming to America to hire mother surrogates?  The number of UrbanSurvival readers who are female is small (15.6% female and our main age group is 45+ says Google Analytics), so that story isn’t likely to impact our readers.  Female children?

No, think about this:  Say New Republic is right and this is a new trend.  How many Chinese are shopping American surrogate moms?  A hundred?  Suddenly, we see the relevance of the story going…going…gone.

What’s left?

Time magazine offers 6 Ways to Practice Lagom, the Swedish Secret to a Balanced, Happy Life.  You might find it interesting, but I’m already happy.  If the Swedes want to send Ann-Margret over for dinner (she was born 28 April 1941 in Sweden) she might make for an interesting dinner guest…but again, we’re down the statistical crap-hole as sobriety wanders in.


Ah…something relevant – at last!  Wal-Mart sees 40 percent growth in U.S. online sales for fiscal 2019.

Several personal impacts on this one:  a) Our latest 55″ TV is showing up today from WalMart.  Better pricing than Amazon – which is rare, but as we outlined on the Peoplenomics side half a year back, we’re playing the modern business death-game “Barbarians at the Mall: Bezos and Bentonville” (which assumed you know Walmart is HQ’ed in Bentonville, AR, right?).

We have also recently purchased another server (for the next edition of Grady’s Nostracodeus future-predicting software to run on).  It’s a 1 TB i5 8GB refurb with Windows 10 Pro and it was about $230 including tax.  That dear reader is pertinent.  Runs great, BTW.

So is out new Google audio whatzit that isn’t making news yet, but we’re going to see if we can get Alexa (Amazon’s voice product) to talk to the Google product.  Maybe we can get them to argue?  Again, that is pertinent because dueling AIs is the future.  Everyone knows it, the media is too stupid to report it daily.  Robots and AI are coming for you…just a matter of when they take over your life.

Fox reports that an ‘Alien megastructure’ ruled out for some of star’s weird dimming.  We knew that one was statistically probable, didn’t we?  I mean who is going to be gullible and mentally impaired to the point of believing such hogwash in the first place?  “Let’s build a megastructure some significant fraction of a light-year in size, shall we?”  I don’t know if Prozac lowers resistance to clear thinking, but people ought to drink a lot more coffee.  Sheesh.

On the wires we see how Netflix fends off criticism over Canada investment.  But who cares?  The ONLY story about NF that matters is the recent rate hike.  We’ll stick with (cheap) basic, thanks.

One Story That Matters

California wildfires kill at least 11, more than 100 reported missing in wine country.  I’m still skeptical that this isn’t a planned attack.

Not withstanding my paranoia (the meds should kick in any minute) the fact is we expect that California wines will become more expensive. “Fires strike blow to wine industry in Sonoma and Napa counties” reports the LA Times.

Next Financial Tidal Wave?

Keep an eye on the phony accounting stories out of Japan starting with Kobe Steel’s data-fabrication stuns Japanese manufacturers.

Question is:  Are there others?  (Yes).  Will they come out?  (That”s what to look for…)

Meanwhile, Back at Useless:

Game of Thrones: Traffic banned from Dark Hedges road.  The only
“game of thrones” that matters is the one we play at the ranch when I’m in one bathroom and…. Game play is being 5-7AM most days.  Too  much information, did you say?

CNN’s Gaffe du Jour?

Headlining “Pence’s stunt further inflames the nation.”

STUNT?????  WTF are these people?  STUNT??????

No, Pence (and we) STAND for America.  If the teams don’t?  We’re outta there.

You can have 5-more hours for real hobbies per week if you swear off football.  And we noticed recently how a NJ mega car dealer pulls TV ads over NFL protests.  If they were closer, I’d shop there.

Market Outlook: Fresh Records Today/This Week

We anticipate another run up to records this week.  NFIB small business optimism index is still near 2005 levels.

Meantime, with the Dow futures up 40, and the all time high at 22,803 and change, we’ve got to expect new all-time highs for the balance of this week.

And we’ll go over how to personally make some dough on for Peoplenomics readers tomorrow.  Plus our new approach to statistics that we’re cobbling into a new way to play the lottery.  Should be interesting!

Toodles till Thursday…

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