Markets: Santa’s Little Bouncer, Nuevo Venezuela Prospects

Monday morning, our pre-open call was that “Market Puke Day is here.”  Sure enough, the Dow dropped 433-points.  On top of losses suffered in previous sessions.

With Ipecac Syrup Day over, the market today will pretend the world isn’t going to hell in a hand basket.  The rising of sour bile might be held at bay until Thursday afternoon, but that’s only a guess.  Markets will be closed Friday since Christmas falls on the weekend this year.

Data Points

The 100-year debate whether “markets drive news” versus “news drives markets” continues in limbo. No matter how you slice it, the data isn’t particularly encouraging.

Let’s start with the latest Current Account report just out to see the latest Joe blow:

I’m thinkin’ we’re sinkin’.

Additional data drops this week will include GDP, CFNAI, and Corporate Profits tomorrow.  Profits will be keenly watched since it may indicate how long the accounting funny business can keep “growing the economy” while actual worker numbers haven’t recovered.

U.S. peak employment occurred in December 2019 (at 158.735 million, seasonally adjusted data series LNS12000000).  Our most recent employment level was 155.175 million.  Which means we’re 2.24 percent behind three-years ago, roughly.

GDP tomorrow is also a meaningless measure.  Because it’s measured in Dollars.  Problem is?  The Federal Reserve has blown up the Monetary Base in the H6 Money Stocks report to the tune of 28.76% year-on-year (basis October), they delay data release to help the delusion of normalcy along.  Simplest “expectation setter” for 2022 is to look at monetary base inflation and back that out of GDP.  (We suck.)

Conveniently, the monetary base inflation neatly explains the near 30% rise in housing prices.  A fact remaining little-noticed in a country populated by sheep incapable of second-derivative thinking skills.

Thursday bring Durable Goods, the weekly U.I. filings and one of our favorite fairytales: the Personal Income and Outlays report.  Clive Cussler, Agatha Christie, and Stephen King will all be proud, though some posthumously.  The US has a lock on the Adventure-Mystery-Horror economics vertical.

The flailing federal balance sheet will be slipped out half an hour after the close Thursday, so you’ll be locked out of trading any bad news there until the pre-open session Monday.

We’re not the only ones calling out statistical BS:  Time is out this morning wondering if The Economy Is Doing Well, Why Does It Feel Like a Disaster?.

One-word answers:  Biden, democrats, wokees, media, idiots.

Pick A War – Any War

2022 will be the “Year of Wars” by our reckoning.  While the case that Covid-19 is a bioweapon is solid, whether it’s release was accidental is debated.  Either way, future historians will likely picture its release as a “softening tool” during this lead-in to global war.

Near as we can see it, if you mash-up historical predictions such as Nostradamus which Stu (G.A. Stewart) keeps track of on “The Age of Desolation” website, and some 30-plus-year studies on cyclical economics done by my consigliere, plus inputs from other websites where look-ahead views are reported, looks like 2022 might roll out like this:

The word is now going out in diplomatic circles as the US State Department issues ‘do not travel’ warnings to Ukraine.  We’ve been telling you for months this ramp up would be coming.

Long expiration put options for mid 2022 are admittedly risky.  But the 7th vaccine booster, or whatever the money printing scam is by then, is not a substitute for a viable economy.  Functionally, long expiration options may be our “scratch tickets” for 2022.

The Slo Spendaholics

Although the U.S. is in actual decline, the making-up of money (resulting in monetary inflation) has covered up the sins of the West quite well.

The problem is the recent Joe Manchin balk at the “spending our way to wealth” scheme here in Nuevo Venezuela, is there’s no evidence of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) gains through massive artificial inflation. Recent cases, including the former Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela may only be construed as successes if you move decimal points for a living.  Otherwise, standards of living crater.

As stories roll by like Manchin Tanked Biden Spending Bill Due to Rude WH Statement: Ally, there’s also a silver lining to the “Gang that Couldn’t Vote Straight” roaching their spending spree: If Biden’s Spending Package Is Toast, Then so Are These Tax Hikes.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s climate spree is on the rocks for now, too.

Omni Con

Lockdowns abound: Israel lawmakers approve US travel ban to curb Omicron.  The hysteria continues to ramp with stories like As Omicron surges, Biden to expand testing and warn unvaccinated.  We won’t even bother watching Slo on the tube tonight, since Biden’s more detached from reality than ever, going into this.

Fact is that the vaccines don’t really work well.  If at all with Omicron.  Why, just this morning Newsweek reported First Omicron Death in U.S. Was Reinfection—A Warning to Those Who’ve Already Had COVID.  We continue sequestered in the woods.

While it’s nice, if you sell test kits, reports that Biden to pledge 500 million free COVID-19 tests to counter omicron surge, the lack of actual data is alarming, and the statistical misstatements are dishonesty incarnate.  The math lesson in Relative vs Absolute Risk Reduction ( remains critical to understanding how Big Pharma pimps “relative risk reduction” instead of the more honest “absolute risk reduction.”  But you knew all this, right?

Big Pharma really needs Covid to keep rolling in the profits, though.  Especially since Doctors ‘should avoid dishing out pills to Brits with mild depression and encourage exercise’, NHS watchdog says.  This is refreshingly close to good medicine, for a change.  Of course, Big Pharma will have to block such talk here…

Short Snorts

Environmental porn du jour What Would Europe, the US, Do with One Billion Climate Refugees?

Call center wait time impacts?  Philippines typhoon: Death toll from Super Typhoon Rai (Odette) rises further as areas remain cut off from help.

“A third of the oceans bittered” watch:  Operator files for approval of Fukushima plant water release.  Hint at another oil disaster in the wings? The “bittering” may appear as data clusters.

Drug Business Models evolving:  Major shift in Mexico drug cartels’ business as the naturals lose favor and synthetics are on the rise.

Around the Ranch

I am called to apologize to lawyers.  You see, my consigliere, one of those JD/CPA whizzes, took issue with my suggestion that all lawyers should be banned from lawmaking because of conflict of interest.  My reasoning was that every time government defines a new crime (or carve-out) there’s at least three lawyers involved, two on either side plus one on the bench.

“Not all lawyer legislators were bad…” he insisted.  Yet, as we reviewed just American Presidents, we had to go all the way back to Abe Lincoln to find a “good” lawyer-office holder.

In the interest of integrity, I will cede the point.  (At least until the massive annual retainer is negotiated, at which time I reserve the right to weasel.)

Quest to Beat Aging is on tap for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow.  Runs north of 10,000 words and will be both a report and .PDF.

Winter officially begins in an hour, or two.  Terrible weather here in East Texas with the outlook for 81F and sunny for a high Christmas day. It will be cool enough today to leave the red jug wine outside for cooling.

We are in the annual crustal shift extremes, so don’t be surprised with an earthquake or several.  The loop is astronomical alignments birthed >> ancient holidays, but those same alignments increase >> quake odds.  Which is why holidays seem to be strange attractors to quakes.  Good Friday, Boxing Day, and so on.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Many required readings of books, research papers, theses, and doctoral dissertations in college; or necessary because of career over the years left me empty. Although enlightening, it was sometimes like watching paint dry or grass grow. Books that I picked up and read via a synchronistic event were the books that stuck with me because they described ancient principles. A couple of these books like The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph M. Murphy, or Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, especially the 43rd Chapter, the Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s Guru make you realize what a small little dot you are, but that you have powers that can be exercised for you own good and that of others.

    Similar books make you realize that there is more to life than living on this planet for a few years similar to a grain of sand compared to all the sand in all the beaches and oceans of the world. A blink in the overall time of the universe. These books make you realize that as you get older, you need to acquire wisdom. Wisdom to realize your mistakes, wisdom to do things the easier way, and wisdom to not buy into lies and cons especially in business and from politicians whether in speech or the phony numbers they put out on unemployment, the economy, or deaths from numerous causes…discernment.

    When you climb a mountain either in reality or figuratively and reach the mountain top, you feel great for a while. But as you look out and see other mountain tops to conquer that feeling of accomplishment fades like after you get a new toy and have used it for a while. While looking at that next mountain top, you also see the valleys below that you will have to navigate to get there. And within those valleys lies all types of challenges. You go from Macro to Micro. And the ants can drive you nuts because you forget the big picture on where you are really going.

    According to many people that have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs), when we die it is not “death”. Energy doesn’t die, it changes form. Many people have had NDEs and come back with a changed attitude of their life, and they all have one thing in common: Life for the person goes on differently than before. Material acquisitions do not become so important, and it was so beautiful in those other frequencies that they didn’t want to come back. The great Yogis of India and Nepal call life lived on this planet Maya, an illusion.

    People in England have walked down a certain stone path built thousands of years ago and have been startled to see ancient Roman soldiers walking down the same path going in the opposite direction. The past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. Hard to comprehend because humans are limited in their thinking to yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Linear thinking of time. However, periods in time and dimensions in space can be reached through advanced frequency modulations. Just like we can only see a small range of the frequency of light, or hear a small range of the frequency of sound. Doesn’t mean the rest is not there just because we cannot see it or hear it.

    Scientists are working on building new propulsion, anti-gravity, or ‘warp’ drive systems to travel faster and light years away to galaxies, or star systems within our own galaxy. Conquering a distance, or what appears to be a straight line, by going faster and mathematically calculating the parabolic effect of how to get to the ultimate destination of the source of light that was released thousands or millions of years ago.

    It is like taking an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper and putting a dot on each end. One dot represents Earth, and the other dot represents a distant star system like Arcturus which is a relatively close 36.72 light years away from Earth. Scientists are exploring mathematically and testing new means of propulsion on how to travel that distance between star systems faster than say 100,000 years. Wrong road. This rocket, push, anti-gravity, hypersonic technology is so far behind how mankind is already secretly traveling great distances in short periods of time. All the billionaires going up to the edge of space in their rockets within months of each other is to keep the people thinking it has to be rockets. It is not a coincidence that Branson, Musk, and Bezos are all blasting off within the same time frame. Keep the sheeple dumbed down thinking this is the only way of getting there.

    What if the technology already exists where you could really reach that distant star and planetary system by folding time and space! Similar to folding the paper where the dots touch, and then poke a hole in the paper where the two dots meet and tie the dots with holes together with string. A tiny germ or atom could go through that hole and when the string is untied, it would be on the other dot, thus having traveled a massive distance in a short “time”. Or it could start at the distant star and go backwards to another time and place in a very short time. Perhaps a human could go through a bigger hole thereby traveling great distances in short “time”. “String” theory on a grand scale.

    As we go through life we hit waypoints, or points in time and space. A to B to C to D. Call these waypoints destiny, fate, karma, or any other name, including a sometimes pain-in-the-ass. There are certain pre-programmed destinations a person reaches throughout their life. Pre-destination with unlimited options of free choice getting there. You have to reach waypoint B before going to C etc. No short cuts just a choice on what kind of road you choose getting to each waypoint. Angels, or advanced guides if you want to call them that, are there to guide you through synchronicity if you are aware, but you may not be looking, listening, or hearing. May have to do with following certain laws of the universe. Helping others, giving, loving, faith, etc. Meeting a certain mate, helping certain people that comes back to you 10-fold, having children, living in certain locales could all be considered destiny or waypoints. Yes, of course there is free choice. Free choice comes into play by the unlimited option(s) a person takes-the high road, the low road, the road to the left, the road to the right, the smoother road, the bumpy road, the shorter road, or the longer road to that waypoint in time, or that destination. When roads converge on the time highway at the same point or frequency, regardless of the road traveled, then people’s free will only effects the road traveled, but does not affect the waypoint or destination.

    The future return of a great person, or saint, or avatar like Jesus, Messiah, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, etc. could cause each religion to say there he is, their person/saint/avatar. It may finally bring the planet together. No more wars because of religions. My way or the highway mentality gone forever. If God wills it to happen, people regardless of their money or status can’t do squat to stop it although they may think they are in control. An example is human caused climate change, that is a manufactured lie by the want to be controllers to again herd the sheeple, as I have written about in detail on here before. The only climate change caused by people is advanced HAARP technology, seeding, and atmospheric heating. People playing God for evil outcomes.

    There are numerous time and space highways and waypoints that apply to our planetary or global perspective. When they happen, they result in new outcomes and new paths being created. The Winter Olympics is scheduled February 4th – 20th 2022. Whether it happens as planned, is postponed, is partially boycotted, or completely boycotted by some or all countries does not matter. It is a time marker. Various roads converging at a point in time and space. People all over the world have trained for years and are traveling around the same times to arrive at a point in time and space. It is a GLOBAL time marker.

    The Olympics is an opportunity for nefarious parties whether intelligence agencies wanting to create a false flag to blame another country, individual groups with Globalist agendas, or the Red Chinese Commies. Each group could be doing their work to control the world by releasing another ‘Greek variant’ in Olympic Villages that could be spread all over the world by athletes returning to their home countries. Or the Olympics could end up being a “clean” event that shows humanity how all people are really one big family. Good vs. Evil. The Olympics is a waypoint or time marker for other events that will start to unfold.

    Be aware and beware of the time frame from February 2, 2022 (+- 3 days), two days before the Olympics begins, to April 24, 2022 (+-3 days).

    Merry Christmas to all the fine folks on this excellent site and thank you for all your “wisdom” George.

      • Thanks Another George and I hope you are staying well. Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

    • WTHS, well said and I think we must’ve been separated at birth!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

      • You are probably right, I think we were separated at birth Maj. LOL. I was sitting in a bar one day in Vail after skiing and guy came up and slapped me on the back and said hey Mike. I jumped up and said my name isn’t Mike. He told me I had an identical twin. I said I always knew my Dad was a stud. LOL. He flew B17s in WW2 and and they were supposed to hit the ball bearing factory, but it was clouded over so they went to their secondary which ended up having to bomb his Grandmothers home town in Germany. Said he knew he was probably killing relatives, but that is the catastrophe of war. I think you are right about the Russians. I am going to post on here something I wrote about it. Rather long, but I had to tie all the pieces together. Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe New Year.

    • Excellent post, as always. I will admit that there are aspects of Maya that I seek to experience far more fully in this limited incarnation!

      What’s not mentioned is that Spring Festival(Chinese New Year) starts on Tuesday, 2/1/22, in the Chinese time zone, and runs for 15 or so days, depending on locale. I have no idea how this is involved in these predictions, but it’s definitely worth noting.

      • Hello Mike
        Thanks for you comment. Good point about the Chinese New Year. The dates I mentioned are more important for the whole world, but with 1.48 billion Chinese, they are fast becoming the whole world. BTW are you also having a massive tumbleweed problem in NM where you live? End times prophecy talked about the thistle taking over and it is taking over from California to CO, NM, TX UT, AZ, and other places. Up over the barns. The drought has brought them on including a very dangerous variety, Kochia which will blind and kill livestock if they eat it. It is up over the fence lines and corrals on our ranch in NM. TX is still not totally overtaken. Each one will drop 500,000 seeds. Hope you are safe and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

    • Just did a little time travelling myself while reading your post, back to a different time when I was in my twenties and the world seemed so full of promise. The past can be a wonderful place so long as you go back to re-live the happiest moments.

      Thanks for the memories.

      • So nice of you to comment about it Winter. I remember those days well. Innocence and fun. It seems all we hear is bad news. That is why I have turned off the Networks.
        Thanks again. Take care and stay safe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      • “That is why I have turned off the Networks.”

        HALMARK channel here..all the movies are of a similar plot.. the same actors switching roles.. a really nice relaxing and enjoyable..

      • Lootb…Thanks so much. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Lake Superior State University has published their list of banished words for 2021

    “It’s a beautiful thing, The destruction of words.” George Orwell 1984

    They request suggestions for 2022 and based on the trend in place, I have a few.

    Common sense
    Hard work

    Feel free to add to the list.

    • We should definitely get rid of the word “gender” and replace it with the more useful one “sex”! One glance in most cases will make such a determination obvious. The prefix “honorable” also needs to go.

      I suggest that we also dispense with both pronouns and all honorary titles other than Mr., Miss., and Mrs., and that we always use them when addressing or writing about anyone using surname only. It’s the civilized thing to do.

  3. What do you guys make of Trump saying he has now taken the booster jab? Was he controlled opposition all along?

    • He invented the vaccines. Where were you? Operation warp speed. He also is a life long liberal, where were you in 2015, did you miss that part? Putting your faith in a single person that isn’t you only leads to confusion like you are feeling.

    • Do you mean the Donald Trump that left the January 6’ers twisting in the wind? Naw, must be a psy-op. Probably just got saline solution or he’s been replaced by a double since the real Donald has already ascended.

      • I quit thinking about the jan 6 incident when I seen copies of the emails sent from BLM and Antifa asking members to be there and wearing their MAGA hats backwards.. then the video of the twenty or so going through scripts as the whole thing was planned.. unfortunately that was taken down in minutes..
        After seeing that I Personally think it was a well thought out setup.. Whether it is true or not.. no one will ever know for sure.. I think I know how history will write it though..

    • Considering Trump revealed he got the jab while in office, he took a great risk … Risk to his well being and risk to national security if he had become physically, neurologically damaged or potentially died.

      Trump had already had covid and survived, thus he had acquired antibodies and didn’t need the jab. Nor the need for a booster later.

      He joined the experiment, that for many people, (and test animals) has not turned out well.

      Personally, since you asked, I believe this is all smoke and mirrors. The grand illusion.

      We The People are at war. Trust no one.

    • Bemused,
      Trump is a whatever way the wind blows guy. But only if the wind is blowing in the direction that makes his wallet fatter. He needs that money to stave off the hundreds of lawsuits that keep piling up daily. Trump believes in what makes Trump look good. He never practices what he preaches. His controlled opposition to the virus and the vaccines made him popular…at least until it started killing off those very followers that were dumb enough to listen to him.

      People living in counties that went 60% or higher for Trump in November 2020 had 2.7 times the death rates of those that went for Biden. Counties with an even higher share of the vote for Trump saw higher COVID-19 mortality rates.
      Could this be because Trump voters were older? No, the trend was robust even after controlling for age.
      What makes the difference? Vaccination rates. The percentage of people vaccinated in Trump counties is much lower than the percent vaccinated in counties that voted for Biden.
      Republicans have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. According to an October poll by KFF, of the 27% of U.S. adults who are not vaccinated, 60% identify as Republican. Of these unvaccinated Republicans, 88% think that the seriousness of the coronavirus is exaggerated.

      Nuff said…Meanwhile, Trump, Melania, McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, all but three GOP Senators, half of GOP house members who in the past were not committed to taking a stance on the vaccine are fully faxed.

      • “But only if the wind is blowing in the direction that makes his wallet fatter.”

        Unfortunately that is true with the vast majority of people today.. our whole mind is on making money.. which is shouldn’t be.. industrialists right after the depression still went the money route but took less.. instead they seen their employees as valued members of a family.. took care of them.. my fathers company the ceo in NYC knew all of us the siblings and my parents.. he had thousands of employees .. yet he knew all of us.. and my father was just a delivery boy ..

    • Trump has learned that part of being da Prez is to be a salesman.

      Has he taken an mRNA vaxx? Only his doctor knows for sure (literally — not even HE knows, for certain). In his place I would not have done so, since the vaxx lowers the natural immunity one develops from a COVID affliction. However, I would a b s o l u t e l y have taken a shot of saline or DS, and I would’ve done it on-camera.

  4. G – No Nukes is Good Nukes .

    And so news leaks out to world from Russian Academy of Sciences – published an analysis by Gordon Duff(editor veteranstoday) on Beirut nuclear attack by Israel -read Seal of Approval.hmmmm
    Guess all the resident explosives experts couldnt see the pixelation/sparkleies on phone camera images of explosion or giant crater left behind, or something?

    – Ammonium Nitrate goes boom! bwahahahahahah – better run out now, to Ure garage, and throw out all Ure bags fertilzer, just to be safe of course.
    -extra safety measure – spray down fertilizer treated lawns with AFFF weekly…shes gonna blow! bwahahahahah

    Did someone say something about scheduled “Drills”?
    – coincident to many “drills” are False Flag ops…who in their right mind would Fly anywhere near Ukraine or Israel.

    – What ever you do today – Do Not, repeat, Do Not research, read up on Denmark and current Danish population Health Care Statistics/covert19 – all you all conspiracy “deniers”are gonna “no likey” actual, accurate, up to the day none “spun” numbers. Read em and weep troglodytes.

  5. Are the 500 million test kits to be sent out, the PCR tests that FDA has cancelled on Dec 31st and in storage somewhere and have 70 to 90% false positives. This would increase the number of cases and scare factor.
    Or, pardon my conspiracy, an attempt by the government to get DNA samples from all Americans.

    • I thought the same thing. Biden is simply assisting in moving “dead” inventory for the company and you can bet the 70-90% false positive rate WILL be adhered to!
      Funny thing though, I’ve heard nothing about what’s supposed to replace the PCR test.

  6. It’s “markets drive news”. Recall 4th grade playground when the little freckled girl/boy dumped our ass by the swings. The first thing everyone asked is, “Why?” Everyone wants a reason. Event in the love market/News on the waves.

    The news is Trump’s all boosted up and you should be too.

    Trump says it best, ‘you’re playing right into their hands’ if you don’t get the jab. How can you stay out of their hands if you don’t have the jab? In! Jabs, in!

    If you would vote for Trump, that means you trust Trump. Get the jab. You know they’re safe. Look around. People would be dying from the jab if it wasn’t safe. Melanie and the boy are current on jabs. McConaughey is all jabbed up. DeSantis is Vaxx’ed-up and living. Rick Perry won’t tell but he was a contender and mandated HPV vaxxes so you know he did it. Everyone but Rand Paul…. and maybe you.

    • dont forget GBS Gavin aka gov gruesome . He got the jaberdoo and lookylou he got “da Jack” Guilian Barre Disease too..Snarf!

      Desperate they are to Suppress the Control Group = purebloods. As we roll along time, the comparisons and differences in Health outcomes/longevity will become readily apparant. just like Bon Scott sang about long ago and down under..


    • HPV is one of the most expensive and high risk vaxxes so far. There’s no excuse for mandating it for either boys or girls, or anyone else for that matter.

    • “The news is Trump’s all boosted up and you should be too.”

      I defy you, or anyone else to prove he’s been vaxxed with a COVID “vaccine.”

      People who got vaxxed are folks like Hank Aaron and (marvelous) Marvin Hagler, neither of whom had co-morbidities, and both of whom died within a few days of taking the jab.

      Trump got COVID. Why on Earth would he want to cut his resistance to the virus by getting jabbed?

      Now, with all that said, there may be a solution for those on the sheeple side of the vaxxed religion, AND those of us who run the numbers and believe our odds of survival are greater without some RN shoving a needle full of genetically-altered crap two inches into our deltoid (the antivaxxer crowd ain’ta gonna get it, no matter what, so I don’t consider them…)

      Novavax has just gone off final clinical trials and been approved in the EU.

      • This is indeed good news, as it gives alternatives to Europeans. Of course, FDA hasn’t even given it the same EUA status as the big three. Novavax is a non-replicating injection of antigen, unlike the others, so it can be carefully titrated to the individual. I doubt anyone will do that though. I don’t personally believe in the deep IM injections – there’s a lot that can go wrong that can’t be undone. These injections don’t trigger specific IgA production either, so common routes of entry by the virus are not protected other than perhaps potentiating the T-cell system. Even Novavax is not a whole virus antigen – just a spike protein antigen. None of these can be nearly as effective as naturally acquired immunity.

        Meanwhile, the late, great, state of NM is mandating the vaxx and booster shot for all state employees, and also the students/faculty/staff at UNM with very limited exceptions, who must somehow get tested weekly. No info on how the new status of the PCR will affect their presumed “mandate”.

      • “You make a good point. Nothing outside of our minds can be proved.”

        And sometimes inside.

        Mr. Trump may have been vaxxed. He may not have been, yet well-believe he has been vaxxed. He MUST trust the word of his doctor, and assuming he was, his doctor MUST trust that the juice in the bottle wasn’t siphoned off and replaced with sterile saline.

        I don’t like using or posting false information, and I hate being lied to — tends to make a body suspicious, not just of “what is” or “what seems to be,” but also to where they ask the questions: “How might this have been faked” and “can I prove it wasn’t…?”

    • “If you would vote for Trump, that means you trust Trump. ”

      Not in the least.

      TRUST is a very big word. I TRUST God. I TRUST myself.

      Um, that’s it…

      Voting for Trump DOES, however, mean I trust Trump more than any of his possible left wing competition. Anyone who professes to be pro-American, yet doesn’t, is either terribly misinformed, or would need to raise their IQ by 20 points to become a moron.

      Mr. Trump’s real gift is an ability to get more positive results out of a person than they knew they were capable of achieving. However, he also is really, really good at surrounding himself with people who know their stuff, within a very narrow or specialized field, then listening to and aggregating their knowledge. His fault as Prez was to surround himself with people whom other people recommended or for whom others vouched for the expertise thereof. He doesn’t KNOW, he agglomerates the knowledge of people who do (just like Henry Ford) but being a political novice, chose the wrong people from whom to seek advise.

      He will not again make that mistake.

      If Trump runs in 2024, he will win. If Trump wins, Fauci will retire before the end of 2024…

      • “If you would vote for Trump, that means you trust Trump. ”

        I think people voted for Trump because they are tired of the massive examples of illicit behaviour, the lack of morals and ethics by those that should be depended on to care about those that put them in office.
        Right now.. how many billions are given to our legislators in many different forms for various reasons. We now have an administration that in all sincerity has never had any real world job experience. His whole life has been at the troughs of DC.
        The list of alleged illegal actions and activities are so long and so diverse.. the circumstantial evidence in the form of photos,videos,documents,and self admitted actions still amazes us all..
        People I think would rather see someone that loves his country at the twilight of his life that truly wanted to help. That wanted to make America great again.. secure the future of the dollar bill and create American pride and industry.. who cares if he made money and more prosperity to himself. Look at the pay to play bunch..what’s the difference.. it’s all really sad if you seriously look at it all.. we need the social class separation.. what I see now is in my opinion so disturbing.. it’s really unbelievable that anyone with a conscience still supports it all..
        In all probability the way things are progressing globally this may very well be the last year that we will be able to enjoy the holidays with friends and family..
        That scares me and makes me very sad..

      • “who cares if he made money and more prosperity to himself. Look at the pay to play bunch..what’s the difference”

        The thing is — he didn’t.

        Donald Trump is the first Prez since Washington to leave office poorer than when he went in. Trump lost nearly $2bln while he was in office.

  7. Since coming home from the hospital with Post Covid Pneumonia after defeating Covid I have learned if anything is that this disease affects people differently in many ways. So much so that getting straight answers is near impossible. I have problems even getting my primary care Doc to return my calls and emails. I’m coming up on 60 days post-release on Jan 2.
    With what I have learned is that I am still not convinced I will accept the jab any time soon.

    3 things will need to happen first. These may appear familiar especially to G;
    Remove the EUA’s and stop playing f^&king games. If they are so safe and effective why does big pharma get to hide behind them?
    I will not be coerced, threatened, shamed, or forced in any way to take it.
    I or my family will have the ability to initiate legal action in the event of my death or damage to my health resulting from taking it.

    I used to have a 4th that indicated a requirement of kissing a posterior region but my wife tells me that would be impossible to get so I left it out.

    73, Stay Safe
    Merry Christmas

    • “So much so that getting straight answers is near impossible.”

      Jim, they don’t know either.

      I have had several long conversations with my GP. He’s a Cleveland-trained internal medicine specialist. I have shared cited, reviewed information with him, of which he was not aware, as has he, with me.

      “Doctors” do not have some special channel through which they acquire or become privy to information which is denied the rest of us. They have the ability to recognize those highfalutin’ medical words and terms we’d have to look up in a medical dictionary, but they have far less time to read or follow up than we, and receive the same convoluted and confusing information as those of us who seek information rather than accepting the ever-changing mainstream sheep-feed pablum.

      • According to Dr. Peter McCullough in his interview with Joe Rogan there are only 500 doctors in the U.S. that know the truth and working to disperse it through their communities. Joe never could get Dr. McCullough to say “conspiracy” but the doctor gave a lot of evidence toward it.

    • I completely agree with your comments.
      Coercion is a felony (the doctors are probably being coerced and also threatened with loss of license). Advise anyone trying to coerce you to take the jab that they have just committed a felony and note their response, time and date.

  8. UK – deaths continue to fall while OMICRON is causing some apocalyptic headlines to be taken seriously. There is no there there, yet.

    In South Africa it looks like the cases have already peaked.

    500 million test kits are just to keep up the numbers by testing people with the sniffles.

    On War: If COVID was a tool softener, think about who got soft and who is harder.
    China is arguably worse for wear. They are more isolated in every way, and haven’t dealt with any of the COVID strains. Their problems from before COVID are also not better.
    The US is meanwhile tilting towards totalitarian control, splintered and unable to hold off the war machine that inevitably will strike again. Lots of draft victims laying around on street corners.
    Russia is meanwhile ready to defend their borders with men and material.

    So who benefits from COVID in this situation?

  9. In regards to our almost certain troubles in the Ukraine, my outlook on it changes over time based on moves on the chessboard by the various players. I also try to play the ‘what would I do?’ game.

    If I were Vlad and I really did want to make a move I would wait until after the mid-terms in the U.S. If Biden is still president he will be greatly weakened politically not to mention the possibility of a financial collapse in the west. Of course, the warmongers in the west also know this. If they’re serious about instigating this conflict they’ll have to do it before then and I strongly suspect that they’ll go to the old tried and true playbook for that. Namely, the false flag attack in the Ukraine that will be blamed on Russia. That will be used as the excuse to start the war. They may try to pull another fake chemical weapons attack like they did in Syria. Remember that one? Anybody wanna take odds?

    If I were China, I would wait until the West was fully engaged and losing in the Ukraine before I made a move on Taiwan. The timing here is tricky, though, because unlike in the Ukraine where the west is the aggressor, China will be the aggressor and waiting past the midterms might be a bad thing. Political allies in the west will be lost or powerless and the incoming congress may actually act decisively against China. I would also not want to engage before or during the Olympic games. A successful Olympics is a major propaganda win. It’s also highly likely that Russia and China are working together against the Globalists. They’ve made several major moves to separate themselves from the dollar and the western banking system. That’s a sure sign of strategic planning and defense against the west and our current globo-homo overlord-wannabes.

    Brandon’s speech tomorrow night will continue the script to keep fear of the Coof alive as long as possible. This is an attempt to sustain the excuses needed to keep voter fraud mechanisms in place through the midterms. They may be partially successful, but I don’t think that it will prevent the loss of power in congress and in other political offices.

    Things are going to get interesting and potentially dangerous for everyone very soon. If Stu’s work continues to be as accurate as it has, we’re in for a rough ride for at least the next 20 years.

    We’re not at war at the moment, so do yourself and your family a favor and try to relax and enjoy yourselves as much as possible. Be thankful and grateful for what you have right now.

    If I don’t post again this week,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

      • Bob, there’s not a lot new in this directive. If you look at the references at the end most of them are from the 1990s through early 2000’s. It’s always been against regulations for service members to openly participate in political demonstrations and extremist groups on or off duty. In my experience, it’s never really been an issue anyway.

        Service members and DOD civilians are expected to be publicly apolitical. For example, if I wrote something derogatory about the sitting president (like FJB) on my personal social media where I also identify myself as an employee of the DOD then I could be disciplined. There are a few people that are less intelligent that violate this rule and most of them are dealt with accordingly. I expect my folks to be professionals and I hold them to the same standards that I hold myself. No exceptions.

        The only thing that I see really new is the definition of ‘Liking’ in the glossary. It’s defined as:

        “The use of the “like” function on social media platforms, generally to signal endorsement or support of the “liked” content. Liking
        includes the use of emojis or reactions that signal endorsement or support, or platform-specific actions such as “favoriting,” when
        also implying endorsement. Liking, in the context of the communication concerned, must imply or state endorsement, agreement or promoting of the content.”

        I doubt that there will be anyone officially actively monitoring service member’s social media accounts, but I’m certain that their social media history would be used against them in any kind of administrative or judicial punishment.

        That’s just another good reason not to use those services. They can and will be used against you in a court of law. Especially, when the other team is in charge of defining what words like ‘extremism’ or ‘extremist’ mean.

        One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.

    • “If I were Vlad and I really did want to make a move I would wait until after the mid-terms in the U.S.”

      Here, I disagree. Biden is as weak a milquetoast as has ever led ANY nation — but he’s still a coward, a bully, and a not-too-bright, thin-skinned senile old man. If pushed or insulted at any time, whether on Ukraine of anything else, he’ll run his mouth, but there’s a real danger he’ll also strike. Leftists typically don’t consider unintended consequences. Joe is incapable of realizing consequences exist — he’ll just act. Being weak politically won’t matter either. Remember, da Prez is also CiC of the Military. He doesn’t need Congress’ approval. He can act unilaterally and unicamerally. All he needs Congress for is to pass a continuity resolution within 180 days of his first pulling of the trigger…

      “They may try to pull another fake chemical weapons attack like they did in Syria. Remember that one?”

      I remember those three.

      Two were definitely false flags. There was nothing Assad could gain by doing an internal attack. Therefore, IMO the third was, also…

      If I were Russia, I’d sit in bivouac, maybe run some innocent war games, and otherwise, do nothing, even in the event of a false flag.

      Now in the event of an actual attack on my forces? I would utterly annihilate whatever forces came against mine, and if that were not a sufficient response it’d be glass parking lot time.

      Vlad owns Europe’s HVAC capability. His best move is to do nothing, and wait for Kiev to come to him. Whether they come friendly or not, his best move is still, to wait. Russians are known for this ability. It’s what made Kasparov world champion. He wasn’t the most flamboyant or aggressive. He simply refused to be rushed into making stupid mistakes…

      • “Leftists typically don’t consider unintended consequences. Joe is incapable of realizing consequences exist”

        YUP.. my thoughts exactly.. from my point of view.. there aren’t any consequences for their actions. Look at everything being flaunted in the peoples faces..

      • “There was nothing Assad could gain by doing an internal attack.”

        I know OTFLMAO.. wasn’t that a laugh and right after DJT announced we were leaving his lol lol
        Amazing you don’t hear to much about the quest to steal the leviathan oil and gas field..or the pipeline everyone wanted to shut down of Iran’s anymore..
        Now it seems the new quest is the oil in the Balkans.. telling putin to back away from his own border. Lol lol lol.. You gotta admit that takes nerve..and then have to convince the world that it was just .. oh that’s right wasnt there a financial exchange making it a purchase.

  10. Good morning
    I live in Poland and I came across your blog by accident about half a year ago. Since then, I have been reading here every day. Your comments and observations are extremely valuable and interesting. Unfortunately, a small percentage of people understand what is happening and why in this world. If the proportions were opposite, humanity would not be enslaved. Best wishes and good health.

    • You should post frequently — news, your opinions, even local rumors. We can get almost no information from your part of the world. I used to read newspapers from Warsaw and Minsk, but their “English language” pages now say only what they want Americans and Brits to hear.

  11. The more Manchin is sullied, the stronger he gets. The libs and progressives are digging their own political graves by attacking him. Watch the Dem field up for elections/reelection in 2022 pivot to Manchin as the WVA senator’s popularity continues to rise nationally. The Dem party of Pelosi and Shumer is dying. Manchin is the political messiah for the party’s resurrection – let’s hope they don’t kill ‘him’ off first.

    • Dunno… McConnell has started courting him HARD, and he IS a Democratic Senator in an extremely Republican State. Byrd held serve forever, but he also brought home the billions.

      Manchin can become the most-powerful person in Congress overnight, if he stays a Democrat, votes his constituency (which’ll be republican at least 80% of the time), but puts his vote up for bid on the Biden policy issues. That opportunity is only going to be there for another 12 months, because (barring massive voter fraud) the Dems are going to lose the Senate badly, but between now and then? Manchin is everybody’s “swing voter” and has more leverage than Beth Riesgraf. He should be able to land two more DUMBs and a new super-highway between now and then, maybe even an airport…

  12. Traveling IN space is inefficient. Circumventing “common” space means “winking out” at your origin point, traversing in (sub-super-hyper-whatever) “space,” and then “winking back in” at or very near the destination point.

    I’m convinced ordinary space is really SpaceTimeEnergyMatter and the places where dark matter-energy cavort is hidden to us for now, even though strongly suspected. It is everywhere congruent, but invisible nonetheless.

    “Space,” in this view, is not empty, but rather itself is a “stuff” and has properties. SpaceTimeEnergyMatter seems to need to be other-dimensional in nature. It seems to be continuously inflating itself, leading to the general cosmic expansion, which has long been observed and confirmed.

    Science Fiction has, correctly I believe, anticipated that to get anywhere far away in a tolerable amount of “time,” one must travel inter-dimensionally, and not slog linearly, in a “space-like” manner, through all the intervening seeming emptiness..

    Once understood and mastered, such travel becomes “of-course” technology, “How could it have ever been otherwise?” we’ll ask ourselves, as such is achieved.

    I hope to live long enough to see it, or to see its outlines coming into focus as the beginnings of the interdimensional technology is discovered and tamed — but probably not is my best guess.

    I have been privileged to glimpse a few True Oddities in my time (from a Newtonian physics point of view), so I have little doubt that such things exist — we just haven’t found them yet. “Others” probably have.

    “Space” may simply be a natural barrier, deliberately put there by The Great Designer to keep peoples apart until they’re ready for interaction.

    I have very little doubt those other peoples exist. I’d sure love to compare notes with them on a number of subjects.

    I do have one final thought on this. Why do our radio telescopes not detect any others? Thinking militarily for a moment, when you see one system retired, you know a newer, better system has replaced it. Think: SR-71.

    My crackpot theory? “They” don’t use anything as quaint and limited as “radio” at all. “They” have something much better — it isn’t detected by giant radio telescopes, because it’s not radio at all. It’s better.

    • “Tachyon Travel” science is slowing catching back to ancient technology that existed on Earth millennia ago. At least Higgs was on to something…
      See baalbek – huge giant stone platform where natural Stargate/Portalportal existed. Also Nazca lines desert area – clear marks of ships/spinning disks skidding to a stop Exiting the “gate”.

      Hit the gate at supersonic speed, throw a quick jerk/change of direction just as passing thru..and POP -Ure craft has phase shifted into Tachyon Tunnel Travel. Ure spinning disk starts filling up with semi aqueous fluid – phases into breathable gel like substance that cushions the passengers from incredible pressures inside the “Tachyon Tunnels” . Dont ask about computer power need for interstellar travel calcs..cant imagine.

    • Hello William…
      You are right on. Except ‘we’ have found them. Think about catching a ride on a photon. Light is 874,635 times faster than the speed of sound. Sending morse code to space via clicks on telegraph or flashlight. Same on the incoming. The powers that be spend Billions keeping people in the dark 100-200 years behind real technological advances. Keep that slave labor going.
      Merry Christmas

  13. Well besides DNA samples, has anyone considered the following?

    Pharm with BigGov, Politcals and Mass Media providing cover has planted covid variants on some if not most of the 500 million free rapid test being sent to homes …hum They are all in cahoots up to now, so why not go all in and set up a mass infection cycle up everyone’s nose?

    Perfect timing …anyone?

    • I’d never use their “free” test for any intended purpose! That said, if someone actually did want to use it, knowing that it would expose their DNA, I’d suggest using your own swab to carefully swab whatever part of the nasopharyngeal cavity was suggested, and then transfer the accumulated mucus(one time only) to the “approved” swab. Never re-insert even your own swab since you’ve no idea what the government sent you and their could be cross-contamination. They’ve shown their malice over the last couple of years of “slow the spread”, and there’s no reason to cooperate with those who’ve shown that they’re not trustworthy. I don’t doubt that the “tests” are EUA only.

  14. We’re about to enter the most dangerous time of the year legislatively! Christmas eve is Friday, and legislators have been known to use Christmas week to conduct 3 am sessions in order to pass unpopular legislation. That’s how we got the Federal Reserve. If they cram through this idiotic BBB crap, it’s almost certain that the retarded CIC will sign it, or someone will sign his name for him. I’m not quite sure what honest citizens can do about this, but awareness is always a good thing.

  15. Like a childhood game, “Freeze, can’t cross the line!”

    A patient at a care facility was in cardiac arrest. Paramedics refused to enter, citing covid restrictions.

    When the police officer entered a room at a southern California care facility last month, he found a panicked nurse performing chest compressions on a patient, body-camera footage shows. The patient was in cardiac arrest, and the staff did not have the proper equipment to help, according to a police report.

    But just outside the entrance of the building stood paramedics equipped with possible lifesaving tools. They had refused to cross the threshold, claiming it was against state covid rules, according to the report.

      • Or Biden dies. I think if Biden dies she becomes 47. The bet is Biden makes it 3 more years or not.

        Biden has been been coughing a lot. A chance to triple $100.

  16. Re Ukraine, Taiwan, etc. Xi is playing Go, Putin is playing Chess, and Brandon appears to be struggling with Candyland.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Xi wait for Putin to make his move in the Ukraine, and then go for Taiwan. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had formed something of a tag-team.

    Popcorn, anyone?

  17. It seems our rose colored glasses about republicans keeps us bashing democrats. Let’s refresh our memories…it was the republicans in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Nevada, possibly New Mexico, and almost North Carolina and, again, the REPUBLICANS in the US Congress, INCLUDING the Vice President, who took a dump on the future of our democratic republic, NOT the non-democratic democrats. We know the goals of the democrats. They are NOT the problem. The r’s in leadership positions ARE the problem.

    Ask yourself a question: In your lifetime have the r’s EVER ended any program the d’s put into existence? The correct non-rose-colored glasses answer is a resounding “NO”! The r’s have “fixed” programs, but NEVER ended them. All that typically happens is the programs are moved from benefitting d campaign donors over to benefiting r donors or maybe they’re scaled back some. BUT they are NEVER ended. When this realization sets in it changes the perspective on the R/D model very quickly.

    So I’m not misunderstood…I was an r until after the 2020 election. The r party left me just as the d party has left a majority of d’s.

    If one continues pounding the d’s and does not sooner or later recognize and frequently pound the r leadership as being more at fault, since they supposedly surprised us with their actions/inaction, then we lose all credibility to speak on the subject.

    • “it was the republicans in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Nevada, possibly New Mexico, and almost North Carolina…”

      I’ll ask you what I’ve twice asked Mark:


      In a typical U.S. Presidential Election, 58%-63% of eligible voters actually do so.

      Of the 151.8 million people eligible to vote (151,822,622 = 100%) in the 2020 General Election, (by YOUR numbers) 154 million voted.


      Actually, wonkypedia revised its numbers since I wrote this. Total number of votes according to the Libs is now 158.8 million…

      Why do you assume the Republicans in those States punted their responsibility?

      It’s not “rose colored glasses” as much as it is “the other side is showing solidarity, so we dare not also do so.

      I see the good, and the bad, with all Administrations (or at least I try.) I saw the good and bad of Clinton and Dubya. I saw very little good from Obama (even though I was a Democrat until 2012) because he massively overstepped his Congressional powers, fostered racial divisiveness and fed a nationwide race war, and acted like a petty gangster because the media allowed him. I saw very little bad with Trump, because I didn’t care about his playboy peccadilloes or his past inclinations — I cared that his policies and actions improved the country and its social climate for everyone. I’m seeing nothing good from the Biden Administration. Creepy Joe is continuing the onslaught on the Constitution begun by Obama. Additionally, Biden is far more crooked and far less principled than any President since, at least, LBJ.

      I never called Clinton out until Loral — didn’t, GWB, until the housing bubble burst in 2006 (It was about here that I figured out it was Democratic policies in the 1990s which created the environment which caused the housing bubble to both form, and later burst.) After “fast and furious” and the postal thing, I gave up on Obama ever obeying the Laws of the Land. Seeing the destruction agents of the DNC go to work on Trump, and all their garbage roll off him like rain off a duck, made me like him before he ever won. No President has faced as much unjust and unjustified bullshit as Trump, and none has faced such a concerted yellow journalism attack, save possibly Hickory & Abe, yet Trump accomplished more, and did more good in four years than most Presidents would have done in 24, AND he got no credit for any of it.

      • “Seeing the destruction agents of the DNC go to work on Trump, and all their garbage roll off him like rain off a duck, made me like him before he ever won. No President has faced as much unjust and unjustified bullshit as Trump, and none has faced such a concerted yellow journalism attack, save possibly Hickory & Abe, yet Trump accomplished more, and did more good in four years than most Presidents would have done in 24, AND he got no credit for any of it.”

        AMEN RAY…. I was a registered Democrat until I seen the ugliest and horrendous actions that Trump had to endure from before he was elected..
        For me it is a view of a system with runaway corruption..

      • “Additionally, Biden is far more crooked and far less principled than any President since, at least, LBJ.”

        PRINCIPLES…. I guess I never seen he had any real principles.. what I see is someone that has been a regular feeder at the troughs for his entire life.. never had any real world work experience. That has honed his skills to use and manipulate the people and cover over his and his family members legally questionable and irresponsible actions of potentially corruptive activities..

    • Also, “Republicans” and “Democrats” are not sports teams. The Party representation in government are employees of the RNC and DNC — private corporations whose function is to raise money, the sole purpose of which is to acquire, AND HOLD, power.

      “Republican” and “Democrat” don’t matter. The politicians of each conduct themselves like sports teams because they want their “rank & file” to be so busy “cheering on my team” that they lose track of issues and ideology. They also each believe their team can manage things better than the other team.

      “Politicians” never solve a problem. They manage problems.

      Solving a problem would reduce their power. Downsizing government would reduce their power, so would eliminating regulations. Eliminating bureaus or agencies would lessen their authority.

      Therefore, they’ll always manage, and when they can’t manage something, they’ll create another bureaucratic tendril to manage it for them, thus extending both their power and authority.

      The issue is not a “Right-Left” thing — it is a “Right-Wrong” thing and too many politicians lack the morals required to do the People’s Work…

  18. That Newsweek article sounds like bunk to me. So they know he had been previously infected, had gotten sick again with omicron, had underlying health problems, but they don’t know his exact age? Seems strange. Like when the UK reported their first ‘omicron death’ last week, but then refused to release details about the person. Just another day in the ‘post-truth’ era…

  19. To NM MIKE;
    So far as I know HPV, Human Papiloma Virus is not
    mandated.It is Recommended..
    Human papiloma virus causes cervical Cancer,Throat/oral Cancers, Rectal Cancer and pervsome studies prostate Cancer.. The HPV is a cancer prevention vaccine. Not mandatory. Just out there.
    My PSA went to 10 or 12 from 4 over a year.
    After I got the HPV vaccine my PSA WENT TO 4 to 4.5.
    My Prostate shrunk and now I and my urologist just watch and wait..In studies published in different journals
    every nation that has HIGH CERVICAL CANCER rates also has HIGH PROSTATE CANCER RATES.HPV 16 has
    been found in some prostate cancers,most common virus
    that causes cervical cancer..Please do some more research on HPV.. A short term expense might add many Good Years to your life span..

    • It’s certainly your right to get an HPV vaccine if you so desire. I’ve read and heard of horror stories regarding this vaccine. You did OK.

      By coincidence, I saw Candace Owens this evening doing a recent interview with President Trump and then did a discourse on her own experience with this vaccine. Her doctor pressured her into getting this series of three shots for his own reasons. She passed out on the first shot and passed out again while going into seizures on the second. She never got the third shot. I’m truly glad that she survived without apparent sequelae.

      IMHO, two anaphylactic reactions in a row should not have happened – the second shot should never have been administered. She went into investigative mode and learned all she could about it and the history of this and other vaccines. She had to use the Yandex search engine to get anything useful, since the big American search engines were worthless and biased. She probably didn’t know about Google Scholar or Sci-Hub, though these resources are quite useful for deep research. She came away with a deep distrust for the entire medical establishment, and I believe she’s right. The interview is on the net somewhere, but I saw it at my daughter’s place, so I don’t know the URL offhand.

      It’s my understanding that some states – Texas may be one – mandate this vaccine for peripubertal girls AND boys. I’m sure there are exemptions, but most parents won’t understand the risks. If you do a deep analysis of the actual statistical risk-benefit, it doesn’t make sense for most. I’m glad it’s helping in your case.

  20. All the best to all the good people here . Stay strong stay short buy gold . The Jewish saying is all things must pass . Seems impossible but it will

  21. Comrades,

    Searching for the right sign off of Route66?

    The upcoming Peoplenomics report “Quest to Beat Aging” sounds like just the ticket to take minds off the local provincial stats saying 76% of new covid-19 cases, now more and more omicron type, are in double-vaxxed people.

    Recollecting Mrs. Apple and offspring taking in some rays off the French Riviera in their super-yacht back when the plebs were paling in landlocked kennels last year, one thinks, “hmm, the late Mr. Jobs couldn’t buy time at any price.” Such is the sign of the time. Segue to DJ Ure rocking the Canadian gold Five Man Electrical Band folder: “Signs”.

  22. Not a shred of evidence that Covid was leaked from a lab or engineered:

    Keep up the fear mongering George, the bogeymen China and Biden are hiding under your bed waiting to get you….the wokies, libtards and evil lefties are hiding in the closet

    Over 93% of BLM 2020 protests had no violence or destructive activity:

    More than 700 arrested in Capital riot (Republicans, since when did it become cool to attack policemen?) Oooh, let’s put those bogeymonsters back in the closet and pretend they don’t exist….

    Donald T. Jr, Ingram and Hannity pleaded for Trump to do something during the riot, Daddy couldn’t be bothered…

    Longest sentence so far – 5 yrs…

    Quite a few in Trump’s circle have subpoenas so they can explain their association with the riot:

    • LOL – you must like the taste of BS. Look up gain of function.
      Now, go sell the refried Trump hate elsewhere. The rest of us moved on the day after the election.
      We got bigger problems than Trump, now.

      • Too bad you can’t figure out what RatG13 is. You’ve got your adenine, cysteine, guanine and thymine confused…

        No, George, your biggest problem right now is Trump!!

        Does silence on the Capital Riot protesters equal complicity??

        But go ahead and devote every pixel to bashing Biden, it only proves your inability to face facts…

      • Ah, our favorite ulltralib troll! Didn’t even get one of the vitamins, lol. I know – facts don’t matter when you get out of bed on the left…
        Nice that you’re always there to put in a bash on a guy out of office for a year, defending the JFK real story hider, the Covid Clown, and Afghanistan A**hole. Great to hear from you and Merry whatever.
        People like you are the core of New Venezuela which will rise on President Harris’ watch…thanks for being there! Nice to get a sense of extremism in advance.

      • You gotta wonder if these guys are just getting out of jail after getting caught looting following a BLM rally. It’s like time stopped when their cell door slammed shut.

  23. and on the gold front .. there is a chance of getting some buy signals in the next week or earlier . stay tuned

  24. G. I’ve been sittin on this since Sunday am. as far as i know ,no one has reported this, Sun. 19dec2021 between 0500-0730est , i seen a contact on flightradar24 no id! angels17.5 at 375kts 20m off s,crime{suspect 135 with line in water] ??? after rounding the horn, made a 90` hard climbing turn & fire walled to 500+kts to 34,000 to home in the big IT. I think they were targeted & or fired on . conter measures deployed ????? have someone look it up.. Russia will not WAIT….

    • “20m off s,crime”

      Is that 20 meters or 20 miles?

      “No ID” is likely either an American or British spy plane or drone. We and the Brits have both been flying S135s off the Crimean coast for weeks, monitoring troop movements and sniffing for nukes. I can’t see Russia firing on something as big & slow as a 135, and missing it, unless they intended to. I also can’t see them shooting at us unless we were ‘WAY inside the 15-mile zone.

      I CAN see something like this being done as a false flag, or a test run for one (since a real FF would be wall-to-wall on every news channel) and I can see some sojer taking pot shots at it with his rifle, if it’s within rifle range of a Russian ship or outpost…

  25. An update on the COVID Pfizer booster shot I had 10 days ago. No side effects except for a sore arm for a couple of days. Same with my wife and several family members (children and grandchildren).

    I continue to believe in the science of the vaccines to prevent serious infection, hospitalization and death but no way of knowing the long term effects or whether the boosters are going to be a fact of life for the foreseeable future like annual flu shots which I have taken for over 30 years.

    One thing I have decided is to enjoy Christmas dinner with my family that I missed last year. Who knows what next year will bring although I think George has a pretty good prognostication.

  26. “Corporate Media has done its job, marginalizing the book Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide so people don’t see how crime families work.”

    Lol know I got that book on audible.. haven’t had a chance to load it on my reader yet.. after seeing all the news articles outside the USA and the thousands of photos, documents,videos and diary entries..and even things they’ve come right out and talked about..I am curious what more the author can say about the sorry situation that has been openly discussed in the news abroad.

  27. Covid new cases appear to be on the leading edge of a surge locally. Local fast food places are closing their dining rooms again and keeping the drive-though open. I’m starting to see mask use picking up.
    I’ve continued Covid hand cleaning discipline, but I haven’t been using masks except around drug stores and medical facilities. I haven’t sanitized shoe soles at my back door in more than a year. At a recent appointment, when the doctor found out how high my Covid antibodies were, he dropped his mask. I’m thinking about resuming using PPE for the next week or two until I see how this shakes out. I’m more worried about communicable secondary and tertiary infections that tail along behind the Covid. The allergies have been crazy as well this season.

  28. Comrades,

    Kardashians step aside. The 6th wife of the leader of Dubai has received judgement against him in British Court for the most expensive divorce in the nation valued at up to half a billion pounds. The Amero-Jordanian Princess was represented by past Brit royal solicitor The Right Honourable The Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia LVO, affectionately known as the “Steel Magnolia”.

    The BBC did not disclose the counsel stipend. However it notes that The Sheikh historically had a warm relationship with the UK Queen over their mutual interests surrounding the raising of fine horses. The Daily Mail has been less reticent to report that The Sheikh was disinvited from the Royal Box at Ascot last June after scandal broke that he had bugged the phones of the Princess and Steel Magnolia.

    One of the Queen’s horses, Reach For The Moon, placed second under her approving gaze. Punters who bet the monarch would show up in a green hat were well rewarded by bookmakers. Unseen by the posh set was protest group Extinction Rebellion on the periphery unfurling a banner “Racing to Extinction”.

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