Psycho-Merica: No Reality Under the ’21 Tree

Merry What-mess? Durable Goods, new Jobless filing, and Personal Income Tales.  All better than coal (and more “climate-friendly” for the wokees).

I know — how dare some old writer/columnist offer insights into the eggnog and fentanyl festivities.  But yes, seems to be how things look over here on the long end of the timeline.

We live in a country – no longer America, but Nuevo Venezuela – which is passing a tipping point, hidden by Pandemic Hysteria and echoing Trump Hate.  Taken as a whole, dollar purchasing power is collapsing and few are concerned.

Prices are NOT going up.  The purchasing power of our debt-logged Dollar is swirling down the toilet now.

A little mood-setting to get us braced for the latest news and impacts.

Data Center: DG, UI, PI

Durable Goods:

Unemployment Claims -New Filers

Ticked up a bit but not too much:

Personal Income

Personal income increased $90.4 billion (0.4 percent) in November according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (tables 3 and 5). Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $70.4 billion (0.4 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $104.7 billion (0.6 percent).

Real DPI decreased 0.2 percent in November and Real PCE increased less than 0.1 percent; spending on services increased 0.5 percent and spending on goods decreased 0.8 percent

You betcha!  Uh-huh.  No pee-testing week?

Dow Futures are +100-ish.

Psycho-Merica:  Are We? reports that “About 66% of U.S. adults take prescription drugs (Health Policy Institute, 2021). About 46% of U.S. adults have taken a prescription drug in the past 30 days (CDC, 2019). The therapeutic areas with the highest spending in the U.S. are antidiabetics, oncologics, autoimmune, and respiratory diseases (Statista, 2021).”

These are not the issue. One in six Americans take psychoactive or psychiatric drugs.

Well, except for one thing:  These are prescribed.  Gallup figures 12% of American’s do weed.

Being Dopes also extends into finance:  Back in 2017, CNN Money reported 6 in 10 American’s couldn’t afford an “emergency $500” spending hit.

And this year?  Hidden for the holidays is the story “51% of Americans have less than 3 months worth of emergency savings (” is the fact 25% of Americans have no savings at all.

Financially, we’re a pretty sorry lot.

Computers, Phones the Problem

Statistica just released a report last week showing almost half of your countrypersons (46%) spend 5-6-hours (or MORE) on the phone each day. A further 11% spend 7-hours or more.

In a different report, Statistica (one of our favorite reality-based websites) says “Estimates suggest that in 2021 U.S. adults will spend an average of three hours and 17 minutes watching TV each day.”

Simpleton that I am, I look at the numbers to get some sense of how badly people piss their lives away.  The data suggests 8-hours a day of what we think of as “loser time.”  Which, if you can land a Bidenesque $15-hour gig has a topline value of…um…$30,000 a year pretax.

The Corporate Con – and much of this is social media – is that if you video enough, hype enough, and shoot the right GoPro video, you’ll get a viral hit on social media and that will make you fabulously wealthy.

Our Reality-Based Christmas Present is that just as Lottery Tickets are a tax on people who can’t understand statistics, so too, Social Media is a tax on people who are weak-minded dreamers who aren’t willing to do actual work.

Just today, we noticed a Fact check: COVID-19, election misinformation dominated social media in 2021 (  Which didn’t surprise us, in the least.

The hell of it?  The Founders had no idea how technology would arrive.  Despite its obvious impacts, we haven’t even conducted a single large-scale longitudinal study on the psycho-social impacts of radio, let alone television, let alone social from a top-down management perspective.

This great mystery (which amounts to children playing with multi-megaton matches) is what keeps us getting out of bed early every day.  It’s like staring at the accident you drive by on the freeway.  Except it goes on during every waking hour.

Statistical Waste Dump

GDP came out this week:  $23.2 trillion dollars.

Public debt to the penny as of Tuesday?  $29.3 trillion says  Debt to the Penny

The Happy-Talk artists spout we’re only 26.3% overspending.  But that’s a statistical lie many people can’t understand.  Allow us to help.

The idea of the National Debt (to the penny) is that Aliens could arrive as off-planet financiers and pay off America’s debts for this amount.  However, there is NO ALIEN FINANCIAL PRESENCE.  There are trillions more that will be owed over time. We still have future interest owed.

We like to think we can avoid a Greek-style financial crisis, but over time, compound interest breaks all notional/fiat currencies.  We’re in the range where they usually break (3-5% residual purchasing power, the rest is debt).

The U.S. Dollar this Christmas has 3.64% purchasing power compared to 1913 when the Fed came along.  What cost $100 then today costs $2,746.96.  In other words, our “money” is 96.36% debt.  Free lunches aren’t free, it turns out, after all.

Wars are Still On

Before my birthday in February, we continue to expect Eastern Europe to light up.  Most recent indicator?  Putin Loses His Cool When Confronted Over Ukraine, Claims It Belongs to Lenin Anyway.

In the very short-term, though, cooler heads have made a little progress as cited in Russia-Ukraine crisis: Kyiv hopes truce will ease military tensions.  But keep your peacenik hopes parked for a while because Russia Circled by ‘Instability Ring,’ Diplomat Says As Moscow Ramps up War Talk.

Or whether it’s a chess move remains to be seen.

China keeps moving forward its “re-unification agenda” as China to hold Taiwan independence supporters criminally liable for life amidst growing tensions.

Weather outlooks -especially the long-range for Jan-March – for the Taiwan Strait likely matter more than anything right now.

For its part, China’s propaganda push now is focused on “wokee’s” is what we infer from their using the hot-button word “racism”.  As in Deep-rooted racism in the US frames rigid, harmful China policy.


Odd this & that’s:

Historical Revisionism heads north:  Top Canadian Museum To Be Imminently Gutted In The Name Of ‘decolonization’.

Put L.A. on your Avoid list:  Super Bowl 2022 will take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

SantaBits: BTC Trying for $49,000 under the tree.  Even as Paraguay takes another step towards digital currency regulation.

Australia’s Press is better than ours.  At least in this analysis: ‘Sleepy Joe’ has been a ‘bumbling mess’ during first 11 months as president.

ATR: Grow Room Deluxe

The Christmas Room is appearing out of previously empty space.  I mentioned one of my “ShopTalk Sunday” projects for this week (on top of everything else including a 40+ page Peoplenomics report) would be starting on the greenhouse off to the side of the recording studio here in the woods.  Sure enough…

Coming along fine, but much fine-tuning to be done.  And it may not complete until Sunday or Monday because of a glitch I ran into Wednesday. The problem is that coming out of the studio, the framing (which will be visible because this is all going to be covered with clear polycarbonate) will be too bright to be really nice and yuppie-like.

Adding a day to slap-dash a coat of Penofin which will turn the framing into something a little more pleasing.  Further yammerings in the ShopTalk Sunday column.  Though Pappy’s remarks that basic framing is the most rewarding part of construction is as true as always.

I’m thinking a huge overhaul of the shop for a New Year’s project, but we’ll see.

Christmas Eve Dinner tomorrow will be prime rib and yeah, maybe a glass of wine, or two.  A replay with another prime rib is coming for New Years, though in honor of pending wars and such, we may go with turkey which seems a little more in keeping with our outlook.

Have a swell time getting the last-minute details all done.  And we’ll have abbreviated content for the next couple of days.  Want to catch up on my non-destructive pillow testing.  then there’s a hot Skil saw and a paint brush to get after.

Write when you get rich,

46 thoughts on “Psycho-Merica: No Reality Under the ’21 Tree”

  1. You may have heard National Guard being deployed to hospitals to help … because they’re short staffed.

    Then I see that Family members are in conflict with hospital staff over protocol …. Escalating …

    Every war has its conflicts.

  2. Personal income, I got my 2022 SS notification in the mail yesterday. We got a 5.2% COLA raise and after all is said and done with the tax rate (both Federal and state) going up due to the COLA, increase in Medicare, in 2022 I will be drawing less than in 2021 by $23. With inflation, well looks like my SS will not go as far anymore. The government giveth and the government taketh more away.

  3. The most widely used psychoactive drugs are caffeine and alcohol (including wine and Scotch).
    Drugs are for those who can’t handle the reality they’ve created.

  4. Those Capitol Rioters are lucky Biden isn’t Lenin.

    We’ve still got AUKUS. And the AU part is already locked down like the former Soviets. The K part isn’t much better.

    Side with Putin/side with Biden.

    Putin, set our cities free!

  5. Wondering how many out there are still sending Christmas/greeting cards out during the holiday seasons? We received one from a local couple, might get a group photo from some cousins but I wouldn’t put Hallmark down for a seasonal investment any more. It’s all done via e-mails or FB or other digital means around here now. Gone are the days when you’d circle the hearth with all the cards and letters you’d get during the season.

    Since I took care of the one gift that my life relies on this Christmas I carved out a few hours of my day yesterday to do something I had not done in maybe a decade. I set up a stand with a couple of ladders and a 2×12 in between inside a dry water tank on the ranch to see if our ranch is finally going to be inundated with coyotes. I saw one in the flesh for the first time ev-er the day before in broad daylight at that same location but at a quarter mile distance while my grandkid piloted the truck learning to drive. Couldn’t believe my eyes and with that ultra-bushy tail it was certain that it wan’t a wayward dog from the real estate development across the North fence line. I’ve had a theory going for a long time that we haven’t had any noticeable predation by them because they may be using our place for a home base. I think they’re smart enough not to “crap in their own back yard”. But if they’re becoming so numerous they can be encountered during the day then it’s time to thin the heard.

    I do miss the days as a kid when deer season was a time to bundle up and brave the elements. Yesterday I could have got in a good tanning session which would have been hard to explain if the hunters to which we lease the place had come driving by. Our seasons have been, are being, pushed farther down the calendar so that real cold doesn’t hit us here until mid-January at the earliest. Here’s hoping we don’t have a repeat of last February in a couple of months.

    • Rats and skunks are more a danger to you than resident coyotes. There are sub-species of coyotes, and you have to figure out what flavor you have in dealing with them. You can get a clue from watching the coyotes interact with livestock; if the livestock ignore them, then they are usually OK. Any coyote showing aggression to livestock needs to be put down immediately. Packs with more than three members should not be tolerated; running in large groups they can be dangerous. Coyotes are noisy critters; a couple of ’em serenading can fool you into thinking there is a half-dozen.
      Timber wolves were reintroduced to OK from Alaskan breeding stock in the 90’s. Individuals and packs having been showing up in Texas since the early 2000’s. The timber wolves I have seen have been black. My theory is that ranchers recognize the gray wolves and kill’em on sight. Timber wolves hunting in large packs are absolutely fearsome. Use extreme caution in dealing with them, if they make into your area.

      • For some reason all the other ranchers in the lower half of the county have had either bad problems with coyotes or, to the South, pigs. So far we’ve had no problems to our knowledge with coyotes (the hunters that lease our place say they’ve heard them at night often) and no sightings of pigs on the place yet, thank God. All of the fences around our ranch have been replaced now so they’re good but if a pig wants to get through they’ll figure out a way so we figure it’s just a matter of time before they do. All it takes is one hungry bore that sights a kid goat that looks delicious and the fence will be breached. The dogs and foxes burrow under and we’ve found a lot of places where they have. It’s a never-ending battle.

        One thing that has gotten our kids, and it’s probably raccoons, has eaten their hind legs down to the bone and left the rest to suffer. I have yet to see what the actual perpetrator might be and, apparently, all the buzzards have flown South even though it’s still warm.

  6. George
    Now you have me wondering how the New Years Day SST sandwiches will taste with Thin Sliced Prime Rib substituting for the Turkey. If you make some up let me know. We already have the Turkey thawed for Christmas but I’ll be home through New Years so I can find a small Prime Rib somewhere if need be.

      • MMM good choice!
        My Birthday is Jan 27, my wife Little Anna is Feb 9.
        We can get a nice prime rib and my son Little Big Al (6’4″, 260) will smoke it for us.
        Since our birthdays are almost exactly 2 weeks apart, we always celebrated our mutual birthdays on the weekend between.
        That’s why our kid were both born in September!
        Cellll-a-Braa-a tion, Com’on! Hava Good Time! (It’s a Calibration!)

  7. China calling America racist, while it might be true, is rather rich.

    First of all, all humans are racist. We are pattern recognition machines and the “other” has deep meaning in a tribal sense. It’s in our dna.

    But, for China to point the finger, one must overlook their treatment of minorities, and religions. Uyghurs are currently locked in camps, dishing out kidneys like a British luncheon.

    And all the while killing tens of thousands in the US and worldwide, more than wars, more than COVID, with fentanyl, another gift made in China. They have a lot of nerve pointing fingers at the silly things our peasants do while their kings feast on whoever they want.

  8. Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Peter McCullough in an epic 2 hour 45 min flood of scientific information. Quoting study after study, Dr. McCullough takes apart the plandemic and tells you what is real and what is fake.
    There are plenty of treatments that work but they are denied to patients. Vaxes have their own set of problems which McCullough explains in detail.
    Dr. McCullough has treated thousands of CV patients and he and maybe 500 other doctors have fought the criminal medical cartel to provide early treatment and keep people out of hospitals. McCullough destroys the plandemic in a single interview.

    • yeah thats a must-watch for everyone! you can watch it on Spotify as well. Mccullough lays it all out very well.

    • I listened to the entire interview as well. And, the treatments he is talking about are treatments for exposure and symptoms that we were denied…I agree we could have saved lives if we could have used ivermectin, remdesivir, and other such treatments…However, these drugs don’t prevent the virus from taking over, they just treat the infection already in our bodies.
      The CDC was overly focused on prevention via vaccines…It should have been a holistic approach of ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies for those infected in the early stages and then vaccines for the rest. The problem though was the generic nature of those alternative drugs and the possibility of abuse by generic labs. Humans will be humans and greedy labs looking to make a quick buck would have flooded the marketplace in ad after ad claiming to have the cure. So…the CDC took the stance of shutdowns and masks until vaccines became ubiquitous. Unfortunately, there were idiots out there calling it all a hoax and many refused the seclusion and masks and the spread ballooned to the total of 700,000 or more deaths. Had we all been a better, less divisive nation, we could cut that death toll by a third….therefore, our divisions as a nation are to blame. Shame on you America.

      • Mark is the divisive one, the CDC fucked Americans, they were intent on spreading the virus, not prevention,, Barky likes the Chinese Disease Control plan, shut downs and masks were offensive attacks against US, to make US submissive, that did not work to stop the spread but only strenghten the oppression of FREEDOM , deny ivermectin that would have slowed and diminished the spread and saved countless lives. Go back to Quatamala and stay there! with your George Sorass trip to help the caravans [UNESCO] and your 4 racist Black Lives Matter riots crap you personally helped pushed.
        Shame on barky, the Fauci lover. The lying dog faced international criminal that lies with every Lame Stream Media appearance
        How is your favorite Guardians of the Pedophiles doing at the Lincoln project,, ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM,, and now CNN pedophiles got caught with their little fetish for children.
        Are you sleeping well? or does TRUMP 2024 keep you up at nights worrying about your future as a free man
        There are those who blindly are led astray (c) and then there are those like you who lead those blind sheep,, KNOWINGLY is criminal and treasonous intent, that separates you from the idiots. You admitted, hell you bragged to being in on the conference via zoom. We need a RINO season and Trump is out to get them out of CONgress. The Hunters become the Hunted.
        Actually I do not wish you on Guatemala, maybe a Caribbean island resort USMC
        the humans are a cattle herd and Marky rides with the rustlers the GREEDY PHARMACUTICAL CORP. THAT ARE KILLING US, and barky attacks the generic drugs and promotes the corp thieves, and then labels the generic as greedy,, wordsmith flipping the truth, lets Go Brandon them
        you still can seek repentance,, remember how you told US to seek repentance,, I do
        Benedict Arnold you are, favoring King George of England and the CORPORATION,, SHAME on you. THE THRONE, THE VATICAN, BLACKROCK, CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY, BUSINESS PARTENERS
        Will The United States of America Constitution survive this attack by the corporate deep state[pure evil] DAMN STRAIGHT, WE WILL SURVIVE AND THRIVE, inspite of your being against US,, 1776 (rinse and repeat) The American Revolution was against the corp deep state!

        Omicron is a disease of the vaccinated
        I have not done one test and will NOT get the clot shot,, and never felt better @ 69
        Merry Christmas the days are growing longer and more light is shed everyday

      • “Had we all been a better, less divisive nation, we could cut that death toll by a third….therefore, our divisions as a nation are to blame. Shame on you America.”

      • Please be careful with remdesivir…over half of people who take it have kidney failure and die
        “The Safety Board pulled remdesivir from the [Ebola] study because it killed more people than any of the other three drugs,” Dr Bryan Ardis said, “remdesivir killed 54% of all the people that got the drug.” And, note that Reuters quoted a study which reported “a” – one – patient with coronavirus who had shown improvement after taking remdesivir.”
        That quote is from
        I think they call it murder just like withholding the meds that even Faulci stated on a Sunday morning tv show that if taken immediately upon getting flu-like symptoms it turns the virus into a common cold instead of allowing it to become an upper respiratory death trap.

      • I forgot to add…Ivermectin does actually keep one from getting the virus so no vaccine was ever needed (by law vaccines are illegal if something can be treated with other meds)…12mg on day 1, 12mg on day 3, 12mg every two weeks after that has kept us virus free since February. Otherwise, keep it on the shelf and treat the flu immediately upon symptoms and become immune to it.

      • I think it is shame on Big Pharma, Big Government and our not so free press. Early treatment is always best, yet people were instructed to wait until they can’t breath before coming to the hospital where they would be placed on ventilators and given remdesivir($3000). After two years of this, I have grown to distrust the MSM narrative and listen to the people they are trying to silence.

        Take ure vitamins, eat right, exercise, spend time outside in the sun. If you get sick, get early treatment! God Bless you all!

    • Bill
      December 19, 2021 at 17:07

      I’m at least glad the word does make it out there at some point. Aaaaand, once again Walking Buzzard prefers his own little gilded world of delusion. He may have “listened” but he did not hear.

    • Yeah its amazing the line at the pharmacy in the morning at our local department store. There are 20-30 people lined up every morning waiting for the it to open.

  9. what did you use to install the ground screws for the foundation of your new build? the original promo video made it look like you had to have a special machine/attachment to do it.

      • Did you guys forget how to make cement – or did Y’all run out of limestone, no block?
        wtf ground screws ? No building code inspectors in the wilds of north eastern mexico ? We gotz wankers – barky, we got tankers -exxon, but footers…must be the wind dont blow down there in wetback/armadilla country. * last minute gift request for Santa – couple sacks of cement..maybe Santa will be willing to exchange one of Ure annual sacks o Coal for some portland.

  10. Comrades,

    Something rotten in Denmark?

    Just concluded elections in Hong Kong featured record low 30 something percent turnouts of eligible voters. Virtually all candidates on the ballots were pro-Beijing by mandate and manipulation. The opposition party did not run as I understand it.

    The statue memorializing victims of the 1989 Tiannamin Square massacre had been moved from wider public view in the city to Hong Kong University several years ago. This past week the statue was removed from its place at the university by armed guard to points unknown.

    The Danish artist wants his work of art returned but says the Chinese authorities are unresponsive.

  11. Yo,Yo,Yo G Dude,

    Far be it for one so well endowed as BCN, to proffer scientific data to any sheep no matta the color of their wool. But, I wish to cultivate some VIRTUE ..therefore the following information,which comes from The World Health Organization via Martin Armstrong, follows for Ure “Esquared” (edification & edumacation) ;


    The World Health Organization (WHO) previously admitted that there is no evidence available to indicate masks as an effective method of protecting healthy individuals. “In addition to hypoxia and hypercapnia, breathing through facemask residues bacterial and germ components on the inner and outside layer of the facemask. These toxic components are repeatedly breathed back into the body, causing self-contamination.” Furthermore, there is actually evidence that face masks can cause toxic particles to build within the mask. “Rebreathing contaminated air with high bacterial and toxic particle concentrations along with low O2 and high CO2 levels continuously challenge the body homeostasis, causing self-toxicity and immunosuppression.”

    Conclusion: There is no evidence that masks are effective against the transmission of COVID-19; however, there is evidence that wearing masks can be toxic.”-MA

    Get outside peeps and enjoy some holiday R&R (rape&revenge) and some dem Bitcoinz – for tis the season to be WEALTHY!

    Its Christmas Time – BITCOIN 4 ALL -HoHoHo!

  12. Turmeric proven to work on Alz’s in many studies:

    Lowest rates of Alzheimer’s in India, veggie diet reduces rate by 2x -3x, also, India eats a lot of turmeric in curry dishes:

    video explaining above:

    Also, cutting back on hatred of democracy is a mind grower, instead of shrinking your brain with hatred and polarization:

    • COCOnut oil works inspite of the articles you link, I had the short term memory problems coming on about 6-7 years ago. My mom and her mom both had it very bad, Switched to coconut oil for all my cooking oil, I now don’t stop and wonder what it was, that I was going to do. And YES turmeric is great, so is ginger. I AM 69 and feelin fine
      The other thing I did change big time was the inclusion of C60 aka Carbon 60 in olive oil.
      Every person I know that get meds from a DR for alzheimers goes down hill FAST

      also ,, we do not live in a democracy, our republic is democratic in nature but NOT a democracy. The MAIN power is left in the States, We do NOT vote on legislation, we elect representatives. We live in a 50 STATEs UNION! A Republic,, The CONgress is a democracy, they pass the laws, we dont! Unless we petition our individual state for a particular legislation to be voted on by the public at large,, gees, public school and participation diplomas. All ways the demons shout “our democracy” key words to stir up the uneducated.
      Let me know, when you find the word ‘democracy’ in The United States Constitution.

      George, have you seen the Hunter bobble head dolls,, don’t look,, my eyes my eyes, pass me the chlorine dioxide

  13. To add to my post…Finally Trump is making sense.

    Donald Trump: ‘The Vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind’ ‘All three vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) are very good’ ‘The vaccines work – If you take the vaccine you are protected’ ‘People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine’

    • I think a more realistic assessment of the FDA’s data for the Pfizer jab would be to say that probably more people have been saved by it than died, but the number of deaths is still quite sobering:

      The CDC’s position that lab verified antibodies don’t mean anything, and people should keep getting jabs regardless of how high their antibodies test to be is medical malpractice.

      I wish Trump and Fauci both quiet and anonymous retirements in undisclosed locations.

    • If you had children under 17, illegal or legal, the government, the Democrats would be working on giving you money to keep your children out of poverty. They want this passed where it is no longer needed to declare a SSN. I am sorry, Randy, everyone older than 65, and not connected to the elite or government teat is expendable. Ask WTHS, the non CARES Act put protocols in the hospital rules, rights, and regs to help that age group reach Heaven faster.

  14. I might try to beat the Collapse Crunch and bury some flash cash out in the yard. The yard will be frozen soon, like the banks.

    What denominations would you guys suggest?

    I’ve been keeping my eye on the Toyota dealer. Their inventory is low-low. Like an empty parking low.

    • $2 bills. Many individuals won’t accept them, because we’ve dumbed-down so much folks think they’re fake. Banks will, however, so unless yer “Mason Jar saving” for an apocalypse, the 2s are best…

    • makes good cents keeping a store junk silber US coins..Dimes, Quarters and Halfs stashed. Stick to 90% Silver coins – keeps the conversion calculation simple and easy to perform.. on the move/under duress. might even see some price appreciation on Ure “junk” silber stash. like water, explosive force – go wit the flow, it knows the path of least resistance..

  15. If I can recommend one book for your holiday reading enlightenment – The Dying Citizen by Victor Davis Hanson.

    An intellectual look at the downhill march we are on today.

  16. Obvioiusly “I” am a loser, or at least not a “Real American” per your recitation about “Americans” these days:

    I do NOT take any prescrition drugs (66%) unless deathly sick, and have had none in the last 30 days (46%) or even 180 days. (when they come up with one that rolls back the clock 30 years however I guarantee you I WILL become a “drug taker” addict!!)

    I do NOT take any psychoactive or psychiatric drugs (1 in 6 – WTF??) … though I do have a Drug Habit, my drug of choice being COFFEE which I manage to ingest several times a day. Bad Me.

    Unfortunately “I” do have an viewing addiction problem … the Internet … required for work and desired for personal use. I am amazed with the vast amount of data I can quickly look up and review from my desk chair, or the couch in the evening, without having to go to a library (ring a bell George?? LOL).

    Phone use (5-6 hours per day) seems high for the Average American to me unless they are counting the internet time people accumulate on the phone. For me my phone time is down to about 30 minutes a day – virtually all of it being work phone calls. Email has replaced oodles of talk time for work for me.

    “I” am not much of a TV watcher unlike most Americans (3hr 17 minutes daily – WFT?? don’t they have a “real” life?) , only about 45 minutes a day for me except weekends, national news at 6:30 local news at 11. On weekends in the fall you can add to that one or two football games a weekend (college only, 3 hours each for about 12 weeks a year) and maybe 1/2 of a hockey game per month but NO sports other than that, and I do watch about 1 actual movie a month, year round.

    Obviously “I” am an outlier and thus not sure “I” even qualify to be called an American any more!! Maybe if I ate more, so as to gain another 50#, and sat in my easy chair more, doing nothing except moving my eyeballs and lips so as to help with the weight gain and losing my health, I might be able to REQUALIFY as an “American”!!

  17. “And this year? Hidden for the holidays is the story “51% of Americans have less than 3 months worth of emergency savings (” is the fact 25% of Americans have no savings at all”

    I use to have a years. Medical expenses took every penny of retirement funds …. then we had to use savings the year we went without an income.
    Now Its insurance pillaging the pocketbook..and seeing what I see fast approaching..well it is terrifying .
    Truly since I know more people in my shoes than not. I think the figures were painting a more positive picture than the real percentages..

  18. “Most recent indicator? Putin Loses His Cool When Confronted Over Ukraine, Claims It Belongs to Lenin Anyway.”

    Hmm.. could it possibly be that NATO and US forces keep trying to back Russia and China into a corner?

    I’d suggest … DON’T DO IT. You’re playing with fire.. you shouldn’tbe concernedover what Billy big money wants..especiallywhen every study indicates we won’t win…. but then who cares what an old nutjob in the wastelands says. They make real money and don’t have to do anything to earn it..


    Dr. Anthongy Fauci, the United States’ head medical tyrant, says that Americans should ban family members who are unvaccinated from having holiday celebrations with family. Still attempting to push the vaccine onto every single human alive, Fauci says people the unvaccinated should be ostracized from their families.


      Lol lol.. not this old man..we have an open door policy for family and friends lol..all are welcome..


    History has shown us that collectivism detests the individual. The man who can exist independent of the system, who thinks for himself, who is not easily swayed, and who has values rooted in absolute truth which he refuses to give up – this is the enemy of collectivism. But if we take a closer look at one aspect of the individual – his ability to exist independent of the system – is it not clear this is an end goal of prepping?

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