Last weekend, since it was a reminder about how bashing America has been around for a long time, I put up a video to Byron McGregor’s reading of “ The Americans.”  It was about how all countries in the world tend to bash us and offer little (or nothing) constructive in return.

It seemed to go over pretty well – since not too many people remember it, – and certainly, few under age 40 have heard it.  They’re just not old enough.

A reader offered another gem in return which is our pick as this weekend’s “Values Class” offering.

Original copy by the legendary Paul Harvey, here’s a commentary that bleakly outlines how far America has fallen from our Founding Principles.

This doesn’t necessarily give us any surer footing on the path back to world class thought, moral, and scientific leadership.  But, as a summary of the problem, our view is this is very close to the mark.

As always, comments are welcome, but stick to the story or the editing scissors will be taken to any bashing so we can avoid the disunity which is also part of why we’re in the sorry state we’re in now.

Suggestions for audio or video snips that reflect our values, problems, and opportunities ahead, please send it along.  We need to “handle the truth” in a head-on, can-do, kick-ass way. Thanks.

More tomorrow and write when you get rich,