Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia

My latest adventures in the world of medicine – like a recent nuclear treadmill test – have lit a series of interesting linkages.  This morning we raise some fascinating questions about prophesy, the role of hypoxia, and then wonder is sleep apnea exists to “pave the way” into our personal future.

This may seem like woo-woo but it’s really more “science behind the woo-woo” stuff.

A few headlines and the morning ChartPack get us into a summer weekend mood.

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76 thoughts on “Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia”

    • E, yes quite a chewer on all the ‘see into the future stuff’, but the biased bashing continues…
      The Clinton ‘Greedsters’ balanced the Budget and erased the Deficit:

      Europe has cheaper gas than U.S.? France $8.27, Hong Kong, $11.35
      Wow, G, you are more full of monkey poop every day!

      Friends and myself have all had precogs (dreams before the event) some on news events, some on just personal events. Most happen within 7 days, some over 50 yrs (my sister dreamt the sky was red as a child living in CA, fast forward 2020/21, sky in San Fran red from faraway fires)

      • “The Clinton ‘Greedsters’ balanced the Budget and erased the Deficit:”

        Any salesman can take your income and skew the numbers to reflect a positive balance @C… when in reality it’s just arithmetic magic..
        Similar to the three fishermen story.. out fishing and decide to get a camping spot .. the kid at the counter wasn’t sure the price and the three fishermen each gave ten dollars.. later the manager came back and said no the price is 25… so here is five dollars go give the three the five dollars.. on his way over..the kid isn’t sure how to split the five dollars among the three fishermen.. so he stuck 2 dollars in his pocket and gave each of them a dollar.. 10-1=9×3=27+2=29…. where did the dollar go there was a surplus ..

      • Clinton also gave Red China the technology to make their rockets fly straight and true. Maybe it was a little applet stuck somewhere in the super computers’ tool set. Oh joy! Now their birds can make it all the way to USA!

        Biden wasn’t the first Traitor in Chief.

      • @ George Ure

        What she didn’t mention, because she doesn’t know, because she’s not smart enough to do more than scrape talking points and copy arguments from other Leftists, is petrol in Ure-up and the Westernized Pac-Rim is price-controlled at between a buck-60 and about $2.35 per litre, via a “variable tax” which changes in percentage as necessary, to maintain a static pump price. I honestly don’t know what France and Hong Kong’s fuel prices were two years ago, but $8.27 and $11.35 respectively, would not be unreasonable numbers for 2020.

        I guess she thinks Newt Gingrich was a Clintonista, too.

        This is why I don’t play with trolls. They’re disingenuous, dishonest, and narcissistic. They don’t post to help or inform, but to get an angry or emotional rise out of another poster, because the troll gets off on pissing other people off.

      • loob, thx for the business insider link, bringing attention to Bush’s tax cuts (the largest ding to the defict shown in your chart link)

        Ray, sorry you think I can’t select from a drop down menu, but of course you must curse and discredit those providing facts, as usual, haven’t you noticed your meds turn you into a bully?

        world gas prices, in dollars:

  1. I found (at least) one Cayce story to be absolutely impossible to explain via the usual “vague language of horoscopy” and the “generalistic bull-roar inference-generating talk” of religious predators and carnival crystal-ball gazers.

    I don’t have a link, but see if you can find the tale of Cayce and some stuff called, “oil of smoke.” It’ll thrill the little hairs on the back of your neck.

    Thumbnail: he did a medical reading for a woman that prescribed a druggist supplied old-timey preparation called “oil of smoke.” She went to several druggists, and was unable to find it. Cayce granted a second reading, and described precisely where a long-forgotten bottle was on a back shelf, hidden in a little dark place behind some other bottles of nearly never-used old stuff, in a certain specific drugstore.

    Yes, it was there. And it cured her condition.

    One of those impossible to ascribe to random chance or luck. If “cause and effect” be a True Principle, then a “seeing” is the only explanation — other than collusion, which there is zero reason to suspect.

    The full fine details of the story are most impressive, and quite impossible to easily dismiss.

    Sometimes it is much harder work to DISbelieve something, than to merely accept the obvious Truth of it.

  2. “Prophecy”

    Search for Art Bell Somewhere in Time on tonight’s radio. Last weekend Art was queuing a guest who claimed to have actually spoke to space aliens. Some U.S. military guy. I guess we know how that went. The show was originally recorded in 1996. Some of the callers think the end of the world is coming in the year 2000. It’s all real to them. Chupacabras and everything else.

      • Seriously? The last one I didn’t buy was “like new – museum quality” and went in the $1800 range…

      • Ure turning into Joe Walsh! He has like nine complete ham stations from the major tube players… Hallicrafters, Heath, Drake, etc. All you need now is the Hollywood mansion to display a ham rig in every room!

      • “He only wants $3,500 and it has all it’s tubes!”

        Yeah, but he’s selling it “for parts…”

        Whenever I buy anything like that 88, even if it’s nothing more elaborate than an HQ120X or SX-100, I drive to where it is, give it a (powered) once-over, and strap it onto a viscoelastic foam mat. That was how I got hooked on shopping salvage. Even in the Jetta I’d often not save a dime on shipping, but I also didn’t have any electronics or machines break in-transit.

  3. “the role of hypoxia, and then wonder is sleep apnea exists to “pave the way” into our personal future.”

    ?????…. I love my c-pap….do you need one.. when they did my sleep study. I asked if it went ok..yup did good.. got home and the oxygen guy was waiting for me..
    I asked him what was up..he said..didn’t they tell you. I was the worst they had ever seen..O2 sats dropped too 68 and I would we every fifteen seconds..
    Seriously though If you need one let me know. I have a backup unit and will send it to you..
    It’s set for me you’d have to have a respiratory specialist set it.. ( my friend told me how to save a couple hundred plus another sleep study)

    Best sleep you’ll ever eyes fostered shut the first night lol lol I slept so good..

  4. I really think you are on to something George.

    First, for any readers that have not read “Packing To Die,” do yourself a favour and buy, borrow or steal a copy and read it. It is an easy and entertaining read.

    I had 2 events yesterday that seem pertinent to today’s column. First, I had a follow up visit with the chief neurologist at the hospital I spent a couple of days at 2 months ago for apparent stroke. Although the MRI did not show convincing evidence, the doctor feels that it was a minor, short term event that could have been worse if I was not in excellent health. What was amazing for me was that she brought up on her screen the full MRI and CT Scan digital images and went through them with me in detail.

    My brain at 80 is certainly not as sharp (or as large) as it was in my youth, but to look at the complexities of this organ from every angle with a trained professional is truly amazing. She was able to show me minuscule imperfections, calcified arterial plaque and a basket of other things I did not understand at all. She confirmed the plaque was probably a result of past lifestyle sins (smoking, over eating) combined with the aging process but no indication of plaque progression today.

    We have reached a point where we have studied the physical brain to extreme but I think we are just at the front edge of studying its chemical and electrical functioning as it pertains to learning, dreaming, death and the soul. This column today is helping pioneer that.

    George, I had a second event yesterday that I am going to send you a personal email on. It may give some support for your hypoxia thesis. You can decide if it is worth sharing with your readers.

    Thank you for allowing such a wide range of subjects and opinions on this site. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, know the shit show that is coming very soon. We are fortunate to have this forum to discuss it and get all points of view.

  5. “With all do respect:We don’t often refer to a sitting president as an effing tool”

    I wouldn’t use tool as a descriptor..
    If the allegations are true… ( which we will never know but suspect is.. there’s to many agencies playing bury the turds)
    But if those serious allegations have any truth then there’s a new description of the family…that will go down in history.. or .maybe the way the turd cover patrol are doing he may be referred to as Saint Joe and Hunter as the kid wonderful…lol

    • The office SHOULD be due respect, though it’s been dishonored. The tool on the hill is not. I used to believe that Brandon was just a decrepit and demented fool shoved into office via Dominion for the purpose of pushing the stupid “woke” agenda and dethroning the USA. I trusted(and still do) that Obama is his immediate supervisor and Obama is slave to some darker authority(maybe WEF?). I’ve changed my mind about Brandon though. Brandon deliberately deceived us by appearing to be an idiot and is still playing that card. Every move is choreographed to be a somewhat deniable “mistake”, like withdrawing as he did from Afghanistan, mandating injections of unknown substances, outlawing Russian oil, cancelling oil leases, and committing untold billions of our treasure to a lost cause in Ukraine. In fact, the old geezer is as bad as Soros in his hatred for everything our country stands for. The fact that there’s not even been one attempt to impeach him speaks volumes for the corruption in Congress. The deception is amazing, like a Masters level chess game. Whatever passes for “news” is simply distracting nonsense. The latest gambit of calling this Sunday “National Independence Day” is quite obviously an attempt to confuse and reduce national pride in our history. I know black people who think the same way.

      Now Congress is being blackmailed into passing some sort of gun restrictions – yet to be fully determined. No doubt, if that thing passes, school shootings will stop for a while, since they’ll no longer be needed. They want to pass something before they go on their July vacation because they don’t have the balls not to.

      • “The fact that there’s not even been one attempt to impeach him speaks volumes for the corruption in Congress”

        What surprises me..@NM Mike…NO ONE AT ALL.. is even voicing a disagreement to the plan of action being implemented..
        Maybe they finally got a clue about the COG and national security bills they so eagerly voted for are filled with BS to undermine the system and the rights of the people and place them in a precarious position..

    • “Tool” is exactly correct.

      A “tool” is any device which is used as a force-multiplier or work multiplier. Creepy Joe is neither bright, nor original. Neither is Obama. Soros was doing most of Obama’s thinking for him but I suspect he’s too old to be doing so for Biden. My guess is whomever is on the other end of the strings is one of Soros’ lieutenants, or (most likely) the person from whom Soros was getting his instructions. I’m also guessing an NSA-level surveillance of Susan Rice would yield some interesting information…

      • “Maybe it’s not the wizard behind the curtain..”

        Um, no.

        Go back and read up on the 2008 Democratic “primary season.”

        You will discover that a few weeks before the Convention, Hillary was $20mln in the hole and she and Obama were still slugging it out on the campaign trail because neither had the nomination bagged. Both were making multiple daily “whistle-stop” appearances, all over the country. Suddenly and in the midst of this, they both disappeared for two days.

        They both showed up at the 2008 Bilderburglar / CFR / TC election year hoedown within minutes of each other. After a couple days back on the “campaign trail” Hillary announced she was suspending her campaign.

        The orders foist on the candidates were:

        1) Hillary would halt her campaign and throw her support to Obama. In exchange for doing so

        2) the Obama Campaign would pay off Hillary’s campaign debt, and

        3) Hillary would be the anointed one for 2016.

        This is also why the REAL PTB have been up The Donald’s ass since 2015. By winning, Trump seriously screwed up The Plan. By being an actual leader, governing as a solid conservative (even though he’s not one), AND by telling the CFR crowd to GFS, he screwed their plans up even more, and pissed them off. THIS is why they can’t afford for Trump to win another Presidential Election, and why he’ll be arrested about this time next year, without evidence of wrongdoing, to taint or kill any possible 2024 Presidential run, and assassinated or suicided if that doesn’t work.

        Don’t ever think someone named Bush, Clinton, or Obama is running the show. They’re soldiers, just like a goodly number of the career bureaucrats and fools, and they understand disobedience leads to brake failure on their kids’ car, or personal despondence and despair, followed by suicide via nail gun.

  6. “question is really more ephemeral:  Can a crypto collapse take down the world economy? ”

    It’s possible.. totally depends on how many cherish a fantasy currency.. I cleared a room once with a bubble poppin…

  7. Rooty toot toot – I be the bandicoot, putting money Ure pocket and smile on my rat like face.

    G – darkness, danger,darkness..

    No shitski’s kemosabe – at 1000 kraines dead a day, the loosh buffet is stacked! – things be getting real real – real fast over there..

    I urge any/all readers to listen to mr Lira – he speaketh truths you will never here regards the Russia v Ukraine and whats cooking..
    pres. gaga’s handlers have doubled down on greater racial discord, greater economic disparities, constantly celebrating sexual perversions and trans humanism = the Wests greatest Virtues! go slo!

    Why does all that matter – The WORLD sees America for it IS, has become = A plague upon the human race that will not stop expanding until it is stopped by force of arms. And they are ready to die to see to it that the joe biden and ilk never get their filthy claws on their children.

    Z marks the spots .

  8. I read the Strassman book when it first came out and have it in my collection. He has interesting scientific info, but the actual experience of DMT in an Ayahuasca setting is far beyond what he could document in the book. Are the entities real? Who knows? Are we? These are serious questions, and limiting access to the answers is no doubt, part of the reason that psychedelics in general were outlawed as ferociously as they were back in the latter 20th century. Even today, the DEA is playing whack-a-mole with designer variants, rather than simply allowing for responsible use by the small percentage of the populace that actually dares to explore this space. Most “drug” problems are from addiction, and psychedelics are not addictive at all. Some, including DMT, can be terrifying.

    Aldous Huxley and friends explored hypoxia and hypercapnia to induce altered states. I’m not aware of any insights they got from their work, but the recent studies validate the process. Whether or not it’s “safe” is still in doubt. Whether or not this method is valid for remote viewing is also.

    I’ve had disturbed sleep for a while, though the last few nights have been blissful, but I needed a great deal of sleep. I did find that more than a touch of ALCAR and especially any hup-A can be very troubling, so I’m sworn off for now. Just my personal metabolism. Others do better with these things, but the brain is not to be trifled with.

    I did find a very interesting retracted study:

    Just because a study was retracted doesn’t mean it’s wrong(or right). There’s a lot of interesting thought there regardless. I wonder what others think. I’ve saved it and some others from the same source for further study. It relates to a postulated unknown dimension that DNA connects with, and a concept called “Dark DNA”.

    • There is absolutely no way I’d ever go the Ayahuasca route. If there’s anything in life I absolutely hate to do it’s toss my toenails. It’s just not worth it. Shrooms are my aspirations.

  9. Where are all your crypto bulls today? Maybe helping put in the bottom of this ponzi scam.

    • Never really a crypto bull, but still I have bought some and continue to dollar cost into some. But my reasons are not investment reasons. I want to support ideas that lead us away from a centralized politician controlled currency and the self serving, corrupt people that print it. So I take some chances with bitcoin because it still seems possible to have a shared currency that is not controlled by governments nor giant financial evesdroppers. So yes, BC has had a bad run and maybe it fails, but if something new comes up to replace its function, I might participate again. We the people are the only ones that will ever tear some control back of being able to save, so risks have to be taken.

  10. For the last two weeks gasoline in my area has priced over $5.25 up to $5.39. I paid $5.39/gal last fill.

    Today I topped off at $5.11/gal. $51.00 if that’s a ‘topper’. I checked GasBuddy and gasoline can be had for $4.99 in my area.

    I think gasoline is a leading indicator. If there is an irrational 1,000 handle rip on the DOW I’d say new lows before the end of the quarter otherwise we climb a wall of worry until the collapse. The overall masses do not understand how doomed we are.

    Did you read anything about big clearance sales? Consumers are following the tsunami wave into open credit markets buying plastic air fryers.

    We want to buy the good stuff next year.

  11. EVERYBODY I know who went into a sleep study ended up with a CPAP order. They shut my wife’s down after the first half because there was zero indication of apnea. Went back to the ordering doctor and the test recommendation was to put her on a CPAP.

    Sleep Studies are just the paperwork to sell you and your insurance company a CPAP.

  12. On the Hypoxia subject.
    I do know by experience that one’s breathing is dampened down, sometimes exceedingly, during deep meditation and when involved in remote viewing.

  13. Yup,,, after I made my first post about Pedo Joe , I went and did some chores then came back to the Gateway and saw this

    I did not see the future, I just see the repeating pattern,,,,,,

    watch the video you Biden voters, you are few ,, we, the silent/moral majority, know the election was stolen and we are going to get OUR country back.
    yup, ole Joe got more ballots than voters, shit just does not add up correctly! must be that new math they been a teachin our younguns,
    1 for you and 2 for me,, if a man/woman will lie to you, they will steal your vote, let our borders go to hell, send billions to the totally corrupt Ukraine regime and get kick backs to their vote stealing pockets. Billions of your $, the father muckers are stealing also
    Are you prepared for the STORM

  14. Sorry to hear that CBS’ “Late Night” Triumph the Insult Comic Dog actor and 6 associates were arrested in the Capitol building on Thursday evening for alleged trespassing.

    Today, Saturday, with no official events showing on the White House public schedule, Reuters has reported on WH dog Commander accompanied by a cycling President Biden on the Rehoboth Beach, De. boardwalk. Perhaps startled by pleasant greetings from a group of wellwisher beach people, Mr. Biden gracefully fell off his bike. Thankfully there were no injuries and the presidential entourage reportedly proceeded onwards to the Biden Beach House.

  15. Welp. Speaking of seers Ms. Kelly did another Look-See and after seeing all kinds of crap going on through the Fall she jumped ahead to February and things were cool, calm and collected. The comparison was so sharp she went backwards to see what had happened and got only one word –


    For Christmas.

    The feeling that came with it was that someone, some group, had had enough of the Bidenistas and finally put a halt to their idiocy. It was marshal law throughout the land but people were more than OK with it.

    Sign me up.

  16. The other day you mentioned earthquakes.

    Drudge says there was an earthquake in Georgia.

    “Rare 3.9 maq quake jolts Georgia…”

    You should develop that superpower. You’re good at it.

  17. HHB tip:

    George — Question:

    What function does a drill press serve?

    It lets you “press” a drill through the material you’re drilling, much better and more-easily than a hand drill, and allows for precise regulation of both drill speed and pressure.

    So, what if you need to drill something horizontally, like, say, a trailer tongue, so you can tap a grounding screw where one never before existed?

    I thought it might work — in fact it was much better than I’d expected. I used a bar clamp (not one of those toys with the grip-adjust, but a real Pony beam-clamp with a screw {crank} adjust.)

    I clamped the bar under the tongue with a grip-clamp and used the bar to support my drill. Using a #25 cobalt bit, it took me about 15 seconds to drill through the steel using a constant torque on the clamp’s screw. It was amazing! The last time I did this, by hand, it took nearly 20 minutes and cost two really achy shoulders. I tapped it 10-24 and I used copper washers under the screw head.

    • I wish I’d had something like that a couple of years ago when the upper buckle on the three point hitch broke when I was bouncing over a cattle guard. The lower hardened steel pin was 1″ in diameter and stuck in the loop that was part of the tractor’s differential casting. Not enough room between the back tires and the pin to hammer it out and I doubt it would have moved anyway after being in place for 30+ years. I managed to use a saws-all and several blades to cut the pin off flush with the loop face and that made enough room to get my hammer drill in on top of the pin with drill bit in place. The problem that presented itself next was the fact that pin was so danged hard no drill I had would make much of a dent in it other than center punch it. So off to the nutz-n-boltz store I went and they pointed me to a tungsten steel 1″ bit that set me back 30 some-odd dollars if I remember correctly.

      Now that I had the mother of all bad-ass drill bits that the ranch had ever seen I set to work drilling through an inch of hardened steel made back when they were serious about it. Wedging myself into the space between the tire and the object of my efforts I set the drill on hammer function and started my journey. It took a month, literally, two triggers for the drills and two drills as I burned them up to finally get to the other side of that pin where I could finally move it with a punch and hammer it out. I still have that damned pin on the work bench as a trophy. It must have been inserted in the factory while the differential casting was still hot because its replacement from Tractor Supply slipped right in and had a little room to spare and not because I gouged the casting at all. The old pin was a hollow tube by the time that drill bit got finished with it and the bit looked as good as the day I bought it. Tungsten steel is amazing.

      • Didn’t need that picture today. My job list is:

        1) “Replace 1-inch hardened pin on Ford’s 3-point…”

        Notice there isn’t a #2…

      • Nope, I’m sure your schedule’s going to be clear for a while. If I had to do it all over again I’d have cut the right side of the pin off as, being right handed, it would have made things a little easier – as long as there isn’t anything in the way on that side. If your pin is like mine, though, there’s no easy way to do it. I thought about a torch but, on second thought, if I messed that big cast transaxle up I’d turn that entire tractor in to a parts pile in a heartbeat. It did NOT do my carpel tunnel condition any favors!

      • “I bet you’ll be able to lecture for hours on longshore and stevedore language tomorrow”

        ‘Depends on how many times my hands and fingers get in the way of large, ungainly hammers and wrenches, and whether the pry bar slips…

    • “So, what if you need to drill something horizontally, like, say, a trailer tongue, so you can tap a grounding screw where one never before existed?”

      I have done that several times.. Now.. I don’t own the tool.. but a friend of mine.. and old retired.. ( well hes tired.. ) army colonel has one..

      • That is awesome, and may end up on my tool-slut list… But what if you’re drilling stainless or bronze?

    • There’s a War On Food (WoF) being waged by those who would control us through food souorces.

      And the indigents in the WH have no clue – or are participative.

      • They aren’t participating, except by strategically-locating certain small groups of illegal aliens.

        I’m hoping the Kansas Department of Agriculture does an autopsy on some of those dead cow-critters. I’m betting it’ll show they all stroked-out. The herd-wide stroke will be blamed on the heat-wave, and not an ultrasonic transducer (sorry, all the animals in a certain area do not simultaneously die unless they are intentionally killed — look at the pix!)

      • My first thought was to blame the DS pyschos for these torchings of food facilities. But now I think it’s as likely being done by the young illegal males from unfriendly countries who have vowed to take us down from the inside. Or it could be the DS hiring those illegals for their own food control purposes. Whatever, these events are not coincidences and could possibly extend to destruction of our infrastructure soon enough.

      • Didn’t the reports on the one in Texas say there were some people seen that they thought set the fire?

  18. The Criminal Order Beneath the ‘Chaos’ of San Francisco’s Tenderloin

    The epicenter of the political earthquakes rattling San Francisco’s progressive establishment is a 30-square-block neighborhood in the center of downtown known as the Tenderloin. Adjacent to some of the city’s most famous attractions, including the high-end shopping district Union Square, the old money redoubt of Nob Hill, historic Chinatown, and the city’s gold-capped City Hall, it is home to a giant, open-air drug bazaar.

  19. Housing Crash Imminent: As Mortgage Rates Explode Price Cuts Soar And Buyer Demand Collapses

    A little over a month ago, when mortgage rates were still “only” 5% we shared several devastating anecdotes from real estate agents and industry execs who validated our worst fears: US housing was imploding…

    Fast forward to this week when things have gone from worse to catastrophic, because with 30Y mortgage rates soaring at the fastest pace on record to above 6%, or levels last seen just before the housing bubble burst…

  20. Bernie Sanders signals he’d support Biden in 2024

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hinted he would support President Joe Biden if he pursues reelection in 2024.

    The senator stressed he would not mount a primary challenge against Biden if he runs for reelection and noted that he believes the president will seek a second term despite concerns about his age and lackluster approval rating.

  21. I was looking at making a buck sponsoring displaced Ukies. Sponsoring is cost to the sponsor.

    “President Biden has announced that the United States will welcome 100,000 Ukrainians and others seeking safety …”

    International Immigration Forum says:

    “Those hoping to sponsor will be required to declare their financial support and pass security background checks.”

    The form:

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