1929 – Release 2.0

Markets were set to put on a “courtesy rally” at the open today as Jay Powell is planning to speak.  It’s like when a great Actor steps on the stage and a “hush falls over the audience…”

However, nothing has really changed in the data view.  Sure, whatever he says will be viewed as a “breakthrough pivot table view” – but in fact?

  • Still fewer people actually working than 2019
  • Still no problems solved by the Witch Trials in D.C.
  • Still not much rain in sight as Drought evolves
  • Still an open Border
  • Still four pending Wars (Uke, Turk, Iran, Taiwan)
  • Still north of $5 gasoline ($4.681 in Texas, $5.55 in Washington state and $6.42 in the Gruesome state)

People are settling into Modern Misery

Making a Buck

When we look at the markets – as an Aggregate – and even tossing in the courtesy rally in the early futures – looks like the Dismal Slide could continue.  Our circled area below is not a recommendation or advice.  More like a Fallout Shelter sign:  these are mainly un-noticed most of the time.

It should take another week or three down to the LZ circle is reached.  Maybe even a month.  From there?  A summer rally (Wave 4) should drive the Aggregate up to the 34,000 to 36,000 Aggregate level (from the sub-30,000 level of Wave 3’s low we’re sliding toward).

But then comes the Fall.  And my, what a place it will be!  24,647 is a good target to consider by Turkey Time, but we shall see.

Unstated (but I guess it is now, lol) is that fifth waves are where the maximal damage is seen.

Meaning, a drop a drop to the 24,000’s could just as easily become a drop to the 17,000’s on the Aggregate.  The “fifth wave damage” is most evident in commodity charts, but with no trading commissions anymore, stocks are largely commoditized, as well.

Psychological Balancing Day

Part of the trading today could be the “retesting of psychological support” levels.  People’s brains are almost magically tied to even numbers in large data series.  Having broken even numbers at Dow 30,00o Thursday, we should claw back up there.

The S&P cratered below that nice round even 3,700 level, so trading but up to that level can’t be ruled out, either.

And for tech?  Not sure what kind of news (if any) will drive, but the Techs took out 11,000 on the NASDAQ Composite earlier this week, so from the underside, 11,000 is a lighthouse on a safe shore calling.

Out and a Drought

Sometimes I feel like the “farming version of Noah.”  The “Build an Ark, it’s going to Rain” fellow.  Except this time, the Voice of DUDE has been saying “Plant a Bigger Garden, it’s going to Famine.”

Look!  Up in the sky?   Nothing!

From the accompanying Summary of Conditions this week:

“Much of the Northern Tier states experienced beneficial rainfall and near to below-normal temperatures, predominantly leading to drought improvements from the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Plains. Storm systems and clusters of thunderstorms also resulted in some improvements from the Mississippi Valley to the East Coast. However, where the heaviest rains did not fall, there was some deterioration and slight expansion of abnormal dryness or drought conditions, particularly in parts of the Southeast and Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation was the main story across much of the southwestern CONUS, extending into Texas, leading to general persistence and degradation of drought conditions. Weak trade winds in Hawaii and below-normal precipitation in Alaska have continued, resulting in degradations this week. Warm and dry conditions also contributed to worsening conditions in Puerto Rico.”

Drop out the rains at Yellowstone and getting hot, hotter, hottesr which lead to hunger and hungier.

Headlines Support Concerns

Keywords are all you need:

The good news – such as it is?  This afternoon thunderstorms are possible here.  Even these are a mixed blessing.  though.  Too little rain and the lightning will set off forest fires – which may be a Southwest headline over the weekend, so eyes out for that.

The bottom line we have been warning of since December is getting all too real now as World faces famine, global food crisis as Ukraine war, climate disasters intensify.

Out and About

Summer travel.  Adventure?  Good times?  Well, not so much as Many LaGuardia Airport flights canceled Thursday.  Calling it the worst travel day ever.   Way to go with the Russian sanctions punishing Americans.  EUROPE IS STILL USING RUSSIAN OIL – CUT OFF NATO MONEY,  JOE YOU IDIOT!

NYC is looking at a “congestion tax” – another group of democrats wringing money out of trouble that good management should have anticipated and solved pre-emptively.  Rotten Apple.

Read for War in 2024?  China launches high-tech aircraft carrier in naval milestone.  Meanwhile their missiles and MIRVs are in the pipeline.  While OBiden has neutered the American military and axed Title 42.  Traitor over time is still a what?

ANOTHER: Stop Banging Monkeys alert: CDC Issues New Guidance on Monkeypox Symptoms as US Cases Balloon.

Meantime at the Witch Trials: Justice Dept. says Jan. 6 House panel hampering major Proud Boys trial. Democrat circular referencing continues.

Benchmarking Oregon Socialism:  If the commie in the Capitol aren’t enough Marks of Marx:  Portland resembles an ‘open air drug market’ after legalizing hard drugs . The only difference between Oregon and Idiot is one more letter, near as we can tell.

Real, dirty crookedness is still alive, though.  See where Ghislaine Maxwell’s cellmate claims she was ‘offered money’ to kill Maxwell?  Perp talk is not a longevity strategy.  Two life insurance polcies you might not want to write.

And a great read on StudyFinds: Few people want to become billionaires — which may help save the planet, study says.  Even so, the smart billionaires pick up and leave.  Anyone hear from Bezos?  (Write in, Jeff).  And Musk wants to try on Mars…

ATR: Outback Foodies

Great dinner last night – and simple, too: Steak sandwiches and broccoli with cheese sauce.  A warm-up libation.

Tonight, I’ll be doing moo shu pork again.  Pork prices are still reasonable (though moo shu chicken is great, too).  Instead of spring pancakes, the flour tortillas work well. Cole slaw mix for the cabbage.

Looks like we’re off heavier foods (like pot roast, roast leg of pork, and the like) for the balance of summer.  A baked turkey breast might sneak in Sunday, we shall see.

On the other hand, time to get into summer baking, so the family Cuban Bread recipe has been hauled out.  Weather like this, dough rises anywhere.

UPS dude has plans for another batch of “nuclear fuel rod cooling pond Jerky.” Before the 4th and we might be out of the burn unit the following week, lol.

In the garden, the first round of squash have run their course.  I’m going to try planting corn in the garden room next.  Mainly because unless the possums and raccoons can pick locks, they wont be able to come in and eat em.  Possums have an internal clock that goes off two weeks before corn is suitable for humans.

Mainly market chart details on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow.  On Sunday, we’ll do some power carving, so warm up the Dremel.

Ahead next week, no real economic news Monday (pencil in war news for then).  Tuesday the Chicago Fed outlook. But then back to the NoDoz.  Really, we’re sliding into the summer doldrums of News.

Our journeyman journo credentials entitle us to speculate that this “news void” has a great deal to do with holding long-running, drivel festivals like the D.C. Witch Trials.  Editors are mainly dumb, not very enterprising, and have a tough time with the whole concept of creative.  They like free drinks and dinner from lobbyists as much as anyone, I suppose.  Some things never change.

As a result: budget half a cup of coffee less for Urban and spend more time with work and loved ones.  Hopefully, you can still differentiate between ’em.

Oh: Elaine and I both had a bit of “earthquake tireds” late Thursday.  Maybe a shaker this afternoon or over the weekend – we’ll see.  Can we offer Biden to Pele?

“In Hawaiian religionPele (pronounced [?p?l?]) is the goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Often referred to as “Madame Pele” or “T?t? Pele” as a sign of respect, she is a well-known deity within Hawaiian mythology and is notable for her contemporary presence and cultural influence as an enduring figure from ancient Hawaii.[1] Epithets of the goddess include Pele-honua-mea (“Pele of the sacred land”) and Ka wahine ?ai honua (“The earth-eating woman”).

We might know some local volunteer labor.

Write when you get rich,


44 thoughts on “1929 – Release 2.0”

  1. UK gives go-ahead to U.S. extradition of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange …


    I found this paragraph disturbing …
    “Originally, a British judge ruled that Assange should not be deported, saying his mental health meant he would be at risk of suicide if convicted and held in a maximum security prison.” … ut-oh !!

    Is Lithium toxic?


    I’d say yes …


    And after shutting down our oil and independence … Joe ponders this classic move, cuz he (didn’t?) cause it. Riiiight.


    Ahhh, to drink strong coffee and breathe deep as I view the landscape. Ahhhh … smh.

    • “UK gives go-ahead to U.S. extradition of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange …
      “Originally, a British judge ruled that Assange should not be deported, saying his mental health meant he would be at risk of suicide if convicted and held in a maximum security prison.” … ut-oh !!

      Hmm now that’s justice!!

      Imprison someone that exposed the corruption and actions of high rollers at the top of politics and business.
      Condidering that The one that released to him the low down and copies of the emails was mugged and killed getting a cup of coffee on his way to give testimony..
      Then consider that the agencies that deal with justice..seem to have done so much to cover over and legitimate activities of suspected massive corruption on the highest levels of our political and business world and their families..
      Now their going to send him here where everyone that has been called to give testimony or investigates and has proof of their activities has committed suicide or is mugged and killed..
      I wonder now just how long it will take before he to gets despondent and kills himself.
      Dual standards.. ..

  2. Funny how we all talk labels yet nobody says degree. I’d expect a 4 up here than a 5 down to retest ending this quarter. And that should be a 1 circle.

    My neighbors still buy lawn and dog poop services. Life is good.

    Yesterday I noticed many city vehicles in the local community. I’m sure as a make work program all the city vehicles across the fruited plain will be updated to electric over the next five years.

    • Your city should think ahead to pedal power for city employees. Meanwhile, every electric vehicle should mean more fuel for us, but it won’t because they’re shutting coal plants and burning oil for juice.

      Albuquerque got electric buses for their silly (f)ART dedicated bus run that destroyed business along Central Ave. They had to return them and get diesel because they couldn’t do the job. Even today, I don’t see anyone using the buses except for homeless folks that need to get to their preferred panhandling spots.

      • Buses are a good idea for local businesses that need low cost labor, and those companies should consider subsidizing trips for their employees as a way to drive loyalty. If someone is without an auto, they probably can work, but has to be something near a mass transit center. An auto just sucks money out of your wallet. People just don’t understand fuel, insurance, maint, taxes and of course the cost. It is something like 6K per year to run a four year old auto for 15K miles in a year.

      • Abq Joe, I’m referring only to the ART disaster. IMHO, it’s overpriced and disrupted traffic a lot. That was from a few years ago when it first started. Now with $5.00 gas, I see folks avoiding driving at every opportunity. All buses are free for now, so that might make a difference. The regular bus running on Central Ave did the job quite well, so I still fail to see the advantage of running that silly thing down the middle of the street. I did ride a regular bus once when my car broke down and I had an appointment, and it had passengers. And yes, I miss the Caravan! Just knowing it was there gave me comfort. If all that money was put into property law enforcement, ABQ might be a bit cleaner. I’m not overly pro law and order, but the refusal to prosecute theft under 1K has changed everything. I resent paying for things when I watch lowlife’s walk out of stores with arms full of stuff and nobody even reacts. Employees are specifically told to avoid confrontation.

      • @ Steve

        “My neighbors still buy lawn and dog poop services.”

        WTH is a “dog poop service?”


        The town nearest me has hybrid diesel buses which they’re running on a biodiesel blend (I suspect between 2%-10%.) BD adds a bunch of lubricity to VLSD and even 2% will make exhaust smell like a french fryer. I can’t imagine electric buses. Even if a route is only 5 miles, that’s 120-160 miles per day. A car with new batteries will get that easily, but there’s a huge difference between a 4800lb car and a 48000lb (empty weight) bus.

      • @JoeDish

        ” It is something like 6K per year to run a four year old auto for 15K miles in a year.”

        The lesson here is: Don’t buy a Honda.

        My Jetta was ~$3400/16k miles when it was 4yo. It was also worth about $1230 less than [it was at] new car sticker. After doubling the torque and nearly doubling the wheel horsepower, and installing a more “driver-friendly” suspension, it now costs about $2900/16k miles, and at 20yo, would still book at over 40% of sticker. Oh, and it’ll smoke the tires and still pull 40mpg…

        Until VW cooked the computers in the A7’s, the Volkswagen diesel was the top vehicle in North America for holding its value. The Jeep “Universal” (CJ-7 when I was shopping and finally bought the VW – dunno whatthehell it is now) was a not-too-distant second. Nothing else was close.

        Local bus is $2 a pop. That gets you a ride to “downtown,” and a changeover to take one bus to an outlying destination. No bus goes more than two miles past a “City Limits” sign.

        Along about 1910, many towns & cities in the Midwest were connected by interurban railways — glorified rail-streetcars powered by electricity which ran to darn near every town with a population greater than 100. I see the “Interurban Stations” everywhere — most small towns which didn’t demolish them seem to have converted them into museums. The City of Dayton still has interurban buses in wide use. AFAIK ALL their buses are electric/diesel hybrids with spring-loaded pickup shoes on the tops of the buses and electrical overhead wires for the shoes to contact. You see the buses on US-35 or I-75 running diesel, then back on the juice when they go inside Dayton proper. If’fn any of y’all ever go to the Hamfest, you should venture into the city itself to grab a meal and check ’em out. I’ve seen them in other towns, but they are the norm for Dayton. It’s like a breath of SanFran, without gagging on the aroma of human bodily waste.

      • No, Joe Dish, it does not cost that much to own and operate a car for one year, 15,000 miles.

        $3,000 or less. Well maintained, paid for cars are the best.

      • Waste Management company is very successful nationwide. Scrapyards, recycling yards and wrecking yards are too. They look ugly but provide absolutely necessary services, and they get paid both to receive materials and when they sell them. Nothing like getting paid on both ends!

  3. What variety of corn are you trying indoors?
    I have an experiment using grow bags with Orchard Baby corn and Kentucky Wonder pole beans in 7 gallon grow bags in the wreckage of hoophouse 1. Started them indoors in peat starter pods then transplanted to the bags. Note* They don’t like that very much. Feeding and watering is manual in this experiment so it happens daily.
    I grew On Deck corn in these bags last year in a kiddie pool surrounded by electric fencing to keep the wildlife away. Got enough corn for 1 BBQ.

    Check Ure email for some photos.

  4. “2022-2024 will witness the biggest bear market ever recorded” — Elliott Wave International. “We’re just getting started.”

  5. theres nine little black spots on the sun today,
    it is not the same thing as yesterday..
    theres a globalist on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad
    take a long holiday
    and let your children play
    if you give this man a ride (anal schwab)
    sweet family will die
    killer on the road, yeah. – mrmojorisen

    9.0 or bust kemosabe…West needs water – they gonna get water, salty ass water..too bad we let them suppress cold fusion.Perhaps investing in giant desalination plants in vegas will be the future of fresh water out west – exactly like the towel headed camel&kid f-ers in ME.

    Now if someone, anyone can properly Explain how a naturally “occurring virus” (remember exactly who said this in Ure government) covert19 infection is causing/producing Amyloid Fibrin clots in our Human bodies. Hell there might even be some govmint research on these tough ass mofos’ – ask a Mortician bout blood clots that are hard/sinewy/tough, or see youtube – unlike normal blood clots found in dead bodies that easily break apart..scifi-horror movie ideas, x-files..

    * We are all on this “sight”, whether realized or not, because U R a “rider”, whether on the bleeding edge, or 3rd-4th up, there will be No Ascension (s) – just holding on “riding”, while the world around us “falls” into a darker, heavier vibe. The “vibe” is ever increasing, so best to bee hear now! Giddy-Up Dudettes and Dudes – https://youtu.be/Ue4mNQbj9V4

    Got Wood/ got a bio-digestor ?

    4 fermenting U pervs, fermenting.

    • tele ptah,

      Perhaps the name of William Blake, a fan of the American Revolution, would be etched into Rock’s Hall of Fame as a Founder if more people dared step through their doors of perception.

      Folks, plan to settle into a comfy spot, wind up the organ grinder, and slip on the headphones as DJ Ure returns soonly with “Illustrated Carvings of the False Profits”.

      Meanwhile, back on the boat, it’s time to raise anchor.

  6. “so the family Cuban Bread recipe has been hauled out. ”

    HMMM… Please Share George… my boss stopped me at the checkout with another recipe book LOL LOL…

    Easy Peazy pizza rolls…
    get refrigerator biscuits.. in the tube…
    flour your rolling cutting board.. set one on the rolling board flour then roll one out.. place a piece of peperoni on it.. and a piece of cheese 1/2 tsp of pizza sauce.. fold crimp.. set on greased cookie sheet.. bake then brush with melted butter..

    you can take the sliced peperoni and put it in a bowl of pizza sauce.. then all you do is place the slice on the dough and a piece of cheese.. I get the sandwich slices each slice will make four pizza rolls.. you can make fresh mozzarella cheese easy enough.. then slice it and place it..

    1 gallon whole milk raw non homogenized
    1 1/2 teaspoons citric acid ( lemon juice)
    1/4 teaspoon rennet or 1/4 tablet rennet, diluted in 2 tablespoons filtered or distilled water
    1 tablespoon salt

    heat it till you get to ninety to a hundred degrees.. cover and let it sit.. once you get a clean break.. about an hour or so.. then cut it in cubes.. length wise width wise then diagonally both ways to.. now take your deep fryer basket scoop and gently scoop out the curds.. drain in you strainer..
    salt it.. not to much just a little bit..
    separate the whey into two bowls.. one to be reheated later on.. and the other at room temperature..
    now turn the heat up on the whey let it get to 180 degrees.. now ladle out some of the whey and put over the curds in a bowl.. then after about a half minute.. gather the curds out if they are just warm and pliable and work them like a bread dough if they are almost liquid.. then walk away for a few minutes then come back…. they should pull apart.. roll it into a ball..
    Now rest the cheese in the bowl of whey at room temperature..
    now you can put it on the cutting board slice it or chill it.. etc..

      • Yumm we just had carnitas sandwiches.. love making the mexican pulled pork.. the trick with it is smoke it slow.. spice it up inject the pork with apple juice.. ( I mix spices in it.. ) then smoke it slow.. for about four hours.. then raise the temp till the internal temp gets to 145 wrap it in towels.. and place it in a thermos cooler.. for an hour.. or more then pull the pork..

        Honey Glaze for your ham…

        2 cups packed brown sugar
        1 cup honey
        1/2 cup mustard some use spicey mustard.. I like just plain yellow mustard..
        1/2 cup of butter
        1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar.. ( I use Pineapple juice.)

        inject your ham with this.. and then coat the ham with it and pack brown sugar on the ham itself.. slow smoke the ham.. after it gets to temp then baste it..

        making yellow mustard is really really easy..

        1 cup cold water
        3/4 cup yellow dry mustard
        3/4 teaspoon salt
        1/2 teaspoon ground tumeric ( your yellow_)
        1 teaspoon garlic purée or 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder (I judy have a garlic press)
        1/8 teaspoon paprika
        1/2 cup white distilled vinegar ( I like braggs apple cider vinegar with the mother)
        like making syrup.. the method is the same.. put water in the pan.. heat it up.. add the spices.. let it start to cook down.. then add the vinegar.. cook down till it becomes a thick liquid.. almost a paste.. you now have home made mustard.. you can add a little honey to it to.. then you have honey mustard.. which I like.. I put in about a quarter or an eighth of a cup.. the amount depends on your tastes.. if you want more spicey mustard you can add some black or brown mustard seeds that are cracked and coarse.. about a tablespoon .. ( more depending on your taste preferences..)

    • Loobster – please be advised that butter on a pizza dough is a violation of the basic rules of pizza dough making. Dipping baked crust in flavored butta – cool .
      Olive Oil is the only lube allowed under current Pizza making regulations, try the corn meal in place grease- U could be running afoul the local Goombas buttering up Ure Italian creations.
      Next thing you know you will be waking up with a horse head in Ure bed…

      *have you tried or seen the kamado joe ceramic cookers. Pulled pork on the joe is unreal ! Spray the roast (fat-cap) with apple cider vinegar periodically during the cook. Simple over nite dry rub, long hrs of cooking, @270, in a dbl offset setup, meater probes via bluetooth..oh my goodness! Yummmmm

      think the new green eggs are pretty good too..

      reading list reco: Spymaster, michael shrimpton, Ceres Colony Cavalier -tony rodrigues – they go together like birds of a feather as 1st facilitates 2nd

      • Green eggs aren’t new. The Amish around here have been using them for over 40 years. They’re better quality than Joes, and easier to use, but Joes might be slightly more-versatile. Eggs are made in Mexico, Joes [are made] in China. Either will last a lifetime — just don’t EVER use premade, molded charcoal (like Kingsford briquettes) in them — the petroleum residue penetrates the ceramic and will make your food forever taste like lighter fluid…

      • “be advised that butter on a pizza dough is a violation of the basic rules of pizza dough making. Dipping baked crust in flavored butta – cool .
        Olive Oil is the only lube allowed under current Pizza making regulations, ”

        Lol lol lol but it tastes SO SO GOOD…

  7. I noticed … Just like back in the 70s, some folks are driving with their windows down … even in the present heat wave. Why? To save some gas.

    I looked it up and here today is an article about it.


    Rule is, at 40 mph and under the a/c gets shut off and windows down. Above 40 mph, the windows go up and a/c is set to moderate.

    Btw, covering windows on the east, south and west sides of your home with black-out curtains or even tinfoil (seriously) will help keep your home cooler. Keeps the sun from beating in. – it does work.

    • When I was a kid, my grandparents would put tinfoil on the windows for that very reason. It does work as advertised.

    • Try the car windows down in Texas this time of year, and you’ll arrive at your destination medium to well done. Rare if it’s a short trip.

    • I’ve experimented with covering windows for a long time. Any curtains I have are always closed. Eliminating windows entirely is best, though it’s not appealing to most females. The west windows are most critical, followed by those to the east. If the south facing windows have a bit of overhang shading them, you’re reasonably OK. If they’re directly exposed, and for the east and west windows, fit rigid white styrofoam over them on the inside. Tinfoil works, but white is even more effective. Get a cheap IR thermometer from Amazon or Harbor Freight and shoot the house from the outside. A gray door shot at 135 degrees before I painted it, and at only 92 degrees where I painted white! This was facing east in the relatively early morning. Of course, everything is a bit more extreme at high elevations. Even a light tan significantly increases surface temperature, and red is almost as bad as black.

  8. Here in the southern plains the big story is thousands of cattle dying due to the current heat/humidity wave. In the following story, a veterinarian, noting that the number of deaths is unusual, describes the conditions as “the perfect storm” for causing cattle deaths:


    Problem is, we get heat and humidity waves like this just about every year, without great loss of livestock. A random set of perfect conditions, or something more? The deaths occurred over a wider area than just one state, and some folks have started questioning the conventional explanation (note this is a partisan web site):


    Quite a coincidence to be happening at this time in our history. Personally, I think that most coincidences……aren’t.

    • “some folks have started questioning the conventional explanation ”

      Around here..refugees are usually hired at food processing plants and govt. Facilities..
      What percentage if the illegals smuggled into the usa in the dead of night were there working in all those Facilities and was there a few or .any that were members of a radical movement sworn to avenge their country..
      Since it it was discovered that the cause of these accidents were caused by the ones smuggled … it to would reflect back to the one smuggling illegals from countries that swore revenge.. so far that’s all just fake news and I believe that if that was determined to be the cause it to would be covered over like all the rest of their activities..did they end up giving all the illegals that half million per person out of the money they printed up..


      • IF IT WAS DISCOVERED… not it was..
        We would never hear about that.. IF it was… out of curiosity what would the penalty be for a politician transporting and harboring an enemy terrorist army bent on destroying and killing American citizens into the usa be..

    • We’ve had multiple days of 103 to 108 strung together and none of our Black Angus have toppled over here in Western Texas. We’ve got good grass for now, keep their mineral tubs going for them and they know where water is. Something else must be going on up North.

    • djb, I see your point, will we see autopsy reports?
      fat cattle and respiratory problems more vulnerable to heat stress:



      The sheer volume of water that goes into growing beef (water for the feed, water for the cow, 1.5 gallons per hour during heat stress) makes my Beyond and Impossible fake veggie burgers taste even better!! Plus an innocent animal wasn’t mistreated during the manufacturing process!

      • Ours are strictly grass fed and water when they want it in the trough. The only thing they need now is minerals as we’re missing a lot of essential minerals in the soil here on the Edwards Plateau.

        We sent in 43 head of goats yesterday to market from the North end which is usually the weakest pasture for any type of livestock. This year, however, the goats were fat and the biggest billies sounded like horses as they ran past you in the pen as I pulled them by hand. You could easily have put a saddle for a small child on some of them if they were hand-raised. They’re beautiful this year. There’s going to be a lot of cabrito on the grill for this year’s 4th of July celebrations as the sale pens were pretty much full.

  9. Regards the witchhunt on the Potomac most of the folks seem to be testyifying under oath.

  10. “I’m going to try planting corn in the garden room next. ”

    I’m attempting the peas in the pool noodle right now.. soak the seeds for an hour.. then put them in a damp paper towel.. then in a zip lock bag.. when they start to sprout..take the sprouted seed inthe damp paper towel. Slice off a 2in thick piece of the 2in. Pool noodle. Cut a slice in it.. then take a hole saw 1.5 inch and drill holes in 1 inch styrofoam float it in a tub.. or get downspout and cap both ends drill holes every six inches.. leave one for filling

  11. Monkeypox: Five cases in Hawaii now. News says they are ‘interrelated’ but will not say who or how. We can only guess at the orgy.

    NYC is looking at a “congestion tax”
    Glad I don’t live there. With pollen allergies, I wake up every morning ‘congested’. You may think it’s funny, but… it’s SNOT!

    And most of Hawaii is in a mild drought… except my district. Local ham flew inter island to Honolulu and noted that Molokai island looks very brown from the air. Usually quite green. Here in windward Puna of the Big Island, we are still green, with our normal heavy rainfalls.

    Pele is a pond of red (lava) in a very blue state. I’m sure she could turn any ‘offerings’ very red in short order. Maybe we could lure Joe over here to sniff Pele’s hair? She lives just down the road from me.

  12. Today is 90 years since the US Senate voted against payment advances to protesting Bonus Expeditionary Force WW1 veterans. Mayhem ensued. Presently, it appears the US Army .mil publication “Stand To” has ceased publication as of last month. The update page advises that the “Organic Industrial Base Modernization Implementation Plan” continues.

    North of the border there will not be government sponsored Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill for the 155th shindig July 1st as in the past. However the Veterans for Freedom (V4F) are mobilizing to gather at the adjacent National War Memorial.


  13. Hi George, here in central Illinois we grow a lot of corn. If you want to keep coons out of the sweet corn patch, build a electric fence. Use small smooth wire ( it’s easier to work with)and put it about 4” high. Build the fence early so the coons don’t find the corn and it will keep them out.

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