Simpson’s “Time Machine” – Asylum Walk-through

Local power company had the lights on in just over 90-minutes last night. Following the big East Texas Blizzard of ’21.   All the parts of the operation here that “fail-over” to backups worked fine.  Lights off in the house was actually a pleasant change.  Too lazy to dip into our 500 gallons of propane for heat.

A bit ironic, though:  Since in the Saturday Gourmet column there’s a clear reference to  “Candlelight dinners…you ARE still having them, right?”  So we did.

But, a fine example of how either future leaks, coincidence does drive-by’s, or this is one of the best “Abracca-write-’ems” yet.

I write, therefore it happens.  Which nicely tees up this…

The Simpson’s Time Machine

Turns out, an alert Twitter user noticed that a 1996 Simpson’s episode – one where Homer’s single missed vote turned the outcome of the 2020 election – and the story has now blown up in the NY Post to:  “Did 1996 ‘Simpsons’ episode predict Capitol Hill attack?”

Time Machine inventors remember the series famously featured the Twin Towers collapsing in 1997.  That was four-years ahead of the 9-11 attack.

Even better in terms of statistical outliers, though, was the episode where Lisa complained about the “size of the budget deficit left-over from the Trump presidency”.  She made that call in 1999 – long before Trump (at least officially) even thought about running for the Oval…

Again…does someone have the “Abracca-write-’em” super-power going-on?

Asylum Walk-Through

Good morning, doctor Ure.  May I accompany you on rounds of the asylum this morning?”

“Sure…just don’t ask too many questions.  Lot on my mind…”

Of course doctor.  Shall we begin in the Left Wing?


Yes doctor?

“Didn’t we used to have patients with the NY Times?  Look at their front page this morning!  One story…all about Trump and down below the digital fold, the virus and vaccine filler stories.  No vision…just more of that echo-chamber disorder.”

Yes doctor.   Would you like to see the other New York patients, now?”

“That’d be fine….let me see their charts. Hmmm.   Says here ‘Antifa protesters armed with SHIELDS take to the streets of Manhattan amid fears of more violence as Trump supporters ‘target Biden inauguration’ after storming of the Capitol…’

Any chance you could get the heads of major city water departments on for a Zoom this afternoon?  I’m going to suggest we increase dosing of fluoride to get ahead of this thing.  Then right after that schedule the 5G control group, too…”

Of course doctor.  Shall we go on to the right wing, now?”

(sounds of footsteps fade out – then back in – as the ingenious Dr. Ure and his assistant continue rounds through the asylum…)

“Who’s over here?”

Yes doctor.  Here’s the chart on your next subject “A QAnon promoter stormed the Capitol. Now, he’s upset people are saying he’s ‘antifa’.

“Sounds like defamation to me.  Refer him to Dr. Dershowitz.”

“Yes doctor.”

“What does this note on the chart mean?  ‘Maybe Ted Cruz isn’t really ‘smart enough to know better’?

I’ll have to check with staff, doctor.  That’s our last stop.”

“And a damn good thing; I don’t have much patients today.”

Broken Web Arrives

The American Diaspora has arrived.  But, rather than people moving “north of 40” or some other foolishness, we see instead the stark outlines of a digital Diaspora.  Twits ahoy!

American’s – suffering from CBS (communication bipolar syndrome) – are starting to click themselves elsewhere.  For example, we now have a account.  Interesting back-story to how it came about: Brain child of founder Andrew Torba, profiled here.

Since we tend to look at present-day events in an historical (rather than hysterical) context, we see – much as I forecast in Broken Web – how the Digital Tower of Babel is now in “partial collapse” mode.

As the digital partisans dig in, we expect inter-site warfare will be invented shortly.  Look out for the ASCII-snipers.

The country’s formerly unified (though liberal dominated) social platforms have played their hand too heavily.  As a result now, moderate to conservative people have started digital re-tribing.  Thus marking the beginning of the DCW (digital civil war).  Which, like it’s namesake, will not be civil.

Government – having no over-arching framework of reference (also lacking imagination, leadership, and a host of other useful traits) – is having a tough time dealing with this new (and exciting!) reality. Problem is, the Old Paradigm paid well, for them.

The evolving Reality features UFO/UAP disclosures, financial markets over the brink of collapse, and we need to point out the beginnings of ‘leaf curl’ late in the season of digital blooms for such cryptoids as bitcoin.  Remember, if you want to pay $35,000 for a “secret number” just mail us a check and we’ll email you something even more gibber-like than a crypto.

We would say more, but any transmissions are now morphing into “targeting tools.”  So we’ll stay with our “meat and ‘taters” – cynicism while eyeing the markets and preaching The Gospel of Cents to the few remaining rational people on Earth.

Becoming a rather smallish club.

Let’s Make Money!

Dow futures are down about 200.  The MID (*markets in denial) has not yet even begun to discount the potential for the disruptions likely when president elect Biden (who is still planning on swearing at the steps) takes the office a week from Wednesday.

Laying out the rest of the week: NFIB Small Business optimism tomorrow, Consumer Prices Wednesday,  Weekly job numbers Thursday along with ExIm prices.  Friday wraps up with retail sales and PPI.

What fun it should be!

This and That’s

Looking ahead, we can see the Left laying the groundwork for NOT doing anything to change the profitable status quo on marijuana.  We sense this as CNN rolls a blunt report titled “Toxins in marijuana smoke may be harmful to health, study finds.”

We remind our “rational few” that Toxins in Water will kill you, even more surely.  Chlorine, fluoride and everything else going in.  Consequently, we frame this as a deft Left “setting up of promises broken” by the corporate-owned flaw-makers.

Oligarchs are blowing out of politics globally.  As Russian media report Billionaire Georgia Party Leader Says Quitting Politics.  Their Georgia, not ours.  We figure there could be a wave of this stuff.  A kind of “screw this; let’s  take the money and run before the lawsuits start flying...” (along with “Get while the getting’s good.”

With el Don holding a rally at Twitter HQ in the Bay area, we have to wonder who will be the first American Digiarch to ka-ching out?  Don at the Twit House?  What could go wrong?

Laughably: Facebook Shuts Uganda Accounts Ahead Of Vote.  Right…

And even better punchline is heard from the House Grandstander Herself: “Pelosi lays out next steps as momentum builds for impeachment.”  Which ALL UrbanSurvival readers know is a stall and attention-shifter in order to drop the $2,000 stim check from short-term memory.  (Hmm…where’d that story go?)

Poof!  Copperfield for Congress!  (Maybe he could disappear the federal debt and the House of Fools while he’s at it!  Maybe turn Schemer into a rat…oh, wait…done…)

What’s the A.I. Say?

Always enlightening:

Surely no rational person could give a rat’s ass about Veep-2-B Kamala doing a Vogue cover?  Ah, but you see, it’s all part of packaging the next President.  We expect a lot more on this…Time person of the year, this year or next?  Shoo-in.  Marketing is gonna be rolling full-tilt boogie for her… Sell, sell, sell.

Our junior AI dabble would also have us remind you “…and the city’ returns to hbo max” –  Another who-cares…  Along with “…us capitol lockdown potentially exposed dozens of…”   OMG  POTENTIALLY EXPOSED!  Quick!  Everyone under the bed..

A lil Prozac and eggs for breakfast?

We’re up early – want to have the morning dishes done before market open.  Big day sorting out when to exit the short position taken last week…

Write when you get rich or when the manias break, the test results are useful, or the Harrison Act is repealed which would defund politics…

94 thoughts on “Simpson’s “Time Machine” – Asylum Walk-through”

  1. Can someone steer me to a financial reporting page where I can get live market updates and some relevant articles that are only lightly sprinkled with political overtones? I have used Yahoo finance and Market Watch for several years, but every article has become so toxic and biased that I can’t stand to even click onto the page. Thanks

  2. Once, in the Old West, “The Cowboy Way” — (thanks to the Riders In The Sky country music band for that concept) — ruled as the basis for Law.

    Then, a new Sheriff was appointed by the Territorial Governor. And Law & Order arrived.

    Now, some time later, the HOA comes and measures the height of your mailbox, and the color it’s painted, and judges the typeface on it, and notes down the species and condition of the plants in your front yard garden — and writes you a snarky and ominous NOTICE if anything is outside of specs.

    Weak and fraidy-cat people love this. Time-warped Old Cowboys hate this.
    Of course, this trend will continue till we inhabit a nightmare dystopia.

    I’ll be applying for my CoVid Certified Internal Passport and my forehead infra-red ID tattoo pretty soon. Like “E-Z-Pass,” checkpoints will “observe” you through your electric vee-HIC-le’s windows, as you go to — any place you’re “authorized” to travel to, as your Tesla 8000 drives itself. (Don’t even have steering wheels any more — far too dangerous to everybody else to allow you to actually steer…)

    I’m glad I’m old. (..and still Cowboy–) I’ll be outta here before the worst of it takes hold. Maybe.


    • Don’t be in a hurry to step out after all almost 80 million voted for the message rather than the man and more are joining all the time, but we have those who think it was the man and run him down, I’m sure those are the ones who have been to one of those institutions of higher learning where they learn nothing at all. Was told long ago that this was coming as they twisted and turned the Constitution to their liking, maybe the man upstairs will let us see at least some changing of the guard so we better enjoy it while we can, after all they say it’s the old ones they had better watch because they just don’t give a damn.!!

    • I dunno, I intentionally avoided buying in an HOA area for all the reasons you mention. I understood though I will have neighbors with cars and boats around their property and they will have much more random appearances. That was a trade off I was willing to live with, because I looked at my house as a place I wanted to live, not as a longer term investment. I did not want to deal with busybodies. I think history has shown properties, in neighborhoods with HOA will appreciate more. So personally having both has value and I appreciate having the choice.

      • “Personally, I don’t like races where the only way to win is to lose…”

        Unless it’s a naked wrestling match in jello with a beautiful woman.. oh heck even if it wasn’t in jello… no no ,, yes yes
        Gets the ole ticket working just thinking about it lol..a match like that I would gladly loose..

    • I’m with you Ellen. No more Amazon buying. It’s either local, or if I can’t find it Wal-mart. Almost as bad as Amazon, but at least they’re not trying to censor us.

    • Right on Ellen. I just cancelled my Amazon Prime Account and deleted the Twitter app from my phone. Still trying to get the smell out.

      Both sides can play the cancel culture game.

    • To Ellen..
      Good! Absolutely the MOST American thing Amazon could possibly do given the abhorrent events of January 6th. Parler had a key role in that. They allowed an insurrection to form on their platform…based on lies, dumb ass conspiracy theories and zero, zero zero evidence to the contrary. But it’s not enough. Any entity that supports the destruction of America deserves to be incarcerated, not slapped on the wrist. Looks like the entire country is joining in as well. Deutche Bank, PGA, Verizon, Marriott and soon to be over a 100 more corporations and some of largest GOP PAC’s have either dumped Trump or stopped donating to anyone who voted against affirming Biden as President. This is patriotism at its finest. You act like an idiot, you get treated like one. Stop the nonsense. Quit embarrassing America.

      • You are right [REDACT], corporatocracy is way better than the US Constitution.
        It is stupid to think that there could be a conspiracy among 320 protected big tech, to censor the trumpers , all at the same time in the same way. We are all a bunch of idiots, and should not be free to think for our selves.
        After all , who bused in the insurrectionists , who open the barricades and invited them through, infiltration by antifa? The Question now is, did the military have undercovers in antifa, did the undercovers find a laptop? This is a really good movie, I wonder how it ends?
        I do not buy anything through Amazon
        PS: the first question one would ask is, why would the military be investigating antifa?,, looking for foreign involvement, subversive warfare against America
        THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA vs The United States of America
        corporatocracy vs freedom

      • Other brother. I buy everything from Amazon and I have a side company that installs secure drop boxes in people homes to avoid porch piracy. They are incredible to work with and the most efficient company in America. They employ 5 million people and if it wasn’t for them, a lot of small independent manufacturers would have gone out of business. They kept the supply chain running. They also formed alliances with mom and pop retailers to allow them to be a part of the delivery chain. Those that condemn them are ignorant and have no idea how business works. You don’t become one of the biggest companies in the world by pissing people off. Pissing people off is what Trump does and look at what happened to him.

      • “I have a side company that installs secure drop boxes in people homes to avoid porch piracy.”

        Mark… I installed one by the mailbox but not by the house.. luckily I live in an area where porch piracy is extremely rare. Buti was considering putting one in for ups and FedEx.. since your thousands of miles away.. what boxes are you installing.. I had considered making one or buying an old library book drop box..
        So I am interested in what box is the best..

  3. Other than the fact the local liquor store opens at 10 AM, there’s no reasonable argument left to not start drinking at 9 AM…

    • Speaking about that.. I tasted the home made rum.. its close.. I added a little more cinnamon stick 2 anise and 12 cherries and 3 more cloves another cadmium pod. I need to get a vanilla bean.. vanilla extract just doesn’t do it..

  4. George I hope you don’t mind me givien gaye a plug here but..Gaye has an interesting article up on her site.. strategic living.. titled and then they came for me..

    what is funny about that was several years ago now I was deep in a conversation at a local restaurant and we got talking about what my thoughts were on what was coming..
    after the talk I was heading out and was stopped by a gentleman and said he was sorry he had been listening but the conversation was interesting and it was exactly what the organization had been discussing and what my vision was was exactly what they have been thinking..
    we went back to a table and got some more coffee .. we talked for about two more hours and he had his briefcase with all the papers that they had been going through at the meetings they had been having on crises management..
    and yes.. they know exactly what your doing.. he had lists and evaluations of everyone.. fuel.. they know how much fuel you have or have been stockpiling and how much you have in groceries and the evaluated consumption levels.When I asked him why they had the lists.. the lists were so that in the event of a national emergency they know where to go get supplies…
    we became friends and he helped me get the things I thought we needed here at the cottage..

    • Hello LooB: One question please well maybe two.
      Who is this guy? and who is “THEY”?
      Thank you for a reply.
      regards, Standfreeman


    • Excellent! I have a folder on the laptop called “Quotable Quotes”, and I’m saving this. I use them in correspondence and trying to sound intelligent in conversation.
      I’ll trade you;
      “The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first and love of soft living and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” ? Theodore Roosevelt

      “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” ? Theodore Roosevelt
      “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.” ? Theodore Roosevelt
      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” as Thomas Jefferson told us. “It is its natural manure.”

  5. The Governor of New Jersey got me kicked off of You Tube merely for pointing out his hypocrisy in pushing weed during a lung epidemic.Going further out,I still want to know why others’ health is my responsibility while they’ve been doing nothing for the past 60 years other than smoke cigarettes and watch Captain Kangaroo?

  6. Of course, the media loved Harris back in the primary, but couldn’t help her get traction in the early state primaries. No surprise she’s still their preference. Enough reason in itself for me to not want her in office. Not sure she could manage to win election in ’24, even with the media’s help; we all saw how Jeb! went down. He was a sinking ship before Trump finished him off.

  7. Trump is getting crushed electronically. Certain payment processors bailed on his campaign.

    Soon he’ll be erased from the DNS servers.

    He’s going to wind-up sidelined like O.J.

  8. It’s a woke moment for the world when Alex Jones says
    In the clip where he talk to an in-phone guest who is a Q follower…

    Jones shouts: “Q tells this stuff and all of it’s lies,” he says before telling the guest that he is lying and is “full of s***.”
    He continues: “Because every god damn thing out of you people’s mouths doesn’t come true. And it’s always ‘oh, there’s energy,’ ‘oh, now we’re done with Trump.’ You said he was the messiah! You said he was invincible! You said that it was all over. That they were going to Gitmo and now that he’s part of a larger thing of Q.
    “I will not suffer your Q people after this,” Jones said as he pointed directly into the camera. “I knew what you were day one, I know what you are now, and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all these witches and warlocks and pumpkin popsomes.”

    Ok folks… can we be normal…stop the attacks on our federal and state capitals and get back to work?

      • Q told last June about twitter and POTUS, how did they know? Q is [redacted: We don’t repost Q postings. Those interested will find them. Disbelievers won’t be changed. – G]

      • ACTUALLY, Zeus the Cat is in charge of links and he’s tied up watching the two parabolic divergence in the S&P and debating whether we stay short or take the money and run.

      • Fred say’s “tell Zeus hello” fred is my wild cat, black manx, touch of white chin and toes, excepts to be cuddle every eve before sunset. I am a dog lover, how the hell did I end up with 5 cats, all outside, made them houses and plenty of food and I shoot the crap birds and they go fetch them.
        Parabolic divergence, not sure what u mean, I have to go look it up. I see a spinning cross that did not break yesterday’s high or low, especially since yesterday was an all time high. Ya mean like breaking out of the upward curve. I was just walking along the plank and all of a sudden the was no plank supporting me,, ker splash. I tried to grab on to a bitcoin, but it slipped through my fingers, like thin air

        Next week we can talk about plastic gas cans, stupid nozzles. the after market accordion flex ones suck also.

      • Q POST REDACTED BY George,

        I clicked the link/home URL and it didn’t resolve. The Lib’s took ’em out.

        How can the convinced be unconvinced? Well, I’ll tell you. Nationalize healthcare then deem the certain people who are convinced as mentally ill. Erase the past they thought was real. Don’t get me wrong.

        I thought there was a video of George W.Bush saying:

        “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” Bush told CNN television, saying he had made the decision “to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse.”

        “I am sorry we’re having to do it,” Bush said.

        But I was incorrect. We’re in a fluid situation.

    • “I knew what you were day one, I know what you are now, and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all these witches and warlocks and pumpkin popsomes.”


    • “Ok folks… can we be normal…stop the attacks on our federal and state capitals and get back to work?”

      I am totally with you on that… we have a new president.. he was voted in the right way or the wrong way it doesn’t make any difference…. and now we live with what he deals out for us.. good or bad.. he can’t be any worse than those that sold us down the tracks decades ago.. so live with it..

      • “Do you really believe Joe Biden is even remotely capable of presiding over this government??”

        Well Doug. To answer that … it doesn’t matter what I believe..
        It doesn’t matter if I th think they should write the Bill’s they pass. Read them debate them then vote on them either.. they aren’t going to do that..
        It doesn’t matter if I believe that buying votes should be outlawed..
        We vote them in accept what they do for us

    • Not sure the the liberal rioters are ready to agree. I guess we will see the next time a minority criminal crosses paths with police and starts a physical engagement.

      If the political processes continue to promote the suppression of those with different opinions, then we may also hit other flash points. When people are denied an airing of their grievances then eventually violence does result. Only now both left and right feel they are being ignored.

    • Let the Rats feast on each other’s excrement, and when then runs out, they will cannibalize each other (already happening, as you noted above, Alex Jones, King of the Fear Mongerers can’t stand competition for the sheeple eating/ratings contest…..)

    • I have only seen Q’s posts once and it was just a fleeting glimpse..everyone does get my curiosity about it though..

    • Too cool ! -U must have seen the “black” of their eyes then – or the extra membrane eye slit thing..

  9. Once again the alchemy of the Simpsons is used for brainwashing.

    Here is the logical circuit they want readers to follow:
    If the Simpsons predicted 9 eleven, and that was pretty bad…
    Then anything they predict is as bad as nine 11.

    No, the horned “viking” guy is not a prediction, he’s a “fan”. He dresses up like Willie and goes to protests. Lots of pix of this guy at various events.

    How on earth is that predictive? It’s like predicting someone would name their kid Bart 23 years after seeing the Simpsons.

    The scene where the characters storm DC? First of all, it’s not the first time protesters with guns showed up in DC and took the capitol steps. Second, the episode was about a very specific event at the time, a proposed amendment to outlaw flag burning. Not just some random “predictive” scene. Did anyone mention flag burning amendments in the last 20 years? Didn’t think so…

    The scene itself is taken from a Schoolhouse Rock episode from the 80’s. So why don’t they get any credit for predicting the event? After all, they DREW a cartoon of the capitol steps, which in today’s logic is a clear prediction of future events at the steps!

    So yes, the only prediction to come of this is that idiots will use this event and the magical Simpsons predictions to say a relatively peaceful protest was in fact an insurrection worse than airplanes flying into buildings.

    What is not an insurrection? Have you wondered that?

    What is not: Shooting blinding lasers at federal and local cops, shooting deadly explosive rockets at same cops, shooting ball bearings, throwing bricks, smoke bombs, piss bottles, locking police in a precinct building and setting fire to it. Burning down a few blocks of small businesses, don’t forget that. You know “peaceful protesting”.

    • Careful Philistine. Mark will be accusing you of “false equivalency.”

      Democrats have peaceful protests. Republicans have riots.

    • Nobody disagrees with your stance on Antifa and their sordid ways. They are extremists…the very bad kind and I have a hard time calling them leftists. A little word play…while,they are the opposite in some way from the far right it’s more appropriate to call Antifa the far wrong. They don’t represent the vast majority of Liberals…Joe and Kamala have made it very clear that their antics WILL NOT be tolerated. ..yet they are the poster boys of what Liberals are capable of. That’s a lie.

      But I can say that about the insurrectionists as well. They don’t represent the conservatives I know either. Not even close. My very conservative family in the Midwest was appalled at their behavior and feels that they have damaged the Republican Party beyond repair. Yet…they too will be the poster boys of the GOP and that’s a lie…but only if the GOP is part of the conviction of these boobs. I can make the argument that what they did last week is far, far more damaging than what Antifa has ever done. They stormed and forcibly broke into our sacred Capital building, defying police blockades…something that hasn’t been done since the British in 1814. They killed a cop, beat and fought others, and called for the lynching and death by firing squad of Pence, wanted to take Pelosi and McConnell hostage…vandalized the Capital of our United States…with the intent of terrorizing everyone that didn’t support Trump…and most of those targets were Republicans. WTF?

      • But I don’t remember you standing up shouting so about any of the 91 days of rioting in Portland or, as in the upper midwest, businesses were burned on looted. So we have to remind all about equality for all – even in labeling.

      • There are no conservatives and haven’t been for more years than you are old, and lol what’s so scared about the robbers roost that they call the capital, that’s as much nonsense and propaganda as the shinning light on the hill. Now the lynching part I agree with in fact I would even crawl into a wheelchair to attend that one for its long overdue and only traitors would say it’s not, and I have my own list of candidates to adorn the end of those ropes in fact they should make it a national holiday.

        I can see the signs now “come to Ft. Smith on the 4th of July for there will be a public hanging of all those who have betrayed us, you’re going to be finally FREE, bring your own basket lunch or a plate to pass” I believe its 11 they can hang at one time, so it shouldn’t take to long.!!!

      • “Nobody disagrees with your stance on Antifa and their sordid ways.”

        Then why haven’t anti-fa accounts been kicked off Twitter or Facebook for inciting violence? Why are they still on Reddit, when Trump subreddits have been removed? You can go on anarchy and anti-fa subreddits and find plenty of calls for violence… mods take them down eventually, but similar moderation wasn’t enough for Trump supporter’s subreddit. Why were anti-fa allowed to “protest” for 100+ days in Portland, blinding cops with lasers, launching projectiles, etc? Why was Kamala Harris raising bail money for arrested rioters? The jackasses in DC have been denounced by virtually everyone, including Republicans, while anti-fa got winks and nudges from many Democrats all summer.

      • This is a quote from Kamala regarding the BLM riots:
        “They’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop,” she told him. “This is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop. And everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that. They’re not gonna let up and they should not.”

        She seems to have tolerated their antics very well.

    • Wanna hear something hilarious.. I’ve never seen an episode of the Simpson’s or the family guy.. even though an old friend and coworker does a lot of the voices and works on production of it.. lol lol lol

  10. My internet was shut down on riot day at about 2:30ct. Computer was asleep but some settings were changed and some attempts to mess with the firewall, wifi was off but they managed to turn it on. charter/spectrum didn’t know why it was out, I thought it was personal but it turns out at least the whole city was turned off (just cable, not phone line internet). It was off for 20 hours, what a coincidence! I didn’t know about he capitol riot till the evening.

    Woke is the new sfb

  11. George, the Simpson’s time machine reminds me of something you used to write years ago…”the movie is the message”.

  12. interesting developments…

    Nancy is pushing for it.. plus.. if what I just heard on my friends television.. they are going after members of congress that are republicans and trumps family..

    In fairly recent history does that remind you of anything…Now watcching republican members of congress quickly changing their stances..after cries for trying members of congress for the same things.. could they see something coming that the rest of us just haven’t grasped yet..!/articles/3/essays/120/punishment-of-treason

    What are some of your thoughts on this….
    I was joking when i said maybe we should buy the nancy pelosi fan club t-shirts and rush down to the court house and change our party affiliation.. but if congressional members are.. maybe we should to.. if you see the rats running out of a building you had better try to keep up with them..

  13. This will make everyone say, “Doh!”.

    I had no idea that a son-in-law of Mrs. Nancy Pelosi was employed by Dutch media and just happened to be interviewing the horned QShaman on the steps of the Capitol last Wednesday prior the tear gas release. Note his remark that his cellphone could not get a connection to his family apparently including a grandchild of Nancy for a period of hours. (Who takes their grandchild to work on a known major protest day?)

    By the way, it seems the father-in-law of Mrs. Pelosi’s other daughter was the director of the 1978 hit movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – filmed where else but San Francisco.

  14. I will wait for Twitter and Facebook to ban all these folks and Apple and Google to ban any app used by these people for communications. These from the left are worse supporting violence then anything Trump messaged.

    I am sure it will just be crickets as is normally the case, when the left is attacking. And remember, every republican came out against the violence at the capital and called for full arrests and prosecutions. Try and remember any prominent democrat chastising these people.

  15. George,

    Just a quick thought. Since Pelosi, Schumer, and company have decided that prayer should be ended with “Amen” and “Awomen”, not realizing in their stupidity that amen is Latin meaning “so be it”, and that gender specific pronouns are taboo; how do we refer to the Speaker? We cannot refer to her as “Madame Speaker”, Ms Pelosi or any other offensive gender like terms, so I assume Pelosi prefers “hey you” or “it” when we address or speak about the Speaker of the House. Seems appropriate to me.

    As to Mark, I would like to remind him of an old saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”. I have a friend much like Mark, he too is afflicted with “Cranial Insertus Rectitus”. But as our town idiot once said, “Him find out”.

    • Lol lol lol lol lol….
      I loved that … kind of like referring to someone stupid then apologizing by saying I’m sorry I referred to you as stupid.. I thought you already knew it…lollol

    • So…the exact same things Trump accused the media of doing, the right hits back with bat sh*t crazy stories like that. Fake news. I hope you were being facetious. Pelosi and Schumer never ever said that. The only reference was from Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who delivered the opening prayer while opening up the 117th Congress on Sunday and decided to use a gender-neutral “amen and awoman” to close out the prayer. – Jan 4, 2021.
      I know Emanuel Cleaver. He was the former mayor of Kansas City. My sister often met with him. Knowing him, it was probably tongue and cheek.

  16. COVID Relief explained: The poor get $1,200 + $600; the rest get massive stock market gains & maybe $1,800. That is why America is great again. Something for everyone.

  17. They stormed and forcibly broke into our sacred Capital building, defying police blockades.

    Didn`t see no broken down door. Someone forgot to lock it.

  18. Just checked my e-mails and found this in the Inbox. If this is real then it looks like someone’s dead man switch just got activated.

    Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on…..… These are Clinton’s emails:

    Index file!

    Send to everyone you can as fast as you can!
    Index of /file/

    Index file!

  19. At least Loonies are still worth a little bit of $$ here in Canada.

    I just learned while paying for a liter of milk at my neighborhood store on my way home from work that starting this week they can no longer sell a newspaper. Newspapers have now been added to the list of non-essential items which retailers are not permitted to sell during the Covid 19 Code Red lock down. Granted paper newspaper sales have been in decline as readers migrate online, but for those without the access or desire of online consumption, it’s one less choice.

    But hey, the first home game of professional NHL hockey is set to be held this Thursday night in our empty arena downtown. No doubt a full report will be available with all the latest period by period action in Friday’s newspaper.

  20. Hmmmm…

    Hocus pocus put lots of money in my wallet super focu! Alakazam! I’m rich bitch! *Looks intently with eyes.

    How long does this take George?

  21. I am not sure why any of you aren’t more angry. Some of you actually believe conspiracies…Remember Bush?
    After learning about the attacks, In a Sarasota school, he continued to listen to the children reading for another eight or nine minutes, then complimented their reading and posed for pictures. Those silent nine minutes were the beginning of a huge conspiracy that lingers today.

    Fast forward to last week. Now we have…Six hours of paralysis: Inside Trump’s failure to act after a mob stormed the Capitol. Pence had to call the National Guard. Trump wouldn’t do it. And today… The president said he wished he hadn’t done [the Thursday night video condemning the violence and conceding that there would be a transition], a senior White House official said, because he feared that the calming words made him look weak.” Did Trump plan it? And if so, based on what? Lies and fantasy about a stolen election? It pretty darn surreal and why don’t you all start working on that conspiracy?

    And look where it had gotten us. The FBI is extremely concerned that all 50 state Capitals will be in danger with Armed protests this weekend…courtesy of Parler allowing people to organize it in their platform. And you wonder why a majority of Americans support the censorship by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Apple and others?
    Congresswoman Lauren Boabart didn’t even finish high school of course. Red state normalcy. She tweets “it’s 1776” during the insurrection. Then later she said it was in reference to the civil war..proving to all why she didn’t finish high school..haha WTF?

    This past election was a true revolution alright. A revolution by 80 million people vs 75.2 Million . A majority of those 75.2 million are outstanding people. About a quarter of them need an attitude adjustment…. or maybe like the high school drop out congresswoman education.

  22. Add Cumulus.
    Cumulus Media, Inc. is an American broadcasting company and is the third largest owner and operator of AM and FM radio stations in the United States behind Entercom and iHeartMedia, Inc. As of June 2019, Cumulus lists ownership of 428 stations in 87 media markets. It also owns and operates Westwood One. Today they gave all conservative media hosts an ultimatum. Accept the results of the election or they are fired. Of course it’s probably not all about an altruistic gesture..I bet they are losing advertisers as well. Nevertheless…a majority of people are sick and tired of these simpletons riling people up with outright lies? Good for Cumulus. Someone had to take a stance.

  23. George, I guess ya got another hit bro!
    “People vote with their wallets.” G.U.
    Twitter dropped 5 BILLION in stock value since banning Trump.

    Where is the Fed to prop that bitch up too. Gosh darn white people and their wallets.


    That is almost as damn funny as Joe Biden (A rich white dude) at the Pulpit saying First order of business is helping the blacks, Hispanic and women small Buisness owners get relief in a tweet. What about the white male small Buisness owners? F-em?

    Or the white chick on Fox talking about the Trump’s being white privileged. What do you think you are chick? Ohh just cause ya got shit housed and ended up slepping with a black ball player in collage now your not white privilege and exempt??

    It is just sooo rediculous! White people calling other white people too white so they can apear less white.

    I’m white and I’m really good with it. I have lots of friends who are other races and they are pretty cool with being black and hispanic. I think everyone should join the military in their youth. Then you learn real quick. It doesnt matter what color anyone is or where they are from. When your In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And their is a fire on the ship??? It all elbows and assholes and every one is just firefighter. Ya know?

    I’m back to writting. I will leave the politics on Ure site. I’m more interested in other things.

  24. Did I ever tell ya, When I was living in Cochella valley. I was sitting outside of the Albertsons there in Rancho Mirage on the bench. Same place I met that 98 year old woman and shared a piece of chicken with her I had bought a bag of chicken in the store, offered her a piece and she said thank you and took a wing. She said, they don’t let me eat this stuff anymore. I’m 98 years old. You would think I was old enough to eat whatever the hell I damn well wanted. She moved to Palm Springs back in 69 and was good friends with Bob Hope back in the day. Really nice lady.

    Anyway it was the same spot. I was just sitting there for a minute having a smoke and thinking about stuff. This is right after the George Floyd incident. An older black dude came sat next to me and said hi. I said hi in return and asked how his day was. He said well shit. You know is bitch getting old. I’m not supposed to smoke anymore. So dont tell anyone but I can I have one of those? I said sure. Gave him a Marlboro Red. I stuck out my hand said, Andy. Nice to meet ya. He stuck our his and his hands were huge, bigger than mine and said Wes good to meet you too. Thanks for the smoke. Ya got a light too. I said yes sir. We sat there and you all know how I am. I said Wes? He said, yes Andy? I said are you a friend of Dan Fouts? He said wow, yeah I am a friend of Dan’s. I said you would be Was Chandler of the San Diego Chargers? He said now nobody know who the hell I am now days without an announcement. Holy Cow! I am Wes Chandler. (13 th all time wide receiver in the NFL Hall of fame). I said I used to watch you when I was a kid. You are an amazing athlete. He’s said, well I was. I said what do ya do now? He said. I hang out with white dudes on the bench. I bust out laughing. I said I guess so. He said thanks man. You made my whole week. Nobody remembers me anymore. I said, well I sure hope your week gets alot better. stood up and said nice to meet ya wes. He said same. As I was walking away he said you ever doing anything big? I looked back and said, I just did. He bust out laughing.
    True story.

    We never talked about race, white privilege, or anything else. None of that shit mattered. Just two guys who crossed paths for a moment. Never saw him again. Ya see the news would have ya believe one thing. But most people are just people really… Looking for connection to each other in life.

    Shit I probably should have wrote that on my website. Lol

    • I want to say it was Morgan Freeman, but I could be mis-remembering although I know it was one of the great black actors out there, that said, in effect, to be perfectly equal and non-racial would to be to not even talk about differences between races, to not even notice it. Constantly harping on it is “racial” in and of itself.

      • I believe that was Morgan Freeman.. god I would love to meet him.. he reminds me of my father as well… and as morgan freeman once said.. if you want to end racial differences.. then quit talking about it.. basically put the past in the past.. by digging up that dead horse and dragging it around is only going to keep cutting back open the wound from the past and saying here take a look..that was a nasty cut I got ten years ago.. see how it bleeds..
        if you teach your children to hate then they will hate… teach them to love and forgive …
        Once upon a time.. Bullies picked me up on the upper floor of our grade school.. ( their parents were upset at my father because the school had been voted out.. it was on the ballot they could either vote in raising taxes so they could keep the school open.. or not.. it was voted out.. they blamed my father.) because of that.. they taught hate to their children.. and I had the wrong last name.. they through bottles of gas with rags in it at our home and I was bullied by their children so bad.. well one day a group of these good children picked me up and through me over the bannister of the school.. it was two flights up.. I got hurt.. the teacher watched them.. I would hide in the dirt basement after school until the kids had to go home.. it was a bad experience.. then one day the janitor noticed that I was there and what was going on.. and he would give me a ride home.. my parents of course went to the police but the police was also related so they didn’t do a thing..
        I had to endure this..
        anyway.. then when we went to the new school.. I was the intruder.. it was hell.. I buried myself in books and the library..
        years later though.. I was working hospice and the teacher that watched them toss me over that bannister was there.. and I was taking care of her.. she would have horrific nightmares.. one night during one of those horrible nightmares.. I went in to sit with her.. ( needless to say she didn’t recognise me.. I wasn’t a little boy anymore) and I asked her.. what was bothering her.. then she said.. when I was a young woman I was a teacher.. they voted to close the school and I was afraid of loosing my job and I seen a bunch of kids throw another child over a bannister .. it has haunted me ever since.. I told her hun I am pretty sure this child realizes what happened and the fears everyone had during that time.. and I am pretty confident that he had forgiven you and those children a long time ago.. it is ok.. time moves on..
        after that she didn’t have those nightmares.. but it is the same thing.. you have ethnic discrimination that discriminates ethnicly or by the name or their size how they come their much they do etc.. everyone is a genius in his own way.. they live their lives and discrimination comes in many forms..
        Put it behind you.. had a bad apple well go on to the next.. clean up around your own neighborhood.. you can not expect anyone to live your life for you…don’t teach your children to hate.. they will in turn teach their children to love and be positive.. pay it unto others teach unto others..

  25. Why do people write all this shit about how cool they are with black folks? Doesn’t it really signify that these are the genuine “racists” who feel ill at ease having recognized that possibility? JMHO

    • I went through desegregations in two different school districts as a youngster. I was beaten, spit on, called a honky & a cracker, and much worse. Once the leading agitators of the day were locked up or discredited, and the public anger cooled, I was eventually able to interact with some of those angry young men on something resembling a peer basis. I sometimes wonder what became of them.

      In my middle age, I have come to despise elders who manipulate child soldiers and young men to torment their victims. I see a lot of parallels between what is happening now, and what happened in this country at the end of the Vietnam conflict. I’ll settle for being treated with a little respect, and I will try to do the same for those who are willing to reciprocate. I see Hatred as an equal opportunity employer.

    • There are. Racist in all ethnic backgrounds.. I wonder howling I would last walking down the sidewalks of the hood.. ( I think it was Stanford that did a study..sending ethnic students in a predominantly caucasian neighborhood.. and caucasian into the black neighborhood.. the results were amazing)
      I was taught there are nasty people in all ethnic. religious, and sized people.. be the blind man. A blind man could careless what color or what religion or size you are.. he only can judge you for how you are and how you treat those around you..
      I know shitty people in all colors.. I know great decent people in all colors.. shitty people I stay away from..
      It’s what your taught.. if your taught hate then you’ll hate..

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