Send some of them ‘hot air politicians’ out, pronto!

We wanna show ’em why even in sunny East Texas, there’s a reason why solar is not the sole answer to climate and powering fleets of cars…can you figure it out without help?

Next up, repair of an MFJ-989C antenna tuner (long lead turns counter belt came in).  And all this while cruising the low end of 20 meter CW.

How’s that Super-Antenna holding up, you’re thinking?

And over on the south end of our old trailer in the woods, the screen porch, site of many martinis and champagnes in summer, we see this:

Beautiful.  It’s welcome to stay another 12 hours, but then its departure would be just fine with us.

Hasn’t snowed like this for nearly 15-years.  Climate change, huh?

Say, how about some Texas snow peas?

Used to be able to pee a halfway decent Verdana Bold.  So rolls aging, huh?

Citing her hip issues, Elaine declined submitting and entry.

Write when it thaws out,

2 thoughts on “Climate…WHAT?”

  1. Snowing heavily in Austin. An hour ago received a bulletin from the thunder Gods. big flash, followed by a huge thunderclap, then snowstorm.

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