ShopTalk Sunday: BTC Note, Power Carving & A Course in Magick

A Sunday Financial note:  the price of Bitcoin dropped to $17,986.50 overnight as the digital tulip wilt continues in the summer heat. Because the stock market is locked in a decline mirroring the 1929 -1933 collapse to a high level, we therefore anticipate a continuing decline before a washout in a week or several.

Problem is, this will be only a third wave bottom.  Since major impulsive moves in markets usually roll five waves, our long-term expectation is that following the Wave 3 washout and a violent summer rally, we will be in position for a collapse to levels around 20-25 percent lower than present by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

At some price point (being argued on the net) the cost of mining a new BTC will drop below present valuations.  When this occurs, miners will have no incentive to remain in the mining business.  Good – in that the horrific energy costs of the digital tulip mania will moderate.  But Bad because the public ledger could disappear.

We’re watching all of this closely and noticing that it’s not the BTC that was ever such a bad-ass problem.  It was when greed and LEVERAGE entered the picture.  Resultiong in price distortions.

With margin calls ahead, we should not be surprised as more stock and bond liquidations occur just ahead in order to fund leveraged positions in BTC, many of which are now upside down, by our reckoning.

Tulip-like delusions always fail, as we have said from the get-go.  Which is why we have never owned a “wallet” and remain, even now “pure bloods.”

When so-called Big News is a cover operation for another monetization, we sagely run the other way!

On Power Carving and Creativity

Deeper thinking seems to prevail this week, as evidenced by the Saturday Peoplenomics report on the likely progressive link between aperea, DMT release, and deep prophetic (lucid) dream states.  Today, mood-following points us back out to the shop.  But in a much more reflective and contemplative way.

You see, the “Making Arts” involve the interplay between spirit, bicameral mind (read Jaynes if you haven’t) and consciousness.  Before engaging in an artistic work, it’s useful methinks to understand a bit about how Art is brought to nominal world.

For years, I studied the “alchemical arts” with the objective not to accrue power or great wealth.  Rather it was to understand the processes by which Creation (Creator)”creates.”  Still working on it.

Process, you see, is the Grand Marshal of human advancements.  Sure, you might be the odd “one-off” advancement – like an accidental fire, perhaps.  But the BIG changes don’t come until?  Process provides for knowledge-sharing.

I’ve stumbled through life, therefore, with a kind of “process Grimoire” between the ears.  “What was the process by which [so and so] wrought into existence on this wakened plane of Reality?

It’s a marriage of the “inner mind” and the “outer world” in the magician’s mind.  Some mixture of Divine Trinity of an idea (Father, Son, and Essence in this case).  So, to “carve a bear” therefore, we need to focus on Father Bear, Son of Bear, and the very Yellowstone-ish Essence of Bear aspects.

Once the “ideal bear” forms in your head, you are ready to hit the “small projects workstation” (in my case, Ure’s Hobby Shop) and address the toughest part of Magick.

Ring-Pass Not

“Which has what to do with work in the shop?” you are no doubt puzzling.

While most men go lusting for money, or other difficult goals, I’ve enjoyed my life by constantly trying to “Grease the skids of Creation.”

Understand that, when I decided, a few weeks back to “Carve a Bear” for STS this week, I had the luxury of some time to first build the idea.  Empowering any new physical “thing” with aspects of Father, Son, and Essence of Creation, though, is not enough.  That’s just thinking about “fixing to get ready.”

In the traditions of the Theosophists any worthy “Work” begins with the faintest and most vaporous of ideas. Down at the notion or hunch level to begin.

As you focus on the Creation of a thing, the additional headwork (the inner work) focuses adding more Father, Son, and Essence in order that the desired Work is properly Condensed.

As the Work Condenses, you see, it’s like a cloud.  First, a clear fertile mind attracts (senses) Ideas.  Then, just as saturated clear air condenses into droplets, so too the Bear carving began to take place in my head. A bit foggy, however.

But the Final Step in human Creation is the threshold with the “inner vision” must cross the threshold and be birthed in the Waking World.

Most of my friends are accomplished Creators.  Ideas flow smoothly and indeed non-stop from their centered selves.  But for many people – those only recently freed to pursue their own Excellence of Creation – there is something like a mental Screen Door.

As the Theosophy Wiki explains over here:

The Ring Pass-Not, also known as the Circle Pass-Not, is an allegorical circle “within which are confined all those who still labor under the delusion of separateness”.[1] This separation is said to be set by the Lipikas. As Mme Blavatsky writes:

Those who have been called Lipikas, the Recorders of the Karmic ledger, make an impassible barrier between the personal EGO and the impersonal SELF, the Noumenon and Parent-Source of the former. Hence the allegory. They circumscribe the manifested world of matter within the RING “Pass-Not.”

Unless you have studied H.P. Blavatsky’s Treatise on Cosmic Fire, (Alice Bailey) it may not have occurred to you that humans have odd little check-valves in their spiritual constructs.  How else to prevent creative humans from thinking everything into being?  Or, going the other way, what keeps physical Reality from overwhelming each of us.  Hence, I generalize it as a kind of a spiritual I/O check-valve.

Once you learn to master the valve, then creativity goes up, and all notions of “work disappears” because we’re all starring in the same Global Documentary – and we all live happily acting “our parts…”

Sounds a bit deep, but it is Sunday, so why not?

Condensing a Bear

Other than the Major and I roughing out some pretend hydroplanes from cedar shingles, I did very little carving – or artwork – when young.

But I had seen enough people carving that the process was made clear.

  • Begin with an idea
  • Sketch the idea as saw cut lines onto wood
  • Remove lots of material by sawing on one plane.
  • (Be lazy, through in some “saw carving” with the blade.)
  • Resketch the sides you’ve just cut and power saw them off.
  • Finally, put a Kutzall Extreme router bit in place and “relief carve” what needs to go.  (Hold firmly because it’s very sharp and you don’t want it running up your arm.  Hold tools firmly – it’s like race car driving:  Totally in charge (hold on for dear life) and yet keep the hand loose so cuts can flow a bit… (or corners and drifting.)
  • When done, hopefully some of the “essence of the Bear” idea will still be around.

Step-by-Step, Then

We shall capture with a pen or pencil, that mental picture and just “pit it out there” on wood.  In this case, just a piece of 2-by-4. No point killing basswood or some choice (can you even get it anymore?) koa or other exotic wood.

Sketch the gnarly bear and off to the band saw!

No fingers missing after that, so now we consider what we have after cutting the sides down:

So now, we flip him up on edge and sketch the side view on.  Once we draw that in, back over to the band saw.  A pretty benign tool to use.

The next step is to rough out enough of the Bear so we can get a sense of what we’re looking at.

No, it’s not especially pretty yet.  But part of my difficulty being faced at this point was realizing that in my “mental rendering” I’d “condensed out” a good “front view” piece, but the sides would need a lot of work.

From here – with only subtraction of material as an option – a kind of “blocky Bear style” began to emerge.

The learning points?

  • This Bear actually has a little bit of essence to it. Not a lot.  My bad.
  • Blocky could be dispensed with in an hour or three devoted to additional burrs to really “relieve more wood” and get a much better feel visually.
  • My biggest takeaway was that when I was working “the inner rings,” I wasn’t conscious enough of the side views. Made a note to do more “side views” in dreams, as well.

I vowed (on discovering these personal pixelation issues, that I’d be more careful next time.

Still, for a 25-minute Pomodoro time block with markets open, it was a delightful distraction in Ure’s hobby shop.

As the Bear taught me, if you didn’t fully create mentally before building, just go with the flow and love the Nike positioning statement as it’s really better than average ad agency advice applicable in the shop.  Just Do It and Go With The Flow.

Sometimes it will all work out.  Because the “clouds of feeling” come across Ring Past Not, as Essence,  too.  Attached to the “crudely condensed Bear.”  Art is the holding and formulation of “idea triggers.”

For next level up, watch Jordy Johnson’s video Beginners Dremel wood carving. How to carve a woodspirit, Part 1. – YouTube.  Clever use of laying out the nose on the sharp side of the 4-by-4, huh?

Write when you get rich, (and wear a Kevlar carving glove on the hand that holds the carving!  And Stay Sharp!)

51 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: BTC Note, Power Carving & A Course in Magick”

  1. Nice work.
    Had a friend who whittled chains from pieces of dimensional lumber. When asked he would just say “I just cut away everything that doesn’t look like a chain.”. Mostly you would see pieces from anything from a chunk of 3/4 inch pine trim to a 12 foot piece of 6×6. He gave a beautiful necklace to a retiring friend that was the size of a tiny gold necklace. You had to hold it to the light to see it was made of wood. She was afraid to touch it without breaking it so after saying oh crap or something to that effect he took it and put it on her neck. I wonder how much time was spent with an Xacto scalpel and a magnifier. Amazing.
    Thanks for reminding me of him. He passed a couple years back.

  2. Hey george a bloke called Vladimir wants one of your psyoptic couch sessions . He has issues with American imperialism and crimes against humanity . Got evidence on a mile of things . He said no need to list them you are aware

      • April 16, 1862 was the day that Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, making April 16 Emancipation Day. Why do we need another holiday for the same event, celebrated on the day the news of emancipation reached Texas?

      • “Why do we need another holiday for the same event, celebrated on the day the news of emancipation reached Texas?”

        Hmm @olfart.. I believe that Govt..Just needed one more day off it is one day less that they have to face what is going on in our country….Seriously Congress couldn’t use Masterbating Monday , because that one is already in use.. and Poinsettia day is already a federal congressman’s holiday.. what did you really want them to go to work like everyone else.. heck drop it down from one hundred and seventy eight hours to one hundred seventy hours a year Well take off the hours for lunch and coffe breaks etc.. and they probably work 100 hours a year….Don’t you agree that that is more than enough for the hardest working congress in

      • “Why do we need another holiday for the same event, celebrated on the day the news of emancipation reached Texas?”

        and you can’t use B urn L oot M urder or Anti (american) Fa ( milies) or The accidental and tragic death of someone that was in the commision of a crime in a high crime traffic neighborhood by a member of the law enforcement over using his power.

      • Olfart, April 16 won’t work for a holiday because it’s right at tax time, and people might associate ruined holidays due to the federal tax impingement. Can’t have the natives riled up then!

        IMHO, this particular “holiday” is insane. Slaves came in all colors, though the majority were black. Even the blacks don’t know what to do with it, and associations such as “watermelon” just add to the racial divide, even though they’re historically legitimate.

        When will there be a holiday to celebrate the completion of the transcontinental railroad largely done with immigrants from China? Perhaps we should make Chinese New Year into a national holiday too. At least that one is less controversial and it also embraces the color red.

        We’re fast running out of days for federal employees to actually work!

  3. G -sadly Ure delusional skreeds regards BTC still ring painial. Yes leveraged Bulls are experiencing daisy chained margin calls&executions. Why you need BIG BALLZ to play Crypto with leverage, or no brainz, either way, we are witnessing market/price actions that clearly show just how dangerous leverage is. Obviously crypto – BTC specifically can and will again, act the same way going to the Up side. Will it test $4400????
    The point here – every “asset” out there is due a haircut..high and TIGHT.
    Gold will go 2 triple digits soonly, Silver to single digits, again. Will you be able to Buy phys Gold & Silver at these prices, ???

    But it is Fathers Day, a day to celebrate my own personal GREATNESS!

    Thank You, I know.

    Cheers Fathers..the Children Need your Love.

    * future leakypeaky…BTC & XRP ..with XRP being the “bankerz” crypto of choice.

    Got XRP ? ..dont ask – you cant buy it in US any more.

    ** von -Bama deal is very near breaking down and being exposed..DNA test (brit intel/claridge hotel)..born in Mombassa-then coastal protectorate of Kenya in 1960. The report on von obama and his alleged maternal grandmother – conclusively ruled out a relationship between the 2. Thereby ruling out claimed relationship to Stanley Ann Dunham, the alleged mother.

    Explosive report, digitized duh-ooh! NSA compromised bush the evil-surprise! – Snowden was able to access. This is what he used in hong kong wit Pooters to cut his deal. Guess who knew about all this and the report – von obama’s VP, basement bribem.

    -this required a BIG PAYOFF for the big guy – the paymasters were Ukrainian and the deal done in Kiev. whatwhatwhat Read that again.

    This is just ONE of the reasons why WH does not want Russians capturing Kiev. Also keep in the back of Ure minds…Russia knows ALL about Fraudulent Count in 2020.

    Welcome to the darkside ! It must be faced by everyone..eventually.

    Anyone interested in a Russian flashlight, best for looking under nasty slimy rocks, and into dark holes full of HATRED – like sortoro.

    • bcn,

      Zeus is probably on the other line to his albino opposite Pangur Bán of the 8th century and reincarnated for 21st century Cartoon Saloon’s “Irish Folklore Trilogy”. It allegedly began on Iona, “den of the brown bear”. Why are AI powerhouses patrons of such creator human-tooled critically acclaimed cartoon movies that lose big money at the box office? Why is George carving a bear that with considered adjustments might otherwise magically appear on a 3d printing press?

      By the way speaking of creation, I didn’t watch any of the proceedings, but the 1/6 Congressional hearings appeared to be ongoing today; on a holiday weekend no less. Hopefully the overtime hours are pensionable.

      Well, I bid all a good evening or to unplug and borrow a tweet from the illuminated folios of the Mr. Musk: “Cryptonight”. Let’s hope he’s not channeling a Lex Luthor 1930 replay episode.

  4. “How else to prevent creative humans from thinking everything into being? Or, going the other way, what keeps physical Reality from overwhelming each of us.”

    Keep your “check valve” in check.

    Because … the butterfly (effect) has flown and (the argument) has started …

    And we know how One Thing Leads To Another … listen …

    Which causes something like this …

    If all the world’s a stage, the Roman Empire is at play.

    Earplugs are still affordable.

    • Another celeb out of touch with reality, how orginal. Norris lives down the road from me and he used to come in to my nursery every week. This guy has at least 3 top of the line range rovers and just as many high end Mercedes. He would buy 5 Xmas trees every year, one for everyone of his kids room. Hardly the beacon of economic reality. Kinda of an arrogant chump as well.

      • I hear ya on that one.. working with people I have met quite a few celebs through the years.. most of whom are really arrogant and some down right obnoxious… but then there are a few really nice ones.. Redford is one of the really nice ones.. He likes home made buttermilk biscuits LOL.. super nice guy.. down to earth to .. at least he was when he crossed my path.. so was I can never remember his name .. he was moses though.. super nice guy.. my favorite one was Johnathan Winters.. dam he was funny.. his characters he played.. he did spur of the moment.. had lunch with him when he was making an xmas special.. dam I almost chocked on my lunch I was laughing so hard.. LOL LOL

  5. George that’s a cute little bear. When traveling in the US southwest I saw a bunch of chainsaw bears for sale. They were knee high or almost shoulder high. The creator painted parts of them black or dark brown to highlight features. The bears were meant for lawn ornaments. It’s on my bucket list to whittle tiny ones.

  6. First, paste some random travel photos to a wood background plank, then glue Bear to it. Take a high resolution of Traveling Bear, then auction it off as an NFT.

  7. After months of zero rain and clear skies(and raging winds) in beautiful NM, it started raining on Thursday and is likely to do so every day going forward! No doubt the ranchers will celebrate, as will the firemen. It’s the beginning of the monsoons two weeks early, and the season of mud, weeds, and humidity. So far this year, I’ve had no need for any kind of A/C, though I should probably run it for a bit just to circulate the oil and freon. I did get the roof I was working on watertight and mostly finished, FWIW. Now I’ll be stuck with inside projects again for fear of melting! Unfortunately, I might even have to start mowing at some point!

    Not all of us can visualize and will have to copy the bear from an image if we want one. The image can be constructed with a pencil and paper, but not visualized mentally.

    Apparently some great carvers can simply see the bear inside the wood in three dimensions and just remove anything that’s not a bear.

  8. “Deeper thinking seems to prevail this week, as evidenced by the Saturday Peoplenomics report on the likely progressive link between aperea, DMT release, and deep prophetic (lucid) dream states. ”

    Now does it give you lucid dreams.. I don’t have a clue.. ( I have had lucid dreams my whole life) but you will definately enjoy a good cup and some english muffins with honey drizzled all over them.. warmed with rich creamy butter.. yumm..
    a good snack just before bed and sleep like a baby.. put a little more perpermint tea in it..
    I think Chakra teas has a good one.. I personally like the blue lotus Tea..

    Dream Tea

    2 parts Mugwort Artemesia vulgaris
    2 parts Blue lotus flower petals Nymphaea caerulea
    1 part Passionflower Passiflora incarnata
    1 part Ginkgo leaf Ginkgo biloba
    ½ part Dried orange peel

    • So what kinda Worms you be dealing wit here Loobster?

      pin worms..very itchy ass, tape worm…me so hungry, bot fly worm..ouch?

      What ever be tormenting ya – Warning Gas Station Sushi – surely Mugwort Tea oughta take care of any intestinal worms. Mugwort no help with bot fly larvae, but they are ton of fun to try “catch” when they emerge from hole in Ure skin to grap a breath of air..gotta “snatch em” quick when they stick head out. As a component ingredient in home made Anti Lyme Tea – Mugwort rates a strong 7.5 – 8.5 on the medicinal herb “scale”.
      Personally, would be doing “Smooth Move” tea as part of “nip & tuck” go to bed ritual.

      Talk about AM power dumps..

      – Poop, there it is!

  9. “Kamala Harris is ‘honestly useless’ – US congresswoman
    Vice President Kamala Harris has been “honestly useless” at controlling the US border with Mexico, Republican Representative Mayra Flores (Texas) told Fox News earlier this week.
    Vice President Kamala Harris has been “honestly useless” at controlling the US border with Mexico, Republican Representative Mayra Flores (Texas) told Fox News earlier this week.”

    I found this interesting .. and totally wrong.. kammy does have value..
    Considering the family activities and the potential of deeper issues over allegations brought up over the laotop.. there needed to be someone to take the blame if there did happen to be a group of military aged army members smuggled across the border and supported harboring enemy of the states..
    I think by putting her in the driver’s seat is similar to gangs giving children guns smuggled across the border to commit crimes.. the ones that instigate the crimes the children commit walks free..

  10. Thanks Mr. Ure, here is a post from one of the obscure YT channels I peruse.. This is creativity, and skill, out in the dirt, with minimal tools.

    This is a 14 minute video by a guy in the Philippines, that builds model hydro electric dams, across small streams. Start to finish.. the guy is amazing,, for all the skills he has.. It starts out, with him doing “sloppy?” masonry,, but somehow he pulls it off,, and the thing works, looks great, and has festive lights?? A good 14 minutes for retired folks.. or those with National Holiday time.

    After you’ve watched it,, scroll down to the comments and look for some guy in kansas… ha ha

    also, it’s hard to see,, but he has motors on both sluice gates at the top, that adjust the water flow. amazing

    Hope the link works,, his site is Construction General

  11. “(can you even get it anymore?) koa or other exotic wood.”

    I don’t know of any local sources for a decent supply of Koa wood. You gotta have connections. Lots of ‘salvage’ and barter. I have a Koa furniture collection that has been salvaged in dismal condition, sanded down, repaired, and varathaned. One coffee table bought at a swap meet decades ago was looking ‘dry rot grey’ with a termite tunnel up one leg thru the top. It had been standing on soil in a garage for years. Got it for $50. Complete sand down, termite treatment and fill the holes. I discovered the top board was a single piece from a massive log! No laminated boards on the top. It is GORGEOUS! I’ve seen equivalent multi-board tables here priced around $5k, but I’ve never seen another made from a single massive board. I do have a trunk full of koa ‘ends’… small pieces acquired cheap that will be good for carving something significant… someday. Yeah… I treat Koa as ‘antique gold’ around here.
    There are custom wood furniture makers here that manage to produce tables, chairs, rockers, and massive bedpost bed frames out of Koa. The shops look like an art gallery of honey gold Koa, with prices into five digits. Stuff of Hawaiian Royalty.

      • And that’s for just a top, bottom, and two sides of a ‘guitar kit’ DIY!
        Nicely figured, though, the one you picked. Most locals seem to prefer the ‘curly’ Koa, which shimmers and shifts like a tiger eye stone as it moves in the light.
        For a few thousand shekels more, you can have a genuine ‘Kamaka’ instrument readymade for you:

      • Yeah – I thought that particular koa wood might sound best. Seeing as we both have “radio engineering disease” and have more rudiments of conventional physics than most, it just seemed to me (much as one would consider laminar plywood versus oriented strand board in in exterior (building) siding than linear grain orientations would be more predicable both in direct harmonics, but also in the predictability of their resonance spectrum off different frequencies.

        I have the same feelings about grains of other woods used in music. Specifically, then, we also note that Stradivarius’ own best-of-class “fiddles”. I’ve never seen any gnarly6 grains on a Strad, but who am I to pay attention to the works of such a master? Dam intuition, huh?

      • “you can have a genuine ‘Kamaka’ instrument readymade for you:

        WOW @Hank in Hawaii I would love to have cabinets made out of Hickory like that one on that site.. totally love that wood.. or the tiger wood.. ….
        we built a small table once years and years ago.. out of a birch.. this birch wood.. was cut down and in transporting it to be sawn.. sank into lake Michigan… the cost the gent paid was more than what I paid for the materials for my house at the time.. we got to keep the drop off.. and I make pens out of it.. still have a little bit to make about five more pens.. the tree was aged back to when it started to grow.. in 1400’s… I have a few old old old piano keys ivory to.. I wanted to make a pen out of it as well.. but.. ivory unless you have documentation on its age.. is questionable.. and I haven’t made a pen out of any of it..

      • Bottom and sides are meant to be ‘dead’ sounding but transmit well. That explains using curley/figured woods which are usually harder. Tops usually spruce. Some say that best sound boards are from the north side of a deep forest tree. Some makers also use ‘line count’ to talk about spruce quality, the closer the growth rings the better.

        This one has tight grain where the bridge attaches and flatish grain toward the edges,as opposed to more recent makers that use only quartersawn. Either it came from an odd shaped tree or it was sawed in a sort of ‘w’ shape and then flattened instead of split with a froe. An article I read years ago where researchers found using hplc/hpgc that some early makers used wood ash solution to treat spruce to be lighter.
        The back is maple, that figure is called ripple or fiddleback maple by woodworkers.
        Thanks for bringing up Stradivarius. In all the lore and print articles, I never realized that his instrument making was catered to the wealthy until looking this up. Everybody should inlay gemstones in their woodworking. If Jimi Hendrix played violin, would it get smashed and burned when he got tired of oncores?

        ps, I got a koa guitar from Taylor years ago when they scored a log from a fallen tree. The entire log was ripple grain. Sometimes I would show the back which was book matched when playing out but the only ones whose eyes pop out are the wood workers.

  12. After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse…

    The Western media did everything in its power to give the Ukrainian defense the appearance of far greater strength than it really possessed. Careful observers noted that the same video clips of Russian tanks under attack were shown repeatedly. Local counterattacks were reported as though they were operational maneuvers.

    • “After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse…”

      All I can say on that is…

      It’s about time… I just hope the morons manipulation of this shizt show will quit supporting and pushing this for another agenda just so they can keep their little corruption zones before they destroy the planet..

  13. Rep. Matt Gaetz: Biden’s IRS Spent Approximately $700,000 on Ammo ‘Between March and June 1’

    Gaetz described the ammunition acquisition as “bizarre.” He noted he and his Republican colleagues are trying to ascertain why the ammunition was purchased, noting, “There is concern that this is part of a broader effort to have any entity in the federal government buy up ammo to reduce the amount of ammunition that is in supply, while at the same time, making it harder to produce ammo.”

  14. Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards Trade Public Barbs After 18-Year-Old Daughter Joins OnlyFans

    Actor Charlie Sheen slammed his ex-wife actress Denise Richards after their 18-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, joined OnlyFans — a subscription-only social media platform best known for featuring X-rated content.

    I hadta post this one for the “who cares” crowd. The red dress is smokin’ hot. In her OnlyFans front page pic though, she looks like a well-baked, $20 Oakland rental.

    Totally not seeing the fascination with either the subject or the site…

    • OTFLMAO…. LOL I didn’t have a clue what onlyfans was @Ray LOL LOL LOL LOL I do admit.. that dress is a very pretty .. and so is she..

    • Well, it’s porn for the youngsters, start em young. Get the girls competing on looks and sex leads to drugs and theft of dignity and self respect.

      Problem is, there’s a new crop every year willing to destroy their self worth competing on looks and sex.

      Lookers and hookers.

      • She’s Charlie’s kid — pullin’ 60g’s a month as an unemployed “actor,” so I’d guess “substance abuse” is a possibility.

        LOOB: I heard about it when (then 18yo) Bella Thorne got on it and collected a million bucks her first day with (allegedly) a stripper & dildo routine. Every once in a while I hear of one of my kids’ acquaintances (usually female) who got a page on OnlyFriends. I don’t pay it any mind because if I thought about it I’d forever lose respect for the person.

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