Optimism, The Greater 1929 Rhyme, Fools Leading Idiots

Seldom have times been easier for an honest writer.  There are so many “hot topics” around that it boggles the mind.  So, still in recovery mode from our snow event, we will keep it short in order to (more importantly) “keep it warm.”

Small Business Optimism Collapses

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) publishes an optimism report each month.  A composite – street level look – at the immediate future.  Not surprisingly, the press release just out says:

Owners expecting better business conditions declined 24 points

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 12, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index declined 5.5 points in December to 95.9, falling below the average Index value since 1973 of 98. Nine of the 10 Index components declined and only one improved. Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months declined 24 points to a net negative 16%.

“This month’s drop in small business optimism is historically very large, and most of the decline was due to the outlook of sales and business conditions in 2021,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “Small businesses are concerned about potential new economic policy in the new administration and the increased spread of COVID-19 that is causing renewed government-mandated business closures across the nation.”

One of the tip-offs to us that this was coming was the drop in federal employment numbers reported last week. Quickly rising layoffs in the Challenger data, too.

The next “Biggie” is tomorrow’s Consumer Prices Report. It promises to present the Policy Nightmare the incoming administration will have to deal with.

Starting with ceteris parabus (*all things equal) basis December, here’s the dynamic of the pending straw about to be hoisted onto the ‘camel’s back.’

Dim Times Ahead?  Thank Social Media

We begin with the expectation that January business will fall somewhat again.  One reason is in the gig economy things may cool:  With president Trump’s Tweetstorms over, Twitter has just seriously pissed off a lot of users.  It was reflected in stock prices Monday.  App dev slowdowns coming?

As ABC reported Monday:  “Twitter without Trump tumbles along with other tech shares.”  Our concern is there is something much larger in play.  I described this for our Peoplenomics.com subscribers a couple of years ago.  OK, then December 18, 2013 was more than  a couple of years ago.  But, what I forecast in the report ” As we look ahead, we’re troubled by the increasing number of “time-circular” business plans emergent in social media.

The report derides American corporate marketers for being both lazy and stupid.  Which, I’m willing to stick with today.  Because what they did was take company-based websites – where customers could interact with real product people – and they off-loaded them to Facebook and social media.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, after all, it was free.

We predicted what was coming, however.  Social media held customers hostage.  So, in order to communicate with their own people, companies had to pay what amounts to ransom to communicate with them.

That’s the “time-circularity” of it:  Load in the audience free,  then  stick it to the deep pockets down the road.  Spun off lots of billionaires, but it was (and it’s becoming more obvious) all too good to be True.

Social Media Echoes 1929 Behavior

Just as in present times, the run-up, blow-off, and then utter collapse of the U.S. economy was based on a massive tech bubble collapsing. 

Fact is, high rollers of the era were all involved in “Radio” in much the same way “Social” has spawned this latest crop of billionaires.

Critically, we should point out that Radio was a huge systemic threat to America back then.  Radio was  (at first) only loosely licensed.  But, it was not until after the Depression had begun to dig in – and the need for a scapegoat became apparent – that Congress decided to seize control of the air waves.  Just as they are about to seize control of social media.  How far will they go?

That bit of calculus is something we’ll travel with on the subscriber side.  But simply:  The bigger the coming Social/Tech crash, the bigger the “communications grab” will be.

Key point:  I stand by the long-term prediction offered in my book Broken Web – that the Internet would eventually require something akin to a radio license (content origination control under the guise of ‘bandwidth management’).

If you have enough technical savvy to understand FM modulation indexes (and both frequency-hopping and spread spectrum), then you could connect the dashed lines of the modern rhyme with the “dark web” and “tor” for content sharing and the skirting of DRM (oops!  Digital Rights Management.)

It is likely after the crash, and perhaps three or four years from now, but likely not even that long.  Because the online protests will need to be addressed, but can’t be until the (transient) “free speech issues” have cooled off a bit.

Thing is, though, Social is what took America to the brink of Digital Civil War through monetizing every Tom, Dick, and Harry (and a lot more Dicks than expected).  When it all comes out in the end (hearings) the agendas in play will be revealed, as well.  And with that, likely criminal prosecutions for promotion of an uprising by corporate chieftains.

But, my oh my:  What a dandy monetization it has been!

On to the Daily Distractions

One of our most intrepid “news tippers” who feeds us lots of ideas, wrote up a very solid commentary today – directly applicable and explaining all the mis (and dis) information the web, lately:

“You may see some postings on the internet re: House proceedings for 01/11/2021 and that Speaker Pelosi is “gone.“  What occurred is the Speaker did appoint Rep. Debbie Dingell to act as Speaker Pro Tempore for 01/11/2021 only.

When you and I were school-age kids a course on “Civics” was taught (as was penmanship, grammar, spelling, etc., now gone the way of the dinosaur, as did the study of Latin).  As such, the term “Speaker Pro Tempore” is virtually meaningless to the rank and file, who may be assuming that “Nancy is gone.” (see 1st hyperlink)

Do you remember a 1995 film, The American President (written by Aaron Sorkin, who later created the TV series The West Wing)? There’s a line of dialogue where President Shepherd (Michael Douglas) in a lengthy  speech before the press corps states… “America isn’t easy.  America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad, ‘cause it’s gonna put up a fight.” (see 2nd hyperlink)

Do we as US citizens in a nation now torn apart by unimaginable political strife coupled by a public health catastrophe need a refresher course in “Civics” (constitutional law or “Con Law” in law school)? I guarantee if 1,000 Americans (those born here and who are non-lawyers) were rounded up and given the same citizenship test administered to those wanting to become naturalized US citizens, almost all of those 1,000 test takers would fail the exam.”

Grand Perspective!  Thank you [Linda].

Speaking of Grand Reads…

Events this week – including and especially Social Media getting into the censorship game (and Amazon’s cancelling Parler hosting) raises other issues involving “historical rhymes.”

The piece And then They Came for Me” on my friend Gaye Levy’s site, is a must read helping to understand some of the larger contexts of what’s going on.

We assume you’ve been following “Parler goes dark after Amazon pulls hosting amid concerns over violent posts.

A number of our readers have been bright-enough to ask a critical question – which may not come up until the Digital Inquisition begins in Washington:

Was there any communication between Google, Apple, Amazon, and other online operators in the decision to censor the sitting president?

We see how social is using their “power of the purse” to “rein-in government.”  Read carefully the CNBC story about how “Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and others pause political contributions after U.S. Capitol riot.”

Good catch by the NY Times biz section (the good part of the paper): “IBM Doesn’t Donate to Politicians. Other Firms Should Take Note.”  Say, don’t they pay a dividend, too? >>> HELLO FAANGs?  <<<

They may be able to keep it up, too since “IBM received the most patents in 2020. Here’s the rest of the top 20.”

Politicians – who only act the charade of being “responsive to voters” when convenient (or when in a tight race, and then only for a few weeks at a stretch) will get the message loud and clear.

And media that don’t toe-the-mark on support the Rich Boys Club of Social will not down be penalized with lower ad costs and massive drops in organic search.

Which will all be claimed “Coincidental, ain’t it?”

Coffee Pot Chatter

What will people be talking about on today’s bean-refresher run?

Bill Belichick declines Presidential Medal of Freedom offer from Trump.”

TDS is where our bet is as “Florida Officials Investigate Report of Manatee With ‘Trump’ on Its Back” but it will be a hotly debated point.

If you’re in Chicago, maybe  the question “Are recreational marijuana sales in Illinois underperforming given the state’s large population?”  (One possible answer:  Is gang weed cheaper since it’s tax-free? Duh.)

Latest word on the herd as we head for 91-million global Covid cases: “EU Gets Vaccine Boost As WHO Dampens Hope Of Herd Immunity.”  And speaking of source: China Places 5 Million More Under Lockdown To Stamp Out Virus Cluster.

On that,  Dow futures were up 70 with an hour and a half to go.  Way we look at things, the rally that began just ahead of the close yesterday could be running up to the close today.  So we can all be “surprised” by the inflation number in tomorrow’s CPI.

Maybe some people will…but not all.

Something Useful:  The Screw-it Pile

I was cleaning off my desktop this morning and ran across some notes on a dandy little book Too Nice for Your Own Good: How to Stop Making 9 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes.

Thought about America being in a “self-sabotage” mode at the moment.

Among the list of easy-to-fix errors people make?  Mistake #5 hits home for people posting comments:

“Reasoning with Irrationality.”

It simply doesn’t work.

After working 60-years, a lot of things come into focus. One of the most important is the Pareto Distribution.  Written up on Wikipedia as follows:

“The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes (the “vital few”).[1] Other names for this principle are the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity.[2][3]

Management consultant Joseph M. Juran developed the concept in the context of quality control, and improvement, naming it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who noted the 80/20 connection while at the University of Lausanne in 1896. In his first work, Cours d’économie politique, Pareto showed that approximately 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. The Pareto principle is only tangentially related to Pareto efficiency.

One of the ways to get a “lot done in Life” is to focus on the 20% of effort that gets 80% of results, plain and simple.  If I don’t see an 80% chance of my doing something having a good pay-off, it goes in the “screw-it pile.”

The Screw-It pile gets bigger, but not as fast as the completed tasks.  Especially if you take the time wasted on getting worked up over anything – place it immediately in the “Screw-It Pile” and move back to useful efforts.

Write when you get rich,


76 thoughts on “Optimism, The Greater 1929 Rhyme, Fools Leading Idiots”

  1. I would suggest a column on anger management in the near future. As for why more of your readers aren’t bat sh!t crazy angry, that has to do more with the median age I suspect. The posts I’m seeing indicate that the sane adults are all pulling back toward the center. The parental age group readers have not gotten the stand-down memo yet; therefore, anger management is still on the table.

    I know that you are toning down the political rants and personal attacks for a inauguration cool-down period. I would suggest you add calls for internment camps to the list of verboten political discussion, at least for the next couple of weeks. Such remarks are clearly thinly-veiled genocide advocacy, and as such, are brown-shirt sociopathic hate talk. You don’t need to be giving reeducation pricks or anti-Semites a forum during a cool-down period.

    And as for the crazy conspiracy theories, if Bill is correct, and the Wikileaks deadman switch has indeed been activated, then we will be finding out shortly a lot about what was crazy and what wasn’t, historically speaking.

    The real wild card is Potus initiating a large scale GUS declassification dump before the inauguration. It’s time to pardon and send the leakers home, and move on. The conspiracy theories only exist and propagate in a secrecy-driven police state environment.

    • “I know that you are toning down the political rants and personal attacks for a inauguration cool-down period.”

      I’d just hoped that GU were toning down on long personal rants of posters seemingly using this forum as a “verbal garbage disposal bin.” Can’t have it all. ;-(

  2. Yo Fudster – lets go wabbit hunting this morning.

    ..and the 19th President of the United States -Donald J. TRUMP


    A tale too complex and outrageous to believe, let alone follow.

    Who is Mnuchin? Ever involved in hollywood productions? how many?current titles? well known movies?

    Think scripts, parts/characters, hidden plot lines..

    Trump not certified as President

    – piglosi, schmer, pensive..ALL arrested.

    All the scheisse comes out – bribem&blowem, network execs, pols, “illumed” alpha-bets..


    *Dissolution of the Corporation of the United States (owned – city of london) -see yellow fringe on flag/admiralty law. That corporation will no longer be viable !

    President Trump and Vice President Flynn – has a nice ring to it , no?

    5-d baby, can U see the next move?

    • [redacted for flame content] In reply to your comment.” ..and the 19th President of the United States -Donald J. TRUMP”

      I hope you aren’t comparing Trump to Rutherford B Hayes. He fought in the Civil War, was wounded in action, and rose to the rank of brevet major general. While he was still in the Army, Cincinnati Republicans ran him for the House of Representatives. He accepted the nomination, but would not campaign, explaining, “an officer fit for duty who at this crisis would abandon his post to electioneer… ought to be scalped.”

      This is the complete opposite of Trump times 10. Trump was a draft dodger, and would abandon his kids funeral to campaign at a rally. He has abandoned the US and would not even call out he national Guard to protect the Capital. Pence had to do that.

      • Is there Bolsh?!!! He makes sad faces like that! Yah! Ha ha ha. I thought so when I first saw your post.

        Cue: ~Choices ~

  3. “the pending straw about to be hoisted onto the ‘camel’s back.’”

    I thought the camels back was already swaying as if broken with the last straw….
    I just had this conversation with my son in law last night.. he seems to still be obvious.. then you hear this morning as the new strain of covid is sweeping across the country… not good in my opinion.. and then on top of it.. our homegirl and idol is giving pence the ultimatum..interesting times ahead for sure..

  4. Most folks believe the candidate they support is the game changer. Air Force lady took it to the extreme for her candidate. But like all constituents, she was left in the lurch.

    “…US citizens in a nation now torn apart by unimaginable political strife…”

    When I was in grammar school – in the North – I was told Civil War soldiers would stop fighting in the winter because they didn’t have boots/shoes to wear. Ice would cut their bare feet.

    Here we are under “unimaginable political strife” waiting for $600.00 checks.

    The latest rumor, Trump invoked the Insurrection Act but military sided with the other folks.

  5. You know your life is changing when you stop watching the timer and start watching the stopwatch

  6. Went to a gun auction Saturday small western Missouri town. Nothing but guns and ammo. They have them around here all the time. Rifles, shotguns, pistols that you could buy at wal-mart for $350 to $450, were bringing $600 to $800. Some were new in box but all preowned. 9mm box of 20 rds $80. Brick 22 $150. Prices were crazy there were no deals, period. I think close to 200 hundred guns sold. Everyone spoke English.

    • Ahead of my younger son’s move from Cali to KCMO, he asked me to get him a 9mm handgun and a 22 rifle. I found that Mossberg makes a 9mm and it was very nice, but he was perplexed that the magazines were made of plastic. We both thought the plastic would melt, but the plus is that you could see how many rounds you had loaded. I also found a Ruger 1022 that had a scope already installed. Dropped $750 for the two at local gun dealers. Gun shows are a rip off. Plus I like to support local, small stores.

  7. George,
    You brought up a great point when you mentioned the early days of radio. If I remember my Mizzou Journalism school education, Radio was a Wild West show in the early days. So much so, that the fed instituted the Federal Radio Commission (FRC) a precursor to the broader communications act, the FCC. Most of the act was regulating infrastructure…radio towers, frequency grants and licenses, equipment, etc., but the most controversial was the decency of radio and TV. This was parodied throughout history and made famous by George Carlin with his 7 dirty words bit. In 2005 after Janet Jackson’s super bowl boob reveal, the FCC created the Decency Enforcement act of 2005. . This act allows the FCC to impose fines of $325,000 on over the air, licensed networks that broadcast material that is consider by the commission to be indecent. Cable kind of blew that Decency Act apart…thus, the need for parental controls on most cable systems…and the internet vaporized it…but I am not sure that it wouldn’t be a good idea to do the same for the internet given the recent issues as a nation we have been having. It’s a good discussion to have.

    • One I’ve been telling people about since 2012 (“Here it comes…start thinking about it…”) But, only in the last week has the situation about what would actually DRIVE the licensing of content discussion has come along. And then wrapped around the axle of “free speech” which is what it says, but there are a string of caveats most people don’t have the depth (and I think it was Linda’s point this morning, too) that people forget that America is not a (coors or a bud) generic beer. It’s a crafted blend (sam adams?>) and the limits to free speech include fence posts such as conspiracy to commit a crime, inciting, promoting an insurrection, trafficking, and so forth.
      Unfortunately, people are (*the result of app-think) not used to holding multiple data points in a :”personal constellation” from which to steer toward their star. They just listen to bigger fools.
      And it’s that kind of abrogated thinking that has also led to such unrestrained excess in stock prices and Btc’s – all of which are (on a more rational basis, like inflation and costs as in R.E. or dividends in stocks) completely ignored by the current crop of “this time it’s different’ers…”

      • Yeah sure G.

        – and what societal problem did fancy tulips solve for that tiny nation ?

        – what financial system problem/weakness existed in 16whatever that the speculative bubble in tulip prices fixed and or remedied.

        You just don’t get it – blind to the malfeasance that is the USD slave regime

        US pays Interest on ever single Note issued(its a debt instrument)
        – payed to the FED member/owner banks = rothchilds.

        They just issued a couple billion new dollars this past Qtr.

        Equal to or greater than ALL the dollars issued previously , COMBINED!

        – just to keep the zombie corps and banks from faceplanting, how much U get chump ? hahaha

        Globo -ure solution is crack down on dissidents, crack down on comms. Globo-ure already banned gatherings in Church, Pubs/ Restaurants, gloves/masks/vaccines=mandatory .

        Starting to sound like another king george/arsehole..cuckoo for coco puffs..

        Why U hate Financial Freedom so much -scares the shit out U, no ?

      • “holding multiple data points in a :”personal constellation” from which to steer toward their star. ” Whooooaaaa that is something I been trying to say for a while. I just didn’t have the words. Thank you. Beautifully said.

        Wow. That is really good. I really like how you explained that. That is how I look at stuff. I just didn’t know how to explain it.

      • Most people live by the “Insanity Ratio.”

        I noticed alot of people think like this: This pile crap I’m sitting in is getting uncomfortable. Since I’m not good at taking any responsibility for myself, I will do something really stupid so someone one else will react and by their reaction it will auto move me over to that more comfortable lookin pile of crap.

        People really think like this. It’s soo weird.

      • That is probably one the best dam things I ever read dude. That is super cool!!!

        I recently did a ritual with another person and it involved all that stuff. I intuitivly know how do stuff like rituals (not formally trained.) But it incorporate d everything you just said, “Holding multiple data points in a :”personal constellation” from which to steer toward their star.”

        Ya see every planet is a color and every day is a planet. I’m not a big astrology guy and I only on super rare occasion and only when lead too do big rituals.

        This one was on the Winter Solstice where light starts taking over in dominance and there is less “night time”. I sat differnt colored candles representative of differnt planes facing magnetic north and south, east and west and sw, se, ne, nw.

        I see the gold candles east and west. Gold is the color of the sun and it travels perspectivly east to west on earth. I ran a big circle around the whole thing with Hymilayan Salt and Sea Salt. Then me and the other person did the ritual at the exact time Light over takes Darkness in a 24 hour period. We had Tibetan bowls singing in the background and bunch of other stuff going on. Now each color of candle represents certain qualities like red is passion and love, white purity etc. Etc and we had a few other represenitives of a few star constillations.

        All this came toe a while back in meditation. I never read it anywhere. I just intuitively knew what I needed and how to set it all up, when and all that.

        It was a super powerful experiance for both of us. Almost like be high as F on narcotics but we both completely sober. Like astral traveling to the center of the milky way and back. We both had massive waves of Dejavue and huge revelations about life for weeks after. Really cool experiance.

        Ya dude. That is one the best things I have ever read. Easy top 5 of my favorite quotes. Thanks for sharing that.

      • It was Like being in the center of a Divine Compass. A universe compass
        Superrr cool stuff. You made my whole day. Thanks man. I really appreciate you.

  8. I have more time for personal projects and building the “screw it pile” with the Democrats in power. I just can’t watch illogical floundering’s of idiots. Investing becomes more important due to decreased income from the floundering idiots. Ure blog becomes more interesting and I did notice that you did not loose to much focus during the Trumptumonious tensions. With articles on cnc shop machine, home projects exploring bit coin. Now your getting into the healthcare realm again, which is and will be very interesting for future reading. Navigating that sea takes a tenacious person. Doing good George, keep up the good work Well Done!

  9. People behave in accord with what they BELIEVE, and NOT in accord with The Truth. (Especially when they have been taught the “Truth” is a variable and constantly evolving unreliable and unstable thing.)

    People fear being free — they often need direction and guidance of a Leader to feel secure. They often choose poorly.

    People fear Truly Free Speech — especially speech they don’t agree with, or that challenges their belief-structure.

    Most people are fear-driven cowards most of the time. Striking out on an independent path, not necessarily pre-approved by others, is seen as dangerous and inconvenient and labor-intense. Laziness and lack of self-confidence are carefully taught in schools to keep children controlled and responsive and obedient. The most compliant do best in such a system.

    The psychology of The Mob easily drives such people into self-damage for the profit and power of their Leaders. The Leaders quickly see how to game the system to dominate the Followers, and run things for their own benefit.

    This is all why the wheels are falling off America.

    The very “authorities & officials” who are the parasites, are the ones who would have to fix it. Obviously, they won’t.

    • Great post! I had a conversation with my son-in-law on this particular topic last night! I’d always made freedom(for everything ethical) my prime directive in life. I’d not considered the truly sad perspective of most people that they’d actually need/want a leader. An administrator to handle things – yes, but a leader? That just seems like a foreign concept from my perspective, yet it seems to be true. I can see someone in a couple or group leading because they have superior skills in a given field, but not a generalized “must have leader” mentality. Obviously, a ship(or state) needs someone in charge, but no person needs a “leader” to micromanage his or her own life – I’d hope.

      • The trick in life is being able to switch between the two modes – independent thinking when not collaborating on a goal and becoming part of a team when working toward one. Most people default to the latter because it’s easier to go with the flow. I became a dangerous person to my son who is an “up and comer” in his organization when I went rogue in my community and took a stand that ultimately succeeded but alienated the status quo people that were afraid to speak out. It’s a scary road to tread especially when you don’t know the outcome but are morally convinced of the necessity for action.

  10. Was thinking of what my American citizen test may include…

    Are you of voting age and able to read, and understand American English?

    Do you accept all financial and legal responsibility for yourself and anyone you are sponsoring (children for example), until they are also of voting age and take and pass the Citizenship test?

    What percentage of another citizens productive life are you owed for being an American citizen?

    If you are hurt, hungry, homeless, old, or uneducated, how many dollars are expected to be taken from another American citizen to be given to you?

    What special asides, rights or limits is the Federal government empowered to provide to or take from defined groups of citizen? Divide in whatever way you want and note difference for each group (race, sex, height, weight, color, age, disability, religion are but a few examples).

    Do you accept the Federal government may force you to join the military and fight both foreign and domestic combatants? Do you also agree you may not be fairly compensated for time served and have no expectation of being made whole for any losses to person or property that might occur.

    Do you accept if you are found to have legally violated another citizens rights of person or property, your right to life may be terminated and you may be imprisoned or punished.

  11. 2 Points: First the folly of masks, then about deaths, better the lack of dying.

    There are many studies refuting the efficacy of masks. Back in 1018 they learned they were useless.

    The sole reason for masks is to show compliance with the Police State. To make people outsiders, or to beat up, fine or jail them. The National Guard and local sheriff’s, the Governor’s SS Troops.

    There are ample charts showing the trend of Covid-19 ‘cases’ overlayed by the Police State edicts imposed, such as wearing masks. Below is one from Ireland. The evidence is that they have little if any effect and could make it worse.

    A virus does what a virus does. Period!

    Common sense with masks:


    A more comprehensive presentation:


    A typical mask vs infections chart, Ireland:


    Minnesota is representative of the Covid-19 experience around the world. Some did better at keeping the most vulnerable away from the mix. We’ve known the relative population numbers for many months but still keep the Gestapo Police Tactics.

    Actual Minnesota Data Through December 23, 2020: Deaths & Cases.

    ….Age……..#Cases…….#Deaths…..% Cases…% Deaths…Deaths % of Cases
    0000 – 4……..8,046………..1…………..1.9%………0.0%………….0.0%
    005 – 19……73,773………..0…………17.5%…….. 0.0%………….0.0%
    20 – 29……..77,652………..9…………18.5%………0.2%………….0.0%
    30 – 39……..66,322………29…………15.8%………0.6%………….0.0%
    40 – 49……..58,380………65…………13.9%………1.3%………….0.1%
    50 – 59……..57,964…….210…………13.8%………4.2%………….0.4%
    60 – 69……..40,139…….549…………..2.9%…….10.9%………….1.4%
    70 – 100+….38,159…..4187………….1.0%……..82.9%………..11.0%

    A tiny fraction of the population dies from Covid-19. It behaves as a flu, an overall very benign flu.

    Had we (and elsewhere) done what should have been done, we and the world would essentially have been over the epidemic last Fall.

    ** Over the Summer months all that was necessary was to have everyone under age 65 or so go everywhere, do everything, hopefully catching CV-19. SEE the evidence in the table!!

    Complete and widespread immunity. Alas the fear mongers prevailed making it as bad as it can be and killing people that should never have died from Covid.

    The facts are there is no reason for any school to be closed or restricted, nor limit business access for most people. Bars and restaurants mostly open.

    Note the Wisconsin school study and sports (go 2/3 down, 2 tables, then conclusions).


    There is no continuing emergency and with some care, life can be on a much shortened path to normalcy.

    The data above and graphs below show that overall Covid-19 is one of the most benign of “influenza’s”. The early projections were by the “Imperial College”. We soon learned they were pure BS. They said by Fall the U.S. would have well over 2,000,000 deaths.

    The truth is the political decisions have been the greatest medical hoax ever forced on society. The Covid-19 virus is real and a brute for some; however, the politics are lies.

    It’s all about age; the under age 65 – 70 are essentially free of the virus and its serious consequences. According to the CDC the “infection fatality rate” for Covid-19 is less than 1 percent for people age 69 and younger, including a .003 percent IFR for children and adolescents. See “Covid-19 pandemic planning scenarios”, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, September 10, 2020. See https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html .

    The rightmost column says it all: 83% of deaths are the elderly over age 70. Merely 2-age groups total 3% of cases but produce 95% of deaths. 97% of people in most age groups are seldom impacted. The State data chart also shows 65% of deaths are in LTC facilities. Their average age of death is 83 with only 3-months to 2-years life expectancy. The Canadian experience is the same; likewise the European experience.

    Moreover, although shown as caused by Covid, 75% – 90% of deaths are not specifically from SARS-CoV2 but result from other existing conditions, comorbidities. Most often they are have an existing serious health condition such as being fat or lung problems, cancer, diabetes or dementia.

    Only 10% of elderly deaths are solely due to Covid-19. That’s 10% of the 11% in the age group.

    Pretty simple what to do. Everyone under 65 – 70 conduct life as usual. Just keep Grandma away and those who are fat or have other serious health issues. Otherwise, it’s back to normal. Those empty stadium seats are laughable were it not the Police State action.

    There are consequences beyond the damage done to students. One study reports approximately 900,000 extra deaths will occur from the lockups. Far far more than from Covid-19. In Minnesota 40% additional deaths are occurring beyond those from Covid because of the political decisions. Take whatever the Covid death count is and add 40% from those who die from the political decisions. It didn’t have to be.

    • Agreed. This has nothing to do with COVID, it was and is about control and power and for those ELITES, who have as in times and ages past overstayed their welcome, attempting to maintain control, via a Reset.
      A simplistic explanation that could be fleshed out, but will suffice.

    • Thank you for posting this. Politics should have never gotten “married to medicine,” IMHO. People should have “been told the facts” about this virus, and everyone “smart enough” would have known how to take care of themselves — those who didn’t would have to face the consequences. ;-(

      However, politicians did their usual fuck-up, sorry!

      • ” IMHO. People should have “been told the facts” about this virus, and everyone “smart enough”

        Lets look at a scenario choices….. war has been declared and missiles are headed our way..
        Do they tell you.. or let it go as if it is business as usual and take the essential personnel down into the bunkers…
        you yell fire in a crowded stadium and everyone would panic.. SO… if Covid-19 is a man made created bio virus to clear cut in a bio war attack.. and you know all the horrors of it because it is designed by man.. would you yell fire in a crowded stadium of almost eight billion… or would you downplay its danger so as not to create a panic… or would you let it take out a percentage of the people to thin out the population..

        Like it or not.. They won’t tell you you and I are not essential personnel…

        Since I am not on the list for essential personnel and I know someone that lives next door to one of those facilities.. ( that aren’t suppose to exist..) I keep tads on the comings and goings of the place as the signal whether to gather everyone at home have them call in sick or whatever..I am pretty confident that most of us here have friends that are knowledgeable and has ties so in an event where SHTF we will get the information before the rest.But to live in fear.. Not this ole boy.. life is to short to be living in fear. so grab a great cup of coffee.. ( now having no coffee could be a terrifying event) .
        I have seen on tv where people buy a plot of land thousands of miles away in the wilderness.. they buy and stock these places as a refuge for the insanity.. but what they don’t figure in.. is.. How do they get there.. in an emp.. the chances are your not going to be able to drive.. so walking.. many today won’t walk a block to the store much less a thousand miles.. and on the journey.. there will be thousands more in desperation.. so the best route is.. prep to survive at home..you know those around you.. they know you.. or move to your refuge and live there.. get a job there.. make that home plate..

    • Exactly. Covid hysteria did 2 things, helped demonize Trump to try to ruin his chances for reelection because dam teflon Don, racist, russia collusion, rapist, bad businessman, liar, big spender, petty thief, and ukraine lip flapper, etc., accusations didn’t bring him down so release the virus, and number 2, start the economic reset with the first item on the agenda to close down as many small businesses as possible, put as many people out of work as possible, and start the Great Downward Slide, think last scene of 2 lovers holding on to the railing of the Titanic. At first standing on their feet, as the hull cracks in two and then as it lurches towards the deep, they were holding onto the rail for dear life, in a vertical position, but not for long. We still have evictions and foreclosures coming but the “poor” got a little reprieve in the stimulus package but you middle classers going through your life savings better read up on what happened to 10 million home owners who lost their homes after the 2008 crash. Grandpa Biden and Great Aunt Kamala ain’t gonna be there for you. We essential workers have been exposed to the public, every single day all year, and we are healthy. Get out and thrive, it’s part and parcel about staying alive.

      • If all of your assets are just property held by underwater notes, then you are just pretending to be middle-class. Debts aren’t assets. Depressions cull the pretenders out of the high-priced neighborhoods.
        I have aspirations of joining the middle class some sunny day. Meanwhile, I stay out of debt and live within my means, at least as long as the social engineers (ethnic hate mongers) allow me to work. I already have seen and heard Hatred on the job in my workplace recently . I haven’t been physically assaulted on the job (have nerve damage from the last assault some years back with a different employer), but I have been verbally assaulted. And of course, due to my ethnic origin, I am the racial bad guy even when I stand there silently listening to threats and intimidation, or do nothing but ball my fists and take it in response to an assault. I expect the next four years to be hell for those in my ethic group approaching mandatory retirement age.

      • “I am the racial bad guy even when I stand there silently listening to threats and intimidation, or do nothing but ball my fists and take it in response to an assault. I expect the next four years to be hell for those in my ethic group approaching mandatory retirement age.”

        I am so happy I live right where I do.. I have only heard racial slurs by two people… One I just seen last week.. both are from the big city.. why parents teach their children to hate is beyond my scope of thinking.. why they let their neighborhoods erode into areas of hate and violence.. many controlled by hoodlums..that don’t have a vision for their own self worth..
        if we could quit teaching hate to our children it would be a whole different scenario..
        During the Baltimore riot.. one smart mom seen her child on television and she was on tv dragging his butt home .. now that was a good mother..

      • “but the “poor” got a little reprieve in the stimulus package ”

        Unfortunately Time.. the poor didn’t get a reprieve.. 600 dollars spends the same at all levels of society.. those in upper ranks of employment have better benefits.. and even then that wasn’t a good enough cushion.
        The poor were the first to be sent home.. it is the desperation of the poor that will be used to bring in socialism and open the doors for those wanting what the wealthy have to acquire it with the blessings of the mass..

      • ” I have only heard racial slurs by two people… ”

        The simple solution is to not take offense.

        “Sticks and stones…” is apparently never taught any more.

  12. George, OK, since the D’s kicked the [redact – name calling], the R’s have been forced to cater to them ever more (as their plutocrat agenda turned off more and more moderate swing voters). I get that.
    But even so, that still does not excuse the R’s for voting en masse for Mussolini. Best, Mike.

    • The old “prophacy” and ~The Zero report ~ are working in concert.

      If memory serves there was a state meant about Texas being the first to succeed from the union in the old “prophacy* as Ray called it. You would have to ask him. I don’t have a copy anymore.

      Interesting Mmmmmmetaphorically speaking because the loss at Alamo, was the spark that lead to Texas independence over General Santa Anna and at the rest stop in Santa Anna California was where I had my last NDE and died for 4 minutes. About two months before I wrote the last revision
      of our Trajectory in the comment section here on Urban Survival. And we just had a new mutilation of the Rona.

      That is pretty big muster of a data cluster.

      Pass the Ranch, I’m eating rabbit food today.

  13. Crazy Conspiracy Theory Time! I know YouTube has an algorithm that searches for the videos you typically look for on their site so I will always have any new financial news, history videos like The History Guy, old TV shows like Twilight Zone and such pop up at the top of the list of videos that have recently been posted. So it follows that any “conspiracy theory” people will also show up on a regular basis as well, well, at least the ones that haven’t been zapped by now anyway. So the interview with Lt. General Mclnerney at some formal get-together in what appears to be the White House showed up as well. There are many videos of pieces and parts of the same interview but here’s the link to the full interview he gave – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5raLdnvqto. What’ really interesting is that NOBODY is wearing a face diaper. This goes a long way in providing proof that every crazy theory the woo-woo people have been putting out there, like Simon Parkes’ videos, has SOME truth behind it because he makes reference to just about every one. Spec-Ops people went in and took Pelosi’s laptop, hence her rabid efforts now to impeach and get rid of our president at ALL costs. The military is involved in putting down “The Steal”.

    We’ve got 8 days of drama ahead of us, probably more. This is so much fun because it’s been coming for soooo long.

    • Also there’s the news that Executive Order #13959 taking effect recently that bans any more investment in Chinese companies. Throw in Pompeo’s recent announcement that effectively says the U.S. is recognizing Taiwan’s sovereignty and it sure seems like a LOT of major activity for an administration that is supposed to be on its way out.

    • Interesting. Hard to believe he is just blowing smoke. What say you to this George.
      A fine upstanding, credentialed high ranking former member of your military saying such things. ps I am not a Qtard. But I do recognize these time to be especially deceptive and nuanced.

      • I left Q alone after a while, too, but some information from Simon Parkes, I think, shed some light on Q’s history. Evidently there is a quantum computer involved which is interesting because when I queried the number of quantum computers in operation the number came back as only 11 which narrows the possibilities of which one could be used by quite a bit. Evidently quantum computing has some type of future sight ability in its nature. Dunno, it’s above my paygrade. Maybe George has an old model on his shelf he plays with now and then.

    • ” I know YouTube has an algorithm that searches for the videos you typically look for”

      I never ever noticed that — though I think it might help?! Also sorting would be of an added benefit?!

      • Any time I go to YT on another PC, such as the ones at my wife’s office, the choices that come up for newly submitted videos is totally different from those that show up on the PC I usually use at home.

      • The algorithm used to recommend suggestions that would cover a broad scope on the particular topic. So you got multiple perspectives and examples, opposing view points, and even different, but related content that could send one down a rabbit hole for hours. But the algorithm was changed sometime before the 2016 election and the recommended suggestions now work to keep you in an echo chamber and trapped in confirmation biases. Your recommended videos are pretty much just your subscribed content, etc. and if you don’t have any, it just displays what’s trending.

      • Well, since I don’t log in to YT when I’m there it’s what’s trending but what’s trending on my PC at the house ISN’T what’s trending on any other computer I access outside of the house. I have no Google account and have never joined YT before it was bought up by Google. That being said there are many videos of opposing viewpoints that are on the right side column of the individual videos’ pages.

      • Bill, try installing a browser from a different family and see if prefs are still there. If they are, they’re stored or addressed in your Registry File, if not, they’re either stored or addressed in a cookie file.

      • That’s probably it, Ray. I’ve got four browsers on my PC, one of which is Chrome. I usually use Brave and it’s such a close knock-off of Chrome I thought they’d have the same things pop up but Chrome will bring up a different group of videos when I go to YT vs. those brought up in Brave.

  14. Dam… I hope that vanilla bean does the trick..went in to Walmart to buy one…anyway one class B vanilla bean 12 bucks plus tax….that will raise the cost per bottle of that rum to give bucks..
    Dam.. iwas going to buy them in bulk but thought hell why do that..now i know .
    Strange thing though..pulled in and some joker racing and screeching around the parking lot.. slams on his brakes so his girlfriend’s head hits the dash.. then screaming at her.. I kept waiting for security to come out and deal with it..pretty soon sheets out of the car .. its one of the checkers..her clothes looked as if he had her by the scruff of her neck..
    Well I voiced concern and told the security not to get after her..
    I picked up the golden vanilla bean and was checking out..it was that young girl.. on he chest just barely showing was cigarette burns..
    I said hun its non of my business but you dont deserve to be treated like that.. she blushed..almost tearing up..
    Why do women put up with men that treat them like that..
    I will have a grandchild talk to her..see if she needs any help..I realizeguys like that use fear..

    • “Where is barbarella ”

      I just gotta know Cosmic Chicken Bunny…………

      were you able to sit through that movie………???

      LOL… I was told by a coworker that it was the best.. I believed him.. and went to the matinee got there.. I was the only one in the place.. I thought heck its a matinee.. I made it maybe ten minutes into the video.. had to chew out my coworker that thought it was so funny and he didn’t want to be the stupidest one on the planet to go see it.. LOL LOL LOL so he sent me to be the other one.. LOL LOL

      • My god.. the SUSPENSE is killing me CCB….. were there 3 of us dumb enough to go watch that movie.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. its been decades and the nauseating experience still haunts me LOL LOL LOL LOL

  15. Now that McConnell and McCarthy have started the condemnation and taken a stance against Trump…what does Trump do? He doubles down the conspiracy today at the Alamo. His own lawyers told him to stop!l because he is only creating more ammunition for criminal charges against him. It is almost as if he wants to go to jail…and maybe that will be his new safe haven. We do know that he owes a lot of of money to Russia, China and Saudi Arabia that he can’t pay…Jared Kushner has made a lot of trips to Saudi Arabia lately and now that he can’t politically show them favor, they want their money. Maybe he has even already received baseball bats to the knees threats from the thugs that lent him that money…and he thinks that jail will keep him alive. Who knows? This is only a theory. I am NOT saying this is true in any way. I am trying to make sense at his insane behavior. He has lost the Republican Party. They have had it. What’s his motive?

    • Please stop and give it a rest. This place is a type of refuge, if not for people like you always stirring up dissention, and this knowing that the majority of the fine people here are upset by most of your posts. What’s your motivation? Why do you want to do that? You will not change anything or anybody’s position with all the vitriol. You obviously don’t fear the LORD.
      Proverbs 6:16 –
      There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him:haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil,a false witness who pours out lies and A PERSON WHO STIRS UP CONFLICT IN THE COMMUNITY. – Proverbs
      Take it to heart. Money will not save you in the end, only righteousness rescues one from the devil. ….. Blessings (really)

      • Steve,
        In response to your comment..
        ‘There are six things the Lord hate seven that are detestable to him:haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil,a false witness who pours out lies and A PERSON WHO STIRS UP CONFLICT IN THE COMMUNITY. – Proverbs

        Then I suggest you set yourself up for a years worth of some serious penance. Because if you think you are on the right side of truth, you have some issues to deal with. I will pray for you.

      • Mark:
        But 10 to live by known as the “Ten Commandments” so what’s your point, hate those suckers that cherry-pick for they are the ones you need to watch out for, those are the money changers that were swept from the temple, but it left those that worship money above all things which still abound to this day and cause all the unrest in the communities, be careful of throwing stones one may come back to hit you.!!!

      • Thank you. But, as usual, he did not heed it. For some strange reason Jon tormented this board and was finally evicted and within a short time mark took his place; so similar, quite like twins. With all the time that mark and his guest writers have on their hands, you would think he would start his own site. But, no, he gets a thrill on sussing this site.

    • Mark,

      Maybe I am on the wrong side. You may be totally correct.

      But the thing is, I don’t come on the forum and start calling names about the candidates or the people I don’t like and I do despise many of them, most of them.

      I mentioned before that I was never a Trump fan and really didn’t like him before he was president. But he seems to have made some positive influences on our country in the face of much adversity. The thing is, his administration affected my business and made me change my plans and stay in NJ. So business was good for 4 years or until the virus fiasco.

      I don’t care which man is the president, only that he does what he is supposed to. Most of these guys and gals are just thieves. Nothing much else.

      But Mark, you constantly come here and attack the president and you know most of us do not agree. Maybe we are all wrong. Maybe not. But that does not make someone that disagrees with you an enemy or an idiot. Your baiting for a conflict.

      If one is deceived, it is exactly that; a deception and the one involved is not aware they are deceived. It is revealed at God’s will.

      You are obviously a very intelligent person and quite successful. So what do you gain by intimidating anyone here? Nothing other than strife and hatred. Not necessary.
      You have a right to your opinion and you can hate the Trumps all day long. But it is unfair to force it on your neighbor. And we are technically all neighbors.

      I hope you understand, I only want what is best for our country and my family. I don’t think the incoming administration is what is best for either. I think we are in for some “dark days” to quote.
      Blessings ….. Steve

      • They guys motive should be clear by how he operates, to troll. Pay him no absolutely no mind and watch him disappear when he’s starved of what he feeds on.

      • I want what his best for all of you. But, it starts by coming to grips with the evils of the Trump administration. The mindset of the country needs to change. Trump caused way more harm to this country and his style emboldened a class of people that ended up attacking the White House. Many commenters here have said Trump was not responsible…His own party and even Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell have conceded that it was Trumps fault…but it started 4 years ago and it all could have been avoided. I was for the first impeachment because I knew what Trump was capable of. Were the charges strong enough? No. But they were looking for a a loophole in much the same way Al Capone got loopholed through a tax evasion charge. Everyone knows Trump is like a modern day Capone, but like Capone his enablers protected him…Just remember.. To anyone saying Trump didn’t participate in the crime and eventually the insurrection, remind them that Bin Laden didn’t fly the planes.

      • [redact – total attack on mark – not of gen. int. Offer content and no name calling, please…]

  16. Isn’t Congresswoman Diana Degette also the Chair of Oversight and Investigations? Yes, the Speaker is older than Pops.

    The Wikipedia page of the Speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, continues to see vandalizing edits from web guerrillas contending that he has an ownership position in Dominion Voting Systems.

  17. You will never see the Clintons or any other of their crime syndicate in a court or any other form of punishment. The Huff and Puff is strictly theater.

  18. What’s the problem?be proud of the USD served you well for 50 years . Be a patriot .whats wrong with you ? USA USA . Come over n George hyper what? Cheap ribs and scotch ? Free internet ? Cheap petrol ? Get a grip boy

  19. Watch the black brother . Oil . He dah one . F gold. What about bonds !!!!!!! Yield down bonds down .. der der der dah dah dah . Der yeah

  20. So there yah go George . You got a 4 hour lead on to fix / rig and shove it down my throat . Good on yah mate . A true 1 goat

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