Trump Blows It – Is the Stimulus Toast

After a useless debate last night, both political parties are ready to sacrifice America for political ends, seems to us.  

And there is a legit need for a stimulus bill before voting: Officials Call for Quick Stimulus Deal to Forestall Lackluster U.S. Economic Recovery.

Call all they want… we don’t see it. Politics over People rides again.  And after? Well…

America’s Structural Crisis

First, the economic situation is NOT sustainable.  Stocks are going up (Futures +90) based on the government’s Making Up Money (MUM) to keeping the government’s books in order.  Yes – that’s right – the same half-wit economic principle that took down Zimbabwe. Touted by libs here.

People need to believe in money  as a storehouse of value or they will blow through it and fail to save for the future.  Good for Bitcoin, though: $12,956 at click time.

How much are we “Making up?”

Breathtaking, ain’t it?

Normalcy Delusions Persist:  Most people can see this as the Boom of Collapse – yet look at the facts.  If M2 was at the same levels as year-ago – then more honest money – would price things.  The S&P 500 would be around 2,250.  Not the 3,455 showing in early futures.

If you make everyone in the world a millionaire, the meaning of money goes “Poof!”

For now, it’s hidden in plain sight:  Next problem for the Fed will be “managing the wheelbarrows.”

There myth of “modern monetary theory” is you can “make up wealth.”  Sorry…try the galaxy next door.

In the meantime, says Zerohedge “Global Markets Rise Despite Fading Odds Of Stimulus Deal.”  Side of crack with that?

Trump Blows It – Hail Harris

Making Up Money will be one of the highlights of the Harris administration.  As we figure it, short-term the Biden-Harris admin will continue to play the racial and social divide to “keep people under control.”

Here’s what Trump blew in the useless excuse of a “debate” last night:

  • Trump failed to look at the camera and talk to voters mano y.  Point: Biden.
  • Trump didn’t charge...he defended.  Bad strategy.  Example 1) He could have called Hunter a “Bagman” and cast Biden as a crime family boss.  Failed.  2) He didn’t say (real simply) “Open borders will steal your retirement…”  (Which is true – illegals will flood in for  the dole which the Harris Commisariat will ensure.  Point: Biden.
  • Trump’s sentence structure was “him-centric” not “Ameri-centric.”  Point: Biden.
  • Trump failed to announce impeachment hearings in the Senate – which could be called because of Hunter (and the balance of family) funneling money to “our guy.”  AYFKM?
  • Trump failed to adequately point out the economics of this election.  The Roaring Market and such. Dems set the narrative.  Weak-minded rpeublicans fell for it. But cornerstone issues like economics can’t come up because the market rally is phony:  based on simply making up money and praying the crash doesn’t come until after Nov. 3 – by both sides.

Summary:  BARRing a major DoJ intervention (massive corruption indictment which you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for) last night put the nails in the cross of Trump.

We give Joe Biden a year tops before health issues will “Amendment 25 him.”  We call it the Kam-Slam And when that happens (you’re gonna cry to hear this, but we figure it’s  that plan):  Bernie Sanders is wheeled out into a leadership role.  Pokahauntus Warren and other activists are jammed onto an expanded/packed U.S. Supreme Court…oh, God.  What a mess, huh?

In other words, the Commies who couldn’t win on merit will take over by deceit after the Kam-Slam and the AOC Plus 3 gang become even more “liberty viper” successors to Nasty Nancy.  Take that to the bank.

Should be an interesting collapse, fellow Roman American.

The curious context is how Trump – reprising the role of Hoover – will hand an under-equipped set of Roosevelt-like “socialist Lite’s” the reins before the Crash this historical cycle.  It’s really cool to watch if you can keep from getting wrapped around the “emotional hot button issues” (race, abortion, illegals, yada, yada…)

Who Beat Mitch?

Speaking of Mob Family Tactics, this sure spikes with me as a question o9n reading reports about Mitch McConnell having bruises all over.

When we sized up the story McConnell claims ‘no concern’ after photos show his hand bandaged, discolored, and McConnell’s lame-ass claim he has no health issues, we went back to our cop-shop beat days.

Did someone lay a  whuppin on Mitch?  Looked like too many bruises for a fall.  Being a seasoned citizen myself, I can tell you, you’d need to work to have that much bruising from a fall.  Well, unless there are hardwood or concrete stairs involved.

Still…inquiring minds are wondering.  A blackjack lobbying effort?

Speaking of Medical Mysteries…

Great article in on the SF Gate site today about an American nuclear researchers – back in 1953 – by the name of William Curtis Twitchell.

The “cover story” was that he was a genius, but had been diagnosed with a malignancy.  Because he knew so much, he was confined to a specially built ward at  The Presidio’s  hospital.  Died a year later.

But there’s a twist – there’s a story about someone in this same period  turning invisible on public transit.

Yeah…go read the story  – it’s a  Marvel if you follow.  Invisible Man #1???

But when did the government ever spend what would be north of a million bucks in today’s money and post a guard?

(It’s a fine example of why we don’t buy the McConnell story, either. Too many answers that fit…but slightly ya-sag like, out of place.  Just enough so most folks won’t notice.  Like the weather balloon at Roswell…that kind of PR coverup.  Who remembers there were two  crash sites, right?)

Dust Bowl’s Knocking

Plan on Dustbowl ’21:  We give a nod to the fires out west, again: Colorado East Troublesome Fire Grows To 170,000 Acres, Forces Evacuations Across Towns.

As a “city slicker” it’s just a number.  But, out here on the  Rural Reservation we do the conversion to 265 square miles…and that’s pretty freakin big (PFB).

It’s a heads-up for us, too.  We will be changing out our back-up water this weekend.  Because the winter forecast from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center looks like shit:

Again – last night’s attention to detail deficit festival focused on  the same old political BS we hear non-stop.  Where is the “look-ahead” planning by government?  Where are the watermakers along the SoCal coastline?  Where are the new aquaducts?

Whether you look at Mars (joking?) – or the remnants of Rome – water matters along with food.  And with a drought picture that looks like this:

How about a good old-fashioned collectivization?  It’s what socialists do.  But, only for the public good, you understand…

Next, Toss In CV-19…

Election news Bait & Switch now that the Hunter Biden story has been verified by (non democrats).  So where can the media pivot?

Here’s a hint for you: Coronavirus case increase sets new U.S. record, rising by over 77K in one day.

Near as we can figure it, the MSM will try to drown out “Lock ’em Up” with “Lock ’em down…”

We’ve penciled in 296,000 dead in the US – maybe 300,000 by Thanksgiving, though not one of them at the hand of Donald Trump.

When you go back to March and look at some of the “old hands” in the news business (like Bill O’Reilly here), you see a pattern emerge:

But, like a friend who went on to teach at Georgetown Law schooled me:  “The first victim of any courtroom proceeding is Truth.”  The axiom also fits American politics like a glove.

Also Noted:

You know your personal car is toast, right?  That business model is being replaced by runaway climate hysterial  (which China and Europe skate on emission levels).

And that will be a pretext to downscale America into new public transit – which Uber and Lyft are in position to leverage as self-driving cars come along.

Ure Nuts!

On?  Did you see So-called ‘Full Self-Driving’ can control a car on city streets?

Cars with these features will not be generally affordable (and then there’s insurance, lol).  So, instead, we end up in the kind of place depicted in the movie Minority Report.  Just be patient.  It’s coming.  You car is going.

That’s why we (still) drive a now 15-year old Lexus.  No where to go in lockdowns, though, so why piss away money on a new ride?

Related trend in the NY Times biz section: Travel Goes Members-Only.

An Odd Growth Fail

I’ve never understood why people don’t just by  seeds, but here’s a story in Marijuana Business Daily to put in your… “L.A. opens licensing round amid waning interest among cannabis entrepreneurs.”

With all that time saved not commuting, maybe people can grow at home? Covid Kush a strain yet?

The War to Come

As China is moving military gear opposite Taiwan reading for their “reunification war” (they’ll wait for a weaker Biden to take office), China backs it’s move with this: Russia-China Military Alliance ‘Quite Possible,’ Putin Says.

Which would put Russia in China’s corner, which would then pressure Europe and…well, what do you think the “Best President Money Can Buy” will do?

Here’s a hint on our take:  Carlsbad.  (cave.  need another latte?)


Redefining “thought modalities” on Peoplenomics tomorrow morning.

And Sunday – long (like 4,000 words long) – on how the home audiophile can really  dial in their listening experience.

And we beat the rain with a four-hour leaf blowing adventure Thursday.  Within an hour, mostly covered back up, again.  Like taxes, yard work never stops, either.

Write when you get rich,  (When you do, though, think of me as “our guy” and send half, lol)…

66 thoughts on “Trump Blows It – Is the Stimulus Toast”

    • The poll #s for the other choices were insignificant. The punch line is that the only poll question was “Do you favor the democrats or republicans in the next election?” I’ll bet you can’t find the ‘others’ answers to the same debate questions anywhere either. Of course, they could do that themselves if they wanted. They would still be lacking an outsider to ask a hardball question on their agendas and their past while they think on their feet.

      • You won’t hear the other presidential candidates because they weren’t permitted to be heard. If the either of the two dominant parties is going to complain about political censorship, than they need to address all the partisan censorship, because this is a censorship issue.

  1. Trump had a good go of it.

    He was the dark horse in 2016. The game changer. The outsider. The Perot who was never was. We got more of the same.

    Now, like a California fire, we must let all the underbrush burnout. Push for the collapse.

  2. How can you say on one hand there is a need for stimulus, but then the government needs to stop making up money on the other? If they have any stimulus program, they will need to print the money. The house will not cut spending to offset the stimulus. We are 23T$ in debt already. Our people and economy needs to start adapting to our new realities. Less tight spaces where people interact, less office space, hopefully less Fed backstopping every failed business and investment. The longer we keep subsidizing the old way of doing things the longer it will take us to recover.

    Of course people will not vote for office holders that give them truth. They will just keep voting for the free lunch resulting in more federal intrusion into our daily lives. One half the population hate our form of government because it is considered a “free market”. What planet do people live on where government consuming almost 40% of our GDP is considered a free market.

    • “The house will not cut spending to offset the stimulus. We are 23T$ in debt already.”

      I am surprised JoeDish that so many people don’t really get it..
      They can’t cut spending! And it has to keep increasing exponentially
      And the true actual debt from what I have read is five or six times the figure they use.. at 8 percent interest..printing a few more trillion isn’t going to fix a thing..all it is going to do is delay the inevitable. A month or two maybe six months or a year or two .
      It all depends on how long they can keep the world believing in the dollars value.
      Take bitcoin.. it hasn’t a value it’s not even a piece of metal or paper..but as long as people believe in it as a valuable commodity it will have value to those that believeit Does.
      Juggling and kiting of the planets economic structure has to be very hard and take a great deal of work and tricky as hell.
      Years and years ago I had to juggle my checkbook..for two weeks it was hard as slip and its toast.
      With kiting the planets complete economy all it would take is one major creditor to demand repayment with something of value the same with a bank. Just walk in and close an account. Most banks have a thirty or ninety day clause in getting your funds. As for Our political system what they require Is their willingness to do as they say and vote in the laws that they write etc.
      That is about control

  3. So George, since have declared Biden the winner, were you one of the people who predicted Hillary’s victory in 2016? I know you do not like Trump, but it look like the phony Democratic polling has escaped your notice to as has the covid scamdemic that has become so obvious to many of us here in FL as we continue to lead our healthy lives with everyone around us still healthy and by George, not dead!!

    • I suggest watching Scott adams on yt, and his book Looserthink is great. Good for the brain.

  4. Oh George I don’t think its the so called commie group or movement who are creating our troubles, but the 1% who are peddling a fascist movement in fact we have more of a fascist type government then any other kind, but we just can’ bring ourselves to state it as they pull the wool over peoples eyes,its either that or people have stupid printed on their foreheads they simply don’t know the difference,the two clowns you saw last night are prime examples of it,they represent the most important election ever and after its over you will simply have what you got now.!!!

    • “the 1% who are peddling a fascist movement ”

      It’s always been them.. to control the masses.
      Theres what a couple hundred people worldwide pulling the strings.
      Their religion one of greed.
      Take the stories of pagan rituals..yet everyone that bgg belongs to a religious sect has heard the group leader or priest etc. Say this..
      “The body of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was given for you,
      preserve your soul and body unto everlasting life. Take and eat this
      in remembrance that Christ died for you, and feed upon Him in
      your heart, by faith with thanksgiving.
      The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was shed for you,
      preserve your soul and body unto everlasting life. Drink this in
      remembrance that Christ’s blood was shed for you, and be thankful.”
      Those rituals date back further ..the first I read them was in an old book of Adam.. and it was taken out of context..which if people kept reading they would realize that that was never what the creators wanted.
      Anyway I’m on a rant again..

  5. “And there is a legit need for a stimulus bill before voting: Officials Call for Quick Stimulus Deal to Forestall Lackluster U.S. Economic Recovery.”

    all a stimulus can do is delay the inevitable.. and there isn’t enough of it to help delay it that long.. we went a couple of months with the velocity of cash moving forward.. theres still a significant amount of people that haven’t gotten their jobs back.. and we are all feeling it..

  6. I appreciate the wide ranging viewpoints on your website, especially from readers like like Ray, Oilman2 and Looking Out Of The Box. I look forward to hearing from them again today.

    After last night’s debate, this Canadian is shaking his head. Like you, I think the Kamala fix is in. Biden wins the election after several weeks of legal wrangling and street riots. The Biden crime syndicate gets totally exposed and sometime after the inauguration, Joe is indicted and impeached or steps down from failing health. If impeached, Kamala pardons him and the final days of the empire play out.

    Please tell me I am wrong. Would not be the first time.

    • “ Joe is indicted and impeached”
      I’m not sure a sitting president would/could be indicted, but not an expert. Articles of impeachment would probably die in committee before any action in the full house. So the possible outcome is either stepping down (most likely), or 25th Amendment.

      Kamala would certainly accelerate the worst aspects of the downfall of the empire while the blue cities burn.

      If there is justice against previous administrations and entrenched bureaucrats, it won’t be the top officials (and family members) who are indicted. I believe we will see some low level perps, but the rest will be swept away.

      We will soon all know who the traitors are, but only the smallest minnows will be convicted. The sharks will continue to circle, and may eat one another occasionally if they get ornery.

      • “Kamala would certainly accelerate the worst aspects of the downfall of the empire while the blue cities burn.”

        The nice thing Captain about Kamala presidency is Kamala is in my opinion absolutely beautiful and the good lord knows I’d rather see her beautiful face on tv than the wicked witch from SanFran.. I don’t know what her personality Hope’s would be that she has a pleasant one..
        The outcome with our society making this drastic of a change can only end up similar to previous empires

    • IF…. Joe is indicted and impeached……

      “The Biden crime syndicate gets totally exposed and something after the inauguration”

      If you notice just how fast they buried Hunters laptop.. it won’t ever happen.. most of us in my opinion would never see the light of day if we did a fraction of what they have supposedly have done.. anything that deals with it.. vanishes..
      We all know that laws are written only for those at the bottom.. those at the top walk away.. but .. my curiosity is.. who else is involved in this horror story being dealt out .. the reports say twenty five thousand photo’s of pedophilia of pre pubescent children and numerous videos of torturing prepubescent children with actions so horrible that it would shock anyone with any sense of decency .. Not to mention drugs of all kinds and documents involving millions of dollars worth of corrupt dealings.. IF these reports have any truth in them…. and JB became a name dropper.. who’s name would be involved in it.. it doesn’t take a body language specialist to tell anyone that there is something deceptive in the way he talks and what he is saying.. just watch his eyes.. hes a blinking fool.. you would think he was batting his eyes at someone even a twitch here and there and then that wistful look.. like he is listening to did he have an ear phone thing… when he is lying he just can’t stop.. every action he has is he is hiding something..

      “Trump Blows It – Hail Harris”

      Hmm.. DID TRUMP BLOW IT? Think about it.. I know I have mentioned my theory.. He got in office.. wanted to do the right thing.. thought he could turn the tide.. when he mentioned a certain someone should be in prison.. countless attacks went after him.. day and night even now you cannot turn on a network and not hear a few hundred times an hour the negative narrative..
      Before Covid…DJT still did more than anyone in my lifetime.. then lets run for a second term.. why in the name of sanity would anyone that has gone through what he has want to do that again.. seriously.. you can see the stress in the kids and wife.. its been a nightmare for all of them.. My theory was that he would run give it a good show then let the opposition have the dam thing.. at this point no one can do anything.. it is so far gone that it is like sitting on the toilet than halfway down you realize. THE SEATS UP… dam your committed your going in.. LOL .. so let them have it.. the dems are fighting the stimulus.. ( if I was DJT I would just give in to the demands let it happen.. seriously you can’t change the correction that is coming..) and truthfully who really cares whether or not someone that is a millionaire looses what he worked his life to achieve.. the new country will be one of complete socialism … I think we are going to see a loaf of bread that costs millions of dollars.. not to mention the wheel barrows full of cash or like the Weimar depression.. wealthy people taking baskets of gold and silver to trade for vegetables.. It has me scared.. If I could I would move to someplace sane..

    • “Please tell me I am wrong.”

      I wish I could…

      As is my wont, I didn’t watch the “debate.” I might have, if there had been a monitor to cut the moderator’s mic off whenever she interrupted Trump, because that’d have been actual entertainment, but alas…

      ‘Problem is, Trump isn’t running against Biden. He’s running against ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, COMCAST, NPR, Bloomberg, BBC America, George Soros and his 450 media outlets and 308 “campus outreach projects” in U.S. universities, The Clinton and Obama machines, the Establishment Democrats AND Republicans, Communist Party USA and their BLM minions, the American Nazi Party and their ANTIFA minions, and a bunch of imbed (inbred?) career bureaucrats in high places, mostly at our Departments of State and Justice, and in the Military. That’s not to suggest the aforementioned are all on the same side. They’re not. However they all crave power, and believe their particular faction should have the most, and Mr. Trump stands in their way.

      Creepy Joe is just a figurehead. I personally thought while Trump was off-mic he should’ve made a reference to Hunter in the middle of some Chinese kid, then said: “Like father, like son…” just to piss Joe off and get him even more flustered.

      • “he should’ve made a reference to Hunter in the middle of some Chinese kid, then said: “Like father, like son…” just to piss Joe off”
        Now that would have been entertaining…lol lol you see how fast he rushes to the kids defense..
        I didn’t watch it either.. there isn’t a thing that they can do they are just a figure head..DJT did more as a figure head than I ever thought he would get done.
        What would be more entertaining to watch is to name George Soros as vp.. lol lol I know hes not a citizen ..just controls the vast majority of the worlds countries

  7. As much as I agree with some of Ure predictions of the upcoming non-election (like votes actually are counted, yea right) I still hold out hope that we will be smart and do the right thing and not flush our future. God help us otherwise.

      • “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
        – ‘Uncle’ Joe Stalin

        P.S. I like the new format.

  8. Herr Ure – Is the above evidence of diminished mental capacity ? or effects from prolonged mask wearing ? OMB Syndrome seems to be infecting Ure point of view lately – got to be the mask wearing..

    George U of all people should know, Oxygen Deprivation damages Every single Organ in the body.
    Brain Damage from mask wearing can NOT be reversed – see Mark/O-gardner.

    ..You dont bruise Ure hands, when U get a Can of whup ass opened on you – Ure face and Body take the bruising.
    Those bruised/swollen hands look more like someone who has their Kidney/Diuretic Meds out of whack.

    Did Ure write this last night while U were sundowning with creepy slo bribem ?

    Is this why there is ” No LiteCoin 4 U!” ?

    Its Friday – and you hardly pumped for the Crony Capitalists today/this week.

    Shouldn’t U be splainin why 2008 Bailouts were Good for the Country as the Banks and Mortgage Companies were Raping & Pillaging our Treasury, Us regular “joe/sue spuckatellys” were losing our homes. Slacking G- slacking
    How LOCKDOWNS have enabled large Corporations to avoid regulations and permitted to operate – while Mom &Pop shops get Shut Down..for Good!

    What ever happened to being “Ever Mindful of Those Less Fortunate” ? at least on the sabbaths. All U crony capitalist here on UrbSurv deserve exactly what the polls say U got coming – the TWOT – who could not even win her own party’s Primary!…dreh dich nicht um, mofos…

    • O2 depo? Do you have data gathered about the blood O2 level to back up the claim you seem to be making?

    • “.You dont bruise Ure hands, when U get a Can of whup ass opened on you – Ure face and Body take the bruising.
      Those bruised/swollen hands look more like someone who has their Kidney/Diuretic Meds out of whack.”

      LOL unless…. he stepped on his hands after getting hammered at a fund raiser or fact finding mission.. OR…. HE seriously got hammered because he disagreed with what someone wanted him to do politically by one of the contributors LOL.. LOL..

  9. I am giving credit to Black and Latino voters. An increasing number will vote for Trump this election. They are more conservative than most give them credit for. They do NOT want increased taxes. They want LESS regulation so their businesses will thrive. Time will tell.

    • Good God if they have any less regulations we can go back into the 1920’s,where a workers life was worth less then shoring up a mine as they got to buy at the company store.We have to keep them hungry of are going to get increased tax’s regardless of which of the two parties get elected,after all its only the 1% who qualify for a TAX CUT,the bankers get to invest your saving’s in the stock market, keeping their own money safely in the vault.Be careful of what you wish for for I’m sure you won’t enjoy it,now you tell me what you see in the road ahead of us,do you see peace and prosperity or do you see famine and wars as this country comes apart and the MIC have their way.!!!

    • They are quite conservative, as are the vast majority of Jews [who are] not involved in the “entertainment industry.” Yet with the exception of Cuban refugees and their 1st gen offspring, these people, as demographics, vote strongly-to-overwhelmingly Democratic. Blacks in the U.S. voted Republican, as a united bloc, until after WW-I. The slaves knew who had fought for them — for their Rights and Freedoms, and who had fought to keep them in bondage, as did their 1st gen freeborn offspring. Under Teddy, the Republicans stopped reminding Blacks they supported them; under Wilson, the Democrats took over the “slavery narrative,” and in one generation, became the “Party of Black America…”

      Blacks are still generally conservative — they’re still gonna vote Democratic, but if DJT wins more than 7% of the “Black vote,” he will be considered “successful.” FWIW I’ve seen Trump support numbers in Black communities range from 11% to nearly 42%. That’s Blacks supporting Trump, not Blacks supporting Republicans…

      • He won’t win Ray.. so far what I see is them following the tactics of the past to seize an election..
        They even pst laws do that if the tactics aren’t working in their favor a few bucks or a nice gift to the electoral college and they can still win..

    • IT does look like someone blew a vein when putting in the butterfly.. always search for the kid with the zits talking about his wild weekend night.. he has done so many that he could feather a darning needle up your arm and you wouldn’t know it..
      I have seen Venous Access Ports on arms.. chests, stomach and even on the neck.. but I have never seen one on the hand.. but if he had had to have an iv.. then maybe he had an iv on his hand.. and someone pushed the needle through the vein.. but on both hands.. dam that would be abuse to let some joker that doesn’t know how to do an iv do both of my hands and blow the veins that badly.. get the pimple faced kid in there.. he can do it..
      the other thing is.. they have the golden goose healthcare plan.. and they get the best of the best when they go in to.. so I doubt they would let someone that doesn’t know what they are doing make that big of a mistake to blow the veins on both of his hands..

  10. We used to do the annual leaf blowing contest here in west central Kentucky. Problem is we get a mega *(Q#&$Q( full of leaves. No pines just lots of oak, maple, hickory, beech, walnut and sycamore. Now eligible for medicare, a backpack blower was getting increasingly painful so last year after lots of research got a mid-level Cyclone-Rake leaf vacuum trailer. Last year collected 1200 bushels of leaves before the cold white stuff put a stop to it. Much easier doing it this way.

    James Johnson ex-nuke

    • Don’t keep us in suspenders! Which model and how much? At 72, my interest in 30+ pounds of screaming backpack is life everything in old age: Diminishing!!!

    • picked up a used pickup truck mounted parking lot vacuum a couple years ago from an auction. sat out behind the shop until last spring. While under house arrest aka social distancing this summer I cobbled up a pretty fair leaf vac/grinder nd mounted it on an old feed grinder/mixer. just need to be carefull to not suck up any small pets or livestock. It also scares the crap out of the cows. They go down and hide in the timber. The wife is not a fan either. I have named it “Shagnasty”.
      Now what to do with the truck chassis. The inline 6 engine is blown but the valve cover has Hi Torque 230 painted on it.

      • “picked up a used pickup truck mounted parking lot vacuum a couple years ago from an auction. ”

        Just remember to wait until the neighbors are gone for a few hours. Before you blow them into their yard lol

  11. forget the polls,,quit listening to the talking heads in the boob tube,,use the MUTE button and look with your lying eyes,,,,the Biden, Harris, or Obama gatherings have very few supporters,,,the President Trump gatherings are always packed wall to wall everytime,,,ya Tulsa had a little problem,but there was blockage created to keep people away.
    So tell me who do you see winning this election? The dems only chance is by election FRAUD,,,and they are doing their best to muck up the count
    so the only question is where will the market with a Trump win and where will it go with a contested outcome. Gentlemen place ure bets
    I am with the story of the little ole lady that went to the bowling alley and saw the new automatic pin setters,,everybody was going bowling,,buy Brunswick

  12. I was just reading the comments from yesterday and today and I realized they are as entertaining as reading George’s articles. Keep it up.

  13. 10-23-2020: We give Joe Biden a year tops before health issues will “Amendment 25 him.” We call it the Kam-Slam.

    George, you are likely correct on this. However, there may be a much deeper surprise in the works.
    A constitutional scholar speculates that Nancy Pelosi brought up the 25th amendment to lay up her own move to capture the Presidency.
    Ms Harris is the offspring of two non-citizens (at the time of her birth here) which makes her actually the child of NON-natural born Citizens of the United States, EVEN THOUGH her parents later became naturalized.
    While Harris is a citizen due to being born here, she still lacks the requirement of being the child of NATURAL BORN CITIZENS of the United States of America to be chosen as a Vice Presidential candidate- much less to become the President by ascension to the office. You may think it a stretch but it isn’t. There it is in the Constitution for all to see.
    Pelosi is worn out but still very addicted to power.
    She has never mentioned “child of NATURAL BORN Citizens” to my knowledge but she could bust Harris right out of the position of VP and certainly prevent her from ascending to the Presidency after Joe Basement is swept from office by Pelosi and her 25th amendment argument.
    The constitutionality of it all is quietly lying there to be “discovered” as this fiasco drags on. We shall see.
    What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive…

  14. From the pictures…it looks to me that Moscow Mitch has a condition called solar purpura.
    As we age, Mitch is 78…our skin becomes less elastic and more easily damaged. Exposure to the sun also weakens the walls of blood vessels. These changes increase the chance of bruising. These bruises can occur after even minor injuries, such as lightly hitting your hand or arm against something.
    These bruises are more common in people who take medicines such as corticosteroids or aspirin and other blood thinners.
    Unlike other bruises, these bruises usually don’t hurt.
    Remember, Mitch had heart surgery years ago and is probably on blood thinners.

    My uncle has this. He likes to work on classic cars and regularly bumps his hands and arms while working on them and his hands and arms look just like Mitch’s. It comes and goes, but as you age, the blood dries and at the dermal level and doesn’t retreat and the look of bruising becomes more permanent

  15. Mr. Ure,, Thanks as always, for your amazing ability to crank it out day after day,, and make it granular and relevant.. I know this was mentioned last week or so,, but don’t know if anyone actually posted a link.. (weekend recreational viewing)

    This is B. Grover’s interview with CAF & JPF about Q:

    Excellent job BG,, (who knew?),, these titans pulled in the fringe and gave context to the bigger unknown picture.. We’re screwed,, but with all the mask wearing,, we’ll never know by whom??? (I still think it’s the aliens,, ha ha)

  16. The Internet is great for recall…. until the history is scrubbed.

    Did you guys catch the rerun below – the old 2000 play when the evangelicals called for the End under Bush.

    Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win, Followed by War on Israel and the End of Times

    The 90-year-old founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network concluded his prophecy saying, ‘I think it’s time to pray’

    Televangelist Pat Robertson claimed on Tuesday that God told him U.S. President Donald Trump will win re-election on November 3rd, which will be followed by mass civil unrest, a war against Israel and “some kind of asteroid strike on the globe.”

    • Wow — and all along me thought we live in a “Quantum Universe” where everything seems possible?! Wish God would fix my cold that I have for the last 5 month. ;-)

  17. George, one other little thing: During the “debate” 10/22/20, Joe denied EVER taking ANY money from China or any other country when Trump and Joe were bickering over Hunter’s role in what promises to be a deal breaker for one of them.
    Joe’s denial is likely quite accurate because his sons were the bagmen FOR HIM. He easily can deny taking money from his foreign contacts. He takes no money ‘at the time’ because Hunter feeds it to him after the fact so, in his deteriorating mind, he has never taken ANY money, personally. But he sure got a fat bank account and unending financing as he received his share of the loot.
    The question should have been: Have you ever personally profited from your role as an American politician in dealing with ANY foreign government?

    • I don’t believe there is a single person watching the debates who’s mind isn’t already made up. There are no fence sitters. Both sides watch, believing their guy owned the other guy in the debate. Each side then goes to their “trusted news source” and get all the confirmation bias they need. Both sides believe their guy is a lock to win the election, and if not, both believe the other side will cheat. It’ll be mayhem over which color the boot of tyranny gets to be for the next 4 years.

  18. After his disasterous First Debate, which made Trump look like a person who had SERIOUS Anger Managment Issues, Trump could look better merely by NOT shouting and NOT interrupting during the debate. Well he managed to do that. I am not sure you can really call that a “Win” though, which some of his supporters are doing this morning.

    Biden’s policies are clearly from Fantasy Land, and those around him seem to truly believe in Unicorns and Pots of Gold at the end of rainbows, but alas he does NOT come across as a perpetually angry person who is always on the edge of losing his temper like Trump does.

    I am old enough to remember the classic LBJ ad against Goldwater of the girl picking daisies when the nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly rose behind her. That ad, which only ran once, summarized the FEARS that many Americans at the time had of someone with low impulse control having their finger on the button. That fear is still there imo, though now operating at a more subconscious level than in 1964, and Trump’s personal Anger Management Issue is a strong undercurrent today wrt that issue with educated suburban women voters, even suburban Republican Women Voters. (and let’s face it, it is women more than men who have to deal with the fall out from Anger Managment Issues – thus they are more sensitized to that issue than most men are)

    I think the majority of people in this country prefer Trump’s policies to those proposed by Biden and the Gang of Four, by a LOT, but alas Trump’s personality, and his seemingly endless ability to make up shit, and even LIE, for many people overrides his policy choices when it comes to which lever they will pull in the voting booth (particularly women voters).

    Personality vs. Policy … THAT is what the remaining undecideds are voting on. If they vote on Policy … Trump wins. If they vote on Personality … Trump loses. It is as simple as that.

  19. George, why the great surprise over the stimulus bill? We all know that R’s are ‘austerity’ in bad times, ‘Keynesian deficit spending’ in good times. And MMT-ers? Please. The R’s make the D’s look like rank amateurs. And oh, BTW, how’s that China trade deficit coming? You know, the one Trump put the Farmbelt on welfare to fix? Best, Mike.

  20. Trump’s greatest moment was when he looked at Biden and said, “You and Obama were the reason I ran for President in the first place.” Clear distinction between the outsider (Trump) and his undistinguished opponent. Americans have never had a clearer choice for our highest office.

  21. Respectfully disagree. Nobody is undecided. Everybody has already chosen.
    That makes this election all about turnout.

    Biden can’t get 20 people in a cafeteria.

    40,000 people will drive four hours and walk two miles in the rain to attend a Trump rally.

    Trump has enthusiasm; Biden does not.

    Trump got Biden to disavow the GND on national television. Some non-zero numbers of Bernie supporters stay home.

    Trump got Biden to disavow medicare-for-all. some non-zero number of progressives stay home.

    Trump got Biden to say “antifa is just an idea.” Law and order types don’t think that “ideas” burn down buildings. they vote.

    40,000 people will drive four hours and walk two miles in the rain to attend a Trump rally.

    Enthusiasm. Turnout. Advantage Trump.

  22. The real shame is that Trump had this. He could have been bold, brash, and just as tough, but he was a petulant child too. No class whatsoever.

    We should be proud of the giant works projects, fixing roads and bridges, not ashamed of his potty mouth twitter rants.

    We should be glad we are out of wars, and into business. Instead we got a distracted commander who can’t keep a staff around, and pisses off generals.

    We should have the swamp drained, instead we have an angry swamp.

    Jail reform, closed borders, what did any of it amount to?

    All of this and so much more was in his hands, with the right people in this country ready to do it all. A likeable dickhead, not a “oh god, is he going off again” kind of guy. Little bit of Reagan, not wrestling. All of the mess we have would seem so much less with a real leader talking right to us. He’s not that, and the largest missed opportunity any one human has had in my lifetime.

  23. I suggest watching Scott adams on yt, and his book Loserthink is great. Good for the brain.

  24. always surprise George . some good stuff here and furthermore a rare commodity called the truth . cheers

  25. (tightwire lyrics from an old Leon Russell song)

    Scarily we roll along, roll along, roll along (that tightrope on the stock market is predicting Trump!!

    The polls had Clinton winning at this time (approximately one week before election), Biden in the same spot,

  26. For as long as I’ve lived it never made any difference to “my personal live” who occupied the WH. Wishing the same to you! ;-)

  27. Yous have lost it. Get something new . Your not even a Reich. Bunch of idiots .who cares who is elected . Full vege retards

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