Wall Street’s Lump of Coal

Troops are massing, a bioweapon continues its harvest, real incomes are falling compared to the Nation’s monetary base expansion, and we have sold-off most of our energy independence, not to mention the means to become self-sufficient.

All while, America’s Fifth Column has been nurtured by know-nothings in social media while border jumpers soar to new records, aided and abetted by an administration sending unvaccinated people to formerly safer regions of the country.

Just when a hard-nosed reality was getting nervous, earlier this year, that things could go to hell in a handbasket sooner than later, an American submarine may have been a submarine killer drone-target in the Pacific. If you know where to look on the web, pictures of topsides and sail damage as the Connecticut pulled into harbor can be found.

The open-minded Truth-Seeker is confused:  Our Naval says it was an underwater mountain.  But we know a few things about terrain avoidance systems.  and for a fact that mountains don’t touch topsides.  Yet, there is “The Photochop Problem.”  Whether China has sent us a message, or whether web shills are driving clickbait is hard to assess.

Yet, regardless of the specifics – which hardly matter to us now – there is a very dangerous year starting less than 10-days from now.

Setting Up the Board

Headlines will do a lot of set piece decision-making.

Once the darling of the liberal leftist mainstream media, a crowd that can’t even do its own plumbing/gender checks, faith in the once triumphant Slo Biden has cratered:  Inside the administration’s failure to avert a covid testing shortfall.  Everything’s a Business Model.

While in Israel, 4th vaccine shots are coming, here in ‘Merica, the CDC continues to lie, mislead, and deceive on their flawed “plandemic” promotion plan through crooked data.  Why won’t Florida, CDC release state’s breakthrough COVID data?  The answer should be intuitive.

Meanwhile, Christmas travel is on-the-rocks for tens of thousands as Lufthansa, Delta, United report cancellations over Christmas.

War Coming, too

While upright humans await the arrival of push-around IV bags on roller-stands, there’s also the coming Buy’ed em train wreck in Eastern Europe.

Just this week, the Slo in chief announced the U.S. would not become involved militarily in Ukraine.  As this was going down, Satellite images show Russia still building up forces near the border.  Leaving former Soviet-era Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev to state what the fifth rail cells in government and media can’t admit: US Became ‘Arrogant’ After Fall Of Soviet Union: Gorbachev.

With Biden’s bumbler-in-chief demeanor, it shouldn’t be April yet before he’ll oversee the fall of Taiwan to China and the completion of America’s global power leadership role.

Nuevo Venezuela

As all this (pardon) shit hits the fan, we will also be suffering a massive inflation.  Because while the Federal Reserve has been talking a Big Lie on tapering, the reality is that without the Big Biden Spending Plan, there will be little means of injecting additional money into the failed American economy.

As we sink into second (or third) world status, you can plan on the supplies of everything you need becoming sketchy, at best.

Already, we see the attacks tuning up on the perimeter: A Hacking Slugfest Between Iran and Its Foes Sparks Fears of a Wider Cyberwar.  This sort thing will spread.  Got a digital-free life plan in your back pocket?

The saving grace of hacking, though, is it will come piecewise. The bigger approach is the use of EMP (or, directed energy weapons).  But the major powers have already put it on the line:  If these are employed, the first-strike nation will promptly be glassed-over.

My consigliere offered some real seasonal cheer to clients this week (this is the happy part) in a report tomorrow for Peoplenomics:  On how we are inching toward the “X” spot on his projections made more than 40-years ago.  When War with China (and world) got rolling in the 2024 to 2026 timeframe.  Which – don’t look now – Ukraine and Taiwan will likely be “warm-up wars” to kickstart the real harvest of souls in a few years.

Ah…enough of the wrapping paper.  Let’s move on to…

How It Lays Out in Charts

The market moving to a recent high intraday Wednesday leaves a rather stark Elliott Wave to be considered:

Our Peoplenomics.com subscribers have access to a “roughed out” spreadsheet tool I came up with a few years back.  It’s called “OpenBrain.xlsx”

Kind of a neat tool:  You can put in the first move of an Elliott Wave and it will project out some possible endpoints.

From the high of Nov. 8 through the close yesterday (see the Wave II actual entry in yellow) we have a pretty good idea how the market will play out when Russia goes to the Dnieper River:

Why this is not more apparent, and MAY result in a serious year-end sell-off, is that the larger Wave 2 rally we’re in has been a complex move.  With a top possibly in, as long as the previous Aggregate High isn’t exceeded (41,953 and change) from here, we are set to put in a decline which might bring markets down 10% by, oh, March, or so.

At the larger historical view, we always like to haul out the comparison of present times with the 1920-1929 run up into collapse.  As of Wednesday, of this week, things looked like this:

As of the close Thursday, we were within 10-points of being an idealized double-top for the Wave 2, so a minor (I mean really small) gain early next week is possible.

Winter is coming, though.  As the ground in Ukraine gets solid enough for mechanized divisions, Vlad Putin will come to the aid of his Russian-speaking majority and NATO won’t have anything left to do but “whine and sanction” – both of which are small costs for petroleum-rich real estate.  Possession is 99 percent of the law, as the saying goes.

Around the Ranch

Construction continues today on the “Christmas Room.”  Which will allow us a small (10X20) radiation resistance grow room off the side of the music studio.  Won’t get completely completed likely until early next week.

The prime rib will come out of the fridge about 10 AM getting set for the 2:30 oven appointment.

Overall, it’s been a good year for us.  But as we roll into the homestretch, there’s a gnawing feeling of never being “ready-enough” for that which Future might deliver.

Our core “Live By” mottos have served us well, for another year.

  • Everything is a Business Model.
  • Only one person is responsible for how your Life’s going.
  • Plan strategically for minimal loss potential, not maximum gains.

The world is – in our view – on the backside of a long technological peak.  Spoken of in history before; vimanas of ancient India, Babel as the last communications disaster prior to social.

History is not precisely cyclical, but with an open mind and a fair bit of research, you’ll occasionally catch a rhyme now and then.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2022.

We’re all going to need it.


49 thoughts on “Wall Street’s Lump of Coal”

  1. Merry Christmas George and Elaine! Merry Christmas to all your family and the family of Urban Survivalists! May we all find love, peace and fulfillment in our minds and hearts.

    • What they are saying, is FTMP what George has been saying for years, and why I have revised my speech to refer to laissez faire economics as “free trade” instead of capitalism. “Capitalism” is a word Marx invented, to help describe and define “communism.”

      “Capitalism” is a regulated market, therefore not “free trade.”

      • BINGO,,, free trade is good
        capitalism is rule by Corporations, just like communism.
        corporations controlling government vs government controlling corporations,, same same, different names, rule by committee, unelected.
        Capitolism gave US the plandemic against We the People
        Our ,well, I mean the capitolist government is making the medical corporations more wealthy. Someone has to pay for those billions of vaccines. Gates and Fraudci are making bank and America is being pushed back into serfdom.
        Shut up, mask up, isolate, take unproven drugs aka vax are all being used against US. The big news media is all owned by large corporations, leading the sheeple into pens for harvest
        When the government protects big pharma/social platforms from law suits, there is no separation of power, they have joined forces

      • I would argue that capitalism, in its original form, means free market, aka no serious barriers to entry or exit and few to no rules other than no fraud or force. Mercantilism, or “crony capitalism”, is what we’ve degenerated to. The levels of overall taxation and regulation are both a barrier to entry and a strong disincentive to do more than simply get by, while investing only in yourself and loved ones.

  2. If Ukraine goes down without biden’s help , do you think that someone over there might dump the info on how hunter and the big guy took in a ton of money?

    • Only if Mr. Biden doesn’t obey.

      It’s kinda adorable, that you think Mr. Putin doesn’t already have the fattest control file in existence, on Joe Biden…

  3. “Holy Father! Holy Father! I have good news and bad news!”
    “What’s the good news?”
    “Our Lord has returned to Earth and is on the phone.”
    “What’s the bad news?”
    “The call is from Salt Lake City and she’s REALLY pissed. So, what should we do?”
    “Look busy.”
    Still celebrating the original. Merry Christmas, y’all.

  4. I’ve been working in emergency preparedness (in a municipal format) for several decades. A few thoughts occur that may help you.

    1) You can NOT prepare to cover all possibilities or durations of an emergency. You’d need a fortune, and for it to be a full-time occupation — and yet, you would still encounter numerous things you didn’t anticipate.

    2) No emergency ends as soon as you think (hope) it will. Some taper off, some leave permanent damage, most all will run longer than you have prepared for. Most get worse before they get better as supply, support, and assistance facilities fail or become exhausted.

    3) No plan, no matter how comprehensive, will address all the Krappe that you will encounter. This is because every emergency is unique, and will contain surprises. (Usually bad surprises.)

    4) EVEN SO ! A “General Prep” program, with built-in flexibilities, will cover most of the needs most of the time. This is the Good News. Everything you do WILL help.

    5) “It’s not so much WHAT happens to you, as it is what you MAKE of what happens (stay positive), and what you DO about it.” Work on thinking clearly.

    6) My old fire chief often wisely said, “What isn’t drilled, won’t work.” Meaning test and exercise your preps and rotate and keep fresh stock as appropriate.

    7) Twice a year, at the time changes, I go through all my low-energy devices — clocks, digital thermometers, alarm devices,, etc — and swap out the batteries. Most long-use devices will run a year or more on a set of batteries. You DON’T want mundane devices crapping out in the middle of a Great Big Messy Inconvenience. You have enough things to deal with. Burn up the half-used ones in portable radios and normal-time devices where a sudden crap-out and a swap out won’t have Implications.

    8) Have Confidence, think clearly, and test things and responses.

    9) 7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. (If you don’t have a license, get one: and/or, realize that 99% of the value of any radio comes from listening, not talking. They are sources of Good Intel.

    10) If you’re not a member of CERT, join your local chapter. If there is none, form one. Contact and volunteer for your local Emergency Operations Center.
    The purpose here is that these organizations take care of their own first (As is reasonable and proper.) It’s better to be INSIDE the EOC, passing out water bottles, MREs, and blue plastic tarps to the angry, scared, hungry, demanding, irrational, UNprepared long line-up of Ordinary Citizens with needs, than it is to be IN that long line-up outside the EOC. Be an INSIDER. (As non-PC as that may sound.)

    11) This, too, shall pass; and regular life will return eventually. You will want to be present, and be as undamaged as possible when it does.

    12) Inaction if for the stupid. Don’t be stupid.

    • Good points. But keep in mind that things will never return to as they were (“regular” or “normal”). Things have shifted in so many ways that the tooth paste won’t go back in the tube. To cope with whatever the “new normal” will be, one must be prepared as you say, but also flexible in mind and body (as much as possible). That includes thinking through the challenges beyond defaulting to flight or fight.
      Now, what color R95 goes with a white sport coat and a pink crustacean?

    • AMEN! Also note, FEMA courses are free, but only while the Internet and your access to it are up.

      When possible, stash pre-technology items. (I have an Exergen, but I also have a couple mercury thermometers in an unbreakable case. I have a Makita cordless drill, but also a Stanley hand drill, a compressor and a hand tire pump, etc.)

      • I have a Bulova wind-up watch with a see-thru mechanism as my prepper timekeeper. Got it cheap at a surplus sale decades ago.

  5. Merry Christmas George and Elaine and to all the readers.

    Just remember the headlines are written by the people who buy the most advertising, and these are the same people who stand to lose trillions of future dollars (watered down though they may be) if we cannot be convinced to get booster shots forever. That’s a lot of money, and it buys a lot of headlines.

    Keep an eye on the UK and US testing/death results, right now they reflect on who writes the headlines. Looks like S.Africa may be already over the new cases hump too, so as long as we can keep cool and informed, #Feb1 the public is done will be the outcome of our Schrodinger’s cat experiment. We must all bring this reality into being. Keep positive.

  6. Periods of sudden, amazing, world-changing technological advances are often (usually?) preceded by periods of stagnation, quiet, stability, boredom, and entrenched interests telling you everything worth inventing has now been invented. (They once considered closing the Patent Office…)

    Radio? Television? “The Longitude Clock,” Atomic Power? Internet? Cellphones? (My first cellphone came in a canvas bag, resembled an Army combat field telephone, cost a bundle, and a “Mobile Operator” placed your calls herself. My second cellphone fit in my pocket, folded in half, and also took photos. My current cellphone is a real-life Tri-Corder.)

    The examples are legion, and stretch over a couple of centuries.

    Don’t worry, “What’s Next” is coming. Hang on.

    Be ready. Be open.

  7. Merry Christmas to all!

    In counterpoint to today’s cheery news, I actually had a good night’s sleep and woke up early. I never use an alarm unless there’s some critical need. Yesterday there were pretty roll clouds off the mountain and today it’s dark and ominous. The weather will change next week, as will the year.

    There are plenty of obvious investments when there’s predictable inflation of 15% or less, but hyperinflation is a whole new game. Other than having the means for an autonomous life, I’m not quite sure. Even then, envy by the masses will drag you down to their level, via violence if necessary. It’s probably best to have a hobbit hole to hide in.

    One question I’m not sufficiently aware of is “What happens to real estate in times of hyperinflation and war?”. Will RE taxes remain affordable? Will invasion and war result in theft by the winning side? Some assets can be hidden, but real property is not one of them. Even hidden assets have their problems as they can’t easily be used or exchanged.

    Eat, drink, and go dancing, for tomorrow doesn’t matter today. (Grasshopper wisdom from a long time friend.)

    • Amen…. Merry Christmas Nancy.. may it be filled with love and laughter, friends and family..

  8. With a lot of folks here sharing their past and thoughts for the future., I thought I would chime in with my Christmas Spirit, post., and since no one here knows me, a little background info:

    I was right there, in spirit, with Otis Redding., sitting on the dock of the bay [ Sausalito ] and I was wondering what the hell was I doing here? I didn’t know any one., didn’t have a friend in the world., I had just returned from two and half years as a Ranger / LRRP in Vietnam, a short stint as a Jungle Warfare Instructor for the Royal Danish Marines., and a few months touring Europe on a motorcycle [ until I crashed into a large flock of sheep on a narrow winding road in Scotland.] I could barely speak English., as my vocabulary was a mixture of Vietnamese, coarse English, Military slang, and all intermixed with cuss-words from three different languages. I didn’t know this country., it was as foreign as all the rest I had traveled through over the past few years. I literally was a “Stranger in a Strange Land”. I felt more at home in a noodle shop in Osaka., or a beer garden in Bavaria, then where I was., my ‘homeland’. I had never even heard of Sausalito., yet there I sat, cross-legged at the end of a pier eating a freshly made large sub sandwich, with extra cheese, from the Hippie cafe up the street and sipping a Guinness stout.., while pondering my fate in the Universe. No where to go and no reason to go there. No direction., no goals., not even a hint of a plan. A plan? You mean, whip-out a note pad and pencil, then map-out my next six months / three years / seven years? Something along those lines? Nope.., didn’t exist. Didn’t know I needed one.
    Fast forward thirty days. I was moving into the first house I ever bought, a brand new houseboat in Sausalito, had bought my first harley chopper, was enrolled in the math / physics dept at UC Berkeley and had found a monthly poker game that ended-up paying my bills for several years. [My Dad had introduced me to the decedent subterranean world of sipping bourbon and playing five card stud until three in the morning – when I was ten. Thanks Dad, it paid off. Yep – a very dysfunctional family.]

    Fast forward again, over five decades., and here I sit., once again pondering my fate in the Universe., but sipping my one great sin – a double Blantons, I don’t know this country. And once again I feel like “A Stranger in a Strange Land.” Not a lot of what is going on around me makes any sense, as more and more people seemed determined to out-lie each other, about., well, everything. I don’t understand it and I’m not smart enough to change it., so – the only thing left is “me & mine”. [Always boils down to that, doesn’t it ?]
    I have never made “New Years’ Resolutions”. If something needed change, or “to be done”., I started right there., right then., when I discovered it. This year though, I may make a few. Because what I see coming down the road is not the Good Humor Man ice cream truck. It’s not the cheerful sound of silly music coming up the street that sticks in your head for hours, instead., I think it’s the sound of heavy metal treads on asphalt, mixed with the gut vibrating rumble of a diesel engine. [ I have heard that before., and it “is” a rather ominous, foreboding sound that echos deep into your soul, and I am fresh out of LAWS rockets.] It looks to be a very dangerous future-year ahead., leading into possibly much more serious and civilization brinkmanship down the the road.

    With a New Year on the way., I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that you-and-yours have a great and a completely uneventful New Year.. and that we are all here to discuss the trials & tribulations of canning fresh salsa., and finding mesquite charcoal [when the supply chains break] this time next year.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
    (…and good luck to us all.)

  9. “the Federal Reserve has been talking a Big Lie on tapering, the reality is that without the Big Biden Spending Plan, there will be little means of injecting additional money into the failed American economy.”

    I personally don’t think They can’t see it. If it doesn’t affect you.. you don’t pay any attention to the issue because it doesn’t exist… they really can’t taper the cash give away as the dollar deflates they will actually have to increase it….from my perspective It is a double edged sword..It is the only thing keeping the economy moving.. is the give away.. the moment it tapers.. people quit spending.. we see already how that worked at the stores malls and shopping centers in the USA.. the increasing costs of daily living and the depleting value of the dollar bill.. you can raise the cost of a service by ten dollars.. but if there isn’t a ten dollar increase in income.. then the ten dollar bill has to come from someplace.. big choices.. I had to cut two thirds of our cable expenses off of the table.. because of the ten dollar increase.. the double edge… is as the dollar deflates in value and the increase in costs of goods.. then hyper inflation.. we should have been putting money into our country.. now we face a crumbling infrastructure.. instead we went to the endless war routine spending trillions and trillions.. buying merchandise from other countries building up their economic standing.. outsourced jobs pride and dumbed down our children.. instead of a congress or administration working for the People voted in By the people.. we have a country owned by puppeteers from around the world seeing us as a way to make more.. playing both sides of the street to gain what they see as value.. using the American public to pay for their gains..
    It isn’t a pretty sight.. by any means.. and anyone thinking now is the time of plenty is only fooling himself..
    Then when we did get an administration that wanted to make changes to regain control .. he was chastised every minute he was in office..

  10. Merry Christmas to all.

    Even if you don’t believe Christ is the Savior, please never forget He is still, the reason for the season…

  11. Breaking out the holiday hopium, I hope the new year goes a lot better than you and Stu are suggesting, but I don’t disagree with the direction you think the winds are blowing.
    To you, Elaine, and your readers, I wish a merry Christmas holiday, and a happy new year.

  12. Merry Christmas

    May we all feel the love and peace within, regardless of what’s going on around us.

  13. Merry Christmas to fellow posters and let the fear mongers beware.

    Here is a 38 minute video of Christmas cheer from Dr. Chris Martensen. It does show just how transmissible the Omicron COVID variant is but also how mild (comparable to a winter cold). Chris is a good scientist and his data are always factual. In this video he shows data that the death rate from Omicron so far is far less than the death rate from the vaccines themselves.

    Please take time to watch and enjoy this Christmas with your precious loved ones.


  14. Merry Christmas to all you other readers (with the exception of Mark in SF who thinks he knows everything, maybe he does-who am I to judge) and a special Merry Christmas to George and Elaine, out there in the tree farm. Here’s a special song that almost fits (although I know you guys have a “tree farm” and not an “Xmas tree farm”


  15. Merry Christmas to all
    And to all a Good Night
    And a Blessed tomorrow!
    And Happy New Year after that.

  16. Russia’s hypers’ not detectable??

    Russia’s copycat hybrid hypersonic missiles may not be performing as well as Putin wants you to think they are..

    No George, Joe Ain’t that Slo, Nato has U.S. hypersonic missiles that can reach Moscow in 5 minutes (Putin thinks his ‘hybrid’ hypers are just as reliable)

  17. My skill of revelation isn’t very good, but I’m practicing.

    I think Biden is in decline and may not make it through his term. Apocalypse aside, the bet is will he make it 37 more months.

    The juice is pretty high on this website. 10% of the profit at sale & a 5% withdraw fee to take the money home. But if Biden bails for any reason and Kam is sworn – winner, winner. Kam’s chart looks like it bottomed.

    Now here’s the tricky. Precedent has been set with President Wilson. The story goes President Wilson had a stroke and his wife oversaw presidential affairs as he recovered. That means there’s a risk Jill could run the operation as Joe recovers.

    Will Kamala Harris be the 47th US president?

    This market shall resolve to Yes in the event that Kamala Harris becomes the 47th President of the United States.


  18. Merry Christmas to All!

    If you were ever a passenger on a flight I was in command of during the Christmas travel period, you’d hear my poem over the PA system… a takeoff from the Night Before Christmas poem.

    Twas the flight before Christmas when all through the sky, the planes were jammed pack because you wanted to fly, the pre-flight and checks were done with great care to make sure that all engines were hanging out there

    The passengers were nestled all snug in their seats, with visions of push carts filled with great treats, with neckties a loosened from around our neck we all settled in for a long winter trek

    From the back of the cabin there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my seat to see what was the matter, away to the cabin I flew like a flash, tore open the curtain and tripped over the sash

    When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature jet, and eight tiny reindeer, with a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick

    More rapid than Eagles his courses they came, and he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name, now Dasher! now Dancer! now Prancer and Vixen, on Comet! on Cupid, on Donder and Blitzen!

    From the floor to the seats and along the side wall, now Dash away! Dash Away! Dash Away all!

    His eyes – how they twinkled! His dimples how Merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry! He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook, when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly

    He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, and I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself

    He sprang to his jet, to his team gave a whistle, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle, but I heard him exclaim, ere he flew out of sight, happy Christmas to all, and to all a good flight

  19. Russia fines Google over illegal content breach

    A Moscow court has fined Google 7.2bn roubles ($98m; CHF 89.98 m) for repeated failure to delete content deemed illegal in Russia. Details of the offending content were not specified in the announcement by the court’s press service.

    Hours after the Google verdict was announced, a 2bn rouble fine was handed to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, for similar content-related offences. Earlier this week, Twitter was also handed a 3m rouble fine for similar charges.


    14 GOP Lawmakers Sign Letter to DC Mayor Bowser to Fire Deputy Warden Landerkin Who Allows Torture of DC Political Prisoners

    There are currently dozens of Trump supporters indefinitely detained without trial at the DC Gulag in Washington DC. The corrupt DC judges will not allow these men to post bail and many are beaten and regularly abused by the DC prison guards.


    Welcome to Siberia, Comrades…

    Twitter gets hit with censorship lawsuit America has been waiting for

    Social media giant Twitter is being sued by former New York Times journalist and best-selling author on Covid-19 issues Alex Berenson. Berenson is best known for his heterodox views on the Covid-19 pandemic, which has assailed the mainstream media for putting out demonstrable misinformation and untruths about the virus and the vaccines. Now, he is suing Twitter for selectively banning him from the platform and for tarnishing his reputation in the process. “Mr. Berenson also has a uniquely viable claim that Twitter acted on behalf of the federal government in censoring and barring him from to its platform,” the lawsuit said.


  20. Two examples of the wrong way to do it:

    Dog Tag Maker Shields Of Strength Sues DOD Over Ban

    A company that made dog tags for military personnel for roughly two decades sued the Department of Defense in federal court over a 2019 cease-and-desist order it claims was instigated by a legal non-profit. Shields of Strength, represented by First Liberty, says in a complaint filed on Dec. 14 that the Department of Defense demanded a halt to the sale of dog tags after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) raised the issue in a demand letter, labeling the dog tags as “sectarian proselytizing merchandise” in a July 2019 release.


    Williams-Sonoma Fires Scores Of Remote Workers By Phone Days Before Christmas

    Home goods mega-chain Williams-Sonoma fired scores of remote workers in a conference calls just days before Christmas — and a full month before their short-term seasonal jobs were expected to end, according to a new report.


    And one example of doing it the right way:

    Manufacturing jobs ‘reshoring’ in U.S. due to supply chain woes, rising costs in China

    The supply chain crisis and the pandemic have reinforced an economic maxim that executives at manufacturer Acme Alliance in Northbrook, Illinois, have emphasized for two decades: Keep your operations and jobs near your customers. A maker of custom finished aluminum die-cast components for autos, heavy trucks and agricultural machinery, Acme officials estimate that 20% of their U.S. sales over the past five years have brought back jobs to the U.S.


  21. Erdogan is secretly pillaging billions in Turkish assets to prop up lira, and his rule

    Yesterday, we discussed how Erdogan’s shocking “plan” to rescue the Turkieh lira – once it crossed the red line of 18 vs the USD – came into being, and how it will eventually make an already dismal situation even worse, because it really represents a massive stealth “rate hike”, one which will put huge stress on Turkey’s balance sheet and will make the government budget more vulnerable to future currency shocks.


    I’m assuming y’all noted the comment I made a few days back regarding Erdie’s multi, multi billion dollar arms deal with Russia, right?

  22. Columnist warns Hillary Clinton ‘begging’ to be 2024 Dem nominee

    It was only days ago that Gettr CEO Jason Miller suggested that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2024. At the time, columnist Robert Spencer at PJMedia noted that she suddenly has been making appearances, including a recent reading of her “victory” speech from the 2016 race which went unused when she lost to President Donald Trump. Spencer explained, “Considering the fact that Hillary is one of the most artificial and calculating human beings on the planet, the question must be asked: Why now?


    • An old bag, full to its top with dirty laundry. Nothing but rags and trash inside. But, “What difference does that make now?”, comes screeching in from out of nowhere to remind everyone of her non-value to the nation as a candidate for any office.
      We already have an art producer and his daddy to skim any incoming proceeds so what would generate a need to put another old, used-up and put-out-to-pasture Dem groupie into such a high position except terminal idiocy on the part of the public.
      C’mon folks! Fool me twice? Wasn’t fooled the first time either. Only difference now? All the antiques running for office are just older…

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