Bouncing in the Decision Zone

Although we had a good-sized pullback in the market Thursday, it’s far from conclusive which way this pig-of-a-market will fly.  The green and blue traces Mr. Artist (lol) has penciled in seem to be indecisive today:

The blue track is currently favored and the (crude, amateurish) small numbers lay out the Elliott possibilities for the blue track.  Which would allow for some sideways today and into early next week.  And then that “usually once-a-month thing” Peoplenomics subscribers know about, could set us  on the path of Blues.

Conversely – the (lying, misleading) Fed (which hides data about The People’s Money from us) MIGHT be able to arb up the futures enough to take us higher on the “red path.”    Explaining why a red track if there’s a strong rally to come?  Ain’tcha ever heard?  “The higher it goes, the further it falls?”

Fed’s Pants on Fire

If I owned a law firm – and was 20 years younger (which’d be 52) – I’d sue the Fed for a lack of transparency.  Just as the U.S. “separation of Church and State” is an enshrined value, so too should be the separation of  “Banksters and Money.”  We don’t like  theocracies worth a damn, nor crooked casinos, either.

The most recent Money Supply data was released on March 23.  It used to be outed every week – and so it was clear based on how much gasoline the Fed was pouring into markets which was  how “the fix was in.”

The Fed, no doubt, will offer the excuse that “It’s out dual mandate to maintain maximum employment (also referred to as minimum unemployment) and a stable inflation rate.

This is how the Fed gets “out of its lane” pure and simple.  In a “stable inflation rate” we have a pretty good idea (based on economic cycles and GDP and such) that the stock market has been inflated 68% since January 2020.  If you doubt me, you haven’t been looking at lumber prices lately.

To ensure its self-declared financial insanity, the Fed basis its work on the argument that inflation isn’t the “general level of prices”  (which Keynes and other economic slackers believed.  No, the Fed bases its jiggering of the books on “inflation less food and energy.”

Like you have an economy without either?

Don’t mean to take a bite out of the Fed’s ass (they can kiss mine):  BUT Intervention in the markets is Price-Fixing pure and simple.  When the data download joke put up to appease the public gives >month-old data, it’s abuse of power that was illegally wrested from Congress in the first place.

I suggest that even Congress does not have the right to abrogate founding documents.  Amend?  Yeah.  Turn it over to a cabal of rich? Um…you really need help answering that?

Old men in the woods don’t count.  Old men in Hungary, seem to.  Along with old men in Washington.

Speaking of Stupid and D.C.

Didja see where “House approves bill that would admit Washington, D.C., as 51st state?”  Once again, the razor-wire shit-for-brains coup has botched up normal.

Seems not to occur to anyone but us to wonder what will happen to the OTHER Washington – you know, the one out West – if Washington D.C. becomes the OTHER State of Washington.

Rather than argue “Washington One” (the Northwest one) or (for borrow from Coca Cola marketing “Classic Washington” how about something really honest, really transparent, and reflecting the spirit of Truth in Advertising?

Corruptoria has a nice ring to it.  So does “Swampia.” 

Runners up include “New Pork” Taxus” and “Virginialess.”  

Best of all, how about we call it “Emergency” – because every incoming president (or  pretender) always renews the State of Emergency Declarations to extend “special authority” to puff-up illegal edicts.  “Legal is what the Army backs up,” lol.

Don’t drop the soap! (I gotta start taking my meds earlier. ;-))

I’d ask if the country has lost its freaking mind but the answer is too obvious to even bother asking, anymore.

Must See

Chris Tyreman’s latest Step by Step Millionaire – on the Yin and Yang of getting to riches: 

Very nice viewpoint and how to stay out of the ditch.

Drivel and Distractions

Rolled out for the sheep like it matters:

Teleprompter Joe – reading from Obama flash cards:Biden administration cozies up to controversial UN agency for Palestinian refugees.”  If you’re an American, have we got a plan for you!  (Replacement!) Voter dilution is in play.  God, what a scam and still the MSM can’t bring themselves to report on the takedown of America or the death of merit-based behavior…Sink the Values!  Change all Rules.  Laws are anti-democratic…blah, blah, blah.)  Defund Biden and Congress, not police.

He said what?Michigan Gov. Whitmer lied about travels before Florida trip revealed: ‘I was here in town the whole time’”  Could it be? … is this Truth about Lying by an office-holder?  Please…be a trend.

Missing the point, West Virginia coal miners blast Biden’s green energy push, says they’re ‘bracing for the worst’.  Thing is, the worst has already happened and Slow Joe is breaking America as fast as the razor-wire coup crew  can get it done.  Can’t have American energy independence back.  We got there and dropped the soap again.

Ure kidding, right?  No.  Read ““Way To Go Joe!” – Bonds Bid As Biden Tax Plan Tanks Stocks.”  We are not alone.  (Crazy?  Well, yeah, sure, but at least not alone.)

Since most news is manipulated hype and other shit, how about LifeHacker’s advice “How to Actually Save Money Comparing Toilet Paper Prices.”  We had a larger stock butt it got wiped out…

Climate Hype on CNN:  (Say, was Project Veritas right?) “US announces ambitious cut to carbon emissions.”  Whee! How about we induce global cooling by ending hot air on media and in Washington (or whatever they end up calling their state of confusion)?

Political Correctness is in the deep kimchee:  Senate passes Asian hate crimes bill with bipartisan support.   Well, except that Senate Dems block amendment defunding universities that discriminate against Asian Americans.

We expect a hate crimes bill to protect Bugravian refugees will be next.  (If this makes no sense, you missed the adventures of Noge and Palock done by Coyle and Sharp.  (Such is the high price of Youth…)  “So zee boy muss wait for the three chimes of patience…”  Advanced readers may explore Three-ism.

Wait…is Bugravian gibberish?  Three-ism?  Well, consider the Congressional Record…yeah, I mean you pony soldier.

NY Times Discovers “You Only Live Once” – YOLO:Welcome to the YOLO Economy”  Lack purpose and travel, my friends.  That’ll fix everything, right?   Don’t put down roots or make something with your hands.  Naw… follow the herd into poverty.  It’s The Plan.

Enemy of Gardening:  John Kerry’s Climate Warning: ‘Even If We Get To Net Zero, We Need Carbon Removal’.  What about Plant Rights – don’t they have a guarantee of CO2?  We’re just trying to play ketchup with Kerry, lol.

Demographic Shift?  Or, CV-19 jumpstarts Home Schooling revolution?  California public schools see ‘sharp decline’ in enrollment.

And here’s something really odd: Is shooting someone who’s already dead really “battery?”  A weird case in Florida commeth from Yahoo: “A Miami man killed an armed teen in self-defense. Why he’s still facing a criminal case”.

With an hour to the open, the stock futures are pointing to a soft rally, even though the Dow is down about 38, on an aggregate basis looks up.  But we wonder who will be brave enough to hold over the weekend?

Rant: Arrogance of Microsoft

For no particular reason, out of the blue, I was unable to log into Skype yesterday.  My saved password was no longer working.

So, I went to their support site only to find that you can’t “get the code” needed if you don’t have a cell phone.  See, they wanted to send me a text.  But – out here where the cells don’t shine – we don’t get cell phone service.

So I pissed away 2+ hours dinking around.

Then suddenly, with an update to Skype (which I’d tried earlier)_ my synching started to work and I could log into Skype by last night.

Unfortunately, and we’ve talked about this before, corporations like Microsoft have tanked phone support and thing apps can do it all when comes to such mundane tasks.

Truth is, the greatest case to tank all Office products – which I like and have used forever – is this arrogance about cell phones.

Has an odd feel to it, this discovery:  Like when I was driven to begin online grocery shopping fully four months ahead of it being a potential life-saver when Covid hit in Jan 2020.  We were “in the groove..”

Go look at “warhammer’s” post yesterday.  Skeleton keys and all that.  We used to wonder what life would be like if you couldn’t recover your passwords?  Now, we know the answer.

It’s chintzy and arrogant to shut down landline password recovery.

Even worse?  My “updated” security information and backup email addy won’t go active until May 22.

I’m not pissed…disappointed and about to buy a dedicated Linux rig and load it up with  Libre Office and Inkscape and a few other great open source programs.

Slowly, from a prepping and forward survival standpoint, I’m coming  to realize the “cloud” is a scam.  And while big companies (MSFT and Adobe to name two) are trying to get subscription models right, others – like Corel – give an unacceptable number of pop-ups.  Upgrade!!  Upgrade!!  (STFU)

My new thinking is that as the web blows up  and as hacking increases as an adjunct to the “art of war” the less cloud and web use, the better.  Anything “hosted” is now becoming suspect.  Especially when I pay an annual fee for software that stops working when I need it (my Office accounts stopped synching).

Off the cloud is the slow-motion change.  Too much too go wrong:  Hacks, exposures, slow response, and unable to reset my password due to cell phone arrogance.   You might want to do the same.

Even my Big Bank decided – with no notice in advance – to make me change my password.  Except – unlike cheaposoft – the Big Bank security called my landline and a voice gave me the magic code.

If Bill Gates, et al, aren’t smart enough to run some simple use cases (like how to recover without a cell phone in less than 30-days) I sure as hell won’t trust their views of climate or vaccines or population growth, either.

People often confuse luck with skill.  Some people are born lucky.  Others have to work at it.  And being a hard worker, I don’t have time to keep finding new solutions to same-old problems.  I expect you don’t either.

Our thinking is no longer “clouded.”

Write when you get rich,

65 thoughts on “Bouncing in the Decision Zone”

  1. Yo Jorge and fellow Urites,
    Lets warm up the gray matter and burn some synapses shall we. Once you get past the cognitive dissonance about our perceived physical world things become clearer with better perspective. When I was a working intel anal-yst I always worried about outliers/black swan events (non-linear thinking). Since reading the book Adam and Eve (cyclical cataclysms) I have been pondering the thousand lb. gorilla (outlier) in the room (have not seen this discussed on this site) the return of Niburu/Planet X. Good discussion at zeta talk in weekly newsletter with photos. Is this related to the Hopi prophecy and the return of the blue star kachina? These pieces of the puzzle seem to mesh nicely and indicate that end times/dawn of a new age is drawing nigh. I believe we have all chosen to be present for this event, but, just remember, we are all Immortal Spiritual Beings (ISBe’s) that will exist beyond this physical dimension.

    • If you’re interested in stuff in that vein, you may want to take a look here:

      It’s one of the two channels I still subscribe to on YT that haven’t yet migrated to a more ‘open’ environment. He has some really interesting stuff on what he calls the ‘Catastrophe Cycle’. Essentially a self-taught scientist. I find it very interesting but YMMV.

      Just Sayin’

      • Amen. Expert information without bias. Backs up everything noted. S.O. should be on all Bookmarks.

      • Awright, awright, awriiiight. Someone else is watching S0! I kept mentioning them and got crickets.

        Damn, I picked a bad day to quit sniffin’ glue! Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

    • Siriusly, are you taking sillcybin for PTSD or such?

      Look down at your hands…now, step away from your keyboard, carefully….. and go outside.

      Now, grab a nearby object and throw it in the air. Notice it falls to the ground due to…wait for it…gravity! Then realize your gorilla exhibits zero gravitic effects on anything…

      • Melancholia (2011) is about Planet X and its impacts on a family over 8 days from the planet’s “discovery” to “the end”. Pretty realistic IMHO.

        The movie was released pretty much out of nowhere and didn’t fare well … probably too depressing. However, if you believe in the Hollywood is a tool model where the movie is the message, this one speaks volumes.

        Noticed the uptick in news releases related to asteroid hits?

  2. First they take the seat, then then razor wire around the house. Then they take the whole damn district. Seems more like a fortress. What’s next, a mote with alligators? Talk about, “There goes the neighborhood.” Yep, every neighborhood has a guy who thinks he’s the king. Such as the present occupant.

    Remember when women and children could safely tour the capital? Good times. Too much Koolaid .. I mean, covid … gotta social distance and stay safe. Quietest war I’ve ever heard of … except for the buzzing of the hornets nest. Incredible

  3. Tocha U be talking about G ?

    Israhell just had their main missile production weapons plant blown to smitherins. Wont find any info on the netz, as googleworkx has been working all night long scrubbing sites, servers of any and all news of this lil incendiary event..yeah yeah it was surface to air 30 yr old soviet anti aircraft overshoot.

    Right on q, an Earth facing “solar tsunami” just popped off sun – signs.
    More signs The Big Change is upon us..

    RIP Humpty ! Here a Hump, there a Hump, yo dat Tupac ?

    * “Re- examine all You have been told, and Dismiss what insults your Soul.” WaltWhitman

      • True, but the interesting thing was SIDC specifically mentioned it was a long-duration event:

        “The faint and slow partial halo CME, first seen in the SOHO LASCO C2 field of view at about 06:12 UT on April 22, had angular width of about 160 degrees and projected line of the sight speed of about 450 km/s (as reported by CACTUS software).
        The CME was associated with C3.8 flare (peaked at 04:35 UT) that originated from the Catania sunspot group 87 (NOAA AR 2816) at that moment situated at the center of the solar disc. The CME was Earth directed and we might expect its arrival late evening on April 25.”

        A C-3 isn’t going to do more than scramble my SiriusXM for a while, but remember, the Carrington Event was notable because it was a slow, long-duration burn, so this might be a warmup shot to something meaningful…

  4. RE: D.C. statehood – George Will panned the idea as unconstitutional back on the 21st of April, due to the Constitution giving exclusive control of theD.C. to Congress.

    But George did show how said congressional control presents a progressive path forward to statehood:

    “congressional Democrats now propose legislatively reducing D.C. to a tiny enclave around the National Mall, and declaring the rest of the District a state.”

    As Mr. Will aptly noted, “Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives the Congress plenary authority over the District. The exact language reads:

    The Congress shall have Power… To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States….

    The Supreme Court has construed this clause as giving Congress permanent and plenary power over the District.”

    In laymen’s terms, Congress cannot punt its power over DC to statehood without amending the Constitution.


    • The Western part of the 10 mile x 10 mile original square Washington DC (the west side across the Potomac River across from the Lincoln Memorial) was given back to Virginia eons ago. Rather than make the remainder part of the District, that which was carved out of Maryland originally a NEW state just do what they did before, give it back to Maryland if they are so convinced that the residents of DC need to live in a state.

      The historical precedent is already set – giving BACK to the state the land that was originally taken from it to make DC to begin with, so that should be the starting point of any discussion.

      Of course if they do that then Maryland becomes responsible for all of that “State” crap that the Federal Government has been paying for (roads, courts, welfare, etc. etc.) but since so many high earners work in DC Maryland may actually do OK on the tax front with it’s State Income Tax taking it’s “fair share” from those types.

      Why won’t the Democrats support such a plan? Because they are chasing after TWO NEW SENATE SEATS, and giving the land back to Maryland, like was done with the Western side of DC eons ago when it was given back to Virginia, does not give them those TWO new Senate seats.

      ALL POLITICS is how the Democrats are playing this.

      If the Republicans were smart they would just say “OK … Follow the example from eons ago and give everything but the buildings on Capitol Hill, the Mall itself (let Maryland have the office buildings next to the Mall), and the White House back to Maryland!!” Voila … DC residents could then vote for Senators (Maryland’s Senators) and in the deal would probably also get ONE Congress Person (based upon their population, just like everywhere else in the country). Problem solved!!!

      • Which still leaves Texas under represented, but let’S MAKE FIVE STATES out of Texas and put some common sense back in Swampia/Corruptium

      • George, Alaska could split into 2 states and make Texas the 3rd largest state,
        it reminded me of the old joke about congressmen arguing

      • Hate to spoil the party but don’t forget those that believe California should be split into five states because of its various economic zones…

      • @ Joe M.

        “Hate to spoil the party but don’t forget those that believe California should be split into five states because of its various economic zones…”

        Which is back on the table for this Legislative session. If Cali does a 1:5 split, three of the five new States will be conservative…

    • Virginia and Maryland are separated by the Potomac River which also serves as the southern boundary of Washington, DC. In some ways, “the War” is still being fought across that river. Surrounding DC is a beltway that is commuter hell two times a day, and almost 24 hours on the west “95” side used heavily by truckers. In the south, connecting Maryland and Virginia is the Woodrow Wilson bridge. A few years ago it underwent major renovations which came to a screeching halt because the blue Maryland and red Virginia state governments couldn’t come to terms about union representation requirements for the contractors working on the bridge (it was Maryland’s call but Virginia fronted a ton of money for the project.) If DC residential is handed back to Maryland, expect the beltway to be tolled and traffic from Virginia throttled which the state won’t stand for. DC can easily handle statehood with the Federal core isolated. It will be the most blue state in the country, but heck, who’s complaining about Montana?

  5. I live out in the sticks and don’t have a reliable cell phone service but I just use ATT and WiFi calling. Works fine for calling and texts. That could be an option for you?

      • I realize that this isn’t an elegant solution but first buy a cheap android based phone. Second, a Google account will give you a phone number for free. Take the phone and leave it plugged into your computer via usb. Use that phone number to get texts TaDa?

  6. Ure: “Even my Big Bank decided – with no notice in advance – to make me change my password. Except – unlike cheaposoft – the Big Bank security called my landline and a voice gave me the magic code.”

    The very big Vanguard Mutual Funds did much the same.

    I’ve been with them for decades, but suddenly without asking, now they require a parade of passwords, ending with a telephone call.

    The call comes with a secret one-time access code.

    4 or so items you now go through. THEN WHILE ON YOUR COMPUTER they have their computers telephone you with a code.


    Only then are you allowed to access your account and transact business.

    It means you MUST BE AT HOME and using a specific computer to access your account. No vacations, etc. And the Inet and phone service better be up.

    The arrogance of it all! The first (so far last) time Vanguard computers said I was “asking” for this. But they shut me out unless I did it.

    No options other than close account or use the post office.

    Ure, we too do not have a cellphone.

    Put Vanguard Mutual Funds in the dumpster. Fund another fund family.

  7. “If Bill Gates, et al, aren’t smart enough to run some simple use cases (like how to recover without a cell phone in less than 30-days) I sure as hell won’t trust their views of climate or vaccines or population growth, either.”

    If you ever did trust Gates, you’re not as bright as I gave you credit for. I gave up on all Microsoft products many years ago and went all Linux. MS used to eat all my data on ViaSat with their ‘updates’.

    We also suffer from poor cell coverage (except Verizon, another no-go for me), but we bought a WeBoost, and we now have usable cell service on several carriers.

  8. Been mostly Linux, LibreOffice, etc since 2010. Unfortunately H&RBlock doesn’t seem to have a linux version of their tax software. So, I’m stuck using slodoz each Spring.

    Highly recommend it; but I’m not a in your category, George. Learning new stuff keeps you YOUNG!!

    • Much as I don’t like having things update at unwanted times (even with times supposedly set) mfact is the world is still on billwarre…so when in roam…

      • True, but…

        I have both Open Office and Libre Office. They are both very good. However, since the world runs on M$ Office, every time the Office or Word crew in Redmond sneezes, the open software implementations catch a cold. There is a direct correlation between which is better between the two open platforms, and how hard the Microsoft dev crew sneezes. They have to scramble to rewrite the code, to handle whatever lameass changes M$ has made in the Office algos, and one will always be months ahead of the other in solving the compatibility issue.

  9. “Could it be? … is this Truth about Lying by an office-holder? Please…be a trend.”
    I don’t see that happening real soon.. SO…
    Don’t try holding your breath on that thought…
    I wonder why he disclosed that. There hff as to be a reason for his lol

  10. The Walmart by me has converted to 100% U-Scans. The other day I was there and watched a lady melt-down. She started yelling at the workers, “I shouldn’t have to scan my own groceries!” You know the shtick.

    The miracle of Walmart is an army of low-cost wage workers are between the consumer and executive row.

    The lady starts yelling and the workers started looking at each other. The lady had nobody to appeal too. She ended up looking like a nutjob open-air yelling in the bullpen. The key take-away is she didn’t leave, she bought the groceries. She was broke like a bucking bronco.

    The big box Meijer by me is headed the same way.

    • Meijer’s implementation is much better & faster than that of Wal-Mart. I actually prefer it, because I’m much more capable of efficiently arranging and sacking my own groceries than the bubble-headed clerk who’s more concerned about her evening date than her job…

      Wal-Mart’s implementation sux. It makes me feel claustrophobic and is one of the reasons I never set foot in WallyWorld any more, unless I have to.

      Dunno if you ever buy building materials, but Menards has gone “clerkless” WRT yard purchases. You scan your loadout sheet at the automated gate, then hunt around the yard until you find the items you’ve purchased. The incentive is to web-order and have their “Internet purchases” area select your stuff and pull it for you. I bought a half-dozen 2x4s last week — pressure treated, branded Canfor #1s, yet it took me flipping 23 of ’em to find six which were straight and not warped or checked. There’s no way I’d let one of the yard help build me a stack…

      • “but Menards has gone “clerkless””

        I always got a laugh.. they had a kid years ago.. went in and needed a ruler.. the kid looked at me kind of strange.. ( he didn’t have a clue what one was..) I had to say.. oh its a stick with numbers on it LOL LOL
        then I went in for a rasp.. ( bastard) and I asked.. what isles are your bastards in.. he shrugged his shoulders and said.. they are everywhere just take your pick.. LOL LOL.. so every time I would come in I would pick a different tool to find him and ask him what it was and where I could find it or if they stocked it LOL.. LOL LOL now they hired a few old hardware store retirees LOL LOL so the kids just refer me to them.. LOL LOL LOL…It was fun while it lasted..
        At lowes no one knows anything about their departments at all.. they usually are sitting in the back telling jokes.. so I pretty much stay out of that place.. LOL LOL Home Depot now.. around here just look for the cute blonde.. the man with the answer will be close by her.. LOL LOL.. but even with that it is a good place with people that know what they are doing..

      • I’ve a cousin who is Tool Department Manager at a Lowe’s. She is mid-30s and no longer tomboyish, but she grew up on a farm somewhere in Indiana and her first job (off the farm) was working in an old-time country hardware store. She moved when she hit college age (20 or 21), and got the Lowe’s job to work her way through school. ‘Thing is, she stayed, after she graduated.

        When she became an area manager, the first thing she did was hire her (long-retired) old boss (who’d also moved, to get closer to the Sun or further away from Indiana winters), then a fellow who’d worked ~40 years in a local hardware store.

        Home Depot and Menards seem to roll their employees over every couple years. Lowe’s keeps them around for as long as they wish to work there. When she had those two gentlemen in her department, hers was the most knowledgeable bigbox hardware department I’ve ever seen. I dropped in on her exactly once, while they were there (‘cuz I never get to that part of the Country) and it was like we were all old friends, because we KNEW STUFF that the drone shoppers and employees couldn’t fathom.

        I miss country hardware stores — see ’em (thankfully) all over rural America, but I’m seemingly always on someone else’s schedule…

  11. RE: D.C. AND PUERTO RICO AS STATES: Our country is reaching the point of no return with Senile Joe and the Liberal Congress. The legislation coming out of the House is Socialistic/Communist inspired and lays the path for a Dictatorship like Venezuela and Cuba and China. Now Pelosi and her crooks want to create another 2 Democratic Senators and 1 Representative by making the District of Cesspools a state.

    FACTS not LIBERAL LIES: Texas has 268,580 square miles of Land Mass and 29,360,759 estimated residents as of July 2020. Eight liberal states-MA, VT, NH, NJ, CT, DE, RI, HI-have a combined land mass of only 58,571 square miles and a combined population as of July 2020 of 24,773,513. Combined, all 8 states have only 22% of the land mass of Texas, and 4.5mm fewer citizens than Texas. These 8 far left liberal states have 16 U.S. Senators vs only 2 Senators from Texas. That is enough to swing liberal ideology and votes into law against the will and beliefs of the majority of Texans.

    Senile Joe Biden’s state of Delaware has only 2489 square miles of land mass and 986,809 citizens. The DFW Metroplex has 9286 square miles and a population of 7,573,136. DFW area alone has 4 times the land mass and 7.5 times the citizens of Delaware, yet Delaware gets 2 Senators! These 2 Senators now make the majority swing vote in the Senate in favor of the liberals.

    The 16 votes in the Senate from 8 liberal peanut sized states smaller than Texas are enough to swing the vote and dictate what Texans must live with from liberal leftists. Now they want to add two more Senators for D.C. 18 Votes for “States” with Land Mass and Populations THAT COMBINED are smaller in size than Texas. 18 votes vs 2 votes for Texas. Not even reasonable anymore.

    These liberal states are 1000s of miles away from the border and don’t care that 1 in 4 illegals are testing positive for Covid 19. They don’t care that we are housing thousands of children in Convention Centers in Dallas and San Antonio.

    And now they are talking about doing away with the Senate Filibuster, therefore making it even easier for all the little peanut sized liberal states to force their whacko progressive/liberal/socialist/communist ideas into law.

    SOLUTIONS NEEDED: We are running out of time and options therefore it is time for the Texas Governor and Legislature to create a commission to counteract the march to Communism coming from Liberal States and Social Media. This commission should seriously consider every legal option and put them on a REAL ballot for Texans to vote on if it requires an Amendment to the Texas Constitution. The Texas Attorney General is going after them but can only go so far with the fools in Washington controlling what is on the agenda. We are at a critical junction of Freedom vs. Dictatorship.

      • Posh. Let those paying the taxes make the decisions and those receiving the benefits stay quiet except for a courteous thank you.

      • Thanks George. I am all American and all Texan. Love your writings lately. You are now officially a Texan for sure. And a great addition to our fine state. Just had to reply to Mark. Do these replies carry over to the next day for people that that don’t see late postings?

    • Those of us in San Antonio aren’t too thrilled about housing illegals. Even those on the left aren’t happy with how it has been handled. I can’t wait to get out of this city. My husband and I are counting down. Under a year and we will be a little freer. Who knows where the Army is sending us though.

    • Lies, damned lies and statistics. The FACT is: 50 Democratic Senators represent 40 MILLION more people than the 50 Republican Senators. Radical “Conservatism” is already WAY over represented in Congress.

    • Most idiotic bunch of reasoning I have ever read. Pathetic. If that’s the education you are getting in Texas, then God help us all.

  12. So much to go over. I back the DC as a state push…And, lest you forget, we have two Virginia’s and Two Dakota’s…like the Vatican in Rome…the area around the walls of government can be separate…the city should be a state. So two Washington’s is not a weird thing. I also back Puerto Rico as a state as well. With the Castro’s stepping down…and a bit of imperialistic muscle, I would like to have the beautiful country of Cuba as a territory and eventually a state. What a beautiful place. I really Iike it there. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.

    West Virginia Coal miners are missing the point. They need to exit the dark ages and go apply for a job in the green industry. Why on earth would they want that job anyway? What a bunch of morons. They will make more money and live a longer life with far less health risks in the green industry as well. They re just a bunch of sheeples that get their marching orders from Fox News.

    The Dema did not block defunding of universities that discriminate against Asians…because there aren’t any. All universities depend on Asian students and faculty. Even my red state Alma mater..Mizzou..historically a white as white can be university’s President and provost Vice Chancellor are Asian. That’s the case in most schools today. Spending money where problems don’t exist is smart…thumbs up to Dems for doing that.

    • You take mining out of West Virginia and the state becomes one HUGE state park, or maybe national park.

      The governor almost succeeded in doing away with the income tax last month so that it might attract newcomers into the state. The western, mountainous side is a lost cause, but the eastern side is relatively flat and just waiting for development.

      And the state regularly gets rain and snow. We will start talking about rain a lot more in the months and years ahead as the next Great Dust Bowl forms in the mid- and south-west.

    • D.C. as a state you say. D.C. is only 60+ Sections minus the government buildings and parks, and has 705,749 people. Our ranch is half that size. And you want to give them 2 Senators and another Pelosi puppet? Are you f…ing kidding me. Send those two Senators our way here in Texas.

      Texas maintained the right to split into 5 States. I say we make Muleshoe, NoTrees, Dalhart, Odessa, and the rest of Texas 5 states. County Courthouses could serve as the State Capitals. Then we would have 10 senators.

      If people in D.C. want to vote rather than run drugs like the mayor did, they can move to libtard New York, criminal Baltimore, or Virginia with that idiot governor.

      You said Dems like to spend money where there is no problem. Just a slight typo: DIMS. They like spending it where they can buy votes.

      Why don’t they spend it where there is a problem? Like illegals destroying ranches people worked generations building.

      Finish the border fence and put tank traps, mines, and automated machine guns into a buffer zone. As many Chinese as are gathering from Panama to Mexico we might need it for something other than illegals pouring through. But it sure as hell would send a strong message to Cartels, Illegals, Drug Mules, Human Traffickers, and potential invaders that we have laws in this country and we will defend the rule of law.

      • I live on the East coast and my impression of illegals along the border are small groups of people hiking their way to relatives and friends in the U.S. ready to help them get a foothold. Please expound on what you mean by “destroying ranches worked generations building.” If ranches are prairies cordoned by wire fencing around them, what is being destroyed?

      • just have a line of pyramids with nuclear waste lining the border – a deadly crossing.

      • West Texas,
        Well if you give Texas more representation, then you have to give California 25% more than that with our 40 million plus population. . Don’t worry…it would probably be a split. Orange County, San Diego and a Riverside counties representing 9 million would be Republican, L.A., Ventura and parts of Santa Barbara county representing over 11 million would be Democrat. Central valley representing about 8 million would be split, the total San Francisco Bay Area representing 8 million would be Democrat and far Northern California representing 4 million would be Republican. That’s 5 Dem senators and 5 GOP. Surprised? That would give regions of California better representation and most of us are all for it.

    • “The Dema did not block defunding of universities that discriminate against Asians…because there aren’t any.”

      Harvard, much…?

      Oh, and Vatican City is its own country. It is not a part of Rome, nor of Italy. It is an independent nation, a kingdom, whose King is the current Pope.

      • Harvard has 21% Asian admission rate. That’s pretty darn good. That said, Harvard as a whole is not on many Asians radar. They opt for Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, Cal Tech, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT.

    • “Why on earth would they want that job anyway? ”

      For the same reason that people flip burgers or make soup, rivet steel girders in place or pour concrete.. sweep streets or sack groceries.. It pays the Bills.. sells homes etc..

  13. I don’t see any reason that the residents of DC shouldn’t get the same representation the rest of us do. I’m not sure why some folks are so opposed to allowing all americans equal representation in the house and senate. maybe politics is at play. The naming issue is a canard – VA and WV, ND and SD, SC and NC.

    • Those states split up for the same reason DC statehood is a hot button topic. It’s ALL about politics — left vs. right.

      The funny thing is there isn’t any money in this fight. The only “big industry” in DC are the lobbyists.

  14. Phone number for one time codes a such. You could set up a google voice number, if you use google – You can set that up to forward to your cell and/or your landline and/or get the messages on their web page. I just tested and it can show the txt on the google voice page. The other thing is to use cell providers that allow you to do cell stuff over your home wireless. Many providers offer this including Cricket (must have their phone) or services like republic wireless. I visit family with no cell service, but have Internet so I can still use my phone at those locations. I use google voice as our landline, with a network TA adapter that is used to plug in POTS stations

  15. Same thing happened with me and MS, George. I was locked out of my Bing Ads account due to the “no smartphone on the account” problem. Finally got a live person who was clueless. Finally I figured out the password on another login and logged in that way.
    Recently, I’ve had a prob with one of my campaigns running on Bing Ads. It’s my promo site, so the interruption isn’t costing money. But this CSR referred me to Bing webmaster tools, which is about SEO not paid ads. She says a bunch of gibberish about my site violating their TOS and that’s why it won’t “index”. I actually asked her “you DO understand we’re talking about this running on Bing Ads?” Still dumb as a rock.
    I’m seeing this with other CSR relationships too. Like SoCal Edison holding payment checks to force online payments…sent it on 4/3, they credited it 4/19 and I’m about 70 miles from their office. Go figure.

  16. Okay, you guys win. I just subscribed to Stu’s site, today.

    I’d not visited Hal Turner’s site in years, before today.

    I find it interesting that they have both noticed the same machinations as I, completely independently (AFAIK) from anything either has said or printed, and based solely on news feeds and local reports which go completely unnoticed by the lamestream “press.”

    It is interesting, but I find no comfort in possible reinforcement of the observations and inferences I’ve made and the conclusions I’ve drawn, simply colored by historical precedent and pattern. I know Turner is a borderline conspiracy theorist, but toss out the theory, just view the concrete photos and documentation, couple it with stuff available from the Minsk and Warsaw newsfeeds, (and the Greek site LOOB posted a couple weeks back) and suddenly Ukraine begins to get really unsettling…

    This foreign news stuff isn’t difficult. I read (poorly) Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, and the Romance languages, have a kid who’s fluent in German and a niece who teaches ESL to Russian natives. Googoo does an excellent job, translating Slav dialects, and there are other translators which handle Chinese/Japanese/Korean (C/J/K) dialects and Arabic dialects quite well. NEVER depend on a foreign site’s “English pages,” especially “official” (government) or known propaganda sites (like RT, Xinhua, al Jazeera, etc.) because their English pages are propaganda and say exactly what their government wants us (and the Canadians & Brits) to read (The U.S. section of RT is an exception, because these are Western Press stories that are copied verbatim from the AP/AFP/Reuters wires.)

    The English language version of RT however, doesn’t say anything about what’s really going on in Russia or its surrounding area. You’ve got to go to Itar/Tass to get the real stories (and BTW, is as good as RT for their wire-service content, but again, their Russian pages differ significantly from the English ones. Click the “RU” at the top and use googoo to translate. I use ImTranslator in Mozilla for Slav and Cyrillic languages, which makes translation of these, right-click easy.)

    Bear in-mind that any site you find may have its own political agenda or social ax to grind, and it is orders of magnitude more difficult to properly weigh bias from a site you have to read through a machine translation. Since one can not easily determine quality of information, I suggest opting for a strategy of quantity and averaging.

    Now, who REALLY wants to know what’s going on in Asia Minor, and whether our “final clock” is ticking, but located where we can’t hear it — in Donetsk…?

    • Welcome to the club.

      The old saying that you have to read the foreign press if you want to know what’s going on at home is true. It’s getting harder, though, because the enemy has spread its infection further afield.

      On the world stage, things are looking pretty grim. The enemy is working overtime to start his war and will most likely succeed.

      • “ It’s getting harder, though, because the enemy has spread its infection further afield. ”

        they have gotten control over many of the MSM news outlets globally.. before they only had about half.. I use to scan the newpapers daily today it is extremely hard to get a straight answer..
        the vast majority of the people are on the go.. forced to work multiple jobs and limited to MSM news on the run..

      • “Welcome to the club.”

        I’m a Founding Member. I started sifting FIDONet feeds from all over the world in the 1980s, and may have accessed CLARINet once or twice in my quest for news which was actual information, rather than mindless blather or petty propaganda. Once Internet access became available, I lived in Usenet and IRC, and on the “web” using LYNX, for years, until those damn’ kids at the University of Illinois came up with a graphical “browser” that’d accept hypertext calls (and yes, I still have my original copy of NCSA Mosaic, tucked away on my old ftp server…)

        Things were much simpler, before everyone acquired an agenda…

  17. ““Legal is what the Army backs up,” lol.”

    Everything the Nazis did was legal, too, George. At least within the confines of their borders.

  18. Joe M.
    As you stated, you are on the east coast and can only partially read about it, but what you wrote doesn’t describe what the 1000s of illegals coming across daily really represent. It is not some small bands of people coming in looking for their relatives! It is 10’s of thousands weekly being caught. Probably double that getting away. Over 1000 in one group were caught in El Paso after they cut a fence.

    Many of these people are bad dudes. Criminals before they got here.
    Figures from Texas Department of Public Safety reveal more than 210,000 criminal illegal aliens were booked into jails in Texas between June 1, 2011 and the end of 2016. The numbers only reflect those that were caught.

    The website states during their criminal careers, the undocumented aliens were charged with more than 559,000 criminal offenses. The arrests include 1,132 murder and manslaughter charges; 66,687 assault charges; 66,289 drug charges; 16,304 burglary charges; 682 kidnapping charges and 43,723 obstructing police charges.

    Texas Department of Public Safety listed 39,689 theft charges associated with undocumented immigrants, 3,677 robbery charges; 8,375 weapons charges and 5,903 sexual assault charges.

    Biden is putting the kids in Convention Centers and others wait until the Department of Homeland Security gives them papers that is basically a free pass to travel without any vaccines for anything, use free healthcare, have babies for free that becomes an instant American citizen, and a multitude of other FREE benefits.

    The poor kids are in large cages and with sleeping bags packed next to each other on the floors. Abuse is so bad from the locked up people on the little ones that the Governor sent in the Texas Rangers. They are in the same cages built by Biden and Obama….not TRUMP as the lying media would have you believe. The mainstream media…commie propaganda networks…are not even reporting the real problems or showing the poor conditions these people are having to endure. It is inhumane. Way to go Biden!

    Joe, your comment about them coming through pastures that are fenced like that is ok is understandable because the media doesn’t report the many associated problems. And like you said, you live in the east where the invasion is thousands of miles away.

    When they come through ranches in large numbers every day and night in Texas (and New Mexico and Arizona), they cut fences, leave their trash everywhere, leave their poop uncovered along with the grass or toilet paper they used which brings flies and diseases to cattle, some carry guns and knives and drugs, drug dealers and human smugglers make their pickups on ranches and they will run through fences and drive through pastures, the illegals break into barns and buildings, steal tack and tools and horses, they sleep in barns, they leave gates open and livestock gets out, and they come to the doors of the ranch houses begging for food or water. Dead bodies are left behind.

    You don’t open your door late at night when you know these people are desperate and could rob or kill you. It has happened.

    A steady stream of humanity every day and night. That is something you won’t read about. No Trespassing signs in English and Spanish are totally ignored. We don’t want to hurt the people, but we don’t want them invited here anymore by the guy in the White House! Enough is Enough!! We are outnumbered and the damned Federal government is not doing enough to protect it’s own citizens. They are more worried about taking care of those new votes from illegals.

    The value of any ranch within 50-100 miles of the border is going down in price because of the invasion. Ranches in families for 100+ years with people that have taken care of the land better than anyone, including the Department of the Interior, are being destroyed and put up for sale. Guess who the buyers are? Many are bought by fronts for the Cartels and China.

    Many illegals will get across the border and just wait to get picked up by the Border Patrol. They know Biden will take care of them. Constant calls to the Border Patrol from ranchers might get someone there within 6-12 hours. And it is a sad state of affairs that those idiots in the White House have created with their announcement that the doors are open, come on up. Freebies are waiting.

    Neither Biden nor Harris have come down to really look at the situation. They know what it is. And they couldn’t then ignore and make up lies about what they have seen on camera. Not that it would do any good because Soros, Obama and the other Biden Puppeteers want open borders. It destroys the culture of a country. No culture=no roots and sense of belonging=no sense of identity=no sense of national pride or history=NO COUNTRY.

    One big Socialist Commie melting pot. It also dumbs down the society. Idiots ultimately voting for idiots just like Venezuela…peasants voted for freebies promised from a bus driver who is now the country’s dictator and his predecessor . And now Venezuela is broke, and the oil industry is barely surviving, and the dictator is pocketing the countries resources, and all the freebies went away, as did the food and basic services. So where do people go trying to escape? Neighboring countries and the U.S.A. The question is where will we go if we keep going down the path of open borders and anarchy like is being allowed in Oregon and other liberal states?

    Open borders do not work!! Socialism does not work because it leads to communism which leads to a totalitarian dictatorship.

    And if anyone cannot see the path that the current liars and renegades in control of Washington and their cohort governors, their communist propaganda media and movie industry, and the liberal social media that block anyone that isn’t in their camp are leading us down, then you will not realize your freedoms are gone until it is too late.

      • Your welcome.

        PS. I just saw an article that just came out from NPR that proves my point.
        “More than 170,000 Migrants taken at Southwest Border in March”

        Liberal NPR says 1000 per day got away. They are covering for the government. You can bet that number is closer to 2-3x those captured, or 340k-500k per month. And keep in mind that even though they are catching them, they are releasing them without any vaccinations, and just a notice to appear, plus the free bus pass or airline ticket and a ton of handouts when they get where they are going. Spreading those diseases! What a joke this current crew is in D.C.

      • Joe M, since you are ‘ignorant’ of the true reality for states, and citizens on the Southern border, and what it means for our country, would you please copy and share, far and wide, what Southwest Rancher wrote with everyone you know, who may also be equally ignorant? Because, if there are millions more people like you, who have no clue, about the open border policies, going heavy since NAFTA, then this country is sunk!!!

        The population of America is being replaced, all systems that support this invasion will be strained.

        This is not for votes, votes do not matter, votes can be manufactured, when needed, or flipped.

        This is an invasion, spread the word, as these criminals and children will someday be funneled to your town so you will be ignorant no longer.

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