In Plain Sight

A change of pace today as we look at a couple of historical oddities. Feels like a fine time to “get unstuck” from the pre-election frenzy.  Because if you’re like us, this has become pretty sickening.

Still, we stick to our long-term roots in cyclical economics as the ChartPack reveals some interesting information about what may be ahead going into Friday options expiration.

And of course, a few breaking economic stories including the just released…

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46 thoughts on “In Plain Sight”

  1. “we might propose “America has a parenting problem” – which would explain a lot of other social ills – not only racial but also high suicide rates, drug abuse, and so forth.”

    We do.. a serious parenting problem….
    Started with deregulation of basic necessities and outsourcing jobs…
    Mom doesn’t stay home she has to work.. taking the parental influence away from the child..
    Inflation because of deregulation of essential services.. has forced parents to either work longer hours or seek out social programs to assist with essentials. Out sourcing jobs and education.. promoting education for those that are not citizens..
    then forcing the hourly wage earners to pay for the advancement of those that don’t need to be advanced, all the foreign aid and wars pay for the refugees entering the country and their welfare ..its just following Adolphs second book on how to control people..

    We are basically training the youth of today to be DEPENDENTS…. or leaving them to Television and computer games.. or local Gang’s to raise them.. in turn raising children to be mob rule.. or criminal elements..
    Take a walk in the Hood lately…

    • instead of spending a trillion dollars a year on some other lands soils.. and giving free education to their children.. we should downplay that figure and give the fifty billion to other countries for their assistance.. and spend the trillion dollars on our children and their education and infrastructure.. the health and wellbeing that we need as a country.. we won’t because it won’t make that person wearing plaid and polyester shirt in another country richer or more powerful than he already is.. its all about acquisition and power.. money is just a green sheet of paper that everyone has been taught to believe in its importance.. biggest Ponzi scheme ever played on the world.. the emperors new clothes

      • Organic gardener,

        “the USN wants to spend a trillion dollars on new ships. imagine if that money was spent on something that had a great multiplier like schools, colleges, health care, business start ups, housing. it’s nothing but corporate welfare.”

        It’s perception.

        If you are an organic gardener, did you learn the most about organic gardening from reading about composting or by actually putting together a trial and error compost in the yard?

        I used to build computers. I always read to make sure I’m grounded and the equipment is unplugged. Do you think I listened to the book? Uh, no.

        One day I was working on my computer and a bright orange light started glowing from the center of the system board. I started to become hypnotized by the light… “That light is weird…” All of a sudden it dawned on my, the system board is on fire! There’s no lights! Unplug! Unplug!

        Another one is the Mark 14 torpedo. Books said it was a great design. In practical use the torpedo was a failure until modifications came.


    we need to turn the in your face obvious around.. can we.. are we in time.. I seriously doubt we are.. in the end it is all a business model..
    those with power and control would never go for it.. because it is about US.. and not.. ME

  3. “where stay-at-home “work” will be popularized as ‘ideas’ ”

    Interesting as there are so many activities people engage in that adds little more then entertainment value to society. Because so many don’t actually “work” at any productive activity. So we go to the gym, lift weights, mountain bike, x-game types, pro atheltes, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, people expend a lot of effort at those activities, but are they productive in a society sense? Hey I do knowledge work, and I know I add value to my company, but I in no way confuse that with “work”. I always say this is so much better then laying new roofs in the Georgia summers. But I also do most of my own yard, house, garden, and auto maintenance to at least feel a sense of accomplishment using physical effort. I think it important to ones mental health, to have your body tired after a period of work and be able to actually see something that was accomplished.

    I can spend a week at my knowledge job, but not feel the same level of satisfaction as when I cut down a tree, clean up the debris and look at the stacked up wood that I do in an afternoon.

  4. Excess people dying of covid. This is data we have had for a long time. This can be seen in the “excess death” reports. This is one that seems to get regular updates. We assume the excess deaths are generally related to covid, because there was really no other generic causes around the US at the same time. – About 1/2 way down to see chart and can be select to see individual states.

    The good thing is for the recent periods the excess deaths are around or below baseline deaths. So in general, deaths for Americans are not increasing rapidly as this latest round of infections are found through testing…at least not yet, but may never be as treatments are a lot better then early on.

  5. Solutions G –

    The whole g.d. shooting match is breaking, as the world slowly wakes up to the greatest CON Job in modern history.

    Shout out Stu !
    No – not Stu of – Stu the Cockatoo, is New at the Zoo fame, Stu of AoD fame!

    Seems information (Voice Recordings,Documents,News Events) are coming out that EXPOSE Brennan,obumma,clinton,biden in Selling Stinger Missiles to MuzzieBros.

    – the same Missiles used in shooting down SEALTeam6 Helo in Packystain. Seal6 Location is TSS at all times .
    Seal6 killed OBL’s Double – realized it – threw the body – out over the Hindu Kill Mountains.

    – brennan comes out personally to tell World they buried him at see per Muzzie Religious Law – which is 100% BS, feet must face Mecca when buried – impossible if buried at Sea – only done when Diseased/Infected Bodies detriment to crew.

    Anyway IRAN has OBL – Blackmailed obumma/bribem/clinton – leveraging him for “pallets with Billions in $$ CASH” – supposed to move him to Packystain as part of “deal”, they did, then moved him back. hahaha-Idiots.

    The concern being the rest of Stu’s interpretation..”the isles go boom” ?? halls of congress?

    He’s coming Baaaaack.

    ..those that believe the Jabroni Virus does not exist – You MUST include the CDC in that snark.

    Biggest CON Job in Modern History = covert19

    CDC on July, 2020 ADMITTED in a document that they did NOT have the SARS-CoV Virus. It wasn’t “AVAILABLE” . The VIRUS has NOT been isolated – that means NO ONE has PROVED it EXISTS.

    All Ure examples of “the” VIRUS are INTERPRETATIONS – ALL of Them.

    Scientist have Interpreted the Genetic Structure. They DO NOT HAVE THE VIRUS.

    The PCR Test RELIES on “Close Genetic relatedness of 2019-nCoV with SARS Coronavirus, making use of synthetic nucleic acid.”


    We need MOAR DEATH STATS Mr Narrator – people might start waking up..might..

    Wake The Hell Up !

    To the 8 Wonders of Bitcoin – the “Blessings” as they R:

    1) DeCentralized,only one in known UNIVERSE.

    4)Borderless – See precious metals
    5)Censorship Resistance
    6)Seizure Resistant – See precious metals
    7) Scarcity – Sacred 21 Million Supply Cap
    8 Anti -Fragile – See Core, more it is hacked/attacked -the stronger it gets!

    The big ? for BCN this weekend – How many BTC for “HOT” Peprollc HCLP 300 ?
    This badboy is Trailerable 30 Ft., 400 MG Hz telescoping antenna – Equipment housed in a Faraday Cage Enclosure (27 racks) hard to tell exactly what the “equipment” is from phone generated photo.

    Thinking maybe offering 5 BTC – it is hot, but the Faraday Cage itself is high value – and FEMA ? well U know the saying ..Tits on A Bull.

    No moral dilemmas here – see last name

    • cannot imagine the WRATH to come from the SOG Community – all 4 branches/active&retired – when it comes out in public that O,B,C,Br Double Crossed the USA & US Navy Seal Teams..

      Thereby OWNING Personal Responsibility for the MURDER and DOUBLE CROSS of the USofA and her beloved Rootin Tootin Parachutin Fightin F-in FROGMEN.

  6. Hey G –

    How about dem Nat Gas futures ? I say howhowhow did that happen?

    Sure just poke a hole in the ground any wheres U want – anybody can do it – just jam a pipe in Ure hole – and connect it to Ure house – wheeee FREE HEAT -easypeasylemonsquesy,right?

    Hey back up da bus – Nat Gas isnt the only Commodity to go spaceX.

    The whole BEAN Complex seems to be popping.

    Sniffsniffsniff, sniffsniff – why is that that Smell? that smelly smell that smells smelly?
    Sniff – I – sniff – N – sniff – F- sniff – L-sniff – A – sniff -T, I – sniff -ON. Why it looks like Doctor Copper is catching a bid as well. 30thoudow..

    Joke of The Day/Week/Month/Year/Decade/Century
    – Silver Trades in a Free Market with ABSOLUTELY NO Shenanigans/Manipulation taking place -EVER.

    Mystery of the Day/Week/Month/year/Decade/Century
    – People/Investors/Speculators Buying Silver in Hopes the MANIPULATION will some day – somehow be STOPPED, in spite of historic precedent of Silver Price Manipulation since at least the Manhattan Project Silver “deal” in 1940’s. by our beloved fallen – unh I meant say bankerz, NOT.

    By the By – coot went SHORT the NASDQ into the close yesterday – looks Softbank whale is playing “games” with NASDQ futures AGAIN..What Regulators ??
    Aint NO Law – If there is NO ONE Around to Enforce It! Peace!

  7. how many minutes are you wearing the light crown??? (“light crown” (5 meters of 660 nm LED light tape)

  8. looking out of the box on October 14, 2020 at 08:28
    …we should downplay that figure and give the fifty billion to other countries for their assistance.

    It’s not easy to agree here due to the old admonishment that, “you can’t buy a friend.” That is still true but these days, it is even harder to try because the “friends” we try to buy these days lack the integrity to stay bought.

    • So true Ed… but on the otherhand.. just how good of afriend do you have if you have to buy their friendship..
      We re spending what 85 percent of our national budget that we are borrowing just to give away to someone else. the healthcare system works short staff.. around here every fall about this time they have the annual witch hunt. They take the higher paid employees and either cut their hours so bad that the only option they have is to quit.. or they let them go..
      Healthcare systems budgets look good but in reality the funds are very tight. My wife’s present employer doesn’t take in enough to make it.. I won’t bring it up to him.. I am pretty sure he doesn’t see the issue just because of the numbers..taking in a dollar and paying three..
      Anyway.. I got off the issue again.. my wife’s employer downsized and all the employees with higher incomes were let go.
      My wife was over the age of fifty. Employers don’t hire people between the age of fifty to sixty five.. I was still having to use a walker to get around..we went a year without an income..
      My church our friends and sadly family ..everyone we thought were our closest friends were instantly gone. It was as if we had the plague. I think they didnt know what to say but even to listen..unemployment nope.. if you quit or let go you don’t get it..unemployment is more for seasonal help.
      The interesting part was the ones that were there were people no one would have expected.
      Its the same with the United states.. who will still remain our friends when the dollar tanks. The manipulators that want Us to pay for wars so they can gain..will they still be our friends..

    • Well they are working at it and still doing a fine job of staying bought.just look at England (who we never really got rid of) then France, Germany and Poland who would sell their first born if we told them so,then those of the Baltic states and the robber barons in the Mid-East that we cover over for their head chopping.body chopping way of life, as we clap on the sidelines. As long as they sign a paper bowing down to Israel.Meanwhile back in America which is fast becoming just like the other shit holes countries that we go on about,except we are the shinning light on top of the main shit hole country and we want to create all other countries in our image, and we are doing a damn good job of it.!!!!

  9. Back in the Dinosaur Days…. They say their was a planet between Mars and Jupiter.

    They say when that planet was intact gravity within the solar system was less on all the planets. The lesser gravity is what allowed the dinosaurs to grow so large with their flimsy bone structures, (measured by today’s environmental requirements for a dinosaur bone).

    The Pyramids may have been something But aren’t anymore.

    They say oil is old dinosaurs. How did the dinosaurs instinctively know to congregate within the Middle East. That’s where the oil is, and that’s how we know that’s where the dinosaurs went.

    Perhaps if Earth gravity was 1/3 (or less) than what it is today we’d all have floating Vim?nas and towering offspring.

    • Oil old dinosaurs.. tiny parts, but old carbon based life forms is more accurate. So think of bogs or swamps and how much plant and animal litter these collect over time. A million years of a georgia swamp adding one layer after another. How much carbon does that collect? Eventually as the environment and lands shift this get further down below the surface and gets more heat and more importantly pressure. The carbon is changed to oil or coal or other forms on carbon energy we use today. We cannot envision 10,000 years let alone what changes occur in 10Million, these are human limitations to big numbers. So using carbon based energy is recycling, just on a time scale out of our imaginations.

      I have wondered as well if gravity was lower. Like you said some of the animals in our historical record are hard to imagine under our current gravity. Even our recent recorded history ~5K years, there is mention of human giants. Was gravity different even in relatively recent past? Can it change? Rarely human giants are born, but they normally don’t live long enough to reproduce successfully as their hearts, veins, and bones don’t function well against our current environment. Would that help explain how some of these giant stones that are in use in the ancient monuments..Kind of makes you go hmm…

      • A few years ago the “Expando Earth” theory was getting kicked around in some corners of the Internet. Every hear of it?

  10. When I was a Casino IT inspector II many many moons ago. The first thing Id ask is, Did ya “Reboot” the system? Fixes 99% of the problems.

    Hey Trump, the only way you plug the fridge in at the economic and political level is, put the dollar back on the gold standard. Yes, You can actually do that. You have the power to do that. I think it was Regan passed a law to allow that. Google it yourself. You can declare (if I remember right) a state of “economic national emergency” freezing all the prices, wages and reinstate the gold standard. Making a dollar with whatever Gold is at the time. That would pay off 71% of the national debt in one day.

    Sure would create a mess at first. But it would stablize the dollar, the markets, the and the soon run away inflation. Sure,….ya might get shot. They shot Kennedy, Regan, jackson, lincoln for going against the Fed. Just don’t to the Theater or ride around in topless Lincoln’s if anything because of the irony of it. And hey! Regan made it out ok.

    It’s the only way to dodge that bullet except after you win the presidency, stepping down due to medical reasons then nobody can blame you and Pense can initiate protocols to ensure the survival of America. Nobody is gonna bitch about Pense taking over. It’s a whole new president. He would make a fine president. Their whole premis to act to create chaos and the ushering in of Civil War part 2. Is you. If you are not an issue? They have to go home and rethink their game.

    **** This is important, I’m telling ya right now. Because if the US goes into Civil war, the world will end within 8 years. Only a few will survive on the planet not just the US. That is our current trajectory. But What do I know.? I’m just a nobody. Lol

    They all re working hard on taking ya down. Remember they don’t send the goons out in Hockey unless they are loosing the game. To shake the other teams confidence.

    Tuff call. I get it.

    I have kept my cards close to my chest. I went all in. That asian bitch had been sitting on 4 aces. Looking at me like I’m just an idiot.

    Royal flush. Read em and weep.
    I’d like to cash out. Looks like she will have to buy a new Iphone.

    Thanks George. Worked well.

    *Tips hat.

    One last song.

    Clique 116!

    • “put the dollar back on the gold standard”

      You have to have the gold first to do that. So far no one has done an audit of fort knox.. and the gold we were holding for another country came back with some bars that wasn’t 100 percent pure.
      The other issue.. look at the health issues of the last two that tried to do just that..

      • P.S.

        You don’t need a billion oz of gold. Lol. Just move the decimal point. Well there is a bit more to it than that. But I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I don’t have to invent the Assembly Line. I just need to use it to see end out a million new Model T’s with wheels on them. It’s really simple. Really simple stuff, in a complicated world filled with people who all have a PHD from Google seems mind boggling.

      • It matters not if the gold is physically at Fort Knox, but who holds the title.
        Remember the saying “possession is 9/10’s of the law”? you are never told what that last 1/10 is – It’s the title, which supersedes possession!

    • “The day the music died”, Trump ets, watch your 6. Because if that happens God, Christ and Holy Ghost leave town and the world will spiral into madness until there there is only a few tribes of people to start again. And I don’t die until 2088. Still don’t know how I feel about all that either.

      Turn over the money changers tables, if ya can.

      We all have our part to play and I’m late to dance in the Courtyard at the Hopi Indian Res. I don’t like that either to be honest. I spoke, Ya can’t out run destiny no matter how big your Hemi is.

      But then again, every time I think I’m late, I’m right on schedule. Last time I was late I saved an unknown, unnamed woman in the parking lot who had a heart attack from diabetic shock. Soooo……

      We are right on Schedule. Lol

      One things for certain. God knows the shit I don’t. Guess more will be revealed. We are at the threshold, the manifold and God help us all.

      Best thing I can tell ya. Looking at the future and seeing it for what it is not what I want it to be do the carrot or stick mentality…. Its like that crazy person in the start of that old Heavy Metal Bands song. Exodus,

      “I took one of those, kicked the front wheel off into outer space and thought to myself, have alot of guns. Have alot of guns. I like salad, nice bake potato sour cream and chives”.

      Trying to make sense of what that all means, well ya have to ride the edge of sanity and insanity. Fine line indeed. Good luck! Ha ha

      Nuff said.

      * Stands up, walks out the door and slams it behind me.

      • “the world will spiral into madness”

        You must really be in the sticks Andy… the world has been spiralling into madness for quite a while now..

      • “I’m late to dance in the Courtyard at the Hopi Indian Res.”

        I was under the impression you’d be in Alaska hunting grisly for dinner with your parents???

      • 2088-2020= 68 + 50 = 118. OK. That’s not a world record or anything, but given lifestyle, weight, etc, that implies something new in the diet that prolongs at least some things, but not necessarily all. What year are you predicting the breakthrough becomes common knowledge, and how long after that will it be before the crowd gets thinned the old fashioned way?

        What I see coming up after the election is an unhealthy dose of economic reality being force fed to all but the elites. But the elites will still suffer withdrawal as their earnings go flat and their bragging rights suffer a failure to launch at the bridge parties. Elites live for bragging rights, above all else.

        And the lesson that each generation learns will be revisited on you each and every one as you learn that you can’t trust the ______. You fill in the blank with the name of whatever group(s) you trust most right this second, ’cause the lesson is coming to all of you. Having been burned continuously for decades, I have a whole substitution list that I can add to that blank field. This year started good but is turning out the worst, I think. OMG, if it’s already this bad, what is it going to be like after the polls close? Will the N_A stop sending me sweepstakes envelopes? Maybe I can get A_dy to send some sweepstakes mojo my way.

    • Not following how tying dollar to gold pays off debt? If we owe 21T$, and we tied to gold @2000$ per oz. Wouldn’t we just owe 10Billion oz of gold to someone?

      As of September 9, 2020, there was $1.98 trillion worth of Federal Reserve notes in circulation. That is just paper currency. That would mean we would need to store 1Billion oz of gold? That would ensure that each printed dollar does represent some amount of gold in our national inventory?

      There are some calculations that 10B oz of gold have been mined over the past 200 years.

      • The Note on the floor says:

        If you first freeze wages and prices for a period of 1/4 of a year. Then do a “Currency Adjustment” due to A State of Nation Economic Emergency, which can be done it is a law the President has the authority to do so, because not there threat of Civil war, “Foreign and Domestic enemies of the state” as Commander and Chief,

        its really simple math. If $2000 becomes $20.00 (make them a 90% gold) because a gold piece is $20 and Dollar was a Silver round at 90% silver. If $2000 becomes the Value of $20? Minus 10% reduction in Quality,

        21T becomes what? Lol

        t’s just like George said a while back, “Smashing Zeros.” George is really Brilliant. You guys should actually listen to him more. Lol I actually listen to him. I don’t say anything about what he says, because what he said is enough to ponder. I don’t have anything to add to detract from it.

        So I add my own thoughts and considerations for consideration.

        The Value of every thing in America would return instantaneously. Then establish a fair wage in the US accordingly. Pretty simple stuff.

        Like 6th grade math stuff.

        Yes they haven’t Audited the Fed! But who cares LOB??? Doesn’t stop people from spending cash like it has value anyway. A dime bag is still a dime bag. Lol.

        Or I know I know says Nancy in the back of the class waving her arm. Let’s spend $2.2T it’s Donny’s fault because he left the lid up on the toilet and I got my bottom wet.

        I can hear it now,

        Thats bullshit!

        You can’t just do a Currency Adjustment!!! Really? How the F do you think China has kept their labor so cheep all these years???

        Gold Munipullation?

        The Social est adgenda????

        **** NEWS FLASH FOR YOU!!!!***


        the free markets are no longer the Fed is buying stock. The elections are questionable at best.

        Our nation has become a boiled frog!!!!!

        All the best to ya. I got a thing to do. Sorry for the long note.

      • I’m always in utter amazement when intelligent people can’t wrap their heads around how we can, indeed, go back on a gold standard even with the amount of gold above ground now. Theoretically the entire net worth of the World, debt and all, can be attributed to a single Krugerrand and the rest of the remaining gold in private and government hands spent into circulation like currency notes worth billions of US$ that are otherwise worthless if everyone would come to their senses. Silver and bronze pennies and nickles would be smaller denominations and we may well find silver to be scarcer than gold since it’s always used up.

        This is the “reset”. If “notional value” of derivatives can be in the trillions, quadrillions even, stimulus packages of multiple trillion$ dreamed up out of thin air with the Fed buying the bonds to back it we’re already in Wiemar territory. Want to see .10 cent gas again? A silver dime is worth $1.75 tonight in these crooked markets.

        The reason they’re not going to institute a gold standard is because that will return financial freedom to the masses when the way we’re headed is complete and total surveillance of every transaction you and I make. That can’t be done with a 5$ gold coin or a Dos Peso piece in your pocket or a fist full of dollars.

      • Ask China or Russia they have been busy for the last few years buying gold,we along with some other players in the club like the wall street bankers, City of London and the Swiss. were busy selling theirs to drive down the price of gold,hell no one even knows if any gold is left at all except what we have stolen from other countries.!!!

      • “Doesn’t stop people from spending cash like it has value anyway.”

        Absolutely Andy..we all bought the emperors new clothes story.
        As long as they can push the nothing is something scenario and dump enough water to float the noodle we are ok..

        A few years ago when the dollars credit rating was downgraded a shipment of containers was rejected until it could be paid for in gold or a backed currency..
        You and I know that if they did that again it would knock the train right off of the tracks.
        Until then if you see it and have enough of the green to get it.. you better get it..
        Before when that happened laws on ownership changed and alot of companies and land around these parts were being bought up by people and corporations outside the usa.. whether or not the two issues went hand in hand I don’t have a foggy clue..
        In the book the art of war theres section controlling the supply lines..
        With covid we could see just how vulnerable and dependent we really are

  11. gold standards and attempting of fake monetization are a waste of time .. use capitalism .. still best by far .. the ebbs and flows of capitals .. big tides .. king tides .. inflation my butt .. lift rates now . hard and fast

  12. yeah isolation theory .. powerful but useless against educated .. nobody likes hearing that the world economy will crash burn and never recover .. so your a leper an outcast !!!seen it all in 2015 .. felt it personally . so hear we go again . and I say ark you you greedy fools and ark off you are still gunna cop it no matter what you do with yellow dog

  13. what a load of crock all guru information is . gold gurus eh . ? car salesman , American salesman .. made $$$$$$$$$$ shorting gold now ramp gold at the worst possible point .. conmen fraudsters ,ussa swamp workers ..

  14. “Have you pondered (and structured) to avoid the cost of a bail-in on the pretext of “economic emergency” next year?”

    Any suggestions, George, on how to do that?

  15. this gin joint is turning into a paddock of gold cows .. hey listen we told them that stuff years ago .. carole king . its 2 late baby .. brace yourselves and be patient I mean real patient .. why is it that you gotta listen to all these gold cows and for 25 years not a word .. self interest gets em all the time and greed

    • A Sigma Analytics Precious Metal Verifier is a good “investment” in today’s world. They are NOT cheap but if we’re going to be handling a lot more PMs in our daily lives in the near future one of these will pay for itself the first time you find a fake gold bar.

  16. Now on pyramid power.. when i was young there was the story that a razor would stay sharp.. I bought a small pyramid and in went my razor.. nope it hot dulljustas fast..
    On gaia they have a great djow on it being basically a capacitor..

    And it is interesting that pyramids are laid out in grid fashion around the world..
    I forget the book..but there was an old book that brought up a earth defense system in ancient times..

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