Hamburger-based Socioeconomic Control

Been doing a lot of thinking, here lately. I happened to have been hungry at the time.

I was trying to sketch up a way to communicate the “whole meal deal” that we face as co-residents in a country that is doing its damnedest to lose a once commanding lead over all other countries on Earth.

What better than a “hamburger analogy?”  The Club’s Sandwich you can’t join, of course!

On the top of the American Buns we find the Elites – always in power, always in control, and always rigging the game to keep the Bun Bottoms (regular people) under their control.

We the People are the “subs” in this view:  Always someone telling us what to do,  where to go, how to think, how to spend – and never with our own genuine freely-chosen Greater Good in mind.


This is a world of PEOPLE MANIPULATIONS because that’s what makes the world.


The short history is?  “The origin of the income tax on individuals is generally cited as the passage of the 16th Amendment, passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913.”

Of course, you can spend all day today reading conspiracy theories that said it was never passed.  But that would change the crime of improper reporting, even if it wasn’t really properly ratified.

Our point is only to mention that the U.S. was (from the Civil War income tax up until the first Financial Coup in America) able to do the basics of government on a small fraction of GDP.  Say, what?  2 percent, or so?  Everything else was worked out in a manner acceptable to “community.”

After the First Financial Coup began in 1913 *(income tax) the second part of the Coup came when the Banksters set up a “shared” ownership of America’s money.  Yes, the Constitution set the power over money with Congress, but Banksters wrested that away.  It’s now the Fed.

Ever since, there has been an iceberg-like flow to government expansion.  We have gone from a minimal tax rate (because people would have rebelled) to now upwards of 30 percent (*higher, actually, because the NuScrew of embedded “invisible” taxes (think fuel taxes) has been put in play).

These hidden taxes come in the form on taxes like the federal gas tax and other taxes on things like energy.

At the same time – as I pointed out to you Friday, we have fewer people actually employed in America today than we did in late 2019 by the Government’s own Figures!

So, in the past two years, four months, we have made no additional actual employment gains.  THAT is not what you’re hearing on “the news.”  Which, as we point out in our Hamburger analogy, is because the Media is more interested in Cheese of the financial sort.

I could go on all day detailing how this all works, but the fact that China has not made its Big Move on Taiwan yet, means the odds of that Future will now begin to shade into November – but not until after the (also shit-show) “elections” here which are a complete sham in and of themselves.

The sham part of the election?  Democrats – the war party which has just sent another 1.1 billion to Taiwan and God-knows how much to UKR now – has gotten us from zero wars to two (one active, one pending) and in the meantime, there’s a case to be made that the U.S. Sanctions on Russia – which caused them to kill energy to Europe (resulting in the Euro crashing story today: British pound sinks to lowest level against the dollar since 1985 – MarketWatch).

Britain (and Euro) doesn’t seem able to see that Woke is really a communist-backed info war which is anti-White male. It has already led – in the UK – to Team Liz: Who will be the key players if Tory leadership favourite triumphs? which carries the sub-heading: “with none of the great offices of state set to be held by a White man for the first time in British history.”  (They didn’t capitalize “white” but we fixed that – not being racists.)

Coming to America, too:  Just give it a little more time.

Big Picture?

China will have Taiwan before Christmas, we figure.  Germany will be bankruptcy by the (stupid, woke) Greens who played into the Russian energy trap.

And here in America, we’ll having elections that focus on abortion (*which will never be “solved” because it’s an industry on both sides) and Trump (*who will have been out of office two-years.

Yet, no clear vote on Climate schemes, even as The 17 states that follow California’s emission standards and might now BAN gas cars.  I would argue that no state Constitution allows voters of any other state to set deadlines and that this is just pile-on.  But my consigliere says foolish states (Virginia, for example) have the power invested in legislatures to tie their future to the California Air Resources Board (CARB – whose truck rules screwed the port wait times for teamsters and helped implode supply chains), or they can attach policy to the upcoming covers of the New Yorker, if they want.

Which goes to prove the old legal saw:  “No man or his property is safe when the Legislature is in session.”

Our much-feared Bottom Line?  China gets Taiwan, they won’t sell the West really hot new tech like super-fine pitch semiconductors.  Russia will keep the energy shut off in Germany as it pleases them, payback for backing the Ukraine war instigated by formerly American NeoCons who have become born again NeoLibs under Obama’s marionette-in-Chief.  Yes, that’s right – hate-monger Joe.

Some Holiday, huh?

Voting about a non-president, voting on birth control failures – nothing of substance to really vote on this fall.  Just “Keep up the Charade or change out some of the Actors?”  

The American Academy is toast.

Adventures of Crooked Joe

You may think that Ure’s a bit crotchety and cranky this morning.  No, I wasn’t – until I opened the NY Post and read the latest on Pop’s and crime family: FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter, Joe Biden/

I’ve said it before (“Impeach!”).  But the limp-brained republicans who used to represent the Reasonable Middle have joined the gender-uncertain and are behaving in a neutered manner.

Meantime where’s the “explosive Trump” Russia Collusion evidence the dems promised in their sycophant mouthpiece organs (and media, lol) for 2+ years?


How the Future Rolls

Curse of the Ure family again – living in the future – not the present.  But here’s  how we’re sizing things up for this morning only.

Ukraine:  Fighting will continue.   Germany has been led to the slaughter of influence by the Greens as we see the Media footwork and misdirection at work.

Explanation:  Start with the headline Germany to invest another $65B into fighting price rise (  Why, it almost sounds like they have money.  THEY DON’T.  Because another report lays it out as Factbox: What we know about Germany’s new levy on power prices | Reuters.  So the REALITY in hard-facts-of-Life news?  German isn’t investing dick.  They are re-screwing the German consumer.  THEY will pay for this kind of tax “climate chjange” while media calls it an “investment.”

Back ally mugging and nothing less.

Taiwan: Likely to lose:  Against the backdrop of stories like Military reserves, civil defense worry Taiwan as China looms – ABC News,  We see a classic school-yard fight between the Big Bully and the little wimp.

While the Buyed ’em administration throws (your tax) money into the game, do you know what the population of Tuvalu is?  About 11,800 people.  About a quarter of the population of Anderson County Texas. So pardon us laughing out loud, but when we read Pacific’s Tuvalu to ‘stand firm’ with Taiwan over China, we had tears streaming down from mirth over math.  China has 122,033 times MORE PEOPLE than Tuvalu.  (Are we the only ones with a “calculations mindset” when reading the news?)

Next Week

For reasons you’d need to subscribe to our Peoplenomics® newsletter to fully grasp, we expect a rally this week.

On the economic calendar: Nothing much but bond actions, so feel free to make it a four-day weekend.

Come back Wednesday, though, or you might miss Sloppy Joe and the Democrat Hallelujah Choir sing the praises of the latest International Trade figures.  Which should be great – on paper.  Not because we import less or make more for export.  Nay, this is just a currency swing result.  Nothing has changed down at the mills (in China) except the power shortages from the weather engineering phase of WW III which followed the bioweapon drop in 2019…

Thursday: New unemployment figures will be low – so that’s a “who cares?”  Instead, Fed Boss Jerome Powell will speak and that is likely to feed what we think will be a big up week for markets into a seasonal (though could be secondary) high on Friday.  The sewage-treatment smell around money will return the following week.

As for Friday?   Next to nothing, so another three-day weekend may be plugged-in here.

Around the Ranch

Deelightful visit with our neighbors last night.  Our totally local East Texas consensus was that a Greg Abbott and Ben Carson ticket would be a great GOP alternative to DeSantis and [whoever] – though anything would be an improvement from where the country is now.

Going into the weekend, I did some shopping at the local Kroger’s store and spied 4.5 pound boxes of large Atlantic crab on sale ($63 bucks).  So we had a couple of cocktail hours shaking and cajoling minute pieces of crab out of the exoskel. Not like Dungeness that we came to love in our W. Coast sailing days.  But large chunks of Dungeness crab meat are going for $69.95 a pound from our favorite fly-in fishmongers.  Still, I think we got less than a pound in all from the anorexic sea spiders from Canada, but we have several more spreadsheets to run before figuring out whether to “go large” for Thanksgiving this year.

New Toys Dept. has a goodie coming this week: I was cruising the foodie tools over on the Zon and no kidding, a “F.BLUMLEIN Countertop Steam Oven 26 Qt – Roast, Steam, Bake, Broil, Ferment, and Defrost – Use Steam to Reheat Leftovers or Stale Bread – Cooking Trays Included” called to me. Normally, these roll at $399 a copy, but with a $90-off coupon, I couldn’t resist!  Total before Gov. Abbott’s Hold’em Tax was $209.99.

Elaine and I both love to cook.  Unfortunately, I have the eating part really nailed.  But neither of us in our combined 153-years of life has ever owned a steam oven.  We’re going to fix that and do some serious baking of breads and steaming of veggies, fish, and pork which by all accounts are TDF with steam cookery.

Ham Radio Notes:  Still working on what kind of “ultimate” ham radio operator position(s) I want to build.  With the reroofing project due in a week or three, I will be able to polish off the deck projects in a week or three afetr that, just in time for the arrival of the winter ham radio season.

That weird antenna problem on the #2 Off-Center-Fed-Dipole that I whined about a week ago Sunday in the ShopTalk column, was a really interesting case of “radio detective work.”  The problem – which came and went, making isolating it tough, turned out to be a UHF pass-through bulkhead.  12-inch unit with lots of grounding for lightning, so a replacement has been ordered and we’ll tear down the old one to see if a lightning (side-strike or static arc) might be to blame.

Quite the good mystery but like Pappy used to say when I stewed about intermittent electrical problems as a kid (when I should have been doing homework):  “Do what you can to break it – as that will narrow down the problem area.”

Between bouts of deliberate over-voltage (look for smoke), a heat gun, tons of spray cans of circuit-cooler, and (in the case of this sketchy bulkhead) plain old brute force has solved more electronics issues than they’ve caused over 60-years of wire yanking and longshore-speaking.

On today’s agenda here:  Solid breakfast of ham steaks, hashbrowns, eggs, and toast, after which a half-hour of LED photon pumping with the NIR light crown and then the speed crown.  That will set me up for a few rounds of 2o-meter Morse code contacts and then a visit to the hobby shop bench for sanding on that Chinese sand boat model.  Happy holiday, right?

Not a particularly stressful day, is it?

Go have a wonderful one and drop by tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,

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65 thoughts on “Hamburger-based Socioeconomic Control”

  1. Excellent column as usual George. The shit sandwich analogy is perfect. The only layer I would add to the sandwich is the secret sauce ala the “secret societies”. You know, those secret societies that President Kennedy talked about and cost him his life. Those secret societies are behind a lot of the stuff that’s going on today.

    I hardly ever watch Netflix but for some reason I watched a new movie they offered “Interceptor”. It was about an ICBM interceptor station in the middle of the Pacific that was attacked by American rogue military. There actually is such a radar station (SBX-1) and they used that as the set for the movie. Anyway the Rambo style protagonist was female, the station commander was black, the communications officer was an immigrant and the bad guy who was trying to destroy 15 American cities with stolen Russian ICBMs was a good looking white male. Impossible to miss the woke symbolism. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. Definitely smothered with some secret sauce.

    • not all “secretsocieties” are brothers of darkness. there are in existence today ‘ss’ that work souly for the Light, “the return”.

      19th & 20th century Russian Christian philosophers ; Ivan Ilyin, Berdyaev & Solovyov – both Berdyaev&Solovyov argued that historic mission of Russia is to Lead the way to Human Unification.

      Whereas Ilyin believed “Russian history is all about Morality triumphing over difficulties, temptations, dangers and enemies.”

      Vladimir Pooteeen mandates his administration read those 3 russian philosophers. Regional Govenors were instructed to read those 3 over the 2014 winter holidays as well.

      Contrast that with ukey-nazi’s & british/german/usa admistrations warring on Russia.
      – contrast that against neo fuhrer bidet in “riechstag” speech in philly last week .

      Some ting wong, very wong!

  2. I think what the elites fail to grok is that when society crumbles, the mobs will be attacking them — if not first, then early on — as the wheels come off the stagecoach. When the paychecks to GovDome employees at all levels cease — “security people” included — the so-called elites will not be able to enforce anything or protect their own parasitic asses.

    I am semi-patiently awaiting the first calls for, and first instances of, Civil Disobedience. How that is handled will determine if we, as a nation, can fix things, or have a civil war first, and THEN fix things.

    I believe it will start with the truckers, who will “park ’em” for a while to get noticed. Within two weeks, all stores’ shelves everywhere will be bare.

    Re-boot will be a Bitch.

    7.299 day / 3.999 night — 45’s and 15’s
    We can commiserate and share intel.

    • I have been saying something similar for quite a while., but being an ex-door kicker.., “There is no problem, great, or small, that can not be solved with the proper application of C4.”
      – The problem arises with the consequences of those actions. Within a week every major city will be in turmoil and massive riots within two. No trucker will risk his life, or rig driving into a war torn city., once it starts., and I don’t believe that there are enough military personnel available to escort all the trucks that will be required to restock the shelves.

    • “I think what the elites fail to grok is that when society crumbles, the mobs will be attacking them — if not first, then early on”

      They don’t. Pelosi, in her SanFran mansion lives less than a mile from one of the m/l permanent homeless camps. She believes the wall, gate, and her private army will always protect her. I don’t know if her security lives on-premise, but when TSHTF their first consideration, just like everyone else’s, is going to be feeding their family, then feeding themselves. As those become a full-time occupation, their attentiveness toward nattering Nancy will wane. Nancy would never see this coming.

      Taylor Swift has had security since she was a baby. What’s she gonna do when her bodyguards’ kids start crying themselves to sleep from hunger? Hire Andy? The boy’s no fool — He’d hit it once on his way to the Alaskan outback — alone.

      ‘Point is, the rich and powerful would never even consider the possibility of a grid down shitshow.* If anything, they would hire someone to worry about it for them. Still, I can see Sabrina Carpenter eating beans out of a can and living in the woods (she’s not very old and grew up in a coal mining town) but I can’t see Katy Perry eating anything out of a can — not even to save her life.

      *There are a few exceptions, like guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, who left the stage with the Doobies and Steely Dan, to become a nuke authority and NorCal hermit, and Dolly Parton, who can probably still make a mean casserole from stuff she, herself, picks in the wild.

      The reason I suggested years ago that everyone buy a pile of “Goodwill clothes” or save up their tattered rags, to toss in the front yard if(when) the poo hits the bladed blower, is even the shacks of the very poor will be ransacked, unless they look like they already have. Any fancy house, house in a fancy neighborhood, or mansion hidden in the woods, will be pillaged, many times over, and it doesn’t matter who lives there or what kind of “security” they have. Starving bodyguards are absent bodyguards.

      • Hmm.. well Nancy wouldn’t worry about the gated homestead.. she like most of congress are invited down into the bunkers.. I can tell you I have been in a couple and they are really nice.. the big issue is.. the guy in the bunk next to her.. after a while a cave is just a cave… Now the elites unlike other countries that made arrangements for a good number of the people and hold drills…didn’t make any arrangements for the regular china they even built whole cities and vactories power plants everything to start new after the great event.. the elites only made arrangements only for them.. and when the SHTF…the people will be left to fend for themselves.. sure fema may come out and hand a case of water and a couple of meals.. now taylor swift.. I think I could fit her in the house someplace.. LOL LOL LOL.. well only if the boss would say its ok.. LOL LOL.. she did write on the grocery list twenty five year old blonde must like gardening LOL LOL ..( the family joke.. like sure your gonna find someone twenty five that likes to garden .. or want an old geezer LOL ) What I see.. is an emp.. then let nature do its thing.. the elite goes down.. after the vast majority of the people are dead the enemy comes in as the hero.. and helps the rest.. they would have the undying gratitude to them for saving them unlike our own govt. that abandoned them.. then sealing up the tunnels or blasting them.. ( it would take a lot to.. thick dam thick) . I believe they do know where they all are to.. the other thing is look where they are.. all on fault lines and near volcanic flows..
        with the estimated half million people left the country would go back to the way it was before man.. the elite don’t have the skills to deal with the daily life of the average working stiff.. they sure couldn’t build back.. money.. well it does burn..

    • “I believe it will start with the truckers, who will “park ’em”

      Because of the crime factor in the big cities.. Truckers already stay a couple hundred miles away before dark.. Had one guy deliver late in the afternoon.. came out and his radio had been stolen.. he called for the police.. and they told him they didn’t know why he was so stupid that he came that late in the afternoon evening.. they won’t come into that neighborhood for anything other than a homicide until morning..

  3. You posters have seen/heard the hubbub over school loan freebies. 10K. 20K if you’re really hard-up.

    There’s a new link going around showing. Some RINO leadership really cleaned-up in the PPP categories.

    Republican members of Congress whose PPP loans were forgiven

    Not to forget an entire generation was just bailed out:

    FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Historic American Rescue Plan Pension Relief for Millions of Union Workers and Retirees

  4. Have I got this right?
    – If the House turns Republican in the Mid-Term Elections., Pelosi will be out as Speaker and a Republican will control the gavel. That places a Republican in-line for Vice President if/when Biden is ousted.
    – A liberal Democrat President and a Republican [ Rino?] Vice President. I don’t think that has ever happened. Not in modern times, anyway.
    – So.., won’t the Democrats have to move soon, before the Mid-Terms, to ensure that they have control of the House and Pelosi as Speaker., and thus, the next Vice President ?
    – I know the Vice President has no real job description, or any power at all.., but it is a ready-made platform for media coverage on anything they say., and the media will be covering every second of that Vice-Presidents existence.
    – Or.., have I got something wrong here?

    • Hmmm… does there HAVE to be an election?

      the way I read it that the USA if in a state of emergency.. congress can be sent home.. the president and the secretary of defense become the controlling entities to keep COG until security of the nation is reestablished.. (that was my interpretation of what I read passed and supported by the whole congress.. . )

    • That places a Republican in-line for Vice President if/when Biden is ousted.

      No. Neither our line of succession nor CoG work that way. “House Speaker” is the person who’s 3rd in-line for the Presidency, but that only plays if da Prez and VP are both perp-walked or are somehow killed (the President and VP are NEVER supposed to be in the same place, at the same time, but folks periodically get careless and overlook protocols…)

      If the President is impeached and removed, “25th’d,” or dies, the VP becomes President, and will nominate a new VP – kinda along the lines used to nominate a USSC Justice, where Congress has to approve the choice. The VP nominee can be anyone. When Agnew went away, leaving us with no VP, Nixon nominated Jerry Ford, not because he was Minority Leader, but because Nelson Rockefeller told him Ford was the only Republican the Democrats would approve.

      – A liberal Democrat President and a Republican [ Rino?] Vice President. I don’t think that has ever happened.

      When the USofA started out, da Prez was the person who got the most electors; the VP was the person who got second-most. They were often of differing or competing ideologies. ‘Makes for some interesting reading, should one wish to study American History…

      BTW, ideologically, there’s no difference between a RINO and a Democrat. RINOs are Democrats who joined (and diluted) the Republican party, 50 years ago…

      • …Anyone, except Messrs. Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama. Once someone serves 6 years + 1 day as President, they become forever ineligible for any position that’s in the CoG chain-of-command succession.

      • An interesting sidelight, our current Rep sheriff hired his Dem opponent as chief deputy after his election in 2012. It was a good move, politically and practically. They worked well together and made a great management team. Unfortunately the chief deputy retired a couple of years ago, and management has taken a hit while the new guy learns the ropes.

  5. “you can spend all day….. never passed”

    You’re right, why bother? Why put ourselves in a position of convincing a nit-wit? Let Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand choke them out. We all have access to the same information.

    “(because people would have rebelled)”

    From above, not that it matters….

    Let’s assume “A republic, if you can keep it.” was really stated by Franklin.

    People did rebel. The Whiskey Rebellion.

    The duality of Washington as protagonist/antagonist in the American story.

    Later Franklin tweeted, “They didn’t last long.”

    • People did rebel. The Whiskey Rebellion.

      You do realize the whiskey tax hurt Washington more than anyone else in the U.S., right? Yet he led the army which quelled the “rebellion,” even though that tax cost him a fortune, “because it was the right thing to do…”

      • Right Washington sending troops was the .gov takeover.

        Generally we’re sold the idea the American Revolution (Civ. War 1) was about tax law. Does America have more taxes, about the same or less than before the revolt?

  6. Ure keeps forecasting end-of-the-world events.

    I guess that is why they don’t happen. Great, keep it up! Taiwan is safe. (Well, maybe and probably not.)

    He envisions a Mad Max or The Day After (Ure’s fav) world.

    Why would China invade Taiwan?

    No, they walk in.

    The objective is not to destroy Taiwan or kill people; the purpose is to change its government: China.

    Ergo, 1st take out all defensive airplanes (and spy-in-the-sky satellites and spy planes?) and airports, all defensive and offensive missiles / drones, major communications, and a significant sample of military basis / soldiers.

    Seal the shipping ports.

    All can and should be accomplished without setting foot on Taiwan.

    Then have a conversation with their leaders.

    The only real uncertainty is the U.S.

  7. Found a problem a with the 6 CuFt low-power DC chest freezer. I am currently running it off an AC power supply connected to a UPS power system, giving me about 4 days of back-up.
    The unit is not frost free, and the appearance of ice on the sidewalls has been my indicator that all is well. I keep a couple of wire baskets in the bottom, which put a little space between the bottom and the food. I had a package of sausage fall to the bottom in direct contact with the freezer bottom. In digging around cleaning out the freezer, I found the sausage, which was definitely not frozen solid.
    The freezer was set almost on the maximum setting, so I edged up the cooling a bit. My temporary fix is to take a surplus wire drain rack gathering dust in the garage, turn it upside down, place it it the bottom of the freezer, then place the wire baskets on top, giving me about a 4″ gap between the floor and the food. I will try and find something a little shorter at the store in a week or so. Two to three inches should be sufficient.
    To test my new set-up, I am putting an ice tray of water in the bottom of the wire racks to see if it freezes properly.
    Low power appliances are a bit more temperamental than the full power versions.

    • In my DC power systems daze, I have seen people take such systems and install (spray on mastic which is ugly as hell) wnother 4″ of styro on all six surfaces and overlaps to remove the raw edge of the top.
      but, is there a (simple) way to check frigerant level and pump for pressure/leaks?

      • Texas summers are hard on garage chest freezers. I would have to find a service tech who would give servicing it a try, and right now, I’m not receiving visitors. Given that the ice on the sides is still frozen solid, I’m thinking the issue is seasonal garage floor temperature, and lack of air convection flow along the freezer floor setting up a hot spot. Improvising an insulating cover would certainly help the little compressor, and sounds like the next reasonable upgrade.
        I will wait for the results of my ice cube test (just started) before getting out my wallet. I don’t have that much food in it, so I am not faced with a megabuck freezer failure issue. A direct replacement would be several weeks away. I have been plotting to buy a second freezer, and increase battery storage (not to mention putting in a permanent solar panel array). On the other hand if small upgrades work, then I can slow down on the big ticket capital ideas.

      • A tray of ice cubes froze solid in the little freezer overnight. Temperatures were down close to 70 this morning. I’m thinking where I need the extra insulation is in the floor of the freezer. 2″ of foam, with wire frame spacer above it might be the next thing I try.

    • this girl gives a really good analysis of the refrigeration unit..
      eeeh.. this one below is OK.. but they all make it loos harder than what it truly is.. LOL

      this one below is a lot better.. and probably the easiest to understand..
      a few years ago I built a solar beer chiller.. ( after I discovered showing a bunch of young kids how to melt stone with the sun that went horribly bad.. bad decision really bad) I decided to show them how to freeze water with the sun.. instead of propane we used the sun..
      this will explain the unit I made.. I had one of those.. and gave it to a friend that is experimenting with it.. ( I keep telling him I drained most of the ammonia out of it..) I was going to use a lithium bromide mix instead..
      the old dish network dish was enough .. the problem I had was it was to cold and would freeze the beer.. so I had to put ice in the chiller the cooling element would keep it cold..

      easy to replicate.. which is one reason I got rid of it.. ( a guy had gotten it from a junk pile.. someone that had known me told him.. ask this idiot in the wastelands if anyone knows what it is he would..he thought it was a heater LOL.. so he gave it to me)
      I got a lot of thrills out of it.. but didn’t want the kids exposed to toxic chemicals especially after the melt stone with the sun tragedy..
      an you don’t really need a lot of crap .. oh (creative readily available parts..) to make one ..
      on modern freezers.. they use a pump that forces the fluid through smaller pipe then to expand.. with the solar you use the sun.. it goes into the separator up through the coil water bath then down into the expansion back to the container.. its really simple..
      I set mine up for continuous loop.. but then that is what I had.. I ended up giving it away.. LOL.. the boss wanted to park in the old mans sanctuary LOL LOL add another two inches of foam on the inside.. and you will have a freezer that will be above the rest.. my solar beer chiller was four inches of foam.. and a tote.. made up to look like an old coke machine LOL drain plug on the bottom so I could drain out the melted ice before putting it away.. worked great..

  8. George,
    You are accurate with that description of the Biden crap-burger.
    That’s always the same old typical problem with the Communist/Democrats…trying to foist that meat-substitute patty off as the real thing.
    A real, “WE THE PEOPLE” burger will have RED MEAT for a patty, not crap.

  9. I don’t know.., but I have a hunch that this coming week will not be as “quiet” as you stated. Just a ‘get-feeling’. We’ll see……….,

  10. Yep, back in the good old days, the federal government could function on a small fraction of what it does today. Of course, there wasn’t: a standing army, enemies that could destroy our cities in a matter of minutes, interstate highways, Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, disaster relief, pure food and drug act, consumer protection act, etc. The world changed and the old models stopped working. I know that there’s stupidity, waste, fraud and abuse. They even existed back then. But we need to stop romantizing the past, particularly the past that never was.

    • I believe it was Helen Keller that said something like: ” It’s three in the morning, 12 degrees outside and the outhouse is sixty feet away through three feet of snow. The ‘Good Ole Days’ weren’t that good. “

      • Bedrooms had a chamber pot that was stored on one side of the dresser for middle of the night emergencies. Thus the expression: “He’s so poor, he doesn’t have a pot to piss in”.

        I was 12 before electricity and indoor plumbing happened at our farm in Minnesota because of REA (Rural Electrification Authority) Thanks to President FDR. My future SIL came to visit and in the middle of the night she whispers to my sister “where is the bathroom?” The city gal was horrified by our two choices. The outhouse wasn’t too bad. Toilet paper was a torn page from an old Sears catalog which also provided interesting reading material.

        This week I have been looking at my Aunt’s 1956 diary. Soup was 18¢, lunch downtown was 35¢ and a cab to take my sick grandma to the doctor was 45¢. .

        It was the “Good Ole Days.” Never once was I afraid that someone would shoot me. Now too many people look and act totally insane. People have been shot at my grocery store this year.

    • “Yep, back in the good old days, the federal government could function on a small fraction of what it does today.”

      Hmm.. I believe it still does.. very little of the budget actually goes to the country..we have left our vital infrastructure go since what 45.. our healthcare system is one of the worst on the planet..and they’ve actively been working on dumbing down the citizens..outsource industry and impoverished the working class…
      I believe that with what they are presently doing that it’s costing something like a quarter million a second right now..

  11. Prepping note:

    Since you live rural even though you may have little need to visit the city if things go south (is the place nearby even a city? or is it a old bump next to old abandoned railroad tracks) you may still NEED to go there for something. Medical care, supplies that you can still buy/obtain there, etc..

    Since mostly likely gasoline and diesel will be in super short supply, if available at all, have you considered something electric for transportation. NOT a Tesla, Bolt, etc., NOPE, I am thinking about an Electric Bicycle with a tag along trailer (that has enough battery power to make it to town and back while towing the tag along trailer with lots of range to spare).

    Electric Bicycles have come a long way over the last few years, around here the Amish have taken to them like Americans took the Model T back about 1910. (don’t ask me how they justify them as being OK … I can’t answer that just like I can’t answer how the young men are able to justify driving their buggies around with LOUD boom boxes blaring – and yep they LIKE hard rock blasting out of of those too, LOL)

    There are all sorts of electric bikes around but by law in this state they are classified at 3 levels based upon motor power and speed. The lower two levels are considered “bicycles” for all practical purposes and can go anywhere a bicycle can go, including “bike only” trails, with NO licensing required (generally 500 watt or less motors qualify). The third level is placed into the same level as a low powered Moped and can NOT go on bike trails, have to travel on the streets like mopeds, etc. and will in the not too distant future probably require a license plate as well as a DL endorsement to operate (just like low powered, <50cc, mopeds).

    Since you have the solar power needed to charge up such a thing it is maybe something you should consider. (most batteries are 48v fwiw)

    I can't give any recommendations but am starting to look around myself. For me RANGE is proving to be the biggest obstacle since I want to have enough range while towing a tag along to make it to my one son's place, wit one extra battery, which is about 65 miles away (it is mostly rails to trails bike trails … safer than roads, plus MUCH less hilly, and MORE direct).

    Just a thought of something you should consider as a prep item

    (btw: have you also though of a wood burner for winter heating?)

    • We do have a backup wood box stove. Plus, we have a ventless propane heater that will keep the house above freezing in the winter, as well.
      I have looked at the ebikes, but we are waiting until the last possible moment (Taiwan invasion begins) before pulling “Go!” on the finally 300 gallons of farm diesel (prices are coming down)_ and multiple other semi-perishables like ebikes and things of a certain caliber.

  12. George,
    Serious food for thought:
    Set up for national population reduction effort in disguise???

    Via State of the Nation:
    Joe Biden’s Philly “Speech from Hell” was a highly calculated political and military act on the part of his NWO globalist masters. Because that declaration of war against MAGA Republicans was given so soon after he signed legislation authorizing the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents, the intentions ought to be quite clear. (Those agents actually represent an illegal government-paid army of paramilitary mercenaries whose only mission is to terrorize the Right into compliance or face liquidation.)
    Sure hoping for inaccuracy in this speculation but…

    • DC is a Corporation (theunitedstaes) in and of itself.

      – main reason piglosi did NOT call on NAt’l Guard for Jan 6th – they would have been foreign forces..So yes those new agents could be their DC’ swamp creatures private security force..

  13. George,

    The current quantitative fractal model (under the conditions of fed tightening) for global equity decay from the 16 August 2022 Wilshire lower high is 5/12/13/7 days :: a y/2.5y/2.5y/1.5y fractal decay series and for the CRB, from its 25 August 2022 average lower high valuation, 6/12/12 days :: a y/2y/2y fractal decay series … both ending on 1 October 2022.

    The economic health of the base population controls political destinies and outcomes. Economic chaos in Germany and Italy in the 1920’s, following World 1, led to fascism. Economic chaos in Russia in the 90’s, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, led to today’s Russian fascism with fewer than 100 individuals owning greater than 85 percent of Russian wealth and Putin, the world’s wealthiest authoritarian.

    A Mussolini Quote: “The Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with the State. It is opposed to classical liberalism [or libertarianism, as it’s also called] that denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts the rights of the State… If classical liberalism spells individualism, Fascism spells government.”

    Biden is very likely the enemy of the State, the State as defined by Mussolini.

  14. Very sad ….

    And as some things are falling down, other ominous things are building up …

    Then there are all the “Rescue Plans” (intended to help the less fortunate in all this) but, don’t hold your breath. A simple life preserver floats and reaches those in need, better than these “plans”

    We’ve spent all this time believing we were building a great nation, only to watch it get torn down. Blood, sweat, tears and lives were sacrificed … only to be attacked by mismanagement and by words that offend and divide. Wow !!

    Our guns are constantly under attack, and when that is accomplished in other countries, the Knives rise up. Knowing there are no “good guys” with guns to stop them …

    One day, we may be only left with sticks and stones … and believe me, someone will use them in a bad way. – already happens, actually. Some laws in other countries require it as punishment.

    Some people think they sit on top of the cheeseburger and make it as they please, they seem to forget there is a much higher power than them: The Dude who actually owns the restaurant.

  15. Did you ever hear of the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident?

    Using that incident as the template, recently Taiwan shot down a drone. I expect a “Taiwan Strait” incident soon. Like this week soon.

    China and Russia have both ‘warned’ and both said they’ll go nuclear. China and Russia may yet appeal directly to the American people before the “event” but it’s coming.

    Don’t get me wrong. The America Idea will win the nuclear war. But the outcome won’t be known by us.

    – China warns of ‘counter-measures’ as US approves $1.1bn arms sales to Taiwan

    – Russia warns US of sending long-range weapons to Ukraine

    • Watch the UN this week – Russian Show & Tell time.

      To be followed soonly by Russian Punish& Purge the darkness.

      Pooteen – a Light Bringer ?

      Its a Choice..

      *cue Orvils “lightly salted”

  16. “On the top of the American Buns we find the Elites – always in power, always in control, and always rigging the game to keep the Bun Bottoms (regular people) under their control.”

    its all in the business model…

  17. Folks,

    Only days after visiting two-week-quarantined schoolchildren in the Baltic western Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, Mr. Putin jetted off to the far east Kamchatka province. “The Daily Mail” lamented that the “warmonger” was delivering a “brainwashing history lesson” to the children. Mr. Putin had a priceless photo-op which flew completely over the head of msm. He was pictured with a falcon landing on his gloved hand. Another pose showed the bird of prey perched on his shoulder, both looking at the camera, he with a Mona Lisa smile. Of course over on the east coast of America in the land of the bald eagle, the big bird Air Force 1 will be fueling up according to the official White House schedule. Sylvester, don’t swallow Tweety Bird! Yes, it’s off to the lands of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania “celebrating Labour Day and the dignity of American workers”.

    Whew, the feathers are flying, let’s take a station break with DJ George covering the Rust Belt from Motown to Hip-hop. Fasten seat belts and ride the Falcon9 8 miles high with Eminem:
    “Slim Shady”.

    Today’s Royal News:
    The Duchess of Sussex has been sighted at London’s Euston Station exiting a hybrid electric Range Rover, and boarded a train to Manchester. Ladies desiring today’s Princess Meghan look would wish to peruse the Brandon Maxwell polo top collection, £735, as well as pumps from Manolo Blahnik, £760. Well-regarded Hollywood icon, the 89 year old Dame Joan Collins asks on ITV Television “Do we have to give them more oxygen?”

    Cpap, Stat!

    • “Whats the frequency Kenneth?”

      Who was Horus ?

      Who did he vanquish – mortally wounded to wilds of todays saudi arabia, with its manhood completely “lasered” off during the ultimate battle outside/around and inside the great pyramid?

      ISIS & Horus begat several sons – sons of light
      _____ “offspring” – sons of darkness (annunaki..)

      Horus is always depicted as a Falcon – those Falcon/Pooterz images are “MESSAGE to those with eyes to see”

      Z return! dun,dun,dunnn.

  18. I didn’t get to read Sunday’s post until today as I have split my time between the bedroom and the bathroom with Norovirus. No fun at all!

    But it got me thinking about the importance of water. I drank at least 3 gallons of water yesterday to stay hydrated. Each drink was a short trip through the system. George has preached the gospel of clean drinking water including in his book “Packing To Die” where he says it is at least twice as important as food. I would say it is higher. Can’t imagine having this and having to drink water from a creek to stay hydrated.

    We all know what is coming and it ain’t pretty. Water is already top of the news story lists. Its only going to get worse. At the very least get a Berkley water filter or two for your family. It may save your life.

    To lighten your day, here is a Jimmy Rodgers 2 minute “water” rocker from the 50s that some of us are old enough to remember.

    Happy Labour Day. Going back to bed.

    • On the subject of WATER think about getting one (or more) of the Sawyer Bag Filtration Systems.

      New technology filters and they are good for a few tens of thousand gallons, not a few hundred like most systems (but can NEVER let them freeze once water has gone through them).

      An entire system is about $40 and to top it off is very portable. Extra filters for it are CHEAP (about $25) too. You can buy multiple Sawyer systems for the cost of one Berkey. Just be aware that the bags that Sawyer packs with their system are not very good, though the filter is, but there are all sorts of work arounds on the internet to deal with that issue. Also keep a bottle of FRESH bleach around as a secondary solution to purifying water in the short run.

      (I have used the Berkey style ceramic filters in a Katadyn bag water filtration system for wilderness trips for years and it has worked well … but alas one can no longer get NEW ceramic filters for it, they only want to sell filters that are only good for a few hundred liters and then you have to buy another filter. My Katadyn system is still good but I have now bought a couple of the Sawyer systems for a backup. fwiw those ceramic filters used to be the best for large volume use before wearing out but now their costs are very very high now and imo Sawyer has come up with a better and cheaper mouse trap using NEW, not 1910, technology)

      (one can also make or buy a chlorine generator but that is an entirely different subject – I have one of those too … and in addition have several “Polar Pure” systems which sadly you can no longer buy)

      • Thanks for the info S2. Appreciate it. I have a Big Berkey that I have not used yet. Since I am not a camper, I will need something for home use.

  19. China isn’t taking Taiwan any time soon. China will long-game them, and after the western economies finish imploding, Taiwan will come calling on their own accord.

    • You are probably right, but one would be foolish to bet on it, and this IS the best (military) opportunity in generations for the ChiComs to absorb Formosa and obtain retribution for the incredible insult Chiang visited upon Mao by escaping…

    • “China isn’t taking Taiwan any time soon. China will long-game them”

      I agree… and why would they want to destroy such a nice country.. some really great craftsmen there.. what is funny is it is just a few miles off of the china coast.. Is it really the people of taiwan that want the separation.. or is it the US and Nato that want the separation at all they have control… so close to the shore.. just like cuba.. I believe that we should be the one trying to protect cuba’s interests.. we don’t but we should be..
      would taiwan still be able to do business under the one china policy..
      My thought is YES.. business as usual.. I sure don’t have any problems buying stuff that is made in china.. or taiwan.. from my perspective it is all about control.. and has nothing to do with the people of taiwan.. a war with china would be devastating and kill a lot of good people and mostly it would be who would be in control of the country as their leader.. China will never let the USA be the one in control.. it is to close to their border.. but as their protector.. it would continue to flourish.. then again I guess I don’t understand the big deal of it all.. like cuba.. why aren’t we there being the protector of cuba.. helping them along the road to recovery.. none of it makes any logical sense to me.. taiwan is to far away.. to close to the mainland ..

  20. “…like Pappy used to say when I stewed about intermittent electrical problems as a kid (when I should have been doing homework):  “Do what you can to break it – as that will narrow down the problem area.”

    LOL! After my own heart. I always hated ‘intermittent’. Staff members would come to me with a weird problem that only happens ‘sometimes’. I would tell them that I can’t fix it if it’s not broke… so go break it so I can find where the problem is.

    When I bought the volcano ranch here, the first project was a ground system for the radio shack and antennas planned. Laid #4 stranded three quarters way around the house slab, connected to the water line incoming, and nine ground rods at corners, downspouts, shack, and antenna post bases. I have gravel over layered lava rock which makes a poor, almost glass like ground. So the bare ground wire is more horizontal ground than vertical deep… but it works! I have spark gaps on the coax lines at the antenna post bases, and on all the coax entering the shack at the big entry ground plate. Nearby lightning strikes in past I have heard the spark gaps ‘crack’ and things survived with no damage… so my ground is effective.

    Decades of broadcast transmitter maintenance have taught me how little of a carbon track in a coax line can become an arc welder under 20kw of RF power. I have 3” copper hardline that melted like candle wax for souvenirs. Time to get the grill out for the beer brats & burgers. Hmmm…. I need to make an RF charcoal lighter. I wonder if those lumps are 50 ohms?

  21. Here’s something for almost all of us to get a laugh out of:

    Photos: 5 Coal Miners Push Tourists’ Dead Electric Car to Charge Up at Coal Mine

    An electric vehicle needed some coal miners to get where it needed to go last week.

    The vehicle broke down Friday near Mettiki Coal access road on US 48, in Tucker County, West Virginia, according to WBOY-TV.

    Randy Smith is a Republican state senator who tells the tale.
    “Some days are just better than others,” Smith wrote before launching into the tale.

    “Today at our mine off Corridor H an electric car from DC ran out of battery at the road entrance to the mine. Someone called one of our foreman and told him a car was broke down in the middle of our haul road,” he wrote.

    The foreman learned the car’s passengers were en route from Washington, D.C., to the Tucker County town of Davis, Smith wrote. Davis is about 170 miles west of D.C.

    “He then went back to the mine and got guys to push the car to the guard shack so they could plug in to charge,” he wrote.

    Giving the vehicle a tow was out of the question, he wrote, because “it was all plastic underneath and nothing to hook up to.”

    “So here are 5 coal miners pushing a battery car to the coal mine to charge“up. If you look closely you can see our coal stockpile and load out in the background,” he wrote. Smith took time to put in a plug for the good qualities of his constituents.

    “This just shows you coal miners are good people and will go out of their way to help anyone friend or foe,” he wrote.

    “I’m honestly glad they ended up where they could get some help because they couldn’t get a tow truck to come and this is out in the middle of nowhere. one guy even dropped off a Friend of Coal license plate when he left to go home,” he wrote.

    The incident came at a time when President Joe Biden has set a goal of 50 percent of new car sales will be electric vehicles by 2030, according to the White House.

    Electric vehicles have had issues with their power and range before.

    A test between an electric 2022 Rivian R1T towing a trailer versus a gasoline-powered 2022 Toyota Tundra found that the gas truck had 2.8 times the range of the electric truck, according to

    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

  22. “Ring-a-ring of roses…”

    The Firm still does not tolerate a weak hand? 646 years since the some would allege barbaric Black Prince was laid to rest in Canterbury Cathedral early in The Hundred Years War, Prince Charles has had to exchange his dinner jacket as Patron of the Big Lunch charity for a proverbial flak jacket. On the same day that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex ringed their speaking venue at Manchester with a pack of guard dogs courtesy of a private security entity, the hounds have descended upon the unsuspecting Prince Charles, this month’s 40th anniversary guest editor of the only Black newspaper in the UK, “The Voice”. Critics are now requesting slavery reparations for the period from Elizabeth I to George IV.

    “The Voice” had an interesting ownership voyage to the new world after its working class EastEnd London founder passed away some 20 years ago. It became a subsidiary of Jamaica’s Gleaner Group. “The Gleaner” newspaper apparently began publication in 1834 founded by a White British national of Spanish descent and early Texan realtor. The newspaper is still going today. By coincidence The Slavery Abolition Act passed into British law the same year 1834. Curiously, the Gleaner Group changed its name recently to 1834Investments Ltd. The predominantly Black board remains headed by a White man with a Hispanic sounding name. The 2021/22 financial statement was delayed a few months while the auditor pieced together princely sums of asset values and counted the cash. According to the company website, shareholders last month voted overwhelmingly to fold 1834Investments in exchange for
    a: cash OR
    b: shares in Radio Jamaica…

    Okay, mon, roll some ganja if you’re north of the 49th and “turn on, tune in, drop out” with DJ George. You know it –
    BaHa Men
    “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

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