ShopTalk Sunday: The “Prepping Window” Closing

Although most times, our ShopTalk sessions here are devoted to messing about in the shop, geopolitical storm clouds have gathered to where we might want to all put a “weather eye on the horizon.”  Because what’s out there has the potential to end the comfortable lifestyles enjoyed in America since the previous Depression.

Our long-term cycles work has resulted in and odd aspect of “aging” I’d never anticipated:  Losing the “quest for paper” and in its place becoming mainly interested in familial succession, skilled labor, and acquisitions supporting long-term survival.

Familial Succession

About all, this means ensuring that your “family tribe” will have its long-term gathering place.  Whether you are present, or not.

Checklist items here include having no mortgage debt, no liens, property taxes current, and paid on the first day possible. Nothing owed to banks.  That stuff is all leverage that can be turned on you. All backed up with receipts in at least two or three non-electronic locations.

Naturally, this includes updated Wills, but more important is spending time (like we do with son G2 when he’s not off-ranch adventuring) to pass down whatever “mindsets” might be useful.  Interestingly, this has been an educational two-way street.  I have learned things about firefighting, wildland fires, emergency and trauma medicine, and even personal discipline that have been usefully applicable.

Leads me to conclude that in a “well played Life” there ought to be a moment when we oldsters – as Teachers – get to turn around and “learn from our students.”  Similarly, it’s pleasing to see offspring hit similar income levels (along with skills) near, at or above level’s we’ve achieved.

Against the Big Answers (to the “What comes Next?” question that I explored in my book “Packing to Die: Suitcase between Your Ears”) (see Amazon) shop projects of Life, the non-stop grab for more paper assets (and personal possessions) is a pretty hollow and self-centered chore.

Now, toss in the world of cardiologists (and beta-blockers) plus a heaping side order of APAP use, plus dream work and waking-state skill building and knowledge-sharing?  Well, much is going on in those realms, and always never a moment to misallocate.

Personal Skilled Labor

When the Second (or Greater) Depression gets here, it may very well be accompanied by a Grid Hard Down (GHD) event.  This explains – in large part – why Elaine and I are spending increasing amounts of money on preparing our place in the Outback for a Systems Fail.  Can’t eat paper.

  • ‘When the Grid goes down, how will transactions and even deliveries of goods take place?  Simply: they won’t.  Commerce will grind to a halt.  Stock markets will fail.  People who have failed to focus on recovering their Health may not get needed medicines.
  • Comms will go down, too.  After 48-hours, I reckon about half of human communications (or more) will have failed.  Not only do cell sites have limited power, but the very backbone of the Internet is not certain to run without power for very long.  Social media will become pointless and what seems like most of the “gig Economy” will expire.  With no Internet (or power) App developers and social influencers – even writer’s jobs like what we do around here – will be gone.  Will the water stay on?
  • Rising as Instant Replacements will be the 1870s Lifestyle.  This is the one we’re building out here, right now. The fascination with gardening, making sure our “free-to-air” television receivers have the latest for Galaxy 19 and printout of LyngSat will keep us near the top of the information pyramid. Shortwave. Along with that, enough ham radio gear – small, 12-volts Morse code units – should be ready by then.  I can think of nothing more important than having our neighborhood having its own “Communications Center” and remote sensing (low power transmitters) backed up with some higher quality UAV platforms to “see what’s coming” locally.
  • Water will be the first priority from then on.  It’s a little over a mile to walk down to the upper reaches of a continuously flowing creek in our area.  Mile and a quarter to a source pond/small lake for that.  If you’ve never put a pencil to the personal water problem before, it’s an eye-opener.  Each person needs 2-gallons a day.  “Pint’s a pound the world around….” pencils out to 8-pounds per gallon, so 16-pounds per person, per day. (If our own well gets cranky.)  Three people?  Means someone’s going to be walking about 50-pounds of water per day a mile and a quarter.  Prepping just for water (filtration because there can be bugs like giardia in slow-flowing water) will occupy a big slice of “the New Times.”
  • Food is the secondary, but still close, project.  Starting off?  You’ll have plenty of food for… How Long?   Depends how “deeply prepped” you have gone.  If – like us – you’ve got 10 pounds of mung and other sprouting seeds, enough rounds of lead to put meat on the table, and like-minded neighbors?  Well, that won’t be such a bad time – maybe.
  • Perimeters Matter:  Still, maintaining “security details” will be grueling for smaller settlements.  At least until the children start showing up.  There’s electronic surveillance and physical; drones with 4K POV get to be a lot less toy-like.

I won’t give “it all” away.  But even our Shop has a lot of important prepping gear in it. Things like lots of tractor lube, fuel, and hydraulic filters.  For now, we haven’t actually built a silencer.  Nor will we (it requires a permit and we don’t want to be on some authoritarian’s push-pin map).  However, depending on how long the power is off (forever? five-years?), the Continuity of Government nightmare grows.

It’s an interesting thing, too, when you start seriously researching COG.  It begins as a simple thing, but then could likely turn into a bureaucratic smash-and-grab as the “administrative elites” – operating under color of law – place themselves above the People due to “emergency circumstances” they themselves will declare.  When Due Process ends, gets real ugly at that instant.

I don’t think that will work here.  Too many rural folks remember this part of Wikipedia:

“In United States law, the term color of law denotes the “mere semblance of legal right,” the “pretense or appearance of” right; hence, an action done under color of law adjusts (colors) the law to the circumstance, yet said apparently legal action contravenes the law.[1][2] Under color of authority is a legal phrase used in North America[3] indicating that a person is claiming or implying the acts they are committing are related to and legitimized by his or her role as an agent of governmental power.”

When the voting’s gone, we’re on our own as sovereign individuals.  And some of us has serious “scorched Earth” ideas in reserve.  Really, really serious ideas.

Which really circles me around to the main point of this morning:  Pre-planning your own Collapse Response.

For us, there are three semi-distinct levels:

  1. Muddle-through Collapse:  This is where the financial bubble implodes, a new “money” is declared.  But mainly, the lights stay on.
  2. The 1870s Model Collapse:  Lights and Comms go down, most utilities fail, and while city urban cores go Mad Max, out in the hinterlands, all those deer hunters and sportsmen?  Keep the cities somewhat “contained.”
  3. Robert the Bruce Collapse.  Who?

“One of the most renowned warriors of his generation, Robert eventually led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence against England. He fought successfully during his reign to regain Scotland’s place as an independent kingdom and is now revered in Scotland as a national hero.:

This is the part of “formerly America” that Continuity Planning overlooks.  Sure, the military can be called up, but with the grid down, their fuel stocks will be limited, too.  Poverty is a great equalizer. So is food.

A “Robert the Bruce” collapse is where America does break apart into five, or more regions.  When the Joel Garreau book. The Nine Nations of North America (1981) is worth a read. Back in the 1980s, it was an interesting notion.  Today, realizing that each of the nine regions would have some serious military aspects, we’d expect a “Robert the Bruce” figure to emerge in each one.  A path toward Future goes off that way.

Yeah…hard stuff to think about.  So let’s all play along with the notion that FEMA and their Continuity of Government ideas – sketched out visually here – might possibly work in the 1870s Collapse model.

I’m just guessing it won’t.  Prepared family’s obligation to support non-producers is – in our view – limited.

And the reason is simple:  In the real world of Human History, the people who end up deciding the Future are those who craft it with their own hands.  But notice that in good “me, me, me” fashion, the FEMA premise doesn’t differentiate along the most important axis there is:  Beneficial self-interests of the actual producers in society.  No one’s a slave these days!

If you think about FEMAs model for a bit (which remarkably, I have) it seems to me that MOST of the “partners” envisioned are not PRODUCERS but are TAKERS.

Under color of law and sure, color of Good.  It’s an amusing theory.  But it ignores the one ultimate deciding factor in global collapse:  The people able to make their way will do so.  So, stand aside.

In the Continuity documents I’ve read, there’s an implicit “we will force non-compliant people” to – in effect – becomes slaves again of the taking class with a Super Agency in the middle of everyone’s business orchestrating their ideas of “fairness.”

I can’t speak for you, but at least to many of us Common Sense people in Texas, once one side of a contract is breeched, the whole Deal is up for renegotiation.

We’re just thinking Blacks and Whites, Latinos and Asians have all seen enough of this “The Man” slavery from the elites.  When the contractual parts begin to fail – like Social Security, clean and fair Elections, non-corporate-owned Government which has bought much of “government” policy following Citizens United – the whole Deal is off.

We need to be talking about this now – the prospective of Government being in Breech – which may also occur via inflation and corruption of the money – or there will literally be the prospect of Hell on Earth, later.

But not too much later.  Tick-tock.

China’s coming and Russia’s been seriously pissed.  The once Neocons are now the Neolibs and have crawled in bed with Biden.  Who’s surrounded himself with an “echo chamber of idiots.”

That, dear Reader, is not government.

One for the Road

Quip from a colleague (we were comparing health notes):  “Some doctors are really good and may even be able to walk on water.  Others, though, can’t even cure ham.”

Write when you get rich, or have reread the Constitution,

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78 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: The “Prepping Window” Closing”

  1. There’s something wrong with humanity when so few are allowed to make decisions that affect so many in such horrible fashion.

  2. Phew.. this subject is a touchy one.. everyone here knows I have had a few of the OSWN (Oh Shizt What Now ) situations.. and each taught me a lot.. It brought me closer to family,friends, and faith.. we all have the illusion of what is truly important in life.. in the end it isn’t a hunk of metal.. Like gold.. first off you cannot eat it.. it has really limited potentials for use.. we were taught and programmed to value it by the anunnaki and its reference in the akashic writings.. ( I believe they valued it for energy properties but more so for its value in filtering an atmosphere.. ) the aztec etc.. seen it as a value only for adornment.. the pretties.. what they truly valued is .. water , grain , food , shelter and knoweledge.. great lengths were taken to teach those how.. the ones with the most knoweledge were the ones that were revered to as sorcerers,
    a friend of mine took some advice that I had mentioned several years ago and had their book printed up in RED.. in a conversation once I was asked in an oh shit moment what would I take.. I said the red binded books.. On all of my important books.. I put a piece of red tape. those are gone with.. so I was surprised to see her book is all red LOL LOL…
    I haven’t gotten my book delivered yet.. it is on the way.. I want to see what she has in it.. she lives the life.. has been there done that..

    Anyway.. everyone thought that I was nuts.. I MAY BE TO… but I would tell them.. until you have frozen your feet and hands.. and had to beat grain out of the gravel where it fell off of a tractor heading into the elevator with a rock in an old iron pan.. ( still got that pan to ) you have no idea.. I have grinders of all kinds.. my favorite is the wonder mill.. I have both the steel plates and stones.. anyway you will never know.. most groups prep to do it alone.. it is the village that survives.. the community.. in a group I was once in.. the vast majority of them seen everyone else as drooling idiots.. ( most are I have to say I think the same thing a good deal of the time ) I quite because they thought that way.. they couldn’t see that every single man child.. in the primitive wilderness to modern cities has value.. in some amazon tribes.. if water and food sources dry up.. they sacrifice those they see as worthless eaters.. ( yes they bury their young and their old alive so their souls will nourish the tribes..) rather than adapt to their surroundings and see the value of what everyone has to offer.. there are fishermen,hunters, gardeners, etc.. everyone has a skill set that puts them miles ahead of everyone else.. they are geniuses in their own lives..
    the big thing that amazed me during each OSWDIDN situation.. ( Oh Shizt What Do I Do Now) is everyone you think.. is going to be there for you.. RUNS AWAY…. what is funny is the ones that you least expect to help are no way connected to you.. they are the ones to open their hearts and rush to your assistance..
    I had a dear dear friend.. he was also a CMO winner.. ( he should have had two of those dam pieces of medal and ribbon.. he put no value in it to by the way LOL except that it let him wear his bunny slippers to work LOL) when we talked about it.. no one had a clue until a rare inspection with the secretary of defense and all the big mucky mucks came by.. ( I was worried about my shoes ) and they stopped got out.. walked up to him saluted him and left.. that night when we were at his house reading.. and talking about crazy stuff.. I asked him.. what the hell was that all about.. his response was I felt I needed to do the right thing.. the same with his maid.. LOL he wanted a house cleaner and someone to do his laundry.. but local customs forbid a woman to take a job.. he had to own one.. went to the local auction and bought a slave girl.. they became friends .. and eventually fell in love.. got married. and he did the right thing.. made sure she got an educations.. she later became one of the worlds most important female doctors in the whos who book of the worlds two hundred top .. he did the right thing.. they were married their whole life.. I don’t think she knows that I know.. and I definitely don’t think his kids know that story.. it is safe with me.. during our last OSWDIDN situation.. I was in a wheel chair.. my wifes employer was trying to bump us off of the insurance.. ( she had had a minor stroke) and I had serious health issues going on.. insurance is to make money for the company not actually pay out anything.. and they found a reason and let her go.. ( the anual witch hunt at medical facilities is to bump off the higher paid employees and bring in new students or part time) that year to keep budget they bumped all the twenty year to twenty five year employees.. kept the thirty year.. They called her a week after she was let go to see if she could work they were short staffed.. no one told the scheduler.. ( she also was getting overtime which was a no no.. )
    at that moment.. my insane reasoning became quite obvious.. now she actually lets me know if things are getting low..
    we are coming up to retort canning season.. and freeze drying season.. I have to do fifty pounds of onions and fifty pounds of gree peppers.. I tried some taffy yesterday.. wow.. I might just be making some of those to LOL…
    the old sinbo or magic seal are the two vacuum sealers I truly like..
    pack your canner full.. to seal with a snorkle sealer.. you can use an iron.. then iron the top except for the part where the snorkel goes in.. then vacuum it out and hit it with the iron..
    if your are going to do a lot of heat sealing.. then invest in one of these.. I have one.. but rarely use it.. oh you can date the seal with it to which is nice..

    I have to buy a couple of bunches of bags.. it doesn’t take long to go through a hundred bags..

    the tools.. you need the tools.. you need to know how.. I have gotten just about all the tools I can think of and then some.. and I do know how to make the things I take for granted.. and I try to teach those around me how to do the same thing.. Like my grandsons fiancee.. she loves puffed wheat.. so he jokingly said grandpa.. show her how its done.. ( she didn’t believe him when he told her.. so I had to show her the tools that do it.. and explain the process of it.. )
    Each time.. I have gone through the oswn.. has been a learning experience.. the biggest thing is the things you take advantage of.. you will miss the most..
    Years ago.. I had a visit with a group that was thinking about solar.. and wanted my opinion.. during the conversation I told them what I seen coming our way.. afterwards I was heading towards the door.. and a gentleman stopped me.. he was visiting the wastelands for meetings on preparing communities for the oswn situations.. and he had overheard our conversation.. we went back and visited for a few hours.. where he said what they expected.. is exactly what I seen coming.. then showed me the folder of work they had been working on.. in it.. every person in the community and state was listed.. along with their shopping and fuel purchases.. so in the oswn situation.. they have access to it for COG… Yup you buy and extra thousand gallons they know.. so why not prep to be able to produce what you need.. I am rattling on here.. but it is the same no matter how long I write.. don’t expect the cavalry to rush in to save you.. like my niece that was wiped out by a tornado and then a flood in tennessee.. she thought that FEMA was going to be there.. in the end it was only the top of the society that benefitted from their presence.. she got twenty bucks and a hey have a good day.. the same with Katrina and any other disaster.. insurance companies went bankrupt.. your left with the disaster.. where you get assistance is from the most unlikely source ever.. not those you think you can depend on..

    • Sadly, I’ve known those who have dealt with short term disasters(like Hurricane Sandy), and not only were they not prepped at all, but had no intention of prepping even when the situation was imminent and they had a few hours to get food and fuel. I did convince a friend to buy a gas can, but she never filled it up! Somehow, she got through it without power and never lost water. Her mother(in downtown NYC) was trapped in a second story apartment for two weeks without power or water, and FEMA came by with bottled water and a box of food. Big deal. Both were lucky, but after 911 and Sandy, you’d have thought that they’d see the handwriting on the wall! The mother has since died (in her 90’s) and the daughter is stil living the life of a grasshopper. All I can do is to pray for her well being. My own kids pay some attention, but not much. They’re immersed in their own lives. At least they’re somewhat smart and resilient.

      For the ants among us, there’s so much to do and so little time! I’d think a good, but not excessive cash position makes sense for now. Time to get moving since it’s no longer raining.

      • “Sadly, I’ve known those who have dealt with short term disasters, and not only were they not prepped at all, but had no intention of prepping even when the situation was imminent and they had a few hours to get food and fuel.”

        This amazes me. I have had a GO-Bag as long as I’ve had a drivers’ license and have had stockpiled supplies, a lot longer. I went through my 20s, 30s, and 40s, feeling like I was a weirdo for being a prepper. Then I began to hang out with car nuts on the Internet, and discovered virtually all who lived along our left, right, or bottom coast, also had GO-Bags in their cars and stockpiled supplies (including plywood sheets) in their homes.

    • loob -that annunaki book is pure fiction. they were annuna warriors created for/during Orion Wars of Domain.

      Their leader An (sick/pyscho/master geneticist) – the god in heaven (Mars). This war was for control of the race of the”heavenly bestiary”.

      Opposed to them was queen Tiamat and kingu babars (royal white reptos). The repto queen made her last stand on Earth – hoping the “the planners” would lower their vibe and come on back to defend the “living library”(1of11) and the queen. They did not – instead choosing to abandon Earth/tiamat to a life/ the worlds of Duality.
      An begat/created Sa-aM/Nuddimud/Enki/Osiris.

      Enki in turn created Enil – who never accepted him as his father – in fact HATED him. Setes/enil finally murdered Osiris in Egypt at the original Osirion .
      That was reason why the cosmic frogs (Abgail) gave ISIS& Ze-Hu-Ti permission to construct a great pyramid – to bring back the SOUL of Osiris..and put it into infant Horus – who was born of ISIS via retained DNA/Cells from Osiris. Horus did finally avenge his Fathers murder, at a great battle on the giza plateau – during a very close passing of Benu/Ari-Khem.
      Annuki in bible = nephillam – breaks down in Sumerian as NE HIL LI IM – who scares and destroys.
      Gold- Kusig = utilized with Star gates – see gold deposit in Turkey recently discovered along river (tigris/euphrates).

      Annuna/Annunaki could not stand the Ki of this dimension, it was/is very uncomfortable, these guys prefer the 2nd Dimension – little denser/heavier. 2nd dimension where the Musgir (flying dragons) live – you can see them as gargoyles or see Padzuzu for a likeness of a Musgir.
      Anyway – “the view of life” a very great gift given by a female to is the highly oxygenated menses of female reptilians. This is what they were doing with heated & powdered Gold. They mixed the two together and drank it – enabled them to deal with the ki.
      * Modern Human genome was constructed with 25% common kingu their image?

      ..or its all a just a dream .

  3. George,
    “geopolitical storm clouds have gathered to where we might want to all put a “weather eye on the horizon.”
    did you hear the thunder being played in the background during Trump’s rally last night?
    we all have been told in advance of the coming Storm, when President Trump had the military brass around him for a White House Gala and told the reporters in the room, “you know what this is? it is the Quiet before the Storm.
    They asked, “What Storm ?Mr. President.”
    “You’ll see” he replied

    Trump supporters PACKED the house last night while a couple of days ago the shitting resident had a small gathering in a high school gym,,,
    BAM,,, you just can’t get ballots, lacking human voters, to show up in person now can you!

  4. “I can think of nothing more important than having our neighborhood having its own “Communications Center” and remote sensing (low power transmitters) backed up with some higher quality UAV platforms to “see what’s coming” locally.”

    Please keep in mind that .gov likely has in place satellites that can pinpoint the source of RF energy. That includes the transmitter used to fly a UAV platform as well as the UAV itself transmitting data back to you. Even a Baofeng on low power would show up on their screens.

    • When the paychecks start to bounce – and the rank and filed are fired and flanked, I'[m thinking some ‘x’ period of time in, no one will be watching.
      People tend not to work when the money – and specifically what it buys – comes to a screaching halt.
      Those who ignore the masses usually end up back among them.
      FrenchRev 101

      • George, does your UAV(s) work well without cell service and without GPS? Both of those could be at risk of going hard down.

      • That’s right. FEMA — which is just a group of resource managing folks with big Rolodex files — is not a “force.” They’re an agency full of employees who work for paychecks, not a gang of zealots who will work way beyond the agency’s practical dissolution and effective shutdown. Same-same for the police. A few are ultra-dedicated, but many more are employees expecting paychecks. And will go home or find other things to do to keep their families together and fed.

        When GovDome fails to make payroll, they will cease to be effective pretty quickly. Same-same the military, which might last a little bit longer.

        But, long enough, and they will ALL become irrelevant.

      • George, does your UAV(s) work well without cell service and without GPS?

        Mine want to dial home, but that can be blocked. No GPS would be a real issue, though…

        • One of the requirements licensed UAV operators know well is the requirement to keep the drone in sight at all times. there is a l/t reason for the smaller Celestron with the eyepiece magnifier and the Linux laptop. At 300-feet5, we have a field of vision of 10″ – so when you extend that out, the visual tracking requirement may be met and onece you have that, a moderate speed turn, low alti approach/return then comes into play.
          All depends on the world sit as to whether GPS will be up or down – depends on state of play on ground

    • Lol lol .gov is off on federal holidays half of the normal working mans hours..I’m still trying to change an address with social Security.. covi-19 you know… When someone called from another agency they picked up first ring..then got upset that someone used alternate resources to bridge the connection issues and hung up.. Lol..
      2 months now.. I am pretty sure there has to be the simplified 50 page change of address form somewhere.. Lol..
      The it’s is still behind 6 months or so on last years tax filings..

      • When I retired at 63, my social security got ‘reduced’ because two years back I made more than the $85k threshold. But in the meantime I was jobless, on unemployment, and at a poverty level of income when I applied for SS. I filed a protest with SS, included my tax forms from the past two years to prove all this. SS continues to make decisions based on two year old data from the IRS. I had about given up on seeing that few hundred they deducted from me. Two years after I filed my protest… when the SS office finally got confirming data from IRS of the two year old forms I had sent them…. suddenly…. without announcement… I received an SS deposit of the funds that had been improperly withheld for two years. The wheels grind slowly.

  5. Good luck with the kids. They all start out with deaf ears. You’ll do better if they’re older like G2 – “My father gets smarter as I get older.”
    It’s a double-edged sword. Innovation is often impossible until the “lessons” of previous generations are ignored. Wisdom is knowing which info is relevant in YOUR world.

    • No another george.. They start out admiring kids always ask me for advice until they get to puberty.. Then infinite wisdom sets in and they question how they survive with your guidance..mid thirties they then realize your wisdom and seek to learn from your lives experiences..

  6. “the people who end up deciding the Future are those who craft it with their own hands. But notice that in good “me, me, me” fashion,”

    Saddly…..I believe that those that manipulate our futures are totally disconnected from reality.
    They only have the tools of manipulation..
    Take Brandon and family..their interest seems to me to be one of self gratification.. Money has been easy as well as the devient pleasures they seek.

  7. On YouTube Suspicious Observer has videos about the 12,000 year cycle involving the sun and the earth. He states that we are currently in the cycle and we have (at the latest) until 2040. We should expect an earth scorching solar event which will knock out all electronics world wide then within 10 years the earth will tilt forming new north/south poles, tsunamis twice world wide, then the sun goes red/ black and we will need to live in caves or underground. Add some volcanoes and the earth’s crust rising or sinking in places.

    All the crazy stuff going on around the world right now seems rather insignificant compared to such a Noah disaster.

    • Read cataclysms of the earth…or if you would rather read the fictional story the hab theory..

    • Um, no.

      Our magnetic poles are currently shifting. This is normal and happens periodically. Our rotational poles (rotational axes) are NOT shifting, and are incapable of doing so, barring a direct hemispherical impact from a planetoid or comet (either of which is an extinction-level event). Earth is like a gyroscope. Unless some outside influence significantly changes the balance of the flywheel, the energy required to alter our axis is greater than the total of Earth’s kinetic energy.

      The “earth scorching solar event” is Major Dames’ “killshot.” I see it as entirely plausible because Sol’s sunspot count has been noticeably diminishing over the past several cycles, and Earth’s magnetic shielding (our “protective force field”) has likewise been on a diminishing trend.

      Barring our species’ conquest of the stars, Mankind will become extinct, billions of years before Sol becomes a red giant. I suggest you not lose sleep over the prospect…

      BTW, when Sol DOES become a red giant, it will grow in size to where it is about 300 million miles in diameter, swallowing Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars in the process.

      • “Our magnetic poles are currently shifting. This is normal and happens periodically. Our rotational poles (rotational axes) are NOT shifting,”

        that is what makes the book cataclysms of the earth an interesting read.. and the Hab theory.. LOL..
        I know the poles shift what is it a foot every year.. except back in the nineties when they changed the magnetic poles and was shocked that it had moved a great deal of distance.. then again in the early two thousands when they had to change the air stips locations..
        the thought in the book is that as the weight differential is shifted on the planet.. that the planet like a top would become off centered then flip and begin all over again.. which would explain the front legs being broken and the animal carcases found to be from tropical regions..
        anyway.. I thought hog wash.. then several years ago some gentlemen that I knew in research and development were experimenting with permanant magnet motor.. they had one working.. then it happened.. one of the magnetic poles flipped instantly.. stopping the whole thing..
        the thing I believe is the process of flipping the pole was Heat.. friction.. SO… as the earths core heats up.. could it cause a flip in the matter of days rather than centuries.. ..
        there is a school in india that has a great deal of study done on this..

        there is a whole lot more.. but could it.. probably not in our lifetime.. I am not worried about that at all.. I am more concerned about brandon and son destroying mankinds ability to survive on the earth.. or a few numbers on a sheet of paper..

      • “the thing I believe is the process of flipping the pole was Heat.. friction.. SO… as the earths core heats up.. could it cause a flip in the matter of days rather than centuries.. ..”

        Our poles can flip instantly.

        The magnetic poles are not the same thing as our rotational poles.

        Do you think we can install enough windmills to cause significant atmospheric friction, and if so, other than raising Earth’s temperature, what would the effect be…?

  8. At some point prepping stops and implementation takes over. I am in lockdown through the middle of this coming week, courtesy of exposure by a fuzzy-headed coworker. Fever hasn’t been an issue. Taste and smell took a hit for a day or two but are coming back. A secondary bacterial infection was causing 75%+ of the symptoms. An undocumented infection in 1st quarter of 2020, along with a couple of jabs were probably mitigating priors.
    I went out yesterday and exercised lightly for the first time in a week, so I am not in too bad condition. Hopefully I don’t have a rebound as the meds are playing out. Word from the office is that no one else has tested positive, so apparently I went to the sideline before anyone else was sucked in.
    I have telecommuted this week, and have only lost 4 hours of work so far. I have been cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer this week, and have nibbled at canned goods a few times. Some of what I have eaten hasn’t been expired (at least not more than a year). With a little luck, I will be doing a major restock next weekend.
    I have made notes below of a few practical items which have come in handy this week.

    First, for the incident specific literature-

    Incident specific pharma:

    Incident specific nutrition:

    And for potential expired food issues:
    I keep mine in the frig- the label does not require that, however.

    Other handy items:
    Doesn’t require refrigeration until it is opened. Shelf life looks to be a year or so, on the packages I have bought. Makes a decent milk substitute when sweetened with a little Stevia sweetener. Next in line would be the canned powdered dry milk. Some sort of milk or milk substitute is essential for making many cook and/or dried grain products palatable.

    I have hit the dry cereal, and used some canned legumes this week to supplement the raid on the freezer. Smoked sausage in the freezer has come in handy.

    Dried grain products and legumes are easily dry canned with limited energy. Keep a supply of dry canning supplies (buckets, metallized mylar bags & oxygen absorbers) for contingency, but rotate the oxygen absorbers periodically. Dry canning is the least energy and equipment intensive food preservation method.

    Things I should keep more of on hand:
    Plastic forks and spoons

    With the UPS powering the freezer (which can be converted to solar in an emergency), I am less concerned about expiration dates on the stuff in the freezer.

    • “Some of what I have eaten hasn’t been expired (at least not more than a year). ”

      Expiration dates have small relevance in fact. I have cracked Campbell’s Soup that’s so old it contains no GMOs (last year — dated 2014) and it was fine. OTOH I often see tomato products eat through can seams or crimps, and leak, before their stamped date rolls around. I believe this all depends on the ph of the stuff in the can…

  9. .., and don’t forget – one big ass fire extinguisher [ keep it serviced as long as it is available] and two mediums – strategically located and easily accessible. Fire departments will be just as crippled as all the rest of the responders.
    .., and – got your first aid bag stuffed, to over-flowing?

    • Because I live right next to a volcanic eruption zone, home insurers will not touch my zip code. Homes sell for cash around here, no mortgage due to insurance unavailable. So yes… I have fire extinguishers. In the far end of the house at the bedrooms, and also outdoors near key entryways.

      And I have a ‘trauma kit’ with kwik clot and lots of gauze pads and bandages, scalpels, suture kits. Also some survival medical self-help books such as “Where there is no Doctor”.

  10. IF we get things as bad as described here, how can we assert ownership of real property, other than the “documentation” of ownership from the county courthouse? If the government changes, or even the horrible COG situation happens, what other measures can help? Living “openly and notoriously” on your property has some value under current law, but it also makes you a target for bipedal predators. Where’s the best balance? What can we do to make sure that a future government will even respect our right to life? History shows that entire populations can and have been exterminated for the convenience of a strongman or zealot.

    • Interesting concept.. if it unfolds the way all the studies predict..( yes the studies that all those that commissioned them refuse to read) is what happens.. there will only be a handful of people left.. if the path follows that of which our present administration is taking us..either in war or in an economic disaster.. life as we now know it will be drastically altered in the very short future for every one of us..

      • LOOB, based on the daybooks and such that you’ve read, what happens to occupied property when a nation is conquered?

      • “what happens to occupied property when a nation is conquered?”

        Oh I think that is a great question.. It totally depends on WHO is the conqueror..
        Even right now with who we have in power.. they can take what they want for what they want.. they assess and charge us to stay on our property… and the dual standards of law.. where they are basically exempt from having to abide by the laws they set..

      • “what happens to occupied property when a nation is conquered?”

        One look back not even a hundred years.. and what do we see about the german society.. Through hundreds of legal measures, the Nazi-led German government gradually excluded Jews from public life, the professions, and public education. The goal of Nazi propaganda was to demonize Jews and to create a climate of hostility and indifference. Now look at the BLM and Anntifa For Five Months, BLM Protestors Trashed America’s Cities. Raped Pillaged and destroyed.. a major push to defund Police protection of the innocent and the demonization of all caucasions.. Your not Black.. is there discrimination.. absolutely discrimination comes in all forms.. I was discriminated against because of Who I was.. living in a small community where one family ruled.. the bullies of columbine were never demonized and the teachers that didn’t do a thing to stop it ..
        instead the home owners that legally own guns of their choice became the targets..
        In Germany.. the people lost their homes their belongings and even the headstones of their deceased were used to build highways.. their teeth and even their gold crowns melted down .. their lives.. forced to move into ghetto camps..
        Now Republicans are being called extremists of the country..
        The wealthy should pay.. so what is a fair share.. I believe in a one tax for all.. ten percent or eleven percent.. make the tax law a paragraph and not seventy something thousand pages.. poverty level deduction then tax
        Historically the people all loose.. the poor and wage earners are already enslaved to the govt.. small wage earner families all depend on federal programs for their basic survival..
        why does it matter.. we know that nothing will ever be done..

        It all totally depends on who is running the country..

    • Keep paper copies. Typically you can get certified records of title documents at the county clerk’s office.

      • SO……. what would a piece of paper mean.. look at confederate money..
        it was valued.. taxes paid.. to the confederate nation.. then the war was over.. the money was worthless.. ( I have a one hundred dollar bill someplace from the war of the states) farm owners lost their homes and those that kept them had to pay more taxes.. see.. it depends on who is in charge.. if the studies that have been done.. and there is only a half million people left in the country.. then it would take a while to reestablish a govt..

    • “how can we assert ownership of real property”

      We can’t, other than by possession (which is where that “9/10 of the law” thing came from

      “Where’s the best balance?”

      There isn’t.

      “What can we do to make sure that a future government will even respect our right to life?”

      We can’t.

      The United States was the first place, in the history of Mankind, where common people could own real property. Even today, there are few (or perhaps no) other places where non-gentry can own property.

      When the King’s Men come by to evict you from your hovel, if you don’t object to the eviction, they will allow you to take your “possessions.” Neither the government, nor its agent (the one who’s throwing you out of your digs) will acknowledge that you have any “property” whatsoever. They grant you “possessions,” not “property,” because you don’t own any property.

      There were two Russian and one Chinese despot in the 20th Century, who killed many times the number of people as Hitler, and many others who came close. If you can be a productive slave, or you possess special knowledge which is of provable value to the new government, you will live. Otherwise…

  11. A Reading from Little Red Riding Hood,

    King Robert II, a grandson of Robert the Bruce by way of his daughter Marjorie, established a hunting lodge at Balmoral, Scotland. Following heavy rains at previously favoured Inverness-shire in 1847, Queen Victoria built her privately owned 52 bedroom Balmoral Castle on the 50,000 acre estate. This week history will record the current Queen accepting a new PM at Balmoral rather than Buckingham Palace for the first time in her 70 year reign.

    Separately, “Hello” magazine has recorded the arrival yesterday morning in the UK from California of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex via – hold onto your hats – a common air carrier rather than chartered jet. Princess Meghan apparently has meetings planned with her charity on gender equality issues. Tabloids are chomping at the bit hoping for a Royal Rumpus over any or none invite to Balmoral.

    Not to be outdone, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to visit America soonly promoting Prince William’s Earthshot charity on clean technology. Wouldn’t it be glorious to see a reiteration of the pair’s 2014 arrival into New York by flagship carrier British Airways and the subsequent tête-à-têtes with President and Mrs. Obama? With the current Administration’s recent extended holiday stays of healthful confinement not unlike the Queen at Balmoral, perhaps one will observe outreach to the extended American Royals to hold up their end of the family obligations? As the late Prince Philip was quoted: “Change does not change tradition, it strengthens it. Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat.”

    And now, let us take haven into the Wildes north of Hadrian’s Wall and tune into DJ George taking “Wing” upon studio console –
    “Mull of Kintyre”.

  12. The Winds of Change will be blowing strongly on the cryptoverse -September.

    – Berlin Philharmoniker -for goodness sake – crank it up!

    BCM big bold prediction is Kaput ! Newer, Bigger, Bolder prediction for Bitcoinz – going down..17,500 ? maybe hold on at this level..if not $10k on the way..
    So – says right here – Get Ure Buy orders in place now.

    – thats right home gamers NOW, while you still can. Manic Market behavior makes getting orders in hard, getting said orders Executed ? fur-get- it, not gonna happen ” it blew right thru my buy stop price” Yes it did, Yes it will again, U can count on it.

    • As BTC struggles to hold $20,000, we prefer on holiday weekends to save our “bottom calling” for scantily clad beaches out on the coast…where there are always fine beaches, eh?

      • My subdivision is named “Hawaiian Beaches”. The shoreline on this side of the island is a 10 foot rocky cliff. Go figure.

      • The “holiday” should be along anytime now between here and 2023. I’m agreeing with Mr Ure on the fine beaches, #islandliving #powderdry. One would imagine that the entities managing the infrastructure just put the wraps on an exercise to ensure that critical assets in the 95% percentile remain in the energized category is just for grins, nothing to see here…. Includes acquisition of select hardware at >10x in addition to the normal quantities seen when things were more “predictable” . That more than anything else keeps my eyes wide open past Quad Zulu on a regular basis. Again for all you home gamers, listen with your eyes first. Best of luck.

  13. George, re: water, rain barrels, totes, etc., for your gutter downspouts. I’ve got 4 275 gal. IBC totes for the shop . 1100 potential gallons of water depending on rain amounts. Even 55 gallon barrels under the eaves is a start. Purification methods go without saying.

      • Yessir – been eyeing c/l for a couple of ibc’s – presently have 2 ea. 55 plastics…

        Don’t even nibble, until you find out with what they were originally filled. Mine came from food services at the University of Akron and contained soup base. If you get ahold of containers which held something like ethylene glycol, you can’t even use them to water the lawn. I built a giant rig to rotate/tumble mine, and cleaned them with dishwashing liquid followed by a baking soda wash. I spun them by hand. If I’d had 80 instead of eight, I might have hung a motor on the rig.They only weigh about 60 pounds, but they’re a PITA to handle…

      • Agree with Ray. Make sure they are labeled food grade. Mine were only $125 each. Might look for a company like this in your area. Jay’s Barrel Supply in Athens AL.

    • My subdivision has our own private well and water system for some 800 homes. Fed from the Mauna Loa aquifer some 400 feet deep. As long as they can pump….
      Most wilderness homes in this district survive on catchment water systems as we get around 130 inches of rainfall annually. My alternate plan is simply reinforce some plastic garbage cans and put them under the downspouts if the pipe system fails. And of course, a big filter tank.

  14. William of the Radio Ranch
    September 4, 2022 at 10:41
    You’re right about FEMA. Looks like most agencies they will be mostly be made up of Administrators and zombies that do their bidding. Not unlike the 87,000 new IRS agents that must pass their firearms course before going out to “service” the citizens.
    Do you savvy that their “paychecks” will likely consist, not of the collapsed “money” but instead they will be paid with the confiscated and pilfered goods that the 87,000 new agents will be ripping off from little people that put aside some useful food items and necessary tools for life?
    Happens every time -from politicians to Kings. ‘Give us all your stuff and you can remain in good graces with TPTB and maybe keep your life’….

  15. Darrell,
    When asked what she thought of the current political goings-on, the lady was somewhat disturbed and said, “I don’t understand why my Dad voted for Biden.”
    She added, “He would never have done that while he was alive!”

  16. Dam your poor water pie..

    1 (9-inch) deep-dish pie crust, unbaked
    1½ cups water
    1/2 cup of  flour
    1 cup sugar
    2 tbsp vanilla extract
    5 Tbsp butter ( freeze the butter then grate it with a cheese grater)
    1/4 cup of raisins
    Brown sugar..can be substituted for white sugar..

    Preheat oven to 400° Fahrenheit and set empty pie crust on a baking sheet.Pour 1 + ½ cups water into the pie crust.In a small bowl, stir together flour and sugar and raisins. Sprinkle evenly over water in crust. Don’t stir.Drizzle vanilla over water in pie crust. Place grated butter on top of this evenly.Bake at 400 for 30 minutes. Reduce heat to 375 and cover sides of crust if needed to prevent burning. Continue cooking for an additional 30 minutes.The pie will be watery when you pull it out of the oven but will gel as it cools. Allow to cool completely and then cover and place in the fridge until chilled before cutting.

    • Homemade vanilla ice cream goes really good with that.. make you feel like a rich boy..if you torch the top a little bit then it will be as good as any rich boys creme Brule

  17. Hey George,
    A bit late, but wanted to comment on last weeks dipole antenna discussion. I am sure there are many like me who are thoroughly into Ham radio, but shy away (like me) from building their own, then trying to match a balun, etc. I have been using a Buckmaster offset dipole for several years. Came fully ready to hang in the trees,plug & play. Work 160 thru 10 meters with excellent results. A couple of years ago moved to where did not think had the room to put out full length. Buck master offered to resize down to 80 meters length.

  18. Just so you know this isn’t the regular update approved method.. do so at your own discretion..


    1/2 gallon jars washed and cool
    Jar lids sterilized and cool
    Milk cold
    Canner cold water..
    Fill cool jars with cold milk cap with cool lids..
    Fill to 1/2 to 1 inch from the top.
    Bring the canner up to ten pounds of pressure.. shut it off as soon as it reaches 10 lbs.. let it cool down naturally.. take out make sure jars sealed take rings off wipe with dry towel put rings Back on on shelf..
    Take jars out

    • USDA approved dam auto correct lol..
      Shake before opening and using ..refrigerate after you open it..

    • I should mention.. the reason you find one percent shelf stable milk at the grocery stores but don’t see whole milk or two percent etc.. is because of milk fat.. like in canning butter.. you skim off the milk solids… you can can milk and it will be ok but the heat and the milk solids will give it a flavor more like condensed milk..

  19. “If you think about FEMAs model for a bit (which remarkably, I have) it seems to me that MOST of the “partners” envisioned are not PRODUCERS but are TAKERS.”


    Remember “Ray’s Rule of Bureaucracies:”

    “A bureaucracy’s prime directive is self-preservation. The bureaucracy and its included bureaucrats will do ANYTHING to maintain their bureaucracy. Only after the bureaucracy is free from challenge will it begin to perform the function for which it was formed.”

    FEMA will attempt to save ALL government bureaucracies and all employees of these bureaucracies, under color of COG, before it performs any possibly beneficial function. When/while it is performing a “possibly beneficial function,” the FEMA agents will be observing and cataloguing the people they’re benefiting, and their stuff, all of which will go into a report, and back to a central clearing & cataloging facility.

    Eventually, some bureaucrat or politician will need your stuff, at which time, it will become their stuff…

  20. “I can’t speak for you, but at least to many of us Common Sense people in Texas, once one side of a contract is breeched, the whole Deal is up for renegotiation.”

    You DO understand that the United States Constitution is a legal contract, right?

    • UCC is Ure “legal”roadmap nowadays – Admiralty Law= Contract Law

      ..although the “Banks”/moneyfunders insisted on instituting last time united states went bankrupt (1936-8). Understand & know jurisdiction Ure under.
      If not for heavily armed Citizenry and land rights, we would be indentured right now. Think they took ownership of ALL federal lands/building ????
      Pull on this thread to see one world military force, one world bank and one world religion..U will Own nothing, pay to rent Ure life, and be happy about Ure state of EN-Enslavement.
      or take the shot – and wait for “it”.
      -its monoatomic dont ya know..

  21. “The once Neocons are now the Neolibs and have crawled in bed with Biden.”

    Naw, they’re still neocons.

    They’re just finally showing their true colors, for the first time since 1969…

    Think of neocons as Hitlerian (socialist) fascists.
    Think of leftist Democrats as Stalinist (socialist) communists.

    They both agree on a certain, specific management philosophy, they just haven’t decided who will run it yet…

    • Or – as we have explained many times – there is a HUGE difference between Zionism and Judaism. One is a religion (latter) and one (the former) is an expansionist political ideology that blows-off biblical property discussions.

    • The D leadership marches to the CCP drumbeat; the CCP are communists in name only. The D elites and their sponsor are brown shirt socialists in black shirt communist drag. There is no difference between the extreme left and extreme right, only spin, and their choice of goats to justify their aggressions. Currently the most visible impact on the general populace in this country is unrestrained surveillance and blacklisting, which is protected and supervised by brown shirts in black judicial robes. Much of the surveillance and blacklisting is conducted by the elites’ corporate brown shirt minions, under rules established by their west coast socialist judicial guardians.

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