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    • LOL I would love to see some with a stupid fortune.. in it.. like.. if you would wash more you would smell as sweet as a summers breeze

  1. Re: prep clothing

    Notice how military wears boots not shoes? So do my farm friends. They also have dairy boots (galoshes) for everybody in the family. They live in insulated Carhart overalls in the winter.

    Buttons on outer wear or heavy work clothes can be sewn on with good quality dental floss or monofilament sewing thread. Both last a long time, and be sure to back up the button on the inside of clothing with another small flat button (think of it like a washer on a bolt.)

    Lastly, the most important, lots of tough undies and socks and gloves.

    • “insulated Carhart overalls ”
      I cannot find mine anywhere.. I know my wife retired them to the round storage bin outside.. the other thing that mysteriously is missing is my columbia down filled coat.http://www.columbia.com/mens-heatzone-1000-turbodown-hooded-jacket—manchester-united-1730631.html?cgid=technology-turboDownWave&dwvar_1730631_variationColor=010#start=1. loved that coat.. it got to the point she couldn’t patch it anymore last year. I am sure it went into the round storage bin as well.. sad.. real sad there wasn’t anyway you could even consider feeling a chill in that coat.. I hid my garage coat though.. that one isn’t going anywhere soon LOL..

      • Both Levis and Wranglers start unraveling with the least little scratch. Haven’t had a button/rivet pop out yet due to the Winter girth that arrived and stayed last year but I did find that Magellan carpenter pants at Academy withstand my abuse very well. All the extra pockets are a major plus. From molten sucker rod pieces burning holes in the lower leg (almost a “No mas pantalones” day) to getting a paddle bit wrapped up in a pant’s leg the subsequent stitching I did last year has held up pretty well along with the rest of the denim. My Wearguard shirts are about 15-plus years old, too. When they’re all in the clothes hamper I revert to my 20-plus year old shirts.

  2. Re: lotto

    You’re an intuitive guy, try pendulum/dowsing for grins. I hear good traders use intuition in the mix for choices.

    • their jeans are to die for.. long lasting comfortable.. I buy from them all the time.. great company.. a little high on the cost but when you weigh out the length of time they last.. a bargain..

    • Plus one for Duluth Trading… If it wears out they will replace it! And big ‘ol zipper pulls that you can grasp on to.

  3. Texas 2 Step on Monday & Thursday. Buy $5 of Quick Picks each M & T for $10 a week. You will be a winner. Turn off your Lottery Pro, QP’S are random & the lottery is random.

  4. Holy Cow FUDman!
    “Bitcoin, but we remain skeptical” Really ? But you spend hard earned FRN’s on the State lotto – color me Confuzzeled. I guess y’all did NOT #BTFD . Too bad, yhuge loss, not to mention the totally FREE Bitcoin Cash Tokens “Hodlers” got with the Hard fork this past summer. One Bitcoin Cash Token for each original Bitcoin held in a wallet, if you held your Bitcoins on account on an Exchange you got nothing. I sold my FREE tokens for $445 per coin***tax free***. Another hard fork is coming with Segwit2x, more FREE coins, late November. As for Doubletops….. IMHO they are complete,udder B.S. Look for the Dow to blow thru that channel and take out previous high.

    • Since we’re not short, that blow through would be interesting to watch. But as with stocks, tulip bulbs, or BTCs, it’s what you spend it on that matters…

      • George – Do you also have a long account to enjoy this bull market. I make most of my money in the long account & use my trading account to satisfy my gambling addiction & stimulate my mind.

  5. ” Can we tell if Donald Trump has a high IQ?

    Excuse me.. how could they even ask a stupid question like that..

    I watched on television several announcements on the inauguration and the crowd.. then he complained on how they were reporting it..
    they on network television said.. why would he complain we gave a good account that was positive.
    what Trump seen.. was the negative subliminal messages that were popping out everywhere with the news.. not many people catch that stuff.. he caught it ..
    Now we see a man that got a nice inheritance lost it all.. learned from his loss and went back to build it again lost it again.. each time he has lost he learned and gained.. and built himself up to one of the wealthiest men in the world. so is he smart.. exceptionally.. I understand how he gets himself in a pickle to.. he has a thousand things going through his mind all at the same time.. and when asked he says from the top of his mind.. ( this is one thing I like about him to..) when people ask me an important question they almost always tell me to contemplate it for a day or so before I jump right out with an answer..
    So .. is he smart…. Hmmm sharp as a tack.. and in my honest opinion has the heart of the american people as his top priority

    • Re: the heart of the american people as his top priority

      This is one that always gets me. I don’t see anything in his 60 or so adult years that demonstrates this. Where is the commitment to selflessly working for the public good? Volunteer? Non-profit? Affordable housing? Reducing crime? Education? Pro-bono? The military? Animals? Environment?

      I mean where is the cause that he champions? When has he ever put the interests of Trump, Inc. second to the needs of others? His whole life has been about making himself rich, fame and celebrity. Even now as POTUS he can’t put his own ego on the back burner for a minute. Instead he picks immature and non-beneficial fights with everyone.

  6. Hi
    George et al.,
    If you google “multiple lottery winners” you will see stories about people who have won the lottery 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, and 14x, as well as seven people in Ohio who won 100 or more times.
    Lets suppose that the odds of winning an average Lotto are one in a million (1/10^6) per win. If the same person wins two times, the odds are 1/10^6 x 1/10^6 = 1/10^12. So for a 5-time winner, the odds would be 1/10^30. This is such a vanishingly small number that we would expect to see it maybe only once, globally, in several hundred years of lottery playing. Yet there are multiple occurrences.
    It could be that these winners are cheating–But the credibility of the lottery games requires that cheating be prevented and punished; If we all think that the games are rigged, no one will play, and there goes the revenue.

    Another explanation is that there are way(s) to figure out the numbers in advance.
    I doubt if you will discover much from reading the ‘secrets’ of multiple lottery winners, though that may be worth a try…
    We learned from Cliff High that the future is leaky; that info from the future leaks into the past because past and future are illusions. So your winning strategy likely lies in finding those leaks. Remote viewing is good for pictures, but not numbers. However, if you figure out a system for encoding numbers into a picture, you might be able to view a future picture and extract the numbers from it. Has any reader tried this?

  7. Sorry if this is cutting into Krusty the Klown Kids time, but we are breaking away to the Network 23 Detroit affiliate where our correspondent is tuning in the rap from man on the street vWv. Max: take it away…

    vWv: Yo, brother, give me the mike and I could says you some rhymes but they’s just white lies hiding the content.

    Maybe a Man approved Kid Rock as opening act for the new Detroit arena last month, but hey, word in the hood is Jack White speaks more downtown than a suburban, know what I’m saying?

    BET MnM was live two nights back? Canned; so Oct. 6th. The then tomorrow’s news was wrapped yesterdays ago in the parkade. ‘Fraid so. Yesterday’s news just like a parkade bought by a billionaire earlier this year from a county perhaps prepared to sell at a loss? Own a large online lender? Money can flow. Have the Federal Reserve of Chicago Detroit branch as a building tenant? Like a good rap song, shows a good cash flow. Own a champion basketball team whose star player calls the President a bum? Taking a knee? They’re falling in lines; now it all rhymes? vWv out.

    Network 23 thanks Krusty for the number 23 and Tangerine Dream for the theme music: “Exit”.

    • Our Canadian news analyst was last seen smoking Koll filters and chugging a 40, yo, dats whut I’m talkin, busta.\

      Look for our upcoming book: Culturcide/LingoSplat

  8. Five ways to improve a marriage is predicated on having one to begin with. Getting past “I don’t feel that way about you” is the most difficult step, and there’s no good advice on that. Women view relationship as based on feelings, and men generally can articulate a set of actual objective criteria and goals. I have no clue how to create this “feelings” thing other than being kind, considerate, honest, caring, and logical. That goes nowhere, so there’s no Mrs. to consider, much as I’d like to.

    Regarding the lottery: There seems to be variations on “randomness”, as seen in the Princeton Egg project and others. Some people can roll dice with a far greater probability of a given number than random. Obviously, the casinos try to screen them out. I knew a girl that could do that once, but she lost the ability as she got older. I myself have never won a lottery and have never even bought a ticket. My logical mind dismisses the idea of winning as a non-starter. I once played a slot machine with the girl mentioned above just to try it, and we spent an entire dollar. The machine made all kinds of noises and flashes, and it eventually stopped. There was no payout or dollar to be seen. Her classic comment: “That was dumb”.

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