Say what?”

I’ve been moaning and groaning for several weeks about how America is in a pitched-battle between  the elected “constitutional” government and upstart Digital Mob Rule on the Internet.  (See our Fourth of July graphic here, if you’re not following.)

Just yesterday, another HUGE social media manipulation as a woman climbed part of the Stature of Liberty – all in an effort to swing those soft-in-the-head toward the Digital Mob’s Social Dream of no borders.  Say WTF?

Predictably, the Webolution-sympathizing press are making her a “media darling.”  Good thing, too, because the teacher who rudely interrupted the lunch of the EPA director last week was getting to be, oh, you know:  “old news.

Meantime, social correctness continues to keep headline writers from telling it “like it is”  reporting “undiluted news.”  Instead pabulum-like PC headlines like Police launch dragnet for 3 non-US citizens accused of raping Ohio sisters.  Non-US citizens?  Oh, deary me…gee gosh, which country are they from?  Why look!  One from Mexico, the others are sketchy but you know how to bet, we hope.  Notice carefly how the headline waters down “illegals raping” into…whatever you call that headline?

In the “socialist webolution” truthful reporting is…tisk, tisk…just not done!  Linguistic bullshit works like this:  (Someone has to ask and since no one else wants to stand up!)  Why does the headline even USE the word “citizens” when they are not?  Propaganda hasn’t been this obvious since the Soviets. FMTT.

As we have said before, Here we are on the precipice of sliding into the Second Depression – since “printing out way out of disaster” in the 1920-1921 market-break analog – the Housing Bubble Bust – we are seeing the social nuts going to extremes.

“Yeah, yeah…whatever…So where does Uganda fit in?”

Just getting to that:  Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni figures (like we do) that social media is bad.  Very, very bad.

Unlike the do-nothings in Washington, though Museveni put on the thinking cap.  “Put a tax on Social Media!

Shear brilliance!  Hell-yeah!

Donald Trump ought to bring him to the White House and congratulation him on a workable idea to shut down the digital revolutionaries. Nobel Peace Prize for neutering a global revolution, too, as we see it!

Lacking a solid economic platform, experience, or a grounding in history, the main armament of the “left-clickers” is their re-posting and re-tweeting. Un-taxed and highly persuasive.

And since the (arguably deficient) ‘Merican mass media can’t think its way out of an email server, they just count re-posts (not realizing they are mostly automated bot) and assume Karl Marx and Molotov have finally come to this once-Great land.  I’ll spot you New York, but not elsewhere….well, except Kalifornia, maybe.

Musevani’s answer is graceful.  Tax this social uprising foolishness!  Use people’s egos to pay off the National Debt!

A progressive tax would be ideal.  In the US we could start with first 3 posts per day free.  After that?  Tax FB and Twitter at a buck a post.

Help me with the numbers here:  “4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily as of May 2013 which is a 94 percent increase from August 2012.according to this siteIn terms of manipulation, sharing counts like posting because it “virals” things.

OK – worldwide number.  Let’s  say a billion posts per day in the USA.  Maybe 100-million US users?  Less 3 per day free….so 700-million per day at a buck a post (or share).  That’s $255-billion in revenue per year.  Oh yeah…more than lunch money!

Of course, that same source points out that there are 83-million fake profiles and in the interest of evening up tax collection, why not (as long as we’re cleaning out the social stall) outlaw fake online ID’s?  I mean, who’s going to argue with that?  There’s no constitutional right to fraudulent ID’s is there?

As we spin into the remnants of a fox-uniformed workweek, be thankful that Uganda sees the digital mob for what it is…Taxing it is the best idea I have heard yet  –  doubly-so if coupled with fake online ID’s being made a felony.  I assure you, when the law firms start tracking down the sources of slander and defamation, the web will quickly go back to being what it once was.


Nobel Prizes in Economics and Peace for Uganda’s president Museveni?  Well-deserved!

A Side of Employment Numbers

Here we go:  ADP and Challenger job figures.  Since Challenger is the cuts, let’s roll that one first:

Now on to the ADP Hiring data.

Private sector employment in June was up 177,000.  Here’s the drill-down into the ADP numbers:

About 16.4% of the jobs created were goods producing.  Last year, same time, goods producing was up only 13 percent.  But before hitting the bubbly, realize it’s a “noisy” statistics.  Obama, for example, carded a 22% gain in goods producing jobs in June of 2014.  Two years later, O was down to 4% so one month does not a round of golf make.

GOLF SIDEBAR; Am I the only one who thinks it kinda strange that two Golfers in Chief aren’t having at least one golf round every year or two?  Just strikes me as another symptom of deepening social divisions…  Back to point:

Tomorrow morning, we get the official numbers.  Little early for popcorn and brews, but we’ll see if we can get an exception ginned up…

Toughening on Trade

We presume you know that what turned the “recession” of 1929 into a full-on crash was a combination of a) stupid Fed, b) drought, and c) tariff warfare?

Yes, kiddies, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

On the stupid Fed,  trying to raise rates while crossing an economic long wave bottoming process never works.  In case no one’s reminded them, the three discount rate hikes in 1928 set the stage for the manic blow-off and then collapse beginning in late 1929.  No change in IQ’s at the Fed – though computation money-dynamics have improved.  Still, since “raising rates” at the mid-June meeting, an inspection of the 10-year bond yield will have you looking for bridges and high buildings.  The street-level economic fundamentals are….know what stuck means?

On the Drought, weather is wonky and that’s all there is too it.  More on that along with the federal job numbers tomorrow.

So now we get to tariff warfare.  Today’s “reader file.”

Some of the warfare is local.  Take Singapore proposes fines on Grab, Uber, says merger harms competition.

Some is cartel and oil pricing: Trump to OPEC: ‘Reduce pricing now!’

But the bigly is: U.S. ‘opening fire’ on world with tariff threats, China says.

Then Why a Rally at the Open?

Because, dear reader, the market will always let the commercials buy low and sell high.

My sense is they will run it up (to sell short tomorrow perhaps) and then as things crash down over the weekend and into next week, they will make small fortunes as they always do on “the churn.”  Short from higher levels…following?

The S&P closed the last day of 2017 where? (2673.61 according to my trading book.)  With the Friday close, 2713.22 the S&P has returned 1.48 percent YTD.    In our own account, same time-frame, we’re up 13.89% because we pay attention.

Which reminds me:  Most people talk about “Wanting to get rich!”  But notice sometime how insincere and fulla-crap they are.  Making money in the market takes time in study, evolving a method that fits your personality.  But, it ain’t THAT hard.

See:  It’s easy to life to yourself.  But you can’t bullshit the account balances.

With so many victims of left-wing education – where accountability is bad and incorrect – we are sufrfering lazy throngs on social media with damn few putting in the actual hard – between the ears – work to really make something of themselves.

And why is that?  We live in what?

A World of Suckers

Latest proof that scamming is still going well – if you missed Bitcoin: Hundreds duped in free house give away scam in Detroit.

Speaking of the digital tulips (and currency of the webolution). Back to $6,635 this morning.  Unlike real mining, crypto mining just pours in ungodly amounts of energy and cobbles up a story.  That’s the hardcore deal. What a sickening waste of resource, huh?  And yes, of course cryptos contribute to global  warming, but you won’t hear the resident lefties talking that point to the social mob…they’re out to crook ’em.  See how asymmetric thought-warfare plays?

Wired reported in late 2017 (in part):

“It means Bitcoin emits the equivalent of 17.7 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, a big middle finger to Earth’s climate and anyone who enjoys things like coastlines, forests, and not dying of mosquito-borne diseases.”

But hey, what’s 35.4-billion pounds of carbon among duplicitous enviro-scammers, huh?

So, here we sit with our grid-tied solar that has run UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics since 2008 and still not a crypto to our names.  We must be counter-revolutionaries for sure.  Honest, walking the talk, but counter-revs.


Just one thing: I find you  can work up a hell of an appetite countering revolutions, so off to eat some red meat and free-range eggs.  Moron the ‘morrow, as we say. Coronary obstructions, notwithstanding.