Peoplenomics: The Book

Wednesday will be “Issue #1,000” of Peoplenomics.  Time to pull 20-odd years of study into something for posterity.  Or, was that posterior?

The only thing to rival the insanity of the Digital Uprising and quickly emerging Digital Mob Rule is the political process.  Not much of a choice.

If you haven’t taken the time to watch “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, you have missed one of the clearest previews of ‘the future’ you’re likely to find.

As we will see in the ChartPack, hard to see where this all ends happily – as the market is poised to out-launch

Elon Musk, or crater deeper than the Original Tulip Mania or 1720’s South Seas Bubble.

Merge with China and Russia into a Globalist World?  Or, stand up for our founding values?

Coffee up.  Freedom is on the line.

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55 thoughts on “Peoplenomics: The Book”

  1. I have to say the “Book of Peoplenomics” idea is a sound one. Your scenario-based narrative is an attention holder.

    Add some chapters of your previous related works and you have a meaty survival manual/life outline.

    I say go for it.

  2. I don’t think most people understand the serious implications of a long (weeks, months) power outage from a bad storm or EMP especially now with work from home and kids learn from home escalating.

    No bitcoin for u will be the least of our problems.

    • “power outage from a bad storm or EMP”

      That would be worse than CV-19 and the pest combined in to-days environment. Good forbid and/or have mercy on US! ;((

  3. Your scenario brought back many memories, from transiting bridges to beer in the snowbank while using the wood stove for cooking and heat. People, including some of my family, simply are not prepared to survive. Not even to exist in a hard down time frame.
    Practice emergencies and your actions. Can you survive and help those that are not prepared, to some extent?
    Off to check on the corn and beans. Work on the rock garden (to be a garden) and then dinner out with the crew.
    Life is simply wonderful!

  4. Oh my George. Stop,with the fake NY Post story. This story Has so many holes, it makes Swiss cheese look like a solid block of granite.

    Coincidence that the post is owned by Murdoch, the Trump whore who started our last 4 years of misery, the story is written by an ex-Hannity producer, Trumps best TV friend…

    First, there is no proof that the computer in question was actually Hunter Biden’s. First of all Hunter Biden lives in LA and lived in LA at the time that the “so called computer“ was dropped off at a Random Delaware computer repair store for water damage. There are zillions of computer repair stores in LA, why would he go to a store in Delaware where he is more recognizable? Then, it’s for some reason never picked up or paid for. What…he didn’t need the computer??? (The bill was $85…really?….So do you or anyone really believe that Hunter Biden would travel 3000+ miles across the country to Delaware for a $85 repair of a MacBook Pro…not a cheap computer By any means….and then leave it there ?) Give…Me…A…Break!!!!. Plus…I just looked it up…most places charge $350 for a water damaged computer…and if it involves a damaged motherboard….well…the data could be lost.

    Then miraculously, it falls into the hands of Rudy Giuliani, via former satanic strategist, Steve Bannon, who shares it with Murdoch’s post, who also owns Fox and stand to lose a Crapload of ad money If Trump loses the election.

    Barr is not invloved…Christopher Wray…a Trump appointee thinks it’s a hoax and a Russian Hack job.

    Finally, it was. 2017 MacBook Pro. I have the same model. It runs Mohave, Every Mac running Lion or later has built in encryption. Very unusual for someone to leave a laptop for repair that had no password protection on its files…especially someone like Hunter Biden.

    Plus, how many computer repair geeks do you know that would be able to discern anything you have on your computer and separate out the thousands of emails to reveal anything of importance. The story said that the computer was water damaged…The purpose was to restore service not Play computer forensic guy.

    Get A grip America. Trump has turned all of you into blathering idiots.

    • Uh…so a serial rehab’er can’t loose his shit? Hmmm… Novel thought!

      Supporting censorship by socialist media? Isk-tisk – I thought you watched The Social Dilemma???

      • I not only watched the Social Dilemma, I was invited to participate in a Mass zoom call this past week with One of the players on that documentary. All part of the Lincoln project initiative.

        The topic was the proliferation out of control Russian infiltration on our political system. And…the Russian hacks are all pro Trump. If you watched the Social dilemma, they specifically BLAME social media for the election of Trump. Yes…nobody on that documentary is a Trump supporter. These are smart folks. I could not sit in on all 90 minutes, but what I heard was that the Post story IS AN EXAMPLE of Russian influenced misinformation. They are trying to destroy our political system and Trump being the beneficiary…is playing along.

      • Lose his stuff after a 3000 mile flight? He was not that messed up. There is censorship and then there protecting our democracy from misinformation. Facebook/Instagram and Twitter have some of the most sophisticated surveillance technology on this planet. They have DOD contracts…you do know that right? They are more than capable of detecting a skunk. The Russians are trying to paint them in the corner of censorship and these companies know they are in a tough Spot…But, in the end, they are patriots…BTW. I do have a very loyal client that works in the Cyber security/ disinformation division. He can’t tell me 98% of what he does, but the inferences are obvious.

      • I may have more experience with crack folks that you, it seems. They are odd ducks.
        Meanwhile, there IS NO DEFENSE OF CENSORSHIP. We gotta get that agreed up front.
        Remember Mat Taibbi – ex Rolling Stone? See what he writes:


        “The optics of a former Democratic Party spokesman suddenly donning a Facebook official’s hat to announce a ban of a story damaging to Democrats couldn’t be worse. Moreover, the Orwellian construct described in papers like the Times suggests that for tech executives, pundits, and Democratic Party officials alike, the lines between fake news and bad news, between actual misinformation and information that is merely politically adverse, have been blurred. It’s no longer clear that some of these people see a meaningful distinction between the two ideas.
        The public can’t help but see this. While papers like the Times denounce the true Podesta emails as “misinformation,” and Facebook says the New York Post story must be kept out of sight until verified, the standard for, say, the Steele dossier was and is opposite. In that case, we were told “raw intelligence” should be published so that “Americans can make up their own minds” about information that, while “salacious and unverified,” may still be freely read on Twitter and Facebook, reported on in the New York Times and Washington Post, and talked about on NBC, so long as it has not been completely “disproven.”

        Maybe the gutter America has driven into can’t be see from the coasts?

      • Mark sings”,RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA,” ,,,HOW LONG DID WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE DEMS RUSSIA BULLCRAP,, Mueller probe anyone? anyone?
        ZOOM call with Lincoln Project,, been telling ya ,,Mark is a traitor, a George Sorass loving, US Constitution hating,,caravan organizer and BLM/Pantifa team leader

        who does his client in Cyber security work for ???? China?

      • Shit Mark. Loosing a Laptop ain’t nothing. I wonce did a line of coke off a strippers ass on a Tuesday night at 3am in the back of my car (The Chrysler 300S you saw when we met at the Paper Moon) in the parking lot of Dick’s drive in under the space needle and woke up 12 hours later in an Airbng I’m Oak Harbor wearing nothing but a black tutu and didn’t remember shit. That is a 45 minute ferry ride. (hopefully not a pun).

        I still have no idea where the tutu came from. I called her and she was mad, apparently I left her at a gas station and went to give a homeless girl a ride. I didn’t remember anything. This is when I realized 2 things. #1. I should probably check into rehab because I may be over doing it a bit. #2 (after a few lines of ketomine, a line of coke and washing down a Xtcy pill with a shot of Jack) I decided, I should marry the stripper because I felt bad for leaving her at the gas station. So I purposed and she said yes. LMFAO! George saw her picture. She is hella hot!!!!

        So trust me Mr Mark. Loosing a laptop 3000 miles away from where ya started? Especially if your on a real bender, that ain’t shit. Happens all the time. I’m sure.

        Good day to be clean and sober. Hahahahahahaha! Thank you Betty Ford!

      • Now you might not believe in the power of prayer. But when I told my mother I was getting married bin a 24 chaple down in Kent, wa?? My mother hit speed dial and told Benny Hinn, and he put me on 10,000 prayer chains.

        In the middle of my wedding ceremony she decided she was hungry and said she had to go to taco bell. I said what? She said I saw a taco bell down the road. Im Soo hungry. I said, pick me up a Big Beef burrito Supreme combo meal. Well, after she left my best man strongly encouraged me to drive to the Betty Ford and check in. After 30 minutes and she didn’t come back? I drove down to taco bell and she was gone. So I took to California, burrned the marriage certificate at the loves truck stop on the California state line.

        Come to find out she passed out in front of a cop in the drive through and got arrested for a DUI and went to jail.

        True story.

        I’m still single.

        God works in Mysterious ways.

        Have a good week.

      • Since Im always ahead of the game in life. Yes, There is more to life winning and money but winning is fun and money is good.

        Point being in my long 3 part parable experience, strength and hope entitled “Paradise by the Dashboard light.” It seems to me that the economy needs to check into detox. The stockmarket is going to jail for a DUI.

        Everyone is sobering up. Since I been sober, I have had nothing but abunrance and travel. I have gotten amazingly physically fit and the whole thing change my meditation and spiritual life. After I died for 3 minutes at the rest area just outside of Santa Clara. But I didn’t stay dead. Never do. Lol

        Ain’t it strange how my life mirrors the world…. Like some cosmic joke. I suppose no funnier than my being called the Causmic Chicken Bunny by an old hippy sailor.

        Que: Smoke on the Water, by ~ Deep Purple ~

        If the Google the lyrics? The Google lyrics have a type 0 at the end. A zero next to the water.

        Funny. I’m just living my best life.

      • Andy. The point was not him losing his laptop…the point is that he was living in LA at the time. He never was in Delaware, nor at that particular computer repair store. And anything Giuliani is involved in, well it’s certainly great material for late night talk show hosts, that’s for sure. Just ask his own daughter.

        I am not sure why you of all publications believe the NY Post. It’s a very slight upgrade from the National Enquirer.

    • And the randomly selected audience participants in the ABC Biden Town Hall included:

      Nathan Osburn who worked as a speechwriter at the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration.

      Mieke Haeck, the wife of Ezra Nanes who is an at-large member of the Centre County Democratic Committee.

      Really Mark?

    • Sorry, Mark, but the Macbook is Hunter’s. I know it’s stupid to the point of being ridiculous that he would hand over something that incriminating, but people do it every day, and apparently Hunter’s just not that bright. And neither are you if you’re buying the dems story that this is some sorta GOP smear. It’s not, and both Joe and Hunter Biden are traitors.

      • Trumps own FBI director says it a BS story and a Russian smear campaign. Many GOP house and Senate intelligence folks are saying the same. Again. Where is Barr? Where is McConnell? They aren’t talking? Or did Trump piss Barr off because he could not come up with any wrong doing on Obama or Hillary after all these years? This is a big nothing burger!

      • it’s not a dem story. trump’s own administration sanctioned the russian spy, derkach, working with giuliani. trump’s own people warned trump. the traitors are the ones in cahoots with russia in order to game a US election. again.

        The problem is trumpism is a cult and trump supporters are unable to integrate any new facts into their belief system that conflicts with the cult’s dogma.

        “The intelligence agencies warned the White House late last year that Russian intelligence officers were using President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani as a conduit for disinformation aimed at undermining Joe Biden’s presidential run, according to four current and former U.S. officials. It has been known for months that Russian intelligence was using allies in Ukraine to spread disinformation and purported damaging material about Biden. Intelligence officials have warned Republicans in Congress that some of the people they were seeking information from were conduits for Russian disinformation. In August, the Office of the Director of National intelligence said in a statement that Derkach was spreading disinformation about Biden. The CIA later issued a more detailed classified warning in its Worldwide Intelligence Review, a secret document read by members of Congress and the administration.”

      • @ organic gardener

        The problem is anti-trumpism is a cult and never-trumpers are unable to integrate any new facts into their belief system that conflicts with the cult’s dogma.

        Fixed that for you…

    • Actually, most people who use macs don’t use any of those security settings. I’ve never once ran into that and I’ve given direct software support to hundreds of mac users with file issues. Mac makes the user complacent about security, not vigilant. So the chance that the stuff was not encrypted is to be expected, not out of the ordinary. And the presence of encryption does not imply use of it. A severe logical error. It’s like saying the presence of air is why people breathe.

      “honey, do you believe me or your lying eyes”. A clear attempt at gaslighting by blowing smoke up people’s asses about mac machines and the religion of mac.

  5. Why are these people photographed together? Why are they so chummy? Conspiracies are all theories

    Enemies of We the People

    the witch lady gaga and the warlocks photo

    and they all fear President Trump,,maybe markie and organic gardener should have been there for a group hug to comfort each other
    I need to get out the Waterpic,,,got popcorn hulls stuck in my teeth,, so much happening,in this movie, the only word I can think of to describe it is ,, crescendo

    • Hmm and just why do they fear Trump you haven’t seen any come out with their hands behind their backs yet have you,how many wall street bankers have you seen locked up ,why the answer is none nor will you ever see any of the 1% including Clinton locked up, you have been taken and most are to dumb to understand it as they follow the pied piper as he plays his merry song of follow me I’m going to make America great again, good luck with that one as he shovels more billions/trillions into the pockets of MIC,the only ones that should fear Trump is the working class.!!!!

      • EPSTEIN, G. Maxwell are a start,,the wheels of Justice turn SLOWLY,, top CIA, FBI, Dept of Justice and State Dept have been booted out and are awaiting formal charges,,the shit is so deep it takes a while to get all the evidence and proper paper work in order to GO TO COURT! WAIT TILL THE HUBER STUFF COMES OUT WITH THE MILITARY JUSTICE SYSTEM ,,Sessions gave him the permission to use them,,more popcorn ,please,,TRAITORS ARE CRAPPING THEIR PANTS, they know its coming,,ask Mark about his zoom conference,,they are scared
        bluedogg, here is a comedian you might like,,I don’t care alot for him, he is anti- Trump and he is anti-Biden, more of a Bernie bro, till Bernie skates more to socialists enjoy

      • Lol would you like to place a little bet on that one,a dollar will get you a hundred if they lock up any of them,its a game they play,Trumps tapped into the dis-satisfaction of a select segment of the voters, and he will play it to the hilt to get what he wants, and when he can’t deliver why he will blame it on to someone else as he always does.

        The Jews bought Trump before he ever took office and he will stay bought doing their dirty work until he leaves office,if you saw the congress bowing and scraping to a foreign leader then you might have an idea of just how corrupt the government really is and that includes Trump,and no the other side is no better.You have two deep state candidates running and of course the so called deep state is little but the billionair’s that control the country to put down any decent that might rise up from the people.Face it we are screwed and your man that in your mind walks on water won’t deliver a damn thing except the statue quo.!!

      • bluedogg , l have a $, when more photos come out the pedos will not be able to walk down the street l

    • R U out Ure Mind?

      We can’t have the populous Wakened from their “slumber”. – if they ever figure out what happens to ALL those 100k’s of missing Children every year..

      The Satanic “ Elite” what a JOKE these clowns are -NO Energy = No Power .

  6. On the topic, Masks:

    Bible Scripture of the day: Isiah 25:7

    “And He will destroy on this mountain The surface of the covering cast over all people, And the veil that is spread over all nations.”

    Interesting ponder, “Veil that is spread over all nations.”

    If it has been a while since ya read Isiah chapter 24 and 25?

    You might want a gander at it. Pretty Heavy Stuff.

    It did dawn on me thAt, my last name means stone mountain. Lol. Hmmmm. And the first symbol of my first name is “A”. Found on every One Dollar bill. Same exact shape as the Pier A Mid. Lol

    Just completed a 24 hour digital detox. No TV, no phone, no internet, no electronics except Eddisons 10,001 success. The replacement original symbol of an Idea, “The Halo” which is of course the Light Bulb.

    Have a beautiful day. Off the Gym and a stack of Louis La’More books on the menue for me. Who doesn’t like More.

  7. Did I miss anything? Is Nancy Pelosi still telling Donald Trump, “Stop right there before we go any farther will you love me to the end of time?” Is The Don still saying, “let me sleep on it. Baby baby let me sleep on it. I will give ya an answer in the morning.”

    Definitely, “Paradise by the dashboard light. ”

    Is the Romance still there? Or are we Praying for the end of time, yet?

    Meatloaf is a good “Safe word”. Because it says, “I will do anything for love but I won’t do that.”

    Politically and Economically Speaking, of course. This is an Economics web sight.

    Maybe they should get a Room at the Motel 6 like Nixon did. And just ### it out as Clif would say. Lol

  8. Comrades,

    Are current times the closest reflection of Western humankind orbiting out over the precipice towards extinction since Galileo drank the kool-aid?

    BBC Future offers a pair of gradely perspectives. Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risks gaze into the crystal ball for the benefit of the common folk reading on their mandatorily licensed media platform.

    Speaking of the glass falling, tidal chart notes from both the EU Centre for Disease Control and Wikipedia are tallying around 350 total new cases for Mainland China and Hong Kong over the past two weeks.

    Furthermore, here is a link to the most recent WHO “Draft landscape of covid-19 candidate vaccines” published Oct. 15th:

    156 are in pre-clinical evaluation. 42 are in clinical evaluation, and of those 10 have reached phase 3. Pretty much half of those 10 are in China.

    Last call for strawberries and cream, Championship point on deck, thank you all for playing. Mandarins should now be arriving on grocery shelves at your local retailer for a bittersweet finish.

  9. Texas has polls open for early voting on Saturdays & Sundays. And the gangs are all here, on the ballot. No more punching the party button; you have to vote for candidates individually.

    No voter registration cards were issued. A driver’s license works.

    There were four candidates for a Railroad Commissioner slot.

    The voting machines now have instructions for write-ins in my county.

    The finished ballots are printed at each station, and are scanned and collected at the door.

  10. you got more dance move than chubby checker George ! your robots and elites have turned into storytellers and elites .. don’t know where you are anymore . no change

  11. Ohhhh George you didn’t think I was joking about having Cosmic Conscienseness did ya?

    I think it was “sixth scent” who said back in 2012 on the Archetype thread, over on the godlike place, “we will see all lines of thought converging with his.” uuuhhh Something like that.

    I was 42 when he said that. Maybe thAt is the answer to the Universe after all. How odd, a dude named andy. Only great andy I ever heard of before is Carnage.


    Thanks for the 6 bits. Well said and *tips hat.

    Looks like I will hands full the next few weeks. Such a lovely distraction.

    So this my comment for Sunday and the next few weeks.

    See ya down at Hooters. Ha ha ha ha. Ya Wise old owl.

    • Ah…Hooters! Elaine still hearts her cut off Hooters T-Shirt. Hope ya’ll understand why thye passing of warm weather into winter is a visual bummer, hereabouts.

    • “See ya down at Hooters. Ha ha ha ha. Ya Wise old owl.”

      I have never been in a Hooters… LOL….drove by one plenty of times going from one job to the other but never went in one…

  12. Interesting chart. SPX 3507 was the short entry signal on Friday. Of course we only have 3 down, so I dont want to see a bounce higher than 3487 at the Sunday open, but I’ll give it room to entry. Would have closed it and re-entered Sunday futures open, but if it started a 3rd wave… well she’s toast on Monday.

    Looking for 3340 and if it breaks, a tad over 3k.

    10/19: The Earth passes the NYSE Natal Saturn position. It does that every year on 10/19, but this is 2020, and we are in Mercury retrograde, right after a Jupiter sextile Neptune alignment. Similar astro to what we had at the Feb top.


  13. Comrades,

    It came to my attention that just over an hour ago the Wikipedia entry of former Fox VP Ms. Hope Hicks was edited to remove mention of being symptomatic preceding a covid-19 diagnosis on October 1st. The news report attached in Wikipedia is from a Fox News editor and makes no mention one way or the other of symptoms. The original Bloomberg report that broke the story on Oct. 1st noting “feeling poorly” and “self-isolating” aboard Air Force One during the Sept 30th evening flight back to Washington remains online. One hopes for a quick return to vigorous health now past two weeks on from onset of the strategic setback.

    What’s strategy without money? Since msm is reporting that a Trump campaign PAC just received a $75 million contribution from a Congressional Medal of Freedom holder, the democrat cash-in-the-bank lead going into the home stretch is down to $180 million. It may be time to pull out the spurs and head off the poll galluping donkey at the poker table?

  14. Hey George….
    Funny how you said No Defense of Censorship….when you have censored me dozens of times for opining on The Dunce in Chief. Or did you forget that?

    Or maybe, just maybe you are playing both sides, just like looking out of the box does. One day he thinks Trump is an idiot, the next day Trump is Thor of Ragnorak.

    The bottom line, you don’t censor opinion ever!!!! This Post article is not opinion. It’s lies and fake news. That’s why Twitter censors Trump from time to time…His lies are so pants on fire, it is a danger to our democracy. Listen to Gen Kelly’s recent comments yesterday!!!!

    And about Gen. Kelly…that man is more of a patriot than any of you Trump supporting, bone spur, draft dodging loving goons a million times over. Kelly, Mattis, McMaster all put their lives on the line for our country and all thought Trump was a danger to our country. And before you start to trash them, remember, Trump hired them

    And finally!!! Censorship is 100% ok when it involves outright deception and lies,…always! Capisce? Gen. Kelly would fight in battle for that!

    • “just like looking out of the box does. One day he thinks Trump is an idiot, the next day Trump is Thor of Ragnorak.”

      Silly Mark… I have always thought that DJT was a self centered braggart with only himself in mind.. hes a narcissist and can be a nasty person if you cross him..


      He is smart, cagey, no one that has opposed him has committed suicide been mugged or killed because they are investigating him. He works furiously for the country our countries politics are about as honest as you are ever going to see in our lifetime..He doesn’t use fancy script writers but says what he is thinking..He works tirelessly.. Now its a duel interest there in my opinion.. by working for the betterment of the country he is also working for the stability of his income his income is on paper ..
      Thor.. absolutely not LOL LOL he has a body like mine LOL LOL LOL fat and old and can do about as many pushups as I think JB can actually do lol .. Now if JB said he did bend overs and deep knee bends I would buy it.. after all he is a politician and to do the ole sloppy monkey dive you have to be flexible that way… LOL LOL LOL LOL…
      Of all the people that they paraded before us.. of the two of the best this country has to offer.. he is the best choice.. when I see JB it scares me.. his real demeaner is written in his face all the time.. Just like a wife beater if you know what your looking for you can see it. I don’t trust him then the Democrats spent billions trying to kick DJT out of office starting right after he made comment that certain people should be in jail the attacks were nonstop…. I knew a security guard we were watching the monitors and all of a sudden he gets all excited.. there hes going to steal something.. what I seen was just some guy.. he says to me.. its written on his face and sure enough the guy did..of the two he is the best candidate.. I would have loved to see the surgeon get in or rand paul.. but it takes the money and the backing to get into this position to weather out the storm in the city of snakes..and they would have been attacked just like DJT.

    • “And about Gen. Kelly… Kelly, Mattis, McMaster all…”

      …survived Obama’s purge of General Officers who were actual patriots.

      Why do you suppose they were not canned with the other Generals?

  15. MC, in my reply to your post the other day, I stressed knowledge.

    A few years back I was doing a job in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I broke two fingers — 150 miles from the nearest clinic I knew of, and 120 miles from the nearest cell tower. I could’ve gone crying to Sault Ste. Marie to try and find a doctor. Instead, I carved a splint from a hunk of wood (my hand’s “lifeline” clear across the top of my palm, to the fingertips of just my broken phalanges), pulled each finger out to align the break, then taped it to the splint with roll gauze, followed by paper med tape.

    I then finished the job I was on, and two days later drove to Marquette. I found a doctor, who assured me I had broken my fingers and told me they were healing nicely, then complimented me on the splint re-bandaged my hand using my splint, and sent me on my way. If I didn’t know how to splint a broken bone, and couldn’t picture how it would need to function to immobilize my fingers, I couldn’t have done what I did.

    George’s “Focus” section probably seems simplistic to most of the “prepper types” who read his pages, but it is a treasure trove, if you allow it to be. It is not a comprehensive list or anything boring like that, but [I’m guessing] is something designed to get you to think, and to begin to not just look at things, but to actually SEE things (everybody with functional eyes looks at stuff, few actually ever learn to see…)

    Once you have the basic preparedness ability to not starve, freeze, or become lion chow nailed down, the next phase is to see what can go wrong in your life with your basic routine, and plan mitigations for the scenarios your mind sees as plausible and problematic. (Not before, but) once you begin to “see,” reading a copy of Stanton’s “Prepared, not Scared” (George’s preference) or Gilliam’s “Sheep no More” (my preference) will pound into your head how to approach any foray, from a trip to the convenience store to a trip across the U.S., in a strategic manner such that “inconvenient surprises” are minimized.

    • “but [I’m guessing] is something designed to get you to think, and to begin to not just look at things, but to actually SEE things (everybody with functional eyes looks at stuff, few actually ever learn to see…)”

      AMEN Ray… oh so many years ago.. I was in so much pain.. the doctors wanted to put me in hospice.. it was hell on earth.. I couldn’t even turn the pages of a book.. the struggle to lift a straw or get a drink.. I was there it was me and yet the mind blocks that .. well I was going stir crazy.. I needed something to stimulate my mind.. a professor friend of mine and I were talking and he suggested Urban survival.. it has been one of the best things for me.. keeps my mind busy.. opens doors to things I probably wouldn’t contemplate and keeps me busy..
      working in the health field so many years .. you get someone with copd or Emphysema where they are struggling so bad to catch their breath.. that the hospital bed bounces on the floor.. ( seeing that should convince anyone from smoking.. ) you turn the tv on to short thirty minute sitcoms the old funny ones.. you don’t have a deep story to think about your not going to miss a thing if you fall asleep but it is enough to keep their mind off of what ails them..
      This site has been a life saver for me..
      George is the best..

  16. This mercury retrograde shit is Rad! If you know your efforts are going to go south, might as well try some outlandish shit to get those fails out of the way. Ha ha ha how cool is that??!! Just bomb some epic fails out there and mercury just spins it around to a positive. Hahahaha. Hell yeah! I put up 320lbs on bench today 6 times. I just walked up to the bench and said, I’m too old I can’t do that much that many times. Mercery says, hold my beer. Boom I got up and on the rack 6 times. Hell yeah. Go Mercury go. Turn that shit show epic fail into a win. Hahaha prove me wrong. Hahahah

    I like astrology now. Hahaha pretty cool shit. Use that negative shit to your advantage.

  17. It has turned out that a local town effectively sold mine and my neighbors property rights to a consortium of domestic and foreign oil companies more than a dozen years ago. I don’t live or vote in that town, and never received notification of that impending action.
    The State of Texas, and the Railroad Commission, are now using eminent domain to execute that agreement between a municipality and the out of state (and foreign) brown shirt corporates.

    This is ethnic hate cleansing, Texas style. Landowners have rights, of course. Most prominent of those rights is the right of landowners to pay for all the opposition’s legal expenses, which of course nullifies all the other rights.
    For any of you contemplating a move to Texas, please understand that if the local gangs decide to take your property, or your life, the state will be happy to destroy you, and cover it all up.
    This is the reality of living in a former confederate state, where the exploitation has evolved, but nothing has really fundamentally changed. The local gangs put away their pillow case hats and their burning crosses, but they still operate the same way, under the same system. The difference is that now the system is operated by multi-ethnic hate mongers, for sale to the highest bidders, foreign or domestic.

    If you are fabulously wealthy and well-connected with the national gangs, then Texas might be a good place for you. If you are penniless, and only desire to become an identured debt slave, Texas has something for you. If you desire to be free, and live a modest middle class existence free from state-sanctioned criminsl bullying, then look elsewhere. The corporate brown shirts already rule Texas, and the aliases their supporting gangs go by are just spin.

    The biggest difference between Texas and the other coastal areas is that Texas controls public information and public dissent with an iron fist.

  18. Comrades,

    The BBC has published a video report by one of their journalists situated beside a posh-looking Range Rover at 7:00 am on a recent morning in the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu where members of the public are allegedly queing to pay and receive a purported vaccine against covid-19. According to Wikipedia, Yiwu produces a majority of the world’s Christmas season trinkets, is a centre of counterfeit goods, and the start of the Silk Road.

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