Race, Retroculture, and Some Rural Reservations

We pass a major milestone in the ongoing adventures of Peoplenomics.  Today marks our 1000th weekly since we first published deeper thoughts online in 1999.

Our focus today is on two prospects competing to dominate our future.  One is called “Retroculture.”  A concept of returning to those “...thrilling days of yester-year…

But this is offset by the ongoing and dangerously rising social pressures on the “Uranium People.”  We all remember what happens when ‘critical mass’ is reached?  Safer out here on the “Rural Reservations,” we reckon.

Somewhere in here, more disease outlooks – market hype rolls along – with so far – our prediction of “No cash until after the Election” holding up well.

Plus in our ChartPack, we wonder when someone besides us will recall how economic slow-downs tend to the first or second year of a new presidency…

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42 thoughts on “Race, Retroculture, and Some Rural Reservations”

  1. Socialgarchs.. I don’t like these companies filtering policies, so I don’t use them. It really can be that simple. Do you need government policy makers to continue to inject themselves into these discussions? What is fake news or filtering will constantly be debated and the group in power will constantly be “asking” these companies to lean their direction. You recall how this started, that the companies were bombarded with attention for not filtering “white supremacist” so they did. Now that flood gate is opened, everyone and their brother wants the opponents view filtered and their own highlighted.

    Anyway it is easy to never open twitter or facebook, filter it all in your browser (umatrix) so they don’t easily track you and use a different search engine (duckduckgo). We know what will ultimately happen, the companies will cough up more political donations to the parties or people in power and continue to follow the political winds in their filter policies.

    Even with that in place for me. I still heard and read about the hunter bidon emails…imagine that..getting news that doesn’t filter through a social media site.

    The ill informed will forever be ill informed and open to easy manipulation. More government intervention will not help and just lead to worse outcomes by having them involved.

    • The problem is, a lot of chronic low-information voters, do. I don’t believe governmental regulation is the proper response — I believe rescinding their status is. They are not open devices — they exercise editorial control, both with “AI algorithms” (which we called “bots” back in the old days) and human editors (moderators & administrators.) That “editorial control thing” should compel them to be legally responsible for everything that’s published on their social media sites, and require Google to post a disclaimer, in scaretype, at the top of every page, advising users of the biased inaccuracy of their searches. In a just & fair world, the NYPost should OWN both farcebook and twit-ter within two years. Speaking of, Twitter blocked/banned Kayleigh McEnany and the official House Republican Judiciary Committee, as well as Trump’s official campaign account over the Post’s story. That’s a helluva lot of editorial control. I expect either a rewrite of Section 230 of the CDA, or a revocation of social media’s Section 230 exemption to come of this…

  2. When I was in my early teens, I would save up my paper route money and buy copies of Playboy magazine (strictly for the articles of course). I would read them in bed under the covers with a flashlight after my parents had gone to bed. If they had caught me, I would have received a severe spanking. Today of course, they would be in jail after I filed my lawsuit with the children’s anti-spanking justice agency.

    Thought about this again this morning as I read your column. Got out my flashlight just in case the anti-racist BLM social justice truth and reconciliation enforcement agency knocked on my door.

    You speak the truth George. It is in very short supply these days.

    • You know.. I was one of the lucky ones.. I never seen my parents even argue until I was way older.. they would take a walk every night and during that walk was when they had their serious discussions..
      we were taught to cherish a woman that sex is a gift between a man and a woman and that it was ok to admire a woman’s image.. Playboys and Penthouses weren’t seen around the home.. they were about as open as a parent could be for questions.. that curiosity was normal.. and you weren’t going to go blind if mount Vesuvius erupted but to be private about such things.. LOL .. If you treated a woman with disrespect then all hell would come down on you.. the most violence I seen in our home was when my father swatted mom on the butt then took off with her in hot pursuit and him hitting the door frame and knocking himself out.. LOL…
      up until the day my father passed on you could see those two walking in the evening hand and hand.. I found out that that was where they had their serious discussions after I had gotten married.. three months after I had I called to ask my father what I was doing wrong.. LOL LOL… we were taught to treat others as we want to be treated and bad people come in all sizes shapes and colors all education levels.. Later in life we had the red rake …
      my father had heart troubles and so did my mother.. one day they were out raking the leaves and I went to check on them.. seeing a trail through the leaves that looked like someone had hurridly ran through them I was scared someone was sick.. I pounded and knocked and pounded.. no one came.. later on Dad told me that at his age when the thought occurs.. you take advantage of it before the body says no.. and that I was pounding and really made a mess of his moments.. LOL so I bought a little red rake and a hanger to hang outside the door.. that way if they had the inclination then hang the dumb rake.. I would know it was a moment of pleasure than a moment of danger..
      my grandkids use to play with that small plastic red rake until it broke.. I always got a chuckle out of seeing it.. no one knew but myself what the message of the rake was and you could hear the siblings curiosity when they seen the little red rake LOL…

      I read the horror stories being told from around the world reading some of the documents and the photos.. and I wonder.. what was the message in that household.. what did dad teach his kids.. mutual respect treating others well.. or was it one with a darker image that comes to mind..
      working in health care.. I can tell you statistics say that one in three have been abused.. my thoughts from my own observations were that it was one in two or greater.. which makes me one of the luckiest guys in the world..
      I would love to hear the back stories of his children.. I heard plenty from my own children telling me stories of what they went through with my ex wife while I was at work.. sad and really makes me sad because was in a position where I could have changed all of it.. and was ignorant what was happening right before my own eyes..

    • My sister-in-law received a phone call that the school needed to see her about little Timmy’s behavior in 2nd grade. Timmy had become an entrepreneur during recess and was selling Playboy centerfolds for a nickel or a dime to other little boys. LOL He had found an old stash in the attic that my brother thought might go up in value. SIL came home totally mortified.

  3. Well everything reach’s it mass capacity then add in all the corruption of the last forty years which under Reagan and his failed policies went into overdrive, its going to blow baby, its going to blow and the shit will fly far and wide,other countries are trying to get out of the way, as they try to put distance between them and us,the latest color revolutions have failed, the mini NATO Pompeo tried to create on his visit to Japan got the cold shoulder,the Russian pipe line could be finished in 2020 if not then the first quarter of 2021,no luck there every time we roll the dice they come up snake eyes,and the nest of rats in Washington is being stirred up by the most important election ever, which I thought was the last election to see which crook occupies the oval office.!!!!

  4. OTFLMAO….. I love how they are spinning that the Hard drive is the presidents fault and a Russian disinformation issue again where the president is working with the Russians OTFLMAO.. I wondered how they would spin that to make the kids pedophilia and torturing of little children the presidents fault..
    LOL next thing you will be reading how the sellout funds were secretly the presidents LOL LOL this is so wild this shizts Just so damned funny and the media stations in the USA is giving the president hell… LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    Oh well JB will be the next administrator to this zoo.. might as well send some $$$ so the little fella can have his fun and hurt the kids…
    gave the hard drive to the alphabets.. well that is toast.. you know it more than likely has already been destroyed.. gone for good… a misdirection campaign will be made and everyone will be buying bobbleheads



    or maybe.. hey they could put up a statue.. maybe have a bunch of kids surrounding him while he looks on with admiring eyes LOL LOL LOL If the news stories are all true then its all so sick and with a deep mentally ill type of dark perversion and so horribly corrupt that its seriously funny…

  5. Ever since your website update the kitco silver chart has been missing. Want to let you know in case it was not intentional.

    • Not intentional (since by weight I have more of…well, you know…)

      Got my best man on it – but he’s an ornery sucker and he’s afraid of zero turn lawnmowers, too…

      • what ever you do.. don’t waste your money on one of those green ones.. LOL the one I got was so crappy the company couldn’t even fix it.. I gave it away and told the kids to use it as a sinker for fishing LOL or sell tickets to let someone smash it up with a sledge hammer..
        I totally threw money out the window when I got that dam thing.. and the plastic hood.. shoot I don’t know what kind of plastic they used but that crap just shatters.. to.. get a cub.. or a honda.. they run forever..

  6. ” Morgan Freeman’s grand viewpoint expressed on Today in 2005:

    He called Black History Month ridiculous. “Freeman notes there is no “white history month,” and says the only way to get rid of racism is to “stop talking about it.” “I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.”

    Perhaps best of all: “I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man,” and “If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle.” ”

    I taught my kids when they were very young: “When someone injects “race” into a statement or conversation, when it is not necessary to do so, that person is a racial bigot or racist. If I point someone out to you, I’ll call them a “man,” a “woman,” a “person,” or a “kid” (or some variation.) Only when it’s necessary to further identify a person by height, weight, or race, will I do so, and it’s rarely necessary to go further than “tall or short,” unless you’re giving a description to a police officer. As you grow older, I expect you to regard people the same way — as PEOPLE first…”

    It’s a guideline I’ve used for over 50 years, and it has never failed me. I realize it probably comes from my Quaker, abolitionist roots, but that doesn’t make it, or me, wrong. When I hear someone unnecessarily refer to a person’s race, or inject “race” into their commentary, that person, no matter their gender, how pretty they look with their TV makeup and meticulously coiffed hair, or how sweet their voice, is invariably a racist (or is a lazy, poor excuse for a “journalist” and is cold-reading copy which was written by a racist. If they do it twice, they lose the excuse of being a poor excuse…)

  7. Dam Dude – U are sooo enticingly close to the CRUX of our Existence here on Spaceship EARTH. Ure nibbling around the most important social economic “issue” in the whole entire known Uni-Verse.

    No where else in our visible/known Universe does a World exist with Multiple Different Races Living in Harmony together. Can U Debunk statement ? Didnt think so..

    Us Humans should be the most Dynamic,Powerful,Joyful Happy Peeps ,if only we could put a stop to the Parasitical “Ticks” unrelenting assaults and endless evil tricks,provocations, whispers/doubts/promises.”U can live forever in the Cloud, trust me”..
    You would think our resident “Scum Suckers ” would have found something else to occupy themselves with other than their sick,twisted addiction to Humans.

    Nice “UFO” ya got there loser, u couldnt imagine something a little “cooler” after all these Millennia ? Lame is, as Lame Does – and that Coleman Lantern looking UFO had to be one of Ure best efforts.hahahahahah
    Maybe this January when the Moon is in the 7th House, No?…


  8. (No)
    Haters are Going to be really Hatin this AM –


    Hooray !
    Bitcoin is up over 15% today – WTF is going on around here U might wonder ?
    The Flippening Is Happening .. at PayPal 20121 !
    Rejoice all U haters – for Bitcoin is going mainstream – WITHOUT U luddite rat bastards !

    …”and its gone”..

    Dam G – U coulda – woulda – shoulda – AGAIN

    * At least now we know why sf mark bot his wife (Richard) a model Y ..https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/tesla-contacting-model-y-owners-inspections-weeks-after-roof-flies-california-highway

    Guy is friggin Genius..

    • a Y for Richard? the Y is used as a symbol for the drug adrenochrome, just saying

      electric cars purchased with electric money? the night the lights went out

      • By and Around 2003 some 13 years or so after the wider popular adoption of wireless technologies by the masses, it became clear that the smartphone had replaced the “Phone Booth”, “Home Phone” and the ” Pay Phone”. In 5 years time or less, crypto currencies, electronic wallets, and applications on your smartphone will have replaced “bricks and mortar” bank branches and “live” tellers, bank store persons, loan officers, trade account advisors, etc.. They are all going the way of the “pay phone” and the Banksters don’t like it. How interesting that the very technology Banksters used to rationalize the American Factory and Workforce replacement has come full circle now and turned on them?

        Not a Luddite by any means,I’m looking forward to change. Learn to profit from it.

        And yes AMPS had been around a before 1990, along with select wireless data technologies, real strides came with the advent of wireless data merged with telephony in one user device, connection to the WWW, and wide scale user adoption.

        Future Tech? Look for it in your eye glasses, then later available as an implant.

      • Yo Steevo,

        Did you see any of the last Presidential Debate ? If so, did you notice how Creepy Slow Bribem could not answer – let alone talk if he was not facing forward ? Could NOT look over at POTUS and speak or address anything/anyone – If not looking straight ahead – you cant see the information on the Implants/Lenses if not looking straight ahead – an alignment issue.

  9. “We all remember what happens when ‘critical mass’ is reached? Safer out here on the “Rural Reservations,” we reckon.”

    With due respect I disagree! Think about this matter while blowing your leaves ;-).

    On the other hand grrreat work YOU do!!

  10. Comrades,

    A few hours ago word appeared in msm such as BBC, etc. that the stage 3 covid-19 vaccine process at Oxford University backed by an Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company has been temporarily suspended because a test volunteer in Brazil has died. This is the second test suspension.

    There are a number of issues surrounding this vaccine trial as food for thought. The vaccine development is underwritten by the USA taxpayer under Operation Warp Speed to give the USA 300 million doses. Additionally the pharmaceutical company has contracted to sell 100 million doses to the UK, 400 million to the EU, and 5.3 million to Switzerland according to publicly available sources. The company is shooting for a global total sale of 3 billion doses.

    A pharma vp states on the company website that the USA test group is comprised of volunteers without underlying conditions. Two of three receive the real covid-19 vaccine and one receives a saline solution. The USA branch of the study has not received FDA approval to restart since the first stoppage a couple of months ago.

    According to the BBC report quoting unnamed Brazilian media, half the Brazilian study volunteers receive the real covid-19 vaccine, and the remaining control group receives “an already licensed meningitis vaccine”. The fatality allegedly occurred in the control group. The individual was said to be a doctor who had treated covid-19 patients and died from covid-19 complications at the age of 28 years.

    Vaccine testing is planned to resume shortly in the UK, Brazil, and India. Further volunteer test groups are apparently being formed in Peru and Chile.

    Let’s not let ethics stand in the way?

  11. Oh, boy LOOB, or should I say LUBE….I hate to break it to ya but the media is the biggest racist in the world, and yes, all over America, the BBC, Daily Mail, et al included: White Cop kills Black Unarmed Man.” White Man kills Unarmed Black Youth.” But when a Black male, young or old, kills any child, woman, man, elderly person or other, the race is never hardly ever mentioned.

    Constantly, the media exascerbates a message that white people are just killing blacks all of the time. But, it is not so. The most violent, heinous crimes are black on white. And they never or rarely make the controlled mainstream press. The Press, as it stands, is the biggest fomenter of division and destruction this country has seen since it lathered and frothed America and other countries to enter WW2 and destroy Germany. The Press Is The Enemy of the People.

    • I guess they don’t have tree farms in your vicinity? I suppose firearms are less popular for ending matters in a place where only the government has them. If people want something more than anything else, they will find a way. Cheer up. Or get in the queue and let the doc give it a try.

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