Spamming the Afterlife

“You can’t take it with you” is a common saying as old age and Death approach late in Life.  But, economics argues that might not be the case.

What seems more likely is that there is something we take and we propose that special “something” is what becomes our “currency”
in (or if) there’s an afterlife.

Heady stuff, but we also serve up the practical.  In addition to the ChartPack and an understandably cynical view from seven decades of Observations, we will also keep an eye on what’s coming toward us in the jobs data just beginning its monthly flow.

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60 thoughts on “Spamming the Afterlife”

  1. Yo G, in my family lore, if you need divine guidance just ask your “guardian angels” or spirit guides. They are always present and are will provide guidance when asked. As for the ego, a comment was made about “killing the ego” to become a better person. The object is not to kill the ego but to tame it. I see people that are not in control of the ego and or emotions, it is not a pretty sight.

    • Sure – just “tame it” ?!?!?!!!!

      Yea that worx – NOT . Just a little Gay ? Just a little Corrupt?

      Yeah yeah like the lesser of 2 evils..bwahahahahaha

      No worries being a better person – for Who ? for What?

      Ure a slave, a prisoner here on Earth .

      No REviews – its ALL Garbage and headed for the cutting room floor. You will REMEMBER NOTHING of this Life and what happened to you and Ures – NOTHING.

      Go ahead ask Ure spirits bout that & color me LMAO!

      Life – Its a Fucking JOKE – and we SHEEPLES are the butt it.

      • I do feel sorry for you. If you believe that… then that is what you will experience. You have fallen for the jailor’s bait… hook, line, & sinker. Did you ever consider the possibility of breaking out of the jail? Seems it would be possible if you consider the clues left all around you… if you are smart enough to find and use them. I think our friend Andy would dispute your position. He’s been dead twelve times.

    • Amen .What a great post today G….. I am a firm believer in prayer..we eat all meals at the table as a family and we do give thanks..
      at least three times..( more than that I am sure.. the poem of tracks in the sand comes to mind)
      I have needed a Devine interference and my prayers were answered quite spectacularly I might add..
      the two that really stands out was one time I thought I had the flu..I was running two photo labs working as Santa part time , selling Xmas trees and at a local nursing home. I was trying to control my life and not give it to the father..two weeks I was world was collapsing. the boss had sold out the employees by gambling on the stock market.. I had a kid that had an accident fell out of a tree..half a million in medical..our rent was over due and so was everything else.. after two weeks of the flu I got hungry..went to burger king got a whopper fries and coke..ate it and went in the dip-n-dunk room..was putting film on and passed out. went out and told my boss I had to go I wasn’t feeling well.. I called for a ride I was to sick to drive. they came and said..we are taking you to the hospital.. I got in the ER and the doctors were doing tests..the one doctor said I think we are going to admit you..
      knowing my situation there wasn’t any way I could take time off of work. I was the only one that knew our situation..
      sitting in the hallway I seen the sign for the chapel.. and went in.. A gentle sunlight coming through the stained glass window..A white statue of Christ on one side of the alter and Mary on the other.. I knelt and said a silent prayer.. which consisted of oh father I don’t know what to do. I have been trying to ride this pony myself and I can’t do it. I have to leave it all in your hands.
      went back and waited.. I was bleeding internally And had peritonitus … the inserted all the tubes and really had me drugged up in icu. late at night 2:30 or 3 I opened my eyes to see a figure shadowed so I really couldn’t make out or really see any facial features at the foot of the bed.. he said you probably will need this. I was out again.
      the next morning I asked the nurse did I have company last night. she said nope this is a locked WI g only family until 8.30 and it was only the charge nurse and myself on.. we went down for more tests..when I returned from the tests the house keeper was There just made the bed etc. and she said.I put your mail in the drawer. and the envelope was cash..just enough to get us through till I could get back to work.. A blessing and a mystery.. heavenly father heard my prayer.
      the other big one was the year we went without an wife would razz me because after the first time when I had to beat grain off the ground into a crude gruel.. I made sure we had a full pantry..
      well the wife was trying she dedicated her life to one employer.. during the annual witch hunt and the insurance company anxious to get us off of their policy..the wife had a minor stroke a year before I was in a wheelchair medical bills that would choke a horse.. they let her go..she was so brave..never showing the stress and feeling of being a failure.. everyone we thought would be there gone.. late at night when she thought I was asleep she would start to cry.. her silent sobs of having failed us.. it was the most heartbreaking sight.. I prayed again for a second interference.. if its your will please help us..
      A couple days later there was a thinking of you card in the mail.. A gentleman with great faith that I hadn’t seen since he was on a tricycle thirty years prior.. A note.. I don’t know why but I keep thinking about you.. during his morning prayers he couldn’t get us out of his mind..he didn’t even know where we lived or if we were alive..found my address and sent the card in it was a check.. again heavenly father sent a message to someone to listen.. it was just enough when the wife finally found employment again we had .24 cents left..
      are there guardian angels oh boy I believe.. he touches the hearts of the faithful .
      when I get the feeling and messages of those in need I don’t care what but I will answer his call.. give em A hand up not a hand out.. those that truly need a hand out never an person living with abuse they rarely seek help or talk about it..
      my failures in life have been those that I missed that were right in front of me.
      I have a basket.. A two hundred ( give or take)year old berry basket.. the man that made it considered an American hero pioneer and did great things.. yet the family hated him. the reason I was told was he made those baskets told everyone that he had a craving for berry pie..while everyone was out collecting the fruit to bake him a pie he snuck away to journey… I heard that story from my great great uncle.. as they were burning all the things memorialized by him I grabbed the basket..
      so was he a great man…on one side he did a profound job..on the other side he did a profound disservice to his own those days what he did was a life threatening thing.. the story I heard isn’t in any of the history books.. the story of Daniel Boone hearing on what he did and coming to them to help them survive isn’t in the books either..
      I only pray that when my day comes that I am worthy to have that good video..
      good lord knows I make mistakes but try to listen to the whisper.
      working healthcare you see it .. I have seen so much..but what become obvious after a while is those with faith true faith make the passing easier than those that don’t

      • Thank you for giving us your story!!!
        When your Prayer is attached to deep and honest emotion apparently it’s put in the Urgent In Box in the heavenly realm.
        It has happened to me also.

  2. Excellent column today George, a great way to quantify what we live and learn while we are here. If I may offer this, spending time with Proverbs is a good start. Proverbs gives us a list of how to’s to guide us to a long and happy life, much the same as your column today. A very good friend, Priest and and advisor who has passed on would always say “Forgiveness is not an option, but it’s OK to be PO’d a little first then just do it.”. Starting with ourselves. Thanks for what you do.
    Stay safe. 73

    • My Preacher Grandfather said Proverbs is proof God has a sense of Humor! Gramps said it is the “Poor Richards Almanac” of the Bible. As Ben Franklin was quoted as advising, “In life, Imitate Jesus Christ and Socrates.”
      Maybe Ben was inspired by Proverbs.

  3. George,

    I found today’s column interesting and thought provoking. I’m not expecting a personal afterlife but hope to be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, your Danish grandmother (your children are your immortality) as well as my father’s dictum (the only thing that survives your grave is your character) govern my life. A stroke in 2015 left me subject to great feelings of guilt over turning on the TV or listening to mindless chatter about politics, sports, or family intrigues. Every day is important and should generate positive memories. The couch is the enemy. By the way, I am 80 and the stats suggest another 12 years of activity followed by 3 years of decline. But I could (we all could) fall into either tail of the curve.

  4. I wish there was ten stars to rate this post today G… great post inspiring..
    “I don’t even speed anymore.” Hearing that from a son is a wonder I never thought I would behold.”
    I got a speeding ticket once ..well no ticket just a warning lol.. the officer pulled me over and I asked you happen to have acamera..( before pocket brains) and he got a real puzzled look.. why? well I need photo proof that I got one..nobody on gods green earth will ever believe that I ever got a speeding ticket.. he laughed so hard…

  5. The last time Fitch downgraded the U.S. debt., the S&P500 dropped 7 percent,
    Good column this morning.., lots to consider and ponder.

  6. Great column today, and great insights. Many personal things to ponder. Was ‘organizing’ the ham shack yesterday and found something I have been looking for for YEARS… my first contact QSL card as a novice. Tucked away with an old manual of an HT I no longer have. Reflections on 53 years of hamming.

    • watch Canadian prepper today..he hit on it..
      yesterday I read a news story that everyone was abandoning the current money system and racing to join the bric’s..the federal reserve asked to join and was turned down until the currencies are backed by gold. we put everything in the business model that basically says we are only valued if we have a number.. and outsourced our own economy to dupport someone elses.else’s..
      one look at any industrial city in the usa says it all.

  7. My view of the After Life., like religion, is not based on what I was taught as a child, nor what my forebearers believed. It is based, firmly, in my experiences in this life. These past seven decades of ‘life’ has formed my current belief structure., and of course, that could all change because of more experiences. Nothing is permanent.
    Is there an After Life., along with religion, is it all just a construct of the human mind to explain, or justify, or guide us in ‘this life’ ? It is similar to my definition of a friend. My definition is different than yours, probably ‘a lot different’. And that is also based on my past experiences, not on what I was told / taught / read, or what others may say, or believe. I am open to all information, but that does not mean I will believe all of it. But I will, absolutely, question all of it.
    Yes, I have seen thing that I can not easily explain. That does not mean they are some deeply universal, divine mystery. It means, simply, that “I” can not explain them., it’s on me, for lack of experience, education, knowledge and “understanding”.
    I don’t have very many miles left on this road I am on [ the doctors at the VA are astounded that I even made it 60.] and everything can change in the blink of an eye., belief-systems included.

    • I’d be careful of that belief of “not very many more miles”! I’d never trust a doctor’s word, even with “science” to back it up. You may or may not be right, and just living each day maximizes life. My dear mother had a heart condition in her 60’s and the doctor was amazed that she was still ticking. She made it to 89 and was fully there mentally, though she had bad arthritis requiring knee replacements.

      She had a deep Catholic faith and lived each day that way. I’m not Catholic and am still angry at the anti-sex indoctrination they forced on me, along with “confession” and public “communion”, with the requirement to attend a dreary, droning experience every Sunday morning with a bunch of strangers, under penalty of eternal burning in hell. At age 13 I decided that this was unacceptable, and resigned myself to eternal damnation. I’m glad my mother saw things differently. My dad converted to marry my mom, so I suppose that says something of his love(or other needs), but he never went to church, preferring to sit in the car, read the newspaper, and smoke. Unfortunately, we kids didn’t have that option. Both parents were good people who knew nothing of raising kids, unfortunately. Had I been a bit smarter, I’d have blown out all that programming with psychedelics at age 15. As it was, I left home at 17 and kept going west until I came up against the Pacific ocean. Since then I’ve built a life, lost it, and have done my best to reassemble the shards. I suppose it resembles more art than life, but WTH, I did wake up this morning, and I’m grateful for that. I’m building my own understandings of Creation, Life, and Why We Might Be Here. I’m still moved by kindness, love, sex, and respect for existence itself.

      • “I did wake up this morning, and I’m grateful for that.”
        Very much agree.., every morning I swing my legs off the bed, plant my feet firmly on the carpet.., and smile. “I’m still here !”

  8. I can’t wait to retire, then work 60 hours a week for sub-minimum wage. Then again, maybe not. I’m liking the telecommute for decent wages and a forty hour week, with respectable private sector benefits. We will see how long it lasts.
    I haven’t seen anything in Ure thoughts on what comes next that goes outside of the reap-what-you-sow box. Can’t say that I would disagree.

    • Or you can retire to work 60 hours a week at things you want to do, rather than things you’re told to do, for no income other than the satisfaction of seeing what you’ve built.

      • I tried that for a while. It turned out that the work I have done for a living for decades is more enjoyable, and pays a lot better. The main drawback is that you can’t choose coworkers or customers, but the telecommute mitigates.

    • “… retire, then work 60 hours a week for sub-minimum wage.”

      I think one of the names for that is “Ranching”.

  9. .., in response to one of your statements today:
    “The Lord works in mysterious ways..,” Overheard at a MASH unit in Vietnam as a Sky-Pilot was talking with a wounded soldier.
    Sitting with an green beret captain buddy, leaning up against a sandbag wall, waiting “our turn”., he looked at me., gave a slight grin and said., “So does the Devil.”
    – I have never forgotten that moment, nor that response.

  10. Great column today George.

    I know I have told you before about the impact that your book had on me. I have read it several times. Watching a video of your life at the moment of death is a powerful motivator. I often wish I could go back and edit my video. There are many things I’m not proud of.

    We work, we save, we plan, we share but it can all change in a flash as one reader has already stated. Nothing is permanent. Death bed repentance seems like cutting it pretty short to me.

    I really hope there is an afterlife. There are people that I would love to see again or a few that I would like to see for the first time. There are some that I would like to say “sorry” to since I failed to do so when they were here.

    Not sure what tomorrow brings George. It sure doesn’t appear to be good, but just reading your column and sharing thoughts with good folks like LOOB certainly makes today worthwhile.

    Thank you.

    • Amen…
      I have my regrets to.. things I would change in a heartbeat..all I can do is mov e forward and try not yo make them again..we are only human with our human faults.

  11. This was an extraordinary column! Definitely worth taking the time to read now, even though I have lots of work to do today.

    I’ve finally got one of my workshops enclosed to the point that random interlopers won’t get in without significant work and me knowing about it. It’s time to repair some hydraulics and change tracks on a track loader. Not my favorite activity, and nearly impossible in the direct sun, but I can now do it largely during the cool of the night. Unfortunately, sound carries, so I need to be quiet with things like impact wrenches, etc. I’ve always had problems rejecting excess body heat, but at my age it seems to be even more of a problem to stay cool when doing real work. At least the job is an option – in the next life it probably doesn’t matter if this machine works or not. I stand by my understanding that daily life, for me, involves 50% physical work and 50% mental work. I’m still trying to find “play time” along the way.

    For some of us, visual “movies” in the mind are nearly non-existent. A kinesthetic memory, along with sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings is far more real and far more memorable. Most such memories are of being with a lover for hours on end – just being. There are not nearly enough such memories, and they are much more difficult to acquire than a good meal, which generally happens whenever I get sufficiently hungry. Meals are not memories though – just food enough to sustain and keep going. I was invited to a fancy restaurant on the shore of the Hudson river, and I have no recollection at all of what I ordered or ate. I do remember my companion, and the waitstaff, along with the restaurant owners.

  12. Signs of the times,

    (and no, Not the Crossing of the Planets – which we are all suffering from the effects of all that chaotic NRG pouring into Earth/Us. It will drive Youse crazy bi-polar, if not shunted off into da Urth..sit down outside in Ure barefeet, close eyes and imagine It flowing out of Youse and into ground.)

    Signs de la Cashish;

    1929 – $10 Bill – ” National Currency”
    Secured By United States Bonds Deposited with the Treasury of The United States of America..or by like deposit of other securities”

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Pennsylvania will pay to the bearer on demand TEN DOLLARS.

    1957 – 1 – “Silver Certificate”
    This certifies that there is on deposit in the Treasury of The United States of America ONE DOLLAR

    2003 -1 – “Federal Reserve Note” (rutrow)
    The United States of America
    thats it, all she wrote in 2000 and 3.

    2023 – That FRN in Ure pocket is a Debt Instrument today – a negative, a Call on Ure future worth/value.

    MOB bank , MOB run, MOB profits – see Ukronazi’s for latest in MOB turf Wars – they’re just keeping it kosher..

    If you been buying, no need to be crying, you should be stylin in Ure new Chu’s ..Jimmy Choos?
    We could to go to $20k, then again, might go the other way. Dangerous place in the BTC charts (allocation reduced to 50%), kinda like the last ATH in chart ..second peak too steep/fast..If my chute dont open wide, I got another by side. If that one should fail me too, look out below I coming thru, and if I die on the RUSsian Front, bury me in a Russian cyrpto.

    BCN dont say That word, nein nein nein!

    Write when you git some, pardners.

    • BCN,

      Justice is being served in New York? Sounds like the Russian-American psychology grad from Chicago and his California beloved won’t be beating the rap on that 119,000 bitcoin heist from 2016. Dang those traceable Walmart gift cards, eh? I’m not sure what’s happening about the missing 25,000 coins or the “issued in Ukraine” fake id documents.

      Anyhow it seems the Mrs.’ stab at coathanger improv for the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy school class was hung out to dry according to “The Daily Beast”. However her rap persona rolls on.

      Thank DJ George for this addition to your audio library!
      From rapper Razzlekhan and her Versace Bedouin album here is:
      “California Rollz”.

  13. As a quality assurance professional, I’m pretty stingy with the 5 stars. Today’s beautifully written Peoplenomics column is definitely 5 star material. Just the fact that you also provide a similar high level of quality journalism on the Urban Survival side for free puts you in a pretty special category.

  14. Sorry, but I’m about to do something I’ve sworn I’d never do which is hog a hunk of your site, George. Having said that you can only blame yourself for inspiring me!

    Being a few years behind you in the physical realization of the decline of the body and mind I’m still fully in the mode of having more projects than you can shake a stick at. I’m struggling to find the time to put a new solar well together while keeping a bunch of hungry mouths fed in a drought; the house in town desperately needs paint, caulk and cleaning up around the outside (the tax man can’t wait for this to happen!); I have a reloading bench I miss terribly that is gathering dust and unrelated items and other houses that have come to me I could make the better part of a career in doing needed renovations. I envy those that have a single house that they can turn into perfection. I’ve capitulated to using contractors more and more and rue the cost of hiring such fine individuals when doing it myself would be less than 1/3 the cost – AND it would be done MY way!

    The wife lives for vacations, I dread them because I know how far behind I’ll be by the time we get back and some things just won’t survive because I’m the only one that keeps that plate spinning. The Colorado trip a month-plus ago was fun but 90% of the time was spent on the road (riveting as the sights were), eating and sleeping. The rest was spent at HER sport – shopping. One small thrill, though, was going through the Stanley Hotel and being taken back in Time to when anything was possible if you could think it.

    The doubt some have about an afterlife (and multiple lives) is non-existent to me. Having gone through the typical church indoctrination over the many moves I made as a kid I had to find some commonality hidden in the different groups, pastoral personalities and areas of the country I lived in. Most of the rules of Lutheranism transferred but seemed to fall apart completely when Dad died when I was 13. After that the extended family experienced a division that would last until I was married with kids of my own and now they’re all gone with my generation being the next to go.

    There is so much that you can’t draw any conclusion from until you look back at it a decade or more later. How my brothers and I haven’t wound up homeless under a bridge somewhere is an astounding feat of crap-shooting that would bring the house down in Vegas. One of the most difficult things to learn is to use the gifts and blessings that are bestowed upon you for the clear needs of others as they are presented in your Time Line – and by that I mean turning loose of what we consider “wealth” on this plane when everything tells you to bury it somewhere. Each time I do that it’s been replaced and often with more than I gave away. It comes from different and, usually, unexpected directions with the distinct feeling that we do have a “Sugar Daddy” that we can’t see out there. The main thing is learning that having “Enough” and yearning for more is a waste of time when you have so much in front of you. My first step-dad had a little sign on his file cabinet that said “All things cometh to those that waiteth – as long as those that waiteth worketh like Hell while they waiteth.” A good work ethic is a blessing in itself.

    I do wonder about those that come into this World with a millstone around their necks and this is a major question in view of the statement I made about belief in the After, and subsequent, lives. If, as some say, we choose our lives why would so many choose that kind of life? Some good friends helped their drug-addicted n’eer-do-well daughter have twins via artificial insemination with a guy who was a convict. The kids carried on those genes and are basically wards of the state, the boy often in trouble, or in the hospital, the girl a wanderer between homes. And THIS was after she’d stolen a good chunk of their life savings! Why do people make these decisions in a country like America? Where is Inspiration to do good and better themselves when the right choices seem so obvious?

    I remember when I was somewhere around grades 1 through 3 thinking, possibly experiencing a moment with that “Still, quiet voice”, the thought that this life was a bit of a vacation. I don’t think it occurred in conjunction with the thought of a previous life but that segue would be obvious now. Such ideas were “verboten” back then. I’d seen real poverty in El Paso and Albuquerque and was a well cared for and loved kid … between report cards. The contrast was stark as I contemplated it and the frequent moves we made gave me ample time to think about these things as my friends changed frequently enough to not influence me to a large degree. The two people that have remained with me through my life are my two younger brothers who I’ve … usually … been glad I didn’t deep-six somewhere along the way. I, luckily, just wasn’t diabolical enough to figure out how to get away with it. (Gee – another blessing?)

    To us here on George’s site coming out of an era of very little information regarding life, death and the reasons for it all, we have experienced several sea-changes in the concept of the why and wherefore of our mortal existence. We’ve come out of a world of strict rules of thought developed and handed down for generations only to be confronted by a Niagra of information that began in the 90s and only continues to grow in ferocity. People and ideas we would have never encountered otherwise flit through our lives on our digital devices as well as physically due to increased mobility from wealth and infrastructure facilitating such movement. To make things worse we’ve begat several generations now that know no such boundaries and who smirk, laugh and deride any attempt we make to extol the virtues of our former constraints. How often do we long for the days when we felt safe with the bridle of “ultimate truth” in our mouths only to wake up and find so many reasons to doubt based on “science” and, if you’re brave, what was formerly classed as Metaphysics that our government has poured money into such as the powers of the mind, inter-dimensional dynamics and things that would have been called “witchcraft” by generations prior to ours? No wonder so many here refuse to contemplate the bleeding edge of reality even though we come here to report and debate on the same! We love the titillation but then retreat into our personal lairs sealing the door all too often with contempt and derision for those that bring such ideas to our table. Perhaps that is why we die so soon vs. those of the Old Testament who lived for centuries. We need the rebirth and reset to adapt to the incredibly fast changing new World we will be reborn in even though our foundations are built in previous lives. Our hearts and minds simply wear out sooner!

    • “How often do we long for the days when we felt safe with the bridle of “ultimate truth” in our mouths only to wake up and find so many reasons to doubt based on “science”

      Dam well said Bill..
      one look at the agencies and individuals working so hard to cover over and legitimize the actions of the family..corrupted and covered over. even in destroying evidence like the phone smashing of hildabeast.. and the server from hell. instead the one that exposed the crimes is imprisoned for life..the one that gave him the evidence killed..
      yet working in trash as a scowl driver I would see agents from some of those agencies go through random citizens trash regularly reading their mail and tracking their whole life.

      its consequences … the dual standards of law has taken CONSEQUENCES away from their life scope. the laptop from hell really isn’t anything new it just boasts and brags about their position in society compared to the average citizen.
      NOW.. the old saying..there’s no loyalty among criminals..
      I can guess why Devon turned.. he was shove from the circle of protection..
      Now my question is…What does the crime family have against the members of the agencies to keep their loyalty and compliance.. well over 200 of one beasts best friends and colleagues that was to give testimony died on their way..even members of their protection teams have been removed and then succumbed to some random event that they die.. so are there threats against them or their families?
      what might be more interesting story is why they stay compliant.. even Coligula’s guards turned on him..

      • The “Next Level Soul” guy on YouTube (have to go over to Edge to view them now) usually has a lot of good people on his show. This woman had a lot of interesting things to say from her NDE and actually asks a question that I’ve had for decades regarding those who never had a chance to hear the Christian message. Millions and billions, literally, who would be relegated to Hell simply because they weren’t in the right physical location to be “saved”? She didn’t believe it from a young age and neither do I. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard it come out of someone else’s mouth and have it be taken seriously.

        • “those who never had a chance to hear the Christian message. Millions and billions, literally, who would be relegated to Hell simply because they weren’t in the right physical location to be “saved”?”

          How would she (or anyone) know? After Christ arose, there are many accounts in ancient lore which strongly suggest He walked the world for years, preaching and teaching to people of many faiths, all over the world. I believe the Hopi and Zuni both have lore which revolves around a Spirit Man walking among them and teaching, 2000 years ago. There are similar legends in India and amongst the Druidic peoples of Northern Ureup, and many other ancient civilizations.

          I believe this is what my Mother hinted at, when she told me: “There are many paths to God…”

        • Yes, I’ve heard that, too, and even the tale of the “Blue Lady” here in Texas who was a nun in Spain, I think, who could bi-locate. She preached to the Indians around Texas and they were waiting for her when the Spanish explorers were just coming into Tejas territory.

          I think God and His Son knows who has a good heart and His principles written in their souls but it still leaves a lot of good people on the outside looking in.

  15. As an old sailor, I thought you might be interested in this new technology. These have been sighted around the islands here, and have been used around Alaska and in the pacific between mainland and Hawaii.

  16. Covid Karen installed as Fauci’s replacement at NIAID

    There will soon be a new boss in town over at the Government Health insane asylum and off the books pharmaceutical lobbying outfit that is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Her name is Dr Jeanne Marrazzo, and she has been named to replace Fauci as the new NIAID chief.

    Unsusrprisingly, Dr Fauci, who is worshipped as a deity in the Government Health world, gave his blessing to Marrazzo.

  17. Liberal senators slammed for asking Justice Department to prosecute fossil fuel industry

    A group of liberal senators is asking the Justice Department to prosecute leaders of the fossil fuel industry for allegedly breaking laws by ignoring the “scientific evidence” related to climate change and by continuing to produce oil and gas. “We write to strongly urge the Department of Justice to bring suits against the fossil fuel industry for its longstanding and carefully coordinated campaign to mislead consumers and discredit climate science in pursuit of massive profits,” reads the letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

    The letter is signed Democrat Sens. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts; Jeffrey Merkley, of Oregon; and Edward Markey, of Massachusetts and Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with Senate Democrats.

    Oh please, please, please, petcos, stop producing refined petroleum tomorrow, for the remainder of the year. After a couple thousand people die from the heat, and a couple million die from the cold, perhaps the millions of idiots who’re praying to Al Gore instead of The Almighty will figure out it’s all a scam…

    • Perhaps THEN these loons will find they are in a much less safer World than they are now. It appears that this will be the only way to finally get rid of them as the ballot box has been compromised.

      • That, or deal ourselves into Ukraine. Two Poseidon torpedo-nukes, one on either side of CONUS, and likely — stupidity cured…


        I personally don’t believe the ot box is working anymore.
        take the claims that some states had as many as 120 percent turnout on voting day. when historical turnouts was about 40 percent on a good year.
        as far as the world being a dangerous place. we are on the razors edge right now.
        I totally see the poison pawn’s taking longer than I first assumed. but I do understand why..we obviously had to much stock let us deplete our stores the do the divide and conquer.
        first get our politicians under their thumbs a few bucks a little sacifical lambs to entice the pervs with the tang they desire.
        the Trojan horse move by donating to the family..
        then them following the second book where it’s all laid out..
        ever wonder why foreign countries and cartels donate so much cash vacations, stock deals..pat them on the back and tell them how great and important they are..then come right out and tell everyone their plan. now texas is being over ran..
        read those two books.. they were on my scariest book lists and still are.
        what reason would anyone want to give parents of illegal children each a half a million per person.
        that is exactly what terrorist organizations did to entice parents to allow their children to be suicide bombers. with horror stories about satanic pedo groups in the usa..I ask myself was that so they would allow their children to be sold into those evil groups. we will never know for sure.. what we do know is the trillions that was printed up to repair our infrastructure wasn’t used for it. the boting booth is long gone..look who we are offered as candidates.. are these really the best the usa has to offer for guidance and leadership.. and why are the agencies that were created to make America safe working so hard to cover over the corruption.. these people wouldn’t ever be able to keep a job sacking groceries or washing dishes and they are the ones with the power..

    • So…….How would people heat their homes cook drive..hey I have an idea… why not give everyone a 15 kW solar power batter backup system.. they would have to because we haven’t fixed our infrastructure since truman And our present grid can’t handle the increased demand..and then give everyone all new appliances.. and a new tesla..
      (Say isn’t hunter on the board of the Chinese company that would benefit for that..)

      even then all the coal fired power plants would be eliminated and the lines in place cannot handle the increased demand that there would be. its a seventy year old system antiquated.. of course we do implement changes as the system fails we do battle ground defensive maintenance not proactivek..but we would rather spend money on wars than the antiquated and failing infrastructure..
      if they were smart they would integrate future changes into the system while embracing the technologies of the past. fossil fuels exhaust can be cleaned and cooled. the grid strengthened and secured. hand out a 15 or a10 kW system per household and build a solar tower at every substation that would act as a mini grid during down times. the cost a fraction of what they spend now. green scape the cities.
      consider the hanging gardens of Babylon.. ole Nebuchadnezzar knew it a garden in the desert.. co2 filters on lamp posts..
      hey why not legalize hemp marijuana.. tax it and use the renewable resource to produce building materials…allow the medical industry to study and produce life saving medications..bring jobs back to the usa.

  18. Light bulbs, gas stoves, refrigerators: Biden tightens appliance grip despite lackluster support

    President Joe Biden is facing increasing opposition for his ongoing crusade against popular household items. As of August 1, traditional incandescent light bulbs became the newest on the regulatory chopping block, effectively outlawing them nationwide.

    House Republicans passed two bills aimed at blocking federal attempts to regulate gas-powered stoves, arguing that, on top of the economic implications, it would also violate consumer choice.

    Other items like gas furnaces, AC units, washing machines and refrigerators have also come under DOE scrutiny, all in the name of “energy efficiency” and combating climate change. However, many don’t agree that the efforts to regulate home appliances are climate-motivated.

    • Let’s suppose for a moment that these elitists have the secret of free energy in their grubby paws. If they hold that power, it would be in their best interests to eliminate all of the competition from oil/gas so they can step in and “save” the world after the big kill-off. Then THEY have exclusive control over that (formerly) “free energy”, which they will use to enrich themselves even more.

      • hmm.. 1978… a guy drove across the usa to Washington DC on ten gallons of gas..followed by every mainstream media outlet…in what 65 the texico challenge they had a car that got seven hundred miles to can’t even find the booklets anymore. Herman Anderson what a couple thousand patents all given to the usa.. he drove a car on water for what thirty years as long as he didn’t share his work or try to give it away..Bloomberg energy.. a cube cell what five inches square.. usa decided to stop funding the company and they were going to sell to the general public..never made it..the story I heard was as soon as they announced it to the general public on 60 minutes the govt renewed their vontract..the hummingbird motor..they have it alreaalready.. thry could pass out solar kits to every home build solar towers etc.. cheaper secure the grid..they won’t..the reason is the business model. .
        think about the ramificatiois.. it’s like the unit that takes plastic and changes it back into can’t buy them in the usa..countertop units..the only one I know of was bought by the college in Washington state before they made them took thirty plus years for them to allow smaller inverters..
        it’s always about the business model..

        • A point we emphasize often – wrecking the planet and keeping everyone nose to the gstone and doing bullshit keeps the betas under control, gives the alphas something to lead and just disguests us sigmas

  19. Something is going on with YouTube. I keep getting the notice that I’m not connected to the Internet. A few titles will show up on the sidebar but nothing else. Did they over stock their quota on conservative videos and Slo Joe shut them down?

    • Welp. It’s Brave. I can get the video to play in M$ Edge but not in Brave. Can’t upgrade Brave unless I go to W10 which, I guess has been coming all along. I’ve got a Lenovo laptop waiting in the wings for a repair as soon as the new warranty kicks in but that won’t be for a couple of weeks. It has W11 on it but about half the OS is FUBAR even after doing several total refreshes. Good candidate for Linux if it can’t be fixed.

      • I’ve run into the “upgrade ceiling” with Brave, Vivaldi, Mozilla, etc. Everything is slow, and a lot of the serverside controls don’t work as-intended. My computer dual-boots (quick — look surprised!) and the same hardware running Moz, Opera, or Vivaldi is screaming fast on the *NIX side, and surfs with impunity and without puking…

        • Well, then it all came back. Don’t know if someone jumped the gun on a player upgrade or what but everything is playing on YT again. Guess I got a reprieve for now.

        • @Bill

          “Well, then it all came back”

          It’ll go away again.

          My Mozilla puked a couple months ago by setting {font color} to the same as {background color} and refusing to retain even a forced change. Accordingly, I use Vivaldi now for e-commerce sites. When the weekend rolls around, eBay will log Vivaldi out on every page view. I have to switch to Mozilla, change colors, and use Moz until Monday morning, when Vivaldi starts working again…

          …OR I switch to either Debian or Mint and both browsers simply work as they should.

          If I didn’t have Windows-based games and apps I prefer to their *NIX counterparts, I’d have been full-on LINUX, years ago, and I have full confidence Micro$oft will soon make it impossible for people like me to buy into their “pay us to be our betatesters” philosophy of “software development,” regardless, how much I like their “5-minute escape” games…

        • Elf Bowling from a little company named NStorm was a favorite of my oldest granddaughter and me. It runs on W7 but I’d bet I’d have to do some serious searching to get it to run on anything else.

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