Bidens Porkdoggle Dies – Covid Economy Ahead

Market Puke Day is here.  This MAY be where we draw the line between irrational speculation and irrational media manipulation; we’re standing by for it.

Here’s how the Rich Folks Laydown is going down:

Bitcoin is ready to drop through the 46,000 level for lower regions.

The Dow futures earlier were down nearly 400 points.  Which – with similar losses in Europe and in the S&P and NASDAQ, looked to be making our long-feared run at lower support and taking us through our critical moving average.

The good news here – such as it is – holds that the commercials and the Fed proxies will try to prevent a rout over the next couple of days.  A good bottom here (say down 425 on the Dow today, or lower) might set the stage for a “Santa Rally.”

But everything is in place to give the Buyed’em administration plausible deniability with both Ukraine warfare pending (we’re almost to the 30-day window on that, now) and with central banks lining up to blame omicron for the coming hyper-inflation.  See the Wall Street Journal article today “Central Banks Worry Omicron Could Sustain Inflation: if you’re not clear on the mechanics of what the Central Bankers got wrong.

Not to turn this into an advance copy of Wednesday’s coming Peoplenomics report, but when you make up $9-trillon worth of “paper blow” and throw the country into locked-down rehab, something’s going to hurt.

Overall, the “Look of ’29” couldn’t be any clearer:

In Our Own Debt

Unless the Biden administration came gin-up a good lie, locked-in America will not generate the taxable income needed to service the National Debt.  At $30-trillion – which I expect shortly – the interest at 2% on that comes out to $600 billion a year.

Kinda hard to do with fresh lockdowns and more PaterLand giveaways, wot eh?

Remember there are exactly 252 stock market trading sessions ahead in 2022.  In order to avoid collapse, we need $2.3 billion a (business) day of debt service – and that’s at a lowly 2% interest rate.

As rates go up (stand by for launch!) America’s prospects fall.

Manchin is Right, However

Democrats – with few exceptions like Joe Manchin – should never be allowed anywhere near America’s purse strings.

Over the weekend, (the good) Joe – Manchin – did something few in Washington have the testiculos to do:  Voted his conscience and said “No!” to slow blow’s socialist shit show.

Frankly, it’s shocking enough to see a democrat comprehend a budget, let alone stand by principles. But in the Day of the Mob, digital, brick, and demagogues?  Wow.  Just wow.

Yet again, however, our jaws dropped upon reading how Nasty Pelosi was planning a sham vote in two-and-a-half weeks, anyway:  Pelosi eyes vote early next year after Manchin’s major blow to Build Back Better.

What mad-damn Speaker doesn’t realize is that the imminent statistically possible short-term future – even 2-weeks out –  could be utter disaster.  Wheels might already be flying off.

Democrats of the moderate stripe – the kind who can connect dots like the not-so-evil Joe – are rare.  But, then again, most “modern dems” are nothing more than shock-troops of the Globalism-Socialism hybrid which has taken over central banks, agendas like Climate and Cryptos – the whole lot of it.

If you still harbor any doubts, see how More than 40 House Democrats urge Treasury Department to unfreeze Afghanistan’s bank reserves.  In this sick rhyme off the Obama con job giving impounded assets to Iran, we see so-called democrats cast again in the role of apologists for radical killers.  Way to go!

The War in Store

Not that this will come as a shock.  War is coming.  Don’t want to be a Lefty when the country is forced to “get right” with Reality.  Let the commies soil elections, give away inventories, kill the Golden Goose, and torch Energy Independence and bad things will follow, as sure as night follows day.

Children (with rare exceptions like Joe Manchin who’s more of the historical “good Democrat stripe like the late Scoop Jackson and Lloyd Bentsen) should never be allowed to jigger the levers of power, as they have for too long.

Biden Apologists, in media such as The Atlantic are rolling out The Overlooked Factor in Biden’s Unpopularity.  Like being a do-nothing, blowhard, geezer?  (My pet theory is all lawyers should be barred from public interest because making the laws and making money on them just seems crooked.  Biden is just another example.)

In a story last week, Fox report that Voters think Biden is making inflation worse.  Which is – strangely – true.  He – and the yet-to-be-convicted self-aggrandizing inside traders and process abusers on Capitol Hill – have taken a country on the mend and murdered its future prospects for greatness.

See, in 2022, even with the scaled-back spending plans of the Fed to keep this POS afloat, democrats are still planning to spend 3/4th’s of a trillion on various free-lunch/bride efforts, or about 2-1/2% of GDP, to keep Lady Liberty solvent.

The longer America stays out of economic rehab, the worse the withdrawal from notion-based finance will become.  Surely, you can’t argue that?  History offers no counter-examples.

Who wins?  Soros and the other Fat Cats including the Section 230 billionaires who have, among other things, scammed reposting of socialist upriser pap (Antifa, BLM for example) into a multi-billion dollar organized racketeering program.  I shade spending away from companies that gave in to such shakedowns. Because it was not about race, it was about money.

Still, some people “get it.”  Take Fox last week where Will Cain (nailed it in): BLM will call you a racist for shopping at stores they have no problem taking money from.  Land of unequal equality and reverse discrimination being a good thing?  Hardly! The foundation of America’s in smithereens.

Fake News, retweet machines, and notional made-up “digi money.”  

Vlad Putin’s emboldened for late January not by our lack of ready-to-kick-ass military (*also as an educational footnote see Navy unveils maternity uniform pilot program for 2022 (  Putin’s emboldened because we are indecisive and divisive.

America’s not even ready to take on…ourselves.

Democrats might as well give our bricks for Christmas – you know – to go shopping with.

Cost of Christmas Dinner

$531 in groceries will be picked up later today.  Of that, Christmas dinner this year tips the treasury at about $179.50:

  • $78 for the large prime rib.
  • $21 for vodka.
  • $19 bottle of champagne for Elaine.
  • $21 for a jug of Paisano.
  • $6 for Tums.
  • $4.5o Omeprazole.
  • $30 for the leather punch.

Yes, the leather punch to move the belt hole out one.

LIE to Come

Shades of moronic, this is our Anagram for Leading Economic Indicators.  Out this morning at 10 AM EST.

BooJabs and All

Politics as always last week when a Philly (city of ballotly love) had a 3-judge appeals court bend-over for Slow Joe on the vaccination industry.  One of the judges was an Obama pick, one Bush (guess which way…) and a Trump appointee who was the lone dissenter.

2 out of 3 thought that OSHA has a right to enforce made-up shit based on politic decrees, not laws.  Weird.

Meantime, the truth leaks continue:  Even the left-cheering NT Times admitting now Most of the World’s Vaccines Likely Won’t Prevent Infection From Omicron.  Never let a good crisis go to waste, let alone under-monetized.

This is what Big Pharma and PayWalls were made for.

Meantime, Slow will be taking to America on the boob tube tomorrow night.  No telling where our president of Nuevo Venezuela will overreach next.

We’ve gone from a land where “What America really needs is a good five=-cent cigar” to a nation where “America needs free AstroGlide.”  BOHICA just ahead.

Santa’s Shorts

War – sooner than our forecasts?  Implied in reports that Russia ‘plotting Christmas Eve invasion’ with 100,000 troops amassing on Ukraine border.

Tactically, this will be interesting to watch.  We have been looking for a Russian call-up of reservists first.  However, as my consigliere warned a few weeks back, there is an incentive for Russia to move before all those roll-on-roll-off (RORO) ships unloading tanks and what-not in Greece can be moved up, serviced and crewed in the Ukraine area.  For NATO “exercises” my ass.

Strategically, the US is in trouble since Vlad’s got 2-1/2-times more military reservists at the ready:  What role will military reserves play in a potential US-Russia war?

And Taiwan will fall as China sees the window to move for “reunification.”

Whistling in the graveyard – to keep American sheep on the low beam – continues  in Why China won’t invade Taiwan and Russia won’t attack Ukraine, for example.

Similar whistling is heard in Taiwan’s ‘SEALs’ would be on the frontline of a war with China. Here’s how they’d try to hold off an invasion.

Fact is, China’s military is at least 13-times larger than Taiwan’s  Spitwads to a gunfight, as we see it.



Grocery run and then building materials.  Lumber prices have rocketed and with the coming hyperinflation, money spent on greenhouses and gardening supplies seems to us the best possible use of funds.  Never enough 7.62 “pesticide” is there?

Until the coming War Season blows over.

Write when you get rich,

71 thoughts on “Bidens Porkdoggle Dies – Covid Economy Ahead”

    • LD
      Did you just call the community here Septic Tanks? That certainly comes from a kneeler to da Queen. Expelled convict UR.

  1. Santa is traditionally day after to a couple of days into New Year – Biden screws up and more lockdowns cratering into wednesday……

      • Well Al on the bright side of the nation al SNAFU we have to endure and survive . Theres Only 3 years and 1 month left.. may god be with us

  2. Tomorrow we get locked down….. 12/21 matches the animal sightings I mentioned with the last animal being the opossum. The opossum must mean
    the economy is being put to sleep, fake sleep, like an opossum.

    I ordered a mattresses for 12/23 delivery I’m hoping I can force majeure. I didn’t write it in on the contract damn it.

    • -most excellent observation – now pair that with image of Slo on his knees in oval office Bowing down(on his knees) in front of Israeli President Rivilin and his chief of staff Rivka Ravitz

      The president of United States on his knees in front of a foreign leader and his assistant – Who OWNS this Country ? Not the Tax payers – that much is clearly evident.

      Can not make this scheisse up! beyond Dementia, way beyond Oz..where the original slipperz were Silber…Yellow Brick Road =Gold..hinthinthint.
      No, we are talking about Space Ballz and LUDICROUS SPEEP!

      • “The president of United States on his knees in front of a foreign leader and his assistant – Who OWNS this Country ? ”

        Lol to be more specific.. it isn’t who owns this country..But it’s who owns those that lead this country.. and why do we the citizens keep voting in the same worthless ones that have sold out the people yearly.

  3. Just a quick question since I didn’t read the linked article. Is the rumored invasion of Ukraine on our Christmas Eve or theirs? Russia and Ukraine both celebrate Christmas according to the Orthodox calendar which puts their 2 day celebration of Christmas on 6 and 7 January.

    • Both, because it is media clickbait. When it doesn’t go on 24DEC they’ll mention the Orthodox day, so’s they can maintain interest (and clicks) for a couple weeks longer.

  4. I’m putting my chips on:
    1) Vlad goes for Ukraine. (Very soon.)
    2) U.S. does, essentially, nothing. Talk-talk.
    3) China sees U.S. inaction, and goes for Taiwan,
    taking advantage of the indecision and the
    U.S.’s general paralysis from incapablility,
    surprise, fear, delay, political infighting and
    blame-assignment histrionic debate chaos.
    4) U.S. does, essentially, nothing. (Stiff letters to
    the UN, and inspiring speeches are sent forth.)
    4A) The Terrorists spy Opportunity amid the chaos,
    and pile on with tens of thousands of pin-prick
    events, and maybe a Doozy or two if they can
    scape their Krappe together. (Optional factor.)
    5) The Great General Collapse takes hold.
    6) Life, as you knew it, is OVER; and the New
    World begins. Adapt or die.

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
    (…and good luck.)

    7.299 by day & 3.999 by nite: 15’s & 45s.
    “Business Model” (No Central NCS: Regional)
    Look for a snap test after the New Year, if
    we’re all still here.

    – 73 –

    • Just in time for the dark drak (arising from or showing evil traits or desires : evil the dark powers that lead to war) winter.

      Prepare Accordingly

    • Between 4 and 4a – Does North Korea, seeing the weak hand the U.S. is playing., move on South Korea?
      – and once Russia makes it move., will Iran attack Israel ? [ Straight-up., or terrorists…?]

      • Hmm d’lynn.. if you were Kim.. with SK… IF…
        The US goes at it with Russia in Ukraine… then has to rush to Taiwan Because of china.. the army that was brought in by the JK illegal express starts a Jihad in the borders of the USA and Iran and Syria go after those trying to steal their oil…
        And the disruption of the supply chain.. or an EMP..
        These are just a few things I see that are in position to escalate into something dreadfully scary..

        IF. . You were kim.. and those things happened simultaneously what would you do? With the USA busy on multiple fronts at once.. what would you DO..
        Everyone looses.. and if it doesn’t happen. We have those bought and paid for in a pretty pickle with the economy and trying to continue to butter the biscuits of the greedy bunch..the only thing they can do is shove money in peoples a Weimar situation without even a guess will have to be an outcome..
        And still loosing the butter off of the biscuits.. either way this plays out I see we loose..

      • Maybe…

        That depends partly on the relationship Trump formed with Kim, and partly on what Xi wants North Korea to do.

        I’m going to posit that NK stands pat, unless Kim gets specific orders from Xi. The North Korean leader is elevated by the State propaganda to the level of a god. With that said, neither Il Sung nor Jong Il could even feed the NK people.

        The Yung ‘un was educated in Switzerland, not North Korea, and Trump painted him a picture of a prosperous NK. He knows as well as every other world leader, that absent an incredible level of voter fraud, if Trump runs in 2024 he’ll win. Kim would love to be the “god” who lifted his people out of abject poverty and put food on everyone’s table. Unless the Chinese give him no choice, he’ll rattle an occasional sabre, but sit the 3-rings out until WE come up with a 2024 Republican Presidential nominee…

    • You are definitely a closet optimist. Check out Stu’s website if you want to see some real live pessimism.

    • I just got this email..

      U.S. State Dept updates travel advisory for Ukraine warning Russia is planning for “significant military action.” Level 4 DO NOT TRAVEL warning issued.


    • HMMM……
      what I see is the USA and the NATO forces keep messing with Russian borders.. the news yesterday was that China is to upset about us sending ships to Taiwan and testing their borders…with our planes..
      Kim in NK he is the wild card.. with South Korea…
      that was in 2001 their activity has escalated this past year.. ( it must takea lot to train and prep these people that the JK express is bringing in)

      If what I see is the poison pawn trap unfolding.. then it will be on a multi front and from the inside all at once… get us to chase the mouse while the rats come in and take over..
      “So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” – Sun Tzu
      What do you think they see…look at it from your box from their angle on this country.. what would you do if you were in their shoes and seen the great possibility of having the garden land of the USA
      “Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him.” – Sun Tzu
      Let the greed win..
      “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.” – Sun Tzu
      we were always so proud to be the industrial country of the world.. the place where quality products were produced and sold to a hungry world for our technological advancement..
      we deregulated and sent industry over seas..
      “Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.” – Sun Tzu

  5. Remember December 24, 1979; that ended soooo well for the Russkies.
    I remember another time a super power tried to cake walk over a well-armed island nation….
    It’s all about the size of the fight in the dog.

    • That is so true.. AG…
      We were buried in a quagmire of issues with a group of goat herders with sticks..

      Now I read and see in the news..that we have used bully tactics to long.. and that we are being controlled by those with endless greed..
      They seen don’t have to be Albert Einstein to see it.. those in power are even proud of it.. it wasn’t a quick plan.. they had the Roman army to work on..
      If they notice.. we are being set up for the poison pawn trap..
      Set up for a battle like what happened with the Roman army defeat at cannes..
      Why.. did an administration push do hard to move so many illegals across the border? All from countries that outright proclaimed that would be their method of gaining access.
      There are so many accusations about activities that from multiple angles reaks of high level malfeasance..
      What was the deciding factor for such an action. Who benefits.
      I remember the old saying that
      Sun Tzu is credited with the phrase “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.” Online, while our friends remain close, our enemies continue to get closer. Which is exactly what we see happening all around DC.

      • What I see.. is when it begins we will be split on multiple fronts chasing the pawn… while we are busy with those then we will be hit from within..
        And if we avoid involvement.. check mate. With the economy that they worked to control.. we sold it off..

  6. While we watch the news and look out at the world, we also need to see what’s sneaking into our children’s education. Listen up …

    Online school requires books be read and, last year we were given choices and paid for the book chosen. This year however, a FREE BOOK was sent out. Hmmm nothing is free in my mind.

    Wife mentions she’s going to read it first before giving it to our 11 yr old. – I just looked it up on Amazon to see description. Which turned out to be enough for the wife to send it back with a request for something different.

    The book titled, “The Front Desk” by Kelly Yang … description as follows … read carefully.

    “Winner of the Asian / Pacific American Award for Children’s Literature! * “Many readers will recognize themselves or their neighbors in these pages.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewMia Tang has a lot of secrets.Number 1: She lives in a motel, not a big house. Every day, while her immigrant parents clean the rooms, ten-year-old Mia manages the front desk of the Calivista Motel and tends to its guests.Number 2: Her parents hide immigrants. And if the mean motel owner, Mr. Yao, finds out they’ve been letting them stay in the empty rooms for free, the Tangs will be doomed.Number 3: She wants to be a writer. But how can she when her mom thinks she should stick to math because English is not her first language?It will take all of Mia’s courage, kindness, and hard work to get through this year. Will she be able to hold on to her job, help the immigrants and guests, escape Mr. Yao, and go for her dreams?Featuring exclusive bonus content!“

    We don’t do WOKE around here and we’re raising our kids with integrity. Bye bye little book.

    Book may have been free but the price later in life like, attorney fees, court costs, fines etc. or just the loss of a job ain’t worth teaching our kids what this new administration want them to become. Outrageous!!

    • It is outrageous, that one wasn’t full of smut, but at 10, working a front desk in Amerika, is bringing back child labor.

      Also hiding illegal immigrants.

      Something OUR laws say is all illegal to do.

      If you haven’t noticed, everything is upside down, and SMUT is up!

      • “If you haven’t noticed, everything is upside down, and SMUT is up!”

        Yup.. everything flipped 11 months ago.. i think that any ethics or morality that was still around in the beltway 11 months ago. …has left…huge cover ups and misdirection.
        A while back I told the grandson to use cardboard for furniture. He thought I was insane. I showed him how and it’s still going strong.. but in the end.. it’s still just a cardboard box.. with what’s happening in our nation’s capital and velocity of covering it all over trying to paint it as honorable..well similar to the cardboard box
        Polish it any way you want it still remains the same..

    • PB: Thank you for sighting the panda droppings in 100 Acre Wood!

      Five of fifteen copies were available at my library so I have reserved one. May I pick up on your concerns expressed above?

      The patriarch of the book’s billion+ dollar century old family owned Soho-based publisher passed away suddenly last summer leaving everything to the company’s chief strategic officer and romantic interest of almost 30 years. Each had divorced their respective spouses in the 00’s. The strategic officer had been awarded a conjugal $4 million Toronto mansion by her Chinese spouse for $2. Collectors of early Canadian currency will recall the repute of the $2 banknote was such that it rarely had a place to be laid in cash registers.

      To borrow a turn of phrase from the author of the “Harry Potter” series praising her publisher a year prior his passing in a letter read out by his neighbor Alec Baldwin at the 2019 PEN Gala as: “…one of the most significant and meaningful relationships of my life.” (NY Post)

  7. Hey man – do Stu’s rules for anagrams work on Ures Urban Survival sub catagories/titles ? Can we not replace a letter and or add one letter? Boobjobs/Boojabs leading right into Santas shorts = Yowza..
    in the trousa!
    I Should stop horsing around ..whinnywhinny and get wit Da Bears. BTDT.

    Weak link is of course the GDXJ Call options, waiting for better entry price to avg down. Otherwise SPY Puts, VIX Calls, and UNG Calls look profitable at current time. Will there be a Santa Rally ??
    At the end of the Big Flush, will U you take the One World Digital Coin – completely 100% monitored and controlled How, Where, What U can spend it on – even When U can use it OR 100% DeCentralized Bitcoin..proven and verified all over the planet..

    Now who ya gonna call ?

    CentralBankDigitalCoin Busters
    – F -The Bankers..
    -Adversaries of Humanity for so long, enough, that switch has been flipped..only the shadow knows how it will roll. Best guess right now is after the Event’s, Re-numeration will be based on Soc. Sec. account balances/credits..Millennials will no likey that scenario. Got any better ideas ??

    • While we’re playing word/letter games, let’s all not forget that “mask” is one letter removed from “mark” (as in “mark of the beast”) AND it just happens to be the letter next door (“r” instead of “s”).
      Since the Newslum mandated indoor mask wearing engaged last week, I’ve not worn a mask in any indoor setting nor have I been asked to. But I see about 1/2 the sheeple here in lesser L.A. wearing one. It cracks me up to see a sheep…er ah “mask-wearer” driving a car solo with their face diaper affixed…to me it’s an instant IQ test!

    • Hey Crash! On a lighter note boobytrap spelled backwards is partyboob! Just clamp on and pray for lockjaw!

  8. George, is this the 1807 36/90/90 year maximum US hegemonic crash devaluation? The Nasdaq high occurred on 22 November 2021 and represented the peak valuation of the 14th day of the third subfractal of a 4 Oct 2021 nadir based and interpolated x/2.5x/2x/1.5x fractal series :: 7/17/14/10 days. The 1929 three phase fractal decay series :: y/2.5y/2.5y replay started on 13 October 2021 for the SPX representing a 11/25/25-26 day decay series. This is trading day 14 of the Spx’s third 25-26 day fractal decay subseries. (This is easily obsevable using the DJIA) From the March 2009 lows, the monthly series for the SPX is x/2x/2xy or 31/63/63 of 64 months with peak valuation growth at month 62 (November 22, 2021) of the third fractal series.(31/63/32 :: x/2x/2x) There are two months overlapping between the end of the spx’s 63 month second subfractal and beginning of the 64 month third subfractal. BITCOIN in US dollars is at a synergistic second fractal nonlinear collapse point at 27/58 of 59 months and a shorter 7/16 of 17 month first and second x/2-2.5x subfractal series. I believe the global asset-debt macroeconomic system is a self-organizing and self-balancing system with highly patterned very simple mathematical fractal growth and decay series. These self-assembly patterns represent a science for the macroeconomy equivalent to the self-assembly and ordered subatomic, molecular, and galactic processes in the physical universe.

  9. To understand the corruption level of the elected down there, Nancy Pelosi’s personal wealth has gone from around 114 million in 2018-19 to over 350 million now, with some healthy insider trading. Average person on the street, their paycheck went the other way.

    • The most amazing thing is that the idiot AOC actually called her out and said that congresscritters should not be able to trade at all since they have insider knowledge. I saw that in passing and have no idea as to the actual truth of it. Regardless, Pelosi is corrupt beyond belief and it’s obvious.

    • Okay, a question …. will she be asked to trade in her 350 million for cryptocurrency or the new currency or will she buy gold and have her gold confiscated for cents on the new currency?

      WHAT does she think she will do with 350 million?

      Course, you have to make it a family deal; her nephew, Guvner Newsom of California, her husband, the post office empty building real estate mogul, combined incomes are surely just under a billion?

      • “Okay, a question …. will she be asked to trade in her 350 million ”

        that is a great question.. will they tax or ask Brandon on the money he and the family has in offshore accounts to avoid taxes as well ?
        To me it all looks as a setup for the wage earners in america.. or would once we go under they still value the dollar.. during the weimer it took wheel barrows full to buy a loaf of bread.. two weeks wages now to buy a childs happy meal in Argentina.. and a lifetimes worth of money to buy a one pound loaf of bread..It may be totally worthless if they didn’t cash it in soon and buy hard money.. when would the flipping point be.. drop your dollars and buy gold.. wait till it goes over the cliff.. or make the transition before ..

  10. Wow, that article listing the reasons why Russia won’t invade Ukraine is seriously delusional.
    Let’s examine the three main reasons:

    1) The Red Army will suffer casualties. One word Rebuttal, Yes

    2) Russia expelled from the Swift system. Rebuttal, Expecting such an action Russia and China have implemented an alternative network already.

    3) Cutting off Nordstream will hurt Russia. Rebuttal, Actually it won’t because the contract to build Nordstream protects Russia financially in the event it is never approved and EUs decision to switch to short term contracts for most natural gas means Russia is making money hand over fist on the current EU government caused energy crisis. In the event gas is cut off China will take whatever gas Russia has to sell.

    I sure hope there are other reasons why Russia will not invade Ukraine!

    As a side bonus the reasons why China won’t invade Taiwan are even more asinine.

    Japan conquered Taiwan with less than 400,000 soldiers. According to the article Japan held it with 30,000. Douglas McArthur wanted 400,000 because he had them. Also McArthur’s supply lines were considerably longer than China’s. He needed 4000 ships because all supplies had to come from ports in Australia and California or Seattle Washington and across the pacific. For his British allies supplies came through the Panama Canal or the Suez Canal.

    China invading Taiwan would be like the USA invading Vancouver island from Seattle Washington. The turn around time for a ship to cross the Pacific is measured in weeks. The turn around time for a ship to cross the distance from China to Taiwan is measured in days. If they make use of Roll on Roll off ships and self unloading vessels with cranes on them turn around time is measured in hours. If they capture a port intact then they can unload cargo container ships quite quickly possibly making the round trip in less than a day.

    • China’s RORO ferries have strengthend decks and have rear ramps that go in the water, like a US LSD, so they can be loaded to the gills with even heavy tanks … WALL TO WALL with tanks, OR can have wheeled landing craft or amphibious tanks inside and launch those into the water directly just like a LSD can.

      There is a picture that was on the internet about 2 months ago of a Chinese RORO ferry in a training exercise this fall (Sept?) where it’s entire lower deck was TANKS. I didn’t count them but it looked like they had about 150 to 200 FULL SIZE heavy tanks on that deck. Apparently no problem with the floor loading of so many HEAVY tanks on that RORO’s bottom floor.

      fwiw the convertable Chinese RORO ferries are of the 60,000 to 75,000 ton variety, considerably bigger than what you see around North America AND I have read that US intelligence agencies say China has 3x the number of these RORO ferry ships vs what they actually need and use for their needed ferry routes.

      ONe bright spot for us is with the newer civilian picture taking satellites taking pictures of the ENTIRE globe once a day it will be harder for the Chinese to move all of the equipment needed for an invasion into place without being spotted by some CIVILIANS

      (don’t count on our military seeing it … I do NOT have much confidence in their abilty to see even what is right in front of their faces via our spy satellites – fwiw in that regards at least one of those new ICBM fields the Chinese are building was first spotted by CIVILIANS looking at those commercial pictures, NOT the US Intelligence Agencies or the US Military, maybe both of the new ICBM fields were first spotted that way)

      • Hi
        I did not know China was building two sites. I thought it was only one. I also didn’t know that the Chinese RoRo ships could hold 150 tanks. I remember watching several shows featuring Japanese car carriers. I don’t think you could hold 150 tanks on those ships. Things in Asia are worse than I thought or imagined.

        I also believe you about the leadership being clueless. There is a famous picture of the worlds first traffic jam. The French WW2 airforce took a picture of the Germans Tanks attempting to enter the Ardenne forest. The Generals informed the French government that if the tanks got through and there were no French Army forces were there to meet them France was finished. The French government ignored them. After all Napoleon did not go through the Ardenne, why would the Germans? Well we all know how that turned out.

        You know I have an observation or a working theory: the Declining power has the money to buy the latest equipment but doesn’t know how to use it. Speaking of Napoleon, Spain bought new guns for their soldiers. The soldiers fired a single volley then dropped their guns because they were startled by the noise of the weapons. Napoleon won that one.

        Napoleon’s greatest victory occurred at Austerlitz. His enemy assembled a great host of Aristocrats leading medievally organized military forces. Napoleon ended the Middle Ages at Austerlitz as he cut through the Medieval forces. It wasn’t that the Europeans weren’t aware of guns. It’s just that Napoleon knew how to use them.

        By the time WW2 rolled around France thought that they had seen it all and were the leading land power in Western Europe. They had a stronger Army than the Germans and had occupied the Rheinland ten years earlier. Just four years earlier Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland with soldiers on bicycles. What had changed?

      • …Which is why I blow off “sightings” of “Planet-X.” There are millions of amateur astronomers, at least 330,000 of whom own or have the use of telescopes of significant power, that a planet or planetoid-sized object could not exist inside Saturn’s orbit without being spotted, and likely couldn’t exist within about 2 light years of Earth without having been discovered & plotted. I suppose it is possible that a “Nibiru” COULD have an orbit which puts it out halfway to Alpha Centauri, but it would still eventually be either the line on someone’s photograph or the shadow across someone’s star field. And “yes,” I too own a 4″ Unitron (because I’d prefer to see things for myself, than to trust others’ words…)

        That also means neither our, nor anyone else’s government could hide a “heavenly body” because the amateurs would be all over it. They already spot the majority of the “near Earth” flybys…

      • “I always found looking for heavenly bodies more productive in bars than telescopes”


        You never used a telescope in a bar!??

    • “The turn around time for a ship to cross the distance from China to Taiwan is measured in days.”

      I think you underestimate their would be days if they use a row boat..hours with the ships they have now.

      • I assume he’s counting loading turnaround. The Taiwan Strait is between 86 and ~125 nautical miles wide, so would be a 5-hour trip for a fully-laden transport…

  11. A great stock market buying opportunity is ahead in 2022. Negative interest rates will be seen & 5 trillion in cash is available to go into the market. What a deal. Inflation is over. American industry will be converted to robotics & the internet of things. Much more efficient & will eliminate supply chain & transportation problems. Old America couldn’t handle a pandemic, like the market couldn’t handle the 1987 crash. That was fixed with technology, so will our current supply chain problems. Go America!

  12. I don’t think anybody does ‘Winter War’ better than the Russians: the French and the Germans would be in full agreement with this statement……

    • Unless it was a drone war.. or a hemp..
      We seen the commotion over a small snowstorm in texas..a hemp with our industrial system off shored and police defunded would send us back to the stone age in my opinion. People today won’t walk across the street..
      Let nature take its course..come in the spring as the survivors did see just how fast cuba welcomed china.
      The way I see it.. our politicians are using adolph’s playbook..get the mass of people dependent on Gov’t to provide their daily means.. this could be played in reverse..that small snowstorm showed just how fragile our country is.. give the population six months of hell.. with our leaders locked below in their bunkers. I think The surviving people would openly accept their rescuers. There would be law and order in a land thats despirate and police systems that have been dismantled by our leadership.. food and shelter. Leaving those in the bunker system at their mercy. Since we all know they know where everything is..

  13. All — and ALL those we complain about are alive and hopefully enjoying their ill gotten fruits. ;-(

    Hitler committed suicide and Stalin died by himself in his bedroom. Enough said. CHOSE TO THINK.

    I’ve studied enough history to know that “sheep will remain sheep no matter how they might blare.”

    Have a blessed holiday, every one of YOU, amen!

    • Ok, so what do you THINK the reason was for Klaus Schwab’s and Christine Legarde’s trip to Antactica this month? What could it possibly mean? Antarctica may be in it Summer but it’s not typically a sightseer’s paradise, especially for these two.

      • “Ok, so what do you THINK the reason was for Klaus Schwab’s and Christine Legarde’s trip to Antactica this month?”

        Bill, I do not THINK about conspiracies since I have concerns about my own short term future involving walking and maintaining my own independence.

        My THINKING is more abt. the universe, god, my life, and “to be or not to be” in case of invalidism. ;-(

      • Lol lol… I asked someone …
        A few weeks ago a few of us were sitting around cracking open a few bottles of wine..
        I knew one knew for sure what was found.. so I asked..hey what did they find on the ice..
        He said ..unfortunately I can’t tell you…
        From the look he had it has to be really good.. give it time we will all see a story that they are busy spending hundreds of millions to discredit.. then we will know for sure..

  14. The war coming will be a USA civil war. Over multiple divisive issues in different parts of the country. Including roving gangs foraging for food in areas less than half a tank from the cities. As in Bosnia, households of less than half a dozen simply do not survive. And those with the most resources get attacked first.

    Both Russia and China understand this:

    Do not disturb your enemy while he is making a mistake—Lao Tzu

    Both Russia and China are watching slack jawed while the USA continues to worsen its “hold my beer” moment as the consequences of its actions just gets worse and worse. It’s a scenario deteriorating into a situation so horrible it is difficult to look away.

    Write when you find something in the USA that is not failing.

    • Equador will suffer just like THE US, probably more,, if this unlikely situation occured. Expats will become targets of the population expats currently exploit & the police.

    • “Both Russia and China are watching slack jawed while the USA continues to worsen its “hold my beer” moment ”

      Both Russia and China are watching slack jawed while the USA continues to commit social, financial, geographic, and geopolitical suicide.

      Fixed that for you…

      Understand, your ex-pat status affords you a prime seat in the peanut gallery, but it doesn’t buy you a reprieve from our fate — merely time to prepare before war comes both within, and without Ecuador.

      Prepare now, or suffer like our city-dwellers later…

  15. “Over the weekend, (the good) Joe – Manchin – did something few in Washington have the testiculos to do: Voted his conscience and said “No!” to slow blow’s socialist shit show.”

    Again, don’t bet on Manchin. He’s not necessarily less Leftist than other Democrats. What he IS, is the Democratic Senator in a State that’s more than half conservative in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, and other places where commie professors congregate, and very nearly 100% conservative, once you get away from these towns. I mean, I love the State Capitol building, actually ran into Mary Lou Retton there once, but IMO Charles’ Town is not a place I’d live…

    • Also, don’t believe the Biden suicide spending bill is dead, until we find out whether Nasty Nancy is in possession of Manchin’s control file…

  16. a little more of the hoppuim from Durham investigation
    technofog has been good in digging through court documents for his findings

    and I do quote him:
    “Did you catch that? I’ll emphasize:
    The Hillary Clinton Campaign and its employees are subject to “matters before the Special Counsel.” ”

    this is the link in technofogs article for the court document, filed 12/17/2021

    just a little buttered popcorn for the movie “FISAGATE”

    also fresh off the street after the parade,, G Maxwell is rumored to start singing if she goes down, naming names,, of horse this is street news hopium, but I will wait and see.

    • She will catch a case of “Clinton Laryngitis” or she’ll hang herself, before that happens. The gal has the ‘nads of kings, tyrants, Sheiks, and “church royalty” of every major religion on the planet, in her own personal bench vise, as well as Messrs. Clinton and Gates, and (literally) God only knows who else of the “rich & powerful” class.

      Somebody has created a bunch of white-hot control files, and Ms. Maxwell owns the key…

  17. Think about Black Tuesday and a limit-down.

    “Black Tuesday was Oct. 29, 1929, and it was marked by a sharp fall in the stock market, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) especially hard hit in high trading volume. The DJIA fell 12%, one of the largest one-day drops in stock market history.”

  18. Hey George, make sure you remind people that CHRISTmas for Russians is Jan 7 this year, NOT our Western Dec 25. That means CHRISTmas eve is Jan 6. Just want to keep facts straight.

  19. Heres a last minute gift idea…
    Give someone a hammer saw nails and wood and he can build something..
    Give them a well drilling rig and they can have clean water..
    A chicken they have eggs a goat meat and milk..
    One year I sent a earth block press to build a school SAS nd medical center.. ( do much cheaper to send to another country rather than the usa.. I got one to and felt like I was bent over without my lol)
    Anyway it’s the gift of doesn’t take much either..

  20. “Unless the Biden administration came gin-up a good lie, locked-in America will not generate the taxable income needed to service the National Debt. ”

    Hmm I dont think that will happen.. would there be enough to tax..
    They would have to tax all incoming products.. tax all the trillions being hidden out if taxing corporations outsourcing jobs.
    Th he way it is setup…they win either way..
    A chess game very well played.. their just waiting to say.. check and mate..

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