Quest to Beat Aging

We offer our Christmas 2021 ebook on anti-aging experiments we’ve been conducting.  Think of this as the “personal live-fire drill” as time marches on.

At 4o+ pages, this is one of our longer reports and thus we provide it as bot a .PDF and EPUB so you can pop it into your ebook reader or forward it to your Kindle.  None of it is medical advice.  But there’s a lot to think about in it.

Before that. however, we’ll look at the pending war in eastern Europe and consider how markets may react ahead of events in the ChartPack.

No cookies and milk needed…

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32 thoughts on “Quest to Beat Aging”

  1. Hey, G!

    Where would one find a copy of that book, “Gardening in a Failed Economy?” Doesn’t come up on ‘Zon or startpage. Closest match on duckduckgo is “Spanish bishop, 52, finds new job exporting pig semen.” I kiddeth you not! A Merry Christmas to you and Elaine, and God bless us everyone! Lord knows we’ll need a boatload of blessings in current most iffy future…

  2. Humm: carbon 60 has 24 faces and is shaped like a soccer ball, now come the US Army with their own Vax

    “Unlike existing vaccines, Walter Reed’s SpFN uses a soccer ball-shaped protein with 24 faces for its vaccine, which allows scientists to attach the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains on different faces of the protein.”

    “A vial of spike ferritin nanoparticle (SpFN), WRAIR’s COVID-19 vaccine. Built on a ferritin platform, the vaccine offers a flexible approach to targeting multiple variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 and potentially other coronaviruses as well. (U.S. Army photo by Mike Walters/ RELEASED)
    SILVER SPRING, Md. – A series of recently published preclinical study results show that the Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle (SpFN) COVID-19 vaccine developed by researchers at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) not only elicits a potent immune response but may also provide broad protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern as well as other coronaviruses.”

    I am looking for the article I read about an item that combined with milk gave virus protections, when I find it I will post,, what do do mean? No milk or cookies needed… I might disagree,, peanutbutter cookies please

  3. I am thinking…, that you are going to get a just a few questions on your supplements “list”. I have a few myself., like; How come no Vitamin ‘C’ in the mix? Suggestion: Plan on a follow-up to answer all the questions in one future post.

    • Yeah, if I was limited to only ONE supplement I could take, it would be Vitamin C… the premier antioxidant. I take 3 grams daily, with L-Lysine, per the Linus Pauling protocol.

    • I can attest that 1000 – 3000 mg of Vitamin C a day, no other medications or supplements taken at the time, cut my Cholesterol reading by 60 plus points.

      Just wanted to share my experience.

  4. 1,2,3

    That quickly it will roll – 1,2,3 before we know what the hell just happened the dominoes will fall..1,2,3
    flesh-voyna is the key term to keep in mind as our “spirals” motion gets tighter and faster – Corliss like. Will “they” take a page from the original G-dog..General G-dog, and hit em on the Holiday? “marz schnell!”
    Speaking of nazi’s like falsie,MD, did U BTFD in Cyrpto? hunh?

    You do know VERI is the Solution to all that ails the US dollar, and will be framework for new DiFi systems coming in the clean up/rebuild.

    Lets Go Brandon ! and my new plan for Bribem admin, after build back better shit the bed – how about – DONT CRUMBLE!

    Wheres Orville when U need him?

    PS – organic raw sauerkraut( klaus schwab) – dont like taste – number1 for fixing/correcting/upgrading Gut Biome. I like to fry up slice o bacon (uncured) – chopped up, cooled down slightly – add the klaus schwab, and consume warm. Tastes pretty good smothered in bacon and grease.

    • Very nice, just had organic kraut this week, sauteed one white onion in olive oil, then added kraut; delicious!!! (Rinsed kraut before using….read the ingredients, you can find imported German kraut in the store, and it is simple, simple, no additives at all; American kraut, mostly crapola, imported Canadian kraut, similar to German kraut, so it pays to read the ingredients.)

      Or make homemade kraut.

      • Pennsyltuckyian – “Hard Coal, Hard Men”

        lotz houses in rural Pennsyltucky,(coal country), have a 5 gallon bucket full of sliced cabbage and salt – packed down in layers and sitting next furnace(coal,gas,oil, wood) in basement – keeping warm and fermenting nicely.

  5. George, your pdf was great! The supplement regimen is somewhat similar to what I’d found over the years, but yours is more comprehensive. Hup-A is an interesting one – it must be OK for your genome, but even in a microdose, it can be overwhelming for me. I’ve avoided taking any since I can’t do anything functional that day, though there’s lots to see with my eyes closed. When and if snow flies around here, I’ll check that one out further. I don’t do rain or snow if I can avoid it.

    It’s interesting that I was born at high latitude and sea level, with a genomic background likely similar to yours. I’ve always been uncomfortable with humidity. My current environment of high elevation, low humidity, and moderately low latitude suits me much better. Whodathunkit.

    I do think Ure like the fish not recognizing water from one perspective. You’re energized each day by a grand purpose, yet you may not even see Elaine as that purpose. She’s ever present and balances you, while sharing many of the same external goals. Can you imagine not having her? Painful, I know, but worth the mental exercise. What then would be that grand purpose that energizes you daily? Yes, there’s the deep spiritual, but we are incarnated beings and need a fleshly purpose too. Most of yours and others’ writing still presumes that people live as couples, or at least have a S.O. The American pseudo-psychological nonsense of each person having to be self-sufficient emotionally and physically, while doing their personal growth alone is definitely not the best. Traditional societies know better. I think even the bible claims that it’s “not good for man to be alone”, though sometimes it can’t be helped.

    One thing to mention for anyone that plans to do high powered red LED whole body exposure. It’s best to do it in an interior room with no windows(we all have one, don’t we?). Unless you have absolute blackout curtains, anyone able to see the house will think you are using grow lights for illegal cultivation! You may get a pass during Christmas season.

    Regarding LED penetration – longer wavelengths penetrate better, though that changes as you approach 1200nm, where there’s an large absorption band(from water?). That’s not likely to affect anyone here, but something to note.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    • Yes, NM Mike. Edgar Cayce’s wife, Gertrude, was a wonderful woman, and she aided Edgar from the moment they met (before they were married) to the moment he took his last breath on earth.

      I highly recommend, “There is a River, by Thomas Joseph Sugrue. You will cry when you read the last few pages. And there is much more to that story than what I just relayed, but you have to read it to find out.

      It’s a great example of the kind of love story that is not heralded any longer in our Hollyweird society, yet, it exists and there are many examples still, as George and Elaine, and all of us have friends and family members that we all know of and see them demonstrate and show this deeply bonded committed choice to love.

      My Grandparents had that kind of devotion and love, yet they each learned and grew and explored life and all of its facets as well, and many men would not have stayed with my Grandmother due to her mental illness, however, my Grandfather found her marvelous because she was such a talented remarkable woman, as she could sing, play any musical instrument by ear, cook, dance, paint the most wonderful watercolors, work with her hands, write a book, volunteered, worked the fields, etc., and they went through so much together, including running a pub. They were married for over 67 years, and only separated by her illness.

      Many years I would listen to him play his harmonica and she would sing. Or she would play the accordion and dance; I can still hear their voices in my head and heart.

      I have a great story. She came into their little bungalow, and she said, “Jack, get the gun, there is a pheasant on the field.” So, up Jack gets, slowly and deliberately, and retrieves his gun, and hands it to his wife, Kate. He is on sticks, he has migratory osteoporosis and has shrunk from a tall 6′ to 5’2, and uses his sticks to slowly make it out the small living room, through the mud room, to the great outdoors, and across the small grassy area in front of their modest, what anyone would call a shack, but it was their castle, which over the years had constantly been filled with music, art, jokes, laughter, good food, and many friends including dogs, chickens and generations of little hatched chicks, cats, guinea hens, as well as horses on the property.

      Back to the story. Off they go. There’s the pheasant, so my Grandma, tall as a willow and lithe as a gymnast bends over low, so that Jack can perch the gun on her shoulder, and she makes a loop with each arm as she blocks her ears to protect her eardrums, so there’s Grandad’s shotgun, sitting under her arm on top of the shoulder, and bang.

      Direct hit, and she went and retrieved the pheasant to prepare it for dinner.

      They complimented each other throughout life, he was limited as far as movement but with a very very strong mind and constitution, and she was tall and beautiful but with a mind that broke unexpectedly, at inopportune times, with no cure in sight.

      When home and things were humming along, and in between episodes, she would place a small container on his lap, with a few potatoes in them, and he hand peeled those potatoes with his pocket knife, always appreciative of what his wife did for him, and wanting to help her in any way that he could.

      What wonderful stories they would tell.

      They lived through WW2, they scrambled and scraped, and not a finer example of love could be found.

      Merry Christmas everyone.

      • “My Grandparents had that kind of devotion and love, yet they each learned and grew and explored life and all of its facets as well,”

        My parents were a fine example.. NOT ONCE.. did I hear my mother and father argue or fight.. at night you would see this long lanky man and a little short woman walking hand in hand on their evening walk..
        they sat together snuggled and played cards loved to read and play board games have coffee and chop wood garden…. my mother had the rule of three.. if she wanted something done.. and dad and her had discussed it.. then it was to be done.. that was 1 the agreement.. 2 a while afterwards like a few weeks she would gently bring up at the dinner table or while sitting.. say were you going to do.. a few weeks later.. again she would say.. I thought you were planning on getting to.. that was number 3…. then dad would come home from work and the job would be done.. she would have someone else come and do it..
        LOL LOL he always had this odd look LOL.. the only violence I had heard was or seen.. was my father swatting my mom on the Butt.. turning to run with her in hot pursuit and him running into the door frame and knocking himself out and then my mom craying because dad hurt himself LOL LOL LOL LOL
        Both had bad hearts.. I would check on them daily.. one day they were busy out raking the yard and I stopped by.. all I see is two rakes thrown helter skelter in the yard and the obvious trail through the leaves.. worried that one had hurt themselves or was having an even worse heart condition.. I rushed to the house.. the door was locked.. no one came to the door as I pounded.. I called all the hospitals etc.. thinking maybe emergency services had been called nothing.. a couple hours later I go back and there dad is on the swing and mom busy in the kitchen.. I asked.. what happened dad.. his response.. When you get to be our age you have to take advantage of every moment when the urge comes… and you sure do know how to ruin a moment.. LOL LOL LOL so I bought them a little red rake toy for children.. and a hanger for outside the door.. so if they ever got the urge.. hang the rake out there by the door and I won’t come a knocking.. ( still got that rake.. the kids play with it LOL)
        I had obviously married someone that had grown up in a different lifestyle.. an abusive family where women had little value.. my father taught us boys to be curtious and helpful, respectful and patient.. to show the caring side.. that that was our strengths.. walk softly be gentle yet strong, give a good honest days work.. after three months.. I called my father to see what I was doing wrong.. he said Mom and I had our serious conversations.. we didn’t want to expose you kids to the things that should be taken care of as an adult and let you kids be kids.. when we took our evening walk that was when we would have our conversations..
        We never knew.. they were together for many decades..both married young..a positive influence.. you never told mom or dad that you were bored.. you had more stuff to do than ever.. I one time said I would like to learn how to tan a hyde LOL next thing I knew the locker was dragging up a half a cow hide and mom and dad had gotten the tools to flesh it and hang it tan it.. LOL more work than what I wanted to do.. I did get a set of moccasin’s out of it LOL.. but what I was thinking it running to tandy and getting a kit already cut out.. not doing it the hard way LOL . I was one of the lucky ones.. thank god.. through my dark days and good days I had two wonderful parents there to support and guide me..
        I thought I could fix the issues for my first wife.. you can fix it I thought even though my ex’s wifes doctor said that I would have a rough life and I should cut the ties right away.. I didn’t I tried to fix it for sixteen years before I admitted defeat.. my wife now was in a relationship where the husband treated her quite roughly..and abusive.. would take her out slap her around then get mean..she escaped and we met.. she was actually my boss.. my ex had had a surgery at the hospital.. my wife was my charge nurse..and because we didn’t have any insurance the hospital hounded us.. made life hell.. so I went to the surgeon and asked.. can I work off the debt.. his business manager said yes..the parking lot needed to be refinished.. so I did it by hand.. designed the tools etc.. my wife now had had a minor stroke a couple years prior and the hospitals took her to town..she got five dollars and change every two weeks as pay.. the hospital took it all.. so she had been through hell paying off her bills and could relate to what I was going through.. she came to help in over hundred degree heat.. muggy.. we became close friends it wasn’t long before I realized I would never be able to fix the first marriage so she and i got together and have been together close to thirty years now.(I still am cordial with my ex.. but she is an ex and I made the decision to keep it distant). our home is like my mother and fathers.. we have our serious discussions.. but they are private and no grand child or child will hear them.. they should be children.. a child playing and making noise is no concern over noise I actually made an extra wide hallway so that the kids could race down it side by side…. when they are quiet then we check on them.. oops is never chastised.. everyone has an oops its instantly forgiven and everyone quietly cleans it up.. no angry outbursts,no arguing. Reading is encouraged.. a child reading wants a book it is gotten.. . my wife puts up with my crazy old man in the garage projects.. and if I say I am bored or I want to do something .. she will find something in a catalogue and say.. hey why don’t you go make this for me.. enough said.. permission granted..

      • OH my mother.. she was an excellent seamstress could make anything.. knit,sew,crochet.. etc.. LOL LOL she made beautiful quilts.. I mean they took a year to sew one.. every week the neighborhood and church ladies would get together and they would quilt.. well as she got older.. the stiches got bigger and bigger.. and what use to take a year to do was finished in an hour LOL LOL LOL… and looked like it..
        My older brother.. he became this big international exec. Texas today Tokyo tomorrow type. controlled big corporations and made a lot of money.. what he would spend on a suit was sinful.. since we both wore about the same size and he changed suits like I change my underwear.. would send me these thousand dollar or better custom made suits.. and the most uncomfortable shoes you ever seen.. and he paid over six hundred for those dam things.. ( they were my paint shoes LOL) everything was sleek and sexy.. his wife and him bought this huge house.. ( 6 inch copper sewer pipes.. dam I still want to see them I have heard they exist never seen one though most are plastic or cast or clay.. I did see some made out of tar paper…yup..) anyway.. everything has to be just so.. and look sleek and just so.. my mother use to crochet him ponchos and such.. and the look on his face was beyond belief.. (she chould go through a pickup load of yarn in a day at the end..) anyway it was a joke for me to send him with his xmas card.. a lap robe since here is a man that has it all and loves to flaunt it LOL.. LOL LOL LOL multi colored.. or instead of the sleek bobble for a key chain.. I would send him one with a rock and a chain..or a truckers wallet.. seriously how can he stick anything in that little thing he has LOL .. LOL LOL it would look nice but nothing he would ever wear or use.. he in turn would gift me back accordingly LOL LOL.. it is a private joke between us and sort of a game.. since my brother loves to make trips to the Caribbean and enjoy summer life.. I am getting a pair of shorts made for him. dam I want him to look good out there.. that will be his present next year..
        found a young lady that crochets.. at the book store.. she is game to make a pair for him.. I said the belt loops have to be big enough to put a nice big belt on it LOL LOL and a pocket.. has to have a pocket ..We actually get along to.. he has the same sense of humor I have..must run in the family.. LOL LOL

      • Thank you for this comment, and that of LOOB! They may help me help someone I know that needs additional perspective, not that I don’t. I’ll see if I can get to this over the weekend.

  6. “Cars once owned by the dead would drop in price dramatically, because dead people don’t drive.  “

    But they DO vote! Can we expect an explosion in Dem voters?

  7. “Again, we stare slack-jawed at the 1929 comparison with the recent (Nov. 8) peak”

    Similar to the K-Wave… just look at how far down is..
    When it collapses…after they quit dumping cash in pockets.. it will in my opinion be similar to leaping off of mount Everest..if they keep .. then you’ll have to be as rich as our friends in SanFran just to buy a happy meal…
    If we go to war..then the poison pawn trap. As sun tzu’s
    “If he sends reinforcements everywhere, he will everywhere be weak.”“There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.” I really wish someone would tell that to our politicians.

  8. I don’t see AREDS2 on your vitamin list. The eye doctor says it has been proven to help people with macular degeneration keep their eyesight longer.

  9. And don’t forget… the two amino acid precursors of HGH are L-Ornithine and L-Arginine. So add the L-Ornithine to your night stack.

  10. I just saw this:

    It seems that there’s concern and arguments between the FAA and FCC regarding potential interference between 5G frequencies and radar altimeter frequencies! Radio/radar altimeters are always useful, but required for Cat II and Cat III landings, aka low/no ceiling and visibility situations that are close to blind. It’s where there is little room for error and most of the approach is automated. The turn on date for 5G in the USA is January 5th, and there still seems to be controversy!

    • Before retirement I flew just over 40 years for various airlines. In the Friendly Skies all the fleets had CAT 3 Autoland capability. I flew two CAT 3 approaches down to 300 Feet visibility… One in Orlando, and the other in Seattle. It’s all triple autopilot controlled down to 30 Kts on the rollout… then disconnect the autopilot to make a turn off on the lighted taxiways. Seattle was so foggy I had to be towed to the gate because I couldn’t see the terminal or gates.

      I see the wireless providers payed 81 billion for the frequencies… so good luck getting those frequencies back. Business Model 101.

      Several of our competitors at the time did not have CAT 3 capability… only CAT 2 that has higher visibility requirements to start the approach. Many times we could land, and they went to their alternate airports. It was a great advantage because each diversion costs about $5000.

      There will be no choice from a safety perspective that autolands will be allowed if implemented. But at least people will have their phones to make travel arrangements from their diversion airport… Cue Steve Martin and John Candy in Wichita… LOL

  11. I’ve been wondering what that humming noise in my ears was. Now I know I’m dead and reviewing my life. Thank you for that clarification. I enjoyed the read.
    The part that 23andme and other dna companies can’t say out loud is we all originate from one area…yep, they’ve proven it and cannot ‘unprove’ it. Where was the Garden of Eden supposed to be located? This discovery leads some into believing there is a reason for the season.
    To supplement your HFCS info, here’s an interesting thing that happened to my daughter when she was in high school working part time at the local coffee shop. Each day she worked she was allowed a free drink. She grabbed the same pre-bottled tasty stuff two days in a row. It said “made with real fruit juice” so she thought it was good for her. Well, after drinking it two days in a row, she experienced a life threatening event. It seems, for her, too much HFCS caused razor like slices in her intestines which released poisons into her blood stream. Her entire body shuts down to fight the infection and heal the intestine. This had happened one time before, but now we knew the reason so she stopped ingesting HFCS.
    “Often times, specific adaptations are a two-edged sword. In the Native First people of North America, there may be a genetic predisposition to mishandling of sugars. Which has been studied to a deep enough extent to estimate that 50% of substance abuse is heritable (likely in the sugar metabolism channels).” So, um, Bidet has an ice cream sugar problem and his son and niece have known addiction problems (public record of being in recovery) due to the Big Guy’s family’s genetic predisposition to mishandling of sugars…interesting.
    A few newer items on the Alzheimer’s side: 1- There is a doctor in California who, for a fee, is very good at tracking down your cause(s) of the disease – – she’s for real…I’ve talked to her. 2- it is very reversible (no drugs, cookies or milk needed) 3- A study, I think from UCLA, came out a few months ago on using Hyper Baric chambers to treat the disease successfully – I guess one’s brain needs oxygen. 4- Chloride Dioxide, um, it’s not bleach, is being tested successfully as a remedy – another type of oxygen therapy that just happens to attach to poisons, including cancer, and removes them from the body.
    Having one gene is bad. My two genes is even worse. But neither setting necessarily means one will get the disease.
    Thanks for the write up…an easy gentle read. Well done. Merry Christmas

  12. I forgot to comment on red light therapy. A 30 something friend of mine ended up with the virus. He ended up with blood clots on his lungs and was in terrible pain and was in and out of the er a couple of times. His wife had used red light therapy after a miscarriage and healed rather remarkably quickly per her doctor. So, she forced it on him and focused it on his lungs. When he went back for a check up a few weeks later, the doctor was amazed and stated no one she had seen with lung damage from the virus had had any improvements, but his lungs had improved considerably.
    We use the Gemba Rex due to it having both the long and short red lights:
    Helmet not included ; )

  13. The pdf is great. Solid info. Based on my research (and the way my body feels when I do it) the #1 way to prolong life / fight aging is calorie restriction.

    Your recos address it (in a way). Obviously nutritionally dense food, no junk, and supplements will accomplish this.

    To add:

    I like fasts.

    They give the body a chance to clear out crap, mental fog, etc… It’s nice after 3 days when your internals can do their job without having to stop and focus on digestion.

    My routine is 1-3 days of nothing but water, perhaps once every 2-3 weeks, and once or twice a year, longer (7-30 days).

    Most recommend juicing instead of water. If you’re in piss-poor condition where nothing but water would be a shock to your body, fine, but I found juicing to be a Royal PITA. Organic ingredients are a must and so is no pulp, otherwise digestion kicks in and you get hungry. It’s expensive and shopping, prep time / cleanup makes it tough to stick to. Those common centrifugal juicers defeat the purpose. You have to go with a masticator / slow, cold-press.

    The easiest way for a novice: Go 3 days nothing but raw fruits and veggies, then water, then end with raw fruits and veggies, then re-introduce only good stuff back to your body. Of course, in real life, at some point afterwards, crap is bound to re-enter, making it necessary to do this all again, a few times a year.

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