A Climate Note to the Heirs

It’s easy to have “right now” views.  But, how’re they going to look 10-50 or 100-years out?  We “seasoned citizens” are supposed to have a clue on this stuff.  But on issues like climate, urban sprawl, soil depletion and disappearing fresh water?

In the Ure family – not over-done just usefully sized – is a kind of Father to Son downloading process.  Learning to look real-time at what might be useful in our (senior view, remaining 7,300 days of) Life.  And passing on some ideas beyond that for those who follow. Short-range to long term.

As my Danish grandmother often reminded:  “Our Children are Our Immortality.”  (Immortality is in a world a trouble, ain’t it?)

Today some ideas on (as Garner-Ted used to say) on the approaching “World Tomorrow.”  But not until after headlines and the ChartPack.    Current balances matter, too.  Someone has to cut the checks to buy tomorrow, after all.  The heirs will get their turn…but not just yet.

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23 thoughts on “A Climate Note to the Heirs”

  1. Looking at ‘long term cycles’, one thing is pretty obvious. We have all been here during a huge growth of population on this planet. I encourage people to search out some long term animated graphs on human population growth over the last few thousand years. There are some excellent videos that show the charting of human growth on YouTube. Are the videos completely accurate? Probably not, but they do show the trend.

    What do we see – that growth was relatively flat until the industrial age – approx. 1700 or so. Then BOOM, especially since 1900. The most likely scenario to take care of all life’s ills – the other side of the cycle! Depopulation, and perhaps, quite rapid! Yes, it’s just a cycle, and we folks are not the ‘deciders’ of the cycle, much as we would like to think that we ‘have to figure it out.’

    Nothing to ‘figure out’. Nature will cycle as she always has. If we could extend our useful lives to say 2,000 years, well then, we will have witnessed the playing out of some of these things, but with a life span of (generally) less than 100 years, we get only the briefest of perspectives on things. I am content to let Mother Nature play out the cycles – I was not given a seat on the ‘deciders’ board anyway, nor do I want a seat on the board.

  2. So what happens if the fed just steps in under false names and buys up all of the stocks during a crash and just papers over the crash? Unlimited fake money.

    • I … thought … that’s …. what they’ve been doing all along …. Do any of our equities accounts really matter any more?

  3. Ure choice to locate out in the East Texas outback is looking sound. At the time I made a decision to locate closer in to a major metropolitan area, civilization had not really encroached. The country dirt road is now paved, and suburbia is displacing the rural landscape. The building of a high school several short miles away has ignited a land grab gold rush. Now I am faced with a steady stream of predators looking to steal land, or worse, render the property worthless with pipeline & 345 kV high line easements.
    At some point I expect my property tax bill to balloon to a level I can’t afford, if lawyer & court fees for defense against officious grifters doesn’t do it first.
    Currently the availability of decent employment and benefits in an outlying metropolitan hamlet-turned-commuter-city and cash living arrangement are keeping me here, but long term stability isn’t in the cards.
    I would still have to put employment opportunities at the top of the location list for wage earners under retirement age. Without self-employment, the move further out into the boonies is tough to pull off. Telecommute is the wildcard, with possibilities that are far better now than they were even a year ago.

    • Welcome to my world. We fought the self-defined new elitists in our area that are moving in to the ranches that have sold off and then subdivided. They tried to tax us out and one tried to get us to incorporate (i.e. elect them to officialdom and give them legal authority over us) but, when that failed due to us little people fighting back and exposing the outright lies they were telling, it became obvious to the dim bulb normies that things weren’t as they thought and have totally backed off the idea of higher taxes and such. We keep an eye on things but the past year has put a significant divot in everyone’s bank account and plans around here. With some luck they’ll come to also realize that good neighbors are the most important asset you can have over getting rid of the hicks and making killings off of real estate. It’s a good idea to keep people that know how to do things close and friendly when you’re a “gentleman rancher/farmer” that might have a welder but doesn’t know how to use it and “livestock” that are more pets than food.

  4. We’re only limited by imagination on which cataclysm to prepare for. In a large enough cataclysm people will revert back to Genghis Khan style basic instincts within a week or so.

    Limited nuclear war with a failed power grid is a goodie. Everything will look the same but nothing will work. People will go mad without electricity. There’s not enough paper in the world to keep track of any computerized system so no hope of jump starting the old way anytime soon.

    If the fortress is lost during the SHTF history shows we want to be nomadic. Hordes from the north, Genghis Khan, vikings, cowboys, Somali pirates.

    • Not a Khan, but just our primeval selves.

      There were a number of things taught and ideas broached by Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek’s prop-crew and scriptwriters.

      One which stuck with me is from “Mirror, Mirror:”

      KIRK: What I don’t understand is how were you able to identify our counterparts so quickly?
      SPOCK: It was far easier for you as civilised men to behave like barbarians, than it was for them as barbarians to behave like civilised men.

      In the original book (or maybe in the “The Making of…” book), Spock says that “Civilization is a cloak we wear over our primordial barbarism.”

      It was easy for the landing party to emulate their parallel-universe counterparts, by removing the cloak.

      It was impossible for the parallel universe landing party to emulate the USS Enterprise crew, because they’d never worn the cloak and lacked the background and social conditioning to know of its existence or desirability.

      In a true SHTF scenario, after people, ANY people, have missed 6-8 meals and have no reasonable expectation of ever again eating, no matter how sweet, civil, or “laid back” they’ve been in a civil society, the cloak will come off and they will seek to fill “unreasonable expectations” by any means whatsoever. Halve this estimate for anyone who has children or young sibs in their care.

      When it occurs, the snowflakes, intellectual idiots, and basement underwear crowd will become the most dangerous psychopathic psychotics in the entire affected population, because they have an entitlement mentality, and no experience with buffering their base emotions and drives. They will kill, when robbery would suffice, and once the shock of their action wears off, will justify repeating whenever convenient…

      • The most genteel become the most dangerous? Unfortunately, it makes a bit of sense. I’m looking up and down the street with new eyes.

      • They’re neither genteel nor are they “gentle souls.” They are poseurs who use a peer group consensus to bully anyone not of their social group.

  5. Volcano Ranch latitude 19.5 degrees. Mauna Loa aquifer under 400 feet of lava rock. Military targets 250 miles away, separated by two 14,000 ft mountains and NOT upwind. Current geiger counter average 12 counts per minute (it works). Sustainably survivable on rural Big Island if (when?) the container ships stop arriving… unlike urban Honolulu with a million people. And 2500 miles of deep diHydrogen monoxide (H2O) separating me from the hordes of refugees. I think I’m as prepared as I can be.

  6. And I neglected to mention solar PV and hot water on the house, with 38 megawatts of geothermal electricity based five miles away that supplies 25% of the island’s current electricity.

  7. George, your choice of the East Texas outback works for you. For some of us, the humidity is so intolerable as to get physically sick. I had to refuse a contract in Houston because of that. My location gives me the lower humidity that I need. Everything’s a tradeoff, but being far from a significant city is generally good. I do worry about those I love that live in cities. They’re welcome here, but they’re invested there.

    As far as medical is concerned, someone close to me died a few months ago living alone in a city. She had atrial fibrillation with no personal history of it and just keeled over and died. The medical examiner said that she lost consciousness before she hit the ground. We can’t prepare for everything, and certainly shouldn’t get frantic about it, since we really are not in control of the bigger picture. Reasonable preps make sense, and reasonable investments do too.

    I’ve been wondering about getting a couple of years supply of OSB and other sheetstock – since shortages and logistics problems seem likely to increase, and if not, inflation will. Fasteners too, since I don’t see them getting cheaper. We’re certainly better off than last year, but that’s just for now. I have plenty of metal on hand, so that’s mostly covered.

    How is Elaine doing with her recovery? I continue to hope and pray for the best. When might she be up for the other hip? Favoring one side is far less than ideal since bones are constantly adapting and joints are unequally loaded.

    As far as kids and our “immortality”, we only have control of one generation of propagation. If kids don’t have kids, that’s the end of your germ line.

  8. “Yardwork in Space: ISS astronauts take 237th spacewalk to conduct maintenance.”

    I always love it when they do chores.. unless it’s a dedicated mission with specific or sensitive goals ..they’ll let you log into the helmet cameras and visit with them.of course I think NASA ROCKS.. great learning experience for the kids and the kids on the space station are usuallywilling to answer the kids questions..especially when the kids ask them to wave at them and they do while walking in space..

  9. beware the ides of march . ceasar was a facist . all the senators were the true patriots , socialists.bring it on da boyz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  10. This is how we are currently turning vaccines into asymptomatic carriers shedding infectious variants. There is at present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity. This type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic.



  11. What changed you george to be a facist? Do they approach you with money or intimidate you ?. You are an operative so who cares . Don’t let fear stop your reply

    • Fear never stops anything around here, Len. If someone wants to use my hard work to call names and be a general prick – not contributing other that wild-ass opinion, not technique or ideas – I tend not to reply.

      You see, there’s an old Ure family saying. Never get in a pissing match with a skunk.

  12. yeah right.. far better off to shutup and let all the gang get away with screwing over the average folks . you think i have spent 25 years in the gold market and stock market to be fed lies by salesman . good you perked up shows some protective issues you have of the gang . there are some guys who i actually have never had an issue with and respect . anyway your turf do what you like ..

  13. 2 great sayings from my family . they will spit in your face and tell you its raining . and . if you think that i think your stupid then you are f!$% stupid

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