Housing Data, Seismometers, Market Bouncimenter

Instrument Check!

Takes me back to my flying days.  Checklists Galore! And they work great for keeping a lot of variables arranged for safe travel into an uncertain future.

Checklists facilitate something called RKA.  We don’t talk about it much here (*more on the Peoplenomics subscriber site).  It means  Rapid Knowledge Acquisition.

When you couple RKA with the “Everything’s got a Recipe” behind it – laid out in my book  The Millennial’s Missing Manual – you can go through Life much happier being highly productive.

That’s because owning a mental library of Facts and Processes lends itself to a much faster “mental processor” than an amorphous puddle of floating “goo between the ears.”  Mental spaghetti code.

This latter is revealed in people who have adopted the “opinions and beliefs of Others” without bothering to grind it all down to a factual foundation.  The former is what a “herd member does” while the latter is typical of “independent thinkers.”

We assume you know all this, but before we launch into a collection of facts – and many useful contexts you can “try on for size” – the larger framework is worth remembering.

News is not a destination.  Contrary to the attempted “herd-jacking” by the MainStream Media, you can still assert the primacy of the individual; a fact-based, context-capable, kick-ass freedom-loving, equality believing, excellent human.

Or, you can be a piece of shit.

Seems an easy choice.  But, under media hypnosis?  Not so easy.  So we begin.


The world isn’t ending – at least not yet – when we look at the Housing data just out from Census:

Drilling into it:

Building Permits Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,553,000.  This is 5.2 percent (±1.6 percent) above the revised August rate of 1,476,000 and is 8.1 percent (±1.8 percent) above the September 2019 rate of 1,437,000.  Single-family authorizations in September were at a rate of 1,119,000; this is 7.8 percent (±1.1 percent) above the revised August figure of 1,038,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 390,000 in September.

Housing Starts Privately-owned housing starts in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,415,000.  This is 1.9 percent (±8.8 percent)* above the revised August estimate of 1,388,000 and is 11.1 percent (±11.3 percent)* above the September 2019 rate of 1,274,000.  Single-family housing starts in September were at a rate of 1,108,000; this is 8.5 percent (±9.2 percent)* above the revised August figure of 1,021,000. The September rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 295,000.

Housing Completions Privately-owned housing completions in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,413,000.  This is 15.3 percent (±11.4 percent) above the revised August estimate of 1,226,000 and is 25.8 percent (±11.5 percent) above the September 2019 rate of 1,123,000.  Single-family housing completions in September were at a rate of 921,000; this is 2.1 percent (±9.0 percent)* above the revised August rate of 902,000. The September rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 480,000.

One thing to keep in mind, though:  We figure there may be a few more homes built due to the fires out West.  And with interest rates bumping along the bottom -lower than ever-before in my lifetime of more than 71-years – a lot of young families are making the smart call:  “Get ’em while they’re hot!”

Quake Me, Shake Me

If you need something to worry about (with too many unallocated ‘processor clicks’ of your wetware available), try worrying about the wanderings of the Pacific Plate.

Another “Ring of Fire” bump last night; this time up north; 400 miles back toward Anchorage from Dutch, if you know the neighborhood.  7.5 Quake.

That upper middle right land mass is Kodiak Island and about the same distance again to get up to Homer and from there up Cook Inlet up to Anchorage (and Knik Arm if we were doing a travelogue, instead of a geezerly news and financial site, lol).

Anyway – thing is we are in a Solar Minimum which may (or may not, data to follow) be warming back up) but in times like this the Pacific Plate shrinks and that allows for movement.

Oh!  And the worry?  Well, push on one end of a stick and the other moves.  So…our usual West Coast reminder to always be ready for shaken and stirred.

Market Bouncimeter

Monday’s 400-point Dow decline is about to be offset by a “bounce” at the open this morning.  We point to Dow Futures being +158 while the S&P Futures were +21 with 90-minutes to the opening.  Backed off a bit from these levels, though.

Strategically, we aren’t sure what to make of things:  We can see where there’s an upside breakout case.  But, there’s also a “market comes to Jesus” moment (and collapses) when the sins of Made Up Money are confessed.

The strategic sneak-peek at this corner of one of our Peoplenomics charts shows how our Aggregate Index sits with this morning’s (early) future’s pricing.

Seems up to us with the red and green trend lines about at the same place. A rally back up over these might evolve over the course of today’s trading.

Globally, things are ‘constructive’ with no major “bottoms falling out” noticed.

Though, on the other hand, with a debate to come, Retail Sales Friday, and plenty of chores to handle around the homestead, our account sits in cash until everything else is in sufficient order to allow wasting time trying to “Texas Hold ‘Em” this market.

To analyze the risk further?  It’s  like sizing up the risk of birth control failure in here.  You can get screwed, and then there’s really screwed to follow.  Market has that  kind of potential!

Election Usefulness Filters

Remember our admonitions about how Big Tech is now running everything – including Elections?  A further data point in support of our proposition as Google Whistleblower Tells Veritas Search Engine Is “Skewing Results” To Benefit Democrats.  We are like so surprised…

While the “Official Results” won’t be known until December, we might have a delayed meeting of the Electoral College pop up as a topic shortly.  One reason for that would be? Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

And did you notice the  Poll worker fired for turning away voters with “Black Lives Matter” shirts?  We have to wonder if a person wearing a White Power shirt would have been treated the same?  See – these are the questions that come down to real equality.  Equality still mean “the same” doesn’t it?

Data Scramble

Housing, Shake, Money, and Elected Scammers…what else might matter this fine morning?

Climate Change:  Not too much talk about it in Minnesota, we’d venture. Forecast of 3 to 5 inches of snow could be a record breaker.  (Not sure what it would do to cassettes or CD’s, however…  “Huh?”)

PG&E’s Black Outs:  Say, this is a finely crafted bit of PR to admire for our friends out in NorCal: Wildfire safety blackouts in California may impact 50,000 PG&E customers.  “Safety Blackouts!”  Love the term.   Let’s see who gloms onto it…

The Border Still Leaks Criminals:  But we’ll bet it gets worse with Open Border Dems controlling things shortly.  Evidence needed? Santa Cruz County homicide investigation turns toward Mexico.  Repeat after me:   Sooo surprised!

Defending the Digital Mob:  Mainstream stories still aren’t understand that extremism is an  online phenom, not something open.  Yet we read as apologist “Review of federal charges from city protests show few charged have ties to extremist groups, many from suburbs.”

Unless they’ve got detail digital surveillance audits to back up their specious “few charged have ties” bullshit, this reveals reporters with NO comprehension of how the digital world works.  Let alone the online revolutionaries of the Dark.  Gee-Zeus:  Is this why papers are in trouble, you think?

Hiker Follow Up

With all the  Missing 4-1-1 focus on hikers going missing, I promised to follow-up on the Courtier case out of Utah.

In a report here (“Holly Courtier hit her head and became disoriented early in her trip to Zion National Park, daughter says“)  seems like an explanation.  But, I dunno…hmm…

ATR: Raking It In

Around The Ranch:  Fall Colors!

But that also means leaves – a couple of feet deep in places around the house.

As a result, I’ve been reading weather forecasts like a hawk and it looks like the “first Leaf Day” of the season will be Saturday morning.  Then, a strong North Wind will be at my back as we blow leaves out of the yard and down hill.

Even better?  We have been in a dry spell, so the leaves are still dry and that makes quick work – and less sticking.

Interestingly, Leaf clean-up is not a widely worked marketing niche.  I’ve ordered a “special” Midwest Rake Company GIDDS2-287000 Aggregate 36″ Rake Field with 66″ Handle ($68).  Both the gas-powered leaf blowers are ready:  Hitachi and a Husqvarna 967144301 360BT Backpack Blower – which is not quite  free, but you gotta have tools.

There’s one tool I haven’t been able to find and let me describe it for you.

I call it a “Leaf Dam.”  Leaf Paddle would work, too.  It’s for places (like between the house and office) where I can’t get the Kubota tractor in safely.  It is to push those 4-6 foot high piles which take forever with the blower. Weeks to rake.

The “dam” would be a big plate:  About 3-feet high and about 4-feet wide.  It would have a handle ending in a big well-padded U that could be placed against the stomach for extra power moving a big leaf pile.

Damned if I can find one.  May have to fab one up.

This whole “leaf it to George” is a great annual challenge.  We sit around cocktail hour all year long scheming how to get the most leaves (with the least possible work and cost) moved.

Elaine’s a huge fan of used fishing nets – lay them down and pull the leaves off with one easy move.  Wet?  Hook up to tractor…

Thing is, though, they would be a nuisance the rest of the year.  Not small to store, either.  And they would have to be “sectioned” around trees.  And that means an installation map so you could find the smaller nets under a foot or more of leaves…

Ah…joys of life, huh?  Go read And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and it will all make more sense.

Just Ahead?

Peoplenomics  tomorrow we focus on  Retroculture and where society is going.  Which is an economic and social stew, for sure.

And if you have any additional comments on all the speed and optimizing of the Urban and Peoplenomics websites, better get ’em in (as comments) soon.  I’m getting sick of this programming shit!

Time to carb-up….happy Bounce Day. Dow futures up only 83 now, so we shall see how the day (and Life) unwinds.

Write when you get rich,


46 thoughts on “Housing Data, Seismometers, Market Bouncimenter”

  1. Leaf Dam – Similar to fishing net. I have a heavy gage plastic tarp, run rope or closeline cable through eyelets on the end and maybe one or two down the edge. I then pile the leaves on the tarp and pull in the cable which pulls together the tarp somewhat. Then I walk the tarp over to the area where I discard the leaves (nice quad workout), but you also easily make something that would connect to your tractor with a longer cable to pull around the yard. The tarp is relatively easy to pull and doesn’t appear to do any damage to grass that you like. I have this tarp I keep folded up with the cable in the eyes and pull it off the shelf the 2 or 3 times per season, when I get the heavy leaf fall from the oaks.

  2. In my area used houses are flying off the shelves. Now I’m seeing for sale signs with a “pending” sticker slapped on within days.

    I found a CL cream puff in Costa Rica. The seller is emphasizing “safety” but one is only safe due to patrolling guards outside the locked gates and bars on the windows. In a real emergency I think an American would get woofed-up.

    Costa Rica house


  3. Well George when you can come up with something that will hold all the politicians so they can be hauled off to the burning pile let me know,until then I guess I just have to wait for a dry day and put the zero turn into play,makes good mulch for the yard and by spring there is no site of them.!!!

      • the pro lawn service people I know use two types of mowers, dependent on the customers lawn size and shape. A zero turn radius and a walk behind. None use the tractor style. For me I bought an old well used friction drive Dixon ZTR, good thing I have some mechanical skills. When I get rich, I gonna get one of those fancy hydraulic drive,,,and oh ya mulch, no baggers or side discharge for my use, your mileage may vary. The pros I know bag everything, got to look pretty for all those Dr office type business they mow. With your acreage, all I see is compost heaven.

  4. G’s Tuesday Switch & Bait – – oldies but goodies and they still work!
    Here I was all excited UrbSurv was going to start featuring a daily “Rack of Envy” – kinda thing – hence the Bounce-O-meter. Ideally UrbSurv would show a view of the Underboob, Side Boob, as well as standard Cleavage view. So color BCN -“disappointed” this fine Fall morning..NTTFN.

    No Worries though as BCN looks forward to the future meeting of the Worlds (CB) Bankers at what will be known as BCN Forest = Shiney, New & Fresh, as opposed to that Busted,Old & Tired = Bretton Woods.

    Karnac : The Answer is..Hunter Biden!
    Karnac holds envelope to to head as he discerns the contents of envelope – he opens his eyes and proclaims: ” Who is The Big Guys Bagman?”

    Wait G – it gets better I promise…

    A) Who Ruled over Mombassa, Coastal Protectorate in the sixties – see Sultan of Zanzibar ? So if U were born in the 1960’s in Mombassa, Coastal Protectorate – U would be a Protected British Person at Birth. When Kenya was created – that person would be a Kenyan AND a British Subject.

    Remember the DEEP bow – he who shall not be named – made to the draco queen in britain? compared to TRUMPs?

    DNA test was performed on HWSNBN – No DNA links to maternal Grandmother – ms Dunham – herself the Subject of sealed FBI file dating 1944 connection with Sabotage of B29 Line at Boeing-Witchita,KS. Snowden used copy of HWSNBN DNA report to negotiate a deal with Russia.

    Never mind that tall, gray haired, middle eastern looking fellow, with clean shaven look wearing a Armani Suite & Italian loafers, sipping a cardamon flavored coffee.. he just looks like an older, OBL – just a CoWinkydink.

    And U ALL still think you WON WW2 – At least Purina Sheep Chow is going on Sale soon – U gotz something to look forward to, besides the pending GreatCull – lazy ass sheep – No BITCOIN 4 Sheep!

  5. Easy fix dude. One word. Snowblower. Couple passes and all them leaves will he away from the house. Or you could get a board stretcher and move the house 3 feet.

    Have it all cleaned up in about 2 passes. FigUre 20 minutes because ure old and shit.

    I thought you said you been to Alaska? Snowblowers aint just for snow. Lol get one of these If the leaves are dry.

    Arnold Black 2-Stage and 3-Stage Snow Thrower Cab in the Snow Cabs department at Lowes.com

    So you don’t have it all over ya.

    Easy peasy.

    • Dont be a DORK –

      That has to be the dorkiest, fugliest “thingamajig” I have ever seen.

      In fact if U were my neighbor here in the Great NorthEast – and you came outside in Ure driveway with that thing on Ure snowblower – I promise U I would bombard Ure ass with snowballs mercilessly, until U quit or fire back.
      At which point we would have a friendly discussion on the appropriate attire for Ure Snowblower..Larger Fins, Faster Motor, Supercharger w/Blower for the MadMax resto-mod look, twin turbos for throwing snow 50 ft. +..

      • Except the snowballs wouldn’t hurt since the operator is protected.
        No, Ure’s going to buy covers like this for both of ya’ll blowers and then come out with a bulletproof snow blower shelter option which I will sell for $57.4 billion per copy. JUst the ticket for blowing snow in Kabul! Sell ’em to DoD and retire….

        (Hey wait! I am retired! Guess I got confused with retarded…)

      • Pish. I already have a weed-singe blowtorch. All a body’d need to do is grab a $10 tank sprayer, duct tape the nozzle-wand to the torch, fill ‘er up with #1 and -=stroke it, stroke it=-* until there’s some tank pressure.

        Want fire? Light the torch. Want something that’ll make the neighbor’s hedge, two properties down, go snap, crackle, pop? Push the lever…

        *With apologies to Billy Squier…

  6. Afa all that Google shenanigans go. That is why I’m not on the net that much. I go to a few sites. Like I said a while ago, you wanna really know what’s going on DVR an episode of CNN money, fast forward past the show and just watch the commercials. Lol. Pay attention to what the Madmen are saying. Because he who pays the bills write the news how he wAnts. People say “History is written by the winners”. Bullshit! History is written by the people with the Money to write it. As the axiom around here clearly states, “write when you get rich.”

    I was Steve Q’s Giant Page last night. Reviewing his Prophacies. Been a long time since I been to his site. I always liked that guy. Good Christian Fella. Lots of talk about a “Red Dawn”. As all Bible thumpers and Sailors know. A Red Sky in the Morning is a warning. A Red Sky at night is a Sailors delight. Goes hand in hand with Paul Revere…. Who rides at dawn. I suspect on 11/22. I think that is the date. Stood out in my mind this morning. Same day Kennedy was shot. In a Lincoln.

    Also, Been seeing alot of references to SamHain… Odd but nevertheless present enough to not, not notice. Back before the turn of the century, I wrote a book report on SamHain in the 7th grade. Lol what with Hallowseve before Harvest Day on 11/1.

    As I used to tell all my Lyft rides when they got in my 2016 SRT8 Charger after they exclaimed, “Wow! This isn’t a Prius!”,

    I’m say it again today, “Buckle up buttercup!”

    • Some are thinking, I can turn back the tides because of my God given abilities. I ain’t King Canute. The Creative Mind of Infinite Intelligence is my Employer. Not the other way around. Even with Comsic Consiousness I never forget that there is sum things that are bigger than me. Even when I hope to hit my goal of 400 on bench by the end of the month and be able to run 5 miles with a 25lb pack on. I’m still mindful that great Force isn’t the only tool. I spent the larger part of the last 10 months reprogramming my subconscious mind. Because it makes up 85% of all consciousness. As a man thinketh etc.

      Btw, I didn’t know you only did the light crown for 15 minutes George. I sleep with mine on. Hahahahaha shit, I been doing it 4 and 5 hours at a time. Lol. While subliminally reprogramming my subconscious with audio recordings I made myself. The subconscious mind is going to accept the voice it recognizes as its own, better than someone else’s. Maybe take a few days off of that for a while and see what unfolds. Lol

      • My Jackpot Winning Powerball Lottery numbers are in my wallet right now. I didn’t know where everyone else are. I been slaving away on tons sites for years giving all kinds of free info and never took one penny of compensation. Not one time. I always said, IF God wants to reward me that is His business. So, I talked The Creator on Sunday and asked him if it was payday yet? Because it’s been almost 13 years I have slaved away countless hours on many sites. Not just this one. So He gave me mine numbers on Sunday. And said, just andy. You will have to ask him for ures. I’m not a priest you can go through to get to God. You can go to God on your own to get your own winning lotto ticket numbers. Lol What is mine is mine and what is ures is ures.

        Good luck.

      • I guess we will see. I’m not on contract with anyone about anything on any of these sites. Lol.

        Noboody wants to try the Snowblower. Lmao. Good. Hello, hello? Don’t believe every thing you read. Thank God. Ha ha ha.

  7. PGE is giving a big middle finger to all Californians. They are still mad for the state suing them for their negligence for never even making a tiny attempt updating their equipment in rural areas…And causing our first round of fires three years ago in Santa Rosa.

    I live in a water community…literally surrounded by water on the north, south and eastern shores. Zero chance of a wildfire in an 8 mile radius of us. To the west of us is a 10 lane highway…And then west of that further is a downtown area with very little trees. Fat chance of a fire jumping that. Yet, we have had our power turned off twice in the past week. They shut off two full zones that are not even remotely in fire danger…Flood zone ? Yes…Fire? …Hell no. It’s a sizable community too with two elementary schools, a middle school and a charter high school that lost power to their distance learning students. Kids, schools as well as work from home parents were unable to communicate for 3 hours on a Monday yesterday. I was in the middle of a Zoom call And lost power, WiFi service, etc. My Power Wall kicked in and restored it, but still had to reboot, reset old digital clocks etc. Why PGE still exists blows my mind. They have been involved in so many lawsuits. From the Erin Brokavich scandal to the 2017 Backdoor Lobbying Of Regulators that costs them $86.5 million, to the San Bruno Gas line explosion that Killed 8 people wiped out an entire neighborhood And destroyed over 100 homes and left a crater…Boo hoo…they had to pay out money to compensate…and they got butt hurt and now are taking it out on all of us by turning off our power whenever they feel like it.

    • Hmmm.. If Elon’s Power Wall is such a great deal, how come Ure’s rural redneck rig (RRR, get it?) will transfer fast enough I don’t event lose …wee….ANYTHING. No dropped calls on Skype – nothing. If I hear a beep, one of my (mission crit) UPSs beeps to remind me to transfer the NAS offline in…120 minutes!
      Seriously Mark. Couple of CyberPower 1000 UPSs keeping your mishcrits up to fill between the PGE (ah’s) dropping and the Power Wall getting you back…well, free power consult from Ure.
      Best the most relaxing couple of hunskies you can spend though. No more downtime!!!!
      (Who would believe that a bastion of empire in the So.Bay would accept this kind of power issue? Keep up with the Woods my friend!)

      • For those interested:
        House at a 1.5 kva UPS for house DSL
        Office has 800 amphours at 24V and stacked/phased sine waves off solar arrays
        and these drive the office which then has 2 smaller UPS’s for 1) main computer and display and 1 DSL modem and 2) for the Satcomms modem and two laptops (win10 on one and Linux on the other)
        It is the “real deal” in terms of high reliability computing out here.

      • I actually want a couple of those power walls LOL… the last battery bank I just got rid of that had gotten to that age.. well they weighed almost three ton’s LOL.. and I had to have someone from hundreds of miles away come pick them up.. yup it sucked.. the ones I have now are two volt lead acid.. but each battery weights over a hundred pounds and the case is glass.. the weight of two of those batteries would be the entire weight of the power walls and if a cell burns out in the power wall it is a simple change the battery and replace with a new fuse..

      • Actually the two second lag was my fault. Normally the power transfer is seamless. I switched it during SIP and didn’t switch It back. Long story…

  8. Just mulch the leaves with your mower. Makes great fertilizer for the lawn. As long as the leaves get chopped to down around an inch or two, and you don’t leave them more than 2 to 3 inches deep on the grass, they will help your lawn and trees be healthier than ever. My advice as a Master Gardener.

  9. Wrong Siesmos G – We gotz the wrong Earthquake – was Supposed to be Attorney General generated “quake”.

    Qanons R still standing around with their peckers in their hands wondering why NOTHING has or will happen regards Indictments – hahahha, Clinton Crime Inc – hahahahha, Alphabet Agencies actively participating in a Presidential COUP aided and abetted by ALL media companies – hahahahahahahahaha

    Meet the NEW Boss – SAME as the boss.

    IMO -Barr would rather be crouched in front of little boy, than go against his “masters” and do something -hahaha That apple fell straight down – no roll – right there – Like Father/Like Son – LLB

    • The career politicos, lobbyists, Establishment swamp-rats of both Parties are waiting with baited breath, for 4NOV20, as is The Street. If a Biden victory is assured, they know dredging will stop. The D.C. crowd will hide and wait-out the 12 weeks, Wall Street (and every other exchange, worldwide) will crash like has never been seen before. The members of the 1% club (who haven’t already) will rush to establish 501c3s, and the ignorant kiddies will riot in celebration.

      If Biden doesn’t win in an Election Day landslide, the baited breath thing will continue while Pelosi and Schiff pre-plan their next impeachment effort. The Markets will be totally spastic, the 1% will walk to establish their 501c3s, and the kiddies will riot as a threat to the vote-counters. (Soros is running the street-show. His latest effort was a couple months ago in Belarus. Anyone who’d like to play along with our social issues need look no further than writeups on Belarus or Minsk in the Polish or Ukrainian English-language newspapers online, to see how the script reads for us. Hint: Although Lukashenko is an authoritarian bâtard and probably did rig the election to receive 80+% of the vote count, it is estimated he honestly received between 60% and 62%. Tsikhanouskaya officially received ~10% of the vote count, but claims she received between 60% and 70% of the votes.)

      If Trump wins either closely or in a walk, effects will be the same as a narrow Biden win — this because the commies and America-haters will have to wait until all them hangin’ chads is counted. If Trump eventually wins, the Markets will shoot the moon, in spite of the riots and impeachment efforts. Despite the reason for this website and Mr. Prechter’s, I don’t believe there’ll be any way to visualize Elliot Wave Theory in an advantageous manner, until our coming political shitstorm resolves itself…

  10. What I wouldn’t give for a once-yearly “Dry Leaves” inundation! My leaves are large, green, wet, and connected to tree and fence climbing vines. BiWeekly assaults on the encroaching jungle requires a machete. THEN I have to rake up the green waste, wheelbarrow to the truck, and haul it off to the green waste recycle dump. If I leave the green cuttings laying about, they sprout and spread and continue to grow. That’s what 150 inches of rain annually does in the tropics. Stuff grows!

  11. Isn’t it interesting that those whom we generally criticize play within an entirely different league than ours? ;-)

    As long as we keep criticizing they should feel safe to continue their Schenanigans. So many gum sales — but no uction of significance, IMHO!

  12. yep pretty hard to have any differing argument to anybody here .. so enjoy all the riches that await you in dreamland

  13. Comrades,

    Everything has a recipe?

    It’s rather telling that the Russian social media site, Telegram, which values its users’ privacy, was able to resist a head on assault from officialdom to hand over encryption keys to The Kremlin.

    The despotic muslim leader of Chechnya, personally chosen for the job by Mr. Putin, is a frequent user of the web platform. Perhaps the butcher from Evigny was in touch with the sunni messiah there as well as on Twitter?

  14. Join the elites!! Urban ramp!!wheres the fractal guys? Food stamps? Owww git your yellow dog rich!!!!

  15. Pick up your mat and walk. We already talked about this. Bout 4 months ago.

    I ain’t got all day to wait. It 523am. I have to start getting busy working on my second PHD on how it doesn’t work. Lol

    Im meeting Budah down at world’s gym. Spend some time with Nirvana om tha starmaster. Lol

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