ShopTalk: Migration Path for CNC, .STL Designs

Daylight Time dawns over America.  Yet-another example of the Grand National Delusion we’re under.

As the Native American  sage explained:  “White man the only ones who cut a foot off the bottom of their blankets and sew it on the top – and then claim their blanket is longer…”

Or, as this once IAM-751 R&E mechanic was taught:  “If you don’t like the Work Rules, bring it up to the Shop Steward.”

Of course, that was…er…53-years ago.  Before Hoffa disappeared, when Unions weren’t a “front-end” for Wall Street, and when stupid ideas didn’t preoccupy the Fools on the Hill.

Some “mood music for the day” over here on YouTube after the ads and the slightly too-long piano open.  ((Chicago – Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?))

In the interest of time, we will hit this morning by specific skill or interest sets.

Housing Freedom 101

The Junior Makers of today are in a world of hurt.  Not only do most landlords frown on “unauthorized” construction; the worst of it is so many people even have landlords.  They ought to own their own. Statistically, only about 68 percent of people do. Big majority of these owe the bank.  Statistical joke:  Owned not owed is sold as virtue.

As always, we point out our Shop is located in a rural East Texas county.  There is no building department, no red flagging of jobs, or any of that.

Yes…some people will build “under Code” out here.  The supporters of the Social State believe letting people be so free is a terrible risk.  But, even since dinosaurs were eating us, hasn’t risk been part of the buzz?  

The part where a “copped-feel” or a “…hope no one sees this….” *(*with the exception of Cuomo…) It’s just  that the risks in Life are mis-assessed all the time.

First Take-away:  If you consider yourself a Patriot, ask whether your little slice of America is owned free and clear?  If it isn’t, you’re owned by someone else.  Freedom?

Design 101

Let’s begin with some context.  I asked Pappy Ure once, do we put the sheetrock on the ceiling first or the walls?”  When you’re 10 or 11 years old, these are basic questions of Life.

Always design sometime so that if a part fails, the damage will be minimal.”

Well, I thought about that for a few weeks and said what any 10-11 year old would:  “Yes, I conceptualize the design philosophy, but what is your projected failure rate scenario (with regressions) and I still don’t know if you’re doing ceiling or walls on first?”

OK, Sport:  Ceiling on first.  That way if any of the fasteners fail, the wall pieces which we will slide firmly UP and snug, will hold the edges.  As a bonus, the joint will move less, reducing cracking over time…”

I tried to explain this to Elaine a few years back.  She’s always asking “Why do you do it THIS way instead of…”  Still trying.

Making – becoming a real MAKER (someone who can spot a problem and work it through to solution) – is even more complicated today than ever.

Making is Harder – LOTS

Understand that MAKING has revised massively over the years.  Why, 60-years ago, when The Major and I were still building underground camps on vacant lots, the amount of “trouble” we could get into in the Shop, was limited.

Most Makers – enjoying the recently earned 40-hour workweek – were using only a couple of saws (Disston 8 and 10 crosscuts and a 6-point rip), a hammer (16-oz. claw). Add nails and a paintbrush and you could make a home.  A Vise, too.

Life was simple then.  Remember, in all Making activities there are only so many steps:

  • Find or create Design
  • Measure
  • Cut
  • Join
  • Paint

Didn’t matter if the Design was from Chuck Barris who was measuring and cutting down a hot rod, which would be joined with other parts and painted Candy Apple metalflake.

All that remained for the Maker to do? Order of work.  “Hmmm…guess I should frame up a foundation wall and get that poured first… First floor decking and wall sections will come later.  Roof last, maybe?”

Today, Jr. Makers have a lot more freedom, but a lot of it has come at the expense of craftsmanship.  Clicking in a CAD app is somehow different than holding a plane in your hand, or making menacing gestures to the Shop Gods with a rip saw…

Systems Analysis

This “tool migration in Making” has been amazing to watch.  I’ve seen plumbing, for example, go from everything being galvanized pipe and sweat soldered (which includes the art of not starting a structure fire) was the norm.

How tough is plumbing today?  Measure, cut, join with a quick swab of hot set PVC glue and join with a quarter-turn.  Bada bing.

As Tools Changed, So Did Thinking

Back when creativity was somewhat limited by having mainly wood, hammer, saw, nails to buying multi-material tools.

I don’t know how much flared copper tubing you have done, but the cost of a blow torch alone was terribly expensive and it would only do two things well.  Sweat copper or set buildings on fire.

Today, a $17 tool (and a tub of Oatey hot glue, a Zantle Ratchet-type Tube and Pipe Cutter for Cutting O.D. PEX, PVC, and PPR Plastic Hoses and Plumbing Pipes up to 1-5/8″ inches seems to cut a lot of stuff!

Back when, this whole “multi-material” deal didn’t mean much.  But, today?  A LOT of home shops can get along fine with only a long pull miter saw on a good stand…but look what the saw can do in the right hands?

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Polishing
  • Cut thin steel…

(Anyone making a Dado-ing sliding miter saw, yet?)

Don’t get me wrong, but multi-tools are the Future.  Which is why things like the LEATHERMAN, Surge Heavy Duty Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Spring-Action Scissors ($139 – Amazon) got to be so popular.  HUGE improvement on progenitors who came up with the Swiss Army Knife.

Strangely, I don’t carry one, anymore.  When living on a sailboat (11-years) it was a must-have.  Everything on a boat breaks, you see.  The only question is when?

SainSmart Gets Smarter

Told you a long time back my “project after teaching myself enough about 3D printing to be competent” (or dangerous) I would move on to conquering  CNC (computer numerical control)  milling machines.

So, I bought the Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit GRBL Control 3 Axis Plastic Acrylic PCB PVC Wood Carving Milling Engraving Machine ($249 – Amazon).

Haven’t put it together yet because I kept thinking about maybe getting a larger machine.

Well, along come SainSmart and they now have an expansion kit to increase the 3018 series to the much larger 4030 (also called a 3040 unit).  My CNC gets bigger!  30 cm x 18 cm vs 30 cm x 40 cm.  That’s  30cm by 18 cm.  So the 3018 CNC does 12″ by 7.09 inches.  The 3040 (also called a 4030) works out to about 12″ by 16″ roughly.

And it’s cheap – like $60 cheap and sold on the Zon as Genmitsu 3040 Y-Axis Extension Kit for Most 3018 CNC Router Machines.

Now, you get to a choice:  Do you get the new spoilboard out of aluminum or MDF?  $25 price diff.  I went with the aluminum T-slotted spoilboard.  Simple:  You can never have too many clamping options. MDF? Sketchy.

Anyway:  The choice now is either the 4030 OR a 3018 PRO, extended axis kit and a spoilboard.

Like the Creality Migration Path

They did something similar in the evolution of FDM desktop printing.  Creality came out with the Ender 3 series.  This was then scaled (with some upgrade path [nozzles, power supplies, Marlin and whatever…)

The next “step up” is (pick one:) the Ender 5, Ender 6, or CR-10 series.  Basically,  the tool is priced on its volume of printing space.

Oh look!  Where does the time go?

Time to Get Making Something

Whole project (3D printing).

  1. Define the Problem:  RadioWaz new double-bazooka 80-meter antenna doesn’t come with a hook to attach to an antenna halyard.
  2. Design a Fix:  Easy one.  A Cradle of sort with a hole for the antenna feedline…
  3. Test a Solution:  In this case, prototype a light infill first pass.  Light infill made destructive testing easy.
  4. Modify (Right the Second time theory) to work as intended:  Rerun the print with 100% infill and a just-slightly higher temp so plastic bonds on both the layers under and adjacent.
  5. Install and Use:  Thing is, project is ready to install and use but ((as always)) the weather is not cooperating.  I’m not the smartest guy around, but putting wires 50 feet up with thunder in the area?   Naw…

Hot Yoga?

I mentioned I had swiped Elaine’s inch-thick yoga mat out of the gym to sit or lay on while working electrical (which was tagged off,. etc.).

See where the flame peaked out of the box?  I might leave it that way to tell why every wire gets retightened every 10-years.

Seems to me there was something else to mention…

Cheap Tape

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, there are a few “tools for tools” I carry with me most of the time.

One of these is a cheap  (like, yeah, $2-bucks is cheap) seamstress tape.  The kind with a spring and pushbutton return.

I can’t tell you how many times around the house you’ll say “I’d like to know how wide that is, but the measuring tape is (invariably on another floor or out in the car – and it’s raining…)…”  But, running a close second to the pocket knife lately.

Must be Spring and projects bloom in the spring?

On that note, thunderstorms to check, new antenna to test, two messes from yesterday to pick up,  but we did get 12 vegetable varieties put into the remnants of the greenhouse…New Moon, new vitamins…

Write when you get rich,

42 thoughts on “ShopTalk: Migration Path for CNC, .STL Designs”

  1. George

    “Yes…some people will build “under Code” out here.”

    I was opening the garage door several months ago when the spring broke. The whole house shook and I almost soiled my underwear as I was standing about three feet from the door as it closed at warp speed. I decided not to replace that spring but go with a counter weight system of my own design. The counter weights are installed but I found that the 1/2 HP door opener does not have enough power to move the door. Those openers require a spring which provides 90% of the power. So I am using two Harbor Freight hoists to do the job, (left side and right side). Which brings us to the National Electrical Code. I had thought to use extension cable to do a somewhat complex circuit that included limit switches but the engineering side of my brain rebelled against that. After some research I found that MC armored cable can be used for this project. After much looking I found a 250 foot roll of 14-3 MC on ebay for $130. I will get it in a week with free shipping. So my project will stay true to the code for the electrical controls. See NEC Article 330 Metal-Clad Cable Type MC for the details. Maybe the next owner of this house will decide to leave my invention in place and not go back to a spring operated door. I have a friend who tried to replace one of those springs and got his arm busted for his efforts. Another person I know was siting in his house when it shook. Upon investigation he found that his garage door spring had broken. These spring operated doors are dangerous. I wonder how many of them fail in a years time? The makers of spring assisted garage door openers are disingenuous in their ads as the motors don’t produce the power advertised. You can find articles online that address this situation in detail. As my design has a 10 to 1 safety factor and will get a new high quality photo eye safety system to stop the door closing upon something breaking the infrared beam I believe I have done my job. It is also fun to do something useful!

    • Rule no. 1 of home maintenance survival: never touch a garage door spring. I recommend paying someone to fix the installation. Chances are the home will not pass any from of inspection with an improvised garage door opener system.

      • Rule No. 1: I don’t care!!

        Rule No 2: It’s not improvised. It’s been carefully engineered to be stronger and safer than the junk being sold today. It can be easily removed by the next home owner if needed.

      • Not everyone has your skill set, Mike. Years ago I was working for a manager who was a mechanical engineer. On his first attempt to fix his garage door spring, he came in to work with his hand bandaged. On the second try, he came in with his whole head wrapped in a bandage. I told his secretary to use petty cash to have the door fixed before we had to bury the hard-head.

      • “Rule no. 1 of home maintenance survival: never touch a garage door spring. ”

        After careful evaluation of rule 1.. the official response and opinion is…

        AMEN… perfect rule to live by..

      • I have to agree with Rocket Mike.

        Rule #1. Know your skillset and limitations. If you are confident and careful, you can take on anything within them.

        Rule #2. Know why you own a house. You either own it to enjoy it and play, or have it as an “investment”. Most people need to live somewhere. If you don’t plan to move, inspection issues don’t usually arise unless you die, at which point it’s moot. Relatives who stand to inherit can pay if they wish, or sell the place as-is. I’m also an engineer and there’s no better place to be creative than your own home. Torsion springs can be dangerous, but so can banana peels. I’ve installed quite a few garage doors including very large ones solo. One rollup unit weighed 1500 lbs and I needed to use a tractor with forks to lift and attach it. This brings us back to rule #1: Know your limitations.

      • Elaine and I live in a “play house” – take a double wide and turn it into anything you feel like.
        Not an investment – that part is the underlying land…

      • “have it as an “investment”. Most people need to live somewhere.”

        When I built our home.. I built it because we needed a place to live.. it was the same with the first house I built.. I did follow the codes for both and went out of my way to make it safe.. egress windows.. etc.. but I never thought about it as an investment.. which was cheaper.. living in a large enough home or renting.. at the time renting wasn’t an option because it would have been more than I made..
        I have always wanted to build my earth bermed palace.. LOL.. and at the college I was there for the construction of a house out of straw bales.. ( Of course I was giving the kids my impute on how it should be done. the whole thing.. shell was done in one afternoon..I think they used stucco for the outside.. LOL) and I would love to make a rammed earth brick home.. It would take land and land and money I don’t have along with being in a place where there aren’t any inspectors since it is considered unconventional . ..

      • LOOB, “egress windows” are sized to allow a fireman with breathing equipment to enter. Obviously, that means that others can too. Fire-safe is generally the opposite of burglar-safe. It’s a choice, and what’s the greater risk? Only each individual can determine that.

        Codes have their place for creating a standard, but they’re a “one size fits all” concept. They make great guidelines and food for thought, but they can be quite constraining when applying them to any given situation. It’s an art to be able to create a liveable house while complying with all codes, and they’re stifling to originality and creativity.

        Each individual has to weigh relative risks vs perceived benefits. Encumbering property with HOAs. loans and insurance will limit what an owner can do even more than government rules.

  2. GGU
    900 Industrial Blvd
    Boondock, Pennsyltucky 16748

    Mr Ure,

    It has come to our attention, that in Ure capacity as our CEO/President of GUGG Industries, it is Ure sole responsibility for projected production shortfall -r 1st Quarter 2021.
    So far as of 3/14/21, GUGG has failed to produce and deliver previously agreed upon number of 9mm Ghost Guns, 2.5 GG’s per day x 59 Days (Jan&Feb20121)

    This shortfall comes at time of maximum pressure from Congress to Restrict Gun ownership in the US of A -we see a massive selling opportunity.

    Instead of of proactively stepping up machine production(more hours/OT) and acquisition of new 3-D printers, to meet Q1-2021 production goals.

    Instead, you choose to waste our corp resources on wood routers,cnc milling machines and radio parts.
    This while Ure peers, corporate CFO’s from around US, investing in Bitcoin as required offset/hedge to US Government malfeasance. A stolen presidential election, mentally incapacitated leader, and clearly satanic public policy making by a clearly satanic national government.

    We look forward to hearing Ure explanation for these latest expenditures of corporate funds , that seemingly have no benefit for manufacturing of our 9mm Ghost Guns.
    We can only imagine Ure trying to manufacture 9mm wooden bullets. We discussed this hair brained manufacturing previously – and it was decided, unanimously , that wooden bullets are out of the question.

    In addition to above referenced shortfalls – we would further advise GUGG, of our updated Corporate image campaign -” GGU – hard, fast and cheap – like a good date!
    In order to better comply with new corporate image – we recommend a Jeep CJ for Ure corp. driving needs, with maybe a German Shepherd dog to ride shotgun on local business rips. Please keep in mind a black cat riding shotgun does not project a look GGU is interested in, please be advised.
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing you explain Ureself on this weeks Zoom
    wrap up call on Friday 3/19/21
    Remember – No Serial Number, No Crime.

    – “stoners, m60’s and 203’s, ripping off heads and tearing out knees’..

      • When you get to the point where you can design an AR receiver and trigger mechanism, then the next logical step is NOT plastic. One small CNC mill is all it takes. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be CNC – CNC is just faster and made for rapid production. You don’t even need a CNC lathe to make a hollow cylindrical object, just as you don’t need a CNC mill to make things. There was no such thing as CNC prior to the Korean war! It didn’t really take off until Vietnam, the helicopter being one of the biggest beneficiaries of CNC production. Somehow people made “stuff” without a computer even being in the loop!

        I have yet to witness ANY federal or local “enforcer” come into my shop to inspect what I am making – because there is no legal mechanism for that and unlikely to be one. If they cannot find it on the internet, at this point it does not exist. When the FBI or ATF does anything, the first step is to the – wait for it – internet. And they are very unlikely to go beyond that initial step if it yields no fruit. They are after low hanging fruit, and incapable of much else.

        One thing the internet is absolutely NOT designed for is secrets. I always thought it was co-opted by the Feds and BigBiz as a control mechanism.

      • “One thing the internet is absolutely NOT designed for is secrets. I always thought it was co-opted by the Feds and BigBiz as a control mechanism.”

        Always has been, always will be…

  3. Well, we see that ‘government’ has roped people in by offering them ‘services’ in exchange for their money (income) and dominion over their lives. For the most part, everyone took the con. Now we have the ‘government’ in its many forms: federal, state, local, urban, etc.

    Fortunately, there is a way out because government will collapse with the currency – that’s why we don’t have a Soviet Union anymore. The Ruble collapsed and so did the ‘state’. I suppose the current government in Russia has some Soviet characteristics, but it is not hard core communism and my Russian friends certainly prefer it to communism under Stalin, et al.

    So, we have an opportunity here to free ourselves when the dollar and the various forms of government die. This is the world of ‘Woo’ that Cliff High has been talking about in his latest series of videos. I would highly recommend Cliff’s YouTube channel. Some thought provoking stuff. No one knows how this will turn out in say 10 to 20 years, but like all great transitions, there will be opportunities for those who don’t go running back to make the Faustian bargain with governments. Personally, I think we are going to have a lot less people here in the states and on the planet in 10 – 20 years. It will be the great ‘sorting out’. Hell, I don’t know if I will survive, but I will not be taking the ‘Vaxx’, so I have that in my favor as far as survival.

    • “So, we have an opportunity here to free ourselves when the dollar and the various forms of government die. ”

      Think about that for a minute Steve it would be HELL on earth…. in the big cities it is already tribalized… you have gang one in a neighborhood and they don’t want anyone from neighborhood 2 to go through it.. little kids being shot for walking to school.. rapes pillaging murder violence.. you had the BLM and Antifa disassembling the police because of a few random acts of violence .. in neighborhoods where the crime rate is so bad that they send in teams of police… Now the random acts of violence should be acted on.. but instead it was used to remove or reduce the police presence.. open the doorways for crime..
      Our country is in a state of shock.. printing jobs are gone.. the only option they have is dump water on the table to move the noodle.. raise the prime rate one percent and watch what would happen.. it would be chaos.. who would run the country.. gangs that already control whole city neighborhoods.. would we be back to the feudal system where the meanest one is the ruler.. what would you use for money gold.. people don’t want gold now.. take a bar out and go anywhere you want to sell it.. they will want to make money so they will pay you wholesale price for it.. you pay a thousand he gives you seven hundred.. our jobs are outsourced we live in a service oriented consumption nation now instead of a manufacturing nation.. the youth are being dumbed down.. college is to expensive for the working class so they either have to take out huge high interest school loans or not go to school be indebted for life..
      cartoon dollars.. that is just a scam.. right now people are using and the cartoon coinage is moving along but that is just to get more of what you have.. eventually it will collapse.. if there is a major power outage it is gone permanently and no one even knows who has it.. LOL.. its a joke.. but a good one.. those that swear by it love it.. to loose our govt.. it would be chaos.. all services we all take for granted and depend on to be solevent for ever would be gone.. road crews no more they are paid for by the taxes.. no taxes.. those that own your home.. ( the mortgage brokers.. or those from other countries) would walk in and take it.. fire departments.. schools hospitals.. etc.. we are already set on a massive infrastructure cascaded collapse.. the hundred year winter storm in texas showed us just how fragile it is.. no method of trade no replacement parts.. we would have to learn from Cuba how to deal with it.. the Weimar depression showed people trading bushel baskets of gold and silver for vegetables etc.. wheelbarrows full of money for a loaf of bread..
      None of us has a clue.. we think we do.. but our parents that survived the first depression have all pretty much left.. our leaders hobbled us by promoting greed and outsourcing our industrial complex.. people have lost the skills that were once regarded as the most important skills on earth.. it truly scares the hell out of me.. having had a few really rough years in my life.. I have honed skills that I needed then but didn’t know how to at the time.. the creature comforts.. ..

      • Box, if you want a clue, then just throw the main on your breaker box, shut off your water main and disallow yourself access to the store.

        This is the best way to determine if you are truly prepared for SHTF. I did that back in 1992 – and that is the reason we made the rural land purchase.

        Now, I am NOT a genius, but if I were attempting to quell an uprising or control a population all set up around a big city, the first thing would be to shut off the water – quick, easy and gets attention.

        The second thing would be the power, but that is harder in many places, but dropping high tension lines is relatively easy with a large wrench.

        The final thing would be interdiction – do you think that federal roads like freeways and interstates have concrete barriers for safety? Seriously? Once you get on, you can only get off where they have exits. Block the way out just outside the city and everyone is in a big box. The only people getting out will be doing it with a 4X4, 4-wheeler, boat or motorcycle – meaning a few will escape the containment but most will not.

        This will make for one helluva shitshow, as people fight over what they must have to survive. Then here comes government or military and you just sign up for your slave duty and all is well again (problem-reaction-solution, remember?) This whole Covid Passport shit is telegraphing what they will be rolling out.

        My feeling is that people who survive hurricanes well should be fine, IF they are prepared. But long term, people will have to get out of the box, not just look out of it.

      • I’ll take ‘Life without Government’ for $1000 Alex. Btw, I am not getting a stimmy check, and you know what? I don’t need it. Only the lazy need it.

      • ” in neighborhoods where the crime rate is so bad that they send in teams of police”

        Sweden is considered one of the most “civilized” countries on Earth. There are neighborhoods in major Swedish cities where even (SWAT) “teams” of police won’t go, not even with APCs.

        “would we be back to the feudal system where the meanest one is the ruler”

        Yup… We’uns call that “MadMaxLand.”

        ” those that own your home.. ( the mortgage brokers.. or those from other countries) would walk in and take it”

        In the beginning, yes.

        During the Depression, banks ceased foreclosing, because mortgage liability overload made healthy banks insolvent, nearly overnight. To survive, many declared a moratorium on repos and even P&I, in exchange for mortgagees agreeing to retain ownership and maintain the properties. Foreign-owned banks will be less-likely to repo than domestic banks, because the financial industry is so interconnected and the coming depression will slit their domestic throats. They are likely to fire-sale their foreign holdings (as are U.S. banks who’ve extensive foreign holdings…)

        In/after a 1929ish crash (our crash, when it arrives, will be worse) a mortgagee who can make payments for 1-1.5 years will probably be fine. The crash will hit the banksters even harder than it hits the people in the bread & soup lines. This is why Mormons preach stockpiling not just a 1-year supply of food, but also a 1-year supply of money…

      • Ray, ‘Swedish no-go zones’ (police won’t enter), are more of your paranoid droning (you haven’t changed your meds yet?) about immigrant neighborhoods….but don’t let me burst your fear mongered bubble with some facts:

        loob, unlike people during the Depression (when FDR set up Social Security, another evil Socialist plot to feed old people?), if you worked your 40 quarters, you are eligible for a monthly check.

        Unlike people during the Depression. the U.S. now has subsidized healthcare, notice Ms. E’s roughly $35k hip replacement,medical%20facilities%20offer%20uninsured%20discounts.

        did not sink George into debtor’s prison!

        But if you keep promoting the ‘sky is falling’ mirage, your glass will be ‘half empty’ forever…

      • “Sweden is considered one of the most “civilized” countries on Earth. There are neighborhoods in major Swedish cities where even (SWAT) “teams” of police won’t go, not even with APCs.”

        Exactly Ray…. I visit with people from Sweden all the time.. almost daily. What I have been told over and over is everything went to hell when they let the refugee’s in… sixty minutes was doing a story on the refugees and were attacked.. had to run for their lives.. the people I know said that they opened their hearts and their borders for the huge influx of refugees.. now women are scared to walk down the street.. ( women and children are valueless to their way of life.( the Quran and Torah ). that is why you never seen a man carrying a bomb to blow themselves up and get the 47 virgins.. always women and children.. Many countries use that to gain entrance to.. see an army of four and five year old’s attacking or wearing IED’s.. In the US we value our children more than many countries ) unfortunately we are about to make the same mistakes that those countries have made..

        Now for a USA story.. my daughter was going to a clinic that only excepts twelve people a week.. I got her there at four am so she would be first in line.. I went for breakfast.. they opened the door and she was beat up and thrown to the ground by refugees.. she got up crying and asked the receptionist if she seen all that.. the receptionist proceeded to give her a lecture on how she should be more understanding of their situation.. she wasn’t allowed in the clinic..
        crime since refugees have been moving in crime rates here are increasing as well.. it is what it is..

        it also happened in Australia and several other countries where open borders was available.
        It is what it is.. we deal with what those in charge want to do..

      • OM2 quick quiz: why do we call the high voltage lines “high tension”? Or anyone else who may know?

        Answer: 0- 1500v = low tension
        1500 – 1mv = high tension
        Tension=pressure=electromotive force=potential=voltage {qualitative}
        Current=amperage {quantitative}
        Both are inversely proportional. V goes up I goes down. I=amperage

        When you have high voltage, it’s like really good weed; you don’t need as much to get the job done.

    • I don’t know how many folks have watched this, but the guy being interviewed is NOT some charlatan or politico. He is tossing away what is left of his career in this interview:

      I apologize for using this, but the links I had to the original interview are all dead now – this is the only one that works. Vanden Bossche is not some wackadoo. The advantage to this video is that it does help explain in simplistic terms what Bossche says in the interview.

      What is interesting to me is that this is the only real explanation I have seen lying around on the net that has potential to make the Deagl website numbers roll out. And frankly, that creeps me out immensely.

      Steve, I agree with you. If you look back at Rome or the USSR, everything in those societies was either heavily taxed or illegal, and held in place by snitches and enforcers trying to get their cut to survive. Once the “enforcers” were adrift and on their own without government dole, there was nothing to keep the sheep in. And hungry sheep tend to morph into something else entirely.

      I also have read several books about life during Prohibition, which was the last time massive edicts people didn’t want were issued by the Feds.

      It appears to me that as they tighten the screws making everything illegal or highly taxed, we eventually arrive at a point where the worm turns. The enforcers must be paid with a cut of the grift. When they aren’t, or the grift is worthless, the enforcers seem to wander off or else switch teams as their grift is more useful.

      When everything is illegal, nothing is…

      When the societal fabric is rent (and we are in the process of that) then people find other ways, just as in Prohibition. The big bastions of Centralization are CA, DC and the DC-NYC corridor. Those 3 places are the most likely ones to go “tits up” when the debt crushes the dollar. Which is why Uretopia and Hummingbird Hill (my place) are ‘nutters in the woods’. The death throes of these places are just not going to be fun to be around. Just the easiest example from the USSR – how many soldiers simply wandered off when the ruble became toilet paper? Or in Rome when their coinage had become mostly tin rather than silver?

      I am not a Clif High fan, but that does not make him wrong in all things. What he does get wrong is timing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was the USSR, and their collapse was relatively rapid – what came next, the sorting out part, was also not rapid and left a lot of carnage.

      I am hopeful, because the central control BS is not going to be possible as we descend the back side of Hubberts curve….

      • “When the societal fabric is rent (and we are in the process of that) then people find other ways, just as in Prohibition.”

        Similar to chinese laborers.. some companies pay their employees low wages.( like that’s new news lol) they do the same in china or pay with po product. Where I worked the lowest income slave labor could buy product at cost.. it took a couple years before management discovered that the product was being re-sold installer was making more than the CEO selling product cheaper with free installation.. to solve that and keep employees they raised wages and the cost of merchandise.
        That is what saved greece.. a plumber is still a plumber..

      • This is how we are currently turning vaccines into asymptomatic carriers shedding infectious variants. There is at present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity. This type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic.

      • Thanks for the link to the Bossche interview! I was glad Del Bigtree gave simple explanations every now and then because I have a difficult time understanding people with accents. EVERYONE should watch this and pass it on. Those of us who intend to remain unvaccinated may be lonely here on earth in a few years when all the vaccinated lemmings have died.

  4. (Anyone making a Dado-ing sliding miter saw, yet?)

    they have them but they are a touch out of my tool slut price range… this is what I use..
    the incra miter gauge.. and the tracksaw.. love the track saw.. it is really nice and gets used more than anything…..I had seen a home made unit.. where he made an overhead router.. using wire conduit and sliding brackets.. the whole miter station swiveled..
    then there is the who has to ever measure guy… the router workshop LOL…

    Here is one that shows how to make an overhead panel saw.. slick and easy to do miters on it .. with a saw or a router..
    I love this guys drill jig.. LOL the one I have is really old and doesn’t look anything like that one.. but then the one I have can do pipes to..

    • Oh.. if you want to do miter cuts with your regular sliding miter saw.. that is just a setting on the saw to set your depth.. then you can use it to do what fourteen inch miters.. and it is compound as well.. forgot all about that..
      I usually am doing a full or half sheet at a time not the smaller stuff…
      here is a video of how to set up.. my setting is on the side but it is the same.. good luck

  5. Too big of load on that device setup. Need an additional circuit to avoid another burn out. Or something else is going on. Should not burn up if installed properly. ….. Blessings

    • Oh, it was too much load: It was 20 amps and the 15 AM breaker didn’t pop because it was 20F, lol.

      Still, know this, it’s useful to have “headroom” like that. The flip side is 15 AMP breakers pop in Texas summers around 13 (or less) amps. Pisser when welding. Weld in morning, drink beer in PM was the real answer.

      • Yes ambient temperature is relevant if the breakers are bimetallic. Electronic breakers ie. : SQD QO series, Cutler Hammer CH series are electronic and trip on a current sensing devise (CT) to determine trip response and current spikes. Measuring inrush current with better response time. But it’s only for a home shop, so it’s not a big deal. But Siemens makes a decent product too. Everything else can be considered generic, even SQD homeline and BR series. GE is undesirable nowadays and now Leviton is in the overcurrent protection business. Can’t comment cuz I haven’t installed any of these. But being that Leviton makes the lower priced devices, one only has to conclude. So best to GFI everything in the shop. Real cheap 20a GFIs on Amazon and usually weather resistant like 10 bucks or better. Blessings

  6. “OK, Sport: Ceiling on first. That way if any of the fasteners fail, the wall pieces which we will slide firmly UP and snug, will hold the edges. As a bonus, the joint will move less, reducing cracking over time…”

    Every “jypsum jockey” I’ve ever talked to or seen the work of, sets walls first. I could never understand this, because (as yer pappy noted) doing ceilings first simply makes good common sense (and is the way I’ve done sheetrock, despite the “construction process” of those “professionals” around me…)

  7. “(Anyone making a Dado-ing sliding miter saw, yet?)”

    The saw stop can not be made robust enough to make uniform or consistent dadoes or rabbets. This is the place where the radial arm saw excels over the chop saw…

  8. Well I guess you forgot about the slavery you never get out of. What?
    Try Property tax! The gift that never stops giving. Face it you are just
    a rent slave on a plantation. Never knowing freedom. Don’t believe me?
    Just stop paying the yearly tax and see if you really own anything. Value of property keep rising tax rises along with it. Don’t get to uppity cause we will take quick care of you. IE protest the slave masters in DC. Yes you will be thrown in jail
    never to see you family again and all your property will be given to the invaders
    free of charge. Hey check your bank account you might have been STIMULATED!
    Took 6 thousand in future taxes you owe and graciously gave you 1400.00. What a deal! Democrat are still Po’ed Lincoln freed the slaves! Only now we will all be slaves. Don’t follow the directions they will strip you of all your possessions jail you or if you are lucky just homeless. Bill Gates says shut up and take your medicine. Besides he got several hundred million stimulated on top of the fees he gets from your shot. Remember Uncle Bill say the earth can only support 300
    million people so some of you will have to go!
    One of my first jobs besides sweeping the floor was keeping the cooper soldering
    Irons hot on the fire pots. We did lots of metal work. Hand made gutters out of 26 ga galvanized metal Made our own corners and downspouts. All hand soldered. No silicone. Flashing, Pans, Duct work. I finally was allowed to solder pans. I had to make sure the solder was completely in the joint. And though the homeowner never saw the work the solder had to be flat and smooth. Corners had to be neat and square. Ever the drains were soldered in. Copper pipe flared by hand on one end and had to be flat against the metal. A few things were braised and little was welded. Today everything welded or silicone. Better? Yes and no. Went from building everything by hand. Cut, formed, assembled to all cut by machine, formed by NC Brake and welded together. Progress Still have to old layout books from years ago but isn’t taught. Even made round elbows by hand. Layed out cut edged on the elbow machine. Try that today!

  9. George

    In a urban survival issue of years past you commented on Tibetan horns being used to move large stones. Now there may be scientific evidence prove that it can be done. Here,s the citation for the article:

    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 122, 084501 (2019)
    Gravitational Mass Carried by Sound Waves

    As the TV show I saw this references on showed the cover sheet for the article I feel it is a real piece of information. Otherwise I would not mention that it was cited on a round table discussion on the last Ancient Aliens.

    Apparently sound waves can be considered to act the same as photons but have a Negative gravitational interaction with matter. They can cause matter to levitate.

    The research was carried out by Columbia University which is a prestigious research university.

    • Rocket man – this is exactly how to initiate spiritual/dimensional Earth gates..3 names of “god’ sung in order.. piezoelectric effect – keep in mind your destination (another node/gate location) as you sing Ure song – otherwise U could find Ureself embedded in Ure latest project..literally.

  10. Yo Gorge, found an interesting site concerning the acquisition of a Land Patent for your property. Pretty involved process to acquire the Patent.

    The patent gets the owner out of paying the VIG (taxes), downside: no public emergency services.

    Lastly, and this is just my observation, In the last year there has been an explosion of previously undisclosed information on the various alien races, DUMBS, Chemtrails, and most importantly the Satanic Occult and the world wide Pedo network. Much of this info is unvetted, however different sources saying the same thing over and over gets one to wondering. So, does all this tie together in one nice neat package? Or is it all smoke and mirrors? Inquiring minds want to know…..

    • ” Much of this info is unvetted, however different sources saying the same thing over and over gets one to wondering.”

      Being familiar with both Goebbels and Bernays, I discount both frequency and forum.

      If it is a subject that piques my interest, I investigate.

      One of my first “checks” to determine whether something has possible merit, or is simply “conspironut theory” is:

      If something shows up at a number of sites, is it phrased exactly the same way?

      If it is exactly (or nearly) word-for-word the same, it is a cut/paste from some other site and the only way to determine veracity is to trace it to its origin, then do a detailed political and bias analysis on both the originating author and the hosting website’s staff.

      The sad thing about contemporary life in these here United States (or EVERY OTHER “WESTERN” NATION) is one will see this exact thing in the mainstream press WRT virtually every actual (non-breaking) “news” topic or subject, and to determine its accuracy, or even its existence as actual “news” or actionable/reactionable information, they must run the same type of investigation, to locate the “copy” source, then determine the author’s political biases and for whom (s)he’s currently grinding an axe.

  11. Something is really really wrong in libor markets. Something has fractured. We shall see . Take note or disregard . Won’t explain . Nobody listens . Could be a broken algorithm . No processing

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