Rally Ho! NostraGeorgeUs Nap Time

Although we had legit concerns about Taiwan being subject to a Chinese grab over the long weekend, good sense (and a super-typhoon) prevailed.  So, we reckon this to be “strike three” for “Divine Winds.”  (For the other two in 1274 and 1281 consult your history books.)

Which brings us to this morning and what – by our reckoning – could be a Bonzer week to the upside.

Sure, reader Len (in formerly-free Oztralia which has experienced what looks like a bureaucratic coup similar to ‘Merica’s) worries about a Gann series “rotation day” a week from now.  And sure, you can read about some of the theory of W.D. Gann (famous for Gann Angles) over here.  But rather than focus on a singular trading method, we prefer the areas of confluence.  When several methods point to a turn period, then you pay attention.  As next week shapes up.

That’s because when we sketch-in our Elliott and channel thinking, roll in my consigliere’s lunar hot date of September 10, and Len’s Gann, it points to either Friday the 9th or Monday the 12th as being the start “look out below” days.  Our Economic Fractalist seems open to it, as well.

Bad ju-ju can be Big Money if your bearish moves are right.

Dueling Futures

Our Aggregate Index work lays out a couple of ways this could unfold.  While this is never financial advice – just a bunch of super-smart people hanging out over coffee and making small bets on the future – here are the two cases we’re considering as “likely future” in the weeks just ahead:  Blue Case and Red Case

Consider the Blue Case:  The idea of this count on the right-hand side projections above hold that Wave 3 began when our Aggregate hit its high for the larger (*yellow) Wave 2 on August 16 when our Aggregate Index scored a close of 36,696.69.

Knowing this and supposing that our Aggregate Index hit a closing low for 3(1) down last week, we can project that a 50% retracement would bounce this week up to somewhere in these Wave II realms which would then trigger the Wave (iii) table for the next leg down in a couple of weeks:

The really much worse scenario is that we have a remaining Wave 2 (v) up beginning.  Because that would cause the red case to run all the way up to the descending trend lines from 1 down.  And if THIS is the case (which you’ll know if the pending rally now possible goes higher than Wave 2 (3), well, THEN the “half off by Christmas: market is likely in play with a major crash about 55-days after this Friday’s peak.

My, what a cheery and chipper outlook, huh?

We’ll see if the promise of a rally today is fulfilled and – if so – go over the Red Case on the Peoplenomics® side of the house tomorrow.


You might start wondering (as I do) whether “September will be when Europe Collapses leaving the U.S. Collapse for October?”

One reason to be thinking this way is Germany is really “on the brink.”  Only three months until really cold weather comes in and my consigliere’s warning about nations unable to export excess food or energy basically creates a 50-shades of bottom position for whatever country.

A couple of key indicators to watch play out.  The first is hardcore evidence of a German financial mess simmering as we read how German industrial orders fall sixth month in a row as Ukraine war bites.

But, beyond that, Germany (and Greens) have been hoodwinked into a hard line on Ukraine as evidenced by German soldiers arrive in Lithuania to secure Nato’s eastern flank (army-technology.com) which causes us to wonder:  “Why would Putin give Germany jack-shit, let alone nat-gas, while they are still running plays for NATO?”

Germany and Europe have a longer-term crisis ahead.  Because Russia makes about 50 percent of nuclear fuel rods for the world (being a net energy exporter, right?) which region *(ruled by half-wits in Brussels) has managed to steel defeat from the jaws a victory with their egomaniacal push into dominating Russian-speakers in Ukraine?

Pardon the lingo here, but this is a shit sandwich, for sure. (See Monday’s column for how one of those has been made big enough to serve the whole world.)

Fillers and Thrillers

Trump gets a special master to review government “security” claims.  But it’s not without contention:  ‘Deeply Problematic’: Experts Question Judge’s Intervention in Trump Inquiry – DNyuz.  The two sides of this being that it may be “unprecedented” but then so is an FBI which had a nest of bureaucrats running illegal ops to force Trump out of office and pressing “Russian Collusion.”  We’re still not sure why people aren’t in jail over that.  Safe call now is the government will keep appealing until they get a liberal-friendly judge (most in D.C. are) and then a trip to the Supreme Court…”Sheesh, what a soap,” says Elaine.

The Dishonest Left talks equal under the law, but here comes the NY Post funning for the FBI boss:  Like us, they’re saying FBI boss Chris Wray must explai suppression of Hunter Biden probe.  Wray’s crooked leadership is a disgrace.  Should have been a public inquiry, finding, exoneration and report.  OR a jumpsuit.  No one is “special” (in theory).

UrbanSurvival is going mainstream as the LibRich shop getting out of Dodge: Rich Dems Worried About Trump Are Buying Second Citizenships.  Say, why are they acting guilty?  What happened to honest people don’t need to fear the Law?  Oh – that fairytale.  Are we like the only ones who read about the FBI conduct behind all of this?  None of which has really been allowed in the Jan. 6 “herrings” either.  It’s brainwashing 101 and you’ll be putting up with it until the election.  It’s all the dems have to sell.  That and one way plus one on deck.

America’s track toward becoming a South American style country, though, couldn’t be clearer, though as Past Pentagon leaders warn of strains on civilian-military relations.  Yah think?  We keep NORTHCOM’s political honor *(and neutrality) in our prayers every night.  Because we suspect Sloppy Joe’s marionette string pullers would love nothing more than a woke green martial law force. Like the FBI political moves aren’t close enough to the moves of Allende then Pinochet?

But in fairness, the other side has the same dream and I’m not sure how anyone could put that genie back in the bottle if it pops. The Loud Mouth-in-Chief keeps pissing off the peaceful middle with HATE speech: Biden blasts ‘extreme’ GOP in Labor Day swing-state trips.  The same woke socialist revolutionary labeling bullshit in an old wrapper, no less.  Peace and progress would have all been doable if Trump could have just learned TM or yoga, or something.

Look Surprised?  With the Bidenista’s sending another $1.1 billion of your tax money worth of mil hardware to UKR, how could anyone be surprised that US sez: Russia to buy rockets, artillery shells from North Korea?

The Case Against Electric Cars is back for a rerun:  California Avoids Blackouts So Far With Heat Wave Set to Worsen.  More don’t charge EV orders likely, near as we can figure.  This as U.S. governmental units from Washington D.C. down through the States and now hitting counties and cities as well, are playing the ASSET STRIPPING game.  More on that maybe this coming weekend on the PN side.  But it’s horrible to see liars like Gruesome pander giveaways to “special” people when the state has huge long-term structural debt.  It’s like going on a ReFi spending spree doesn’t improve your home equity position, does it?  Well, government’s now in that game big-time.

ATR:  Lucid Dream Research

I spent a large part of Monday working on tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report.  It’s called “Lucid dreaming as an Anti-Aging technology?”

Pretty damn interesting potential to “restore” some lost and ancient technology that’s at least worth a ponder.

But I’m looking now for specific data from our readers who are told (as many are) that “You don’t look your age.”

So, if you have been told this, I would love for you to post in the Comments section answers to some very simple questions.

  • How much younger than other people your age do you look?  What are people telling you?
  • Do you have lucid dreams or recall of your dreams?
  • And last, do you snore (or did you snore prior to using a CPAP machine)?

I*n the meantime, read up on this link which may be inferred by stories like Obstructive sleep apnea linked to increased risk of cancer, decline in mental processing, increased blood clot risk (medicalxpress.com) and Studies show link between OSA and decline in mental processing powers, increased risk of blood clots, cancer (news-medical.net).

The kind of things that, oh, you know, AGE PEOPLE!

My sense is that there may be an early life “sweet spot” to apnea but as it progresses, as it has in my case (and Elaine’s) then some of the health risks rise so as they do, it’s on to CPAP, APAP, and biPAP.

So IF you look unusually young for your age – especially if like Elaine and me it’s a 10-20 year difference in appearance, please tell us what you can about your sleep and dream hygiene because I think there’s a “Lost Technology” there that’s going into my next novel, Ancient Children.

Write when you have dreams, look young, and oh yeah, get filthy rich!


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  1. “We’re still not sure why people aren’t in jail over that. ”

    that is nothing in comparison to the laptop from Hell and the vast amount of implied horrific and shocking crimes… MY guess is it is all in the business model they have working..


  2. Hi George,

    I am 60 years old turning 61 in November and I often get told that I look around 48 to 50 years old. I do have very lucid dreams most nights. Most are pretty boring though to be honest by I can usually recall them very well.

    Yes I snore and probably have sleep apnea but haven’t been diagnosed officially yet.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Both my wife and I look 15 to 20 years younger than we actually are. I am 76 and she soon will be but we’re often taken to be 60ish and she is sometimes taken for mid-50s.

    I have realistic dreams, but seldom remember them for very long after waking. She is similar.

    We both snore occasionally, but it’s not an every night thing. It seems to be becoming more common as we age.

    Hope this helps.

  4. “Why would Putin give Germany jack-shit,”

    That’s a good question.

    Putin went along with COVID.
    Russia is emulating the West by building cricket farms.

    Russia knows how to farm cricket.

    “it takes only 2 kilograms of feed, even a little less, and 2 litres of water to grow one kilogram of cricket”

    “As explained by Elena Demidova, head of the project, protein share in crickets stands at 75%. It takes 3 kg of crickets to produce 1 kg of a high-quality meal. ”

    In Canada, Aspire Food Group is private. :(

    “Aspire Food Group announced a couple of weeks ago that it had completed the construction of its alternative protein manufacturing facility. London, Ontario, is now home to the world’s largest cricket production facility.

    Aspire’s the new plant will reportedly produce 9000 metric tons of crickets yearly for human and pet consumption. That’s about two billion insects to be distributed annually across Canada and the United States.”

  5. Sitting here watching the race to the end of civilization. All kinds of participants. Politics, geopolitical stuff, wars and shortages, energy reductions … bla, bla, bla … even the weather is bustin a move and got people scratching their head. But it all leads to somewhere. Everything on a perspective course to a pretty nasty and difficult future for those who are here getting caught up in it.

    We have plateaued in so many ways, and now regressing. Like being hypnotized and taken back … deeper and deeper. Literally lulled by bullshit.

    But how deep and far back are we gonna go? 1800’s? 1700’s? Further? Further? Hmmm.

    We all know about the matter of Bloodlines. We hear about it now and then. Special people are of a particular bloodline. That’s where all the power and money is said to be … in a preferred/required bloodline. Lineage matters.

    Interesting that the government is (interested) in gay people. Promotes it … (no kids, less people, I guess?)


    Then ya got Gen Z and how they are not in relationships but rather, “situationships” – new word to me. We use to call this, being promiscuous … cheating.


    (Gotta love the use of the word, “embracing” … programming to make it, ok.) – yep, EMBRACE THAT SHIT !!

    Now, if ya keep (regressing in this stuff) you might end up here …


    It won’t stop until someone in a particular bloodline, who hasn’t
    F’ed Up their gene pool says, “we got our quota. Bring back morals and family values.”

    Kind of crazy to think of how far back humanity might be pushed until those Gods show up from the stars …. NASA or Starlink. You know, those aliens who have all that nifty technology.

    In all kinds of ways, humanity is on a damn slippery slope. Everything is “Not Ok”

  6. Hi George,
    I have been told I look younger than I am, 71 coming up in a few days, although most times it was from folks just being nice. My wife says I look more like 50. When I retired the first time 20 years ago my credentials photo was the same one I had when I graduated from the academy 23 years prior to that. Many comments were made by the office staff at the time mostly about how the mustache made me look like a porn star.
    At times I have had what can be called lucid dreams but not frequently. When I do they are unusual. My wife says they are weird because I am.
    I say I don’t snore but my wife disagrees and I say the same about her. She sounds like a cheap chainsaw sometimes. Have not used a CPAP. However, last year while in the hospital with covid related pneumonia the nurses kept telling me I needed to sleep on my belly to improve my O2 levels while asleep. Try that in one of those torture racks set with the feet and head higher than the middle but once I was able to get rid of all the extraneous wiring it did make a difference and now I still sleep on my belly.
    The waitresses down at the sale barn cafe and my mom say I am adorable. Mom’s impression can be debated since she’s 97 and nearly blind.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Hahah, my husband says I snore. I say, hey is it louder than your Harley with those loud ass pipes?

      Okay, then quit complaining!

  7. I’m 66 and people are shocked when they learn my age and think I’m in my late 40’s or early 50’s. I have terrible insomnia and (not lately) have woke up hearing myself snore. I don’t remember a lot of dreams – only when they’re nightmares. My life sucked pond water for a several years – terrible job, 80 hours a week, job-mobbing coworkers, crooked management, money stealing family/”friend”, many terrible things in 7 year period. However, my parents didn’t look their age, either. Mom didn’t have wrinkles or crows feet at 68 when she died (guess looks aren’t everything). Genes may have a lot to do with it (?). I would’ve been happier (and less haggard looking) if my life wasn’t so chaotic those years. Hope you get your answer.

    • I am always building something..
      My lucid dreams of the little blonde that shows me things is never a nightmare.. but more of me being an observer..seeing more of a mix good and bad..do this to avoid that type dream

  8. Those that try to guess my age (80) are usually 5 to 15 years short. Had a House Calls nurse tell me that I was as healthy as some that are 45 yo.
    Snore – – – probably. Don’t have anyone else to to reconfirm my late wife’s diagnosis.
    Vivid/recalled dreams – – sometimes. The last one was about “Title Twelve” whatever that is “

  9. How much younger than other people your age do you look? What are people telling you?
    – “You were in Vietnam? You don’t look old enough.” – I get that once in a while. Most don’t believe I am in my 70’s. ., but I can’t recall anyone stating a specific number..,
    Do you have lucid dreams or recall of your dreams?
    – Yes. occasional lucid dreams., and “regular” dreams. My notebook is full. Time for a new one.
    And last, do you snore (or did you snore prior to using a CPAP machine)?
    – Yes., but according to the misses., not all the time and mostly “softly”.., which I found interesting.

  10. “please tell us what you can about your sleep and dream hygiene because I think there’s a “Lost Technology”

    work while you sleep.. I would go to bed if I had a problem I couldn’t solve.. and when I would wake up.. the answer would be there.. the other thing is during my dreams.. I can take apart and put back together items.. even what I thought was test them all in a dream state..
    when I built our home.. I built it in my sleep.. woke up and was upset because in the physical world I wasn’t nearly as far with it..

  11. Suckers! Keep trying to milk a return out of stocks, bonds, commodities, bitcoin, NFT’s and tulips. I’m going where the REAL money is – digital real estate:

    If it’s good enough for Snoop, it’s good enough for me.

    HOLY MACKAY!! What drugs are these people on? Beam me up!

  12. The estimate for recoverable oil from the US is 76 billion barrels. We pump/frack 4.5 billion barrels a year, ( 12 mill. a day times 365 ). 18 years to dry?
    I’m 70 plus . But if I was 10 year younger, I would buy a good pair if walking shoes.
    There is a reason for the push to electic transport.

    • This must be where I suggest greenscaping an d solar towers put up at substations starting at the furthest point and work back to the power plant lol.. airwell’s to replenish aquifers..
      Sar tower three sided v shaped with an inverted trapezoid reflection in the center..to give equal light to both the tp array and bottom array

    • Rather than encouraging an insane new buildout of a rather fragile infrastructure using battery powered cars, why not invest in a butanol economy that could be synthesized/fermented from random biomass, along with producing other essential feedstocks. This would be carbon neutral, for those that care. It would run in normal cars without much, if any modification. Sure, the battery buggies are OK for those with a daily run of 30 miles or so if there’s a means of daily charging, but for those of us who do serious driving, fillups can be done in five minutes and then off to the next 500 miles. It may not yet be economical, but that’s just relative to other fuels or energy sources.


      If I was ever given an electric car, the first thing I’d do would be to mount a trailer hitch. That way, I could pull a small diesel generator for recharging as necessary!

      • Millions of people are already living daily with BEV. Are they the answer to everyone’s circumstance, of course not. Certainly best to have a home power source to charge overnight. Already electricity is almost ubiquitous, in that it is practically everywhere unlike any new liquid fuel you might come up with. You can generate your own electricity with a 6-10 hours of clear sky, pretty easily these days, though more expensive if you want to store and timeshift the power (batteries). Why try to come up with even more fuels that someone else will control? If government wasn’t trying to mandate this direction, people still would be buying these by the millions as they are more user friendly then ICE care. I wonder if the mandates just make people contrary as most items pressed by government are not in our best interest. I of course would rather the market work this out, but there is no dispute easy oil has been discovered and is being consumed.

      • https://www.glpautogas.info/en/brazil-ethanol-cars.html

        Problem is: This is a direct replacement for the incumbent Business Model. There’s no reason why US technically couldn’t go E100. Except there’s this drought, fertilizer shortage, yada, yada, yada.

        Part of the hedge. Price is climbing, which is interesting.


      • “If I was ever given an electric car, the first thing I’d do would be to mount a trailer hitch. That way, I could pull a small diesel generator for recharging as necessary!”

        The first plug in I seen was owned by a professor.. he had a solar panel mounted on the roof like a landow top.. it looked really nice..
        It was a prius .. once parked the sun would slow charge the car battery..

      • Joe Dish, I can see EV’s if you only drive a few miles in a given day. Today I will have driven perhaps 300 miles before I get home, and that’s over the mountains. The only EV’s with that kind of reliable range cost far more than I’m willing to spend. I can get 40 mpg using gas already. Tomorrow I won’t go anywhere, so that’s a day that the EV would just sit. I’d rather have my current cars sit rather than spending money to buy a new one that will sit. If the overhead(registration and insurance) was per person rather than per vehicle, I’d have a fleet of vehicles each best at doing a specific mission profile. At least butanol can be used in a gas car without any fuel system or ECM mods. I do believe that the solution to the energy situation needs to use all reasonable energy sources. Making all new ICE cars flex fuel would be a good start.

      • @steevo

        “Problem is: This is a direct replacement for the incumbent Business Model. There’s no reason why US technically couldn’t go E100.”

        Except that it takes more energy to produce ethanol than the ethanol provides. It takes much more energy to produce ethanol from corn, than the ethanol from corn provides. If corn producers weren’t subsidized and the petcos ALSO subsidized, there would be no “E” in petrofuels, except in Indycar Racing and on drag strips. Producing ethanol from sugar cane is far more efficient than producing it from corn, but it still takes more energy than it yields.

  13. My father also looked young for his age. Stress is a killer, known, and I was told I looked “10 years younger” and sounded “10 years younger” when I quit the ruinous job. Sleep is a good thing so it would be interesting if there is a connection.

  14. Big trap this morning. Futures were up nicely.., then seconds before the bell, reversed.., Dow now down over 200 points. Reversal before the end of the day?

  15. I am 46 most people think I’m in my early 30’s. I have lucid dreams that honestly at times some have been just horrifying.. I wouldn’t imagine they contribute to me looking younger.. As sometimes I fear sleep. I have been told I just don’t know how to control the lucid dream that I need to relax more and tell myself I am in control while dreaming.. have not figured that one yet.. I do not snore much.. instead I make crazy sounds of muffled wailing while dreaming.. most often I’m trying to scream in the dream and it comes out a whimper.. I’m writing to you anyway though I’m still not rich.

    • Not sure how I’ve learned this trick , but I have become “aware” while dreaming. As in , if it goes dark/bad , I can tell myself that im not having that dream , then it stops. Sometimes I go right into another dream , sometimes I wake up.

      Un-rich here as well ! ( cant blame George ! )

  16. Here are some observations from a Canadian with many US friends and relatives and memories of good times years ago in a free and safe country I am watching fall apart.

    One of the biggest mistakes Hillary Clinton made in 2016 was to call Donald Trump supporters a “Basket of Deplorables.” I think it cost her the election. I see a similar thing happening today with Joe Biden who is demonizing Donald Trump and his supporters with caustic rhetoric. He has a different motive than Hillary.

    I watched Trump’s speech in Philadelphia on the weekend and while he went hard after Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, the FBI and DOJ elite, he did not ever demonize Biden supporters or even the rank and file FBI, DOJ government workers. This is the polar opposite to Biden’s approach which is extremely dangerous in my opinion.

    It is obvious that Biden cannot run on safe borders, lower crime, low inflation, better schooling or any other mainstream issues to American voters. Candidates usually run on past performance. He has chosen a different path because he knows he has nothing to run on and that Dems will lose Congress and perhaps the Senate in November and that would destroy the game plan of converting USA to a socialist country. Time is running out. In other words, I don’t think he (and his puppeteers) want an election and is trying to bring Trump supporters to the streets so he can declare another January 6 insurrection, bring in the F15s he talked about and cancel the election.

    Just some ramblings from a friend north of the border who is watching his own country move more quietly but certainly to a socialist state every day.

    • I agree with Clinton that racism, sexism homophobia, xenophobia and islamaphobia are deplorable.
      “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Clinton said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

      For all of the right’s whining about the FBI I think that comey having a press conference two weeks before the election to publicly state that the investigation into clinton was reopened sure didn’t do anything to help hillary’s chances.

      • Corney, as spelled in offishal gov documents to conceal from computer searches,, was under pressure to release the Hillary info, they THOUGHT they had the 2016 election under control and could release this. They misjudged. The deep state has owned the office for a long time with 2 slipups, Kennedy and Reagan. Well the Trump team managed to over come the cheat by shear numbers. The moral majority got off their collective butts and went to vote. The deep state then doubled down their election fraud and Biden said it out loud, “we have the most secure election fraud system ever” and they executed it with drop boxes, scamdemic vote by mail, nursing home ballot collection and protection of the voter rolls full of dead people who voted, felt tip pens with ballot bleed threw marking, that required judication by bias election employees, they get to remake your ballot to what ever they want, and ballot flipping machines that have internet modems installed with connection to China China, China!

        You choose to side with the creep state. Did you see Biden has brought Podesta back into the White House, see Andrew Breitbart’s opinion of him. John Podesta is a child molester! and a big player in the Hillary camp

      • That just isn’t true, the media and democrat party has successfully tied those marginalized idiots to Trump not because of anything Trump did or said to support those idiots, but because of politics. Check for yourself on Trumps speeches and comments, but most cannot be bothered to form their own opinion. I am sure you believe Trump was a Russian agent. I don’t support Trump, because he seems like an ego maniac, but I also understand what the media does to any adversary of socialism. Just because a nutter says they are going to vote for Trump, does not mean Trump supports that persons beliefs. How do I best know none of the garbage is true, just remember what a media darling Trump was before he ran for president. Never before that were there any accusation of actions or positions you mention, well maybe being an oaf and his being a hounddog for women.

        Maybe at least in your own mind you think of in context examples of Trump saying or taking actions that present him as supporting any of the accusations you made above.

        I can name one easy from the other side, with democrat after democrat saying minority/black people are unable to acquire
        a state ID to vote. That is a racist statement.

      • Ask Dr. Martin Luther King’s family how they feel about the FBI.

        (To be clear, I’m a JFK Democrat who believes the FBI and CIA had a lot to do with his, RFK’s assassination, and Dr. King’s…) (Oh, that’s right it’s all conspiracy theory.)

        How about Loretta Lynch’s prosecution of HSBC for Drug Cartel and Terrorist money laundering? Guilty! Fined 1.9 Billion!


        How come nobody at HSBC went to jail?

        How come the teenage black kid gets 10-years hard time for possession of crack? That was a Bill Clinton law.

        That sounds racist to me.

        How does James Comey get to work for both HSBC and the FBI?

        These are all historical facts that today’s Progressive Liberal will say do not exist.

        No Progressive Liberal in my day would have ever trusted the FBI and CIA.

        How do you like those wars that Obama started, Libya/2011, Syria/2012, and Ukraine/2014. Seems like he was just working “The Plan”. (See Below: “The Plan” comes from a good Liberal Source.)

        What did you write… “xenophobia and islamaphobia are deplorable”?

        Barack Obama blew up Libya, North Africa, and Syria along with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; and then his Assistant Secretary of State, Victory Nuland told the EU to get F**ked, because the EU did not want to get involved in the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government.

        I would love to debate famous Libs like Amy Goodman. I use to be a Progressive Democrat (JFK Style). I think I still am. I do not know who these programmable windup robot Democrats are today. The Bill/Hillary Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein mutation of the Democratic party does not represent my values.

        This has led to China’s empowerment.

        And you, SunonGrass, and your family, friends and others, can now join me in fighting Joe Biden’s Ukrainian/NATO/Russian War, along with the Chinese and Iranians.

        Here’s some more history, presented to you by Amy Goodman.


        That’s her interview with former General Wesley Clarke, who presented to the American public the Pentagon’s 2001 Plan for 7 Wars.

        If that was the agenda in 2001 and all through Barack Obama’s Presidency, how Progressive is blowing up other people’s countries?

        Have you ever served? How many times have you been to the Persian Gulf?

        Today’s Progressive Liberal refuses to hold a single historical thought for more than 10 seconds. There is no continuity to your arguments and your train of logic as it pertains to history.

        Hillary Clinton’s mentor was Robert Byrd, the real-life KKK Senator.

        I was also going to reply to your laughable “Collusion Hoax?” comment below. Citing NPR and The Guardian does not really help your argument.

        This is what I just wrote in one of my recent Posts:


        “As I mentioned previously, there is deep irony in Trump’s situation, because the lobbying firm of Charles Black, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Peter G. Kelly once catered to Third World country dictators. As I wrote in Part I, Certainly, Roger Stone got a taste of Ferdinand Marcos Style-Government when the FBI marched him out of his house and onto the street in his pajamas in the wee, dark hours of the morning with a tip to a CNN camera crew to film it all.

        The United States has been Third World since the CIA and FBI criminally conspired to murder, President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King. Why is everybody so surprised?”

        Paul Manafort’s morals were certainly known to me, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton’s dark history with Jeffrey Epstein. Trump actually hired many of Obama’s players, and that still confuses me, because now I KNOW it is all a sham.


        I will bet money that you believe that the Clinton, Mena, Arkansas, Barry Seal, CIA thing was all conspiracy theory too?

        I mean they only made two movies about Barry Seal; unfortunately, they glossed over the fact that he was a part of the CIA’s Operation 40 Group during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

        Funny how Operation 40 Group member Jose Sanjenis Perdomo was the night doorman at the Dakota on Dec. 8, 1980, when John Lennon was killed.

        And then we come back to young HSBC prosecutor Loretta Lynch becoming Attorney General and HSBC employee James Comey becoming Director of the FBI.

        Doesn’t this raise any type of doubt or questions in your mind?

        The world is that dark SunonGrass. Please grow up.

        There is a great deal of “Real History” that was written years before the term “Fake News” became popular; so, pickup a history book, especially regarding the history of post-World War II intelligence agency operations, instead of regurgitating NPR talking points.

        The war business is wearing a lot of us down.

      • “I think that comey having a press conference two weeks before the election to publicly state that the investigation into clinton was reopened sure didn’t do anything to help hillary’s chances.”


        However, Comey re-opened the “investigation” to bury it.

        The SDNY was investigating Anthony Wiener for online lascivious behavior. The Prosecutor’s office discovered Hillary’s “missing” E-Mails in a “life insurance” file next to Anthony’s wiener on Huma’s laptop, and was going to make the discovery of the E-Mails public. Comey re-opened the “investigation” in desperation, to announce that some of Hillary’s E-Mails had been found, and quash their contents, before the U.S. Attorney could make the announcement and make them public.

        It did not help Hillary at all, but had Comey not done so, Hillary would likely have lost the popular vote as well as the Electoral vote and Trump would’ve won in a landslide.

        Comey and his family wept when Hillary lost… remember?

        He is a hardcore Hillary supporter who was in a position which required impartiality, and let his ideology trump his job’s requirements. He should be in a cellblock in Leavenworth until 2035.

      • SOG: Nice opinion, but millions of us did not see it that way. WE saw a criminal in a pantsuit. She was very proud of her criminality, she oozed it and she bathed in it, and that was using the very same bathroom with the secret server and email addresses……really now, can’t we all at least agree that she broke those laws? She did not deserve to be President because she did NOT respect the American people.

        She and her husband and ilk are company people; you know the new world order company.

        We still see her and him tap dancing to that age old drummer; corruption and buy offs while they continue to nibble and feast on the freebies.

    • Amen…..
      I believe the motive is slight of hand.. just like the raid.. look what he had in the safe.. don’t pay any attention to the activities of the family business or how we’re dismantled the country

  17. I’m 67, and am often told that I look 50. I work outside most days, rain or shine. On days I don’t work , I walk. I do not snore. I sleep light and am up by 5 every morning. I dream often, but rarely remember beyond a few minutes after waking. Three or four notable acceptions have been when my dreams were exactly prophetic.
    Hope this helps.

  18. At 66, I just asked my tech how old I look, he said 50. We are both the pushup champs in the shop, and he’s 46. Still do 90 minutes at the gym, 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, 60 with the iron, and throw in 20 mile bike rides a couple times per week.

    Currently rereading Robert Monroe’s books on Astral Travel. Lots of complex dreams going on at the moment, trying to figure it all out.

    I’m told I snore like a train, especially after workouts. Not worried about sleep apnea, or anything really. I have eaten from the buffet table of life, and if I drop, oh well…

    Watch the movie Arrival and the bit about the human construct of linear time; and then consider David Oates discovery of Reverse Speech. Plenty of my own experiments with Reverse Speech; it’s real… and scary stuff seeing into people’s souls.

  19. collusion “hoax”? and now we have the center of the web stealing the most secret government documents.

    “Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort passed internal Trump campaign information to a Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 election, a new bipartisan Senate report concludes. Manafort’s connection with Kilimnik was a “grave counterintelligence threat,” the report reads, adding that it found evidence the Russian intelligence officer may have been linked to the Russian government’s efforts to hack and leak Democratic Party emails.”

    “Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told. GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added.

    Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said.

    The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said. Another source suggested the Dutch and the French spy agency, the General Directorate for External Security or DGSE, were contributors.”

    • Oh, good grief. Not this lefty codswallop again. And from “sources” and all…. Powerful stuff. Banal, jejune, insipid, threadworn, utterly bankrupt. But *powerful*. If you were posting at Democrat Underground or at some other lefty cesspool, that is. But you aren’t. What happened, slow day trolling the dedicated right wing sites with this gormless gibberish? So you drop in here?

      • Jeesh, click on the link to the republican lead senate intel committee report. That’s primary source.
        “The nearly 1,000-page report, the fifth and final one from the Republican-led Senate intelligence committee on the Russia investigation, details how Russia launched an aggressive effort to interfere in the election on Trump’s behalf. It says the Trump campaign chairman had regular contact with a Russian intelligence officer and that other Trump associates were eager to exploit the Kremlin’s aid, particularly by maximizing the impact of the disclosure of Democratic emails hacked by Russian intelligence officers.”https://apnews.com/article/ap-top-news-international-news-elections-politics-campaigns-5e833a62e9492f6a66624b7920cc846a

    • Why would anyone with an iota of sense believe the swill thrown around by the MSM, which includes NPR? They’ve been shown many times to be purveyors of agendas, not truthful news. Purge your present info sources and hunt for sources of real news.

    • sunongras
      “Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort passed internal Trump campaign information to a Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 election, a new bipartisan Senate report concludes. Manafort’s connection with Kilimnik was a “grave”
      So you claim a non-government person shared campaign info to some Russian , was this classified gov docs?, what info was shared? big difference , Hill had classified gov docs on her un-secure server that foreign govs and spy agencies had access to.
      sunongras has a truthphobia !
      Five Eyes has the CIA as an eye, 5 eyes is a New World Order tool, that spys on US citizens, that is unconstitutional. The CIA is the very agency that Kennedy swore to break to pieces a few days before they assassinated him, papabush was the lead man on the scene in Dallas, and John Jr named his magazine after his fathers murderer as a way to point a finger at him, a metaphor saying I know you did it!

      and oh ya Manafort was removed from the Trump campaign three months before the election, they say resigned, but anybody with two brain cells can see he was invited to go.
      The DNC server thief was an inside job by a disgruntled Bernie supporter that was pissed about Killary stealing the democrat nomination, say his NAME!!! Seth Rich “RIP” Seth gave the info to wikileaks, not manafort, nor the russians !
      The FBI has it all. If you truly believe that the FBI and the CIA is for ‘We The People’, then you are full of fish bait, Quit eating the fishbait sold by NPR, a bunch of believers of the cross dresser blackmailing Gay Edgar Hoover vacuum cleaner!
      Fish bait, crickets, the New World Order already has plants constructed, growing fish bait for you to eat,, see BIC’s posts, this was planned in advance,,,, IN ADVANCE !!!, as loob says what did the blind fish say when he bumped into a wall? Dam!

      They admit their crime of illegal spying? according to your so called source. You need provenance to start an investigation, what ya got? crickets!
      NPR source, “Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said.”
      and after the long drawn out Mueller investigation, you got a big fat cricket burger, fish bait for the bottom feeders. and that is a fact, Jack
      but yet you repeat the lie, repeat it often enough, you become brain washed
      Enjoy The Storm, I hear thunder drawing nigh

    • What a clown.

      “sources” – takes a real Ignoramous(ignorant arsehole) to post anything on UrbSurv – attributing to “sources” or secret “report” .

      Intelligent, clear and concise ..https://t.co/yYni3wwjhi

      – the exact opposite of everything spewed forth from Bidet/Hariass/Demonrat crowd = word salad.

      Jibberjabber – repeat dem platform 2024 – just making scheisse up as we go – brilliant !

    • SOG; we have seen you before ad infinitum, can you please find another forum to troll, we can’t take the time to refute all you want to fodder us with.

      Onward and upward but since you just arrived – do keep up.

    • So, you’re whining because Trump associates may have had contact with evil Russians who might have been in FSB (or some other such agency), months or years before the 2016 Election, and long before Trump would’ve been privy to any confidential or classified information?

      ‘Sounds to me like something a racially-bigoted Russiaphobe would say.

      It doesn’t matter what a “senate intel committee report” says, because it refers to a period in time that’s long before Mr. Trump would have been privy to any information for which Russia (or any of our other adversaries) would’ve found interest.

      If such a committee failed to “discover” and take action on the enormous quantity of actual, highly-classified intel, which our adversaries WOULD have found very interesting, that was housed on Ms. Clinton’s personal server and protected only by “Windows Firewall,” then it was a committee which served a political ideology, and not We, the People, and should be regarded as such.

      Oh, and the Democratic Party E-Mails were stolen by Seth Rich. He passed a thumb drive to an agent of the Ecuadorian Embassy, then was murdered a few minutes later, roughly 5/8 of a mile away from the Embassy, just past, and south of Howard University.

      If you believe you can baffle people here with bullshit, you’ve another think coming. Go back to the Koz and learn that a c/p of someone else’s unresearched opinion does not confirmation make…

  20. “How much younger than other people your age do you look? What are people telling you?”
    20 {twenty} years, and not kidding.
    “Do you have lucid dreams or recall of your dreams?”
    Some few times in my already too long life ;-((.
    “do you snore (or did you snore prior to using …)?”
    Never in life, or no one ever informed me ;-)).

    P.s. Don’t try to extend your life, Nothing to gain!

    • We all have our bucket lists. Some things are really important, though travel(most often cited) hardly matters to me. For those of us with yet to accomplish important desires, life extension offers hope(with caveats). If we’ve accomplished that which our soul desires on this plane, then prolonging life is not as important. The cost(by all measures) in trying to do this is a necessary component to this evaluation.

    • Have been in the not interested in prolonging life mode for a while now. I’m just too disgusted with the world and the direction it is going. I see no savior, political, militarily, or enough brave and aware citizens to change the course. The secrets and evil that exist are far too great for the average person to comprehend. If they were shown physical and undeniable proof they still wouldn’t believe it. I’m getting impatient waiting to see the finished product of the controllers plan.
      At 63 I’m told I look 50.
      When I was 45 I was told I looked 25 and my girlfriend was 27.
      I smoke up to 2 packs a day and have been smoking since I was 15.
      No special diet, I eat what I like. High protein low carb, very little bread and dairy and not much sugar. Zero medications.
      Haven’t snored since I got a new adjustable bed 2 years ago.
      Vivid dreamer and remember most to a tee. I have 2 frequent reoccurring dreams.
      1. multiple incoming meteors, the ELE types.
      2.I can’t get to my guns when I need them the most.
      Oh, and its been 100+ degrees every fucking day for almost 2 months here in beautiful so cal wine country.
      Thanks for the forum G

    • “How much younger than other people your age do you look? What are people telling you?”
      20 {twenty} years, and not kidding.”

      Or.. are they just being nice!
      Pretty girl asks you..how old do you think I am? What are ya gonna say..
      Just saying..if someone tells me I look younger my first thought is.. what do they want.. why are they buttering me up..

  21. Energy:

    Short Run … Russia Natural Gas and Oil are cut off from Europe which is throwing the European economies into a Crash & Burn tailspin.

    Medium Run … Russia provides 50% of all fuel rods worldwide for nuclear reactors, refueling is generally 1/3 every 22+- months or so with a full replacement cycle being 3 refuelings or about every 5.5+- years. Suddenly fuel assemblies for refueling the various reactors still running in Europe (France gets 70% of it’s electricty from nuclear) are going to be beyond TIGHT for the european market (just like nat gas and oil), AND the US market (where the majority of OUR fuel assemblies have been coming from)

    Europe is in an energy bind that is NOT going to be a short term affair. That European energy bind is spilling over to the US since we are now building more capacity to EXPORT natural gas which will raise our internal natural gas prices to closer to the world prices (think a 4x to 6x effect from what was being paid at the wholesale level in the US just 24 months ago).

    The effect in the US is going to be not just MUCH higher natural gas prices for consumers but for industrial users who buy at close to the wholesale level. Think of all the new natural gas fueled electric generation plants which have been rapidly replacing the retiring coal fired generation plants plus steel makers, industrial plants of all sorts, etc etc., their pricing as their current supply contracts run out will be going up 6x + also. (coal electrical generation in the US is down close to 75% from it’s peak in 2007ish – virtually all of the replacement capacity has been provided by new natural gas units)

    Because of longer term supply contracts for natural gas this Energy Inflation cost will come in over time, not all at once, on the electricty and industrial side … but it will be relentless increases like a rising tide, NEVER ENDING HIGHER and HIGHER COSTS over the next 3 years or so for electric utilities and industrial plants.

    Add in now the Nuclear Fuel Rod issues, where I expect prices to go up 5x to 15x because of Russia holding the “Swing Producer Price Setting” slot, even nuclear generated electrical power will be steadily going UP UP UP with their own fuel costs going up dramatically (we get about 20% of our nation’s electricity from nuclear power)

    Europe is laying flat with it’s head sticking out on the guillotine table at the moment and the blade is coming down … but don’t think the US is out of the woodsb because we have our own “energy” supplies, our energy cost inflation has just started and it will be continuous for the next several years.

    fwiw: my “all in” electric pricing has already gone from $.10/kwh to $.18/kwh over the last 36 months, and that was from nat gas prices BEFORE their recent 3x – 4x+- increase over the last 7 months, and as the higher natural gas prices get fed into my billing I am envisioning my electical rates per kwh doubling and going to California levels of $.30 to $.38/kwh over the next 36 months … and unlike California it gets COLD here in the midwest which requires HEAT.

    What I am describing is like watching a train wreck. If you have ever seen one you know what I am talking about it. You see the train out of control, or going down the wrong track, or a truck in a crossing that is stuck, and KNOW that the train is going to wreck since physics says there is NO WAY it is going to stop in time … and you just watch it mesmerized. Nothing you can do to stop it but you may have up to full minute or so to watch the events unfold, knowing before finally one HUGE horrific wreck occurs. Seen that happen twice …. amazing to watch happen … and THAT precise situation is what is shaping up wrt Energy Pricing, yep even here in the US. It is now BAKED IN THE CAKE

    • EPA and other regulators could mitigate this situation enormously, but they won’t. The Biden idiocy will kill western civilization if it can. I just bought two new chainsaws for various scenarios since I currently have enough standing deadwood for heat. Solar expansion would make sense too, and not just PV. Solar heat can be collected directly.

    • Sept Futures contracts = Natural Gas is up just over 87% over last year’s contracts. We are on our way. Interesting that Propane is down 1% over last year.

      • “Natural Gas is up just over 87% over last year’s contracts.”

        Think about that for a moment.. what percentage is the home heating expense… and if it is up that much at home.. how much is it up at a manufacturer..

    • S2: I just returned from a month in Sweden, Scotland, and Ireland. The papers and TV there are full of stories about the dire consequences of rising energy prices for pensioners and small business owners. But strangely, they just don’t seem to “get it” that all of what they are experiencing is due to supply constrictions that are unlikely to be ameliorated anytime soon. The local pub going bankrupt now seems to be a tragedy far more menacing than the prospect of frozen pipes, closed factories, and pneumonia come January.

      My sense is that all the places I visited are gung ho in their support of Ukraine’s struggle against Russia. But will they be so enthusiastic when icicles hang from the kitchen tap in January? Sweden is having an election this Sunday that may provide a hint of what is to come. And Sweden is likely to be among the least affected by Russia’s energy tourniquet.

      • Not to mention.. broken pipes..
        Burning what will burn to stay warm..
        Some of my dreams were people cold huddled around trash cans with fire inside trying to stay warm.

    • Stephen 2

      Perhaps one should look at why the train wreck will occur?

      Choose one or more………

      A) Faulty signals
      B) Incompetent crew
      C) Coincidence
      D) Planned

      Ask yourself, WHO benefits?

  22. I am 41 and most recently I have been told I looked anywhere from 18 to 25. One woman got mad at me when I laughed at her. She asked me if I go to the local high school. Then called me a liar.
    I have extremely lucid dreams, it pretty much has been a nightly event my whole life, and even during short naps. If I have something that I want to learn I just ask right before I drop off. I always get an answer. Now that answer may sound like a riddle, but an answer I receive.
    I do snore sometimes, not loud the hubby tells me, mostly revolves around seasonal allergies. Pretty sure I don’t have sleep apnea, so no cpap, but I do have asthma and it is worse at night when it is an issue.

    • From an interesting article from the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” on the uranium /fuel rod situation that was written AFTER the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

      What the article artfully (intentionally) OMITS is the fact that Russia IS the SWING PRODUCER both of fuel rods and of exporting uranium, and the SWING PRODUCER can directly control pricing of the natural resource being exported if they want to (ala Saudi Arabia’s role wrt world Oil Pricing, starting all the way back with the oil embargo in 1973)


      “… US and EU dependence on Russian nuclear services. In 2021, Russia provided US nuclear utilities with 14 percent of their uranium purchases and 28 percent of their enrichment services. For their part, in 2020, EU utilities imported 20 percent of their natural uranium and 26 percent of their enrichment services from Russia….”

      “… Russia has the world’s largest uranium enrichment complex, accounting for almost half the global capacity, but it is a relatively small uranium producer with only six percent of the global supply in 2020. In fact, Russia mines less uranium than it exports to the United States and the EU—for instance, in 2020, it mined 2,800 tonnes while exporting 3,100 and 2,500 tonnes to the United States and the EU, respectively. This is possible because most of the uranium Russia exports is bought from Kazakhstan …”

      “… During 2017-2021, US nuclear utilities bought an annual average of 17,500 tonnes of natural uranium and 16,600 tSWUs, including 2,400 tonnes of uranium and 3,300 tSWUs per year from Russia. For their part, during 2016-2020, EU utilities bought an annual average of 13,300 tonnes of natural uranium and 11,300 tSWUs, including 2,800 tonnes of uranium and 3,400 tSWU per year from Russia. …”

  23. Hi George, With Russia controlling 50% of the world’s nuclear fuel rods, was some of that made possible by the HRC uranium sale?

    • MOST of the uranium needed for the Russian nuclear fuel rods comes from Kazakhstan (the Saudi Arabia of Uranium – 40% of world’s production), Russia (5%), and Uzbekistan (5%). ala … Russia controls directly or indirectly 50% of the Uranium mined in the world and then produces 50% of the worlds nuclear fuel rods.

      VERY LITTLE of Russia’s production of fuel rods ever came from the material sent to Russia by Hillary, and what was had been converted back into fuel rods a number of years ago.

      fwiw … the US only mines 1% of the uranium mined in the world. The US “has” the ability to fabricate fuel rod assemblies in reasonable quantities (say 15% – 20% of the worlds production of fuel rods) but in order to do that it needs to first obtain the uranium, and Russia directly or indirectly controls 50% of that basic ingredient (doubt they will be selling any to the US OR France, the other country with a large fuel rod manufacturing capacity)

  24. G –

    wont go into details – suffice to say I bee looking younger everyday, (YanXin child longevity 9 step Qigong practitioner) just turned 60 in July.
    Have old id’s and various licenses that shows the proof. Parents both young looking for age. Son is 2nd yr Med resident, and gets told he looks like Dougie Houser – he is sporting a mustache now due this ballbreaking “predicament” .
    Dreaming for me is a full contact sport – one time I remember “Not closing” after “practicing” prior to going to bed – holy scheisse! wont do that again. Long and short of it – I grew tired of waking up bruised,bloodied, scratched, beaten, out of breath, legs sore tired, headaches, neckaches, old injuries throbbing. “They” are very elusive, and hard to catch..fckrs.
    This is why I am now a Midnight Toker ! https://youtu.be/dV3AziKTBUo – so I dont recall anything or feel too many pains from previous night adventures.

    No Snoring – I am mouth breather, cant stand not being able breathe thru my nose..it knows too much, dont cha know.

    Got Agriculture ? BG, CAG, ADM, CTVA, NTR, FMC, CNAI, SYY – here on the home front backyard huglekulture beds – Seed collecting time from each vegetable I let go to seed..cycle never stops until I do. Yes fall crops are in da ground – little goldfinches have absolutely decimated the swiss chard (bloodbuilder) – so Kale is the “bloodbuilder” veggie this Autumn..sauteed, after softening 5 mins- drain, in olive oil – with raisins and toasted pine nutz..yum! Yeah loob – you know ya gotta try it out.
    Something about hands and feet in the Dirt – its a grounding thing..

  25. For your survey:
    •How much younger than other people your age do you look? What are people telling you?

    Perhaps 10 – 15 years. <10% grey hair. Slight "parchment skin" on arms. Few facial wrinkles. Actual age 78

    •Do you have lucid dreams or recall of your dreams?
    Often VERY realistic. Never tried for "control" in lucidity, don't know. Recall is pretty good.

    •And last, do you snore (or did you snore prior to using a CPAP machine)?

    Snored a bit (not bad) before I lost just over 100 pounds over three year span. Don't have and will never accept CPAP. (318 lb to 212 lb — target 185)

  26. Been quite the ride this morning in the Markets. Futures up over 200 then opened down the bell 200+., then slowly walked back up over 50+.., now down 185. Looks like the big boys are shaking out of a lot of positions. Closing half hour should prove interesting.

  27. How much younger than other people your age do you look? What are people telling you? I’M 79. PEOPLE TELL ME I LOOK 55-60.
    Do you have lucid dreams or recall of your dreams? OCCASIONALLY.
    And last, do you snore (or did you snore prior to using a CPAP machine)? SOMETIMES.

  28. Seems you have a lot of readers that look younger than their age and that is a good sign that maybe they are following some of the same habits that are working for you and Elaine. I too am told I look 15 years younger than 80.

    After my heart surgery wakeup call 15 years ago, I made major changes to my lifestyle, one of them being my sleep habits. I believe that a consistent if not boring sleep pattern is crucial to good health. I get 7 to 8 hours a night except when ill. I do snore but do not have sleep apnea and need for a CPAP. My oxygen level is consistent between 95 and 96%. Occasionally it drops and this is when I am trying to correlate to when I have my most vivid dreams.

    I dream every night but do not remember most of them. When I do, they are usually stark or prophetic in nature. I do think that dreaming allows us to nibble around the edges of the vast mysterious universe beyond that we all become part of some day.

    And finally, I do vaguely remember a comedian (perhaps George Burns) that used to tell people he was ten years older than he really was and they would say “boy, you really look great for your age.”

    • “Seems you have a lot of readers that look younger than their age”

      I get it BIC …. what would you say………..OR……….

      they are just being nice.. No one wants someone to ask them how old do you think I am.. LOL LOL LOL if asked what would you say.. ten or twenty years older than what they are LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


      someone coming up to you and saying.. MY GOD MAN WHAT HAPPENED?

      LOL instead you would say something like.. dam you don’t look that old.. I would have guessed you to be thirty five LOL LOL LOL
      I will be the first here that will honestly say I don’t look ten years younger.. I wished I did.. but I am going to be real…

      • You may be right LOOB. Too many polite friends. Will avoid going to any high school reunions where what is left of my adversaries might say “MY GOD MAN WHAT HAPPENED? LOL

        Point taken and thanks for making my day!

      • BIC–I remember my 40th high school reunion. I had not made any of the previous reunions. (I also did the 50th and the 60th was cancelled because of covid.) My wife and I found the restaurant where it was being held but didn’t see any indications of the reunion. My wife said, “Why don’t you ask the women at the end of the bar?” I replied, “I don’t know any of those fat old ladies; they couldn’t be part of the reunion.” Just then, one of them started toward me and hollered, “Hello Marc!” Between obesity and a few canes, the reunion was a shock. Of my 1960 class of 103, 38 are now definitely dead and only 38 are on the current email list. From what I know, those who died were disproportionately fat, heavy drinkers, and/or smokers. No accounting for the cancer deaths, but I bet the heart and stroke casualties were at least partially avoidable.

        The impact of education, occupation, and wealth was brought home to me by the contrast between my high school class (in a blue collar area) and my Peace Corps cohort. Of that 16, only one is definitely dead while while another has been MIA for years. Virtually all went into the professions and were likely covered by “Cadillac” insurance plans for most of their lives. Virtually all have stayed involved in their occupations and community life well beyond the age of 65

        For George, I’m in decent shape and am told I look ten years younger. Occasional vivid dreams. No apnea. Get my jollies from travel (about 80 countries, all continents), a small garden, and volunteering for a group that teaches kids to sail.)

      • “You may be right LOOB. Too many polite friends. ”

        LOL LOL LOL you know.. I look at pictures on the wall.. seems there is one every ten years or so..
        Well a photo of me in my thirties.. one in my forties and one in my fifties and one of me in my sixties..
        so.. a photo of me in my fifties is hanging in the hallway.. the grand daughter had one of her friends come over and they were talking.. and the young woman stops.. stares at the photo and asks her.. HEY who is the stud.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL at which point she says oh thats grandpa LOL LOL LOL LOL….the girl turned six shades of red then hastily they left LOL LOL.. which I find funny.. I had overheard the conversation between them.. and tells me .. I have not aged well LOL LOL LOL…Andy has that age situation to look forward to LOL LOL LOL
        some age gracefully like my father some don’t LOL LOL

  29. The Anti-Aging quiz:

    I’m 69 and 190 lbs. I’ve been told I don’t look old enough to be retired. 50-ish common guess.

    I do not recall my dreams at all.

    I’m told I do snore. Allergy & sinus problems lifelong. Generally I am a side-sleeper, and roll over frequently. But if I wind up on my back… I can snore.

    I’ve taken vitamins lifelong. Began aggressive and well researched supplementation around age 40 after exercise induced angina scare… now gone.

  30. Folks,

    Remember the Fab 4 tune where they counted all the holes in Blackburn, Lancs.? Today’s edition of “The Daily Mail” has 10, yes ten, reports from the Duchy of Sussex euro tour. Yesterday featured the Duchess apparently referencing herself at least 31 times during her “content-free” Manchester speech. Today the tour has reached Dusseldorf, Germany, birthplace of King Henry VIII’s 4th wife Anne of Cleves, whose annulment settlement included the still extant Anne of Cleves House in Lewes, Sussex. The Duke and Duchess were shepherded after the Duke’s Dusseldorf speaking engagement by the German armed forces mascot shepherd dog Loki, otherwise known as the Norse god of tricksters and traitors. The German sense of humor goes vastly underappreciated. The Duchess was resplendent in her £245 Anine Bing vest, rather 1930’s Wallace-like £1040 Brandon Maxwell trousers, £17,800 Cartier gold watch and £5,000 bangle.

    While it has been said elsewhere in this fine publication that of president and and vp, neither shall the twain meet. The official WH schedule reads just that as both attend a cabinet meeting this afternoon. Although maybe it’s taking a page from Mr. Z. and will be a zoom event.

    What else? Mrs. Pelosi would choose to be Ambassador of Italy if gop takes the House? Does Nero need a light?


    Okay, over to DJ George ready to slam the Doors on the Italian Job.

    “Light My Fire”.

    • Speaking of Italy, “Il Tirreno” in Tuscany has reported that Russian voices have been heard emanating from the rental villa owned by the First Lady of Ukraine. The villa is situated in the lovely Forte dei Marmi birthplace of the former Queen of Belgium and honorary chairman of Missing Children Europe. The King abdicated for “health reasons” several years past.

    • I like it for specific effects in particular venues. It can be socially useful, but it can have a rebound effect. I agree with “use caution”, for the most part. I have broken the rule regarding MAOI’s intentionally, though I don’t recommend that for most people.

  31. Hello, George and All. Here’s my contribution to the survey. I’m 85 and look younger. I don’t usually get a guess, just “you look younger that my grandmother in her 70’s”. I am healthy, thanks to the Good Lord and good genes. I am not wrinkled, just a bit saggy.
    I think I dream a lot. I wake with a full head with some complicated problem still floating around but don’t remember. I have waked myself by sitting straight up and yelling NO over something I would not be a part of.
    I think I probably snore but the dog is too polite to tell me. I nap on my back and have waked myself with some terrible noises. I sleep on my side and haven’t had that problem at night.
    My heartfelt thanks to you, George, and all the good people who speak here. News is terribly depressing but you give me a good shot of common sense and interesting ideas so it all doesn’t look so dark

  32. Been told I look 10-20 years younger. Am 73. Have good genes… Mom is 96 and doc says she’ll make 100. Do snore a bit… due to asthma. No CPAP. Dreams seldom remembered, but the ones I do always relate to being “not prepared.” Can’t find the right classroom, lost, forgot wallet, forgot what time is appointment, etc. Weird….

  33. G-
    I am 88 and many people tell me I look in my early 70’s. Even my neurosurgeon who recently performed a spinal fusion was surprised at the age of my wife and me. My Mother was 104 when she passed, Father 83; so genetics ?
    Occasionally remember my dreams but with the pain meds I’m on I am having and remembering more dreams. Only rarely do I have lucid dreams nor do I seem to have control over them.
    Diagnosed with sleep apnea years ago and have mostly used CPAP after I found a mask that I could stand.
    However, after my fall accident I have lost 30 lb and used the CPAP only intermittently. My wife tells me that with the weight loss my snoring, if any, is occasional and light.Hope this helps with your anecdotal research.

  34. At least ten years younger and some would say 15 or more. I’m 63 and the overwhelming majority (80%-90%) of my hair is still dark brown. People quite literally don’t believe me when I tell them my age if they don’t know me. I get carded for senior’s discounts. Lol. Both my parents looked far younger than their ages. My siblings do as well. My son who is 12, looks about eight and hates it. For now.

    Definite snorer. I’m told I spit like a camel. Tested for Sleep Apnea a couple of years ago. Negative. I used nasal strips to mitigate snoring for years before switching to a nasal device similar to “Airmax”. Sort of works if I don’t yank it out of my nose whilst asleep.

    I often dream, sometimes lucid to the point of bordering upon another reality. But not always. I do find that my more lucid dreaming seems to be cyclical and I believe it to correlate to sun and moon cycles. Maximum recall/retention occurs if I am awakened for one reason or another while still dreaming.

  35. My most vivid and disturbing dreams were under the influence of the statins or lipitor. I don t take any cholesterol modification anymore.Snoring, usually related to allergy , early — 5 am.

  36. Back in my 40s my oldest brother and I (I’m the oldest) walked into a distant cousin’s business and she made the mistake of asking if my brother was my father. We’ve never let him live that one down but the poor guy has spent his life on a tractor and out in the Sun and now, 20+ years later he really looks bad – and I’m starting to resemble him. Life on the ranch may keep you in shape but I had to work up to it. When I hit 50 I realized it was my last chance to really look great so I bought a decent weight machine and started wearing it out. It made me drop about 13 pounds right off the bat then I started building muscle from there. I was really surprised when I looked up “Building Muscle Mass” on the Internet and found the general consensus was that hitting it every day was totally wrong. You have to let your muscles heal for a couple of days after a good workout and this healing process is what builds the muscle mass.

    This worked out well for me through the 50s but things change, arrangements in the house forced me to move the machine out so my son borrowed it for a while and then, later, it wound up at my in-law’s place where it sits now. Wish I had time to work on it but the ranch or something calls every day. “There ain’t no Sundays West of Ohaha” as Fats said in “The Cowboys” and I’m living proof. While I was on the machine and toward the end it got to the point the wife didn’t like the looks other women were giving me … thank God for poor eyesight … but it was the best I’d ever felt in my whole life and I was looking a lot younger than I was.

    Then the 60s hit. Low “T” and wearing myself out on the ranch anyway made me forget the weight machine and it takes me longer every Spring to get back into working shape. The recent rains washed out the roads to the point 4WD has been essential so I started scraping and leveling the road today. In order to save some time during the rest of the road work I left the tractor at the site and walked the mile and a half or so back to the barn over several hills. I can’t believe my knee isn’t giving me fits right now as it did with a much shorter walk about a month ago. I hope that burns some fat off the backside because that holds you back and runs you down. In a week or so we’re going to have to pull the pipe and pump out of the well that lightning hit and that’s going to be a workout all over again. (The new controller is installed and works, the pump works, too, but somewhere down hole (150 feet) the low water sensor line is not conducting and we’re going to have to find out were. I had to jumper the low water connections on the circuit board to keep the pump running.)

    All this is to say the heavy work keeps you going and feeding yourself a good breakfast is essential. Two well-stuffed meat and egg burritos from the little Mexican eatery while I was in town today beats the frozen crap we have in the freezer and that’s what powered me over the hills on the way back to the truck today. A good helping of B’s along with them helped too. At 65 if I look younger than I am it’s nice but how much work I can do without falling on my face tells me more about my health than anything else. Today I wasn’t out of breath and no chest pains during or after the walk which took somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes. The only thing that hurt was the hip joints but hiking the belt up over the abdominal overhang took the pressure off and that cured that problem.

    As far as snoring goes I’ve run my wife out of the bedroom before and have had her poke me many times in our marriage. I can NOT sleep on my back as I could as a kid or I’ll wake myself up. I have to be on one side or the other and only carefully on my stomach to avoid the reflux action. Nasal spray is a nightly regimen. Our son was on a weight reduction program until he got a CPAP of some kind, now I don’t know if he’s still dieting or not. I hope so but at least he’s sleeping now. He was severely sleep deprived prior to getting the machine, even lost a job because of it.

    The only thing that keeps me up now is the bladder. If I sweat a lot like today I’ll probably get up only once tonight but if I keep my liquid intake on high and cool weather sets in I’ll be up every hour. If I get a fever or some other infection it’ll be every half hour as the kidneys do double-time. That really sucks because you feel twice as bad the next day and as long as the infection has you but napping is required during those times anyway.

    • Bill–As for bladder problems, let me share my experience. A year ago I was getting up “old man normal” one to two times a night. Over a couple of months it increased to 4 to 5 times a night and my GP diagnosed a UTI. Antibiotics seemed to cure it and night runs were reduced. But I had 3 more UTIs ending in April when a urologist prescribed a whole month of Cipro. I had been gearing up for prostate surgery but the core problem seems to have been a deep-seated UTI. “Just sayin'”. Maybe a urologist could help you. I sympathize with anyone who is sleep deprived because of apnea or nocturia; really impairs quality of life.

      • Up too many times during the night? Reoccurring UTI’s?
        Try D-mannose. Look it up. Your doctor will not tell you about it….

        Cipro is nasty stuff!

      • Matilda–Thanks for the tip. Did some quick research. Studies are small but promising. Ordered some 1000 mg caps. Only downside seems to be GI symptoms for some and possible blood glucose impact (which I will assess for myself.)

      • Huh. It says D-Mannose can be found in Cranberries. Azo is a cranberry extract meant to be used for UTI’s so I wonder if its the primary ingredient?

        I honestly don’t remember if I’ve taken Cipro before or not. There’s some old Rx of it in the medicine cabinet but I’d bet they belong to my wife if it’s used primarily for UTIs. I usually don’t have problems with antibiotics. Last night’s runs probably only count as one as the last one was about 30 minutes before the alarm went off and I couldn’t get enough to drink last night which is typical for days like that. I can feel the cooler days coming down the road, though.

      • @Bill

        Cranberry juice cleans & cures. I generally make my own, from Lakewood pure, cranberry juice and Welch’s Grape Juice: ~7-parts grape juice, ~2-parts cranberry juice, then if I want it to taste like Ocean Spray Crangrape I’ll cut it with one part filtered water. Crangrape is only about 3% cranberry juice (’cause them little berries is expensive). Mine is 20-22% and tastes better. When I use an Ocean Spray juice, I add about a cup of real cranberry juice to make it strong enough to clean & cure. For kidneys and bladder, cranberries is da shitz…

  37. Just shy of 60 and I got carded more than once in recent months when buying alcohol. Rarely have lucid dreams but when I do, I wake with a deja vu feeling. Scenes or settings from these vivid dreams come to be in the future and I get that same feeling. But it’s the “settings” I remember- not content. Snored all my life until I started the CPAP for sleep apnea a few years ago.

  38. The silver squeeze is happening. Over 100 million ounces have been taken out of the warehouses leaving something like 46 million and large amounts continue to come off the markets.

    Robert Kientz outlines the squeeze and what the banks are aiming to do in order to make holding PMs non-profitable for individuals. The banks will also get rid of PayPal, Venmo and other alternative methods of payment using Fed Now to transfer bank-to-bank and monitor ALL of your transactions. Negative interest rates where you put, say, a hundred into your account and you’re credited with only 90 or 95 digi-units of currency are also in the Fed Now system. This would take the place of taxes but also used to “discipline” unruly customers who don’t follow certain guidelines of their accepted social etiquette.

    Silver Squeeze Predictions Confirmed!

  39. Mr. Ure,

    Will your website just let me take a selfie of me and my wife Pam and post it in the comments section with some pertinent info on our history ? Are there some security issues that could possibly get us killed prematurely by being who we are ? I am guessing we can’t post pics in the comment section because ……?

  40. To contribute to your aging survey: I am 68, but am told I look 45-50 (not a single wrinkle on my face in spite of being outdoors most of my life-deserts and beaches of California and no ‘work’ done either). I did and continue to do considerable amount of manual labor (landscaping, chain sawing,etc – I HAVE to be outdoors at least 1-4 hours a day) in addition to engaging in regular exercise- from group cardio classes, weight training, etc (am 5’6″, 140lbs). I also do Kempo martial arts (2 belts to go to 1st black belt) and meditate. Quit smoking in ’97, drink maybe a glass of red wine 1x month, eat healthy and organic (red meat 1x mo, no fish). Always active – younger life included scuba diving, skydiving, rock climbing, equestrian dressage, riding motorcycles, and dance classes including tap and pole).
    And yes, I snore – sometimes waking myself up even – but then again, I still have my tonsils (which am told are slowly atrophying) and those can get easily irritated, especially when I do a lot of singing while driving.
    I also try to learn something new every day and try to pick up learning to ‘do’ something new every year to keep the mind sharp.
    Maternal side of family (Eastern European) lived to 103, 99 and 95 and all looked far younger than actual age so genetics also plays a part in this.
    Dream just about every night, remembering bits and pieces upon waking up (if I don’t write them down immediately upon waking, I do forget the usual dreams – but not the ‘horrific’ ones). Was born on a full moon and as such, dream more during full moons and the 5 days leading up to it and 5 days after.

    • I’m happy to say I was able to hang onto my tonsils throughout my childhood, too. My wife’s are perpetually swollen but never sore and have never given her problems. I came to the conclusion that tonsils, adenoids and the like were simply low hanging fruit for the doctors to pay their college off with and have had several animated conversations with doctors about them through the years who wanted to yank them out. If they get infected due to strep, like they did for just about every birthday I had in Elementary school, or drainage I always look at it as they’re doing their job as lymph glands so just leave them alone. Just give me some pills, leave me alone for a few days and I’ll be fine.

  41. I’d be careful about people commenting on how old you appear.

    I actually “experimented” briefly 20 years ago or so with telling people they looked younger than they appear to be.

    I was amused that EVERYONE seemed to believe what I was saying, and of course was pleased with it.

    In fact the very idea of it is so appealing to most people that they will believe anything!

  42. At 81, I’m often told there’s no way I’m that old. In fact, my wife keeps asking me when I’m going to grow up. To my eye, I don’t look a day over 80. I do snore (according to my wife, who snores enough for both of us), but neither of us uses CPAP. My dreams are usually in color, and I remember a few of them, mostly the ones that end in a calamity of some sort that wakes me up.

    • Chaos dreams. That’s where my dream wold exists. We may have met at one time or another over there. Throw all your experiences in a box, shake it up and dump it out like chicken bones to read your fortune.

  43. Hi George,
    Thanks for the question. Interesting responses. I am 75 years old. I worked (by choice) until 71 doing international safety culture change. It was always interesting to have someone from a different country be surprised when the topic of age came up and they found out my age. The guess was usually 10 to 12 years younger. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea 6 years ago. I have used a bipap machine every night since the diagnosis. Seldom snored (per wife) but when having a colonoscopy surprised the doctors when I stopped breathing many times during the procedure. I dream most nights (usually in black and white) and the dreams seem to have common themes of working or having trouble finding my way to a destination.

  44. I asked a friend who’s trying to get me to “act my age” how old I looked. She claims I’m 10-15 years younger looking than average. I do try to look good for myself and others, though I have very little idea of what that should be. Things that have helped keep me healthy include remaining away from most people for the last 15 years, working hard on my place, daily meditation, and serious supplementation. I do need to lose weight, though I’m not too bad. I eat small meals, am vegetarian but not vegan, and I never eat unless I’m actually hungry. I almost never dream and remember them, and have 0-1 pitstops during the night. I’ve been told all my life by others that I snore constantly, but I’ve never in my life heard myself snore! I can’t speak about the CRAP machines, since I never tried one, and unless I get one from the gray or black markets, it won’t happen. I’m not about to pay anyone to get a “prescription” for anything. Today I was approached and had a conversation with a very pretty student at the university. I’m sure she had no idea about my age. This was an outlier – but it was a good thing.

  45. Good Morning George,
    I am 51 and my Fiance’s grandchildren think I am in my 20’s; however most people think I am in my 30’s, (My mom who is 70 also looks way younger than her years)
    I have always remembered my dreams and have seen the future in my dreams many times over the years. (some years are better than others) Also I have learned when sharing the future dreams to people who no longer exist in those dreams its best to not overshare.
    I snore more when I carry to much weight around and less when I weigh less. I have not been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea but probably would if i was tested.
    I love this part of your postings. Dreams and Dream work is a so very interesting and it is great to hear how others are do dream work. Thanks for all you do.

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