Data Dense Thursday – Social Media Censoring

Many Data Points

Let’s go back to what we told our subscribers Wednesday morning:

“Options Week Slaughter?”

Dow Futures already down 310.  On top of the Wednesday decline.  (I’ll try not to pull my shoulder patting myself on the back, lol.)

With markets up 7% (in our Aggregated view – +225% annualized) we were hardly surprised to see the foundations of finance rocking this morning.

Driving?  Expected unemployment filings of 825,000 were blown out and reports that CV-19 is rising quickly now in Europe weigh.

Data 1:  Unemployment Filings

Came in a bit higher than the office pool was projecting:

“In the week ending October 10, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 898,000, an increase of 53,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 5,000 from 840,000 to 845,000. The 4-week moving average was 866,250, an increase of 8,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 1,250 from 857,000 to 858,250.”

Data 2:  Import Prices

Cue up “Money for Nothing” on  the left turntable as we read:

“Prices for U.S. imports increased 0.3 percent in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, following advances of 1.0 percent in August, 1.2 percent in July, and 1.3 percent in June. In September, rising prices for nonfuel imports more than offset lower fuel prices. U.S. export prices increased 0.6 percent in September, after advancing 0.5 percent the previous month. “

Eventually, some of these “foreign owners of America” are going to come looking for us to “make good.”  (Or, tell ’em you know Hunter’s “…guy…”)

Data 3:  Fed Reports

Philly Fed and New York Fed activity monitors both popped out in the past few minutes (of our 8 AM Central click time),  NY Fed first:

“Business activity expanded modestly in New York State, according to firms responding to the October 2020 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index fell seven points to 10.5, pointing to a slower pace of growth than in September. New orders and shipments continued to increase, while unfilled orders continued to decline. Inventories moved lower, and delivery times were little changed. Manufacturers reported a small increase in employment, and a significantly longer average workweek. Input prices increased at about the same pace as last month, and selling prices continued to increase slightly.”

And from the Philly Fed an upbeat Business Outlook:

The diffusion index for current activity increased 17 points to 32.3 in October, its fifth consecutive positive reading after reaching long-term lows in April and May (see Chart 1). The percentage of firms reporting increases this month (47 percent) exceeded the percentage reporting decreases (15 percent). The index for new orders rose 17 points to a reading of 42.6. Nearly 55 percent of the firms reported increases in new orders this month, compared with 42 percent last month. The current shipments index also increased 10 points to 46.5 in October.

Will it all help Trump?  Nope.  Why do you think that is?  Wel…

Watch the Social Media Coup

We have warned of the dangers of social media for a long time.  Now, in what appears to us as a blatant election-rigging effort, both Facebook and Twitter announced plans to censor posts related to the NY Post’s blockbuster stories about presidential wannabe Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s involvement in BOTH Ukraine and China.

From the Beginning…

As if was bad enough for Biden yesterday:  The NY Post broke a front page story about how a hard drive on a computer – left at a shop in Gotham for repairs months ago – turned out to be a treasure trove of information about deeds allegedly committed by Joe Biden’s son Hunter.  The original post article is titled “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.”

Then it got worse for Joe this morning as the Post tabled another block-buster claiming “Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm.”

The Shitstorm to Come

Here’s where the real crap could hit the fan.  Looks to republican wigs like Twitter and Facebook rolled into “save Joe and Kam mode by censoring user accounts that covered or commented on the Post‘s blockbuster.

Not only did Twitter reportedly limit the sharing of the damning Joegate email story and pictures, but in addition Facebook throttled pending review by “fact-checkers.” 

We scratch our heads a bit at the censorship.  Although, Jack Dorsey is a democrat.  At least we infer this from his list of political campaign contributions on the OpenSecrets campaign disclosure website.  He was historically 100% straight democrat in his reporting.  Sadly, OpenSecrets isn’t real-time.  So we won’t be able to see how Dorsey (or others like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg) “contributed” until well after the election.  (Though possibly before results, lol.)

Social(ist) media has really screwed the pooch, as Ure calls it. (There goes my “social credit score, huh?)

We can, I believe, reasonably anticipate that with their in-depth knowledge of billions of user political preferences, we will shortly learn that a certain political party (big among libs, hint-hint) likely ran oodles of  targeted get out and vote early for Joe campaigns.  Social is the new radio, the new television, too, right?

When allegations were made against Donald Trump, was there any such censorship?  Hell no.  Dossier was greenlighted by the left.

Election Theft?

Attempted, perhaps.  It’s important – as a voter – that you understand the principles the F.C.C. embodied in what were long-ago “equal time” requirements.  Those were put in place  specifically to prevent Networks from hijacking elections.

With no such governance – beyond investor returns, platitudes for lawmakers, and the P&L – social media has no obligation to either be – act, or market services – fairly.

Remember that UrbanSurvival is one of the few stand-alone websites left.  We specifically boycott  social-media crooked business model.  Potentially costing us tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Social media – and co-conspiring search firms that bury Hunter Biden stories – can (and indeed may be about to) take down freedom in America.

You Need to Boycott Social Media

We have said it before – and we’ll repeat it again:  There’s a Digital Uprising underway and it leads directly to Digital Mob Rule.  It powers those “peaceful protesters” of ISIS and Antifa alike.  It’s after your freedoms.

Voters have absolutely  no reason to trust social media that support undisclosed agendas.  This latest affront – social censorship – is a rerun of  past censoring.  Climate skeptics as a group were “fact checked” out of prominence through contextual manipulation.  Now, we’re seeing the Social Media effectively rigging critical election information.

This is a “clear and present danger” to Democracy itself. We believe social media should be disbanded.  Because in their business model, all they simply monetize (stealing) the creative content of the public and monetizing it for their own gain. Even great videos – a penny or two on the dollar.  Yet that content makes billionaires.

Yeah.  They own the framework.  AS a social user, YOU provide them free content.

You’re a sucker if you use social.  And you’re a patriot if you don’t.

We toss Social Media in the same dumpster with gambling:  A tax on stupid people.  Media that only “matters” because  they proclaim it to be so.   Suckas.

(Here’s to Ned Ludd.)

In Ure Shorts

U.S. Gun Sales Soar Amid Pandemic, Social Unrest, Election Fears. They missed blowing out the election with phones, but yeah, there’s a list to start with.

The Regular Fix.  That’s how we see (Clinton-endorsing) USA Today’s Fact check: Gas prices spiked in ’12; posts on high fuel costs if Biden wins lack context.”  Catch it? This is how left-wing media rolls now:  Ignore the facts and judge context instead if they don’t like the story.  FMTT.  It’s all SO in Ure’s face.

Must be quiet in San Francisco today.  Since a local media outfit is rewriting a forest fire from 1910 in “How the ‘Big Blowup’ destroyed the West and changed America forever.”  Frankly, good read, though.

Historical content even older can be found on Forbes which suggests you Watch: Egyptian Coffin Opened For First Time In 2,600 Years To Reveal Perfectly Preserved, Colorful Mummy.  OK for mummy…where’s daddy?

Woo-Woo Break!

Even if you haven’t read my book on living two lives – one while awake, the other while asleep in the Dream Realms – I have some of the oddest adventures overnight.  The book’s Psychocartography, by the way; book link up top.

There I was in a dream.  I’d pulled into a gas station that was closed on Wednesdays, but opened up Thursday super early – like a minute after midnight.  The attendant, a portly woman, motioned me ahead to the third pump.

While I was filling the car, a woman showed up and said she needed a ride to her apartment.  And she wanted me to give her a lift next Thursday, as well.

Now comes the odd part:  While I was driving to this ground floor apartment, in the right lane is a car very similar to my old Porsche 930.  The odd part?  (It was red – the only acceptable color being Guards Red):  the badging didn’t say Porsche on the rear deck.  It read:


Back on point, dropped off the woman who needed a lift…and promptly woke up.

Immediately headed for the Google Translate tools, post haste!

Changer?  If someone would please tell me how this works, I’d sure appreciate a few hints.  Feels like woo-woo, though.  Wechler has the same letter count, as Porsche, too…Universe must enjoy playing graceful linguistic jokes on silly old George, huh?

Write when you get rich,

49 thoughts on “Data Dense Thursday – Social Media Censoring”

  1. Trump needs to find his own Luca Brasi to have a sitdown with that BANNED leader Dorsey to tell him that either this practice stops or his company will be on the table as a public utility.

  2. “The NY Post broke a front page story about how a hard drive on a computer ”

    Its already history and I am sure being covered up by the alphabets as we speak.. can’t have anything like that floating around about the chosen ones..
    Let me see.. what will the misdirection theme be..

    • Exactly what I’m thinking.

      Today or tomorrow we should see some overblown story about right wing militias or if the headlines about Hunter are bad enough, some mass shooting could be pulled out of the playbook.

      As usual it will not be a right winger – but before the afternoon’s out, and before that news is out, it will be reported as “anti government group” blah blah. Nobody will read later that it was an antifa guy (antifa is just as anti government as any secessionists, and a militia too!), Hello Michigan.

      “The media’s job is to sell fear to the public, and them old ladies love to buy that fear” – C. Manson

    • No need for coverup.

      a. The Republican ship is sinking quickly and nobody is surprised this desperation play suddenly appears this late in the game. it is suspicious and it is coming from discredited Republican movers. People are simply ignoring it.

      b. The NY Post cannot or refuses to provide proof of provenance linking the files to the Biden family. More suspicions the files are forgeries and the story fake. See item A, above.

      c. The 3-letter agencies have had three years experience learning the White House playbook. I suspect they are busy investigating the other things being hidden from public view that this story is supposed to distract us from seeing.

  3. ark social media .. George is the only place I go .. some really good folk here and nobody seems to pick on anyone , just expressions of interest.. could this be the reincarnation of the old senate in rome .. you can be cesear George .. I hate the attention

  4. Do we think there is any data that comes out against Biden would give his voters hesitation? Early voting also will limit the damage. About the only thing that might give these people pause is if Biden was caught groping children…oh wait not even that gives his voters pause. Leading democrats using their political influence to line their pockets, that is just assumed by their voters and has never given them cause for concern. Why, because most would do the same thing if given a chance. In fact, it is a key part of their platform to take from the productive and give to the non productive.

    Trump did little to fight the ridiculous narrative Dems have built over the past 4 years of being a racist and authoritarian. Pissing people off with his twitter attitude might help his base, who will vote for him anyway, but doesn’t help grow his base.

    God help us in America, all our political leaders are ancient with no integrity, no new ideas, no leadership they will not tell people the truth but instead only what will gain them more power.

    • “Why, because most would do the same thing if given a chance. ”


      They wouldn’t gave to spend a hundred million on me.. or give me a free airplane…
      Being at the bottom it wouldn’t take anything at all in comparison..

      There use to be a really nice couple of evangelists.. their morals high. The only thing they wanted to promote good and their faith.
      Where the issues started was the money.. it was coming in by the bushel baskets..before long they turned and didn’t even realize they were turning.
      It isn’t instantly done..its lulled into place. Our Congress didn’t walk into office with being swayed..they all had honorable happened a little bit at a time..
      The Bill’s they refuse to read all have honorable titles.. its the hidden inside double meaning portions that alter the goals..
      The gentle lulling… there’s been to many years were this has heen allowed.
      I am pretty sure that many of them don’t even see it..

      • The truly sad part is i know really good young man running for office. Hes a decent moral driven and smart.his family doesn’t have a lot money..
        The good and bad part is he will have the golden goose insurance and retirement benefits. He will be like the rest and become a multi millionaire. The bad part is how much of his soul will he have to give up for those numbers on a sheet of paper.

      • Honey, it is not lulled into place. The ones that are running, especially, being backed by the machine know EXACTLY what is expected of them IF THEY WIN, and HOW much it pays.

        Why do you think Chuck Schumer has done nothing but be in congress and there are boatloads like him.

        Oh, and they all graduated from HaaaaVard and there’s a few Yellers in there.

        Oh, so let’s follow some cheese, okay. Oh, hmm, what’s his name, he threw himself off of a 27 story building but he left his WHOLE estate to the Clinton Foundation!!!! Da BING, there’s one for you, ole coot. Think of it, what are the chances of that???

    • Joe Dish,
      Here is the hypocrisy…You say that no matter what comes out on Biden, his base will still vote?
      So..when the Access Hollywood tale came out, nothing happens with Trumps base…what about then dozens of Sexual harassment lawsuits against Trump, or the relationship he had with Epstein and Ghislane, (about right here, you will mention Bill Clintons relationship with them…and I will agree with you…but Bill Clinton is not President and is not running!!!!..we must stay focused on who is running…not who is not) or his debts with Russia and Saudi Arabia, or Ivanka’s gratuitous granting of patents from China, or Trump packing his expensive DC hotel With foreign dignitaries at the taxpayers expense, or his frequent visits to his Expensive resorts complete with Secret Service personnel at the taxpayers expense and finally, read about Don Jr.’s and Ivanka’s role in the Trump SOHO project who they partnered with two Soviet born businessmen, one (Felix Sater) who spent a year in prison for attacking a man with the stem of a Margarita glass in a bar fight and was also convicted of one count of racketeering for his role in a $40 million securities fraud scheme. Why is Trump always surrounding himself with Russians and people who end up in prison? Because…that’s the only people who will ever do business with this loser.
      There was a lot of quid pro quo on that deal by the way.

      Want more/…there are volumes more.

      • Suck on this Markie:

        I think it’s high time for Pres Trump to take action against these “social media” enemas of the state. For starters, make a public announcement giving all of them 24 hours to clean up their act. Stop censorship and stop shutting down user’s accounts because you don’t like the politics. Fail to comply and the Fedgov will shut down their access to the DNS servers. Surfing to or the rest? You get a 404 error. “Platforms that attempt to go around that and you’ll run into the U.S. Army’s cyberwarfare guys. Good luck EVER getting back online!

      • “You say that no matter what comes out on Biden, his base will still vote?”

        I think that is about right on… they will.. the same way that other countries were seized. the diary of an old farmer that was teaching russians how to raise crops comes to mind..
        or Germany.. or pick you cruel leader.. they come in as hero’s during the time of trials.. when essential services was deregulated and we started to export our jobs was the big start.. mom had to go to work.. we left our children to be raised by television or the local gangs.. today one in two are on social programs to get the basic necessities.. a trip to the health clinic is a bankruptcy event.. employers are only about the very top all the rest of the wage earners have to make do.. OH YOU CAN BET THEY WILL VOTE.. they will vote in the next Adolph or Vladimir Lenin,Joseph Stalin,or another Idi Amin… anyone that can say.. I can help you out.. where businesses could have kept this from happening.. kept the work at home,, left the essential services in place and protected.. instead they cut it all to give some joker a little more.. instead of taking smaller advancements in wealth and letting the whole of their companies benefit from their progress.. the put it on the top block.. any five year old can tell you if you build a tower you need a secure base.. but they didn’t.. I can say if I was at the top of a company.. I would be working my butt off to make sure that I had the support and loyalty of my workers spread the wealth make it easier.. an old employer here realized that single parents were calling in sick more than the average.. come to find out it had to do with daycare.. he set up a sick daycare and a well daycare and bussing system.. when he did good everyone did good..he went on a cruise the whole plant went with as a business shut down.. you couldn’t get a job there for one wanted to leave.. he would walk up to someone checking out and just hand them a gift card.. his wife and him got a big screen tv the whole plant got one.. sure it sounds like a lot of money going out.. but he kept loyal employees forever and he had the write offs.. OH MY sounds like DJT.. he does crap like that to in his companies.. LOL and he still made money had loyalty and a job at his company was coveted.. my guess is some of the houses you sell have some of that companies products in them..but most companies aren’t like that..they pile all the benefits on top and let the base struggle to hold them up.. oh yeah.. when it goes to the pits.. the hourly wage earners are the ones to save them their way of life and security…. instead we didn’t do that.. in the bay area.. you already know what housing is selling for.. and it is reported everywhere what the poverty level is there in comparison to the rest of the country.. I would be hi tailing it out of there..when the balloon full of liquid manure pops it is going to be ugly..
        and all of it will come down with the support of the masses.. just like the rest of them..
        so yes.. I seen what DJT was trying to do.. he was attacked from every angle in every despicable way.. why he would even want the job again for another four years of misery.. sure beats me.. maybe it is because he wants to retain his wealth.. since it is all on paper.. the companies own it all.. that would be one reason.. but as for me.. lets take the private jet and go to our favorite spots and just relax a bit.. the avalanche is going to hit either or.. JB wants your money to help those in need by taxing..and he will take it it will fail and they will try to paint the whole situation that has taken a hundred years to get here onto DJT or someone else…. I just hope it doesn’t end up happening like the other nasty leaders. remember the old quote..
        The proverbial saying ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’ conveys the opinion that, as a person’s power increases, their moral sense diminishes. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the best known quotation of the 19th century British politician Lord Acton . we see that in DC now..

  5. There is at least one alternative to Twitter, Parler. If Trump switched from Twitter to Parler, Parler would blow-up over night. Twitter would be scrapped.

    For some reason, Trump sticks with Twitter even though as your evidence demonstrates Twitter is hellbent against Trump and Republicans in general.

    • They are ALL in on the fix many people just hate to admit it,now where are all those warrants that we were about to see, oh we will let the chatter of the election take care of that,where is the “lock her up” or investigation of the Clinton Foundation that was last years news,where are all those who lied that they were going to try and lock up, they without a doubt have another job in some other government agency,I don’t care about how many vote what I want to know is which one of the crooks gets to count them.

      The debates were a joke in one corner we had the bully and conman, in the other corner we had a man who left his mind at home,yet people look to God to save them because they are to lazy to do it themselves, believing their man or party will save them.There will be so much corruption in this election that they will try to get their folks on the high court who know nothing about the constitution but know everything about how many genders there are or create a few more,or how wonderful the gay right movement is to pick their man as winner and nothing will change, not even all the b.s. about China and Russia which is fed non-stop on a daily basis because they need someone to blame.!!!

  6. PNW

    – Native Americans – Legends of a friendly figure – who could/would CHANGE a Persons BEING.

    The Changer figure is a VERY IMPORTANT figure in Humanities past.

    – according ancient Native American legends – “he” is an Aquatic being, luvs eating fish, considered a little “hard” on the eyes..kinda ugly looking to Humans. In HABOO – Native American Stories from Puget Sound/Hilbert

    – there was human – name of Mink/ “a lil supernatural” – who acted like a mink – stole some fresh cooked salmon he stumbled upon, while out foraging/ walking.

    -later came upon a mess of live Salmon – caught&cooked, ate some & fell asleep. The Changer comes along – knowing kinda guy Mink is(selfish) – helps himself to some of the cooked Salmon and continues on his travels – of Checking on Peoples well being,asking questions ect. Mink woke up – realized his cooked Salmon was gone & he knew The Changer was around – figured The Changer had taken it. Mink runs up ahead of The Changer and starts making a lil water – that flows downhill in little streams – The Changer seeing lil water stream drinks from it – Mink proceeds to mock The Changer – 2nd time this happens.
    – “The Changer spoke in voice like thunder,U mink because U have behaved like this , treating me with disrespect and making fun of me, I decree from now on U shall be nothing but a mink, an Animal running about on old tree snags and traveling in and on the water and upland around old dead logs. He took mink and threw him down in the water. Mink swam. He was changed into the animal he is today”.

    It was “promised” that The Changer (s) would come back someday- when Humanity was “grown up enough”, and sit us down for some Splainin..

    Maybe – there baaack… the “master creators”

  7. all that old dog talk on new standards and currency .. I reckon all those blokes holding USSA debt and IOUs are gunna be mighty ornery angry when their paper gets flushed . nah 2 late . actually the greenback could rocket up when the crackers start ..

  8. Judge Thomas said Oct 13,2020 in his closing remarks, and I Quote

    “more appropriate for an Internet-driven society.
    Extending §230 immunity beyond the natural reading of
    the text can have serious consequences. Before giving companies immunity from civil claims for “knowingly host[ing]
    illegal child pornography,” Bates, 2006 WL 3813758, *3, or
    for race discrimination, Sikhs for Justice, 697 Fed. Appx.,
    at 526, we should be certain that is what the law demands.
    Without the benefit of briefing on the merits, we need not
    decide today the correct interpretation of §230. But in an
    appropriate case, it behooves us to do so”
    his statement starts down after page 11, I quoted the last paragraph
    I got this from a Tom Fitton tweet,

  9. but here we go pump the dog for dagalio . those folks living tough , no job , no hope , covid must love seeing the dow catapulting up again .. satanic society

  10. The Trump hate syndrome is so deep that any revelation about Biden wrongdoing would not move the needle anyway.

    By now I think most Biden voters have accepted the fact that they are voting for Harris for President when Joe is declared cognitively unfit for office shortly after the election.

    • Exactly my thought re: Harris as well! Dementia Joe’s departure from the presidency would be initiated by Pelosi’s “Un-Fitness to Preside Comission” that she is pushing to form.

  11. George,

    “Wechler” does show up on Google translate as changer, but not on any other online German-English dictionary site.

    FWI“ “wechsler” means change machine, ‘ or “money changer.”

    RE: “Real (waking) world” applications tonRed Porsche and “changer,” this site . . .

    . . . shows Porsche’s Turbo S leather package will be offered on the 2021 version of the 911. The photo at the above link depicts a ‘red’ leather interior. So . . .

    – their is a change to the interior of the 911
    – red leather is now a choice

    RE: one possible dream meaning, according to this site . . .–car

    . . . “ According to Hasse’s dreambook, the red car personifies financial freedom and independence. Also, this picture may indicate an impressive inheritance, which will cover all the material adversity of the dreamer.”

    Here’s hoping for Ure sake it’s the dream meaning!

    • It was not “Wechler” it’s “Wixer” who else would want a red car? Isn’t it time for some fun? Ha, ha, ha!

    • Comrades,

      According to a report by The Canadian Press, an international group called the Financial Stability Board is meeting this week on how to regulate national digital currencies because covid-19 has cash falling into disuse weakening Central Banks’ monetary authority. It seems that The Bank of Canada does not yet have legislation permitting it to issue a digital currency.

      Perhaps now would be a strategic time for China to streamline the physical majority of the digital currency mining capability that it holds into a global digital currency controlled from Beijing. It would assign exchange rates to foreign, analog currencies according to its new Bretton Woods Agreement.

      You red it left to right, ja?

      • “covid-19 has cash falling into disuse weakening Central Banks’ monetary authority.”

        I think that part of the problem is.. they all went option 2 left the velocity of cash moving and shutting down the conveyer.. what was it I heard last night fifty million to be evicted or having their homes siezed.. not to mention the penalties for credit cards.. when the world left the velocity flowing and shut down the conveyor it was like they were trying to knock down their own walls.. the whole system is about to implode and no matter what fancy number work they do can change it.. they basically have to dump and shove money in peoples pockets to keep that noodle floating.. and that has it repercussions to.. A thirty nine million dollar loaf of bread comes to mind.. the future looks dark and ugly from my perspective.. my hope is that I am cagey enough to survive it..I can make most of the luxury stuff.. its the other that has me afraid.. fifty million about to be homeless is one of them..

    • Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams pg 354 (available on amazon)

      wearing red silk = sickness, but if worn by a warrior, means he will be decorated for chivalry

      red also represents the world, its glitters and material pleasure

      car, pg 69: represents someone who properly manages his life, to a traveller means his trip will take a slow turn and be delayed

      Sounds like you have done your homework and stayed out of debt, but now must postpone any leisure trips (we are all in that car now!!)

  12. How big are your dreams?

    In volume of Space occupied, I mean.

    Citywide, countywide, nationwide, worldwide, Uinversewide?


    Do your dreams happen only inside your own head? About one third of a cubic foot or so per skull– not very big.


    Do your dreams happen in some OtherSpaceTime, not the same, not contiguous with our shared, waking, conscious, “Real” SpaceTime?

    Or do your dreams happen only in a teesy point-source inside your brain, and have physical reality at all?

    Can a thing lacking physical reality still have a reality?

    …speaking of Koans —

    • Well, the largest dreams have been on long distance flights (though unusual crafts!) down the west coast of [wherever] and from west to half way across the land… Don’t seem to be vertical limits – as I seem to be able to fly there, too./ But, oddly, not when people are looking. When more than Elaine are looking it’s like the magic takes off. Ego/awareness?

      • The West Coast? It’s a calling George. Spending the first 40 years of my life in the Midwest and the Northeast, California saved and extended my life. From urban to rural, the beauty, diversity and open mindedness here has a calming effect On the soul.

        As for Wechler…could it have been Welcher? That’s a Swindler…and we seem to have a lot of that in politics now.

        Also, there is this.. close in spelling… Welscher,Adult Intelligence Scale is an IQ test designed to measure intelligence and cognitive ability in adults and older adolescents. That has also been in the news for both candidates.

  13. One more important thing!
    It seems the emails were forged according to intelligence officials, which is why social media blocked them.

    US intelligence analysts suspected at least as far back as last month that a mixture of hacked and forged emails from the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings might be dumped online as an “October surprise,” The New York Times reported Wednesday.
    Russian military-intelligence hackers successfully breached Burisma’s servers in January, The Times reported earlier this year.
    Wednesday’s report said analysts contacted people with knowledge of the hack because they were concerned “the Burisma material would be leaked alongside forged materials in an attempt to hurt” the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.“

    • Oh, come on Mark. Which intel people? The non-partisan Obiden ones?
      The FBI had all this crap and Mr. Self-Righteous Comey (et alia) covered it up – all the while attempting the coup -er…”impeachment” against Trump.
      (Still, remember even in the wake of NO CONNECTION TO THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN, the NY Times just last week referred to it as a “Trump collusion” as if it were a “fact” – I wouldn’t wipe my behind with a rag that dirty!

      No one ever gets fired and China will get the Best US President they can buy. Just the thing when you can sell ’em West Coast real estate, though…

      • I can’t imagine the Chinese buying any more West Coast real estate than they already have. That has actually gone up in the Trump administration. It went from 30,000 homes bought by the Chinese in the U.S. in 2016 to 40,000 a piece in both 2017 and 2018. It was halved to 20,000 in 2019, but as of the end of the second quarter, it was already 20,000 and Chinese home buying in the US was projected to eclipse 40,000 again by the end of the year. It was already on an upward trajectory after 2008 and has not waned a bit since. Every year has been a record year for Chinese national investment in US Real Estate. Trump has done nothing to corral the Chinese. They also own $1.1 trillion in US debt. Japan owns $1.2 trillion and the Fed has about 4x that.

    • Twitter refuses to publish the Biden Burisma Bonanza due to alleged ‘hacking,’ meaning an apparently legitimate email account was compromised or otherwise exposed without the purported owner’s knowledge and/or consent. Facebook is “reviewing” the emails and will determine at some unknown date if they will allow members to publish or not. It is clear both social media giants prefer Biden to Trump and wish to protect Joe. Russia knows what went down and they’ll have Biden by his bollocks, but only once he’s eventually elected president. Biden’s called Russia “our biggest threat.” Russia will not waste such a treasure trove of damning data on such an easy target. Their operatives will diligently work behind the scenes to get Biden elected. Then Putin can easily pull a classic Niccolo Machiavelli and blackmail Creepy Sleepy Joe once he’s in office by publishing the emails in question.

      • “Twitter refuses to publish the Biden Burisma Bonanza due to alleged ‘hacking,’ meaning an apparently legitimate email account was compromised or otherwise exposed without the purported owner’s knowledge and/or consent. ”

        LOL LOL…. you mean they didn’t read that agreement… everyone taking in a piece of computer to be worked on signs that sheet of paper that basically says they can collect all the data from the hard drive.. LOL… the same with making cell phone calls.. you allow them to listen in.. alexa and siri same thing.. its all right there.. do you agree to these terms… and you check yup or he knew..
        once you hand it over.. your information since you said they could is available..
        you see all the time how crimes are solved because of that data collection.. the NSA has a huge facility in Utah so does google …

    • Mark… did you just attempt to paint a halo around Hunter and JB… all you need to do is hand them a bible to carry with them and put the soft glow of a highlight around them LOL LOL LOL LOL maybe a white tunic with gold buttons… LOL LOL LOL

      • Oh…you silly conspiracy theorists…you make me laugh…and they say laughter is great for the soul. Thanks for being you.

  14. Changer:

    We are fighting for this change, BUT we are resisted by these powerful forces that control ALMOST everything you read, watch, see, hear, learn, and hear others talk about. Are people going to finally wake up to the massive manipulations inherent in all of their technology funded by their friendly banksters?

    They record ALMOST all of what you say, via email, text, speech, even casual private conversations – and they collect all of every credit card transaction as well as all of your banking activities, via their technology. They have your voice, your picture, (a lot of your fingerprints, iris scans, without your knowledge, DNA, facial features, et al, all of your personal information including your family/friends details, plane travel, country travel, they know everything about you IF you have used their products in the last 25 years:


    But when THIS agenda makes the mainstream, humanity will have a chance:



    In their own words:


    [links disabled by site admin due to hate content – I would disable links to b lm or other sites on similar grounds for similar content. Can we stay focused on one front here? – gu]

    • Whoa…dude! Those links are to sites clearly anti-Semitic and unable to differentiate between the Marxist intellectuals (trying like hell to take down America and proclaim themselves leadertards) and Marxists spinning up polarizing / shaping operations to divide any smart enough to oppose communists.

      As we’ve been saying around here, China (and Ukraine) are about to buy the Best President they can. Diversions into anti-Semitism and hating don’t solve anything. Religious beliefs are not the point – anti-American activism is. Marxist bullshit appeals to the erudite academics immensely. Instead of actually doing things, they rabble-rouse.

      Black, White, Asian – we’re all gonna go… Some just “write louder” than others.

      • Now George you know better then that, the Ukraine couldn’t buy jackshit if it were not for the U.S. agencies including Germany who’s funding them, the Ukraine would have split up into segments long ago. only now its a C.I.A. hangout trying to get the Ukraine to do the dirty work that they don’t dare to do themselves.

        As far as taking America down the voters have done a damn fine job of that as they returned the same old garbage back to office term after term.and now they have dumb and dumber both deep state candidates running for lol what ever you wish to call that office they are running for,for its become a blight on the American scene as they see just which one can out due the other one as far as corruption goes.Face it George in another 5 years or less as I read China will be the powerhouse of the world,and we can do little to nothing about it unless they wish to start a nuclear war which I wouldn’t put past them for a minute.!!!!

      • After reading today’s comments, I have the urge to show you bi-partisan hate mongers how it’s done. But I’m not. I’m going to cut the power switch and get some sleep. Maybe I should sleep in tomorrow, too.

        I haven’t been to the west coast in decades. With Texas being overrun by R & D bi-partisan scum trolling for victims, maybe I should take an extended vacation.

        Where’s my sweepstakes mojo A_dy?

        And not to worry G____; you probably won’t be sent to a reeducation camp until say, um, February? But will it be a R or a D camp? No doubt the shower rocks will be painted with the correct hue. It’ll be just like summer camp, except no mosquitoes. Flies, maybe.

  15. do you want some insight .. the whole world economy is rigged from central computers and AI robots . interconnected .

    • Len.

      I agree and there are companies right here in the Silicon Valley that can corroborate that statement: But who writes the code and…what is the end game? Is it all about further increasing the already monstrous wealth gap? And what happens when that is achieved? I don’t have the answers. I am just asking the question.

      • It’s all a matter of intelligence, IMHO!
        If you ain’t got it — at least put up with it.

        As I will never understand what and why
        you complain about our present POTUS.

  16. and further by the prices in the gold market last night . userx . its rigged .. the great guru who runs that scam whos father was big in the gold market in the 70s before he did the self checkout would be jumping up and down excitedly ringing old salty and dagalio like fantasy island “look the prices boss the prices ” what a joke an insult to the few left who are not vegetated and are functioning .. market rigging is leading people to anxiety and depression but some of us are genetically tough .. so as rocky says .. it don’t hurt do it again

    • Your point is??????????? I can buy and/or sell @ the quoted price!! Isn’t that all that matters? Enough already of those b/s stories ;-).

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