Power Outage, grid down

If you comment, don’t be angry.

A snow blast has been break limbs all over E. Texas.

One has taken out out power.  Pisser fo ‘show.

Next scheduled update in the AM, heat down, power down, don’t to activate plan b but this is what it’s for…

flashlights on… I give power co. 3 hours and then the scotch goes off and the back up propane goes on… (shit…day off my arse).

Elaine drew my attention to a 20-foot limb off one of the big pines in the front yard.  Not on power lines, but can Ure take a clue?  (harmony here) Shit yeah.


16 thoughts on “Power Outage, grid down”

  1. Yo! I heard from a navy seal friend that the President signed the Insurrection act. Decalaring the US into Martial Law. Which would suspend the election change over for a while.

    Chatter on the on the dark web is the Pope was arrested last night for pedophilia, and Italy’s government is kaput and their nations economy is completely collapsee. All covered in ~The zero report.~

    A friend in Olympia said, the US Army and National Guard have moved in and started setting up to gain control…

    I know alot of people loading their gear right now and heading out to a “safe place”

    I’m standing out on the porch thinking $100 plane tickets to Maui are looking really good right now. I just had talk with Dad, Father of creation via my Meditation line. And I said, ok why the F am I back in Seattle. Did I mess up? He just smiled and laughed. I let Him know, that is not good enough answer for me. I need direction. So I’m sitting put for now.

    Probably aight get a few more track phones. Lol

    Now see ya fckn would have listened to me? You would have a snow blower! When everyone laughed at my joke about cleaning up your leaves. Lmao! Never know when a good snow blower may come in handy. Even in Texas. If ya would have kept all them goats? That would solve that problem with the leaves. Lol

    Be safe out there.

    • Hi, Andy. It appears you are drinking the Kool-ade without first checking what’s being put in it.

      First, it’s Navy SEAL. Conversing with marine mammals is the real story here if taken literally. That Miller guy in the WH must be uber smart to pull this Insurrection Act EO off, if true. Can you imagine inciting the DC riot to justify a news blackout from the WH to cover up and delay announcement of the execution of the executive order implementing martial law? What a movie plot!

      Italy is Roman Catholic through and through. I don’t believe it’s possible to remove a sitting pope without drawing immediate national or international attention. Besides, the source is the Conservative Beaver .com which, alas, is not a porn site. Fake news. Which leads me to ask why would somebody go through such pains to create an elaborate website simply to spin lies?

      The governor of Washington did activate and deploy the National Guard as a crowd control safeguard as the state legislature goes into session. This is within the Guard’s mission so there is nothing new here except lessons learned. I would like to know more about the “and Army” part as that would tie back to the E.O. story.

      What does it say about the world we live in when it becomes so easy for fact and fiction to blend together so easily? Is the world becoming psychotic?

      • The reality check is an I.A. activation requires publication of what amounts to a demand letter.

        Am I the only one with a consigliere or curious brain around here?

      • There is actually two popes, ya know. The one they removed and the one who is the sitting pope. Did ya forget they removed a living Pope and put another Pope as the Pope?

        Remember the catch phrases of 2020 are:
        A) Political “Theater”.
        Theater: noun
        1) a building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given.
        2) the activity or profession of acting in, producing, directing, or writing plays.

        B) Official “Narrative”.
        Narrative: a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

        Lets look at that last word since george brought it up last weekend. “Story.”

        1. an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

        Are you not entertained?

        I know! I know! Says little jimmy from the back of the class waving his arm back and forth so fast he looks like a helicopter about to take off. “Let’s play good cop and bad cop in the political theater, whip the masses into Hysteria and while sending out a vaccine that will cause 80% of the population to not be able to reproduce in the next 3-5 years as a side effect. And it will get us off the the hook for sending everyone $600 checks while giving $700 million to place like Sudan.”

        Brilliant says the powers that be! Population reduction, free money, and everyone is battling and ratting out each other. We should call this operation 3 card monte with side of lamb.

      • Or maybe call it operation, “Thin the heard.” All written on a cocktail napkin on a very expressive yaught out in the Caribbean with a malt blanc pen by the hand of old money.

        Or it could just be a normal cycle of a waves for a nation built on war. Idk. I looked out side and its all peaceful and tranquility. From my vantange point. All Is well in my neighborhood. Lol

        I don’t see the need to be getting vacinated today.

        Ya know one thing that someone actually in the know said to me before they took off to their “safe place” that stood out. I’m having a few more children. I’m going for 5 more. I said you are old as F. Why would you have more children? Why would ya want to do that now with the world the way it is. You don’t even have much more time to live dude. And I will never forget what he said “having children is a good idea in a world of uncertainty. You never know, people might stop being able to have them.” I didn’t reply. I just what an odd thing to say… Probably the richest dude financially I have ever met. Over 7 figures in the bank.

        He took off to his unknown safe place and I never heard from him again. That was 6 months ago. Some far off ranch in the middle of nowhere is what I heard. Left no forwarding address and nobody knew where he and his family went.

        Just remembered that as I was writing about the vaccine a minute ago.

        All is well. Life is good. I’m going to have a super good day. Hope you the same.

      • Uhem. He is a billionaire with a B. The only one I ever met. Really nice guy. I know lots of millionaires but I only one billionaire that I know of. I have know idea how much money he really had. He called it all “filthy paper”. I asked him how much he was worth once. He said I got more money than most people think God has. How much am I worth? Honestly? A conversation, a cigarette and a cup of coffee with a fella like you at the moment. What does it matter? All the money in the world doesn’t make this coffee any better or this smoke last longer or this conversation between two old cowboys any better or worse. I replied, yeah I suppose your right. Doesn’t make ya better looking than me either. He laughed and said yep, you are handsome.

    • the real news is how trump’s insurrection threw trump squeezing state officials to rig the election in his favor (you gotta find me 11,880 votes) off of the front pages. y’all need to wake up unless you want all politicians to be doing it.

  2. Remember a few months ago, when I hit that wall of snow coming out of Idaho into Spokane at the state line doing 80mph on bald tires and I heard a voice “are ya chicken” as I went to hit the breaks… And I didn’t hit them. I drifted that corner at 80mph like I was on Fast and the Furious. Never thouched the brakes. Thinking back, if I’d hit the brakes? Inertia would pushed me into the guard rail and Id rolled that 400 hp Chrysler atleast 10 times.

    Sometimes, pumping the brakes ain’t always the solution in a heal toe moment.

    You will be alright old dude. I’m sure of that. Just like I know I will be right where I’m supposed to be with what ever I need at the right moment when I need it. Just how it is for a fella like me. Lol

    Lawdy I can’t believe how good I feel. I feel 25 years younger. I’m going to read a dictionary or something. Lol

    • Dude – U would luv – Those Who Would Arouse LEVIATHAN- a memior of an awakening god. -Jack Heart

      Some of the shit in this opus reminds me of Yuse..

      As Mr Mojo Risen hisself said….”Calling on the Dogs, calling the Gods…”

  3. Geo,

    Back up generator? Maybe 1 or 2, 20 pound propane tanks to power a 4K dual fuel portable generator… just enough to run the freezer and get you by for a little while? Maybe a couple hundred pound cylinders laying around for just in case, even more? Maybe several 500 gallon tanks plumbed in series for a longer term?

    Expect the unexpected. Like snow in TX? Just Sayin’

    Peace Out.

  4. That she blows Georgie !!! Be a patriot mate love the USD . Forget the bs they are all salesman. Mick moriarty the boss

  5. I’m not sure what voltage your battery bank is. Amazon has 12 / 24 VDC LED bulbs available at a fairly reasonable price. Having a couple of directly prewired fixtures in a few key places with wall switches is something to consider.
    Personally, I currently have several pre-positioned D-cell battery operated LED lamps and a Maglite flashlight in the kitchen, den and bedroom, along with some UVpaqlite thingies which I use as nightlights. I have several backups in shielded containers. I also have a couple of D-cell fans for the summer. All of these can theoretically be charged off of my solar microsystem, if the power is off for a couple of days. I don’t like stumbling around in the dark in my small abode. And it gets really dark out here when the power is off. Lighting is my number one priority for DC operation.

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