Markets in “Rally or Die” Zone, Reader Advisory

Reader Advisory First:  Three changes in our operations here to be aware of.

First. I have made a few tweaks in appearance and performance of the various websites that keep me busy.  As of this morning, our Google Page Speed ranking for Urban is 87/97 (mobile/desktop), Peoplenomics is 100/100,   ComputationalFuture is 98/99 and Ultra-Make is turning in 98/99.  The modest delay on Urban (mobile) is due to ad loading.  Our other projects remain ad-free.  At the suggestion of our graphics consultant (Chris Tyreman) we made links a little more pronounced in blue to make source links clearer.

Second:  Peoplenomics report will only include charts (and news commentary) on (reader input welcome) Wednesday OR Saturday’s report.  I often spend 4-5 hours (and often 9 or more) on the “Focus” pieces.  Peoplenomics used to be a “once a week” publication and our zealousness allowed things to “creep” into much more detailed reports.  A dozen charts is typical, too.

This decision is driven by the workload around here.  Add up gardening, upkeep on 30 acres of land, and knocking out a sizeable punch-list of projects before Elaine’s second hip replacement in not too many weeks (May), and there’s just not enough hours in the day.  Coming from a first-responder family, “take care of self, so you can take care of others” is hard-coded.

Third:  The SatGourmet column is going on a diet until next fall.  Spending time in the kitchen is something of an indoor sport to us.  Now that summer is (partially) in sight, about half of main meals around here tend to come off the BBQ.  The ShopTalk Sunday column may drift from more than cold-weather, indoor making projects.  outside and garden are eating a lot of time now.  My deepest thanks to all who have contributed, especially LOOB who’s advice on homemade rum can be beat.  I’m still taking an occasions tiny sip arguing over how much citrus  and the answer still changes daily.

At age 72, things like yesterday’s 2+ hours on a tractor, keeping the trails cleaned-up around the property, doesn’t get to one’s physical limits.  But, I’d be lying if I said it was a pain-free experience.  A little ibu along with the morning stack today is the result.  Off like a herd of turtles to attack today’s punch list.

As always, or for almost 22-years now, the first thing is our take on economic matters.

Markets in Rally Or Die

Without giving away too much from the Peoplenomics side, the balance of this week (and perhaps the next month) will be critical to markets. Consider the following view of things based on early futures today:

This is NOT the Dow or the S&P:  It’s our own Aggregate Index.  Predicated on the idea of equal dollars being put in the Dow, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ Composite before the Internet Bubble blew out in 2000.  We started this view because the “financial services” industry did a fair job (via lies and omissions) of not reflecting techs $5-$8 trillion losses when that bubble popped.  They shifted product sales to blue chips and just kept peddling.

We don’t like that approach:  For one, the average investor actually DID lose money.  And, for another, there’s insufficient disclosure when certifiable financial planners wheel out long-term charts and proclaim in the long run, you’ll never lose.

Facts tell a different story:  If you have an index of stocks, you can make its performance in the long-term look perpetually cheerful by plugging in up-and-coming issues and taking the losers out back for a smoke in front of a concrete wall.

Eyes Versus Computations:  If you look closely at the chart, there’s a tiny – what could be wave 1 – finished at the bottom near iv.  If that is the basis for the present five step (Elliott-like) advance, than we just had a small one down and yesterday would be a possible small b wave.  Depending on how it rolls out, we are likely to go higher into late May, or if lows are taken out, then the first decline over the past few sessions (and the rally) would be an “a” down, “b” up, and then a “c” down could be pending.

We’d sure like to see a drop to the supporting trend channel bottom.

Thing is, if that doesn’t hold, then we could get into a horrible pickle almost immediately.   Consequently, we’re paying rapt attention to Big News that can screw up the future.

“Like What?”

Well, take the possibility of war in Ukraine.

While the headlines are warning us of trouble to come.  Take “Janes: Russia continues to strengthen its forces on the Ukrainian border What photos show.” for example.

But, it’s really worse – and more tense – than even this headline implies.  We have mentioned that Russia and Belarus are about to “tie the knot” and thus, deny the power-mad European Union expansion eastward.  This, as the A.P. report “Belarus leader heads to Moscow for talks on closer ties.

Meantime, “Putin Warns West Of ‘Red Line’ As Thousands Protest To Back Navalny.”

When – after the meetings and a speech by Vlad Putin on Saturday- closer ties are announced (which will bring Belarus back into “buffer state” status) – that will leave Ukraine increasingly surrounded by Russian forces.  Belarus on their north and Russia to their east.

Another angle is seen in failed attempt to “pre-emptively assassinate” the Belarus leader.  We assume that when the White House denies something, the odds of it being true have increased. “Psaki denies allegation US backed plot to assassinate Belarus strongman Lukashenko.”

It will all be plausibly denied, of course, since “cut-outs” and such are used.  But, sitting in Moscow, looks like the work of the U.S. regardless of Biden spin.

There’s one more thing that has our “spidey sense” dialed up:  Two very good “seers of future” in our orbit have recently decided to “stand down.”  G. A. Stewart hasn’t posted anything on the free part of The Age of Desolation site this month, yet.

More on This “Woo-Angle”

The other “missing seer” around here is frequent commenter Andy.  Who told me in an email overnight that he, too, is “down” now.  His reason and some woo-woo in an email I don’t think he’d mind my sharing a chunk of:

“It had occurred to me as well. I’m part of the problem. Because so much of what I say manifests. By walking away the problem or a portion of it is resolved.  You know how I know. The maple  tree in the front yard was dead yesterday morning. Not a single leaf on it. I sit in front of it every day. For the last month. Doing my prayer and meditation. The landlord was gonna have it removed and taken out because its just a dead old tree. Kinda an eye sore.

When I came out this morning the entire tree is covered in leaves. Red maple tree leaves. Even my roommate came out and said,  “Holy Cow! Look at the Maple! It’s been dead for a couple years. When did it get like this?????”

I said, I think it grew over night. He said no way! That is crazy. I said yeah, yesterday not a leaf on it. Today it is a healthy grown tree covered in leaves. Every day for a month. I said softly to the tree, I love you, live! And now it is alive and not just alive,  it thrives.

So I’m walking away.”

If this isn’t registering yet, consider:

  • G.A. Stewart is worried and considering his bug-out options.
  • Andy has checked out (for a while) realizing that looking at the future changes everything.
  • And even around here, there’s a growing sense of “It’s almost time…

My dreams are “going active” again out in the “dream realms” but beyond learning of how variable-geometry sailboat rigging is done (and a boat either named or going to Brisbane is involved) nothing particularly useful.  Except that somehow, Borgorno-Karabakh will figure into things shortly, as well.  That’s the war between Turkey and Armenia.

Bunch of BS and woo-woo?  Perhaps.  But, it could also be Universe whispering with “coincident indicators” and I should listen.  Small mid-course corrections for us, larger, more drastic changes for others.  Hopefully nothing, and we’ll just all wake up and “normal” will somehow resurect.

Hacks as an Indicator, Too?

Military affairs contributor “warhammer” has been pondering:

Pulse Secure becomes an ironic oxymoron?

A key modern aspect of war which no one seems willing to talk about is the cyber one: virtual; no bombs, almost no carnage and little directly attributable death, but the gnashing of teeth certainly abounds.

First there was Solar Winds.  Then the Microsoft Exchange server hack.  Now remote office connection software, so vital for pandemic impacted work from home employees.  Most worrisome is the above three are just the ones the government knows about and/or is willing to admit.

My spidey senses tell me that China and Russia have obtained the equivalent of network skeleton keys and each are systemically accessing government, industry and education systems at a frightening pace.  Why is anyone’s guess, but the most likely reasons from where I sit is to close technological gaps, identify heavy traffic military-industrial complex networks and hack into them when possible, seeking out pathways to compromise classified networks (largely research and development) and access their encryption algorithms.

Wanna bet the hacks methodically extend to banks and other critical national infrastructures (transportation, comms, water, power), not to mention lucrative high tech corporations and unclassified DoD and Federal Gov’t networks?  The reasons seem obvious.  When the PRC eventually moves on Taiwan, as is surely will, it’s objective will be to have its virtual hands around the nether regions of ‘Merica and any other nation thinking of coming to the renegade province’s defense.  It won’t be pretty, but it will be mercifully quick.”

One More Cyber Worry

Like this isn’t enough?  Go read the Washington Monthly article Is Facebook Buying Off The New York Times? Under the cover of launching a little-known feature, the social media giant has been funneling money to America’s biggest news organizations—and hanging the rest of the press out to dry.

Which would sure dovetail with our view based on some basic A.I. work that there’s been a huge concentration of power in the “liberal northeast establishment press” that is now being foisted off on the more reasonable (and less radical) parts of the country by means of social media.

As we have argued, like search engines, social media (which by definition is sites that rely on reader contributed content as their main product) should be classed as public utilities and have no protections from libel and slander laws.

But, who listens, right?  Social owns elections.


Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is just out.  Rose-colored glasses reader?

“Led by improvements in indicators related to production and personal consumption and housing, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to +1.71 in March from –1.20 in February. All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in March, and all four categories improved from February. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to +0.54 in March from +0.07 in February

New Unemployment Claims

Also just out:

Strangely, after the numbers, the Dow futures turned  down for a bit.  But will it hold?

Flow Sensing

Changes to the Force today?

Will this trigger local changes in space?  A “Record-breaking flare erupts from neighboring star.”

Push-back on the Belt & Road Initiative of China? Deadly Blast At Pakistan Hotel Hosting China Ambassador: Official.”

Left leaning leaders of “wokeness” are being called out:Left-leaning outlets publish ‘deliberately misleading’ videos about Columbus shooting.”  (We’re not the only ones seeing it…)

Tell me how this works, again? An unvaccinated worker set off an outbreak at a U.S. nursing home where most residents were immunized.”  If immunized, why are they getting sick?

OK…breakfast and back to the punch list…

Write when you get rich,

96 thoughts on “Markets in “Rally or Die” Zone, Reader Advisory”

  1. The time is almost upon us……..I have been having what I call Apocalyptic dreams of the end times since I hit puberty over 45 years ago. At the prime age of 13 these dreams were to say the least bothersome and often pure scenes of hell. Funny thing they have been the same dreams, same places and same people surrounding me since then. Now I see myself in the place, with those unknown people from the past who now are my family and friends. And the place where I have always met my final end, is now my kitchen. Yup time is upon us……make haste

  2. Sorry for the second post, but this is the first time I have publically talked about the dreams…other than my journals and my wife, I have never gone public with this. I apologise if I am out of line with this site, but I finally feel I have to “shout the truth” cause time is a lot shorter than we realize

    • I believe you’re safe on this site. Collectively, we appreciate any intel or markers that can help us identify the answer to “when”. Lots of experiences and opinions here. If life is Jeopardy, we tend to figure out the puzzle sooner than most.

      As for your demise in your kitchen, change the odds and let somebody else do the cooking?

      • Wish it was cooking going on in the kitchen, it more like a gunfight and a hail of bullets sent my way!…Imagine that dream reoccuring in HD for over 45 years.

    • Frankness, could you please tell us more? What happened in your town/city/state to cause your demise in your kitchen? Can you tell us more please?

      I cannot share dreams from childhood like you, but, one marker for me is upon me, pretty soon. A dream, which I have related here, a while back. In my dream, it was exactly like real life. I was oming down the hallway, out the front door, of the house I still live in. I look right, house for sale, look left, house for rent or sale. Look right, house for sale. Look left house for rent/sale.

      Knew upon wakening, the guy 2 doors over on the right would sell his house. Just a few hours later, early that morning, I walked across the street to have my morning walk, and he came out and crossed the street to meet me, said he wanted me to know that he was listing his house, and he wanted me to hear it from him, that he just could not stand the women in the house between us and was selling out and moving about 45 minutes outside of the city. His house sold very fast and he was gone.

      House to left, owned by older woman, who is now 99. She had the shot(s), last one on March 31, now her lung is back filling up with fluid. This problem had been resolved completely for one year, but the second shot set her off.

      Her son is incapable of helping right now.

      Her house will have an issue, it will either go for rent, or it will go for sale, and then back for rent, or it will go for sale, for rent, and then for sale.

      The dream was immediate for the house on the right. But the house on the left has taken over 20 years and counting before that part of the dream comes true.

      How’s that? A dream that can predict a 4 hour advance window, along with over a 20 year episode in the future, at the same time!!!

      So, Frankness, there has to be some markers or more info in your dreams, if you would please share. You have certainly come to the right place.

      Thank you in advance.

  3. Hopefully Andy will be using his prayer and meditation to manifest a brighter future for us all.

    • It’s not just Andy. We all have such powers to various degrees, though we may not even be able to sense them. If we want a better world, we need to envision them for those who can, and build them piece by piece in your mind for those of us who cannot.

      Be careful to imagine the best and highest good, with detail for yourself if you wish, but without drawing others’ futures to your particular view against their will. Their future is theirs to experience – you will have your hands full just riding the waves yourself.

      Best to all of us. It should be quite an adventure.

  4. G –

    Israhell – kemo sabe,

    began and will be finished in the ME, the grand cycle tumblers click click clicking into place..Syrian missle(s)@ dimona nuke weapons dev site overnight.

    All others are noise, Stargates – who controls, controls the planet.

    Faster than speed of light travel is reality now..pentagon official approval/disclosure of USN disclosues – forcing the issue..
    After literally having the SHIT scared out them during operation High Jump=spacenazi’s ? How many US servicemen were slaughtered in/for sport?

    Male pleadians & draconian ships/saucers toyed with our guys, like a cat plays with its prey before killing, sicknasties – legend, conspiracy?
    Bet you cant guess WHO has really been running the giant defense contractors..

    See latest Farsight/remote viewing sessions – Antartica.

    – Our eternal enemy, enil/el the “adversary” =slaver..evil, vicious, violence loving – soulless bastard.. el ites?

    Remote viewing – like interstellar space travel – getting moar real every second of everyday day..
    PEACE –

  5. Fed Bux are now being booked as profits over at the airlines.

    “DALLAS — Southwest Airlines is the first major U.S. airline to report a profit since the pandemic started, as federal payroll aid helped boost the company to net income of $116 million in the first quarter.

    Without the federal money, Southwest would have lost $1 billion in the quarter.”

    • Accounting only a Ferengi could understand!

      I understand categorizing the funds as income. I don’t understand how $116M offsets a $1,000M loss.

      • “Speaking of “Leverage” – what a fun tv series to binge”

        Yup. If you notice, Hardison, a genius hacker, usually gains access to a mark’s computer system via a jump drive.

  6. Had a long conversation with a good friend from the Del Rio area last evening. He told me about a Chinese group that bought a 200K (yeah “KAY”) acre ranch off the west side of Highway 277 North of Del Rio and put a heckuva nice runway of about 4750 feet on it that you could land anything on. Look it up on Google Earth – Rio Vista Ranch owned by Harvest Texas, LLC out of Houston and all the significant people, according to Corporate Wiki, are Chinese. …. … Yeah, “Harvest” Texas, get it? The jackass realtor out of Houston that facilitated that ought to be strung up.

    The thing is only NOW does anybody in D.C. put any kind of legislation forward about foreign nationals buying land around our internal military bases – The purchase happened at least 2 years ago and perhaps farther back than that. Laughlin Air Force Base is down there. Hmmmm. Do ya think the Chi-coms would team up with the cartels and … … … Nahhhhh. They’ve got Bribem and KDD.

    Gettin’ that tingly feellin’ on the back of my neck. Wondering if now would be a good time to load up all the shotgun magazines and wondering if they’ll hold a full load for an extended time.

  7. Frankness isn’t the only one. My dreams work the same way, but it has been my entire life. Though I know I still have places to go from here, people I haven’t yet met. But it isn’t pretty going forward. George I’m right there with you, things have gotten weird lately. That maybe part of the reason millennials are having a difficult time making decisions. Surely, they feel it even if they don’t see it clearly. (I’m right on the line between Gen X and the millennials.)

  8. Ahh, but to dream! The way I see it, all of the major religions have prophets, seers, diviners of the future, so there must be something to this stuff. Enoch, Noah’s great grandpa, is considered the first prophet of the Torah/Bible. Since then, dozens of recognized major and minor Hebrew and Christian prophets appeared, supplemented by other non-canonical types, among the most (arguably) famous ones are Nostradamus, the writers of the Chinese Tui bei tu, Baba Vanga and the 20th Century’s own Edgar Cayce.

    These gifted ones all had a penchant for being able to loop time in ways most of us humans cannot. But as Einstein famously stated, time (as we know it) is based upon the position of the observer. With so many ‘observers’ in our flow of ‘time,’ whose future observations are ground truth for ‘this’ universe (and not alternate ones)? Makes one’s head spin.

  9. Time spent shaking the kidneys loose on the tractor gets worse as we get older. Maintenance and replacement of the seat are often overlooked. Just replaced the seat on the AC with an upgrade from the local used parts yard to one with armrests. Minor mods needed to accommodate the draft and 3 point controls but worth it.
    Still use the old JD “B” to pull the hay rakes and trailer but it takes someone way more limber than me to ride the cast iron bucket seat.

    Stay safe. Lock and Load.

  10. George

    Does anyone know what Is the current DEFCON level? I hear it is now 3, but that is not verified.

    • I personally would NOT put much stock in the DEFCON level for anything over a 48 hour time horizon.

      The DoD, CIA, NSA, and National Security Council ALL missed the collapse of Eastern Europe, the Berlin Wall, and the USSR, even when key events, such as the collapse of the Berlin Wall, were just a week out (for the Berlin Wall in fact the DC “intelligence class” didn’t see it coming even when it was just 3 days out!). Need I bring up the Russian take over of Crimea in 2014 just after the Olympics as another example?

      Government Bureaucrats, yep even those at the Pentagon, are always going to mostly be LINEAR thinkers since those are the type of people those organizations promote. There are a few in those organizations who can actually think out of the box but from what I have seen from the outside those few are kept boxed up and out of the way so they don’t contaminate the thinking of the dominant linear thinking class. They are only kept around for the amusement of the linear thinkers so that those linear thinkers have someone to ridicule.

      • No, more likely 1 or 2 are kept around – due the ability to cut-up a problem (technology) mentally into distinct – separate parts/ working pieces of whole. * nobody in Current chain of command (s)at pentagon has decent physic ability, couple think they do..hahahahaha results, record,evidence suggests otherwise..

        majority of peeps(scientist/engineers) unable to “cut up” compartmentalize individual parts, and science out/reverse engineer..90% human brains are “boggled” and left drooling, when confronted with tech that is beyond our imagination..lost in the disbelief, enormity of it all, the realization everything U know/studied/taught is WRONG or or at best – very incomplete..enough to drive Man or Women to drink, heavily .

      • They missed 911, Stephen 2, too! I mean they couldn’t predict it (even though someone had already warned them, multiple countries, and Ms. Condoleeza Rice, up there, got a memo about planes being flown into buildings); AND they had a training mission for Planes Flying Into Buildings On The Same Day BUT, they had NO CLUE that it could happen.

        AND they expected the Gullible, stupid Americans, to believe them.

        Didn’t you see where the PBS producer was on camera saying that: “Americans are So Stupid.”

      • Wrong they know all. Just didn’t tell you about it. No kidding. Almost goes to that quantum observation theory.

    • Best non-classified information indicates we have been at DEFCON-3 for most of the past two weeks.

      Russia pulled back from the Ukraine border today, and accordingly, we (unofficially, of course) went to DEFCON-4.

      We are now (unofficially) at DEFCON-5.

      • There IS no official, credible source for DEFCON level. This is a classified notation attached to classified Whitehouse and Pentagon briefings, and is determined primarily by the Joint Chiefs. DEFCON and EMERGCON also pertain specifically to nuclear attack/response readiness, and as such, are strategic military intelligence. Places like defconlevel and fas have contacts inside the defense command loop, whom they poll to show (or sometimes guess) our current DEFCON level. These are as reliable as any. We will never know via these sites if we hit DEFCON-1, because the ICBMs will be roaring outen yer neighbor’s duck pond or you’ll see the flashes, before defconlevel ever gets da info posted.

      • It could be just as believable as HEPCON. The signs are all over base and they change them at random. Doesn’t seem to have any basis in reality.

    • Visit large military installation homepages. The alert level is often posted there, or a link taking you to a precautions page…

  11. George,

    G.A. did put up quite a long post on the protected side of his website over the weekend, but he said it was the last one that he was going to do for a while.

    All this woo talk got me to thinking about a pig and how that pig relates to all of us. Yes, this is a true story.

    Several years ago when I still worked in private consulting, we were hired to do an asbestos inspection of a Tennessee Pride sausage plant. I did the work solo (as usual) and it took me about 3 days to complete. While I was there a maintenance supervisor escorted me around the plant so I could have access to everything. At one point we were outside near the corral where the pigs are brought in. There was a fresh herd in the corral of maybe a 100 head and they were all busy doing pig things…heads down, rootin’ and gougin’…oblivious to the world…except for one pig. This pig had its head up and it was looking right at me. We made eye contact and I could sense that this pig knew something was up. I could almost hear the question…’Hey, buddy! I don’t like this. Something is up. What’s going on?’ I remember thinking to myself ‘Yeah, Pig. I feel ya.’ I made some remark to the maintenance supervisor about the pig and he said “you’re the last white man that pig is ever gonna see.”

    So, I finished the work up the next day and the plant supervisor was happy enough with the work I did for them that he gave me a case of the sausage they made and packaged the day before. That pig was delicious.

    • Thanks Maj. I’m doing a post on The Beast then taking some time to work out some cobbled together plans.

      I was hopeful this morning after I read on Zerohedge that Russia was going to de-escalate.

      And that was followed by this on Rense’s website:

      This Putin advisor was talking about the summer for conflict.

      My scenario was some Spring event that crashed the markets (I thought Iran/Syria/Russia or Greece/Turkey) followed by the big dust up between NATO and Russia sometime in Summer around the Olympic Games or the 9th of Av.

      So, this de-escalation fit more in line with the sequence of events I have written about.

      Consider what I call The Nostradamus Butterfly Effect. From my solution to the dating code, I deduced 2011 as The Third Climate Under Mars or The Third Age of Mars, which clearly is World War III.

      What happened in 2011, NATO attacked Libya, and since 2011, NATO and Russia have come head-to-head, especially in 2014 after Ukraine. So, Nostradamus is picking the actual date as the origin point of the vector that leads to World War III.

      This is why we see 2011, 2014, and 2019 in another dated prophecy, Libya, Ukraine, COVID-19. Think about the metaphor for Master Antagonist spelled out in The Sixains, The Physician of The Great Disease; who I deduced through other Nostradamus’ prophecies as a person that resides in Brussels, the seat of NATO.

      And so technically, we have already had the Easter event with the massing of Ukrainian and Russian troops and the behind the scenes support by NATO.

      This was the origin point of what is to come in the war between NATO and Russia.

      I have limited elbow-room for my bug-out plans, so I am hoping that this is the Nostradamus Butterfly Effect so I have more time to amend my plans.

      Personally, I went through all of my gear, and realized how lazy I had gotten. Some of it was recalled because of lithium-Ion-phosphate battery issues. I found my portable solar power bank case swollen. The company just sent me a replacement.

      That inspired me to buy a fresh set of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and narrow my sizes down to three.

      But unfortunately, it does not look like we are going to get much more time to prepare, because the Ukrainian military has just called up Reservists and that is not the sign you send when Russia announced it was going to pull back.

      I’m only going by what I wrote versus the news. I trust my stuff at the moment, so, I am working like the clock is running out. Good luck to all!

      • Orthodox Easter is May 2nd … and of course both Russia and Ukraine go by the Orthodox Calendar, though I am unsure of which calendar Nostrodamus used during his days and the calendar he used matched up to the Orthodox Calendar in his days. (of course I am sure you know all this).

        My long ago (done 40+ years ago) cycles work indicated the “Main Event” War (main event of many generations), would be a conflict between the China and the US and it would start in the 2022-2024 period. (this was done back when China was a totally backward unindustrialized overpopulated rural country – behind where even rural India was on the economic development scale). Leading up to that “Main Event” there would also be a Precursor War, or WARS, that would most likely occur. The window for those precuror war(s) to start was in my original work would open up about 24 months before the main event.

        My shorter term cycles (5 to 10 year forward projection) work has been centering on mid 2022 for the “Main Event” to start for several years now, though I have various other cycles projections intertwined (both longer term and shorter term) that indicates both a Pakistan/India problem and Israel problem, either or both of which could be a precursor war situation. (and of course China could also be involved in a “precursor war” situation before the main event starts). fwiw I did NOT examine Korea as being a potential precursor event.

        As I looked at the world when I was doing my original work, which indicated the US/China event would result in a conflict AT LEAST two standard deviations bigger than WW2, probably 4 to 6, I came to the conclusion that because my death count was projected to be so high the only way to reach that level of death would be by designer diseases since nuclear weapons could not result in the multi billions of deaths that I was projecting would occur. Of course back then we didn’t have the ability to design diseases like we do now … but necessity is always the mother of invention is it not?

        Hopefully my work is flat out wrong and we can avoid what it indicates is in the cards. OH …and don’t think it will be over quickly. Wars of that magnitude ebb and flow over time and usually take 25 to 40 years to totally complete and for societies and life to finally have the opportunity to stabilize again.

      • Thanks, G.A., I’m looking forward to reading your Beast post. I think you’re n the right track. There were a few points that you made that I didn’t necessarily agree with at the time…Let’s say I was still analyzing the situation…but I’ve decided that you were right about it.

        As far as my prep goes, I’ve got what I got. My bug out plan isn’t so much a bug out as a bug IN plan. If we survive the initial event we’ll go from there.

        By the by, I sent you an email introducing myself a little more a few days ago to the Hotmail address on your website.

  12. from “tabbyfan”

    We don’t follow the charts anyway. My departed mother said “Never invest what you can’t afford to lose.” As my spouse says, “The bulk of my portfolio is in my gas tank.” However, we much value the Focus section and the wise comments of your readers. And Peoplenomics articles are interesting, especially those focusing on gardening and useful methods of getting ready for “what is to come.”
    “What I manifest is before me….” Still working on changing that – tough for one who tends to see the dark side.

  13. “I’m still taking an occasions tiny sip arguing over how much citrus and the answer still changes daily.”

    I know.. but I seriously didn’t think that 5 oranges for seven gallons would be to much lol lol..
    I should have kept to the 1 orange..

    • 7 gallons of Rum ? hot dam Loob – when and where – mon frere ?

      prolly a lot smooother and sweeter than coots habenaro tequila, diff strokes-diff folks.

      Can the coot bring anything ? aforementioned?

      a lil blow to spin Ure head around ?
      magic mushrooms, live budda
      philly cheese steaks & soft pretzles
      couple of hoochie mammas- experienced types only, none of bribem & the Dems young stuff – they are going to inherit the Earth after all..Children that is .

      • repugnicans (cheney,scalia..) known to like em real young too- just ask bush the evil -about the teddy bear picnic “hunt” at the grove – family is original to it.

      • “prolly a lot smooother and sweeter than coots habenaro tequila, ”

        I would like to think I am pretty good at making this stuff.. but then it might just be a misconception on my part because I make it…
        Which is why I like to hear opinions from everyone that gets a chance to sample or partake of it..and since I am not a heavy drinker at all its really hard for me to tell objectfully.. I actually had to buy a couple of bottles of different companies spiced rum to get an overall idea on the flavors then the is there an aftertaste you don’t want it to have an I make sure it goes through a multi filtered stage…. .. I just started to make it to see if I could and its important for me to be reasonably good at what I do. Even though Its not store bought but home made.. .. and the second reason was to give me some activity to keep me busy.. Since the wife likes a good glass of wine.. I make wine and experiment with different fruits to get a good blend..Before it is bottled I have a taste testing by a variety of people with different taste preferences.. and get their opinions of what was right and what was wrong about it then make it again and again till I get it right.. .. Beer because the vast majority like beer and it is cheap to make.. the Rum flavored Wine ran about two dollars a gallon.. well less.. average cost of a bottle of wine is around a quarter to thirty cents so for a gallon bottle it is more realistically around a buck a bottle.. ( no its not ripple or thunderbird yuck LOL) .. not counting the label and bottle cork etc.. People actually save their empty bottles then trade me for a full one when a batch is done.. LOL…and I usually get between sixty and a hundred bottles from each batch.. what amazes me is just how fast it all is drank up.. LOL.. so I has to be at least OK..



        5 GAL. OF WATER
        1.1 lb OF Hemp LEAVES
        2.1 lb OF RAISINS (boil them in the water before putting in fermentor)

        5 lb OF SUGAR
        0.25 oz OF YEAST NUTRIENT + YEAST

        after the dandelion shandy.. I plan on making this.. high in cbd … so I should be pretty healthy for you..

    • Loob – you gotz a good one for Elderberry Wine ? like a taste tested, proven ?

      2 attempts , both failures, ended up with astringent/bitterish – high alcohol. We made cool labels…”Bandicoot Estates” – looked good, tasted like crap. Last year we just did Elderberry Elixer, and Elderberry Syrup – both very successful..

      thanks Man

      • “Loob – you gotz a good one for Elderberry Wine ? like a taste tested, proven ?”

        Just Waiting on the last taste tester.. Figure Elaine and George should give me the true skinny on it.. so far everyone else in the family has loved it..
        I did plant two elderberry bushes last year.. the thought is I can buy my juice now.. but in a couple of years I will be able to harvest my own berries.. Still trying to get a black thorn bush to sprout.. LOL then I can make my own sloe gin.. so far I have to depend on a friend in the UK to send me some of her harvest.. LOL…

      • We do our wine tastings (LOOB’s Elderberry “prescription” is waiting) under remarkably “clear” conditions.
        Weather must be right : 80F on the screen porch
        There must be something on the BBQ suitable – my fall apart ribs are a good pairing – anything berry or fruit goes with pork well.
        These conditions are promised in the next week or so.
        Stay tuned …and drool.

      • “looked good, tasted like crap. Last year we just did Elderberry Elixer, and Elderberry Syrup – both very successful..”

        Trust me I have had a few home batches that no one would touch.. made forty gallons of beer for a family reunion and had it in the solar chiller.. only to discover no one liked that flavor.. ( I tried a mexican corona type it sucked.. not sure which spice I had in it that ruined it..) I have to buy my elderberry juice unfortunately.. what I discovered is LESS.. less sugar more juice.. makes a better wine..

      • crash –

        how long did you let it age?

        I did 10 gal of fig wine and tossed half of it out after a year because it tasted like crap

        the following year, I opened one and it was wonderiferous…

        just took 2 years to mature – wine is so finicky…

      • Ok.. here is my elderberry recipe…..
        five gallons of water..
        10 cups of raisins
        2 gallons of dried elderberries.. OR… one gallon of juice
        1 lemon chopped.. or 1/4 cup of lemon juice
        1 inch of cinnamon stick
        1 tsp of cloves
        1 tsp of pectic enzyme
        1 tsp of yeast nutrient..
        5 lbs of sugar.. ..\
        to start.. put two gallons of water on to boil.. add the sugar and let it disolve into a simple syrup.. then add the fruit I take the raisins and put in a blender to chop.. then toss in.. the lemon just chunk it up toss it in.. boil the fruit till it gets tender.. you can tell when it is starting to get that way.. then take a large fruit masher and mash it up like a pan of boiled potatoes.. let it sit.. with the lid on.. after it cools transfer it to your fermentor.. add the rest of the water .. then toss in the cloves and the pectic enzyme cinnamon and yeast nutrient.. let it sit… till it gets to room temperature..
        stir.. now take your yeast and put it in some sugar water until it starts to bubble.. then pour it into the mix.. put you lid on and let it go.. depending on the yeast you will know when its done with the first fermentation.. make sure you sanitize everything before you start.. and use filtered water.. the better the water the better the flavor..
        once it is finished with its primary fermentation.. transfer the wine to the second fermentor before you do.. I take a couple of tblsp of bentonite clay and put it in a little water and heat it up and mix it.. then pour it in the wine mix that in really good this will take alll the solids and drop them to the bottom of the firmentor.. cap it and let it sit.. for me it is a couple of months..
        NOW.. that your wine has fermented the second time.. you transfer it to a clean fermenter. put your Camden tablets in it one tablet per gallon.. if you want to go old school.. then pasteurize it.. just bring the temp up slow to kill the yeast… and now is the time to tweak it.. make some simple syrup and juice.. ( about a half gallon of elderberry juice.. and add it to the mix.. I add just the juice at first then add the simple syrup till it gets to the level of sweetness you want.. remember more sugar doesn’t mean more alcohol.. and if it is to strong then add water.. get it to the strength you like.. I use a refractometer most of the time.. or you can go old school .. once it is to your liking.. then filter it.. different micron filters .. I do a double filter.. then taste it one last time small glass to make sure it is ok.. then bottle it.. add what you like take out what you don’t like.. the next batch I am adding a few eucalyptus leaves in it..
        I tried an expensive wine that had some in it.. thought it was nice.. so.. we shall give it a try LOL… now that is for a small batch of wine.. if you want to make a larger batch.. I usually make two fermenters with it.. for the odd or special wines I make one..

        I have six of these..
        here is the wine filter..
        Now.. I use two more filters in line with this one.. the pump is plenty big and its a pretty simple process..
        He is really good.. I also have this filter.. but I use that for my beer..

      • George and Elaine should be able to give you an independent opinion on if it is any good or not..
        I think they would be able to give an honest review of it…

  14. Thought I would toss out a suggestion for those putting off building prices due to lumber…

    I had a friend all set to raze and redo his garage, to expand it for his shop area. The bid to replace the garage was $40k in February. His revised quote received today was $88K….

    I suggested he do two things; 1) raze his own garage and salvage the lumber for the new roof, and 2) get the building quoted for cinder block construction. New cinder block quote (without roof) was $20k for walls up.

    Being a sucker for helping out, I told him to now get a quote for a metal roof. Then he can use salvaged lumber to finish it out…

    All of central and south America is built of bricks, stone and concrete – primarily due to termites and now firmly ensconced as the predominant method. These homes also survive flooding and hurricanes – the roof may go, but the walls usually remain.

    If you look on Craigslist and such. specifically in rural areas, there are often people offering a house for free if you tear it ALL down and cart it away…

    • Over the past few years I’ve been refinishing the inside of the ranch house with lumber my dad-in-law got from tearing down old houses. It makes for very interesting walls and ceilings but beware of the wood from extremely old houses such as from the 30s. The wood has seasoned and hardened to the point you actually have to drill a pilot hole for the nails. It may be due to baking in the West Texas heat for decades but if you can put it where you want it it can be great looking lumber.

    • I needed a 2x6x8ft and two 2x4x8ft to finish a project. Last month I would have spent about $17. Today it was $28! Most of the lumber at Home Decrepid is usually warped or still has bark on it so I spent a lot of time selecting for straight pieces. If I was going to build a house today I would price out a steel framing type and go that way if feasible. At least you don’t have to worry about termite!

      • Ugh. I priced 6′ and 8′ 2x12s for sideboards for my little dump trailer the other day. $96, or $101 for treated. AYFKM!? It’ll get pallet wood instead…

    • “I suggested he do two things; 1) raze his own garage and salvage the lumber for the new roof, and 2) get the building quoted for cinder block construction. New cinder block quote (without roof) was $20k for walls up.”
      5 – 3- 2 five parts of sand,
      three parts of clay
      2 parts of cement
      mixed to just the point where it clumps..
      instead of cement.. you can use.. 45% coarse gravel and tobermorite ( or limestone dust) along with 55 percent of volcanic ash.. in Egypt.. they used ground sea shells and limestone ..
      anyway.. it is cheap and easy.. I bought two of those hand operated block press’s.. I had had a few dreams where I would be showing people to build.. and thought why not have it on hand.. so I bought two.. one for some missionaries.. ( shipping is dirt cheap to another country. to the USA oh my god.. ) I bought two different styles of blocks one is the leggo block form.. at one point in time I was going to have a bunch of college kids come by and build a storm shelter and shed.. but then covid hit.. the other machine went to some mission so they could build a combination clinic and school
      this summer the grand kids and I will make a small straw bale press and build a small straw playhouse for them using the dried grass clippings from the yard..,man-made%20stones%2C%20which%20look%20exactly%20like%20natural%20rocks.
      A bunch of college kids built a home out of straw bales a few years ago.. it was a lot of fun.. and the frame went up in just a short time..
      These are awesome.. I have a friend that lives in one of the houses..
      then you have rammed earth..
      Or Earth bag
      Many universities are now teaching these methods of construction..
      Just a thought.. if you live in the outback..

  15. BLM has done a Fonzie:It has jumped the shark,snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.Instead of using the Ohio tragedy as an opportunity to praise the police officer put in this Gordian knot,they have doubled down.Columbus will have the honor of saying Goodbye to their revolutionary dreams.

  16. Sure, I dream just like everyone else, but most of the time I wake up the next morning and never fully remember what they are all about. However, I had one dream probably 2-3 years ago that has stuck with me and I remember it clear as day. In this dream, I am hiking/marching on a trail with a group of other armed men, probably somewhere in the Cascades, into what looks like some sort of base camp, as tents are set up in a secluded valley. Above me is a higher trail and I see my brother, who is younger than me and I haven’t seen for quite sometime, coming into a part where the trails merge with a similar group of men. We stop, hug, and talk about our families, who aren’t with us, and we continue on. After that, I woke up quickly, but this dream has never left me. I get the feeling that at some point, I will get that ‘deja vu’ vibe that sometimes happens when you experience something that you had already previously dreamed about….

    • The key is to learn to meditate. Trick is to get yourself still and shut that damn voice in your head. Once you can do that for a stretch without dozing off first you’ll catch the field. I’ve only done it a few times, but the Monroe Inst. in VA offers audio cd’s using their “Hemi-Sync” method. Using that I’ve been there a few times. Trippy to say the least.

  17. If this isn’t registering yet, consider:

    “G.A. Stewart is worried and considering his bug-out options.
    Andy has checked out (for a while) realizing that looking at the future changes everything.
    And even around here, there’s a growing sense of “It’s almost time…“

    Even though were I live was home to begin with. I decided years ago that this was where I would stay..
    I had considered other areas.. but where I live is 200 plus in any direction from a strike point. This is the wastelands of the USA. .
    I’m 125 – 150 miles or a 5 day hike to the nearest.. DUMB.. ( getting in Is the real challenge) this area is also coveted and would be the last place that any of our enemies would want to make uninhabitable..
    What worried me was the mail from someone I hadn’t heard from in almost 40 years in the position of predictions asking me what my dreams have been like lately..
    I just said take a look at the daily news.
    To have a bug out location hundreds of miles away would never work.. you’d be better off prepping to stay where your at.


        The debate is.. would it be easier to be closer to the blasts rather than further away and affected by radio active fallout .
        I personally see what could be as a more subtle event..
        What’s the most fragile part of our country..
        Our infrastructure.. we have neglected our infrastructure yo the point it’s about to collapse..decades old gas and water lines bridges and roadways about to fail..a grid that is designed keeping the power in just a few locations instead of securing it against a massive failure that would cause a cascade event leaving everyone vulnerable. We worry about thousands of missiles in an attack where in reality it would only take a few to cause a cascading collapse sending us back to the stone age..
        A simple glance back if s year can give you a small glympse of the situation.. now multiply that by twenty thousand or more in severity.. now toss in a virus.. studies projected loss of 98 percent.. replacement of key equipment of ten to twenty years and that is only if we aren’t in a skirmish with them..
        The last time I read something it basically said five to ten years to retool and start manufacturing back up.. that doesn’t even take into consideration.. teaching the workers how..
        Our best bet to keep things safer.. forget the guys with the gold front tooth and their desires for more.. if they want it that bad ..well they have enough money to hire their own private army. then back away.. why should we be paying over a trillion dollars on other countries..

    • I rarely remember my dreams. But since my teenage years I have always ‘known’ I would witness the end of the world as we know it. I became aware of long wave economic cycles very early on, and it has influenced my (rather poor) investment decisions mostly to the side of safety. I am relieved that things were ‘postponed’ this long to allow me to achieve a modest retirement. Key to that decision was location, location, location. Far from any population center, with major mountains between me and prime military targets 250 miles away. Far out in the jungle where no one would waste a nuke on. Now I just live my life and wait for IT to come.

  18. “Two very good “seers of future” in our orbit have recently decided to “stand down.””

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s up, but I’ve been spooking myself lately with nightmarish dreams, too. Kind of a third person pov, but there all the same. One attempting to outrun massive water, another on a derailed train falling into a deep crevice. There have been more dreams than these, and with worse scenarios. My latest was involved a younger version of me changing past events. Honestly, there isn’t any movie or game influences to be under as much of what I’ve been taking in is economic and social info. That and replaying angry birds with my kids.

    I’d love to go back to those lucid dreams I used to have all the time.

  19. “Hacks as an Indicator, Too?”

    I am currently reading a book titled “This is how they tell me the world ends” by Nicole Pelroth. A deep dive into the hacking of everything and anything we own or think is secure.

    Not much scares me anymore but this book has succeeded. We live in a very very dangerous time. The clock is ticking.

    George. Glad you are cutting back a bit. Your readers (including this 79 year old coot) completely understand. Number one priority. Take care of Elaine.

  20. George and all you guys and Gals,

    I guarantee you will live till you die. How well how long may
    all change in a heartbeat. No Guarantees. Just Choices.
    WE ALL MAKE CHOICES all 7.5 Billion of us. All those choices turn into tonight or tomorrow or next year.
    All the prophets I have heard about died years or centuries ago. We got lots of stories about them but I bet their failures
    are forgot and only the ones they got right are remembered.
    Things change fast,a guy told meour knowledge of medicine doubles every 12 weeks now. I have had several physicians tell me they cannot keep up.. A year after PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT school (1977) I was 2 years behind. So I just continue to read, learn , talk to folks and learn Has served me well.Have not killed any of my patients so far, accidents can and do happen but so far after44 plus years still plugging along.
    Plan for worse as we all do ,hope for the best..

    • Actually it was in large part Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital, that killed the Radio industry. IMO.

    • “internet killed the newspaper ad revenue’ sung to the tune of ‘video killed the radio star’”

      Fb killed the newspaper… WELL… I beg to differ.. it didn’t actually kill it.. it helped expedite the process that was already in progress.
      What I think killed it was deregulation and the exportation of our industries.
      Before that the news paper came and mom anddadwould sit around reading and discussing the daily news and events.
      When mom and dad were forced to take lesser paying jobs and work longer hours.. the time they had was replaced by longer hours fast food to replace home cooked meals and daycare, higher insurance rates etc..

  21. Yo Jorge, Wanna take a walk on the wild side? Ran across this video that discusses Morgellons disease. Video was posted in 2015. Presentation is over 2 hours but very, very interesting. Well put together with facts and science. Learn something new everyday.

    Enjoy my friends….

  22. As a years-long Peoplenomics subscriber I have no issue at all with your updated schedule (reducing one of the twice weekly issues to charts only). Frankly, I’m damn impressed with how much you get done, old man. :)

    Thanks for being you, George, a constant reminder to me that not everyone on earth has gone completely nuts.

    Be Well.

  23. “Another angle is seen in failed attempt to “pre-emptively assassinate” the Belarus leader. We assume that when the White House denies something, the odds of it being true have increased. “Psaki denies allegation US backed plot to assassinate Belarus strongman Lukashenko.”

    Soros &Co tried to oust Lukashenko during the recent Belarus election. Same M.O. and tactics as he used in Ukraine. Lukashenko won convincingly, then immediately came the cries of cheating when the EU/USAID/Soros backed candidate showed exceptionally poorly. Lukashenko is far from a saint, but he’s only a “strongman” in the Western “press” because he stood up to the Nazis imported to cause mischief, and shut down the attempted coup before it could drag Belarus down the Yanukovych path…

    BTW the package I just got from Minsk was held up in Customs for at least an extra week. The neocons (neocoms) are not happy with the results of the 300mil we threw into Belarus last fall…

    • An interesting question comes to mind……. EVERYONE KNOWS…. who the bad guys are that manipulate whole countries to kill each other because of their greedy desires…
      There isn’t that many either.. SO…even though they know who is causing all the grief… why then does everyone play their games that causes so much grief..when the only winning move is not to play….

      • Hungary stopped.

        Soros is a Hungarian-born Nazi of Jewish descent.

        A couple years back, the Nation of Hungary banned the entry of Mr. Soros, or any of his minions from every of his many companies and “projects,” in perpetuity.

        Soros isn’t greedy for money, but for power. His personal belief is that Hitler was right with his implementation of fascism, but polluted the ideology by demonizing the communists and going after the Jews. Because communists and fascists are two sides of the same coin, the commies should be used to the fullest extent possible, then either settled with or dealt with, after Earth becomes a global fascist empire.

        As for Hitler’s treatment of Jews: Nazism requires a “common enemy” or “enemy of the State.” The “common enemy” is the pigeonholed group which is to blame for any policy or initiative which fails, and the group about which any amount of noise may be made, at any time, to take important stuff out of the news cycle, so people don’t learn of it. This is why we have the current social demonization of “police” and “Whites.” They are the “new Jews” of the fascist socialist movements, worldwide.

        What do the Hungarians know, of which the rest of us are obviously “slow on the uptake…?”

  24. anyone know how the bloke on sheetco died? . i didnt get on with him . everybody turned their back on the 25 year veterans still alive . we never surrender to evil dark side . i hope salty moriarty is anxious . i had 2 goes already . priests called . wouldnt take me in hell, i was sent back

  25. Why aren’t you boyfriends with Clif High anymore? You two made a good couple. This leads me to believe Clif just made this stuff up and George has too much integrity to go along once he found out? Now the whole Bitcoin thingy, well Clif for all his promotions has less than imagined. Oh well, I still have some silver and one gold coin

  26. “My spidey senses tell me that China and Russia have obtained the equivalent of network skeleton keys and each are systemically accessing government, industry and education systems at a frightening pace. ”

    If it’s official, they should not be. In my Internet travels, I came across a few black-hats. Except for da kiddies who’re trying to build a rep, serious hackers find a way in, then install one or more backdoors, then leave. Government-sponsored hackers are all really serious geekdudes (and dudettes.) They’ll install code that will let them know if a backdoor has been compromised, but they go away and leave it strictly alone, until they need it, unless it’s on the computer they’re using to daisy-chain tunnels into other computers. Depending on the type of entry created, the hacker may occasionally ping a single path into a single system, but they’ll never ping that 12-lane information freeway they installed.

    RE: My “Leverage” comment above — FBI and NSA are, for all practical purposes, impossible to hack. A kiddie gets instant cred if (s)he can do so, and will record close to 100,000 hack attempts on any given week. Their security is probably no better than that at someplace like but site access is much better controlled. It is damn’-near-impossible, but still much easier to get a thumbdrive into an Amazon secure-side computer than it is, a secure government computer. Snowden got in by installing a worm designed to give him Presidential clearance and superuser access to the entire network. It was the worm which enabled him to access stuff above his clearance level, and bleed it off. Here again, thumbdrive, inside the secure partition.

    BTW, the FBI has addressed Def Con on several occasions and invited any white- or black-hat who wanted to, to have a free go at “You get in, you get the cred, you tell us how, and we fix the security flaw before it becomes an issue.”

    • “My spidey senses tell me that China and Russia have obtained the equivalent of network skeleton keys and each are systemically accessing government, industry and education systems at a frightening pace. ”

      LOL actually you don’t need spidey senses.. they come right out and openly admit and register that they are paying lobbyists to meet and greet give a gift here or there to our nations leaders on the issues that they want addressed..

      I have said for years.. there is a reason why you need to keep industry at home and not allow special interests to buy votes creating in my opinion one of the most corrupted systems in human history.. and why should someone else create policies to be voted on.. Legislators should pen the legislations themselves.. guaranteed they wouldn’t be thousand page say nothing boring policies they should be written in down to earth everyone can read it and understand it high school level language .. all legislation should come to a vote with a time limit on each measure.. right now they have an auto vote system.. if they don’t vote its an ok or nae.. not sure.. they don’t read the bills.. so every bill should be read aloud discussed debated and voted on during the year it is presented.. then go by a majority vote.. ( that way if dumb and dumber are not at work oh well..) if they can’t bring it to a vote then all no voters are a vote for it to be declined.. done over with.. yae or nae.. I don’t care.. but read the bills and get them off the table so we don’t have some dead horse issue that is dragged around election after election..

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