Mercurial Trump Means Manic Markets +Jobs Data

Kudos First

As always, my friend Chris Tyreman up in Saskatchewan came through with the PERFECT heading for our 3D printing website.  Take a look.  As you’ll see, the “feel” (graphically) of Urban, Peoplenomics, and Ultra-Make is now somewhat in alignment.  Revealing how “deeply conflicted” we get around here sometimes:  There are many ways to create, have fun, express, and learn…it’s what makes getting out of bed every morning so special.  And every day too short…

Kudo #2:  If you haven’t seen the documentary on Black politics titled Uncle Tom” – absolutely worth your time to sit through on Amazon video. Worth every penny o9f $13 bucks.  Reveals a hell of a lot about the  real underbelly of American hate politics.  In a sec, we’ll delve into more election madness, but first…

Driven Mad by Stimulus Battling

Trying to short-term trade this market has been a real (pardon me) turd sandwich.  Because even though the reality of our economic quandary is obvious, the political “in Ure endo” is awful at best.

Regrettably, we need a turd sandwich discussion.  Because this is not Ure everyday snack.  This is the Dagwood of all turd sandwiches.

Cartoonist Chic Young came up with the idea of a man-manly-Man’s mega-sandwich for his cartoon character in the Marvel Comics Dagwood.  

Great classic, collectible comics they were – and are.  His wife Blondie was ever-ready with a quip – always seemed well quaffed – and was (down at some subliminal level) why I married a Blondie-bunny hybrid.  (No telling how things like this work in old nutjobs.)

Speaking of comics, we were sad to learn a week back that Los Angeles Comic Con 2020 Event Canceled, 2021 Dates Set, but such are pandemics.

Back to point, every so often in the Dagwood comics you’ll see a sandwich that seems equal portions of preposterous and delish.  All at the same time.  Collectible stuff – incredibly valuable franchise of Marvel.

Now with all this talk about “appetite” we’ll now weld-in the…

Stimulus Discussion

It’s here we spy the “Mercurial Trump” as “Donald Trump leaves contentious ’60 Minutes’ interview with Lesley Stahl, goes on Twitter attack.” Wasn’t there a book “ How to Win Friends and Influence People?”  Too late for remedial reading?

The T-Sandwich, is not Trump’s alone, though it is – kinda.  You see no small number of Republican’s figure if Trump’s going to lose, why hand Biden an easy economic helping hand?    You can see it in Second stimulus check updates: COVID-19 relief talks inch forward, but Mitch McConnell is resistant and lame-duck prospects are dim.

McConnell and the R’s aren’t stupid (on the other hand, if you watch  “Uncle Tom” the doc, maybe they “R” – right?).  They can at least read the biz section where Commodities headed for bull market in 2021 on inflation fears, stimulus: Goldman Sachs.

You’re seeing it, right?  The McConnell people want things to blow-up on the dems and Nancy herself is beating the drum for Free Money! Trump Wanting Stimulus Checks in People’s Pockets Is Democrats’ Leverage in Negotiations, Pelosi Says.

These data points form the gist of what the  WaPo says in “Why Mitch McConnell is trying to kill a big stimulus.”  As we’ve said many times, “Politics is all about kicking the other guy when he’s down and getting people to thank you for it.”

No, it’s not  pretty.  But it  is politics.

Beige Book Deep

If you’re trying to make sense out of what’s going on, you can shit-can the mainstream media.  Instead, read what the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book came out with Wednesday.  Far more  useful guidance:

“Consumer spending growth remained positive, but some Districts reported a leveling off of retail sales and a slight uptick in tourism activity. Demand for autos remained steady, but low inventories have constrained sales to varying degrees. Reports on agriculture conditions were mixed, as some Districts are experiencing drought conditions. Districts characterized the outlooks of contacts as generally optimistic or positive, but with a considerable degree of uncertainty. Restaurateurs in many Districts expressed concern that cooler weather would slow sales, as they have relied on outdoor dining. Banking contacts in many Districts expressed concern that delinquency rates may rise in coming months, citing various reasons; however, delinquency rates have remained stable.

On wages and working and and ahead:

Employment increased in almost all Districts, though growth remained slow. Employment gains were reported most consistently for manufacturing firms, although firms continued to report new furloughs and layoffs. Most Districts continued reporting tight labor markets, attributing it to workers’ health and childcare concerns, with many firms consequently offering increased schedule flexibility; a few Districts, however, noted some firms were finding it easier to hire workers. Wages increased slightly in most Districts, often tied to firms’ difficulty finding workers, especially for low-wage or high-demand jobs. Some firms reported returning wages (and raises) to normal levels, but many reported more stable wages.

Prices rose modestly across Districts since the previous report. Input costs generally increased faster than consumer prices; however, some sectors—notably construction, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale—passed along the higher costs to consumers. Overall, consumer prices across Districts rose modestly, with the notable exceptions of food, automobiles, and appliances, which increased significantly. Retail gasoline prices declined. Input costs increased at varying degrees, mostly led by increases in materials costs, particularly steel and lumber. Multiple Districts reported continued additional costs for firms due to COVID-19, including personal protective equipment, sanitation equipment, testing equipment, and technology needed for remote work. Changes in row crop prices were mixed, while Districts reported declines in prices for animal proteins.

The whole report is here.  But most people don’t take the time to read such a measured view of the country.  Instead they get kicked around by headlines.  It explains also whay “average” is so small a number. They’re led around by?

Oh, flash-in-the-pan financial transients like…

The Weekly Jobs Data

Yeah, we gotta mention these – came in better than expected:

“In the week ending October 17, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 787,000, a decrease of 55,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised down by 56,000 from 898,000 to 842,000. The 4-week moving average was 811,250, a decrease of 21,500 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised down by 33,500 from 866,250 to 832,750.
The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 5.7 percent for the week ending October 10, a decrease of 0.7 percentage point from the previous week’s revised rate. The previous week’s rate was revised down by 0.4 from 6.8 to 6.4 percent. The advance number for seasonally adjusted insured unemployment during the week ending October 10 was 8,373,000, a decrease of 1,024,000 from the previous week’s revised level.

Before you go leveraging large, though, try to remember tomorrow morning the Retail Sales figures will come out.  Although, judging by  the delays in getting products we’ve ordered online to show up, we reckon FedEx and UPS could be setting up for record quarters, disease or not.

After the good jobs data, one other reasons for the techs to rally is seen as Tesla shares jump 5% after reporting fifth consecutive quarter of profits.

Pandemic Guidance

Take this seriously: CDC shortens window of exposure for contact with Covid-19 patients.

In the past, the advice was avoid contacts  longer than 15-minutes.  Which left the way open to serial 14-minute contacts.  Now, with the change, it’s 15-minutes TOTAL.

Germany sees 10,000 daily cases for first time as France infections top 1m, so it’s not just global smoke-blowing.  When we make the semi-weekly grocery run?  We will do what we have every week since February:  No contact online shopping and Cloroxing the Be-Gee-Zeus out of anything coming in the house.

People think we’re nuts, of course.  But we can stack up 222,000 plus American deaths as evidence that “First do no stupid” pays off.


Keep an eye on the droughts.  Not only has a New wildfire in Colorado prompts mandatory evacuations, but look at this:

The reason to (again making a pitch here, so listen up) get serious about home food growing efforts, is that if America doesn’t  catch a break with a lot of rain soon, we COULD be setting up for a food-crisis in 2021.  We will keep[ closer tabs on the Peoplenomics side of the house.

But, imagine what the Depression would be like if the Fed last time around had pushed out the crash until May of 1930.  The Dust Bowl still shows up, America still has its Hungry Years and misery becomes wider spread than now. My, what a fine and pleasing outlook, huh?

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

No, not the song.  The Google situation as Legal experts say the government’s ‘Microsoft’ strategy in its antitrust case against Google is smart, but a forced breakup may still be a long shot.

Jumping the Leviathan

We’ve been mumbling for years about wars to come to be fought over the Leviathan gas and oil area off coastal Syria and Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece.  We are therefore NOT surprised to see the story Turkey slams joint declaration by Cyprus, Greece and Egypt.  Everyone’s getting their hackles up.

Meantime, east of there: Nagorno-Karabakh fighting raises threat of escalation.

With a Biden presidency becoming likely, is it time to buy defense stocks?  Easy money – easy economic stimulus, too.  If you don’t mind body counts.  But with a pandemic? Oh yeah…easy to bury the sausage on those, too.

Say, are we having fun yet?

Round Here

The Kitco silver chart (bottom of the page here) has come back to live.  Hat tip to Elvin at GeneratePress for the <div> footer style.  Works peach.

Off for a blow job.  “Perv!!!”  No, I mean with leaves.  Rain due in tonight, so (drat!) not going to let them get wet and make more work.  Just can leaf it alone….

Write when you get rich,

30 thoughts on “Mercurial Trump Means Manic Markets +Jobs Data”

  1. “Off for a blow job. “Perv!!!” No, I mean with leaves. ”


    I first I thought you might be switching parties.. going to join the PEDO party before the new commander and chief takes his (check to the big fella and feel things out ) oops I mean oath

  2. I hope there is no further federal stimulus ever. We need people and companies to stop being subsidized by the Feds. We need to adjust to our current realities of employment and consumer needs. With dying companies and non productive people being propped up, we can never adjust, and keep making the day of reckoning worse. Feds should have no authority to transfer money from taxpayers to companies and citizens and by doing so, they make a mockery of our currency. In the past if feds wanted to support people, they would build infrastructure, and pay companies and people to do the work. Now they just straight up give out our money with nothing in return. I could understand if States want to transfer money from one citizen to another, they could have state constitutions that support those transfers. But because states cannot just print money, they would actually have to raise or borrow actual dollars from taxpayers or selling bonds.

    • Are you surprised that the voting majority does not see it that way? That’s why it seems sooo hopeless for any changes.

      Dems & Reps ought to merge and declare:
      “F_CK OFF VOTERS!!” that’s the truth.

    • Lol well tell it to your congressman er person I’m sure they will be all ears and listen well, right after they ask and how much are you going to give me,and of course you leave out the biggest pig of all the wall street bankers and all their kin who reside at that address,and while your at it ask him how come he supported all those laws cutting taxes on the 1% while creating laws to ship all the jobs out of the country, and why wages haven’t increased along with inflation in years,and your right those sob’s up in the sink hole have no right to create laws tranferring the wealth of the country from the bottom to the top,leaving 40 million in poverty not counting all the homeless.!!!

      • “Lol well tell it to your congressman er person I’m sure they will be all ears and listen well,”

        You know Blue.. I would love to see a group actually get organized and everyone in the group send a snail mail letter to every member of congress every day. Split the group in four groups then mail..a simple sheet of paper stating a simple subject you’d love to see changed..
        Of course they wouldn’t even look at it..heck their on recess or doing some very important fact finding.mission at dome resort.. but twenty thousand letters will fill several trucks.. take that times every member of Congress. It would be huge news.. HUGE..if you’ve ever been in DC a flake of snow will shut the city down. take the traffic on the beltway . It’s insane anyway..
        Manpower.. dc city boys are not to excited about doing anything. to unload one truck takes. A country farm boy a couple of hours.. beltway city boys. It would take a half dozen a day. Just to pitch and toss. Not to mention the extra postal workers and drivers etc.. a huge soikein stamp sales..
        And not one threatening gesture…
        I would love to see it on any subject ..heck pick one of the dead horse subjects and keep it up until they make the changes.
        If you think them burying the big guys kids laptop hard drive was fast. This would make hiding that hard drive filled with all those images and documents that hint of one of the worst crime streaks look like it was all handled in a turtle’s pace..
        I dont think it would take any money and they truly would want to see it over with at any cost.. I am willing to bet you’d see more than three or four on the floor to..

  3. The Turd Sandwich – a perfect title for the coming period of harsh winter weather – at least here in the great northeast.
    The woodland squirrels, as opposed the city squirrels, are the chubbiest I have seen in years – and yes the leafy nests are way up in the trees this year – Big Winter Coming.

    The bear grease filled mason jars stored in basement rafters – is thick and grayish – cold winter.
    Woolly Bear Caterpillars are in full fuzz – looking like they feel a big winter is coming as well.

    No info yet on bear harvest this year – so much for a very sloooooooooowly cooked bear roast invite this year.
    Reason coot mentions this is Food Scarcity has already become an issue for those less fortunate in many urban areas.
    No worries, right – we can just keep printing money – after all someone (Cali) gave crazy nasty nancy a set of keys to the Printing Presses – just how stupid are these earthquake lovers?
    Dont answer that – with ALL the Energy building up in PNW/Cascadia/juandefuca area from 7.9 in Alaska – one has to wonder where all that energy is going to go ? LA, St Helens, Rainer, New Straights of Juan De Diego?

    We can play follow the energy – around the North American Craton Boundry – should be showing up here around Pennsyltucky any day- standing wave Physics and what not.

    Economy falling apart, civil unrest, and now harsh winter/hunger issues – kinda a volatile mix dont cha think?

    Shame that winter/ cold temps is good for Nat Gas Futures & coot, why even Dr Copper is going higher – and U know what THAT means..

    Got Wheelbarrows – for all those FRN’s Ure going to need to buy some ground chuck this Winter? hahahahaha

    – and U thought I was talking about Beef
    – See Whistle Pigs/Groundhogs/creepyslobribem.

    U know like creepy slo bribem – comes out of his basement – see’s his shadow – and we get 3 moar weeks of Pure Unadulterated Bull Shit – Spewing Forth From Dems Mouths..

  4. My relatives in N. Texas are convinced the entire Covid thing is a hoax. Top to bottom. They refuse to believe it and won’t wear masks. And at the same time are preparing for civil war.

    How can you simultaneously be brainwashed to believe civil war is coming by the same media you don’t believe about 300k extra deaths this year?

    Everyone just wants to be smarter than the next guy. Pretty low measure if you ask me.

    • Your relatives are batting 50%, compared to 0% for most. Stocking up should have been done before now.

    • If the MSM shut up about it, would most people even realize there was something going on? This pandemic sure does have to be marketed 24/7 just so people are aware of it…that might be a first. The officialdoms giving us numbers have done 180 turn arounds how many times now? First masks weren’t needed, then they were crucial. Now they are saying we’re seeing infections rise as more people stay inside as the weather cools. But they shut us in during spring and even had parks and beaches, etc closed. The CDC’s own numbers say that if you’re above 70, you’ve got maybe .5% chance of not making it, in their worst case scenario. Their numbers are all models and assumptions, and they assume everyone over 80 is infected.

      There is ample evidence that the economy was cratering before the the pandemic, and now we have IMF, World Economic Forum and others calling for an “Economic Reset”. The economic impact of lockdowns are being used as the scapegoat to what George has been preaching about since 1999. You know…all that 98% of our currency gone stuff.

      There is far more evidence that this is all being used to manipulate, and all the “cures” thus far have done more damage than the virus itself.

      George is about averting risks, which makes sense, but he’s even policing language when the context is obvious, just because someone COULD take something out of context. That should give you an idea of where his mind is at.

      The government, corporations and big tech doesn’t operate in the best interest of citizens and they are all hell bent on any information not from them getting silenced. That should tell you something. They don’t care about you so why do they care so much about what “truth” you’re told?

      • Spot on. analysis. Of course there is more behind the whole plandemic.
        There is evidence aplenty. Always the bleating in the media about “Cases”, but very little about what that amounts to. Not very many deaths on the whole, somewhat above a bad flu season. It is clear there will be more death and misery as a consequence of lockdowns and economic implosion in the long run.
        Here in NZ despite what you may have been reading, except for 4 weeks of lockdown (which was a great break for most), life has been humming along as usual. Almost no one wearing masks, it is summer and the birds are singing.

  5. George,
    If you want another documentary to watch, try “Totally Under Control”. Available form$3.99 on Hulu, Amazon prime, You Tube TV, Vudu or Google Play.
    This puts the blame on the CDC itself and Alex Azar, who it turns out was the snake oil attorney behind the scenes of this totally unprepared Sh*# show to fight the pandemic. This paints Azar out to be the bad guy in my opinion…it made want to throw a brick into the TV. Trump didn’t help matters, but it was Azar who wronged this country.

  6. Trading strategy (I’m not doing this but somebody is)
    ; Hang on Pelosi’s every word, buy or sell leveraged index depending on whether she is positive or negative on stimulus. Hold for about 20 minutes.

    Watch latest presidential polls. Buy or sell solar and oil stocks depending on the latest poll shifts. Most of any change will be done in 20 minutes also.

    Make a watch list of small cap defense/aerospace stocks. Military and political insiders can’t stop themselves from front running when they see a conflict coming. If all the stocks take off inexplicably, hide under the bed.

  7. Pandemic my ass – G-Dude,

    Only in Texas do they do such a through job of beating a dead horse, they even come back months later to beat the thing some more.

    Its fake dont ya know ? Fake Virus, Fake Statistics, Fake News.

    – still waiting for the SCIENCE that Shows/Proves Wearing a Mask prevents ANYTHING. Already have the studies showing there is no efficacy in Mask Wearing – NONE.

    Still waiting for PROOF an Isolated Live Virus Sample has been grown – So far Nothing – not even the “experts” at CDC – hahaahaha
    Just Artist Renditions, Simulations ect – WTF over?

    G&E have become the leads in the new Invasion of The Body Snatchers 2.0.

    See them robotically moving around the grocery store,wearing masks & gloves, avoiding eye contact – The idea of Freedom and Liberty having been completely stripped from their conscious…”now where is that aisle with the on sale Sheep Chow?”

    So sad this once great nation…we got proof of traitors selling arms to our enemies – that turned those same weapons on our DevGrp guys in packystain – and the only response is the dark prince/ayatollah mike gets blown out the sky in packystain. Rat turd is a rat turd no matta how U dice it, what about the Ratz?

    Forget Bitcoin – its gone..

    -No LiteCoin 4 U!

    • “Only in Texas do they do such a through job of beating a dead horse, they even come back months later to beat the thing some more.”

      LCN theyhave been doing that in DC politics for decades..

    • I agree completely with your CV-19 assessment. SOMETHING is going on, but it’s not what they claim–fake statistics; shaky science, if any at all; and NO virus yet found. The masked sheep turn my stomach.

  8. Just realized in scrolling thru your articles, there are no dates with the headlines, out day of the week.would be nice. Great articles!

    • TOBD…. Its already been buried gone for good I am sure that the hard drive is in a thousand pieces and scattered as far and as deep as Jimmy Hoffa…. NBC and all the other news commenters came out with a wonderful string of News from their.. CRACK… reporters….Everyone says now you should feel sorry for the poor boy and the big fella….. were an average citizen pulling corruption that huge would probably do life in prison.. we should be feeling pity for the big fella and the boy.. I think he had a tear in his eye because he was sad that someone would condemn their actions..
      What was it on for the prediction of the evil one ..

      all of it makes me sick to my stomach.. how this country that was once so great.. has fallen so deep.. but then it is all has been predicted and charted.. we knew it was coming..

  9. yes the psyops is working just dandy George .. most are now brainwashed into all sorts of paranoia and delusion .. and herds are roaming together .. I congratulate you , the other salesman and gurus online and most of all the media for constructing hell on earth

  10. and further herr gobbels would be happy with all of you .. the information ministry .. the bigger the lie the more the sheep believe .. now put your mask on and buy gold , stocks and houses of course with borrowed money

    • No different from Cold or Flu Statistics from previous years.
      Never before have they had to Chang the way Infection Rates and Mortality Rates are Calculated to fulfill a planned Outcome. – Rothchild owned/operated – such a trustworthy news source..

  11. das Reich pumping glory now. Dad guru make patriot story or gibberish. Both are good for sheep zombie .

  12. Hello, Fellow Thinkers,

    Shirley Jackson’s short, The Lottery, should be the basis for our representational government.
    1. Each citizen over the age of 25, has their name on a Bingo type ball and, on public television, the machine spits out however many representatives are needed. (If you want, only the educated will be allowed Senate positions.)
    2. The person “takes the oath of office,” receiving stipends for their annual needs (say around, oh, 2X median income for their state), and acquires temporary housing in the Capitol of their state. (Possibly a dorm building created for these “lottery winners.)
    3. All national meetings are Zoom meetings, negating the need for travel to Washington D.C., which will be absorbed by Virginia or some other unlucky state.)
    4. All national buildings are turned into museums and are opened to public for a fee. The fees will be for maintenance and excess goes back to Social Security (or a tax refund to taxpayers only.)
    5. Each citizen representative/Senator serves for 4 years, then their name is out of the lottery. “Once and done.”
    6. The President is drawn from the balls of people who have previously served. Again, 4 years and out.
    7. Marketing will use adverts like :Uncle Sam Needs Everyone to Participate” to sell to John-Q and Jane-Q Public.
    8. All children are brainwashed, er, um, educated on the need for service, the processes of government and the advantages of said system starting at age 5. Big Bird, Kermit and Miss Piggy will be involved. Possible the Big Purple Dude and Tom Hanks’ version of Mr. Rogers.

    That’s enough thinking for today. Time to go get emotionally battered at work.


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