Retail – And a Biden-Harris Nightmare

Retail Holds Up

One thing about being at home:  People are changing their lifestyles around to cope with the still spiraling Covid-19.

You can almost feel it around here:  More “chair time” means a new chair.  New chair?  Well, you need a new chair mat, right?  Long as we’re at it, new…well, you have the list.

By the time all the closed “entertainment out money” is reallocated into online entertainment, retail should have had a  passable showing.  But, did it?  See for yourself….

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for September 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $549.3 billion, an increase of 1.9 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 5.4 percent (± 0.7 percent) above September 2019. Total sales for the July 2020 through September 2020 period were up 3.6 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.  The July 2020 to August 2020 percent change was unrevised at up 0.6 percent (± 0.2 percent). Retail trade sales were up 1.9 percent (± 0.5 percent) from August 2020, and 8.2 percent (± 0.7 percent) above last year. Nonstore retailers were up 23.8 percent (± 1.6 percent) from September 2019, while building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers were up 19.1 percent (± 2.1 percent) from last year.

As the new paradigm (“Americans – Less Traveled”) sets in, there are many aspects of The Old Life that will dramatically change.  Hotels, rental cars, airlines…they’re all trying to figure out how to operate with demand all over the place.  On word of a vaccine, books rise – along with hopes.  But, when surges are underway (read:  now) then, not so much.

Some “Plane Speaking”

Contributor Linda in Houston noticed it as the CEO of United Airlines talked about having “turned the corner...”  Sorry, been an airline VP.  And the only way to make money is to fly a jet 10-hours (or more) per day.  Otherwise, the fixed costs kill the P&L.

Even though airline fuel efficiency has increased since my time in jump seats, you can still eyeball 1,000 gallons per hour to hold 150 passenger seats in the sky.

If you know where to look (Energy Information Admin here) you will see that Jet A runs from $0.93 to $1.07…so lets take an even $1 dollar.  Here’s the problem airlines have in a nutshell:

  • At perfect load factors (100%) the jet fuel cost per passenger is $1,000 per hour divided by 150.  $6.66 of fuel cost per passenge.
  • But when the load factor is 50%, now the fuel cost is 13.32 per hour.
  • And when you have a pandemic and are cancelling flight?  The industry spends $110-billion less on fuel this year (IATA number).

People are still traveling, though. and this is where the economy is:  Trying to sort out the “power curve” around CV-19.  If we fall below it, the result will be a slow bleed-out of economic vitality.  Imagine a Great Depression kind of multi-year decline.  The ultimate financial “Help!  We’ve fallen and we can’t get up!”

Is ‘Free Money’ the Answer?

Two democrat lawmakers are proposing an “emergency” 3% Social Security increase to be passed right away Pardon our skepticism with the Election in 18-days.

Free Money to keep things afloat is also why the Fed is making up money to beat the band.  Here’s the latest:

Working again – Dow futures up a hundred.

Life’s Perception Management” Crisis

Good news and bad in this:  The good news is it SEEMS like normal continues.  But, if we use the 6-months of M2 as a guide, all this “extra” dough sloshing around would argue that instead the S&P 500 closing at 3,483.34 Thursday, it would (with all this “free money” likely be around 2,246.

Same perception problem for the Dow.  Instead of 28,494 and change?  It pencils out as 18,378.

Even Gold is not immune:  When you take this morning’s price – let’s call it $1,905 for giggles and grins – it would be $1,228.72.

The hip shot in all this?  Well, thanks to being the only deep-thinking Depression scholar to run the Fed, Ben Bernanke’s “Lower for Longer” policies (we call it L4L) should ensure “The Herd” doesn’t all wake up at the same time.  Should that happen – and a mass recognition moment were to take hold – then we would be in the Instant  Depression and the Fed will be powerless.  Since it’s now firing with very little ammunition left to go.  Short of an outright devaluation.

You think China, or any other country holding U.S. debt is going to accept 50% of value for the “old face” bond values?  Why, it’s the stuff wars are made of!

Useless Town Hall #1

Despite the plats in the press this morning, I thought Savanah Guthrie did a horrible job of “interviewing” Donald Trump last night.

Sure, sure...stories like this example – praised her for “keeping Trump in check” and what-not.  But, that wasn’t the role.  It seemed all about her – a common disease among ego-centric journo’s today.  But, as a “back in the Day” old schooler, there was a time when reporters asked questions instead of presupposing they “know all” and then asking pseudo-questions with built-in assumptions.  Most of which are wrong.

Frankly, I kept waiting for Trump to tell Guthrie “Would you shut up and listen?”

Then there was that (suspicious to me!) question from the black “guy who was
“stuck in traffic.”  Lemme see here:  A guy who was going to ask a question – happens to call in “I’m late – won’t make it in time!” and NBC happens to have his picture on file?

Wonder why I hold my nose and suspiciously watch with an old newsman’s eye for details?

Question for NBC:  Who was the “late guy?”  Seemed contrived – made up – to me.

Collapse of Journalism!

One of the deepest-seated of modern of America is the collision of Complexity-versus Time Compression This circles back to the anti-fragile people getting Complexity wrong.

See, as complexity increases that results in more details and activities needing to occur.  Which reduces available time.  If you can imagine a chart:  Because of the complexity escalations, an executive needs to define ever-larger problems (with increasingly layers of dependencies.  Yet, the “Inquisitors” (Guthrie and other “child reporters”) squander too much time on opinion-based questions.  And THEN to top it off, we’ve gone from 30-45 second sound bites and video clips when I was news directing down to 5-10 second clips today.

Seeing it yet?  Eventually, the reporters spend their time opinionating, the newsmaker gets a useless 7-seconds to answer a single issue with 17 aspects involving nearly a hundred dependencies.

It blows up.  Which happened to Babel, too, I ‘spose.

I wanted to hear a business plan.  The Town Hall format doesn’t allow either candidate to really “put it all out there.”  Only one with enough gumption to push back was Ross Perot, who I still think had the makings of a “Best-Ever” president.  He was a planner – stayed focused – and managed outcomes.

Useless Town Hall #2

AYFKM?  Biden skates with no Hunter Questions!!!  ABC sold-out the voters last night by not even mentioning the  NY Posts bombshell disclosures of how the “Biden crime family” supposedly operates.

For one, the foreign money goes to children and relatives who then shove the dough to Joe so he doesn’t have to report it.  Two days of bombshells and no question.  Come HOAX on the Voters.

Quite correctly, the  Post nails it  with their story “Biden doesn’t get ONE question on Hunter Biden expose at ABC News town hall.”  ABC – in our view – simply GAVE Joe Biden a 90-minute block of prime time.

The good news? Truth is leaking fast, now:

Facebook and Twitter Are ‘Woke Capitalists’ That Want to Rig U.S. Election: Sen Hawley.”

Senate to Subpoena Twitter CEO Over Blocking of New York Post Articles on Bidens.

U.S. Senate’s McConnell says it is ‘reprehensible’ that social media platforms blocked stories.

Even quippier? Ted Cruz slams Twitter CEO: Jack Dorsey ‘behaving as Joe Biden’s press secretary’

You need to cancel all your social media accounts.  Skype your friends – use the messaging tools.  Social’s a con job of magnificent proportions.

Still Asking!

I’m willing to bet a $2-dollar bill that both Twitter and FB did “get out the vote” emails to users. That move would have “plausible deniability” – “Just trying to make people aware…”  would be the Big Lie.

But, in reality, we’d bet that because the Socialists know your every quirk…the get out to vote emails, tweets, and more, we selectively sent.  To Biden-Harris people and not equally to Trump supporters.

Don’t hold your breath for this to come out in hearings.  Just the old-school view.

“I want My Vote Back”

Two great questions out of cocktail hour with the Ure’s Thursday.

The first one:  Let’s say someone is urged by socialist media to “vote early” and then out comes a potential decision-changer like the Hunter Biden emails.  There isn’t a way to “recall your vote and redo it” – but is social media liable for your loss of franchise.  Especially if they suppressed the information/game changer?

Second question even more nightmarish:

Let’s say the Huntergate story is real. The republican’s would try to impeach him before the election when they lose effective control.

Could we see a new legal tactic arise?  PREpeachment?  The mind reels.  Ure swears off or promises to change brands…


Did you see – you crypto fan, you – that “Giant Chinese Crypto Exchange OkEX Suspends Withdrawals After Police Investigation?”

Everyone talks about the weather but…Only these states will get a colder than normal winter, NOAA predicts.

Reader Feedback Wanted

Take a look at the site, when you get a sec.  Updated the front end which should be blazingly fast on your phone, now.

Planning to work on the same process for Urban tomorrow – and our 3D printing site has also been upgraded.  (90%+ Good Page Speeds are what I’m after.)

More on that Sunday.  Have a great weekend – First chapter of Peoplenomics: The Book on the subscriber side tomorrow.  Cardboard furniture and 3D Build Plans Sunday.

Write when you get rich,

85 thoughts on “Retail – And a Biden-Harris Nightmare”

  1. George

    “Only one with enough gumption to push back was Ross Perot, who I still think had the makings of a “Best-Ever” president. He was a planner – stayed focused – and managed outcomes.”

    Because of that and his popularity his family was threatened so he bailed out.

    Any sane man would if the Deep State threatened his family!

    • ” Ross Perot,”

      I still have one of his yard signs someplace.. of all the yard signs though the one I got for Trump is the best and the best made.. it is pure class..and well made i have never seen a sign made that well….I never even put it out.. just like the ones for ron paul and rand paul..

    • Perot may well have bailed because H.W. Bush had serious hooks into the Deep State as former CIA director. H.W. and Ross were not the best of friends to begin with due to major personal ideological and political differences. Ross was a pretty damn good and fair judge of the many people he knew. His mistrust of H.W. was likely well founded.

  2. In Biden Town Hall last night, Joe suggested that police do not shoot to kill but rather aim for the killer’s leg. He did not confirm which leg or whether upper or lower but it certainly gives a whole new meaning to target practice at the police academy.

    May I suggest that it might be more practical to aim for the trigger finger.

      • “You can tell he never did time in the service.”

        Or walked down the street in the Hood.. LOL LOL LOL…

      • Thats ok, I am sure he has forgotten what he said last night already. Next time he is asked, he will recommend water pistols.

    • Police have never trained nor tried to “shoot to kill”. They aim for the largest target, center mass, in hopes that their bullet will hit some part of the target. If a bullet misses the target, it continues traveling until it does hit something, and that’s a huge liability. Biden’s ignorance is massive.

  3. The choice –
    Trump – Slow road to Socialism.
    Biden – Fast road to Socialism.

    In case you missed it CDC deaths per 100,000 – 62. .00062% Be very afraid.

    Cases don’t mean squat if nobody is dying…….

    • Good call, Clawsy!

      The Democrats have one good feature
      that is their name, because people favor
      democracy over despotism, IMHO.

    • Only small point, cases don’t mean squat if people are not getting severely sick or dying. Filling hospital beds up that could be used for other conditions is also a problem. But with better treatments early in the cycle there are also less hospitalizations. Death is the worse outcome, but we also want to keep our beds and ER available for “normal” medical issues.

      That was always the point of the interventions early. To flatten the curve of severely sick and learn what works against this virus as we continue to live with it. We as a free people would never eradicate the spread. Government lost the little support I gave them early, when they chose no enforcement of rioters to socially distance. Of course politicians could not let that power go over the individual to forever keep us in fear and relying on government.

      One thing some learned that apparently many democratic governors couldn’t deduce, is to not transfer people sick with an infectious virus into nursing homes.

  4. IMO everyone knew that last night’s fiasco with Trump and Biden would go exactly like it did. The so called “news media” is in with Biden and the dem’s because their paycheck comes from the people who back Biden and the dem’s with the big bucks so they are not going to rock the boat and do what they are told (without much urging). Both moderators (if you can call them that) stunk and we knew Biden would not be asked any hard or difficult question and be handled with kid gloves so he would not look bad, and with Trump it would be the opposite. Nothing new, same as before.

  5. Uncle G –

    What classic Shitshows !

    Last nights townhalls perfectly exemplified the dichotomy between UrbSrv’s readers of High Intellect, Superior Reasoning Skills, and Conservative Underpinnings Versus the BLM-Antifa-Democrat-Mark-DumpsterPumper- sub-Human SCUM.

    Typical example of the demonrats “markian” evil philosophy in operation – Senator Dizcrazierono-HI asked Federal Judge Amy Barret if she ever Sexually Assaulted Anyone or was part of Sexual Harassment Suit – F-ing DISGRACE.

    Macie is doing a FINE job of REPRESENTING, what I used to think were the Fine folks of Hawaii.
    – No wonder this “paradise” is located out in the middle of Pacific – dam disgrace – these people are SICK, as evidenced by their words and actions = STUPID is , as STUPID does. Thanks for that Embarrassment, HI. Cue the MEGA VOLCANO.

    Always looking to the bright side of life..

    October 17th is here in a wake up !

    BEAR Archery & Muzzleloader opens up – time to start stocking in the Meat. In PA U can carry both this year.

    Black Bear is very fatty – needs to be Parboiled to remove extra fat.
    Marinade (acidic) is a must – can be tough ass /gristly/STRONG Flavour – Coke or Buttermilk workx fine as marinade.

    R Ure muzzies Sharpened up? or U roll with Smokeless?

    Not into treestands, cold October mornings, hot coffee in a thermos, forest waking up all around you- coming to life ? Well we gotz Pheasant Season opening up Next weekend.

    Due to Jabroni Virus Tyrannical, Abbeynormal Minded “politicians” trying to KILL Us ALL with their Criminally DISASTROUS lockdown policies..

    – THANKSGIVING is Cancelled – just SMALL gatherings of Immediate Families due to the FEAR, Urban Survival,among other DeepState venues, has so Willing PUMPED&PUSHED.

    Whats better than 2 tasty Pheasants for small gathering of 3 for Thanksgiving ? The typical 25lb Turkey/Bone In turkey Breast/No Bone Turkey Breast or even the Mark Turkey – fake Toferkey.
    Nothing of course – cant beat delish dark Pheasant meat..YUM!

    As a reminder for the Clowns & Puppets to keep in the back of Ure minds – “From the Sands of Sahara, To the South East Asian Mud, You Find a Fearless Frogman, With His Fingers Dripping Blood”.

    ECD – proud member of PETA! People Eating Tasty Animals.

  6. I have several cop friends and Clients and Biden’s answer wasn’t idiotic. Police are taught to shoot “center mass”, but only in the case of an armed threat. The recent shootings, with the exception of Breanna Taylor, involved unarmed people. In the case of an unarmed, yet non compliant threat, if force is needed, tasers Are the first choice… there have been instances where a warning shot is fired and lastly, a shock shot to a leg or shoulder to create fear and limit movement is made. Never, should force with the intent to kill be the end all unless it’s a full on shoot out. In many cases, cops want the perp alive For questioning, especially if there is suspicion of a larger arrest involving Multiple suspects.

      • I use a cane.. I am always afraid that if I got pulled over they would see that and think.. dam its a gun…and shoot me.. happened in NC i believe.. old white guy getting out of his car at a gas station

    • Full of S! – as usual -Who the hell are Ure Cops friends U talk to ? DumpsterPumber Enforcement Officers ?

      Nobody – can make a leg or arm shot under duress, in the heat of the moment – Nobody, but a few Highly Trained (several times a wk) Individuals can make such shot. No Police Officer is US Shoots Target Practice more than once a Quarter.

      Watch too much Fantasy shows – betcha Ure cops friends can BEND Bullets trajectory in mid air too- Real “Shooter” no doubt!

      President Wheateena4Brains – a real proven Crime Boss

      • If someone is shooting for a leg, then they are going for femoral, because they suspect body armor.
        If you don’t intend to kill someone, then you don’t draw the weapon, you don’t point it, and you don’t put your finger on the trigger. Once you have taken those three steps, pulling the trigger is a just a formality.

    • Why aren’t democrats and protestors crowing from the rooftops for the suspected criminals to comply to simple directives. …Comply and don’t die… I have told my kids from the time they started going out without adult supervision… If you interact with law enforcement don’t back talk, take their directions and yes sir, no sir and don’t volunteer any information on any subject.

      Most of these situations, the suspected criminal, did not do these simple things and had poor outcomes. Take your issues to the DA or prosecutor, but don’t f_ck around with people that the state authorizes to use deadly violence.

      Maybe I missed it, but has Joe B. provided this simple message to his followers to help ensure escalated situations are minimized?

      You don’t hear me saying police are always right or even have a clue about our constitutional rights. I hope to help educate people and keep themselves from being another statistic. People are not going to be helped by having police attempt sharpshooting tricks in a stressful situation.

      • What happens to the LEOs if one takes their issues to the DA or prosecutor? How often do they go after LEO’s without a public spectacle/outrage first?

        How can you give away something that you don’t possess? How do you delegate a right or an authority that you yourself don’t have? Is it possible? What citizen at any time in history held the right or authority to use deadly force without due process?

        No one. And you can’t give away what you don’t have. That’s why the system is illegitimate, and why it it corrupt. It cannot police itself, or it’s superiors. That can only nurture corruption. That’s why they don’t go after the criminals that can steal your life away without entering your house. They don’t go after the real criminals that take from and oppress entire nations. And knowing that, the only people that would want to do such a job, where you’re not dealing with the actual causes…just symptoms, why would anyone want to do that? Narcissists and control freaks, that’s who. Brownshirts and Jackboots, my friend.

        Normal people just want to be left alone and don’t care what others are doing unless it involves them.

        This is something worth teaching.

    • What you describe is a massive liability and worse than heat of the moment cop shootings.

      Judge: “Can you explain why you crippled mr.Jones with a shot to the shoulder”

      Cop: “He needed to chill out. I figured wtf, why not just get his attention”

      Judge: “Was he a deadly threat?”

      Cop: “Not at all. If he was I would have aimed center mass like we are trained”

      Judge: “So he wasn’t a deadly threat, can you explain what you mean by “chill out” and why it is you are trained to maim people on a whim?”

    • I have several friends and one family member that are police. They thought Biden was idiotic with his statement so I checked to see if they were alone and where police support was. I found:

      The US National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) with 241,000 members endorse Trump.
      The largest police union in the USA (FOP) with 350,000 members endorse Trump
      The International Union of Police Associations endorse Trump
      The Florida Police Chiefs Association endorses Trump
      Chicago Police Union endorses Trump
      NYC Police Benevolent Association (largest municipal police union in the world) endorses Trump (first time they have endorsed anyone in 36 years).

  7. ..”that little faggot, he’s a millionaire”..”Money for nothing – and Ure chicks for free”

    ..Hey Jerome kerPOW – where are the FREE CHICKS?

    U can keep the $1200 check bro, just send over a couple Hoochie Mommas, “and red case of wine, so we can fool around like we used to”-RS.

    G must be smiling this AM – taking it in the “shortz” like a REAL man – No Ez!

    “Brokeback G” hahahahaha

    Can U see it yet ? squint those peepers a lil and it will come into focus..see it now? – THIRTYTHOU on the DOW – clear as day , right?

    The TREND is Ure friend, until it is NOT.

    SPY = Uptrend, Silver = Down Trend..”Trade” accordingly -the coot is.

    Shout out the post Sigma Analytics Precious Metal tester – backordered till December.

    • Monday is coots ANNIVERSARY !

      Black Monday..remember,remember the CRASH of October/87 – Hope U all didnt go too LONG into the weekend.

      Or as is written in Book of coot, chapter 5 – It is the fool, that whistles thru the graveyard of over-extended margin/house “called” Speculators”.-CB

      The FED Put is like Chinese made Body Armour -Level 5, Sold as being able to Stop .40cal,and U dont find out till mattas – and go splattas.

  8. “You think China, or any other country holding U.S. debt is going to accept 50% of value for the “old face” bond values? Why, it’s the stuff wars are made of!”

    Perhaps the Democrats plan on doing a merger with the peoples republic thereby avoiding nuclear war with them.

    It would make sense to an old man who’s seen plenty ;-).

  9. I don’t know what anyone was watching, but it was clear to me that Biden proved he is More than capable And ready to work cross aisles to get things done..Second, After Trumps last debacle in the debate, I am upset that the moderator didn’t treat him like a third grade recalcitrant. I thought she was too soft in this idiot in chief. And it angered me that his really big brain he likes to talk About can’t remember if someone stuck a swab up his fat nose the day of the first debate. He knows…and I think those of us with bigger brains than his which is anything from an amoeba on up, knows he not only got tested, but he also was positive during the debate and during his super spreader event with his SCOTUS pick. I am not sure how many people are still reeling from that, but it sure seems Chris Christie has had a huge change of heart. The Lincoln Project is presently working with him as we speak.

    Third, if the NY Post was a real story…which it has been proven not to be…don’t you think Bill Barr would have stepped up by now and created a Comey Moment? When Comey opened up the Hillary investigation again, it saved us from Hilary, thank God, but it unfortunately gave us T-Rump. Right now, we are hearing crickets from Barr And Christopher Wray because there is nothing to investigate. Two Republican led Senate committees as well as Trump Administration officials Reached the conclusion that “Biden engaged in no wrongdoing”

    This whole story is nothing but a political hack job concocted by Trump officials in a very desperate attempt to stop the deep, ugly wounds that were self inflicted upon Themselves.

    • Not only can Biden not be a cop, he also got kid-gloved.
      When Hunter’s attny called and wanted the hard drive? ABC news sold out America not asking the hard questions…
      Not that it will matter. Plans for the Kam Slam and slo Joe 25th’ed in a year.
      Then comrades, we will play Zimbo N.A.

  10. I thought there was a HHHUUUGe difference last night than what we have seen with the previous debate/town halls. With the exception that we knew Guthrie and Step-on-all-of-us, would be what they are; partisan hacks! They did exactly what we thought they would do, with Guthrie being snarky, rude and demeaning. George was almost wrapped in soft fur as to not harm or scare the old man next to him. With the exceptions of his wild-eyed looks and often strange out of no where comments that were bizarre Biden was Biden.
    I mean really, he is almost 80 to round up, and he sees gay men as a boy, 1940ish and his dad says they love each other????? Are you freaking kidding me? That was the most bizarre thing I heard in a long time. I know people that were gay in the 70’s and they weren’t out in the open and there wasn’t anyone saying nice-nice about gay poeople then, let alone in the 40’s!! But I digress.
    The difference last night is that people got to se Trump as Trump. He didn’t tell Guthrie to “just shut the hell up and listen”. He sure could have. He connected with the people. They liked him they agreed with him. There was a black lady over his left shoulder that was in constant agreement with him. You could almost hear her saying” That’s right, that’s my President, I agree with him and I will vote for him.”
    Trump does what Biden can never do, connect with people in a very personal way. You could tell the people that talked to him last night liked him. Unlike Guthrie, they also respected him.

    • Wayne …you watch one way and see and interpret the other. You could be A new super hero…Opposite Man. There is no living, breathing human on planet earth with even the tiniest of brain power that could actually think that Trump connects with the people. Trump is so disassociated with reality, so out of touch with America and so damn stupid that Anyone that actually votes for this man should be institutionalized. America has lost it’s frickin marbles.

      We are the laughingstock of the world…and it’s a shame…there are a lot or extremely smart people, the worlds brightest… that have moved here from other countries that are fueling our economy and tech companies right now. I represent a ton of them. They just don’t understand why This dolt is our President, but…unfortunately, they can’t vote. The most corrupt and most unintelligent man the world has ever seen. Dark ages re-visited

      • “There is no living, breathing human on planet earth with even the tiniest of brain power that could actually think that Trump connects with the people. ”
        Ah, that explains why his rallies are so lightly attended–10-30 thousand lemmings with whom he doesn’t connect, as opposed to Biden’s phenomenal 0-10 people. But Biden DEFINITELY connects with little girls!

        “Trump is so disassociated with reality, so out of touch with America . . .”
        No, Mark. It’s YOU who are disassociated with reality and out of touch.

  11. George,

    Found this video of making a “nerf” (dart) gun. Free software, open source design essentially.

    I thought you and the readers might enjoy seeing what’s possible with a few tools and some time. The software is free. So is the learning path… other than time.

  12. Don’t know if anyone is watching this but today is the 1 year date before LIBOR makes its change over next year – and, of course, this is a Friday so no telling what may come over the weekend as a result. Perhaps nothing. While I wouldn’t want to inflict Ms. Zang on anyone in the condition she’s in today she’s definitely got some singed hair after today’s video. I half way expected her to get up on her desk and jump up and down. What a scary picture that would be!

  13. George,

    Just wanted to thank the Bit Coin Nazi for recognizing my prediction of The Famous Dead Terrorist Who Is Still Alive. Yes, the growing Osama Bin Laden Scandal seems to be that prediction, and that includes a whole bunch of nasty stuff.

    Although BCN has questionable taste in poetry and collapse currency, he is right on the mark on what I suspect might be coming in the next few weeks.

    The long story and some words of caution for President Trump are here:

    Thanks and sorry, Bitcoin, George is on the money regarding money. He in control of all of the Electrons is the Real Master of the World.

    • so you feel seal robert o’neil is lying. amazing how trump supporters have an easier time accepting whacky conspiracy theories than the real world like that trump’s lawyer is in jail for paying off a porn actress at trump’s request.

      • Yeah, when you predict big events for 2011, 2014, and 2019 give me a call. I just went where Nostradamus took me. Real events are history, My stuff has been on the Internet for over a decade.

        My title was The Famous Dead Terrorist Who Is Still Alive, which I discovered in 2014 from unpublished Nostradamus works that I spent years hunting for.

        I didn’t invent The Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive meme currently floating around on the Internet. Read my 2019 book before you make uninformed comments about Conspiracy Theory, which you apparently discount.

        And if you read any of my material, you’ll discover that I am highly critical and no longer a supporter of Donald J. Trump because of The Q PYSOP.

        I need to see the goods. Maybe this is that day. Go Rudy!

        The Q PYSOP is all professionals. Easily identified by the Q400 plane theft in Seattle following the mysterious launching of a missile in the same area when Air Force One was on its way to South Korea.

        My spin is if Trump doesn’t produce the goods, it’s meant to make guys like me targets for guys like you. In essence, he’s “The Real Divider”, just like you unicorn believers keep chanting as if it’s a mantra.

        But hey, I know a guy like you will never buy that.

        I fully understand that people love to believe in unicorns and happily ever after, but that is not they way the world works.

        Have you done the research, have you read through John Podesta’s Emails? Have you spent hours going over the available evidence for all things that are Conspiracy Theory?

        My guess is no.

        Do you think I like hanging my ass out on the line writing the sh*t I do just to convince people like you what the Real World is all about? George knows what I mean.

        “so you feel seal robert o’neil is lying”

        Yeah, I believe Robert J. O’Neill could be lying.

        Why, because I’ve got the time working with some of these f**kers, and you don’t. And when I say time, I’m talking decades. Where do you think your defense tax dollars go to little patriot angels? Get real dude. This country is in serious trouble.

        That’s about as simply as I can put it without losing my composure.

        I am sure Charles Woods will accept your apology for the death of his son. Ask those patriot generals and admirals where the support was on September 11, 2012 at Benghazi. There’s your “Conspiracy Theory”.

      • “I fully understand that people love to believe in unicorns and happily ever after,”

        Gosh Stew… I believe that unicorns once existed. there are way to many references to them throughout the world.. I believe in the existence of bigfoot to.. ( I wish people would leave them alone to.. they haven’t hurt anyone and work very hard to stay hidden).. and I believe that happily ever after is obtainable to..although it takes the desire and the work and the attitude to be happy the acceptance ..
        I loved your book.. can’t wait for the next one..

      • “have you read through John Podesta’s Emails? ”

        sadly stew.. I did.. and at first I thought the story might have been fake.. but the more I read and the deeper I delved into the story at the very people that were implicated in that fake story the scarier it got and the more perverted and made my skin crawl.. worse than the court transcripts and the investigation video’s of ole Ed Gein…

        and the speed in which it was hushed up and dropped.. everything all the news accounts and stories everything vanished like a fart in the wind.. that takes a lot of power to make that happen..
        all by the people we trust to protect our citizens.. that is some scary stuff there..
        all of it is accepted by the masses..

    • OBL is not in Iran — If alive, he’s still in South America.

      I argued at the time (including on PN/US) that it was an unconscionable act of stupidity to eliminate the single most-valuable intelligence asset of the 21st Century.

      ‘Not sold on Michael. I could’ve undetectably cooked those photos 25 years ago with the archaic tools available at that time. This is why I still have a refrigerator shelf full of 35mm pro-film. Film negatives can be cooked, but it takes someone with a microscope and an incredibly high skillset to manipulate an original negative and not leave detectable artifacts.

      Oh, and “organic gardener,” Stu is not a Trump supporter. He is, AFAICT, politically agnostic.

    • what is funny.. when I read the story about the androgyne way back when.. I remembered a photo of BO and Mike but couldn’t ever find it again LOL LOL LOL thanks for sharing that..

      there for a while I was beginning to think It was gone LOL LOL

      Now with how people can manipulate photos.. ( I remember when I wanted to get my fathers picture added to the last full family photo.. that it is a simple cut and paste.. the guy that was showing me had the grandkids on the moon LOL… ) so is it real.. it looks real enough..I would have to get out the b loop and the original photo and go through it like we did in the old days.. before I could make that decision.. and seriously I for one don’t care what anyones sexual preference is.. who someone else chooses to love and care for is their right and personal decision..
      I have been out of the loop a few days.. and hadn’t even heard that BL was still alive.. but then it is totally possible.. since there is a whole history of families working together with a lot of power and money backing them

  14. Biden or bust! Topple it…. and get to the other side of the rainbow as fast as we can.

    Perot. Two party paradigm.

    Time Machine back to 1989, the savings and loan crisis.

    One of the Keating Five would later run for President of U.S.A. and almost win as “lesser of two….” That’s how slow the slowest buffalo is.

    • By chance have you or the Organic Gardener read anything about Senator Dianne Feinstein’s connection to Hutchison Whampoa Limited, and what about that Chinese spy working in her office all these years?

      Again, probably not.

      It is people like the both of you who are dangerously uninformed, but you are are both gorged on propaganda.

      Senator Dianne Feinstein and people just like her I have made the both of you future victims, and you’ll blame it on Trump. Who I thought was being played the fool until I saw the pictures of Hunter Biden asleep with his crack pipe.

      Again, go Rudy! Not the Russians you parrots, just a New Yorker who looks like he’s ready to rumble.

      Yeah I know… Hunter photos… Adobe Photoshop, Lone Gunmen, etc. yeah, yeah, yeah.

      My plan is to get out of your way when you all lose it and start eating each other. Organic Gardening doesn’t work after nuclear winter sets in.

      • GA Stewart,
        Wow . You are a true fiction writer and fiction believer too, I see. Don’t fall for the BS. It’s all made up. The truth is more obvious and way more simple than you are making it out to be.

      • I’ve read the theory that Q is just a psyop and I don’t discount the possibility. But what would be the purpose? We have seen a few fairly big arrests (Epstein) and I’m waiting to see if more important ones follow. I have studied our corrupt economic system for 40 years and much of the information from Q confirms what I already knew and has not caused me to change my course of action in my personal and business life. And if the arrests do come I will be wary of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” but I don’t think it will make me do anything different. As far as giving false hope, I’ve been disappointed by false hopes before. It does help me to feel a little less like David Vincent, “looking for a shortcut he never found”.

      • People pick and choose.

        Did you read the one about Amy – Originalism and Stare Decisis (precedent) – that was floating around here?

        Do you listen to Peter Schiff at all? In the link below Peter explains that most everything the Federal government does and has been doing is unconstitutional.

        Amy is more of the same because we like unconstitutional stuff.

        Almost Everything the Federal Government Does is Unconstitutional – Ep 619

        29:11 is where the Constitution rant begins:

        Moreover, the Black Sabbath album “Paranoid” turned 50 last month. Songs from that album are still played on the top 40 rock stations. We’re in some kind of suspended development.

        Anyway, which tune is your fav from that album?

        Fairies Wear Boots

  15. mark – actually it’s even much worse than that. The NYP story fed to them by guiliani is nothing but russian disinformation. Trump was warned that giuliani was turned by russian intel. andrii dersach was sanctioned for it and he’s the russian spy who fed guiliani the russian agitprop.

    trumpublicans are the party of promoting russian agitprop and voter suppression. unfortunately trump has immunized trumpublicans against being able to integrate any facts that conflict with their dogma.

    • BTW have you ever worked directly with the Russians? I have when I was one of the first people in the West to work and test Russian rocket engines. They are very smart people who have learned to do more with less.

      Unfortunately, the Clinton Administration allowed NASA to use only Russian rocket engines on our most important rockets, and the West is beholding to the Russians.

      Your Democratic heroes sold American souls to the Russians and the Chinese.

      Why Does the USA Depend on Russian Rockets to Get Us Into Space?

      The Democrats have made the Russians enemies; Putin was ready to launch nukes after Obama and Hillary’s protégé Victoria Nuland, wife of Neocon Robert Kagan, went after Ukraine in 2014.

      Your ignorance is truly frightening. I was once a Progressive Liberal like yourselves, but I never voted for a Clinton or Obama. My soul is good with God.

      • Of course the Russians are smart just look at how far ahead of us they are,they make treaties and trade agreements with other countries while we are on a power trip,we think we can scare them by flying old bombers along their borders or having NATO beat on their empty chest.No one can be good with God when they think that voting for the lessor of two evils is the way to go, your simply voting for the tribe you belong to the way you have always voted,you would think people would be smarter then vote the tribal thing but yet they always do and wonder why things never change and always gets worse,they say God protect drunks and cripples but I rather doubt he protects fools!!!

      • “you would think people would be smarter then vote the tribal thing but yet they always do ” look at what parades around us as candidates..

        The second is take a look at how JB responds when his kids honesty and integrity are questioned.. even with proof he rushes to his defense not wanting to believe or accept that the kid is rotten corrupt and untouchable.
        The voters are the same way .its right up in your face what’s happening in our political system..yet when it comes time to vote we still want to believe that our parties candidate is the lesser of two evils..its someone else’s kid or it’s the other ones fault.
        Because of that most bus systems and school rooms have cameras recording what the children are doing.
        If the post lets the hard drive be taken it will all be gone forever

    • Comrades,

      As an item of possible interest may I point out that Defense One is part of the media group with still-existing ties to its founder who previously sold off his print mag to the illustrious democratic supporter, Mrs. Jobs. The good gentleman’s majority tenure of the D1 parent group saw the shutdown of the Biden Cancer charity due to perceived conflict of interest with a San Fran md son-in-law of the former VP. By coincidence, the same son-in-law now seems to be in the news in past days with alleged conflict of interest of covid-19 advice to the Biden campaign.

      Hopefully ‘Urban’s diligent San Fran correspondent will have opportunity to weigh in on this seemingly “lightning striking twice” event.

    • Feeling Ure pain OG, better get some Rx soonly to help shore up mental faculties.

      U left leaning Insurrectionists set up for POTUS TRUMP to FIRE Bill Barr and appoint Rudi G. as Acting AG!

  16. I told you everything was going to change and it is may all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it and it’s going to work. the financial part let’s see everybody’s going to get a check rippy and for those of you who are very entrepreneur ready to take on a challenge or an opportunity well the numbers are there the computers and what people are punching into are we laying to those who are into the groove of what is going to be bought next within the next hour within the next day within the next month and on and on and those people that are plugged into the circuit of this new centralized decentralized system which causes reality to kind of smack you up beside the face there and you go yeah okay the reality is if I take some of this free money that I’m getting and I invest it in this particular thing that the algorithms are showing that people want then I can make instant money but there is a catch is this thing that we’re investing in good or bad.

  17. love that economics George !!! still don’t stop the whole rolling ball aka earth going broke and going under .. the nips are getting bigger but I feel better so I aint an alcoholic !!

    • :earth going broke and going under .”

      The sad part of that statement len is it’s the illusion that they want you to believe..
      Greece had young women selling their bodies for a can of soup and elderly giving in dumpsters to gather any edible scraps.
      It took a while for the people to realize that a plumber is still a plumber.. s secretary is still a secretary and the skills and knowledge of the elderly is the true treasures of society.. azz n apple tree still produces apples and a cow milk.
      The green piece of paper computer number is the illusion that mainstream wants you to believe that society cannot survive without.
      It’s what you believe that matters..

  18. In the latest revelation of Hard Drive Hunter and his funneling of foreign money to his Big Guy dad, I wonder how soon feeble Dementia Joe will have to recuse himself from the democratic candidacy and thereupon shoo in Ms. Harass?

  19. it amazes me how fast the mind forgets..
    i am glad i got the cardboard cabinet done.. my arthritus is back full swing with no mercy… what gets me is when its not so bad your mind forgets..

  20. How We Institutionalized Incompetence
    -charles hugh smith

    You’ve probably noticed things no longer work as well as they once did.

    You’ve probably noticed services cost a lot more now, but the quality has eroded.

    You’ve probably noticed massive cost overruns in public projects.

    You’ve probably noticed that enormous investments in infrastructure, education, reducing homelessness, etc. don’t actually improve the situation or fix what’s broken.

    You’ve probably noticed that all the highly paid analysts, academics, think-tank gurus, private-sector hotshots, etc. are either clueless, incoherent or delusional.

    Incompetence is now so ubiquitous, so embedded, so obvious and so intractable that we finally have to recognize that America has institutionalized incompetence.

    This is how we’ve devolved to doing more of what’s failed spectacularly.

    • Yep you nailed this on on its head we can’t even do color revolutions in some far off land as the last two failed.and Trump says he may leave the country if he looses the election,and we can’t even do a treaty because it seems no one believes our word,nothing works in the country anymore as the soap opera continues,why its got so we can’t even bomb countries like we use to for they wanted to bomb Iran after they shot down our multi million dollar drone but Russia said no that’s one line you better not cross,oh whats a country to do when no one respects you anymore.!!!

    • “You’ve probably noticed that enormous investments in infrastructure, education, reducing homelessness, etc. don’t actually improve the situation or fix ”

      They need a purpose… a job self pride in their accomplishments..
      Instead we went from being an industrial nation to one of a service oriented.. education is to expensive and leaves the vast majority debt ridden their whole lives.
      One out of two are on a social program or two.. a trip to the clinic could banktupt the average wage earner.
      Why push to advance if theres no future vision of obtaining the dream..
      Mark’s bay area is a prime example.. multi million dollar homes and a poverty level z hundred times higher than anywhere else in the usa.
      Corporate america has moved away from cherishing those that give them their growth to that of being disposable labor..
      In my opinion. until we can go back a seventy years in how we view our wage earner population. Of children are left to the streets and television for guidance. Why should they..

  21. Man Who Had Hunter Biden’s Laptop Suggests There’s More, Hints At FBI Coverup, Fears Assassination

    NY Post Refuses To Publish All 25,000 Hunter Pics After Reports They Include ‘Underage Obsessions’

    Source on alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies message about Chinese investment firm

    The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details. Fox News spoke to one of the people who was copied on the email, who confirmed its authenticity.

    Sources told Fox News that “the big guy” is a reference to the former vice president. The New York Post initially published the emails and other controversial messages that Fox News has also obtained.

    • “Man Who Had Hunter Biden’s Laptop Suggests There’s More,”

      Was there ever any doubt that there could be more ! We see how fast that kind of information of illegal activity that involves the powerful, rich and famous just vanishes and hundreds of millions of dollars is spent to cover that kind of information publicly shared just vanishes..
      Maybe there will be a huge publicity scam over DJT drinking diet pop and eating a large order of french fries…the audacity for anyone to do that..sending the wrong messages to our kids..

      I wonder if he’ll get real sad and commit suicide..or get mugged while getting s breakfast bagel or theres a grand theft of the hard drive..
      Seems that’s a trend

      • “I wonder if he’ll get real sad and commit suicide..or get mugged while getting s breakfast bagel”

        That’s why he made 3 mirrors of the hard drive. Rudy’s attorney got a clone (which got cloned and forwarded to the NYPost), the FBI got the original. Two more clones exist, of which no one knows the whereabouts, or anything else. One thing about a “repair geek:” Once you’ve “seen it all,” you pretty much really have seen it all. Many geeks develop a little of the Angela Bennett / Edward Lyle flavor of “cautionary paranoia” when they begin to realize “people REALLY have been killed for less than I know about this (person, corporation, deal, etc.”) “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill and let another shop fix this damn’ computer…”

        And then they figure out creative ways to distribute data to safeguard their lives.

        BTW I guess now a second “sender-recipient” has confirmed the legitimacy and accuracy of some of these E-Mails, as being Hunter Biden’s.

    • Ahh man -Thanx.

      Yeah that’s what caused our Contract dispute.

      Been hanging around with the Futurama Crew of late. Got my eye on Leela – if U know what I’m saying @ )

    • “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill and let another shop fix this damn’ computer…”

      I think that was what happened with the emails that huge fake story a while back. that whole thing was a big story in all news Lots of investigation going on on pedophile trafficking’s and organ harvesting etc. Newspaper articles and investigations reports everything vanished when it came out that it might implicate those of high rank and money. Instant fake news.. lot of power there..My thought has been that the investigator or investigation team sent it all off to wiki leaks just because he or they knew that that much power would be their downfall..
      instead that whole thing vanished and they did the classic misdirection and went after some other facet.. I thought that it was all fake at first .. then as you visited the people that were implicated in the fake news stories sites it got uglier the deeper you went.. then poof it was all gone..
      a lot of money spent and in DC time that was removed in lightning speed.. I would hate to be the guy that fixed Hunters hard drive… anyone that can hide that scale of corruption and have it removed from sight has a great deal of power.. the scary power.. the control over media.. the control over the authorities.. the legal system.. phew..

  22. “you would think people would be smarter then vote the tribal thing but yet they always do ” look at what parades around us as candidates..

    The second is take a look at how JB responds when his kids honesty and integrity are questioned.. even with proof he rushes to his defense not wanting to believe or accept that the kid is rotten corrupt and untouchable.
    The voters are the same way .its right up in your face what’s happening in our political system..yet when it comes time to vote we still want to believe that our parties candidate is the lesser of two evils..its someone else’s kid or it’s the other ones fault.
    Because of that most bus systems and school rooms have cameras recording what the children are doing.
    If the post lets the hard drive be taken it will all be gone forever

    • I know you mean well, LOOTB, but even 5 years from now rather than 50, no one will even think aboiut the crap we’ve been soo concerned about. So, take it easy and try to get the best out of your life for yourself. ;-)

      However, he may be a good father to his own son — not so to this nation, IMHO!

    • “even with proof he rushes to his defense not wanting to believe or accept that the kid is rotten corrupt and untouchable.”

      Um, no. “Belief” and “acceptance” are not the issues. Creepy Joe knows exactly the kind of shithead wastrel which Hunter is, and has been since he was barely a teenager.

      Goebbels didn’t invent the concept of “loud enough, often enough.” Neither did Bernays.

      There are two reasons a parent “rushes to defend” a miscreant child:

      1) Family loyalty
      2) To prejudice public opinion toward believing the child, and (by relationship) indeed the entire family (especially the parent whose doing the talking), are being maligned, or unfairly “picked-on” by the {teacher, police, boss, or whomever — in this case “the media”}

      The first is an admirable trait in most cases. The second is thoroughly dishonest, and a means of gaming the system — making it so that “bad apples” skate through without suffering consequences for bad, antisocial, stupid, lazy, or criminal behavior — essentially abrogating our social and legal system, Darwinism, and nature/natural law to produce a human who’ll likely be a “spoiled brat” for life.

      I honestly don’t know, for sure, under which number Creepy Joe falls WRT Hunter, but in similar past situations, it has nearly always been #2…

  23. Speaking about joe biden.. now I’m a firm believer in hugs not drugs and everyone is reminded just how important they are.
    But if they are uneasy about hugs then I won’t offer them.
    (Just like giving flowers to women. Most families were not raised that way and women secretly don’t like the gesture.i told my wife suck it up she will get them twice a year whether dislikes it or not if she doesn’t want them, then hand them to another lady .. its how i was raised)
    But back to my here is a secret confession..has anyone besides me wanted to secretly do a random JB you know walk up to someone and lean in and sniff their hair just review their reactions. Lol lol you watch as he does it on tv and the women cringing .. lol.. just like a guy I knew that would walk up and ask every woman and girl if she wanted to have sex lol lol the response was hilarious yet he was the luckiest guy i ever met..
    There was a guy that took pictures in nam.. he told us about the heavy things going on there. He brought in the pictures..he was in the cee bees the pictures were of the berm around the camps.. he had total recollection if what happened on both sides of the pile of every lol

    I think it would be hilarious until you tried doing it to someone with a jealous bf or husband

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