Tuesday Data Dump: America’s Poison Pill Defense?

Another Model appears!

No, you perv, not the sort with staples in her midriff.  No, this is the kind that says things like “=’D-Data’!B808” and whispers sweet inferences like “=(AVERAGE(B723:B808))-B808” to our never-ending delight.

This’ll take a minute to explain, so slurp-along and follow.  This is possibly useful with the Fed meeting today and announcement tomorrow.


  • It is axiomatic that the role of Great Depressions is to destroy savings.  I think this one is pretty clear; evidenced-based and all.
  • It’s also true that in the Depression process, “capital returns to its owners.”
  • In the general case of America, the capital ought to flow, therefore, back to We the People.  I mean, in theory.

(I use asymptotes, rather than assumptions, because these really are “not-quite-touching ideas.)

Mechanics of the Trade

The mechanics of this will be invisible to most people – because it is spread out over nearly geologic time scales.  Or, measured in Decades, not flash-trades.

So, what IF:

  • A very rich group of high-minded public servants (and maybe even key bankers) came up with a mechanism to blow up bubbles over extremely long periods of time?
  • This would enable the political class to spread free lunches all about.
  • And all of the banker class would seem to benefit.
  • But now suppose further that the logical limitation of currency saturation in the Mazurok-Ure work of 2001 is actually true?  It says, in so many words that while governments can load debt into fiat currency, there is a hard deck somewhere down around 2-5% of residual value.  Below this level, people will simply cast off “money.”  Revolutions blow up.  Venzuela, et al.
  • During the “casting off” period, what would ideally happen?
    • New forms of “money” would reveal themselves as popular – and we have seen this is the cryptos.
    • The government would initially further the inflationary blow-off forcing end-stage long wave economic bubble prices to hit “Moonward and Muskward.”
    • But then, as the debt has been (more or less) evenly foisted back on the Nuevo Rich of the cycle, the government then withdrawals its support.
    • And as a consequence, the debt (to be destroyed in the economic cycle) is not that of government.  Instead, it will have been “flipped” on to the balance sheets of pension funds, insurance companies, temporary billionaires, and other people who have seemingly achieved riches beyond just desserts.

This crackpot theory of the day sounds capricious and absurd.  It should be relegated instantly to the land of hangovers and one-time dates.

Well, except for ONE tiny detail.

What the Fed is now in position to pull off (by announcing a steady course of tapering) is to effectively ensure that the “debt to be destroyed” takes apart all kinds of rich people’s fortunes.

Sure, it will be a miserable few years working through.  But through a program I’d call “Selective Economic Demolition Planning” (SEDP) the Fed will be in a position whereby the Taper will cause huge anguish.  Hedgies will go to bed at night unsure of whether there will ever be another reverse repo – and inconveniences like that.

Three things then happen:

  • The Fed gets to stay in business.
  • The present baked-in hyperinflation will be offset by pending deflation due to destruction.
  • While a many “first level debts” will be allowed to remain, “second level and above” (like carboard boxes full of mortgages – which as a pile act sort of like a bond – and which are called Collateralized Mortgage Obligations) will become (as the ability to manage the coming complexity at a profit) will drive the “New Big but still Weak” hands from the grownup’s table.

If my son wasn’t so busy off on his adventures, I’d liken the process to a “controlled burn.”  Which is how many landowners deal with brush and undergrowth.  Let the brush grow its little heart out, then dry and torch with a tanker rig standing by.

The same concept (burning back to good ground) happens in economics all the time.  It’s just that we can’t be sure (due to the odd mix of government security AND incompetence) whether the “controlled burn” scenario laid out here could actually be pulled off.

Nevertheless, if the Fed goes hard on tapering at the announcement tomorrow, it can be seen as part of a “controlled burn” of the economy.  Still only a year since Slow Joe stumbled into office.  And the “burn” will remind a few of the brighter Nuevo Rich on which side of their bread to apply butter. Cash.

We expect, therefore, one party to be using economic decline to raise more money as their clientele are “nudged” via the promise of special favors. But only with a big enough check.  Any other souls lost in the economic fire are collateral damage with replacements readily in place.

Which may explain why open borders is in place:  Could it be that open borders are really about prepositioning White/Middle Class people replacements so they (we) can be, in turn, usefully blamed as the “cause of the meltdown.”

This is a computational model that has some merit.  Regrettably, though, it may be a spontaneous artifact of processing and not a conscious plan.  Because we hold the Truth self-evident that governments are usually collections of lucky fools, not deep thinkers.

It is, though, something to hold up for “fit testing” as shit runs into war and walls in 2022.

War and Walls – it’s the new ‘Merica in 2022.

Data Dumper

Back that bad-boy up.  Now pull the red lever to dump a load from Labor!  PPI-PPO…yippee kai yai yai….

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.8 percent in November, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices moved up 0.6 percent in each of the 3 prior months. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand
index rose 9.6 percent for the 12 months ended in November, the largest advance since 12-month data were first calculated in November 2010.

In November, the index for final demand services rose 0.7 percent and prices for final demand goods increased 1.2 percent.”

Hoo-rah. If you’re not asleep yet, goods at the final demand level are going up 15.38% annualized.  Shortly, misgovernment will announced plans to rescript the bad-news prices and make up some more falvorful crooked pabulum.

NFIB SBOI (“Computer, explain?” “Ure an idiot: National Federal of Independent Business, Small Business Optimism Index, your turd!”)

“A net 59% of small business owners increased prices, the highest level since 1979.

“The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index increased slightly in November by 0.2 points to 98.4. Four of the 10 Index components improved, four declined, and two were unchanged. The NFIB Uncertainty Index decreased four points to 63.”

Key findings include:

  • Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months decreased one point to a net negative 38%, tied for the 48-year record low reading. This indicator has declined 18 points over the past four months to its lowest reading since November 2012.
  • The net percent of owners raising selling prices increased six points to a net 59% (seasonally adjusted), the highest reading since October 1979.
  • Seasonally adjusted, a net 54% of owners plan price hikes, up three points from October and a 48-year record high reading.
  • Forty-eight percent of owners reported job openings that could not be filled, a decrease of one point from October.

After the numbers, the market was wondering what happened to drive the Monday decline.  Honestly (which means I don’t hold office!) things could fall either way right now.  Into a 4(e) up or we may be in 5(i) down.

Time for a care check?  Anybody care?  No?

Me either.  I’m in my year-end wash sale run-out period.  It would take something like a sure thing and 3X return to get me swinging in this dive, again.

Omicron Madness

Facts or Vax?  You make the call!

Regrettably, studies like Reduced neutralisation of SARS-COV-2 Omicron-B.1.1.529 variant by post-immunization serum | medRxiv are not terribly simple reading.  However, the gist of it is: Two-dose vaccines don’t induce enough antibodies against omicron: research.

Being a simpleton (it’s easy for me, not pretending here), the choices for Elaine and me are still?

  • Take the vax and throw the dice on side effects, remembering we would give up our “pureblood” standing and once you vax, no going bax.
  • OR, Ounch and Fauch, get three (at least), and then every time your immune system rebels and can’t handle a new invader, toss in more vax to stimulate the declining immune system to get you past just this one more.  Says the 100-day mask promise bullshitters.

Wrong method of action for omicron?  São Paulo says it has fully vaccinated 100 percent of its adults. Will it be enough to stop omicron?  Our money is on no.  At least without another insult to the immune system for Big Money, Big Money, Big Power….Oops.  Got caffeined away with myself, sorry.

Great way to depopulate America to make room for Mexico.  But in reality, if population was really being killed off, there would be tons of dead people’s used cars on the market; there aren’t.  There would be too many homes on the market and prices would collapse, which they haven’t.

And most pertinent of all?  Flu deaths during peak flu season were running 4,500 a week according to influenza data in 2019.  Yet, in 2020, only 45 a week TOPS.

To an aging simpleton like me this screams “Rent Your Life” and “mark of the Beast” but you gotta call it like you see it.  Well, except in the city of Idiot Love. There, the MoB (Mark of Beast) is being test-fitted as COVID-19 in Philly: Philadelphia rolling out vaccination requirements for food establishments.  Take the mark or no food or oil?

Look, I’m not a Bible thumper.  I’m  a science and data kind of fellow.  But I do recognize a 2000-year “predictive linguistics hit” when I see one in Revelations 13: 16-17:

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

Number as in vax batch?  Hmm… A few inches off on the body parts, but Number of the Beast for a Philly cheese indoors rolls now…

See why I’m busting ass on additional greenhouse square-footage now?  Noah did rain.  Ure’s doing food and water.  But this has been stated how many times around here?  “Must be present to win” and “Don’t live for maximum gain’ instead live for zero loss.”

But to each their own.

But at this rate, the Mark will eventually be required to get Social Security and/or healthcare.  Observe but don’t see, grasshopper.

Clippings and Snipping’s

Crooks in Congress?  Well, duh!  ‘Conflicted Congress’: Key Findings From Insider’s Five-Month Investigation (businessinsider.com).

Hype and joke smoke from Buyed ’em:  Online passports is a big deal?  WH aims to restore faith in government by improving services.  Very big deal stalled by the demogress until they need to have a layup for voters.  Online passports so you can MoB a flight somewhere to spend watered down dollars in similarly burdened and locked-down shitholes?  Um…thanks, but we’ll pass.

Going to Spain? Please, make a note of it:  The Spanish phone numbers to avoid if you don’t want to be overcharged (thelocal.es).  On the other hand, caution on other destinations because U.S. – CDC Urges Americans To Avoid Travel To Italy, Greenland And Mauritius.  Damn, we’ll have to pass on the Vatican Christmas party, looks like.

Oh boy!  Monetizing newsrooms that are monetizing climate.  Journalism and Climate Change: new guide to help newsrooms rise to the challenge.  Our climate guide is much smaller.  Call bullshit and ask hardball questions.  Little too hard on the namby-pamby crowd?  Not what Editor Thompson said.

OK, whose lap would you pick: Santa or Kim Kardashian?  American’s fascination with “star power” is shocking.  This is a story, alright: Kim Kardashian Reveal Insane Christmas Decoration. AYFKM?

Fools Born Every Minute file:  Dogecoin Gains 25% After Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Will Accept DOGE For Goods.  BTC around $47,500.

And does the Woke Idiocy ever stop? Common sense fail! Woke California school boards BAN teachers from giving D and F grades. Brilliant! Reminds me of the Garrison Keillor line “...and where all the children are above average…”  Pass me a Powder Milk Bisquit, wouldja?

ATR (Around the Ranch)

Put in a useful day working on the final part of our 2022 outlook for Peoplenomics up tomorrow.

Dinner last night?  That big prime rib we split Sunday resulted in some of the best-ever prime rib stroganoff over wide egg noodles last night.

Texas weather will be cloudy/rainy through Sunday, so Mr. ShopTalk will be tearing down trees, expanding storage, and laying patio block.  Not as much fun to put up sidewalls in the rain.  Hard on power tools, even the battery-powered ones.

Zeus the Cat came back home.  Spent a couple of nights in the woods.  Worried about the big Lab watchdogs.

That mystery remains unsolved.  We figure someone must have found ’em and brought them home.  Or they don’t like the company here.  Could I even possibly be too grouchy?

Still trying to figure out what to get us for Christmas.  We seem to have 2 or 3 of everything.

Funny story about too many tools, since I’m usually the guilty party:  While I was making the stroganoff sauce last night, I did a quick inventory of Elaine’s cache of kitchen tools.  Ready for this?  9, yessir – count ’em – 9 pancake turners.

Two of ’em are my faves:  They have semi-flexible blades.  One plastic, one metal.  Elaine has flat and firm turners, turners with holes in them, turners for the wok and matching fishing spoon, BBQ flippers…the list goes on.

It did give me some Christmas ideas for the shop, though.  A quick count says between the car tools, general shop, electronic bench, and computer rolls, there are still less than 60-screwdrivers. (Excludes Torx, 2-cycle carb adjusters, nutdrivers, and so on.)

This has to change.  Right now.

Made my first New Year’s resolution, too:  Going to make something in 2022 which will require the use of my Cleco clamps and pliers.  You can’t be a proper tool slut without you Aircraft Specialty Original Cleco Fastener Deluxe Kit- Cleco Fasteners, Clamps, and Padded Pliers! Made in USA.

Dow futures sinking – down 100 now at clicktime.

Like Mr. the Italian Hungry Man said:  “Ciao for now…”

Write when you get rich,


80 thoughts on “Tuesday Data Dump: America’s Poison Pill Defense?”

  1. Congratulations George – you and others are fast waking up to the covid con. You now see (somewhat) the vaxx as a depop agenda and not anything whatsoever to do with ‘public health’.

    Now, one more hurdle for you guys – starting seeing the entire plandemic as just that. There are no omicrons, deltas, lamdas, phi zetta crappas. Just existing virus strains that were always here. Using the PCR deception, they were able to gin up false ‘infections’. Yes, there were people who were sick, and sometimes, very sick, but they were afflicted with things that people have ALWAYS been effected by. That’s why ‘influenza’ looked like it was essentially wiped out.

    I know it is hard to wrap our heads around that the ‘governments’ have been massively lying to us, but hey, that’s always been the case. This is just the largest of the whopper lies.

    Next lie? The climate agenda (deception) and it’s lockdowns, taxes, and other deceptions beyond belief!

    • All part of the plan. They are setting the stage. The vaccine has weakened people’s immune system due to antibody dependent enhancement. The vaccinated bodies are now saturated with spike proteins. The omicron variant is the one designed to trigger the autoimmune response they know is going to happen with these individuals leading to multisystem organ failure. The delta variant reacted with the mRNA to set the stage, now the omicron variant will perform as designed. They will blame all the symptoms and deaths on the virus when they know it’s the vaccine. It’s all been layed out for anyone that digs deep enough to find it. They know the masses will not. The “dark winter” (as they call it) is just around the corner. You can read it directly from the NIH study here……


      • I’m thinkin’ you might have something there….the Fedgov is trying to kill us, and looks as if many other governments have the same goals to reduce population.
        What’s next? Smallpox-infected blankets?

  2. do not be thrown by the dark side gold smashing at FED time . governments are firmly behind gold smashing to keep zombie control .. buy buy buy buy

    • The Fed’s goal is to remove the commercial banks and go direct with us end users. It’s going to be an interesting fight between the two. My guess is a staged situation will occur that will destroy retirement and bank accounts all over the world and the investment and local banks will be blamed, causing a “sudden” uproar for the removal of banks from existence.
      The potential reason it seems the Feds will meet their demise is that Feds in different countries will band together under the IMF or something like them, resulting in one massive one world controlling entity. In the meantime, blackrock will always be the winner.
      At least that’s the book I’m going to write…when I’m rich.

      • “My guess is a staged situation will occur that will destroy retirement and bank accounts all over the world ”

        They don’t have to…
        Hyper inflation. A loaf of bread in Zimbabwe is 39 million dollars… a happy meal is 2 weeks wages bread for 2 for a day is a months income or more..
        It’s what happened during the Weimar depression.. your money will be the same. Its value won’t..we see it now with the general increase of goods being sold..
        I think the only thing keeping the economy moving is the money they are giving to families with children.. approximately between 30 to 40 billion a month..the moment they slow the release you’ll see a major drop ..

      • @Looking out of the box ???,
        I agree that hyper inflation is going to do a lot of damage, but that will be blamed on the Feds/”Reserve” banks all over the world. The reserve banks don’t want the blame for that so they will/are going to need to orchestrate something to move the blame for massive losses of our futures to the banks. Powell gave us the clue yesterday, “Cyber attack would be most significant financial stability risk.” He’s priming us, getting us accustomed to the idea and most of us won’t act on this information and protect our retirement, checking/savings and investment accounts.

        I keep hearing the Fed is dead, but would suggest that, yes, the Fed as we know it is dead to us, but the ultimate end result of all feds under one roof is very much alive and well and being played out per ‘the plan’. They need all feds under one roof for owo. My thinking is the info suggests the fed is dead, but the info isn’t showing that the fed is actually absorbed into the one world fed (a non-government organization that “we can all get behind” after the banks, investment houses, etc, destroy our retirements/bank accounts via a massive hack/melt down of the old electronic system; thus ushering in the immediate need to move to the closed system one world block chain where ‘you will own nothing and be happy’.

        So, yes, the fed is dead, but it’s not. Maybe a new key word/phrase needs to be queried and this new key word/phrase does not yet exist so we do not know to query for it? (I’m sure there are work arounds for this.)
        Anyway, orchestrate a crisis. Be the answer to the crisis. Remove the banks. Result: run one closed blockchain system of total control over everything including mind control hooked directly to the yummy feeling chemical triggers of the brain…ultimate control.
        That’s just my one cent.

  3. G

    Poor guy was as clean, as clean can be.
    Bobo had him offed as he mumbled something about “Pepa Pig” and “on Ure knees, you scum” .

    Big investigation wrapping up – Mayfield, KY, Seems we waz HAARPed, several stations involved..HAARP being name for station in Alaska. High energy physics – requires high IQ for understanding – obviously I dont have a good understanding…regardless. HEP operates in limited part of electromagnetic spectrum and leaves traces. Scalar Weapons = WMD .
    Can be jammed- requires high energy input for successful jamming. This is why “HAARP” attacks tend to be limited duration..see La Palma charts.
    Did cell phone service fail in Kentucky prior to, widespread interference? Dont think the unusually severe, and outside of naturally occuring weather patterns, are not being analyzed right now..YES, there is a “HAARP” station in Ukraine…Pooters is well aware this fact – forget the sickle boyz and girlz – its Hammer Time…”I told ya boay!”https://youtu.be/otCpCn0l4Wo

    • “YES, there is a “HAARP” station in Ukraine”

      …And Britain, and France, and China.

      I’ve never understood why the conspironuts always pick on HAARP when DARPA is only one, of many players…

      • It’s easier to believe than a mothership orbiting earth with Acting Ensign Crusher doing planet destroying experiments with Dilithium crystals while Commander Geordi is getting off trying to get his drives from 99.2% to 99.3% efficiency. Meanwhile, cyborg Commander Data is running a do loop, “wait for it, wait for it”, and Captain Picard is off somewhere teaching Dr. Crusher the finer points of command…

        After all that, you’re still thinking about how I spelled Dilithium crystals. It’s not the players that’s intriguing, but the technology.

  4. George,
    Your always spot on. WHY is it 75% of the rest of America are blind? If we could swap those numbers we would not be controlled by the current regime in power and there MIGHT be some checks and balances to prevent the corruption of politicians, but then they would not want to be politicians anymore would they. LOL

    • “WHY is it 75% of the rest of America are blind? ”

      THEY AREN’T BLIND MIKE… they are dependent.. the average wage of the median wage earner was $34,248.45….
      the average monthly rent for an apartment in the United States was 1,124 U.S. dollars.
      families with infants would need to pay nearly $16,000 per year on average to cover the true cost of child care. At just over $1,300 per month,
      The average cost of groceries in America is $355.50 a month per person (as a note.. that is what I use to budget per person per month.. it is now up to 450.00 and rising..
      On average, Americans carry $6,194 in credit card debt, according to the 2019 Experian Consumer Credit Review.
      that homeowners should budget closer to $400 a month. Of course, climate and energy costs vary from one state to another, so utility bills do too.(many are paying closer to that just in electric bills.. not counting water sewer garbage heating expenses.. etc.. Our biggest expense is insurance costs.. then car costs..
      so what I see is the average wage earner has to depend on the social programs to exist.. plain and simple they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them..

  5. You’ve missed the most obvious explanation for the disappearing pooches – Zeus took’em out, and it required a couple of days to sweep up the incriminating evidence. Cats are fastidious.

    • Hahahah – more like that 4 pawed, slick shit killa has em hanging up in woods somewhere..living salt licks. Alwayz the quite sneaky ones..

    • Dogs rarely leave home without returning..my guess is the original owner had second thoughts and returned.. or with the roaming pack someone decided to eliminate them or catch them and impound them..

  6. What you call “Selective Economic Demolition Planning” (SEDP) they call “farming”, its been in operation a long time, but lately the harvest has been accelerated, likely due to what you call the “hard deck” coming into view.
    The people (everyone not in the “club”, and some who think they are) are livestock, cattle, or sheep to be sheared as often as can be done without disrupting the “farm”.
    Is this happening now? Does look that way. Lots of moves in different areas seem to be related to this.
    Yes , open borders is designed to replace dead sheep. Sheared to economic death. This plan has been public since 2017, although not found anywhere in mainstream sources. Endgame is a complete destruction of the old farm and incorporation of a shiny new factory farm. Yes, people are fighting back with decentralized “currency” as well as metals. Will it work? Maybe. And yes, Vaxx is being used as a symbolic MOB (Mark of the Beast), maybe not the real thing (yet), but a trial balloon.

  7. Not so black Monday – chowdaheads, how many frigging clues do U need ?! Terrible Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday…
    You no listen the genius that is the coot de crash..no listen at Ure own risk, puny humans.
    Right now is slo mo crash – like soreass puppetman Obribem-barak 2.0 – a whiter, kinder kinda evil..slo and easy like..just a lil painial, for now.
    ..who ya gonna believe anyway. geROME kerPOWell , grand ma stunk & the sack rotten potatoes courtesy haus dupont – or Ure own eyes, no matta how suppressed they may be?
    Stocks drop – eventually – along with Ure leverage/equity/value. Caution margin, caution any debt related stock market – Blue Chip Dividend Paying Companies only – see W. Buffet for tighter rules.
    Anyone up for BTFD in Crypto flippo land ? Wusses need not apply..woofwoof

    • Buffett may be sitting on a colossal blunder – 50% of Berkshires portfolio based on price is APPLE – I would suspect they are pruning position as we speak but maybe not…….

  8. Revelation 13: 16-18. In the Greek language used, George, the translation for hand, is anything shoulder level and lower, thus, shoulder, arm, wrists, fingers. So, right hand, would include right shoulder. As for the forehead, think of the ‘Covid’ tests pushing up into the nasal cavities. Can’t get much closer to the forehead for pushing in graphene particles. Bye the way, I believe several studies from John Hopkins and another prestigious medical center in Maryland list graphene as a cancer causing carcinogen, which is in the PCR test swabs.

    I’ve followed your site since you and the misses put it online shortly after moving to the Texas outback. Gold was still around $200 a pound and Tesla hadn’t started trading publicly at that point, it was still trying to get startup capital and HalfPastHuman and Cliff High was just getting deep into the data-dumps for what the news and comments of the day were leading to. (almost makes one think he was on to something… :-) ).

    Thanks for over 20 years of sharing your Long Wave Elliot economics with us. Ure a breath of fresh air… or something… sometimes…

  9. Interesting that Pfizer announced this morning that they are ready to go with their COVID pill that does exactly what Ivermectin (the horse pill) has been doing for the past year. Less severe disease, hospitalization and death if taken within 5 days of first symptoms. Hmmm.

    You didn’t sell your Pfizer stock, did you George?

  10. I think “they” are increasingly desperate now and what you think may be a controlled demolition may be in effect be a complete meltdown – they need everyone needing “Gov’t Help” and they will get it if they take the jab. People are increasingly catching on and the truth of this nonsense may surface faster than they thought. JMO

    • One could imagine a building seven t-shirt with a mugshot of Dr. Fauci announcing “pull it” superimposed over top might very well go viral.

  11. Did you see on Fox where the head of the Los Angeles police dept. is warning people not to visit the city because they can’t ensure their safety? Blue state marxism triumphs again.

    • Police can never insure your safety, and the Supremes have said that it’s not even their job. You’re always responsible for your own safety and take the consequences for failure. That said, the right to travel freely is hardly a right if you shrink from exercising it.

      Concealed carry in Kalifornia is probably not legal. Whether or not to follow the law is an individual choice. If they enforce carry laws as diligently as their larceny laws, you should be OK.

      • “Concealed carry in Kalifornia is probably not legal.”

        It’s legal. It is also legal in NYC and Chicago.

        It is nearly impossible to meet the legal prereqs, but CC is technically legal. Sean Hannity has a CC permit for New York (City and State.) I believe it took him, like 7 or 8 years to acquire it, and he’s a native New Yawker…

        Police have never been tasked with personal protection. A police force is incapable of protecting anyone from anything, unless it happens right in front of them. Once upon a time though, people could defend themselves from felons and miscreants alike. In most places we have now lost this ability. We can still defend, but are then subject to both criminal and civil litigation once we do.

        I was told 45 years ago by one of the security heads when I carried concealed on my jobs, that: “We don’t allow our employees to carry a firearm on the job. If you choose to do so, and you use it, you will be fired. However, we will stand behind you and our Legal Department will defend you to the hilt under one condition. If you shoot someone, kill them. Do not stop shooting until you run out of bullets. We do not want any civil suits over a shooting, period…”

        I suspect civil suits have gotten easier for the criminals to win, and much more egregious in their awards, since then.

  12. “Still trying to figure out what to get us for Christmas. We seem to have 2 or 3 of everything.”

    Boy, do I know this! For a couple of decades now my one and only gift I buy for Christmas has been an offering to the live-in goddess that is also chief cook and book keeper. She takes care of the rest. It was a lot of fun for the first half of our togetherness to find that one, special bauble that she didn’t have, usually on Ebay, and present it all tied up with a bow after which I could live my life reasonably assured and unconcerned that I wouldn’t wake up dead after any of the due-dates had passed. Now that she has just about everything imaginable that job has become considerably harder. We need a new vacuum … but I’m at least smarter than that.

    Luckily this season, while I was considering what kind of casket I could get for myself that even remotely resembled something affordable, she went ga-ga over some jewelry that came in to a local dealer who showed it on FB Marketplace. I hope I got it right as when she showed it to me I was still making coffee for us in the morning and the eyes still weren’t coordinating properly. By the time I made it into the jeweler’s shop several days had passed and the dim memory of that image on her phone had taken on a sepia tone of age. Then it got worse. When I was faced with two similar items, differing only in color of the stones, that I thought she was talking about my mind went into “limp mode” like the truck does so often. If you’re old enough to remember how guessing the true color of an object on the old Black and White TV sets used to be a mental exercise that didn’t always turn out right you’d understand how I was tasked with guessing the true color of the sepia image in my mind. I hope I got it right otherwise that Colt SAA I got her a few years ago that we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to fire due to its collectability may well get a workout after all.

    This is why none of Clif’s predictions scare me at all!

  13. The financial system has become hybrid and “hourglass” shaped.

    Look at the pic below.

    Say that guy was long TQQQ. Today someone else is long SQQQ. In a modern stock market crash TQQQ’s money sloshes to the other side of the hourglass, into SQQQ’s account real-time as the crash unfolds.

    SQQQ now has TQQQ’s lifestyle and would snap that car up in a jiffy.

    We’re led to believe somehow back then the money vaporized and nobody could buy the car.

    “A news photo taken on October 30, 1929 shows investor Walter Thornton attempting to sell his 1928 Chrysler Imperial 75 Roadster for $100 in New York. ”


  14. Depop, I like the romance of the notion. It’s too bad there is no data to support that. I mean, there could be data, but it’s not out there. I’m not sure why anyone would think depop is the agenda without some real data, the best data that the global medical community can provide.

    Or do you believe millions of doctors, nurses, and other medical front line staff are in on it? Ever seen a global depop conspiracy with millions of adherants that was secret? Well.. that’s a strong word. Lots of people can read minds, so secrets are subjective I guess.

    Here’s the problem. With no known conspiracy, other than from the fringe, it’s really hard to explain a) the missing billions of dead people, and b) the participation of every medical professional on the planet.

    I think people like simple answers that fit their cognitive bias. I’d bet on cognitive bias every time, it’s called “buy the dips”, you money guys should know how to trick lots of people out of their cash by now. But you don’t see the wool over your eyes, or hear the noodles over your ears.

    We the people don’t have perfect data, but we have some. For instance, regarding OMICRON, what do all these countries have in common?
    U.K., France, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Canada, and a number of countries in southern Africa.

    This is where OMICRON is said to be taking off. Is that true? I don’t know, but I do see that the best available data shows the deaths are either dropping as cases skyrocket, or the deaths are barely rising compared to the first and Delta waves. It’s plain to see, but maybe you don’t like to read charts that defy your cognitive biases.

    What would the evil depop agenda be doing? Letting the cat out of the bag? One of you mind readers please read the evildoers minds for me and let me know why they would publish data that shows OMICRON is a milder variant. How does that produce more vaxx victims? If you don’t trust the data at all, then tell my why they would publish, in public, global numbers that indicate the direction of this all?

    I don’t believe the data, I don’t believe science. Because it’s not accurate. But it’s a hell of a lot more accurate than mind reading, fantasies of global evildoers, and beliefs undermined by a lack of evidence, vis a vis the piles of bodies predicted that haven’t yet quite arrived.

    One last question, if you wanted to depopulate the world, why wouldn’t you just do what western society has done for decades? Porn, pot, internet, and junk food seem to be doing a better job of it. If it is all about control as many say, then where are the lockdowns? I have a theory that many people who believe this nonsense don’t talk to very many people with different ideas then them.

    • Depopulation is not as easy as you make it to be…….or as conspiratorial. Antibody dependent enhancement, an issue which goes along with mrna research is well documented. Overt depopulation, nah I too do not see it. But, ADE having its way with vaxxed and slowly culling those with other diseases……that is easy to buy into. Hell just look at all the advertising for lawsuits on TV from stuff that was FDA approved 30 years ago

      • Yep, waiting to see if these next several supposed new versions of the flu will be used as cover for the vaxxxed dying from their destroyed immune systems…um, due to the vaxxx…but no depop conspiracy to see here so move along please. They have to go after Sweden, India, Africa, Bangladesh, Norway, and a couple countries in South America because things are going too well there. Oh, and Japan…because they’ve been moving to Ivermectin and now have a “your heart will blow a gasket” disclaimer on the vaxxx.
        GatewayPundit.com announced tonight that the vaxxx companies argued in court that they don’t want to give vaxxxes to illegals because they might get sued…hmm, so there is reason to sue them? What!? No, say it isn’t so! Once again, illegals have more rights than We The People.

    • Ok, what’s your take on all the athletes dying young out there on every continent – from cardiac complications, no less. KIDS having cardiac issues at 11, 12, 13 years of age and the doctors having to come up with protocols to deal with WHAT THEY’VE NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH BEFORE! Does that rattle your cage any at all? I put up a link to a Bitchute video up in this comments section a few weeks ago about a nurse in Eastern Europe that came out with the revelation that the vials of Covid “vaccine” can be determined to be one of at least two different varieties – one of which was a verified PLACEBO that doesn’t do anything to you while the others will get you killed or put your back side in the hospital if it winds up being mainlined and heads straight to your heart. TPTB can’t have everyone dropping dead at the same time now can they Phil? I guess that didn’t pique your interest at all did it?

    • Analysis paralysis ? numbers indicate prevalence of Death outcomes occur in the “Aged” populations and the “Compromised” populations. So some military aged get INFLAMATION of the Blood and its supporting systems from vax & virus, small price to pay for getting rid “useless eaters”.
      Time – takes too long for junk food to do its job – AUS, EU, China, Japan. Guess the covert19 concentration camps Oztraila are all fake and unbelievable.
      Common link Ure looking for in list- Davos
      devils greatest trick of all time – convince people it doesn’t exist.

      not depop – just a thinning of the hhhhherd..

    • It isn’t that there aren’t a plethora of wannabe depopulation fiends out there; the depopulation freaks aren’t very good at their hobbies. Depopulation schemes which meet the “everybody but me and mine” qualification are largely SF.

      • Bill Gates is so good at depop that he was kicked out of a few countries. Sad part is it took 10 years for them to discover that he was making people infertile and, in another case, making people get polio via his partnership with China, a major drug company, and WHO/UN. Seems his daddy sat around the dinner table talking about his job with planned parenthood and that was handed down to billy. But there’s no conspiracy to depop…nope.

  15. “Going to make something in 2022 which will require the use of my Cleco clamps and pliers. ”

    Now there is something that I haven’t heard in awhile. Mine are collecting dust in the bottom of my roll-away, along with my rivet gun, sets, and bucking bars, which I oiled and vacuumed sealed over a couple decades ago.

    Last time I used them was on a nose patch for a DC-3. It was the oldest commercial airplane flying at the time. Went from there to rockets in the blink on an eye.

    Thanks for the reminder about father time. lol!

  16. The Fed can do whatever it wants tomorrow. As long as the market moves, I should make (more) money.

    Bought 12/20 calls on 12/6 for $0.31, closed 75% near the top for $1.50.

    Bought 12/29 puts at Friday close for $1.07, closed 75% today for a double.

    Best guess is they do nothing and we start this mess over from a new high next week as folks unload for year-end tax loss and tax fears for next year. If I’m wrong and they crash it, so be it. My butt is covered both ways.

    Last few weeks these b**tards have forced us to pay premiums over the weekend with inflection points on a Friday and no confirmation. Wonder if they stall it after the meeting tomorrow until Friday.

    Cryptos — Be careful after Sunday. Venus goes retrograde on 12/19 and Bitcoin usually does not like it. If that’s the case and another rally is coming, it won’t be until the end of 1/2022.

  17. Comrades,

    We’ve had restricted entry at dining-in restaurants here in Manitoba since the last code red lifted a couple or three months past. It’s also de-rigeur for entry to civic buildings for leisure activities. You can still climb aboard a city transit bus with just a mask and no vax proof, but the rider demographic is po’ folk outside of business hours. Merchants pretty much have to tow the line or they get up to a $5000 fine, and there’s plenty of rule-minded citizens around who would throw one of their own under the rules&regs bus wheels given chance. So yeah, screen shot of the (provincial) QR Code plus matching name ID and bob’s your uncle. Of course if you are boarding public transport such as plane or train, then you need a federal QR code which only is issued digitally. No smartphone? Hey, stay home, lol!

    I don’t know how it’s shaping up in other jurisdictions that have olde worlde religious groups resident in large numbers. Here there are many pacifist old german Hutterite colonies (and Mennonite individuals) in the rural southern Bible belt by way of Eastern Europe and Ukraine who do not subscribe to the vax and mask hoopla. Vaccination rates in the least conforming regions hover around 30%. With caps on church attendance of 25 persons, anecdotal stories are emerging of pop-up worship services in farm sheds and barns hosting hundreds of non-conformists at a time. So far the provincial government has not directly tried to take down The Dude’s followers.

    There was a story out of Alberta in recent days of a cross country freight-train riding hobo of 15 minutes YouTube fame who passed away on the streets with addictions. His family came in from out of province to search for his gone missing dog, Arlo. It seems they found Arlo in the care of a family clueless about his previous life, and took him back home.

    Apparently the real-life person Arlo went in for his Vietnam draft call up but was turned away due to a littering charge on his record…Crazy world. Well, back to Alice’s Restaurant. Stay qrp, everyone.

  18. Here’s another angle to gun registration. If someone is liable they need insurance. Registration for insurance.

    How California plans to copy Texas abortion tactics for gun control

    Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to let Californians sue some firearm manufacturers and sellers.

    “The proposed bill, according to a press release from Newsom, would allow Californians to sue “anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts” for damages — the same injunction-skirting mechanism Texas has used to ban all abortions after six weeks, which has so far been permitted by the Supreme Court.”


    • By public policy, you can’t buy insurance for intentional torts. Takeaway: tell the cops it went off by accident – insurance is allowed to cover negligence. But don’t suggest that you were reckless- insurance gray area.

    • The fundamental difference here, is “defense” is a God-given Right and its means is codified in the Constitution.

      You’ll not find “abortion” anywhere in the Constitution…

      A Leftist-stuffed USSC might find such a Commiefornia law valid. I doubt our current Court would even come close…

  19. hmmmmm unicode block George? The Third Manifesto? a different set of features which Date and Darwen consider unwise…….

    it is interesting to note that we did just pass the 29th anniversary of the Hopi message to the United Nations. of personal interest: that is also the date I had 22 months sober, my oldest boys birthday and 26 years ago the date of my baptism. all on the same date. and one year prior i was at the same UN facility, getting my GED. same exact date.

    don’t forget George, Napoleon lost at waterloo. and the odd thing lately is I went from having to many jobs and not enough workers to too many workers and not enough jobs almost overnight. events are slowing down.. and that is fine by me, good to rest a while and not work so hard.

    as for the burning, light, heat and ash is what purifies the earth. not water. water washes the surface but ash is what replenishes the soil.

    we just passed the big eclipse, now we will see what is hidden or so I am told by my entourage, a collective of psychic’s that I have accumulated recently.. which is none of my doing, i assure you. a big ceremony was performed last night on the behalf of the two who came to the second mesa, when the world hid in their homes. hope that they did a good ceremony, i wasnt priviaged to know what it was about. other than i was notified one was being done on my behalf and the other fella who showed up at the same time. i hope he is the lost white brother. he wants to be. i told him to go for it. im not qualified to be that… when i look at all my mistakes. ya, im not that brilliant. like ureself. LOL

    i honestly dont think im the return of the lost white brother, me showing up there dressed in a red hat and all that was by happenstance. when i read the legends about such a man over the course of all the tribes. even Archbishop Eric Logan of the Ecumenical Order of Christ found “The Pahana From God.” written in the Torah. From the fist verse of the Torah to 1 Samuel 14:42 Pahana and is described as Michael.

    pretty interesting that a Hopi legend, is Witten right there in the torah.

    i don’t know dude. even if I know where the cornerstone is, doesn’t mean it is me. i think it is the other dude who showed up. has to be. i dont want to be it and I’m not that cool. plus according to legend, the lost white brother will be come the supreme leader of the great turtle in a day. shit i can barely figure out what the hell i was doing in the bathroom sometimes. hardly qualified to run a Giant Turtle.

    yes, the Mob, a humans number. some translations are 666 and some are 616. all the first popes and even the Cezar and most kings of what is now the EU were all Basque, ya know? as you said, keeping the blood line pure. only 5% of the world is Rh negative and in my studies over the year, those who were forbiden to marry and have children outside of their kinds were Hebrews and Basque “The people of the Mountain” both are Rh negative.

    the thing about the Basque is, they seen everyone from Hitler to Ghengis Khan come and go and nobody ever attacked them in over 20,000 years.

    i have doggie coin. its not my pick but i don’t really care about my pick, i want the pick that makes money. i don’t have a favorite slot machine except the one that pays the most. I don’t care if I’m holding a pair of Aces or a Pair of 10’s which ever wins, is the hand that I want.

    interesting to note your surroundings, two dogs fucking came to visit. named after what Father saw when he was born. an old Indian joke. and we see the rise of shiba and doggie coin… for a time, then disappear.

    much to think about. i really liked your article today, i have to finish reviewing my understanding of the myan language, because contrary to popular belief, the myans said a white dude with a beard, visited them and taught them math. could be george in his time machine, because im not so good at math. and the lost white brother is supposed to be omnipotent. i forgot to get gas this morning.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. parting the red sea and esacaping with a 400,000 hebrews in to the desert, then coming down from the mountains, with the tablets with the ten commandments on them and the torah with hopi prophecy written within it. what a wierd deal that is.. and you know the difference between hitlers swastika and the lost white brothers? one goes counter clockwise and the other clockwise.

    learn something new every day. hope that ceremony they did sends me some money, im grateful they thought so much of me to do it. the truth is, i was at the gas station that day, and nagging voice said go. i didnt even know where it was at. the only reason i went was to have that nagging voice stop nagging at me. not because i thought ohhhh what a beautiful day to drive 900 miles one way through death valley and all that to visit the second mesa and have a look around. maybe wear a read hat and bring my red blanket and go over there and stand in the place only elders know as the center of the world, have a smoke and drive 900 miles back home because i always wanted to do that. i went so the voice or whatever it was, would quit bitching at me about it that morning. and the whole way there and back i think, i must be nuts.

    “Observe but don’t see, grasshopper.”

    reminds me of that rooster down in the laundry room that was brought home by the owners of the house who lost an eye in a cock fight. poor little fella. being one eyed cock in the land of chickens. oh the puns. i went down there and was like ohhh shit, there is damn living in the laundry room now. what the hell does this mean DUDE? LOL

    ya dont forget, the rothchilds were funding the spanish and played the part of waterloo, in the markets to their financial advantage. seems to be the same sorta thing going on with the pandemic to me.

    i dont know dude. i just dont know. so i prayed to know this morning. prayed tha every single person who is in my life that doesnt serve the Highest Good THE DUDE has for me, be removed. Every single person that serves the Highest Good, enter my life. everything in me that doesnt serve the Hightest Good, be removed.. the Highest good for THE DUDE, otheres and to my advantage in advancing that Hightest Good.

    so far, i came in the office, went in the bathroom and there was no Tp. not sure what to think about that. LOL

    later dude, i have to go find jobs for people.

  20. They are weak they are dead . Fauci in a way works for the Fed . Rid yourself of evil free yourself free the world buy buy buy buy gold . They got nothing , just lies to kill you .buy buy buy and say bye bye to evil . 25 years I have fought them . I know my enemy , they are weak

  21. you ever had to cut 97 people off the payroll in one day, pick and choose who works right before Christmas. that is one of the hardest decisions to make. because besides the Seahawks, i have to cut crews down for a few months. lay them off. See they are not just numbers to me. they are people, i know all of them. know what they have going on in their lives, their kids names, their pets names. etc etc. but there is just not enough jobs to go around for all of them. i have one a single mother in my office now, cleaning to keep her busy, when I usually do that stuff myself. just so she can buy a few chrismas presents for her kids.


    later dude. i got to get busy being about it.

    • “you ever had to cut 97 people off the payroll in one day, pick and choose who works right before Christmas. that is one of the hardest decisions to make.”

      What”s your problem Andy?

      Doesn’t your “DUDE” take care of all those, or is it just your own “DUDE” (in your mind?!).

      God bless you and all sheep!

      • Sorry Andy, I didn’t mean to come down on you, per se. At my age I’ve heard and read it all, several times over, and sometimes I get sooo tired of reading it. No offense!
        Question remains: “To be or not to be?”
        Perhaps, I should quit reading all together and just enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by our so-called “DUDE.”

      • “At my age I’ve heard and read it all, several times over,”

        Oh oh now you did it choices lol lol.. You’re never going to see or hear it all… it may take a lot to shock you but you’ve never seen it all…
        The floor curse is.. the minute you think you have seen it all.. something really odd will happen to shock the hell out of you. Kind of like saying have a good quiet day at work lol lol…
        A medical administrator at a local hospital when he was still in school was working the floor with me.. I said I have seen… then we walked into a room with a patient doing something extremely disgusting..he says you seen that..nope that’s a new one lol.. a young woman that’s now a psychiatrist came in to lend me a hand whe it was just me for the building..and she said all the wrong things.. I said shut up.. your just asking for it.. well later i asked how it went.. her day started with a full bedpan being thrown in her face then it got worse..i still see her once in a while and ask how her day is lol
        So at least for hospital, firemen,police,etc.. bo one ever says the cursed words. Lol lol

    • “you ever had to cut 97 people off the payroll in one day, pick and choose who works right before Christmas.”

      One of the entertainment television companies does that.. I won’t say which one.. but they had a shop of installers right close to me and every year they would tell their guys that they were going to have a huge xmas party.. and get them all in the mind set that they were getting a huge bonus.. then about three weeks before xmas.. have it and let everyone go.. no unemployment..
      I get ad’s in the mail to buy my services through them and I wouldn’t give them a dime just because that is what they do..
      The big thing though is they always paid well.. expected stuff done that wasn’t available to do.. like be four hundred miles away and still be there to accept deliveries and handle the office..( one guy had his wife come down to do that while he was making a run.. heck I even did that for him when he was making a run) what they should have told them was to put a third of their higher than normal income away..it was a yearly thing for them.. so don’t feel bad Andy that shizt happens .. the profits and bonuses go to the guys on top always.. it is the business model

  22. Russians, Russians, Russians!
    So it looks like people in Russia are STILL trying to get into America. Wonder why? I wish they had more in-depth reporting regarding what they found in the Russians’ luggage if they had any. Obviously no fake passports, but were they trying to meet up with others inside our borders?

    “18 Russian migrants found in vehicles shot at while barreling through California border crossing, CBP says” Dec 14, 2021
    Two vehicles that attempted to speed past a California border crossing before an officer opened fire were carrying a total of 18 Russian immigrants including young children.

    The “use of force incident” shut down several lanes at the San Ysidro Port of Entry for about eight hours from Sunday night into Monday morning.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that shortly after 9:30 p.m., a border officer spotted a Ford SUV and a Mercedes sedan speeding toward the primary inspection area.

    The CBP officer, who inspects vehicles before they reach the primary insection, fired four rounds and struck the Mercedes, which then slammed into the SUV after it abruptly stopped.

    CBP said a third vehicle carrying undocumented immigrants from Russia eventually stopped at the primary inspection area. The black Dodge Durango had five adults ages 20-34, one 5-year-old, and one 17-year-old inside.

  23. “the head of the Los Angeles police dept. is warning people not to visit the city because they can’t ensure their safety? ”

    It’s funny you brought that up Chris.. I was in my favorite chinese restaurant..my favorite waitress is from Beijing.. she was suppose to fly to see her dad who is came to visit his kids to make sure they are ok.. her ight had been canceled and she was not able to go see him..she was so heartbroken and homesick.. she started to cry I gave her a big old man hug.. then asked if he would return.she said she doubts it.. he doesn’t like to come to the USA the people in the cities are to violent and crime is to high.. I laughed and said I have to agree with your dad on that.. I dont want to got any cities either..
    She started to lighten up and showed me photos and videos that her family sent her of home..and her family.
    She is such a nice young lady and such a hard worker..she kind of reminds me of me when I was her age..

  24. did you ever read this george? the Hopi letter to the UN?

    “It is also prophesied that, if these three fail to fulfill their mission,
    then the one from the west will come like a big storm. He will be many in
    numbers and unmerciful. When he comes he will cover the land like the red
    ants and overtake this land in one day. If the three helpers chosen by the
    Creator fulfill their sacred mission, and even if there are only one, two, or
    three of the true Hopi who remain holding fast to the last ancient teaching
    and instructions the Great Spirit, Massauu will appear before all, and our
    would will be saved. The three will lay our a new life plan which leads to
    everlasting life and peace.”

    that sounds alot like china. red ants taking over.. huh… never read this before.

    that sounds like some pretty serious shit. i never read this before. i cant believe I never read this before. i thought i exahusted all these readings years ago….. i know damn well id remember the refrence to China.

    maybe im one of the two helpers. not sure…. me things the other one is a female. cant say for certain tho. just says the swastika is a female. hmmmmm.

    holy cow this is some serious shit we are getting into. sach cloth sent from heaven to turn the earth into a bad scene from the book The Road? Fuck we dont want that. LOL nor do we want the red merciless ants all over the place.

    better stalk up on more beans and rice.

  25. AYFKM!!!!!!!!! there is no fucking way this can be true. i had a very gifted pshychic tell me that i am going to be faced with a decision of two paths. that the world hinges on my choice. one is the path to chaos and ruin and the other is the path of love, twin flame, and prosperity.. but my choice would efffect everyone. i just read the entire letter the hopi wrote to the UN. same exact shit she told me when i got this job. i would be allowed some time to choose. she wasn’t sure how long, but once it was revealed to me.. i would have to choose shortly after.

    she used the same exact words written in the letter to the UN by the Hopi back on 12/10/1992… there is no fucking way that i am that important. all joking aside. this cant be true… no way. i mean, this is a freaking dream job. most people would dream of being back stage with every rock star and pro athelet that comes to town. i mean i will be back stage at the tool concert in janruary with the band, let alone meating cold play and The Eagles etc etc…

    and to up and pack and leave that? my rich friends already think im nuts. but this is crazy. i will call the wizard and see what he says… the shaman said something of great importance will be revealed to you along with the world known phsychic lady… whome i kinda have a crush on. and all my little band of gifted seers that increases along with the other preists, rabis and others who some to be magnitized to me… all of them call me boss. so weird.

    this cant be true. it has to be some kind of bullshit psyop. one path leads to the merciless red ants invading our continent, after the earth is scorched like a scene from the road, taking over to gain resources as food etc etc. and the other path the earth becomes balanced and restored and we all find peace….. and it hinges on my choice. no fucking way. im not that important. nobody has that kinda power. nobody should have to be forced with that sorta choice. no way.

    and i have 30 days to decide? shit all my firends will disown me if i leave my job and take a different path. they live vicariously through me… because their lives are so vanilla comparative.

    why didnt you tell me about this George??? i know ya had to know… when we had our talk about Idaho. dont play dumb with me.

    i will do it if this is really that impacting. but who could i tell. nobody would ever believe me.. change my course and save the world. that cant be true. no way.

    they said they found the lost white brother back in 2009. that is when i started stretchingmy leggs on the internet. and only one person who has never ever seen me post as zero, calls me that. the shaman i met there at the hopi rez. but he just knows things… we all do……..

    this cant be right. i like this job. i like the beach and i dont believe it. there is no way this can be.

    im going to have a long deep thought about this for a while.

    • Actually, you are that important, Andy. Which is why – when I walk the 100-feet to my vortex here – you are showing up regularly and on an “as the world needs” basis.

      Let us know which path when you have chosen.

    • ” a very gifted pshychic tell me that i am going to be faced with a decision of two paths.”

      People are always given the choice of which path to take.. I hope you make the right one..

    • “one path leads to the merciless red ants invading our continent, after the earth is scorched like a scene from the road, ”

      Politicians and leaders are the ones faced with those choices Andy…
      the two roads.. they are faced with having to sell their souls all the time..
      People can sell their souls to.. what is a soul worth to get what they want to satisfy their personal desires.. what will that get them except a few trinkets along the road to destruction.. the old old story of the sword of damocles
      Sun Tzu and his art of war..
      here is my favorite poem.. it says a lot young man.. the desiderata.. great wisdom there..

  26. “…in the rain. Hard on power tools, even the battery-powered ones.”

    Before I moved from the big city, I had a contractor install gutter along one length of the newly acquired ranch house here. When I moved in a month later, neighbor across the road gave me a heads up to look on the roof. The gutter guys had left a well used Ryobi battery drill up there. After a month in the rain and tropical sun, it still worked! And I still use it five years later. Sold me on the brand, and I got more batteries and charger and a few other tools from them now.

    And really…. who NEEDS more screwdrivers?

  27. Green Bay Packers Inc. has been a publicly owned non-profit since August 18, 1923, when original articles of incorporation were filed with the Wisconsin Secretary of State.

    One of the most remarkable business stories in American history, the Green Bay Packers organization has been kept viable by its shareholders. From passing a hat to building bleachers and a fence, from ticket drives to five previous stock offerings, Packers fans have continued to support their team to enable it to thrive and win championships – an NFL-leading 13 times.

    Fans have supported the team financially through five stock sales in 1923, 1935, 1950, 1997, and 2011.

    Today, approximately 361,300 people are owners of the iconic franchise (holding approximately 5,009,400 shares).


    The Packers are making a stock offering. This doesn’t happen very often. It is not a money-making opportunity, but it is the only opportunity most of us are likely to ever be presented, to actually own a piece of a top-shelf professional sports team…

      • Reminder: Tell a funny story in tomorrow’s column.

        Did anyone add to their silver holdings yesterday at the previous September 29 low/price…as it was being driven down for a cheaper entry going into a known inflation ridden Fed announcement? Let’s see if it holds up as the new demand/support or if price breaks down further into the $17.60 area for another buying opportunity. I would post charts, but don’t see a way to do it here.
        In the end, the price of silver yesterday or today likely won’t matter. What will matter is if people have a way to pay for/barter for their needs…hold physical items; not virtual items.

  28. The only major way to get the money out of the pension funds would be student loan forgiveness without reimbursement to the debt holders. Pension funds are heavily invested in student loan debt because it can’t be discharged under bankruptcy, so it’s one of the most stable debt instrument investments around.

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