Print Higher or Collapse?

Our Saturday ChartPack teases some interesting problems for the coming week.  What we cannot possibly know, however, is how the Fed will response to increasing pressures.

Toss in the “weak” Russian stand-back from Ukraine  and several other low intensity conflicts and a historical parallel to World War I appears.  Yep, complete with a Spanish Flu parallel.

Again, it’s like a rhyme off prior history with a side of electronica and runaway social media anarchy.  Which we’ll ponder on after a few headlines.

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12 thoughts on “Print Higher or Collapse?”

  1. Yo OMlabs/G,

    get thee to auction team breker – lots of radio kits, tons o tubes..
    picking up couple old radio receivers for “project time chair”. got the 3 helmholtz coils w/ 2 pyramid shaped wiring looms. the receivers are specific and key-hence german radio auction..Delta T antenna.

    unless of course U have found a source for Di-lithium Crystals ..or better yet Dr Stamets mycelium drive (warp speeds)..

    Nano joe is absolutely killing it for the American Communist Party !

    man what a striking figure as strong leader, during yesterdays World zoom conference – only Loser wearing a mask.
    Hey joe – Ure underwear keep jilldog from smelling Ure farts ? didnt think so..brilliant science that mask/social distancing bullshit..

    Got morgollens ? ..ask slowjoe, get the shot, itll grow on U!

    • man what a striking figure as strong leader, during yesterdays World zoom conference – only Loser wearing a mask.

      Also, the other country leaders proudly displayed their flag behind them, not disgusting Joe.

  2. “Joe Biden we deem more a checker’s fellow. Thinking NATO can hop most problems away.
    Either side could prevail.”

    Hmm…. could it be a possible Lasker Trap… hmm.. of course it is slight of hand.. with equipment buildup going on around the globe and on the border…. and the buildup in other area’s.. then of course no one is talking about the kings in the corner.. and their movements.. ever see a coyote lure its prey give the prey the thought they are superior play the part of the weaker link …
    then take into account the buildup .. which to me looks like a poison pawn trap.. the best move in this event is not to play the game..
    could it be that like Napoleon Or Adolph.. the Nato troops are underestimating them..
    And seriously.. why are we getting involved.. it is definately something I wouldn’t get involved with.. they asked Putin to come help them because the neighbors were being nasty.. We would do that in Texas to.. OH wait sorry my mistake bad example because.. they are being invaded and our borders are being overran with illegals and all with the sanction of the legislators in power.. sorry.. bad example LOL…

    • “could it be that like Napoleon Or Adolph.. the Nato troops are underestimating them..”

      I honestly can’t tell, but my guess would be “yes,” if for no other reason than NATO will underestimate the speed at which a BUNCH of Russian divisions can eat Ukrainian turf. The Russians, Chinese, and Israelis extensively studied our blitzes during Desert Storm and the Iraq War. We moved armor and mech-infantry faster than was believed humanly possible in a war zone. You can betcherass Putin, a tactician and historian, knows our blitz tactics as well as Patton knew Rommel’s tactics, and possibly better than we’ ourselves now know them.

      • “during Desert Storm and the Iraq War. We moved armor and mech-infantry faster than was believed humanly possible in a war zone.”

        A co – worker was sent over at the very beginning.. they wrote and told me it was about over and the whole thing would be done in a matter of days.. I wrote back and told them.. NO… letting us in was easy.. getting out will be the challenge..
        I think the same thing when I think.. would we be stupid enough to be drawn into this mess..

      • 56 days from bugler’s “charge” to end of mop-up…

        The remainder was to try to teach backward peasants how to self-govern, and because at the outset, Rumsfeld wanted a 2200 square mile, permanent U.S. military base in the middle of the country.

        The U.S. Military’s job is to kill people and break things. They execute this job with extraordinary success. Our politicians then tax them with rebuilding the stuff they’ve broken, but not in our image, or that of the culture we’ve disrupted. This worked well for both Germany and Japan, after WW-II but, these nations surrendered unconditionally, after a years-long beat down. They were also assigned Governors, with near-imperial autonomous power, who oversaw the rebuilding and rarely had to deal with politicians or diplomats.

        We haven’t won a war since WW-II, and have not been surrendered to unconditionally, since. Therefore, any “rebuilding” has to go through the neosocialist bureaucracy of the U.S. Congress, AND the communist-socialist bureaucracy of the U.N., before it is “approved” and implemented. We don’t “install” freedom, based on our model. We install “tyranny by committee” based on parliamentary socialism.

  3. “Putin is a chess player. He’s run his first attack moves and has now pulled back. However, we understand he continues to build logistics for his border forces. This view was reinforced by Jane’s this week, which had basically the same assessment.”

    Excerpted (and condensed) from Hal Turner’s site:

    “…In the summer of 2008, President Saakashvili of Georgia was inspired by U.S. Senator John McCain, to prepare an assault on Osetia and Abkhazia, which were trouble spots for Georgia. Russia, seeing the trouble being stirred-up by the U.S. Senator, announced some military drills in Russia’s Southern Military district. Everyone in Georgia, and elsewhere in the region got (rightfully) shaken up at the presence of so much Russian Army hardware. They were all relieved when it was announced Russian Troops were Returning to their bases.

    When it became clear the locals were going to actually carry out the US-inspired troubles now that Russia departed… It took only 6 hours for Russia’s 58th Army to forcibly enter Georgia…

    Here’s the “rub:”

    Mass-media and Social Media are all celebrating the announcement today:

    Do any of the folks in mass-media or on social media realize that the base these vessels are returning to is in… uhhhh… Crimea?
    Similarly, when one looks at the Units being “returned to their home bases” almost E V E R Y unit mentioned is based within about 200 KM of Ukraine.

    Notice any pattern here? Georgia, 2008, maybe?

    What’s taking place right now along the Russia Border with Ukraine is **NOT** a withdrawal, it was a strategic relocation of men. The equipment is STAYING.
    That means the Russian Army can bring the men back, have all the equipment at-the-ready when the men get back, and be in full-blown invasion mode within… HOURS.”

    My last caveat of the week: Don’t listen to the GD “mainstream” “press.” Seek and find your own news, or remain in the dark…

    I don’t know if Turner is correct WRT his opinion, but his history is spot on.

  4. The dark side is strong . Many Jedi have died or been swayed to it . The force will lead you . Never surrender . The Jedi left are the real deal . The empire will strike back

  5. One full week left until the nukes start flying, per the Prophecy. Skip work & the bills.

    Have a good time.

  6. ‘However, since the ratio has changed so much, we wouldn’t be surprised in what’s likely a major Wave II of the pandemic to see a massive global rise in cases continuing.’……..

    I hate to tell you guys, but there is no ‘Pandemic’. Why? There are two ‘non-negotiables’ to have a pandemic.

    1) An isolated virus or pathogen
    2) A highly accurate test that can confirm the presence of the isolated virus or pathogen in humans (in vitro).

    Sorry guys, but we have neither! If you would like to challenge me, please provide links to the peer reviewed study that shows the isolation of the virus (there are not any, but please do research). Second, please provide links to the highly accurate testing protocol for so called covid 19. Btw, did you know that Fauci, the CDC, and the corrupt WHO have all said that the PCR is not a valid test for covid, in fact, Fauci in the beginning of the pandemic said publically that the the PCR run above 35 cycles is ‘useless’ (his words). Most labs run the PCR at well above 35 cycles – why – to create a false positive so we have ‘cases’ for lockdown.

    George – you are a bright guy, but you completely missed the entire covid con. I hate to see propaganda posted when it is so easy to see that many Americans have been played by this entire ‘covid’ thing. As far as your paramedic son – well, many, many things can cause ‘covid like’ symptoms. You cannot diagnose covid or any condition until someone has adequate lab testing – Paramedics would be the first to tell anyone that they cannot diagnose something – they can describe symptoms – yes. But they cannot diagnose. So, until we have an isolated virus, we cannot develop a highly accurate lab test. The testing is THE KEY to having a pandemic – without it, you are just describing symptoms.

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