Sighting In 2022 (Part 3)

With some of the big issues out of the way, the rest of 2022’s drivers can be lined up and then some ideas tabled.   As always, UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics are not about “making the most” but instead about “losing the least” as complexity hits the wall.

This morning, we eye things like communications, transportation, and finance to see what might post in where.

Even came up with a new way of mapping future to consider.

Which we will get to after a few headlines, the charts, and some warning words about the Fed meeting announcement this afternoon.

Bonus:  Our News Reindeer this year are Drugger, Racer, Basher, and Warrior.

Bring your own Ho.

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46 thoughts on “Sighting In 2022 (Part 3)”

  1. Hot Dam – we have uncovered a new fangled business model staring us in the face, and all we gotta do is buy a hospital to prophet. Have several in ECU’s local area that are about to close due poor financial performance. Duh-oohh!
    All you gotta do is diagnose EVERY single patient as having covert19, and put them into the govt sanctioned “covid19 care protocol” and voila $100,000 cash money to Hospital bottom line…link is right here – “Geniuses’ = no conspiracies – .
    Who says you cant make mass prophets in Hospital business ???

    Who says? prolly the same “geniuses” and “medical professionals” and “scientists” who took the genetic”mark”/jabberdo

    What is CMV?
    – come on science types, med heads…Cytomeglovirus (cells overly large) – usually symptomless and dormant..present in 70-90% population. Unique to Humans, not animals.

    Guess who is working on a VAX of this “often quiescent” virus that causes birth defects if erupts in birthing Mothers and Induces Death among older or immune compromised adults. Same company that makes toxic, Nuremburg Code – violating, worse than coronavirus RNA spike vax. The experimental vax is comprised of six RNA’s that target 2 protiens on the surface of cytomeglovirus.
    An aging factor called Senescene results weakened white blood cells. CMV hastens senscene of immune cell. CMV is said to accelerate the aging of T-cells by 20 years. See dramatic decline in T-cells in covert19 patients, particularly CD8 T-cells.

    The difference in between mild and severe covert19 May BE reactivation of CMV. Overactivation of immune system and bloodclotting are now linked to CMV.

    Oh no ! Oh Shit ! WTF, over ? Have NO FEAR – U be a Urban Survivalite -fight for Ure PARTY!

    CMV dulls the vitamin D receptor. Active vitamin D (calcitrol) is released from Kidneys – it enters living cells via doorway called the vitamin D receptor.
    Cold & Flu do not interfere with vitamin D receptor. But Cytomeglovirus certainly does. Vitamin D is unable to inhibit CMV replication.
    Resveratrol – Binds to and Activates the vitamin D receptor.
    Iron is required for CMV inlargement. Iron chelates have been found to inhibit CMV cell enlargement..rice bran, quercetin.
    Lysine abolishes Herpes (including chicken pox,shingles, cold sores, bells palsey, CMV and covert19…lysine rich foods – turkey,chicken and cheese.

    Armed thusly – feel free to roam the unUnited States of Chynah /Central & South.. -

    Lets Go Brandon!

  2. I think most people believe they would mentally fly above the Salem Witch Trials somehow not getting caught-up in that thinking. They would be in the woods sitting on a stump while the townsfolk go mad.

    Kristallnacht is another example. One day townsfolk start blaming local retailers for their woes. A month ago they were friends. Seven years later some are in a world court, face in hands apologizing with “just following orders”.

    People get caught up and sometimes it takes years before the “tearing of the veil” moment.

  3. The wisdom in your column this morning is worth the 40 bucks a year on its own. So much I would like to comment on but…..

    You are quite right in your position that now is the time to protect what you have and not go for more. Since we seem to be getting a lot of Biblical quotes from readers these days, I thought I would throw this one in.

    Ezekiel 7:19

    “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.”

  4. The 1929 crash started on a Wednesday.

    Powell is going to expose structural problem in the economy today which should lead to a structural collapse into the weekend.

    Congress is already authorizing $2,500,000,000,000 of dry powder. They know.

      • Shizt Steevo.. Congress has been on vacation for over a month already.. just the paper shufflers there right now.. LOL LOL.. they aren’t on holiday twenty seven days a year.. gotta keep on the know.. we have masturbation mondays always.. and now juneteenth.. the twelfth was poinsettia day (The House of Representatives in 2002 created Poinsettia Day to honor the father of the poinsettia industry, Paul Ecke. The date of December 12 marks the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, the man responsible for bringing the plant to the United States.).. all federal holidays I might add..
        Now.. we had to work a couple of the other holidays in the job I had .. but we could adopt one of congress’s holidays as our own.. we picked poinsettia day LOL LOL.. ( once a Smart Azz always a smart azz)

      • all this shizt you see on tv or youtube is just for show to the people steevo..
        I think they would have a heart attack if they had to actually go to work.. LOL LOL… just send me a bag of money and drop er on the porch.. say Hilda my niece needs a job nothing under a quarter million will do though.. and its frosty cold out there can you send us all to cancun for a month.. LOL LOL on a private jet.. with full crew and amenities.. LOL LOL Congress knows how to live you know.. Not like barney and fred that work at the quarry have to ..

  5. George, no one dies of Covid in a properly written death cert. Maybe if the Dr was too tired at the end of a 20hr shift, he might just write “Covid”.

    But the real “cause of death” would be ARDS, or kidney failure, or myocarditis.

    Just like an auto accident might have killed you, but the “cause of death” would be “Blunt force trauma to the right hemisphere”.

    • I wonder how the rest of the globe got the message to do what the lazy corrupt hospital staffs in USA does?

      • “the lazy corrupt hospital staffs in USA does?”

        Now I worked the floors for over 40 years either as a volunteer, part time or full time.. I have met some that were full of themselves..(the god complex) some that were unappreciative towards those working the floor.. (they write stupid shizt then get upset at the nurses for following their orders)
        But very few are lazy corrupt as staff.. as a member retired of floor staff.. hospital, clinic personnel, and long term care.. are extremely dedicated and caring.. many times I have seen others and myself shed tears over the loss of a patient..
        As in any industry..there are those you stay away from and doctors you question how did anyone see them fit to be a doctor or nurse.. a few that are members of a snake den.. the chopper that’s hired to cut staff for budgeting purposes..
        Even there they are dedicated and unappreciated for their efforts.. they work in the industry of short staffed long their all to save and care for others in extreme conditions..

      • You are 100% correct LOOB and thank you for your 40 years of hospital voluteer work. I think Philistine must have had a bad experience or two with those arrogant insenstive doctors you describe. We all have. No need to turn it in to a generalized position though.

        In my experience, the majority of hospital staff are kind and caring people, especially the nurses. It has been a long time since I have had a stay in hospital but spent several weeks earlier this year at the bedside of 2 dying friends. I cannot tell you how much easier the nursing staff made it for us all. They were definitely angels.

        The COVID pandemic has stretched these people to the limit. They are overworked, exhausted, depressed and are leaving their jobs. We need to cut them a lot of slack and be thankful for the angels of mercy that most of them are.

      • Thank you BIC…. in my life I have had many hats.. the one where I found my true self was in Healthcare.. I loved being someone’s strength and encouragement… to help them when they thought there wasn’t any help.. and in a way.. I still do that.. we take in people to live in our spare bedroom that have no place else to turn to..They all turn into a form of an extended family..and,,, I have an extended family from the wealthiest to the poorest from many walks of life….

  6. I am no friend of China, but there is 0 evidence this was a weapon and then was released. I am fully convinced it was man made. But I lean on the side of poor control and an accidental release. Scientist through history have been unable to control themselves and if they think something can be done, they want to see if they can pull it off. Of course neither scenario really matters, it is out there and we have to react and adapt. If you are going to make such a statement just back it up with the data, that indicates this was a weaponized release or you are just as bad a spreading fud as is our government. For the same reasons as we push the boundaries of AI and robotics, eventually something may become self aware and attempt to take actions to protect its existence.

    • In my humble opinion, I think there is more circumstantial evidence this was LIHOP or MIHOP on the part of the west to further isolate and break China. Two years in and, well, what’s the result? Isolated and weakened China. They need double digit growth, that doesn’t happen when travel and business is so restricted.

      Could all be coincidence, lots of people see opportunities in crisis. But I doubt China would do this to themselves on purpose.

    • Actually, joe, it does matter because this was manufactured and weaponized, so we must pay attention not dismiss it because there is more to come.

      You are behind in your reading and knowledge just go back 3 months and read every column, every comment, click on all links, and then see if you can say the same thing. You prove it to yourself, I suggest you first start with the patents, and common sense!!!

    • I personally don’t think china released it.. it either was an oops and walked out on a shoe..or a disgruntled puppeteer that had some idiot release it because trump wasn’t playing by their rules..
      People from all walks of life and every continent..have the same concerns and daily struggles. I personally never judge a person over the actions or activities that someone in leadership is doing or has done.

  7. I have 2 small raised beds that don’t do well once the Oklahoma heat turns on in July. I have been thinking about using hay/straw bales on the east side of my house to protect plants from the hot winds. Has anyone tried this type of gardening? Any hints?

    • We’ll be building what I call the “Christmas room” onto the music studio next week.
      We have the same problem as you – heat.

      My solution is to put a swamp cooler in the room – good sized one – and put in a thermostat to turn it on at 80F Swamp coolers aren’t at graceful as full up a/c/ but a damn sight cheaper

      • Actually George, new swamp coolers are surprisingly expensive, though Craigslist can be your friend. Of course, they are much cheaper to use, since you’re just running a high powered fan and an aquarium pump rather than a compressor and a fan. The best thing is that you can nearly always repair a swamper with little in parts and nearly nothing in labor. There’s no need for specialized skills, tools, or refrigerant. They work really well here in the spring, but are not much more than a fan in the August humidity. If you have lots of thermal mass, running the fan at night can be enough.

    • I lol lol.. I had a friend that was 100.. anyway he was an old farmer that moved into our spare bedroom.. he loved to garden..we were talking about the dirty thirties..he sworeby strawbale gardening. Wind row it potatoes would come out clean..the straw would hold the moisture in..
      He passed on and one year i thought.. let’s try it..I bought a bunch of straw wind rowed it..
      I had more weeds than I knew what to do with.. I was not in favor of it at all..
      Last year I was in tractor supply and they had half bails of sterilized straw..bought it to cover my raised beds and dam if that didn’t hold the water was one of the best things ever.. so I will give it a try again this year..

      • LOOB, you might consider taking non-sterilized straw (cheaper) and putting it in the sun after covering it with clear plastic. The idea is that it will heat up enough to bake and kill whatever seeds are present.

        The catch is that you will find drops of water precipitating out on the underside of the plastic sheeting, and that could then wet the straw and encourage mildew or mold. If the latter will cause you no problem, then carry on; I suspect that it would cause trouble (with some crops, at least) and it would be necessary to remove the dew while letting the straw continue to bake. I *suspect* that simply removing the plastic sheeting and turning it over (to expose the dew to the air, and to put the dry side against the straw) would be sufficient to prevent mildew, but that would depend in part on how hard it would be to turn the sheeting over (dimensions of the sheeting, thickness, and wind could conspire against you).

        Perhaps I will find the time to try this out when springtime finally makes it to my QTH (‘neck of the woods’). If I get a round-tuit, I expect to do it in several smaller units, to keep the sheet size manageable by a single adult.

      • Dam.. that’s a great idea Dick..I can get full bails cheap.. the last batch was free..
        I never thought about covering them with plastic.. I had weeds coming up that I’ve never seen before.

    • We have discovered through gardening friends in Yuma, that the Oila style watering is an awesome way to combat heat. Didn’t know what an Oila was but now I have many! Basically a jug buried under the soil with a small neck sticking out. Best is clay, but I have used milk jugs with veeeery small holes punched in them so that the moisture seeps into the ground so plants can reach it. Keeps water from burning leaves, keeps water under the surface soil layer. Also helps to heap up straw or mulch. Bales will help too! Gardening is all about working with what you are given, using every tool you can.

    • Consider a self-watering system. I built my raised beds 4″ deeper than necessary. Installed a pond liner to make them water-tight.

      Filled the bottom 4″ with perforated corrugated landscape drain pipe. In the “sock.” Filled the space around the pipes with crushed stone. On one end of the back pipe, cut a hole and inserted a 1″ pvc to rise above dirt level to act as a fill pipe. On the other end, inserted a 1/2″ vinyl tube from the top of a pipe out through the side of the bed. This is the “full” overflow.

      Next a layer of weed barrier or root block material to keep the roots out of the pipes. Then dirt.

      About once a week I fill the “tank” with a hose via the pvc fill pipe until water comes out the overflow.

      Meanwhile, water seeps out and keeps the soil evenly moist.
      The plants love it. I’m south of, and warmer than, you.

    • Sorry LOOB but there are glaring flaws in that movie that are “Unforgivable”.

      Instead I recommend the following on Netflix. Each one of these I would rate either a 4 **** or a 5 ***** out of five stars,

      1) Arcane, an Anime tv series that is simply incredible. The art work is beautiful, even stunning. ***** 5

      2) 14 Peaks, is an inspirational documentary about a mountain climber. ***** 5

      3) Extraction, a pure action movie ***** 5

      4) The Witcher ***** 5

      5) Who Killed Sara, a Mexican mystery tele novella ***** 5

      6) Toy Boy, a Spanish mystery series with some romance thrown in **** 4.5

      7) Against All Odds, romance classic ***** 5

      8) Willys Wonderland, Nick Cage doesn’t say a word in the whole movie. **** 4

      9) Altered Carbon **** 4

      10) Countdown, Space X Documentary *****

      Then on Apple TV I simply have to recommend Foundation. They did change it from the book but it is very good. *****5+ I watched every episode twice.

      Wheel of Time on Amazon on the other hand, let’s just say Time popped a “Wheely”. They changed it a lot. I would rate it a 4 because I enjoyed the books. I also watched every episode twice. But the reviews are right. You either love it or hate it depending on how you feel about the changes.

  8. Covid and Vax:

    Report I read today said 100+ NFL players have tested positive for Covid and are sidelined for this weekend’s games. Vegas needs a new betting profile for it’s pro sports gaming: … How many players for each team will be sidelined and not allowed to play this week?

    With a 93%+- vaxination rate for the league’s players this little slice of Americana should show to everyone that the current vaccines are NOT like the old style ones which actually PREVENTED a disease. These are a disease severity limiting shot, NOT a real vaccine.

    The Blood and HEART issues involved with these so called vaccines ARE REAL. Professional Soccer Players heart issues while “on the pitch” playing this year are up about 7000% over the last real year, 2019. These are heart issues suddenly manifesting in younger IN SHAPE individuals. “Something is Rotten in Denmark” as the saying goes. This doesn’t even touch on the heart issues that are happening to younger people still in school.

    After 2 years now we have a generally clear indication as to those at HIGH RISK with Covid 19. People over the age of 60 – especially over 70, and those of any age who are obese. Not just overweight but insurance table OBESE. (and also immune compromised people – Lupus, MS, Diabetes etc., but those types are at a high risk for any disease).

    I personally believe the so called vaccines can be of considerable help for those who are in one of the HIGH RISK categories, the risk of Covid outweighs the risk of the vaccine in other words for those people, but I believe it also should virtually never be used on anyone under the age of 30 unless they are Obese or have one of those other severe medical issues (death rates and ICU rates virtually nil for those under 30).

    Society is being the testing guinea pigs for MRNA and RNA vaccines. There has NEVER been any long term studies on their secondary and long term impacts so taking them truly is a crap shoot wrt long term health.

    If you are old your “personal” “long term” isn’t very long, say 10 years or so, so take it since that is where most deaths and ICU admissions have been concentrated. If you are young your personal long term can be another 60 years, so you should think twice, thrice and even 4 times about taking this still experimental so called vaccine.

    Since I am older I am by definition in a “high risk” category but unlike George and Elaine I am unable to sequester myself away from general society since I still work and have to interact with myriad people daily Because of that I elected to get vaccinated.

    Fortunately, in my mind at least, though I was able to get enrolled in the Novavax Study so I got a “traditional” vaccine vs one of the MRNA or RNA type vaccines. Still a crap shoot but one with hopefully fewer side effects compared to the MRNA and RNA types vaccines and I am NOT a guinea pig for the new technology itself since the Novavax type of vaccine now has a 25+ year safety record behind it (ongoing study says Novavax works great with Delta in addition to the earlier versions of the disease, but so far no feedback on Omicron).

    The upcoming BAD NEWS … (as if the above isn’t bad enough).

    LOTS of indications that a NEW variety of Covid, or an actual NEW lab developed disease, will appear in the late spring period which is MUCH MORE DEADLY than Covid has proven to be.

    Isn’t “Bilogical Warfare” a wonderful thing to behold? Hard to even even know, let alone prove, who is behind it isn’t it?

  9. Yep that’s the end of the FED . Rejoice !!!! What did you expect ? So just buy buy buy gold and then buy more gold . No manic depression for the great Jedi gold bulls . They are finished and on my birthday December 16

  10. Must I say typical classic market movement for a FED meeting . Strap yourselves in soon. G forces will be off the dial

  11. Good afternoon George,
    Just for reference the time here in Tucson, AZ is now 12:42 PM as I write this.
    I have read your opinion of Covid, as well as all of the comments made to this moment. Therefore, may I make a suggestion to all of your readers.

    Before any discussions take place and opinions offered about Covid, may I suggest that everyone establish baseline information understanding of it, and have a high view understanding of the research and development of it, as well as the fact that it has a natural origin.

    The best source of fact data “in my opinion” is this live interview. It is packed with legal evidence, backed by patent history. It is hard evidence, not here say and opinion. It acts as a baseline to draw conclusions from and any lawyer worth his salt, has all he needs to have a plaintiff to make a win-able RICO case to set precedent.

    This interview is 1 hour 22 minutes long. It is critical to first make note of the man’s back ground and what his company does, because he is credibility personified.

    The title is:
    A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9-7-21

    Dr. David Martin is the man being interviewed.
    Reiner Fuellmich is the interviewer.

    I believe this interview, which I believe everyone should download and save, so it can always be available for their future reference, is with a hard copy of Dr. David Martin’s 38 page report, the best reference material for a take off and application of and discussion of how Covid and the vaccines are being used.

    Happy Holidays to you, “E” and all your readers,
    Roger in Tucson

  12. There are two sides to every story and one truth. This makes me wonder wth has really been going on, so much so that the dude was an informant and the mention of high powered rifles.

    I know first hand, some of the nicest cozy get togethers can actually be quite dangerous to become a part of. Think I’ve mentioned that before. Hmmm …

  13. George, a followup post to the above.

    I do believe you are correct as you spoke this morning, it has been weaponized. It is being used by a huge range of political and other entities for manipulation and control, as well as depopulation. I think any person using reason, logic and common sense, see’s this.

    This said, the majority of people, make decisions based on what they believe, which most often is not fact, but emotional. And its based on what they have been told by others, and its strictly opinion.

    The end result of this is “depopulation”.

    Therefore I would like to share another tidbit of information. I’d like to speak in defense of “The Georgia Guide Stone’s”. In my opinion fundamentalist Christian theology has misunderstood the message, and associated it with the New World Order agenda.

    On point, I do have 35 years of serious UFO and Extraterrestrial research experience. Many of the worlds great researcher names have been or are very good friends. I am not on the speakers circuit because I stepped away to care for my parents in their last year then Covid came along and changed the path all of us were on.

    However, I have spent many years researching contact cases originating from many space faring cultures. The best documented being the Eduard “Billy” Meier case. This case involves human’s from what is commonly known as the People from the Pleiades. Or “The Pleiadian’s”.

    While they are deeply caring, loving people, they are very fact oriented and in many ways, like our beloved Star Trek character “Spock”. Additionally, they are much more spiritually developed than us. Their observations are rational and fact based.

    Scientifically, they have learned that every planet has a limited population carrying capacity, which for Earth is 500 million humans. Thus, what is the suggestion recorded and suggested on the Georgia Guide Stones? Yep, 500 million humans.

    All of the guidance provided on the stones flows from their deep spiritual awareness. None of the advice given flows from a controlling state of mind. It comes as just that “guidance”. A ‘guide’ to our future, hoping we can rationally decide as planetary society, all agree to reduce our population by voluntary, conscious population control.

    Manipulation of free will by another is not how they operate.

    For those of your readers who have had Near Death Experiences, they know and have experienced “true unconditional love” in the NDE. When Pleiadian space ships make a “jump” from one location in “time-space, to another time-space” the ship and everything and everyone on it, enter that same place as those who experience NDE’s. “At least that is my opinion” based on comparing information I have gathered. Experiencing none conditional love transforms consciousness, because we learn and experience who we really are. And the Pleiadian People know that reality, And to sum up…I believe that awareness was shared with and motivated the person who had the Guide Stone monument created.

    George, your readers are great people with a good heart and good intent. I hope they find this information useful and helpful as they enter the New Year.

    Best wishes to All of You…

    • Sorry, but I can’t let this slip-on-by..,
      Seriously? Meiers is one of the least credible people on the planet. Every single one of his “beamships” [alien space ships] photos have been proven to be fake., [ even his wife said so.,] and the photos of purported extraterrestrial women “Asket” and “Nera” have been confirmed that they are really photos of Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund, members of the singing and dancing troupe The Golddiggers., who performed on The Dean Martin Show.
      – Eduard “Billy” Meier has been a running joke in the UFO circles for years.
      – You are using him as your “best documented case”? Really ? Then your base-line data is seriously corrupted and flawed.

  14. Comrades,

    Banker JP Morgan has announced that the biotech healthcare ceo gathering event of the year, JPM#22, is going virtual from Jan.10-13, 2022. The official reason was “out of an abundance of caution” due to omicron. Big name industry ceo’s including Moderna had already canceled. Vaccines work, people!

    So it would appear that with the physical gig not proceeding, there will be $1000 per night rooms now available at the conference host hotel, St. Francis Westin, San Fran. Its Chinese insurance company owner founded by the grandson-in-law of Chairman Mao’s successor will not be amused. According to Wikipedia, events in the hotel dining room were also responsible for giving democrat Woodrow Wilson the state and therefore the presidency in 1916.

    • Here is a portion of an October, 2021 TripAdvisor review of the hotel surroundings:

      “The location continues to be great for walking the city, but given how shut down the downtown area continues to be, I’m still not sure I would recommend it in the city’s current state.”

    • I can think of absolutely zero reasons to visit San Francisco in January! It’s too early for Chinese New Year and I know nobody there anyway. It’s always humid and I’ve never been there without getting a cold. Now we have smelly and shitty streets to avoid and unknown numbers of homeless people camping there. I suppose we could go shoplifting to cover costs. I’m surprised that they haven’t organized tours for that.

      Is there any way that we can get in on the Zoom meeting?

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