Friday in Nothing-Burger Land

With the exception of the Housing report just out (hang on a sec.) America continues to piss-away our future to an invasion by global hordes.  How has a country built on goals and objectives followed by great accomnplishments fallen into the crapper of history?

The answer is  social media.   Exactly on point  EnGadget headlines “Social Media bots are damaging democracy.” NSS.

Meanwhile, over at, we study “The Next Big Influencer Platforms and Trends in Social Media Engagement” for clues and conclude the obvious:  Daniel Yergin’s 2002 book, “The Commanding Heights : The Battle for the World Economy” – which centered on the takeover of information high ground by the corpocracy – was eerily prescient.

He was not alone.  Lot’s of books from that era hit the mark nailing coincident social change that would fuel the mass propagation of “memes” – which have become computer-spread mass psychoses.

Jerry Mander’s 1992 book “In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations” laid out how native Americans were used (and abused).  More to point, though, his work is a useful thought template that enables us to see how exploitation is at work, even now.  Tech kiddies are deluded not seeinbg their 250 SF apartments as tiny reservations they’ve been forced onto.  Here, take this “climate pill” and pretend its all good…Gee thanks, BankMan.

If you’re white, you may have noticed how “white-shaming” is another “biggie” in play.  Erudite media, such as the Times of the UK, are pimping stories like “‘White privilege’ lessons for lecturers: University academics are being told they need re-educating over racism.”  Told?  By whom, exactly? Reverse racists in higher ed?  Marxist stooges running wild, we reckon. And why are they not up on sedition or racism charges?  Oh, can’t right reverse racism, you get that?  Makes it oh so powerful an emotion-bender.

University academics (especially the clown posses of the left ensconced in Marxism-promoting schools like Berkeley)have a unique genetic defect.  They are at once “technically” smart (they test well) but they are “hopelessly detached from shared Reality.”  Which is why we’re not turning out great leaders.  AoC and Beto?  ARFKM? The feedstocks are good, but it’s the schooling that’s failed.

Apologists for American Exceptionalism can’t, by definition, turn out anything other than losers.  It’s all they know.  That’s the programming.

On clear-headed mornings like this, its all too apparent.  We’re in the computerized hot-fix of the Decline of the Roman Empire, RC-3. (Release candidate rev. 3 for the never-coding oldies…)

We’re on track to let non-citizens vote, and we can’t even stop them from getting on welfare.  Laws get bent by crooked anti-Americans.

Can you imagine how ancient China would have managed the border problem?  Please note they had the good sense to not only build a wall, but kill those who dared cross improperly.

Why the U.S. Army can’t sniper-out cartel coyotes at the root of this cross-border drug and human trafficking evil remains one of the greater mysteries of life. Enemy combatants,, seems clear, or is that just me?  Perhaps, something’s wrong with the drinking water at State (ap0tly Foggy Bottom)…yes, we’re pretty sure of it.

But enough of such practicalities.  Social Media has birthed the Digital Mob Rule.  And their target is the genius of the Founding Fathers  (not persons, yah notice?) and their idea of a balanced representative Republic.  The final fight will be the decimation of the Electoral College which is the Left’s main agenda in the 2020 election.

You see, it doesn’t matter specifically which of their crazy slate gets in.  The whole point is to get / anyone someone who will sign legislation to take down the Electoral College.

Once that’s out of the way, the Digital Mob Rule types will simply vote everything to themselves and hound (with easily made-up “laws”:) the decent, hardworking few patriots that remain, out of their homes and property.

Not a pretty picture, but that’s the road map.  As Mander and Yergin’s books looked-ahead from a couple of decades back, you could see what was coming.

Social Media is the driving tool of Globalists now, and anyone on social should be considered either a dimwit co-conspirator, or an active stooge of the Globalist Takeover.  Thanks, but we’ll just remain in the zone libre here on the Free Web.  If ya’ll want to be certain of having a fat Corpgov file on you completed, just go posting to social media sites which are feeders into Provo.

Yes, it’s at the Utah Data Center (a/k/a/ the Bumblehive) where profiles on virtually ALL Americans are evolved in PRISM.  You’re not so stupid as to believe the denials, are you?

“In April 2009, officials at the United States Department of Justice acknowledged that the NSA had engaged in large-scale overcollection of domestic communications in excess of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court‘s authority, but claimed that the acts were unintentional and had since been rectified.

LOL, good one!  At  least China is honest enough to call it “social credits.”  We just do and don’t call it jack.

Thing is, as the stooges at the top of intel for Obama knew (and used) once you have access to PRISM you can “shape” the whole national psychology.  Which is why Trump-hating is an industry now.  Better than warming, no paid-for science needed.  Just sympathizers in the misled lefty media.  Presto!  America divided so as not to ask hard questions or overthrow the yoke of debt hitched firmly on our shoulders.

Only way to be a real patriot anymore is to gradually draw-down your social profile, although once written, nothing can be  truly redacted.  For $2-billion, you can buy a lot of hard drives.

Something to think about – who’s driving this runaway train?  If it’s folks like Clapper?  You want to get off the train and managed your profile down yesterday.  Leave social media to the left and their coconspirators working toward globalism and the take-down of The Republic.  Without patriots in the mix as digital targets, their effort becomes pointless.

Of course, you’ll have to get used to life with real people, people with hearts and minds, but would that be so bad?  We got through 230 guilt-free years without socialist media.  And since that’s where Rome RC-3 is burning (the social stink is everywhere), you still have the choice to get out of the decline alive.

We now return you to this morning’s bowl of pabulum.   After we first turn our hymnals to page and sing together:

Housing Starts

“Data!” spaketh  the George.  And there was data from Census:

10-days from now for the Housing Report from Case-Shiller/ et al.

Douche Bank? Dead Cats Bounce

In  American Banker we found “BankThink Deutsche Bank shows it learned nothing from the 2008 crisis” refreshingly candid.

Note to self:  If bankers were any dumber, they could teach at Berkeley…

Meantime, I will say it again on gold:  It’s not going up right now because The Big Boyz are panicking and raising dough so they are selling off real assets (like gold).  Is this story related? The World Has a Diamond Glut. Why Is That a Problem?  Maybe so.

And here’s something to warm the cockles of your wallet: Fed may not have the firepower to save the economy if a recession is coming.  Dandy…order more ink!  More paper!  More anti-counterfeit thread!

All because?  The Economy Is in Code Yellow for a Recession Based on These 9 Metrics.

Meantime, the US market should be up one percent, or so, for the day at least in the early going. Dow +200.

Reason?  Well, if you tossed a dead cat off the top of the Transamerica Tower, and you had time lapse video running down on Montgomery Street, you might be able to record a slight bounce on impact.  That’s how markets could go in here.  (You did follow that this was a reference to San Francisco, land of tech, land of Tesla, land of hype, right?)

Now Let’s Take a Cynical Pill…

Let’s make a deal: Trump Greenland: US president ‘mulls buying island from Denmark’.  Seward would be proud.  Being a visionary’s a bitch, though.  Naysayers everywhere till the North Slope came in…

Israel got soft:Israel will allow Rashida Tlaib to enter country but maintains ban on Ilhan Omar.”  Can they keep ’em, please?

We issue a Scotland Travel Warning for Stupidity: Edinburgh youth climate strikers allowed one school day off a year.  Scotland’s also not all-in with BREXIT which has us boycotting scotch.  That’ll by-God bust ’em.

OK, so much for the week... BP 107/62 pulse 52.  Might make it to Monday at this rate…More tomorrow…

Write when if you win the Lotto…10% will do – my remember to buy a ticket charge, lol…

48 thoughts on “Friday in Nothing-Burger Land”

  1. Yo George – have U been feeling especially tired lately..?

    Have been hearing about a whole lot of shakin coming to a planet near U soonly, maybe its just the financial system thats going to be shakin.

    This reader still dont get “dead cat bounce” – I have NEVER seen a dead anything bounce from or after a straight down if thrown out of moving “vehicle” then yeah some bouncing or skipping.

    Weekend activity/fun/experiment – dropping some dead cats off of a tower/parking garages ect and videoing the landings just to see. No worries, just drive around look for a couple road kill cats with FREE signs next carcass.
    Have done countless Live action experiments with cats – remarkable ability to land on their feet or least one or two their foots.

    Big Boyz selling hard assets to raise cash ..dont think so mi amigo..

    “they” sell more PAPER Contracts, representing same amount of Gold.
    Annual Global Gold mine production is a pretty steady/stable and easy to forecast tonnage number.
    Annual “mined” Gold produced Globally is a fraction of the amount of Gold Ounces bought & sold weekly on the paper markets (CME,LBE,HKGE, ect) – just like our US Dollar –Its ALL about CON-fid-ence – bwahahaha price too high too fast for Bullion Banks – simple – just write/sell MOAR CONtracts into rising price of Gold – easy peasy lemon squessy – hell bells G even this Deplorable could make money with that corrupt a setup. Talk about FUBAR..

    So ask yourself punk, is there one more month left in this confidence game, or not?

  2. “White shaming” is everywhere, George. There is no permitted place for whites left but to either buy in full-throated to prog demands or to self-flagellate constantly. Within the last few days multiple “upload and self-publish” sites just removed a new quarterly print magazine that self-describes as “a non-political, culture-centric, physical print magazine for white people. The contents include feature articles, mid-length pieces, short stories, reviews, criticism, art, photography, and anything and everything pertaining to the advancement of white interest”.

    If the progs wanted to create a growing monster by forcing everyone skeptical into a dark internet ghetto, they couldn’t do any better than they are doing.

  3. George

    “virtually ALL Americans are evolved in PRISM.” Which will turn into some type of Prison for us all !

    Beware the Red Flag laws, there a Camel’s Nose that will lead to gun confiscation.

    It will get to the point that government will declare you crazy if you want to own a gun. Then they grab them from you. The next steps are concentration camps and mass graves for those who oppose Amerika.

    Think I’m wrong? Go take a hard look at the history of the last 100 years.

    There’s a plan in place to bring down the country and people better get wise to whats going on before it’s too late.

    • @ RM…

      It IS to late…and this ‘trend’ is NOT our friend…Never give up your GUNS…NEVER…to use them as for what they are ‘really’ for will be a choice that one has to make…BEFORE that fateful day of ‘reckoning’……no matter how the ‘laws are arrived at’…the ‘old relic’…being what it is…an unalienable Right…….TRUMP’s..(no pun intended)….any ‘political’ law..since most are OUTSIDE of the ‘old relic’…which i Have placed my life and honor….on….Semper Fi

  4. RE: Electoral College – Article II of the U.S. Constitution, later modified by the Twelfth Amendment, validates the results of the general election and determines the President and Vice-President. It is technically not democratic (democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on ‘what’s for dinner), but people tend to forget America is actually a ‘Republic’ of federated states. The EC exists to insure each State is fairly represented in the Presidential election process. It is true that five times in American history a candidate has won the popular vote and lost the election: Andrew Jackson in 1824 (to John Quincy Adams); Samuel Tilden in 1876 (to Rutherford B. Hayes); Grover Cleveland in 1888 (to Benjamin Harrison); Al Gore in 2000 (to George W. Bush); Hillary Clinton in 2016 (to Donald J. Trump). If the Lib Left plans to eliminate the EC, they’ll need to either (a) hold a Constitutional Convention or (b) inspire 2/3 of the State’s Legislatures to vote for a new Amendment negating the Twelfth and replacing it wtth a new Amendment (a third option, anarchy, is not desirable). Being that Trump won 30 of the 50 States in 2016 (3/5ths for the math impaired among us), the Left needs to win over 17 Trump States to change or eliminate the EC. However, each state may independently decide ‘how’ its electoral college votes are allotted, e.g “winner take all” or by percentage mirroring the actual popular vote in a state. All states but Nebraska and Maine are “winner take all.” Proportional EC voting would actually hurt the Lib Left, since CA and NY have the most EC votes and they would stand to lose some Lib candidate EC votes by going proportional, since neither of those states voted 100% liberal. Folks should know that state electoral college votes equal a State’s number of representatives plus 2 senators. DC also gets EC votes per this same allotment process.

    • Thanks for that clarification, Warhammer. “A snowball’s chance in hell” comes to mind :)




  6. “social media”

    Churches were the original social media.

    From the invading European point of view the social dilution of America began with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. For the Native Americans (Indians), dilution began a little bit before 1965.

    After 1965, I clearly recall the adults of the time discussing the new comers during the early 1970s. “They’re dark and have different gods. How are we going too get along with them?”

    You guys know the outcome.

    But I think the conspiracy goes back further.

    The “Head of Christ” (1940) painting is definitely a part of the conspiracy. The Head of Christ was released just before WW2. The conspirators knew light-skinned folks were going to need a deity.

    A burly, Middle Eastern carpenter suddenly had a soft frame, light hair and blue eyes. WW2 was the event that changed perception of a Brown God into a White God.

    The American financial conspiracy goes back to Jackson.

    • Hello George Ure! I’m checking in after about 10 years. First found you way back in like 2004-5 I believe when I was working the third shift at a financial services company producing CMBS documents. Started reading them and doing the math and had an epiphany. My research led to UrbanSurvival among others. Confession, I got wacked in 2011 by my perma-bear attitude, perma-bear influencers and lost faith. (still holding on to the PM though)
      But today I heard Gary Null say that the best place in America to live right now is?–East Texas! LOL, so of course I remember fondly when you, and the queen, moved out of the boat and to the Pineies. I assume you’re still there. (still flying?) Can a po’boy born and bred in NYC be happy in East Texa–still?

      BTW, Mr Null will on Tuesday 8/20/2019 on his Progressive Commentary Hour consider how Mr Epstein could have been suicided in the safest city in the world. (camera and sensors on every stoop and every corner)

      • With low operating costs and virtually no overhead, except for 90-days of heat from hell – Texas is God’s Kingdom on Earth, if you x-out Austin.

      • BTW Mr Null’s property in E. Texas is adjacent Rock Falls Lake. Incredible property. Cool people.

    • OOWSteve: I don’t agree with your premise that the “light -skinned folks were going to need a deity.” Nor do I agree with what you wrote that: “WW2 was the event that changed perception of a Brown God into a White God.”

      There are several descriptions of Jesus in antiquity.

      Edgar Cayce described Jesus:

      An Example of a Reading by Edgar Cayce:

      My family came from the same area where Aramaic is still spoken and my Grandfather on back spoke Aramaic solely. The children can be born with light hair (blonde, golden reds and golden browns and Chestnut as well, of course, darker colors), light skin, and have green and blue/grey eyes.

      Here is a wonderful book to learn more about Jesus:

      • EC & J,


        Have you noticed most Internet discussion turns into link wars. I know I can’t unconvince the convinced so don’t try anymore.

        I’m going to post two links in today’s (8/17) section.

      • This was a link education to show you proof to refute what you stated. I didn’t want to post all the data in the links when a curious person willing to learn something new would be eager to grow by at least reading the material so as to expand their knowledge base. It is not a link war. I like to click on other contributor’s links because I get a chance to learn, and then assess. You are obviously one of the convinced that you mention.

  7. To assess PMs in real time, pay attention to what you can actually buy or sell for after accounting for counterparty discount or premium. Everyone quotes spot, but they don’t quote the vig.

    • That being the ‘bid’…not the ask…..and even that is discounted…BUT still worth more than any ;fiat’….over time

      • and YES vig on both bid and ask….set up to always buy high and sell lower……but that is what a ‘free market’ is ‘rigged ‘to do….merchant still needs to cover expenses of business…also YOU get hard asset…not ‘asswipes’….

  8. You know must appreciate the ability of the crew that took our ol Jeffrey. Would probably make a great movie plot. Mossad is probably taking note of this one.

  9. Most of the “racial” hate talk I hear involves individuals from eastern european ethnic groups using slavery era political rhetoric to throw rocks at individuals of western european extract. The “race” issue is just camouflage for old fashioned european style ethnic hate cleansing. The leftist BS is frequently just a cover for ethnic hatred.

  10. George, I will give you 10% of the lottery winnings, IF, you give me the winning numbers first.
    IF IF IF it is always the damn if’s
    I got to quit believing in IF’s and face reality

    Ya notice, I have quit bashing the M and M’s, they won’t change till they get hit in the back of their heads by a parental figure
    the feedback section is getting more views than the blog’s main text
    PS: Hi Andy, keep writin

  11. You all love to diss the leftists. But consider this. The leftists want to stay in power by taxing the middle class and getting votes by giving away free sh*t. The rightists want to stay in power by sucking the wealth out of the public, especially the middle class until the population is sucked dry. This is exactly what they are doing by lying to you that inflation is only 2-3% when it is actually 7-11% percent per the Chapwood index.They give you the hope that at the moment you are simply an inconvenienced millionaire in the making, but the truth of it is you are just a wildebeest hoping the next predator(s) that come along do not target you into poverty and put you on the street.

    The apparent left/right conflict is just to get you to take sides. Because anyone that understands the energetics of power and manifestation know that if they can get you to oppose someone or something, they own you no matter what side you pick. Because as I pointed out above, there may be two paths, but there is only one agenda. That’s why every candidate shows you some dirt, so you can find a reason to say, “I could never vote for someone who….!” Fill in the blank.

    From my perspective, having nothing invested in the USA or either side, I see those of you sucked up into this debate as ignorant morons.

    So opine all you want, wave the constitution all you want, but Americans, your fate is sealed. If you aren’t living in misery now, just wait, because in the next 10 years, as America gets sucked into Venezuela like poverty, there is plenty of time to drag you into the “misery” Class. This is the goal of both the left and the right.

    Or, you can be like me and just get the hell out while you can still leave with more than two suitcases and arrive while you can still make choices to start your new life. What you believe about expatriation is what someone wants you to believe, and that party does not have your best interests at heart.

    And anybody that tells you that it’s no better outside the USA, that things are the same everywhere is simply a lying bastard.

    If a friend or family member came to you and told you they were expatriating to a country where conditions are as they really are in the USA, the first words out of your mouth would be expletives about how they must be out of their mind. Think about it.

    Thats how it looks from Ecuador, 10 years out.

  12. Just a thought. What you gonna do when a squad of rifleman carrying semi auto weapons knock on your door and say give us your guns. Get practical folks.

  13. Also, my birthday is the same as Bill Clintons. When do i gain “old dude” status? I will be 7×9.

  14. Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were Sent to Gmail Address

    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    The Epoch Times
    August 15, 2019 Updated: August 16, 2019

    All but four of the 30,490 emails from Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server were forwarded to a private Google email address…

    …Virtually every email that was sent to and from the Clinton-email server was forwarded to “,” which raised concerns that a foreign actor gained access to Clinton’s emails after an intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) investigator searched Google for “Carter Heavy Industries” and came up with a result for Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, according to the documents.

    Entire article may be found here:

    (…not that it matters, since the Clintons can do no wrong — just ask them and they’ll tell you, but DON’T disagree with their assessment.)

    • Would be of little surprise to learn that her Paki sysadmin was a Chinese agent or asset.
      Maybe Cambridge Analytica made the recommendation via “little” Stevie Bannon?

  15. Hey George, why read The Onion when I have The Epocoliptic Times Moonie comments section? Some hilarious ignorance, guess you don’t have to watch SNL when you have the comments.
    For the jokers talking phenotype dumbness try reading a little history about the Roman Empire and how they civilized the world (not on YouTube; Li-brary). Oh yea, they had lots of sex in foreign lands and their conquered citizens then also went out in the name of Rome and had more sex. Maybe some of the folks we knows great great great great grand parents. Pretty much guaranteed. Resistance in futile…
    Rome + Vatican = Western Christendom (ie Civilization) Globalization is just the continuation of Roman engineered strategy. “We are the World” ie we are Roman’s and so will you, or else no more Coke.
    Real men fall on their sword for the empire. Epstein was a good roman to the core.

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