2 thoughts on “Reader Advisory”

  1. George: You should add one more chapter on “Remote Viewing – taking your dreams to the next level.”

    This would provide an immediate benefit to the reader. I sometimes wing it, so I could be off base.

    • That’s a great idea – thank you. At present the last chapter captures something I call “Life Schema 1.0 – which is in a part of the book “Toward Computational Psychology” – in other words, an approach to psychology which is numerically scored and thus is “learnable” by machine intelligence and not so clinician subjective as Freudian id, ego, superego. (Mean like Egg-O’s?)
      Quite engrossing stuff and the competition is an 8,000 word draft for peoplenomics tomorrow – whicvh explains why I’m word-dieting on Urban for a while, lol

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