Prepping; Your “Crash Command Post”

POP Prep Quiz!!!

Think you’re a prepper?

Q:  OK, wiseass, what time is the moon highest tonight and what phase is it in?

A:  If you had to look something up, you’re a freaking dilitante and not serious about real prepping.  Got to be into it or don’t wastte your time.

Sorry to be hard on you, but the end game may be in play…we won’t know for a while.  But this is certainly a good time to take prepping for the worst seriously.

Part of this morning’s report is on the free (UrbanSurvival) side and part on the grown-up side (Peoplenomics).  But taken as a whole, there’s a ton of stuff to think about in here, if you care to get your head out of your…uh… phone.

The starting point is this:  The stock market hit a major low in December 2018.  There is a chance it will break sharply lower in coming weeks.  Looks like it will make a run at it.  If it does, then odds of not only a  recession, but also the possibility of a Depression come into view.

Already, some of our readers who share “future-sensing” see that if things go badly, Trump might opt out in 2020 and if Bernie,  well….let’s just say any faith in the economy will have long ago left the building.  Trade war could spread another “bigly ugly this fall.”

And that means an economic collapse comes into view…and with it, growing odds of social disorder.  And with that as a cover operation, why wouldn’t the PTB launch a die-off on the GenPop with EMP and other such nastiness?   With no power, we’d be in civil turmoil in a few hours.  No cell?  No cops?  No order….

To  “get ahead of such problems”: there’s only one thing to do – we’ll be talking about it more on the PN side in coming weeks.

The short version is do you need a personal Crisis Comm Center?

“A what?”

Ah. .  Friday’s column I mentioned the book “The Commanding Heights” which was all about the battle for control of the Global Economy and this is done how?  By communications and media.

So, if you’re smart enough to prep, what’s your plan for holding what “information high ground” you can scrab up right now?

A short series of one or two line descriptions of things to be thinking about:

  • AfterCrash: definition and appearance.

Even before any Economic Crash shows up, there will be plenty of “moving parts” before hand and a sage observer will be able to follow the tides “in the affairs of men” by simply keeping a concept map and seeing where “the drift” in headlines is headed.

  • Prioritizing survival actions by purpose.

If things get crazy enough (and why not?) you’d best have a whole survival plan (or 3!) which would cover all your contingencies such as shelter-in-place, short-range, short-term hot bunking with friends close-by but out of trouble’s path.  And, if TSHTF, then you’ll want to be long out of Dodge before it hits.

  • Prioritizing comms in order to maximize survival.

In order to keep ahead of things, we are in the process of setting up a complete separate cheap computer dedicated to these “comms functions” alone.  There’s a ton of stuff to do, but for under $200 bucks, I picked up a simple 2018 Lenovo Think Center M81 SFF Desktop Computer, Intel Quad Core I5-2400 3.1GHz up to 3.4GHz, 12GB RAM, 240GB SSD, DVD, WIFI, BT 4.0, HDMI, VGA, DP port, W10P64 (Renewed) for under $200.  To go with it, a 1920 px hor-rez Samsung 32′ C32F397FWN Curved Full-HD Monitor (Renewed)  which was also $200.  So, total cost? $400.

This will be main “survival platform” workstation and it will be doing a hell of a lot which we’re about to explain why it’s a purpose-tasked unit…
  • Input Rationales  “News” and information discussion.

The reason you will need to “eat” a mountain of news sources, most of which aren’t even on your diet right now, is they could shape and alter your personal future. You can’t afford to junk-up your main computer, and that’s why a recent refurb with an SSD and a decent monitor and 16GB and HDMI is a good level at which to begin building your own CIA.  (Computer Information/ Analysis) platform.

  • Passive inputs (download every few minutes)

Let’s line up the inputs to run constanly:

  1. There’s the market trading app.
  2. There’s a series of Google feeds as RSS on topics like India-Pakistan, EMP, “Unrest” as a news search and the like.  Google news will send ’em to your email on the flyt.  Set up sorting to keep your mailbox clean
  3. Then the “usual suspects” from our “links” page.
  4. Plus the RSS aggregation from our Computational Future website.
  • Active Inputs

These are streaming and other sources, some of which may sound extreme, but let it all sink in.

  1. An AverMedia video capture card will move FTA satellite capture from the Big Box computer here onto the CIA platform.
  2. A trunking radio SDR (dual receiver) will keep tabs on law enforcement with scanning tools for fire, police & sheriffs, plus other agencies.  Water department, power company…
  3. Active weather acquisition from 137 MHz satellite direct (the polar orbit series).

On this latter, I just picked up a lightly used right-hand circular polarization WESAT antenna off a Chilean fishing boat which will plug into another SDR that will pipe the sat signal into software from   I know, setting up your own weather satellite system (and HF WeatrherFax, on its own long wire antenna and SDR may sound crazy, but I have this vision in my head of having a spot where I can plunk down at a desk, not mess with the work CPU, and get a SITREP on demand.  “Weps and Mets” are very high on my list, as is intel, threat analysis, and so on…

  • Counter-Measures

If a person has a small network of USB or WiFi web cams (OK, with NV capability and remote target illumination) that would fit into this category.  Don’t forget to integrate with your voice command alarm system. “Alex turn on IR Lights…” so your cameras can see better.

Ah, there it is….

  • Modeling the Survival Space.

You know how when you call the fire department, they know just what to send?  (An Engine company and an aid unit for a discrete small house, on up to 5 engines, 3 ladder trucks, 2 aid units and a medic unit plus battalion chief for a midrise residential building…)?  Well, the same thinking runs in serious prepping circles.

Are you staying put or is it time to bust down 2 computers and grab the Go Bags and small arms and toss the jerry cans of gas in the car to ensure you have a 600-mile bib-stop escape range?  I know people who have diesel Rabbits (the ones with 25 MPG tanks) that keep a cheapo trailer (1 drum of diesel) have >2,000 mile bug-out range.

Thing is, you need to know in advance what’s going on both enroute and once you land in your SHTF LZ.

You need to have all this thinking done in advance so when time comes, you will have carefully (not under pressure)  cool-headed decisions made well ahead of time.

  • Gearing Up Comms

USB hubs are cheap.  7-port Amazon hubs will be fine.  A computer with 7 USB ports is a good start, but I added an additional USB 3.0 SFF card for the CPU which will support a second Amazon 7 port…so SDR heaven.  Sure, go ahead and plug in FLDIGI, too.

  • Powering-Up Comms

Somewhere in your plan you need a good uninterruptible power supply (the “other” UPS).  Figure something big enough for one, but better 2-3 hours of operation without mains power.  Big UPS, but why not?  (*Don’t forget you need to put your internet onramps (which for us includes the sitcom link) on there, too.)  If you work from home, isn’t this a business expense your employer would appreciate?

  • Becoming a DDH – Digital-Direct Human

And then there’s the matter of being a “direct digital human.”  As a 30 WPM ham  radio operator, you can carry around global comms the size of a shoe box because you can make up with brains what other people have to do with hardware.  Not for everyone, but with blinking lights and night for msg’ing, you have a leg up on everyone.  I know…n o one pounds brass any more…old stuff, out of fashion.  Learn Morse code?  Never too late…

So’s Navajo Code Talking.  But given a choice between a couple of Morse operators and two Code Talkers, versus 20-cell phones which have an EMP useful lifespan of less than  a 10th of a second…gee, are we really talking prepping today, or have you swallowed the Kool-Aid and think there’ll be a soft landing on the far side?

We harbor no such delusions…and every time a “red flag law” gets proposed, you can almost see the clockwork gears moving us in that direction.

Come on back Monday and we’ll see how the market looks.  But just remember, if the goal of the PTB is to neuter Trump prior to 2020 to get their own stooges back on top, the market’s gotta dump and when that happens, the cascading effects of a kindling effect failure could be catastrophic.

Oh, Be Generous!

Might put a 6-pack of FRS or GMR radios on your shopping list, too   Spread them out when the crap hits to the people around your home.  Nothing like a well-patrolled perimeter, is there?  Tell your neighbors we’re all in this together.  A radio and a charger to the guy on the corner (*with twice the view of someone in the middle of block) could be a life saver…

Write when you get rich,

31 thoughts on “Prepping; Your “Crash Command Post””

  1. George

    “Don’t forget to integrate with your voice command alarm system. “Alex turn on IR Lights…” so your cameras can see better.”

    You really think Alexa will be up and running if SHTF?

    The Gov will probably start jamming everything and the really important stuff will be on Frequency Hopping systems.

    I’m not saying don’t do any comm systems just don’t go crazy buying stuff that will be unusable in short order.

    • I do not like those voice command modules…… the cloud.. big problem for the future.. but who am I.. I gave the ethics lecture to the thinkers a lot.. and they still made them.. now give it time..

      • Looking: Once you have tried one dot, you will be back on Amazon buying more. I am up to 4, & waiting for Black Friday to get an Echo Show & Ring Doorbell & probably anything else they come up with. Don’t forget to get some voice controlled plugs to hook up to the dot.

      • I agree. If vendors were trustworthy and had voice command systems that were self-contained and locked off the net, I’d consider one, but I can’t really think of why I’d want voice command much at all. It may have its place, but not here.

        I see no use for TV – I certainly have no time for it. Learning and creating are full time endeavors. If things got that bad, are greenbacks going to retain value? What about PMs? Yes, they’d have value but likely no real market that could be accessed. At some time we need to call things good and enjoy some of life, or we’ll miss the whole thing. Yes, preps have their place and we have our favorites. Different life systems priorities for different people. That said, terabytes of info and computers for almost everything sounds good, unless we get too reliant on them. I really don’t want an abyss, but we’re still better off recognizing it rather than denying it. I still prefer mechanical diesels as engines, along with spare injectors, pump, and other parts.

      • @ECS, I definitely need the RIGHT woman, but certainly not the wrong one. Finding such a woman can be a life’s work and unfortunately life is limited in time. I really do want to get lucky, but I only met a couple of women in my life that were a good fit for a while, and both changed over time. Perhaps I did too. Such is life.

  2. If a new computer is refurbished, be sure to go into the BIOS console and make sure the management console hasn’t been bugged by remote access by a 3rd party. If it is password locked, then you need to return it. About half of the refurbished computers I have bought have had problems. The BIOS management console runs underneath the operating system, so virus and malware scanners won’t pick it up. Using a network port scanner on a second computer to look for digital creepy crawlies is also advised before accessing email or password sites with the refurbished computer. Otherwise, the I5-2400 machines are very good home hobby computers. I have several of them.
    Also, running a dedicated firewall server is a good idea, especially if you are using refurbished computers. The I5-2400 is a good platform for the free Untangle modules, if you add a 4-port Ethernet adapter. Use the native Ethernet port for the external channel, and the add-on card for the internal Ethernet channels. Ethernet switches behind the server extend the number of channels. A wi-fi access point can be plugged into a dedicated channel to compartmentalize system access. You can still use an appliance firewall router, you just install the firewall server behind it and run it in NAT pass-through mode. Whatever you use for a firewall, be sure to block the management console ports to stop remote access in that generation of Intel-based PC’s. Conventional security software completely is blind to that sort of attack. Run the command line Sophos virus scanner on the Linux boxes.
    Have fun.

    • n__. Why not just buy a new one & do away with the hassle. I bought something I can’t remember what years ago refurbished when I didn’t have much money & it didn’t work, so I got a credit card & bought a new one & never looked at another refurbished item.

      • If you are building a Linux machine, the 3 – 5 year old machines are usually supported better. Linux is good for firewall servers, file servers and hobby stuff like G____ is doing. I like a newer Windows machine for secure financial transactions. If you don’t have time to dink with hobby machines or have any interest in Linux, then new is the way to go. As I pointed out, refurbished has it’s bear traps for the unwary.

    • Oh, and one other little gotcha if you are converting an Intel box to Linux. Make sure you run all the BIOS patches including special security patches before you load Linux, because you will play hell finding BIOS patches which actually run under Linux.

  3. Keck observatory…..may 13… hole at the center of the Milky Way,….Sagittarius A has begun flashing….from zerohedge

  4. George have just read Dr. Mercolas daily and picked up a site by googling photobiomodulatio therapy. There are lots of good sugestions for using the red lite therapy.

  5. Plan to head to the hills caves, for sleeping, natural springs for water, crossbow,and compound bow for protein [if there’s any left], and knowledge of wild foods, mushrooms greens, bulbs and roots……..[maybe some fire starter knowledge would be helpful too.]

  6. As Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.

    Fail to plan, plan to fail.

    • YUP tyson is right on the money…. that is what I told all the grand kids.. if a bully picks a fight with you.. go after the lead bully.. your gonna more than likely get the shizt kicked out of you.. but if you hit him with everything you god.. he will wonder.. would he win the next time around if I don’t have a lot of people backing me up.. beat him down he looses power..

      • Getting the lead bully in a boxing match with gloves is best. The first time he gets knocked on his can, all the other bullies lose interest, and life gets easier. It worked for me as a kid.

      • Every bully I’ve ever met is a coward. Everyone who takes a crowd with him(her) to a fight is also a bully. Drop the leader — no more bullying. I always favored an overhand right, delivered as the bully is telling me what he’s going to do to me. Clean, quick, and tends to deflate situations with both promptness and flair.

        I hate bullies.

        I also hate fighting…

        But if there’s no option and it’s time to fight, then it’s neither time to brag about fighting, nor is it time to pussyfoot around. Man is a pack animal. Given an opportunity, the followers will pile-on like coyotes on a hamstrung elk, and that’s when the victim gets hurt badly, or dead. The only way to beat a bully is to drop him, or separate him from his will to fight, before the crowd can join in…

      • I have to agree also.

        Pops told me the same when I was a youngin’.

        An example from high school. Big big kid. Had his “posse”. They loved to start trouble with anyone.

        Run-in with the big kid one day. Got him to the ground. Took it outside. He didnt touch me. He was surprised that somebody actually stood up to him. Said he respected me. From that day on , he was polite and respectful to me and none of his posse ever screwed with me again.

        Sometimes words arent enough.

  7. “why wouldn’t the PTB launch a die-off on the GenPop with EMP and other such nastiness? ”

    Ever See the puppeteers march into a war?
    Ever see the puppeteers do anything but manipulate and cause havoc?
    Have you ever seen the puppeteers families do anything worthwhile?

    NOPE.. at least I haven’t.. that is why laws are written and the only ones that are really affected are the worker bee’s…

    who do you rule if you eliminate those you rule over.. they may manipulate and cause havoc rape pillage and steal to get what they want.. but what good is it to own all the banana’s if you don’t have anyone that wants them.. so far the fight on top has been over who gets all the green papers on the downside its to get the product.. the raw resources, etc.. but having a pile of rocks isn’t worth very much..
    worked at a factory where the ceo was a very good manipulator and built a very successful business in lightning speed time.. he was the man.. he still is the man.. but one day he decided he was going to do a little hands on and build something.. LOL LOL only to discover his ability was to plan and work the paper trail world.. we fixed it up for him.. but that is what it was..
    I hate to point out someone.. but Mark is a great man he is on top of his market and very good at his job.. but in reality if he had to build a high rise or a house he probably would have trouble doing that.. since his abilities are in another area..
    My point is .. THEY NEED US…. why do you think they worked so hard to get industry sent out of this country.. my guess is so they could control it and manipulate the masses here.. even though many of them don’t even live in this country.. they manipulate whole continents to do their bidding.. My guess is.. W/H for an example stated he had gun’s bullets and whiskey.. in a real SHTF scenario.. the targets will be more like Adolph.. they turned against the upper crust.. imprisoned them and sent a huge amount to the gas chambers..
    this time around it will be ten times worse..
    the picture I get is .. he is the wild card.. he knows that the elite want his lithium and are not willing to negotiate to buy it.. a few boat loads of food.. heck.. come on guys..medical supplies…
    but he would in my opinion launch them.. if you pay attention he even tells you he will launch them in the back yard of the puppeteers.. for the puppeteers to really cause any havoc and gain control over the masses.. they have to be sly about how they go about it.. an emp would give them that ultimate control BUT.. it isn’t something they can control.. you have the W/H’s in the world that are sitting ready for the battle of a lifetime. their best bet is let GREED do it for them.. destroy the economy send the masses to get public assistance.( one in two this year hmm.. almost there) eliminate jobs..( Hmm we have people marching on our borders to place more burden on the blue collar worker almost there..) people get tense when they have no pride and cannot support their basic needs. those are the people that will give the puppeteers their end game.. the industry leaders like Adolph Schindler will be the ones to go down in history as the ones that mattered.He originally went at it as a businessman but gained the insight to humanity and community… if industry leaders were smart.. they would take a smaller cut of the pie and do more for community.. but they aren’t.. they are young and stupid..( droolers only looking at self not those below them..)
    Even though I seen a lot of the mobile units moving around the other day I still am doubtful that we will see anything major.. china already owns us.. they can take any of our property at any time.. ( thanks to congress ) but for it to go back ten thousand years would only eliminate the the ones manipulating it all.. (unless they hide really well)

    • I think you will find that the “Elite” want to drastically thin the heard, not destroy everyone, Order out of chaos is their motto. Create a crisis then have a solution to offer up that works to their benefit.These people are without a doubt building survival bunkers around the world, the plan is to bring about partial destruction, kill off the “deplorable s” then create a new world based on a China like social credit system.But it may not work out exactly as they plan. As far as China already owning us, they have to take possession which is why the current plan of gun control.

    • The GEORGIA GUIDE STONES…give you many clues as to the number of people TBTB want to rule over…and other info….500 million people is the ‘left overs’

    • With 7bln available slaves, why would you (or anyone) believe any such possible Elite Class, if it existed, would want even a single North American (and yes, I’m counting the Canucks and Mayhemcanos) to “survive and serve?” Even the “Kneelers to the North” and their Aussie cousins are far too contrary to not be “sand in the gears” of a future, Perfect (communist or fascist-hybrid) Society. Not even counting the Chinese peasant class, there’s a billion low-caste Indians, and between 300-400mln indigenous, primitive Africans and South Americans who’d make perfect slaves and worshipers (and much more industrious laborers) than Americans or Urepeeins, without creating management issues…

  8. There is no way Crazy Bernie will win in 2020 or ever. They couldn’t stop Trump in 2016 & won’t stop him in 2020. There are still enough deplorables around to keep the crazies at bay for a while. The Military Industrial Complex isn’t going to let the crazies destroy our country & their gravy train. A Stalin or Putin type leader is not ready to take the reins yet.

    Our economy is at the beginning of a 35 trillion dollar windfall in AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Robotics, etc. The stock market will recover after this correction & go much higher.

  9. Rather than have Alexa turn on your perimeter illuminators (assuming no EMP, since that might render both it, and them, TU), ya might want to have a “tactical illuminator” in the cage.

    I acquired a Streamlight 88704 Infrared Active Illuminator some time ago (it’s an 850nm tactical flashlight) and am quite pleased with the result. I have a couple 940-960nm torches, but unless one has real MIL NV kit, they are less useful. Amazon has this model at:

    ‘Takes two 123s, which is my only gripe. I’d prefer if it took single 18650s, like most of my other stuff…

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