Post Fed Rally II, Seasonal Sillies, Rural Logic

Nothing-Burger Fed Decision.  But a nothing-burger is just what the shills were looking for.  Dow up 383 and change as a result and showing +212 early this morning.  Here’s the part of the Fed decision driving it:

“In light of inflation developments and the further improvement in the labor market, the Committee decided to reduce the monthly pace of its net asset purchases by $20 billion for Treasury securities and $10 billion for agency mortgage-backed securities. Beginning in January, the Committee will increase its holdings of Treasury securities by at least $40 billion per month and of agency mortgage-backed securities by at least $20 billion per month. “

OK, let’s think this through:  The Fed is ONLY going to spend $60-billion a month in early 2022.  That’s just under a THIRD OF A TRILLION ANNUALIZED.

Hell yeah, the market will go up when the Fed’s still going balls-to-the-wall on the buy side.

The Problem?

It’s revealed in an Elliott Wave view that goes something like this:

The market, as you can see, MAY be completing a complex wave 4.  Which is fine under Elliott because?  Well, we don’t have a new high, yet.  And because we have failed to break lower than the Wave 3.

But as any fool (including me) can see, when you look at the smaller wave 4 up, from 3(v) up to 4(a), it’s terribly obvious that 4(d) to 4(e) will be larger when it arrives this morning.

Yes, this COULD blow higher, still.  And we could be off on a major Wave V to complete a larger-degree count, but odds in my view are tempered.

Reason is this is index option expiration day.  Run up the option figures to the close today (ideally just failing a new all-time high) and then the commercials can cover when the market declines tomorrow which would be what I’d personally expect.

But don’t take my word for it:  I’m a nutjob in the woods installing a radiation-resistance greenhouse for 2022.  That alone will peg me somewhere between Grinch, nihilist, and a**hole, I’m afraid.

Fresh Jobs Data

Gee, who ever thought back in sixth grade we’d give a rip about how many people filed first-time unemployment claims, this week?

I know – the shear excitement of it is almost unbearable.  Right up there with Geraldo vault openings, huh?

Housing Starts:

Then there’s the Philly Fed numbers – here’s the key look-ahead part:

Current Indicators Soften

The diffusion index for current general activity fell 24 points to 15.4 this month (see Chart 1). Nearly 27 percent of the firms reported increases (down from 42 percent last month) in current activity this month, while 11 percent reported decreases (up from 3 percent). The current shipments index decreased 17 points, to 15.3, in December. Over 28 percent of the firms reported increases in shipments this month, while 13 percent reported decreases. The index for new orders fell 34 points to a reading of 13.7 after two consecutive months of increases. Nearly 29 percent of the firms reported increases in new orders this month (down from 48 percent last month), while 15 percent reported decreases (up from 0 percent last month).”

Industrial production and utilization will be along shortly after the market opens today.

Refried Vax Panic

Here we go, again:  How omicron is changing the rules of the covid-19 pandemic.

What’s more amazing to us?  Despite the vaccines seeming to do next to nothing here come Businesses, universities are requiring coronavirus vaccine booster shots.  Mark of the Beast times.

Everyone wants to be in charge and wield power.

Some Useful Data

UrbanSurvival / Peoplenomics readers are not slouches in the mental acuity “Show me the Data!” department.  So, when one of them sent me an analysis run, I figured you’d like to see what it shows cause it’s not the usual mainstream BS.

“Using the Johns Hopkins numbers, I made some overlays for UK, France, South Africa. These show relative magnitude between Cases and Deaths. for the course of the pandemic.

Of note:

  • Early there were low cases, but huge deaths
  • Middle there were roughly equal magnitude cases/deaths
  • Lately high cases, low deaths

Lots of explanations for this. Lack of early testing, lots of mandatory testing today, is just one. Better care would curb deaths.

But this is also the arc of a pandemic. It’s getting milder, obviously.”

UK first.  As you look, the blue “curtain” is CASES and the red is DEATHS

Then there is the France data:

Most interesting to me was South Africa because with only a 23% vaccination rate, they looked like this:

What this looks like to my (admittedly bad, untrained) eye is like even in South Africa, the fraction of deaths is low compared to waves one and two.

We will see how the UK data rolls tomorrow, but we’re locked in, as always.  Remember who told you years ago?  “Aging is a communicable disease”?  Turns out so’s dying.  Ergo, living apart ain’t a bad thing.

Another pet theory is is if you only have one source of hugs in your life, you will tend not to screw relations up, as much.  Details in my forthcoming psychology textbook (kidding!).

Reindeer Droppings

On Prancer!  Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Super Sculpted Legs In Sky-High Platforms.  (Not news, but a better view than a Biden pic…)

On Dancer!  The Masked Dancer lands second series as spin-off show will return in 2022 – Mirror Online

On Driver!  Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in single-car crash in Southern California.

On Vixen!  Reindeer Ranch Offers Real-Life Comet, Blitzen and Vixen.

On Warrior! US concerns grow over potential Russian cyber targeting of Ukraine amid troop buildup (

And on Conviction!  Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction: Appellate Judges Raise Doubts – The Hollywood Reporter

Blow me down, Dept:  Historic winds rip through the Midwest: More than 500,000 without power, 1 dead in Iowa.

Countdown to III

Latest moves as the world edges along toward WW III:

This last is really interesting because if you look at the charts, BTC could be in a complex wave 4 of sorts right now, along with markets.  Be really interesting to see a war between real money blocks (Russia, China) and phony money notional addicts (the West).  Who’d have thought?

Around the Ranch:  Rural Logic

“The Christmas Room” is coming.

Rooms in our home have various names.  Because, when we built them, one aspect, or another, stuck with the room.  The Tiki / Polynesia style dining room is simply “Trader Vic’s” while the small 9-foot glass-on-three-sides cocktail room is called the “180-(degree room)” because wherever you look seems to be outside.

The Northwest Room features a marvelous mural of the Bay Bridge from the Sausage side.  East of there, the look goes off into woodsy with a rough cedar ceiling.  And as expected, the felt-covered gaming table is on the east side of the room.  Just as Reno is somewhere on up past Truckee, Ca.

The visual effects do not aim for perfection.  During the afternoon toddy, though, they give a “sense of different place” which results in what Elaine calls “being transported.”

The Christmas Room will be the (roughly) 8-by-20 grow room I’ll be adding off the music studio next week.   The joy of this is not so much the construction itself.  Rather, the staging of materials and design is the highlight.  The “ground screws” written up on a recent ShopTalk Sunday will be the foundation.  And I’ll be “digging in” half-sheets of cementitious board for a faux foundation.  Critter proof.

We will get together with a few neighbors for a libation or three.  But over holidays, I sure like to have projects.  When you’re older – and when kids don’t (or can’t) come visit, there can be a streak of melancholy to this time of year.  Unless you take the time to make a list of “personal pleasures” and aggressively “work the list.”

Our point in mentioning this?

Holidays are supposed to be fun.  We credit a great deal of our happiness to granting permission to be HAPPY.

People who are dour, grumpy, cantankerous, or moody, are the Super-Spreaders of the Blues.

No thank you.

So, before we get too deep into next week, consider all the ways you can improve your life, lay in the supplies and materials to make it real, and then work the process by processing the work.

  • Food:  Do you have a meal plan with a few “outrageous luxuries” on it?  We have been eating really good prime rib roasts, lately.  Only thing bad so far is one was bone-in, rather than boneless.  (Admittedly, a high-class complaint to have).  Make a list, shop it and chop it.  Stirring all the live-long day.
  • Shelter:  Is there some housely change that might make your life more comfortable?  We recently decided we didn’t like our bathmats.  A little money, but by-God the gel-filled rugs really are a dream to stand on. Zeus the Cat seems to agree.  Do you need a new small table, somewhere?  A drop-zone by your front door need some tuning?
  • Communications: There are some AMAZING values on eBay when comes to shortwave radios.  ATS-20 and ATS-25 are your search terms under “Radio Communications” on eBay.  Listening to far-away places with a random-length wire antenna of perhaps 25-feet, can bring hours of joy.  Especially when combined with a Coffee Nudge or Peppermint Schnapps cocoa.
  • Environment:  Is there any particular reason people don’t have festive looking homes year-round?  It’s always struck us as strange.  Even so, you can always get in the car and take-in the local version of the Festival of Lights that runs up in Branson, Missouri every holiday season.   Moody gardens down in the Galveston (TX) area will be running 16-more days with more than a million lights.  Open the local papers, get creative.  Do not mix with above-mentioned Coffee Nudge, however.  Save that for a warm-up when you get home.
  • Transportation:  Who can’t find a way to use “detailing putty” for a half-hour?  You can stop short of buying the entire inventory of Chemical Boys to detail your hooptie. But maybe a few hours in the garage doing a clay job on the spouse’s ride and some ceramic or nano deep sheen would get you in someone’s good graces.
  • Finance:  Vow to buy a Lotto ticket per day.  Or buy one ticket a day and check them all on Christmas morning.  If there’s a God, right?
  • Energy: Sit in front of a warm fire and bunker it up so there’s a lot of infrared light coming off it.  Down when it’s such a deep red that the embers look almost black.  Pretend it’s one of my light crowns.  See, people were genetically engineered to sit in front of fires from back in caveman times.  That we are so much weaker and punier may have something to do with not the “right light” and processed foods.

How you run your holiday next week is all up to you, of course.

From my childhood in Seattle, looking out at the Sears-Roebuck main store 3-miles across the industrial area. I remember the anticipation of the Sears Wish Book showing up.  A couple of weeks back, the Amazon version showed up.  If you live long enough, there is nothing new under the Sun.

Better to Give than Get?  You can volunteer to help feed the hungry, help deliver gifts to those less fortunate.  All nice things to do. Highly encouraged.

Around here?  We always set aside a half-day, or so, to sit in quiet contemplation of Life’s biggest question, too:

What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Haven’t found the answer yet.  But I can still schlep building materials…so we’ll build something and name it for the occasion.

Write when you get rich (And no clattering on the roof, please.  We’re trying to be chill here…)

61 thoughts on “Post Fed Rally II, Seasonal Sillies, Rural Logic”

  1. Radiation is a non starter anymore puny human. Nobody “plays” with “dirty” old nukes anymore, if they ever did???
    Nuclear Winter – pure Bullshit, never going to happen, never was going to happen – pure FEAR porn . Be afraid – be vary afraid.

    Rumored tactical thermo nuclear attack on yemeni airbase last week – a NRR -pay attention oldsters – (No Residual Radiation)= neutron bomb.
    Curious thing about these recent attacks – F16 (early model A/B ground attack configs) with fresh saudi paint jobs = Israhell .
    Older version f16 do not have inflight refuel capabilities, need bolt on tanks (3-4) to get Yemin/Iran- making em slo like joe obongosorass.
    Reason why Houthi’s are able to blow (3-4) em outta sky past week with Russian upgraded BUK systems. Now know why doomsday op guys be called “kamikaze squad”

    I like the Houthi’s getting 3 and 1/2 “empire credits” versus MBS/SA.
    Also like a parlay taking Houthi’s + 3.5 v SA, and Iran/Russia + 15 “empire credits” vs Israhell and her gay pride bitch USA.
    bombbombomb, bomb iraaaaaaaan..

    Gonna be a toasty Xmas season in the ME..mmmmm toasted humans on a stick – fun & excitement 4 all this holidaze season.

  2. Thanks for the merry messages today George. Top shelf writing that!

    But I’m in a foul mood. The pictures from the UK tell the story of our future.

    It doesn’t matter if deaths fall to near zero, statistical noise. They will be testing. The image on the front of Drudge is a bunch of miserable limeys getting tested. What does this mean?

    If you test for COVID you’ll find it. This will not stop.

    One day they will stop publishing numbers like those charts you show today. Once it’s obvious the emperor has no clothes, they’ll remove our eyes.

    Meanwhile, around the world, where they cannot afford to test every schmendrick that needs a job, or a welfare check, life will return to normal. Too late. Do you think we’ll be allowed to travel? If the lesser nations are smart, no they’ll block us into our asylum by simply stating “OMG, you have so many cases, just look at your numbers!” and we’ll be blinded in another way.

    Meanwhile, anyone who disagrees with the religion, and it’s a religion now, will be branded a Trumper, or a Tin Foil Hat person. I just was! My 17 y.o. took one look at those numbers and said I was nuts to even consider that things were getting better/changing. “So this is never going away?” No, she says. Not so long as there are cases. “even if nobody dies?” Even if nobody dies.

    I’m wondering if I can move to South Africa somehow. Compared to Portland, it’s safer in nearly every way.

    • WRT the religion, SA wouldn’t afford an escape either.

      At the rate things are going, soon the Amish, and indigenous primitives in central Africa and the Amazon basin will be the most socially advanced peoples on the planet.

      I totally forgot you lived in greater Portland. My condolences…

      • A friend reminded me it’s a lot like Stockholm Syndrome. Then also that there are those who fear COVID and those who do not.

        Those that do not fear COVID are anti-religionists, heretics.

  3. Why is the Tiger Woods story dated as if it’s current news? This happened years ago (lost track of how many). Very strange.

    • He did play for the first time this past weekend since the accident, you think USA Today would have caught this faux pass before they posted the article. Crazy

    • I thought the Child Care Tax checks were extended through 2022 in the last spending bill. It seems they weren’t.

    • If you read the whole article, this is current news–this is his second accident. The first was about 10 years ago. He seems to have a thing for car accidents.

      • “He seems to have a thing for car accidents.”

        Hmm…And I thought he had a thing for drinking and driving.with the accidents as a result of his foolish actions. Then again he could fall off a table while dancing on its top..

    • I believe a steel bridge disappeared somewhere in Georgia from an abandoned right of way. The local authorities there were also trying to find the culprits. This bridge in Ohio may be useless to scrappers, but it would make a fine bridge somewhere, and many people need bridges for their gullies and arroyos. It’s not surprising, especially since it was stored for so long in a field doing nothing.

      It may not be right, but materials appearing abandoned have a habit of walking away.

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      Police apparently are hearing sounds of silence in their search for the missing span. The oem bridge specs appear to have called for 3″×12″ #2 pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine boards. Someone, somewhere is kicking back on a “new” deck?

    • “Anybody seen a bridge ?”

      LOL LOL LOL LOL years ago.. in FATE magazine.. there was a story about a missing school house that showed up someplace else..
      anyway.. I know the true story about that missing school house and how it came to be in another location…. out in the middle of the boonies the outback of ranchland.. a one room school house.. anyway.. it vanished from the place it was and showed up a few miles away..It baffled everyone so much that they put the story of the mysterious moving school house in the fate magazine..
      I was working for an uncle for a summer job making backup dams during a wet year.. the eighth grade boys decided after school was out.. to move it as a joke. so they got their parents tractors from their ranches and all of the kids got together and moved it to another location.. put the gates in and the swing sets etc.. they set it up just as if it had mysteriously moved and reappeared someplace else just as it had been.. so in the fall when everyone went to the school to get it prepared.. where in the heck did it go.. no one noticed all summer.. the land where it had been looked as if nothing had ever been there..
      even today I am sure some of these kids that are now old men.. get a chuckle out of that while having coffee.. LOL LOL LOL

    • I’m just wondering how many times the newscaster rehearsed this story, to be able to deliver it in deadpan…

  4. I have cement board under my kitchen tile. I teach basket making and one day a very large woman sat in my kitchen working on her basket. I heard a very loud crack, and then another. After she left we heard smaller noises and saw that tiles were broken. So, cement board breaks with a large enough load and an uneven bottom layer. How heavy are your visiting friends?

    • Cement board, and all Portland cement products, are generally brittle and have no tensile strength, so they will fracture if a bending force is applied. If they’re horizontal, they should generally have a very stiff and strong underlayment like 3/4 plywood/OSB or better. Sorry about that. Good luck with the repair. By the way, a woman with a spike heel can exert hundreds of pounds of impact pressure on a floor even if she’s relatively light. That was a problem with the floors on some early jets(707 I think).

      I won’t be having friends over this year, and have no ceramic tiles to worry about. That’ll be something for the far future if I ever get a round tuit.

      • Our residential trade standard for ceramics is minimum 1&1eighth inch sub-floor support. Properly bedded tile will not crack when installed correctly unless you exceed residential load specs.
        LOL. Freshly installed Oak hardwood kitchen/breakfeast/nook flooring subjected to celebratory ladies (heavyset) glamour brunch. Them stillettos had the floor next day lavished with a thousand dimples=
        complete coarse re-sand and re-finish…

      • “Them stillettos had the floor next day lavished with a thousand dimples=”

        I hate High heels Zephyr…I totally think they should be outlawed.. I have seen many many nasty breaks and damages to women’s bodies just from wearing those dangerous footwear..

  5. Russia could cutoff the utilities, send a volley of hypersonics from the Black Sea then clean-up with a Guderian or Schwarzkopf-like Blitzkrieg. 48 hours tops.

    “I made it absolutely clear to President Putin … that if he moves on Ukraine, the economic consequences for his economy are going to be devastating, devastating,” Biden said of their discussion Friday.

    Biden will be signing ‘historic’ $100,000,000,000,000 budgets over night.

    We’re going to have coat drives for the Europeans.

    • It will stop when they run out of fools – but as Goebbels, Twain, Fields, and Barnum have observed, we will not run out of fools – so you are right!!

    • I’m deeming myself “fully vaccinated”! No need to get any injections ever unless I change my mind, and that’s not likely.

    • Of course.

      Them on the Right, what can fight, has a conscience. Them on the Left what can’t, are inept, and don’t. The latter would be utterly vicious in a fight, the former, righteous, but not without fault.

      Who would win? — It doesn’t matter. We (or our progeny) would all lose…

      Sux for you Bob, because we’d undoubtedly take Canada along for the ride.

  6. George my Jedi instincts tell me something is not well with you . Are you ok ? Anything you need to talk about drop me a line . We must reach out and care. More and more have no empathy. Jedi do but also destroy dark side

    • I just got an invitation to the jedi school. Pretty cool. Door number 4.

      My big mouth got me noticed. I was reading a news paper and found my name in the word find. I thought how odd is that. Then I noticed some ancient God’s names Witten in it and all the letters were like the Star groupings. Not the names of modern constellations. The names of the ancient Gods and their constellations…..

      So I sent someone it and pointed all that out. Now, this a not so known news paper. And just getting the invite to that school is a huge honor. Like presidents don’t even get invites to that school. The school is so private and secret, I only read whispers of it through out the ages

      Have leave everything behind to go.

      Sorta like being invited to hang put with a much of Chi-gong masters in the Himalayas. Kinda guys with wizard tricks that bend reality.

      So I will ask THE DUDE what HE thinks about it before I reply.

      I don’t really feel like getting my ass kicked daily by a bunch of 100 year old human yodas who been wielding energy for 60 years. Lol

      I might be chicken. HAHAHAH!

      Ya, I LOVE Chrismas!!!! Yay!

      • And none of those words in the word find including my name were listed as words to look for. Soooo I talked to the wizard and he said, send them a note. So i did. And they were quite pleased I saw that. And sent me an invite.

        Shiiiittt shouldn’t have sent them a note. Got me noticed. And an invite. That is a big honor. But it is pretty scary…

        I don’t think in any shape or form im as powerful as those dudes and lady’s. Real life jedi school.


        Well I don’t have to decide today. Might as well enjoy the holidays. I have a little bit of time to think about it.

      • “I don’t really feel like getting my ass kicked daily by a bunch of 100 year old human yodas who been wielding energy for 60 years. Lol”

        See i am with yuh ou on thst.. I like you I’m sure would rather get a job as a college women’s wrestling coach lol lol me straddle keep control lilith lol lol.. the difference between adam and myself…ride em cowgirl lol

  7. Hey wake up all of you !! This ain’t over !! Just beginning. Buy more gold and more gold and more gold . That bullsheet yesterday called a FED meeting was a crock up of lies and horseheet from the head drug dealer . F him and then real good . Now straighten up , get in there and buy more gold

  8. Obviously, I clicked on the Prancer link to appreciate Ariana’s allegedly long, sculpted legs on her allegedly sky high platforms. Yahoo came up with a few slow loading pictures of her from the waist up. Even after clicking the various links on that page, I was still unable to see those allegedly long, sculpted legs!

    I presume that the Grinch stole them.

      • Y’all didn’t miss a thing. SHE has a gallery, so does Dizzney, and there’s another at IMDB, then more at a bunch of pot-pour-razzee(sic) sites. I shouldn’t be surprised if’fn you can find bikini pix and possibly (with the current trend) nekkid masturbation iPhone vids, since a number of celeb-chicks have started posting them lately.

        {Yes George, I realize several hundred of your readers just stopped what they were doing to search out “Celebrity Skin!”}

        Don’t care — not interested. I was not kidding about her having the definition of a 14yo couch potato (or a poorly-drawn animé girl.) Just because an article refers to her legs as “shapely” or “sculpted,” doesn’t make ’em so. Since the writer does this several times (which is sufficient to achieve permanent “creeper status” amongst the celebs and pooperatzee grifters {can you tell I have little respect}), I assume the article was a fluff piece written by her publicist’s staffers.

        Fake celebrity news is still fake news. At least “The Enquirer” checks its sources…

      • “nekkid masturbation iPhone vids, since a number of celeb-chicks have started posting them lately.”

        That doesn’t surprise me..qaqqIt’s all about the business model..out if work actress.. use to living the high life.

      • “It’s all about the business model..out if work actress.. use to living the high life.”

        Yeah… Not out of work “B-Listers.”

        I’m talkin’ gen-u-ine “A-List” celebs, and a lot of them with more-wholesome reputations than Ariana Grande. I can’t, for one, figure out why, because the business model in which I “grew up” said: Do nothing which would limit your employability.” This would translate in modern life to: Don’t do drugs in public, post pix of your genitals, post pix of you using (or abusing) your junk; don’t get your face or lower arms tattooed or knowingly bang underage children, don’t share political or religious views which run counter the current public trends, etc. In short, don’t do anything which would make you less-employable, anywhere in the entertainment industry. Ya never futzed a gig, because that honky-tonk with the $50 payout might be the one where Hal David’s BIL was drowning his sorrows…

        Apparently these rules no-longer apply. Dizzney owning a third of the entire industry was only a good thing while it was a moral company.

  9. This seems to me to be what is coming for us and it will be pretty horrendous.
    “It’s looking increasingly likely that the US Federal Reserve and the globalist powers that be will use the dramatic rising of inflation as their excuse to bring down the US financial markets and with it, crash the greatest financial bubble in history. The enormous inflation rise since the malicious political lockdowns and the trillions of dollars in emergency spending by both Trump and Biden, coupled with the continuation of the Fed’s unprecedented near-zero interest rate policies and asset purchases of billions in bonds to keep the bubble inflated a bit longer– have set the stage for an imminent market collapse. Unlike what we are told, it is deliberate and managed .”

    • Lois, just like the Great Depression, the non-Federal Reserve managed that splendidly and confessed to it recently. Now that our eyes are opened, we see through a glass darkly.

      All what is being done is a managed step-by-step takedown, surely we can number the steps, anticipating their next move, able to predict their obvious game plan running lockstep with the virus and Great Reset.

  10. “On Prancer! Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Super Sculpted Legs In Sky-High Platforms. (Not news, but a better view than a Biden pic…)”

    Not even sculpted a little. She’s 28 and has the gams of a 14yo couch potato. (Her legs ARE much nicer than Creepy Joe’s face, though.) I can’t help but wonder if she’s learned yet that there are some people in the world who’re just plain, bad?

  11. “On Driver! Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in single-car crash in Southern California.”

    ‘Happened in February. It must be a really slow news week, for Yahoo to rehash this with no correction to the original writeup.

  12. And on Conviction! “Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction: Appellate Judges Raise Doubts – The Hollywood Reporter

    “Several judges on the panel appeared open to considering reversing Weinstein’s conviction and ordering a new trial. A decision isn’t expected until January.”

    That would be freaking awesome, except nobody would note the object lesson:

    We’ve got 2mln more lawyers in this country than we need. Chances are, Joe Biden isn’t the only one who finished his JD in the fifth quintile. Perhaps these other wannabee attorneys would better serve themselves and their communities, working the Brazier at Burger King, rather than attempting to practice Law (or journalism…)

    The lesson? Oh yeah: When you have many more social parasites than are needed, some are going to spill over into vocational arenas in which their questionable intelligence and ability will leave them incapable of performing the duties requisite with the job, in a successful manner.

    If’fn you want to put away a horny Harvey, hire a prosecutor with an IQ greater than his(her) age, who’s knowledgeable enough to realize that when one exercises a Leftist political agenda in a court of law, they create gaping holes through which a defense team can drive hugeass trucks at the appellate level, any time they choose…

    • “If’fn you want to put away a horny Harvey, hire a prosecutor with an IQ greater than his(her) age, ”

      LOL LOL… with the huge list of accused potential crimes committed with more circumstatial evidence, writen,video,phot,documents and publicly displayed videos…way than what put Al away. GMAFB.. it wouldn’t make any difference what iq they had..
      They’d just hire more people to bend this into something desirable and honorable..

  13. Did an upgrade on one box to Windows 11. No significant issues. Best to pin the new Settings button to the taskbar. That Nvidia updater app will have to be reloaded, if I want it. All of the low-level system stuff looks about the same, with new menu mazes over the top. This update was easier than previous ones.

      • Windows eleven (11), yes, affirmative. I will probably do a second laptop box this weekend.

        I had an interesting conversation with an MD regarding Covid. His take on it is there are two types of Covid: good Covid and bad Covid, and everyone gets one or the other; no one gets out of it.

  14. (Not news, but a better view than a Biden pic…)

    God I am with you on that one.. seriously.. who really wants to have a look at Herbert the……. I would rather look at Kammy ..

        I still think kammy is pretty.. just gotta keep her busy enough so she don’t have time for all that other stuff..
        I do think even with everything that’s been said about her method for achieving status.. that I think she has a better ethical standpoint and probably is doing a nervous emotional somersault over what she has to be seeing..
        Join that lincoln thing or put on the horse blinders

      • Wait till you get a chance to play with the book mark… I have twisted and bent it so many ways.. lol ..even tried to stop it from going back to its shape..pops right back.. hot water bath..

  15. “And I’ll be “digging in” half-sheets of cementitious board for a faux foundation. Critter proof.”

    What makes it critter-proof is the utter dryness inside. If’fn the under-room gets wet, close to the edges, you will have slugs, millipedes, and other food sources, AND the ground will be soft enough for slug-eaters to tunnel in…

  16. Comrades,

    Wow. The BBC is reporting that Coke, Apple, and Nike objected to US Congress anti-slave labour legislative measures being directed against products from the oppressed Chinese Uyghur region.

    I guess in marketing circles that’s termed the hypocritical oath?

    • …And China is currently running a huge disinfo campaign using (almost, but not quite patronizing-sounding) Aussie and US/Canadian 40-55yo men, who poo-poo the slave & torture talk whilst telling the listener (s)he should be ashamed for even thinking the sweet and beneficent Chinese would do such a thing.

      They’re tweaking & test-marketing these commercial-length pseudo PSAs in Oz right now. I assume they’ll hit our shores after they’ve been polished — probably around Superbowl or NCAA basketball time…

  17. Another sex scandal allegation hits beleaguered CNN

    “Now, a Project Veritas whistleblower, Janine Bonanni, has come forward with text messages and audio recordings of ANOTHER CNN producer fantasizing about and shooting sick pictures of his 14-year-old step-daughter and asking Bonanni to send him nude photos of her 15-year-old daughter.”

    ‘Sex and the City’ actor Chris Noth accused of sexual assaults

    Actor Chris Noth has been accused of sexually assaulting two women in separate encounters that took place in 2004 and 2015, according to a report Thursday. The women’s identities were withheld by The Hollywood Reporter in order to protect their privacy, said the trade publication, which used pseudonyms for them instead.

    You can always tell when there’s a real dearth of news — Everybody comes out with sex &or violent death stories…

    …And Ray hears Don Henley singin’ in his brain:

    “We got the bubble headed
    Bleached blonde
    Comes on at five
    She can tell you ’bout the plane crash
    With a gleam in her eye
    It’s interesting when people die
    Give us dirty laundry”

    Japan: At least 27 feared dead in Osaka building fire

    At least 27 people are feared dead after a fire broke out in a building in downtown Osaka, Japan. Police are looking into the possibility that the blaze was deliberately started, said public broadcaster NHK.

    Bouncy castle fall: Australia mourns ‘terrible tragedy’ after children killed

    Australians are mourning a “horrific” national tragedy after five children were killed in a bouncy castle accident, PM Scott Morrison has said. The children fell about 10m (32ft) after a wind blew the castle skywards at a Tasmania school fair on Thursday.

    This’ns a head-scratcher to me. I thought Australia was under hard lock-down? How did the authorities even allow eight children to play in such close proximity to one-another…?

    89 people are killed by mystery disease in South Sudan: WHO taskforce sent to investigate unidentified illness

    A World Health Organization (WHO) taskforce has been sent to South Sudan to investigate an unidentified illness which has killed 89 people. The country’s ministry of health reported that an unknown disease had killed scores of people in the northern town of Fangak in Jonglei state.

    What’s that sound? Could it be another shoe drop?

    Nigerian bishop criticizes Blinken’s decision to delist nation, says persecution more intense ‘than ever’

    A Nigerian Catholic bishop recently offered a harrowing account of religious persecution in the country and called on the U.S. State Department to explain its decision for delisting the nation as one that merited “particular concern” on religious freedom.

    Election Integrity Group Throws Legal Wrench At Russia Hoaxer-Backed Democrats Trying To Overhaul Virginia Voting Rules

    The Democrat Party of Virginia wants to block the state Constitution’s current social security number requirements for voter registration, but a new motion to intervene from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) could challenge the Democrats’ attempts to undermine election integrity in the Commonwealth.

  18. With Covid-19 it all comes down to this…

    “If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930s Germany, now you know.” — Banner of a Covid-19 protester

    Rather than smugly (falsely feeling “superior”) and misleadingly pointing the finger at the “bad Germans”… NOW the REAL truth ABOUT NEARLY EVERYONE ANYWHERE is likely confronting nearly everyone.

    While at it let’s continue with real truths…

    The saying goes “SEEK the truth and you shall find it” –and NOT that you find the truth by passively ACCEPTING what authorities tell you is the “truth” like herd animals unthinkingly obey their shepherds’ orders. Yet almost nobody ACTIVELY SEEKS the truth, they only PASSIVELY ACCEPT as “truth” what the (medical, religious, political) authorities tell them and so become UNthinking members of “herd stupidity.”

    Do YOU actually SEEK the truth or are you a mindless member of “herd stupidity”?

    I suggest you check out “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

    You can ONLY see the official lies IF you SEEK the truth…. it means you must LOOK “behind the curtain” — behind the official narratives.

    “The inhumane abominations, issued by the highly credentialed professional class of psychopaths-in-control and their lauded sycophantic minions, of “No Jews Allowed” and “No Colored People Allowed” of yesterday is the “No Unvaccinated People Allowed” of today.” (from cited article above)

    If your employer (even educational or federal employers) wants you to take a Covid vaccine give him/her one of these form letters of exemption found at w

    “[…] when you do things to people against their will and force them it destroys their spirit, it destroys the integrity of their body. […]. Being an adult is meaningless if you cannot even protect the integrity of your own body.” — Jennifer Daniels, MD, MBA, Holistic Doctor

    One of the ways psychopaths show their hate for the public is by rubbing the public’s stupidity in their own faces. Eg with the letters of “omicron” an alleged Covid variant you can spell “moronic”… And indeed most of the public NEVER recognizes their stupidity as the believe, trust, and follow any explanation or demand of the psychopaths-in-power.

    And further speaking of stupid herd people not getting the glaringly obvious truth/ie not getting the constant onslaught of BIG lies of the official authorities……

    “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

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